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During my senior year of college, my husband, who I married in my freshman year, and I found out we were expecting a baby. I felt like there was this stigma that once you have a baby, your life would be over. Our friends became our support systemAlready living in a two-bedroom house, we spent my pregnancy preparing for a new baby. My husband would come back from school, and I would work all afternoon while he had the baby. I wouldn't have been able to raise Hinami without this village of friends around us.
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download the appSign up to get the inside scoop on today’s biggest stories in markets, tech, and business — delivered daily. Read previewHaving a stellar résumé and LinkedIn profile is only half the battle to survive the job market. Nailing your interviews is a separate test — and the Tripadvisor cofounder Steve Kaufer recently shared some red-flag answers to avoid. AdvertisementIn other words, don't play the blame game in interviews, as it could suggest an inability to take responsibility when things get tough. Kaufer said he looks not only at the obstacles interviewees struggled with but at their ability to constantly evaluate and improve.
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Austin has been my home for more than 60 years — minus the time spent following around my military husband. Austin just isn't what it used to beMy family and I moved to Austin in 1963. The University of Texas students really kept the city young and on its toes. AdvertisementIt costs so much to afford homes in Austin nowAfter moving to South Carolina for the military, my husband and I moved back to Austin in 1998. AdvertisementThere are things I am going to miss about Austin, like the cheap gas, and the HEB grocery market.
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I don't know how JPMorgan Chase knew that I would spend $200 on Botox in Argentina, but it did. It's great that banks and credit-card companies are getting better at discerning which payments are fraudulent and which are legit. Credit-card fraud protection is still far from perfect, but there's no denying that the technology is improving. So I reached out to some credit-card companies and academics to learn more. But it's cool that companies really are making fraud detection better, especially in a world where fraudsters themselves are constantly getting better.
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"The fact remains that the job market has remained more robust and resilient than had been expected," he added. And yet, there are a few things that young adults entering the job market aren't willing to compromise on, especially when it comes to work-life balance. Going forward, however, there may be fewer remote options for those just starting out. Where new grads get the best bang for their buckCompanies with remote work opportunities will allow job seekers to cast a wider net, Salemi said. After years of high inflation, new grads must also contend with elevated food, transportation and housing costs, depending on where they go.
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This story is available exclusively to Business Insider subscribers. AdvertisementA representative for Sternlicht told Business Insider the house was to be demolished but did not provide further comment. The tony island of Nantucket is a favorite among billionaires like former Google CEO Eric Schmidt and Blackstone leader Steve Schwarzman. "Erosion takes out houses, roads, infrastructure, sewer beds, even airport runways," he told Business Insider. Despite the island's propensity for natural destruction, the town has strict rules regarding what structures owners can take down.
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Some side hustles come with a significant time investment and unpredictable pay. Related storiesNot all side hustles come with the time investment that ride-hailing does. But everyone with a side gig is faced with the same question: Are the extra working hours worth the financial reward? Only eight months after he started, he resigned from his two extra roles and decided to stop job-juggling for the time being. But all prospective job-switchers are faced with the same question: Are the uncertainties that come with a new job worth the financial reward?
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Wall Street was mostly upbeat about equities heading into 2023, though even the most bullish investment firms thought the S&P 500 would finish this year at 5,100 — a level it has exceeded already. Resisting this rally is a fool's errand, according to David Keller, the chief market strategist at The long-time chartmaster warned of a near-term pullback as the S&P 500 approached its previous record high but has since abandoned his cautious call. AdvertisementFast-forward to early March, and many of those mega-cap growth names remain hot, especially Nvidia and Meta. "I like that idea, at this point, of diversifying away from mega-cap growth," Keller said.
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But since completing Quick Start, Gardner has come to a worrying realization: There aren't enough semiconductor jobs to go around. The precedent is little solace for the many graduates of the Quick Start program who are stuck in limbo. In addition to no longer promising interviews with semiconductor companies, Quick Start has taken other steps to moderate candidates' expectations. Hurdles aboundBeyond short-term economics, Palmer believes there are two reasons semiconductor companies have been slow to hire, she said. In the years ahead, the artificial-intelligence boom could further boost the demand for chips and create more jobs in the semiconductor industry.
