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They know that these relationships make us stronger and help us build a world that is free, independent, prosperous and secure. Twenty-three NATO members, out of 32, are expected to meet or exceed that target in 2024, compared with just nine in 2020, and five in 2016. This year alone America’s NATO partners — Canada and 30 European nations — will spend an estimated $506.7 billion on defense. That is an increase of $181 billion from 2020, compared with an increase of $70 billion from 2016 to 2020, during the previous administration. In 2023, defense expenditures of NATO nations in Europe and Canada grew by 8 percent.
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Our money was worth more back then, so we got more value for our Canadian dollar when we went shopping in the States. She was an American living in Atlanta and said, "Hey, why don't you come and spend the winter with me?" It almost seemed like Canada was 10 or 20 years behind, progressive-wise — and I don't mean politically. The amenities, the shopping, the food, and the restaurants in Canada are way behind if you're outside Vancouver or Toronto. I don't see why Canada is so appealing to AmericansCanada used to be an admired country worldwide, and now it's horrible.
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Read previewLast June, a segment on FOX 5 Vegas calling for Super Bowl LVIII volunteers caught my attention. I'd always wanted to go to the Super Bowl, but at over $5,000 a ticket, that dream is way beyond the financial reality of the average Joe. AdvertisementSince the Super Bowl is one of the highest-ranked security events in the nation, the session had a government-agency safety briefing, too. Melody PittmanWe also picked up our free swag with the Super Bowl LVIII logo. Melody PittmanOur tasks ranged from capturing guests' smiles in front of Super Bowl LVIII displays to distributing collectible swag items.
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In an internal memo to Bell Media employees, it said news stations such as CTV and BNN Bloomberg would be affected immediately. The radio stations being sold are in British Columbia, Ontario, Quebec and Atlantic Canada. The memo, signed by Dave Daigle, vice-president of local TV, radio and Bell Media Studios, and Richard Gray, vice-president of news at Bell Media, said weekday noon newscasts at all CTV stations except Toronto would end. It is also scrapping its 6 p.m. and 11 p.m. newscasts on weekends at all CTV and CTV2 stations except Toronto, Montreal and Ottawa. Fewer than 10% of the total job cuts are at Bell Media specifically.
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After eight years of living between New York City and Toronto, I find the quality of living is better in Canada. And yet, as a Canadian, I still prefer living in the US — particularly New York City — over my home country. I think Americans are friendlier than CanadiansThe stereotype is that Canadians are nice, and I think that does hold true. In my experience traveling across the US and meeting Americans abroad, Americans are often chattier than Canadians. Americans love pop culture, and so do II think pop culture is way more exciting in the US than in Canada.
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Speaking at a Cabinet retreat, Trudeau said that Trump “represents uncertainty. Trudeau said that his industry and trade ministers will lead the “Team Canada approach” with the business community. Trump as president called Trudeau “weak” and “dishonest” and attacked Canada’s vital trade. Nelson Wiseman, a political science professor at the University of Toronto, said the Trudeau government is anxious about the prospect of another Trump presidency. "The impact would be greater on Canada than on any other country with the possible exception of Mexico,” Wiseman said.
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He said that the international students program has been exploited by institutions offering “sham” degrees, putting pressure on housing and health care. The total number of foreign students is more than three times what it was a decade ago. The immigration minister said that there are unscrupulous schools that accept high tuition fees from foreign students without offering a solid education in return. In some cases, the schools are a way into Canada for students who can parlay their visas into permanent residencies. Admitting fewer foreign students during the next two years can’t solve the crisis on its own,” said Daniel Béland, a political science professor at McGill University in Montreal.
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After spending the past two years trying to get inflation under control by raising interest rates, the Fed is inching toward cutting rates soon. Setting interest rates should be about weighing costs and benefits for everyone, not engineering outcomes for a favored constituency. When people (usually those with a vested political interest) try to accuse the Fed of being biased, it erodes confidence. The real reason for the accusationsThe entire conspiracy theory about a political Fed is weak on its face and baseless on its merits. What makes anyone so sure they'll fare better in 2024 with the rate of inflation slowing, interest rates falling, and stocks rising?
