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Jokic had 21 points and 16 assists, including a difficult layup in traffic with 24.1 seconds left, and the Nuggets held off the Phoenix Suns 119-111 for a hard-fought victory. Durant moved in 10th place on scoring list late in the second quarter, driving the baseline for a layup to pass Moses Malone. Denver jumped out to a 41-30 lead going into the second quarter after shooting 79.2% (19 of 24) from the field. But you've got to credit the Nuggets and Nikola Jokic — that's why he's one of the best in the world. The Suns were playing without Booker (ankle) and Bradley Beal (back) while the Nuggets were without Jamal Murray (ankle) and Aaron Gordon (heel).
Persons: Nikola Jokic, Jokic, , Michael Malone, , Kevin Durant, Michael Porter Jr, Porter, Justin Holiday, Kentavious Caldwell, Pope —, Jackson, ” Jokic, Jusuf Nurkic, Devin Booker —, ” Nurkic, ” Durant, Nurkic, Durant, Moses Malone, Malone, ” Vogel, you've, Nikola Jokic —, He's, Booker, Bradley Beal, Jamal Murray, Aaron Gordon, ___ Organizations: PHOENIX, Denver Nuggets, Nuggets, Phoenix Suns, Suns, Phoenix, Denver, NBA, ABA, Sacramento, Memphis Locations: Jokic, Jackson
India's GDP growth is expected to reach 6.4% in 2024, and will hit 7% in 2026, according to S&P Global. India's economy is expected to power ahead in the next three years, leading growth in the region. Similarly, other emerging markets such as Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines are set to see positive GDP growth this year and the next due to strong domestic demand, the report said. S&P lowered India's growth outlook to 6.5% in fiscal 2025 — down from their previous prediction of 6.9%, but expects GDP growth to jump to 7% in fiscal 2026. In comparison, China's growth is predicted to come in at 5.4% in 2023, 0.6% higher than S&P's previous forecast, while growth in 2024 is expected to be 4.6% — higher than the previous forecast of 4.4%.
Organizations: P Locations: Asia, Pacific, South Asia, Southeast Asia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines
In an interview with a millennial, two Gen Alphas explained the rules of texting among young people. However, if typing still feels like too much, the Gen Alphas suggested that she could use the voice-to-text feature to write text messages instead. Millennials, Gen Zers, and increasingly, Gen Alphas, often poke fun at one another online. Gen Zers regularly make fun of millennials for wearing skinny jeans, using outdated phrases, and posting boomerangs on Instagram. For their part, Gen Zers are already predicting how Gen Alphas — who have become known for their bizarre sense of humor and memes — will mock them.
Persons: Alphas, , Gen Alphas, Nicole Pellegrino, Alpha, Pellegrino, Zers, Gen Zers, Gen, Alphas — Organizations: Service, Alpha, Gen Alpha
FLORHAM PARK, N.J. (AP) — Aaron Rodgers' improbable comeback from a torn Achilles tendon has taken the next step. The New York Jets opened the 21-day practice window for the quarterback on Wednesday — exactly 11 weeks after he had surgery — with Rodgers cleared for some football activities. Rodgers tore his Achilles tendon four snaps into his debut with the Jets on Sept. 11 and had surgery two days later. Sure, but that's OK. That's his ‘why’ — that's why he's (doing it). “I promise Aaron is not going to do anything that puts himself in harm’s way if he's not healthy to play,” Saleh said.