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Dad fashion is trending again. AdvertisementSo why did those evolve into dad fashion? All of that might explain why dad fashion is once again dominant. Dad fashion seems to show up when consumers are feeling wary — not the worst they've felt, but certainly not the best. These so-called "core cultures" arose on platforms like Tumblr, Reddit, Instagram, and TikTok, in which young fashion consumers are eager to chop up fashion trends into subcultures and become devotees.
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Tips for achieving work-life balance
  + stars: | 2023-11-18 | by ( Diamond Naga Siu | )   time to read: +7 min
In today's big story, we're looking at how the pandemic has twisted our perceptions of work-life balance — in good and bad ways. And that's impacted how people see and achieve work-life balance. AdvertisementMore than 60% of employees consider work-life balance a top priority in their next job, according to a 2022 Gallup study. She highlighted how people aren't just aspiring for work-life balance — they've come to expect it. Experts shared tips on small ways to improve your work-life balance.
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Each Supreme Court justice just signed onto a new code of conduct. It comes months after reports detailed ethical missteps by various members of the high court. AdvertisementAdvertisementAfter a series of reports throughout 2023 alleged ethical missteps by various members of the Supreme Court, each justice signed a newly developed code of conduct. The code of conduct notes that despite that most of the principles and rules in it are not new — they've been tied to Supreme Court justices through various other rulings — the very fact that the Supreme Court didn't have its own code of conduct before needed to be rectified to clear up any misunderstandings. There's also nothing in the code of conduct that forbids a justice from leaking a draft of a Supreme Court decision before it becomes official, as is what happened before the court overturned decades of abortion precedent in 2022.
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Insider Today: Judging an AI career coach
  + stars: | 2023-10-28 | by ( Diamond Naga Siu | )   time to read: +8 min
In case it doesn't work out, I tried using an AI assistant career coach — released as part of Meta's new series of AI assistants — to see what advice it'd give. The big storyAn AI career coachsorbetto/Getty ImagesInstead of AI taking away your job, what if it could help you find a new one? I messaged him on Instagram about different career advice and broke down what I liked and didn't like about "him." Instead of coming across as an expert, Leo felt like a conversational search engine with lukewarm search results. Instead of coming across as an expert, Leo felt like a conversational search engine with lukewarm search results.
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Companies are just baking all those fees into the total price — making the hidden fees even more hidden. On the first page, you see the ticket price. I have never seen a good justification of what I'd call mandatory hidden fees. The Canadian government is also looking to pare down hidden fees. After all, Mahoney told me, "I have never seen a good justification of what I'd call mandatory hidden fees."
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Insider Today: IPOs' make-or-break moment
  + stars: | 2023-09-06 | by ( Dan Defrancesco | )   time to read: +8 min
Speaking of fighting, the IPO market has been KO'd since 2022. But that could change with one company's upcoming public debut. Even if it slightly misses those numbers, it'll still be the largest public debut in the US since Rivian's IPO in late 2021. The stock market recovered in record time, but then something else held up IPOs: VC money. Tech has already led the stock market for about a decade — starting when Apple became the biggest company in the world.
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Ukrainian forces have pushed into the main line of Russian defenses south of Zaporizhzhia. Ukraine launched its counteroffensive operations roughly three months ago, and efforts to break through Russian defenses and regain occupied territory have been relatively slow. On Monday, Ukraine's defense minister Oleksii Reznikov said that Ukraine's forces "broke the first line," adding that they are expanding their foothold. In both cases, Ukraine faces tough defenses as they attempt to push forward into the main line. For now, Ukraine will have to take the small wins and continue to pressure Russian defenses, which remain formidable.
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Why airlines aren't boarding planes the most efficient way
  + stars: | 2023-08-31 | by ( Emily Lorsch | In | Elorsch | )   time to read: +1 min
"Boarding is one of the most difficult parts of air travel and frustrating to a lot of passengers," said Leslie Josephs, CNBC's airline reporter. In the 1970s, Southwest Airlines' average turn time, from the moment a plane arrives at the gate to the time it leaves, was only 10 minutes. Flight delays cost airlines and passengers about $33 billion each year, according to government data. But experts say speeding up the boarding process is not really a priority for airlines — they've monetized everything about it. "The different boarding groups that we see today have emerged because people value their priority in boarding," said Kerry Philipovitch, former senior vice president of customer service at American Airlines.