Persons: — Aaron Rodgers, Rodgers, Robert Saleh, Saleh, there's, Aaron, ” Saleh, , , He's, Mekhi Becton, Achilles, Pat McAfee, “ It’s, Tim Boyle, Zach Wilson, Cam Akers, Justin Hardee, Wes Schweitzer, Allen Lazard, ___ Organizations: New York Jets, Jets, Washington, , warmups, AFC, NFC, Atlanta Falcons, Los Angeles Rams, Super, Atlanta Locations: FLORHAM, N.J
Many millennial parents say they can't get the support they need from their parents. "If Mom and Dad ran out of town, we were at Grandma's," the 33-year-old told Business Insider. AdvertisementStill, many millennial children, including Dobson's own, would prefer time spent — and not necessarily money. Some millennial parents feel aloneThis distance from their parents, Cox said, is a part of other shifts that have made millennial parents feel more alone. What millennial parents really need is someone who can help relieve "the parenting pressure," Cox said, a trusted extra person who's available to pick up some of the slack.
Persons: Millennials, , Kristjana Hillberg, Dad, Grandma wasn't, there's, Leslie Dobson, Ted Dobson, they've, Dobson, millennials Dobson, hasn't, he's, he'd, They've, It's, Daniel Cox, Cox, Nella Hanson, Hillberg, Roxanne, Kurt, Lily, we'd, Stone, Hanson, Norman, Boomers Organizations: Service, Business, Boomers, Bank of America, Federal Reserve, , Isla Espiritu Santo, Survey Center, Google Locations: Los Angeles, California, Mexico, Costa Rica, Europe
Eric Hartnett, 57, moved to Prosper, Texas, after living in California his entire life. AdvertisementThis as-told-to essay is based on a conversation with California native Eric Hartnett, a photographer and bar owner, who moved to Prosper, Texas, in 2018. AdvertisementBefore buying a home, I flew out to Texas three times, so I was kind of familiar with the North Dallas area. My friend, who was a realtor, had also been looking in the North Dallas area. Hartnett has lived in Prosper, Texas, for the past five years.
Persons: Eric Hartnett, Hartnett, , Neal Pritchard, Prosper, Rent, it's, I've, Prosper . Hartnett Organizations: Service, Southern California —, Southern California — Los Angeles —, McKinney, BMW Locations: Prosper , Texas, California, Texas, Southern California, Southern California — Los Angeles, Los Angeles , California, Sonoma County, Dallas, Austin, Frisco, McKinney, North Dallas, Prosper, Sonoma, Northern California, Mexico, Dallas , Texas, Celina
watch nowYoung adults put the price of happiness even higherWhen broken down by generation, millennials put the number much higher — more than $500,000 — according to the report. Millennials and Gen Z were also more likely to say money can buy happiness. In addition to soaring food and housing costs, millennials and Gen Z face other financial challenges their parents did not as young adults. Not only are their wages lower than their parents' earnings when they were in their 20s and 30s, but today's young adults are also carrying larger student loan balances. More than half said they would need more than $3 million, and one-third said it would take more than $5 million, according to a report by Edelman Financial Engines.
Persons: millennials, Millennials, Gen, Gen Zers, , Jason Friday, It's Organizations: Bank of America, Edelman Financial, Wealth Management
Jack Dorsey says Block will no longer do performance reviews or performance-improvement plans. She told me she thought PIPs — performance improvement plans — were underused because companies don't necessarily want to do the legwork that often goes with them. Jack Dorsey's Block just announced that they're going to stop doing PIPs and just fire people who aren't up to snuff. So, having some ability to correct your things you're doing wrong — that's important. Block is also getting rid of annual performance reviews.
Persons: Jack Dorsey, Block, Tim Paradis, Dorsey, , BI's, who's, you've, Gen Z, Korn, they're, Jack Dorsey's Block, it's Organizations: Service, Business Locations: Valley
Panera founder Ron Shaich says that successful entrepreneurs are opportunists, not risk-takers. download the app Email address Sign up By clicking “Sign Up”, you accept our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy . "The swashbuckling entrepreneur of popular imagination is just a myth and rarely succeeds," Shaich writes in his new book, "Know What Matters: Lessons from a Lifetime of Transformations." Shaich uses this anecdote to point toward what he calls a "misunderstood fact about successful entrepreneurs and creators." "Successful entrepreneurs and creators seeing can feel this opportunity that nobody else can," Shaich says.
Persons: Ron Shaich, Shaich, , Bon, that's, it's Organizations: Service, Harvard
New gaming laptops from popular brands like Dell and Asus are seeing massive discounts, and even some high-end models are hitting all-time low prices. Some of the best Black Friday gaming laptop deals we've found include $1,700 off the list price of the Razer Blade 14. And the Dell G15, which is one of our picks for the best budget gaming laptop, is down to only $1,000 — that's a genuine steal. Black Friday gaming laptop deal FAQsIs Black Friday a good time to buy a gaming laptop? For more recommendations about what sort of gaming laptop you might want, check out our guide to the best gaming laptops in 2023.
Persons: you've, they're Organizations: Dell, Asus, Razer, Black, Intel, AMD, Nvidia
Ukraine has not used US-made Abrams tanks since they arrived in September, analysts said. AdvertisementThe US sent 31 advanced M1A2 Abrams tanks to Ukraine in September — but they've been notably absent from an actual fighting there. AdvertisementSince receiving its first batch of Abrams in September, Ukraine has likely mixed them with the US-made M2 Bradley infantry fighting vehicles, Cancian told BI. Sergej Sumlenny, founder of the European Resilience Initiative Center in Germany, said the US missed its moment to send its Abrams tanks. Now, with Russia's defensive lines stretching over 1,000 kilometers, or 745 miles , he said the 31 US-provided Abrams tanks are too few to play a "decisive" role in the war.
Persons: Abrams, , they've, Mark Cancian, Cancian, Bradleys, Bradley, Sinéad Baker, Kateryna, Sergej Sumlenny, Sumlenny, That's, Ukraine's Ministry of Defense didn't Organizations: Business, Service, US Marine, Center for Strategic, International, Bradley, Institute for, European Resilience Initiative, 47th Mechanized Brigade, Ukraine's Ministry of Defense Locations: Ukraine, Russia, Germany, Zaporizhzhia
As investors hunt for yield, many are turning to actively managed exchange-traded funds focused on bonds, like Pimco's Enhanced Short Maturity Active ETF . The fund, which has a 5.6% 30-day SEC yield, is a "a first-rate ultrashort ETF," Morningstar senior analyst Paul Olmsted wrote in August. Trading under the ticker symbol MINT, the ETF holds fixed income securities with durations of no more than one year. In fact, investors flooded into the fund in October, making it the actively managed bond ETF with the highest inflows last month, according to FactSet. Investors can capture that higher yield on the short end of the yield curve, Schneider said.
Persons: Paul Olmsted, Morningstar, Jerome Schneider, Pimco's, Schneider, FactSet, Matthew Bartolini, It's, Treasurys —, who's Organizations: SEC, Morningstar, MINT, Street Global Advisors, Research, Federal Reserve, Treasury, Federal, Bear Stearns Locations: Pimco
The technological feat, using NASA's Psyche probe, broke new ground for deep space communications. AdvertisementNASA has achieved a world-first after sending a laser-beamed message to Earth from nearly 10 million miles away within 50 seconds. While the space agency has long been able to communicate with spacecraft using radio waves, it had never before been able to send information using lasers from that far into space. The feat, achieved using NASA's Deep Space Optical Communications (DSOC) experiment on board the Psyche spacecraft, could someday allow humans to stream video calls on Mars. The spacecraft then beamed back information using its laser.
Persons: , Lacey Young, Peter Rubin, Abi Biswas, Biswas, Trudy Kortes, Psyche Organizations: NASA, Service, Optical Communications, Jet Propulsion, Hale, JPL, Caltech, Arizona State Univ, Systems, ASU, Technology, Space Technology Locations: Wrightwood , California, San Diego County , California, Arizona, Palomar
A plan by Argentina's president-elect to dollarize the economy won the backing of Mark Mobius. The veteran emerging-market investor said the currency shift would be an "incredible boost" for the economy. The comments from the veteran emerging-market investor come after Javier Milei won Argentina's presidency over the weekend, bringing his dollarization plans a step closer to reality. Dollarization critics have warned that a sudden currency switch could trigger a recession, citing a shortage of dollar reserves at Argentina's central bank. AdvertisementMobius also warned that the current condition of Argentina's economy has made investing there difficult.