Persons: Leslie Josephs, Chris Parks, Josephs, Kerry Philipovitch, Kerry Organizations: Southwest Airlines, American Airlines
Last fall, BlackRock filed to launch an ESG municipal bond exchange-traded fund. It is in essence an ESG version of its major $32 billion municipal bond fund. The delay for the world's largest ETF provider has puzzled some in the industry. This year Goldman Sachs launched its first municipal bond ETF, which takes into account social and environmental factors. BlackRock's ESG municipal bond ETF has another wrinkle.
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Gen Zers are saying they need to be "delulu" to get ahead in their careers. It's something Gen Z thinks you have to embrace if you want your life to go the way you planned, including your career. As my Gen Z colleague Sawdah Bhaimiya wrote: "Being delusional is more than just a fun trend on social media. Employment-wise, Gen Z is not in a bad spot. Gen Z workers are stereotyped as being "difficult," "lazy," or socially inept.
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Gen Z has some $360 billion in global spending power — something brands want to tap into. That's a large chunk of Gen Zers and Zillennials, the subgeneration between millennials and Gen Z. "Signaling to the Gen X crowd, 'Hey, we're a Gen Z media company. You're a company that doesn't know Gen Z and you want to sell to Gen Z. "It's really to attract the corporate partners, the advertisers, and to say 'We're the gateway to the Gen Z audience.'"
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A number of birthing centers, Indian Health Service clinics, and Indian Health Service hospitals also use the "baby bot" process. Together, the bots and automation are expected to save more than 100,000 human worker hours each year, the New Mexico Human Services Department told Insider. The New Mexico Human Services Department has also been expanding its use of automation into other areas. In New Mexico, "digital workers" are programmed to execute a range of tasks and are assigned times in which to complete them. The "brainy bot" process also uses IBM AI technology, and it's run on a Salesforce platform, she said.
Freya Williams was a CEO and her family's breadwinner before contracting long COVID. Her husband dove into his small business and landed an investment from Mark Cuban of "Shark Tank." But COVID led to "long COVID" for her. Thousands of Americans have likely left the workforce because of long COVID, and Williams is among them. Delaney added that his wife's suffering and his family's precarious position had changed his drive as a business owner.
Interactive Brokers Senior Economist José Torres says home prices will drop 15% peak-to-trough. The weakening in the housing market will continue into Q4 of this year or Q1 of 2024, according to José Torres, a senior economist at Interactive Brokers. Affordability is measured by home prices and mortgage rates relative to incomes. Yardeni ResearchTorres thinks affordability will stay at relatively depressed levels in the months ahead because he sees mortgage rates staying high. As for mortgage rates, consensus among firms like Goldman Sachs, the Mortgage Bankers Association, Moody's, and others is that 30-year rates will remain above 5%.
Tech workers have been accused of "coasting," as well as "resting and vesting" in the past. Experts said the notion of fake work is part of a larger issue in the industry and often an excuse. People have long accused tech workers of failing to pull their weight — they've just had different names for it over the years. These claims are shedding light on larger management issues and internal problems within major tech companies, experts told Insider. And while some experts say a certain level of "fake work" is a natural part of the boom-and-bust cycle in tech, not all agree.
The e-commerce market grew in 2020 as consumers shied away from brick-and-mortar stores and opted for contactless deliveries during pandemic lockdowns. A period of normalization then followed, according to Morgan Stanley , with the sector notching a streak of four consecutive quarters of declining penetration. Stock picks The recovery in e-commerce growth is an opportunity for incremental sales growth and gains in market share, according to Morgan Stanley. Morgan Stanley said the company is a "share taker" in a key underpenetrated e-commerce category: global luxury. Nike expects the figure to rise to 40% over the longer term, according to Morgan Stanley, which implies e-commerce sales of $30 billion by 2027.
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