Persons: Mark Mobius, , Javier Milei, Milei, Mobius, Milei's, it's Organizations: Service, Bloomberg, Argentina's, Mobius, Federal Reserve Locations: Argentina, Argentina's
Sam Altman was ousted from OpenAI then accepted a top job at Microsoft over the weekend. download the app Email address Sign up By clicking “Sign Up”, you accept our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy . AdvertisementOver the course of a whirlwind weekend, OpenAI cofounder Sam Altman was ousted from ChatGPT's parent company and promptly accepted a job running a new AI research team at Microsoft. [Microsoft CEO Satya] Nadella says they're still committed to OpenAI. (Ware predicted brain drain as other OpenAI employees follow Altman to Microsoft or join other rivals now he's no longer in charge.)
Persons: Sam Altman, OpenAI, , Microsoft didn't, Dan Ives, Altman, — that's, Jason Ware, They've, Satya, Nadella, they're, They're, Ware, Ben Laidler, Emmett, Joshua Mahony, Jim, Fan, Satya swoops, I'm, Jason Calacanis, It's Organizations: Microsoft, Wall Street, Service, Nasdaq, Albion Financial, CNBC, Markets, Nvidia Locations: OpenAI
The apartment where Adolf Hitler was born is now the subject of fierce public debate. AdvertisementFor years now, Braunau am Inn, Austria, has been embroiled in a debate about how to deal with one of its most infamous buildings — the birthplace of dictator Adolf Hitler. Hitler was born in Braunau am Inn in 1889 and lived there for only a few months. When Hitler was in power during World War II, the apartment was used as an art gallery and library, per NPR. Residents say it's important for Austrians to accept the country's role in Hitler's abuses, despite some resistance at the time.
Persons: Adolf Hitler, it'd, , Hitler, Florian Kotanko, Adolf Hitler's Birthplace, Annette Pommer, It's, Günter Schwaiger, didn't Organizations: Service, Locals, NPR, Guardian, Austrian, New York Times, Times Locations: Braunau, Austria, Austrian
He says he's established a rule after many years of extended family coming to him for money. I've been asked countless times about what to do when family members come looking for money. For example, if a family member asks for $150,000 to start a restaurant, I'll give them a $50,000 gift that I never want back. I do this because expecting a family member to pay you back is a real issue. But if the family member tries to ask again, I remind them of our contract.
Persons: Kevin O'Leary, he's, , I've, it's, they're, I'm, It's, you've Organizations: Service
WASHINGTON (AP) — Some K-12 public schools are racing to improve protection against the threat of online attacks, but lax cybersecurity means thousands of others are vulnerable to ransomware gangs that can steal confidential data and disrupt operations. Neuberger said more districts need to take advantage of programs available that would better guard against online attackers who are increasingly targeting schools. The administration announced steps over the summer to help cash-strapped schools, which have been slow to build up cybersecurity defenses. Since August, roughly 140 districts in 32 states have signed up for the program, which provides free email security and other online threat protection, she said. James Hatz, technology coordinator for Rush City Public Schools in Minnesota, said the program arrived just in time for their district, quickly stopping 100 suspicious emails from getting to staff.
Persons: Anne Neuberger, Neuberger, “ Don’t, , James Hatz, Hatz, cybercriminals, ” Hatz, Doug Levin, Levin, Organizations: WASHINGTON, Clark County School District, Minneapolis Public Schools, — that's, Cybersafe Schools, Rush City Public Schools, Amazon Web Services, Federal Communications Commission, K12 Locations: Russia, Nevada, United States, Minnesota, Virginia
GOP presidential candidate Nikki Haley has called for "consensus" on the issue of abortion. But for conservatives inclined to back Trump in 2024, they may want to hear stronger language from Haley. Haley is anti-abortion, but at this juncture of her bid, she'll need a lot to overcome Trump's edge. download the app Email address Sign up By clicking “Sign Up”, you accept our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy . GOP presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy is at center.
Persons: Nikki Haley, Haley, , Donald Trump, dethroning Trump, Vivek Ramaswamy, Charlie Neibergall, Roe, Wade, Trump, Joe Biden's, she's Organizations: Trump, Service, Forum, GOP, AP, South, Republicans Locations: Kentucky, Virginia, Ohio, South Carolina, Columbia, Miami, Iowa, New Hampshire, Trump
He opposed Stability's argument that it should be able to train AI using copyrighted works for free. Generative AI models like ChatGPT and Stable Diffusion are trained using enormous amounts of information scraped from the internet, including art, song lyrics, and books. "To be clear, I'm a supporter of generative AI. The fact that criticisms like Franceschelli's are now being echoed by the people actually building generative AI models suggests that Newton-Rex's resignation could be a defining moment for AI. "I'm sure I'm not the only person inside these generative AI companies who doesn't think the claim of 'fair use' is fair to creators.
Persons: Ed Newton, Rex, , Newton, I've, Andreessen Horowitz, Giorgio Franceschelli, Franceschelli, it's, Rex's, I'm Organizations: Service, Stability, Meta, Google, Business
The ticks turned out to be an invasive species, the Asian longhorned tick, newly established in Ohio. The curious case of the dead cattleAsian longhorned ticks are tiny and can be difficult to distinguish between other species. Risa Pesapane/Ohio State UniversityPesapane and her colleagues suggest the Ohio cattle died from blood loss. Asian longhorned ticks are hard to spot, contain, and killTiny and brown, the ALT is hard to distinguish from other types of ticks, making it difficult to spot. AdvertisementCattle are the preferred meal of Asian longhorned ticks.
Persons: , Risa Pesapane, Pesapane, It's, Oleksandr Melnyk, Kevin Lahmers, Lahmers, Joellen Lampman, Lampman, Ohio State University Pesapane, it's, There's, Ikeda Organizations: Service, Ohio State, Medical Entomology, Pesapane, US Department of Agriculture, Getty Images, Virginia - Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine, Cornell University, Ohio State University, Plant Health, Yale School of Public Health Locations: Ohio, West Virginia, But Ohio, East Asia, Virginia, United States, New Zealand, North Carolina, Lyme, Rocky
While GroupM always had country-level P&Ls, it previously let its individual agencies — EssenceMediaCom, Wavemaker, MSix&Partners, and Mindshare — be responsible for their own budgets. This move is the latest in Juhl's plan to make these different media agencies follow similar business practices across all of the markets in which GroupM operates. Under Juhl, GroupM centralized media delivery within a unit called Nexus and centralized all of GroupM's data and technology within a unit called Choreograph. Juhl said that despite the push to streamline its business, GroupM's individual agency brands will continue to operate as separate entities rather than a homogenous media group. WPP said last month it will reveal more details about its plans to simplify GroupM at its Capital Markets Day in January.
Persons: Christian Juhl, GroupM, Juhl, , Publicis, EssenceMediaCom, Mindshare, Kirk McDonald Organizations: Business, Ls, MSix, Partners, Groupe, Unilever, North America, WPP Locations: GroupM, China
Political Cartoons View All 1244 Images“They ask questions but they don’t tell us what is going on,” Hawkins said of CMS. If trends continue, as many as 30 million people could end up being dropped from Medicaid once states finish reviewing their Medicaid rolls, according to Avalere's projections. The numbers dwarf the Biden administration’s initial projections that only 15 million people would lose coverage throughout the process. “We have to say it’s going poorly,” Massey Whorley, a principal at Avalere, said of the Medicaid redeterminations. Some Texas lawmakers have asked CMS to investigate issues in the state, where nearly 1 million have lost Medicaid.
Persons: Biden, Avalere, , Trevor Hawkins, Hawkins, , ” Hawkins, they’ve, Xavier Becerra, Daniel Tsai, Tsai, Lily Mezquita, Mezquita, ” Massey Whorley, I’ve, Gavin Lesnick, Lesnick, Lynn Hearn, Hearn, We’ve, we’ve, ” Hearn, Mallory McManus, Cassidy Estes, Rogers, didn't, Estes, Graciela Camarena, Camarena, Jennifer Ruffcorn, Jennifer Wagner, ___ Hunter, Robert Wood Johnson Organizations: WASHINGTON, Medicaid, Legal Aid, Centers, Medicare, Services, CMS, Democratic, Human Services, HHS, CMS Center, Children’s Health Insurance, Biden, AP, state's Department of Human Services, Florida Health Justice, Florida Department of Children, Charlotte Center, Legal, Children's Defense Fund, Texas, Texas Health, Center, Budget, Associated Press Health, Science Department, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Locations: Florida, Arkansas, Texas, Miami , Florida, Avalere, North Carolina, Atlanta
An aerial view of buildings destroyed by Israeli airstrikes in the Jabalia camp for Palestinian refugees in Gaza City on Oct. 11, 2023. Israel also suffered tremendous losses, with Oct. 7 described as "the deadliest day for Jews since the holocaust." There have been five major military conflicts between Israel and Hamas since the Jewish state unilaterally withdrew from the Gaza Strip in 2005. "Typically speaking, year on and year on, the number of Palestinian civilians killed by Israeli forces exceeds Israeli civilians killed by Palestinians, several times over," H.A. The data collated by CNBC shows that more than 18,600 Palestinians in Gaza and the occupied West Bank have been killed in conflicts with Israel since 2008.
Persons: Yahya Hassouna, that's, Hellyer, Paul Scham, CNBC it's, Daniel Byman, Scham, Israel doesn't Organizations: AFP, Getty, Hamas, United Nations Office, Humanitarian Affairs, West Bank, UN, Carnegie Endowment, International Peace, CNBC, United Nations, Israel Defense Forces, Palestinian Health Ministry, Royal United Services Institute for Defence, Security, University of Maryland, Middle East Institute, Washington , D.C, IDF, Center for Strategic, International Studies, Hellyer Carnegie Endowment Locations: Gaza City, Gaza, Israel, OCHA, Palestinian, Jihad, Hamas, Washington ,, Egypt
CNBC Daily Open: Bond yields resurge on Powell’s speech
  + stars: | 2023-11-10 | by ( Yeo Boon Ping | )   time to read: +2 min
Jerome Powell, Chairman of the U.S. Federal Reserve, speaks during the 24th Jacques Polak Annual Research Conference in Washington DC, United States on November 09, 2023. This report is from today's CNBC Daily Open, our new, international markets newsletter. CNBC Daily Open brings investors up to speed on everything they need to know, no matter where they are. But SoftBank still recorded a quarterly loss of 931.1 billion yen — that's around $6.2 billion — on the collapse of WeWork. [PRO] Higher than neutralThe Federal Reserve projects the U.S.' neutral interest rate — the so-called rate at which rates neither encourage nor constrict the economy — to be 2.5%.
Persons: Jerome Powell, Jacques Polak, Hawkish Powell, Powell, there's, Tesla, SoftBank, Goldman Sachs Organizations: U.S . Federal Reserve, Washington DC, CNBC, Nasdaq, AstraZeneca, Azelis, HSBC Global, HSBC, Fund, Federal Reserve Locations: Washington, United States, U.S, Belgian, Tesla's, SoftBank
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