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TORONTO (AP) — Canada's government said Wednesday it reached a deal with Google for the company to contribute $100 million Canadian dollars annually to the country's news industry to comply with a new Canadian law requiring tech companies to pay publishers for their content. The agreement removes a threat by Google to block the ability to search for Canadian news on Google in Canada. Canada in late June passed the Online News Act to require tech giants to pay publishers for linking to or otherwise repurposing their content online. Kent Walker, president of global affairs at Google and Alphabet, thanked the minister in a statement and said Google would continue sending valuable traffic to Canadian publishers. In 2021, it briefly blocked news from its platform in Australia after the country passed legislation that would compel tech companies to pay publishers for using their news stories.
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The country is also almost certainly heading towards a recession — if it's not already in one — and the housing market is partly to blame, economists say. But immigration is just one of many factors at play — Canada's housing crisis far preceded the rise in immigration. Stillo believes Canada's housing bubble has been slowly "deflating" for the last 18 months, despite an upswing in prices earlier this year. But there isn't consensus on if and when Canada's housing bubble will burst — or even if there is a bubble. While housing prices have flattened recently as demand softens, he says they show no sign of significantly declining.
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MANILA, Philippines (AP) — Canada will help the Philippines detect illegal fishing with its satellite surveillance system under a new agreement, Philippine officials said Monday. Illegal and unregulated fishing is a problem across the Philippine archipelago, including in disputed areas of the South China Sea. China claims virtually the entire South China Sea on historical grounds but this was invalidated by an arbitration tribunal ruling in 2016. Political Cartoons View All 1211 ImagesAside from China and the Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia, Taiwan and Brunei have had overlapping territorial claims in the South China Sea, which straddles one of the world's busiest sea lanes. Canada is among several Western countries that have recognized the 2016 arbitration ruling and called on countries, including China, to respect it.
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UNITED NATIONS (AP) — It's almost the end of the U.N. General Assembly high-level meeting that brings world leaders together at U.N. headquarters in New York. Here are the highlights of what happened Saturday at the United Nations and what to keep an eye on Tuesday, the last day (Monday's off for Yom Kippur). — As Venezuela's foreign minister spoke at the United Nations, The Associated Press visited the hotel just blocks away that's become a center for asylum-seekers from the country. At the United Nations, African leaders have been clear that they want a seat at the global table, especially considering the continent's ascendance. ___For more coverage of this year's U.N. General Assembly, visit
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And that’s why he wasn’t around in the final minutes, as Canada clinched a trip to the Basketball World Cup semifinals. “It's an honor,” Gilgeous-Alexander said after Canada's first World Cup semifinal berth was clinched. The winners of those games will play for the World Cup on Sunday night. Slovenia was bidding to make the World Cup semifinals for the first time since gaining its independence in 1991. “Congratulations to Canada,” Doncic said.
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But whose responsibility is the carbon produced when forests burn? In the age of extreme weather and climate agreements, the world has learned to tabulate ecological guilt nation by nation — cutting responsibility for the current crisis into so many slices of pie. If the 20th century taught us the perversity of aggressive fire suppression, the 21st is already teaching us the limits of that lesson. But if the costs to human health of wildfire smoke are larger than from the fires themselves, should the goal be recalibrated? Canada has a gargantuan per capita carbon footprint, in fact, by some measures larger than that of the United States.
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Netflix has said it plans to clamp down on password sharing, and some users aren't happy. "I'm genuinely considering canceling my subscription," journalist Erin Biba said in a tweet, which amassed almost 50,000 likes. The tweet was in response to similar rules about account sharing that were posted on Netflix's website on February 1. Shannon Freshour, a politician in Ohio, wrote in a tweet directed at the streaming giant: "You're by far the most expensive streaming service w/o the value matching it. A survey from US firm Jefferies found that 62% of password borrowers said they would stop using the streaming service rather than purchase an account.
Russia could profit from its oil exports even with a $60 price cap, Janet Yellen said. G7 countries want to cap Russian oil to curb its revenues by keeping global prices in check. The US and its allies are still ironing out where to set the cap, Yellen said. "So certainly a price in that range would be sufficient to feel that Russia could profitably produce and sell oil," she said. "The objective is to protect the world from the consequences of a global spike in oil prices," Yellen said of the plan.
Members of the European Union are working to implement a price cap on Russian oil, according to Bloomberg. The price cap will likely feature in new sanctions packages, sources said. The G7 has not spoken on the details of its price cap. A top Ukrainian official said Wednesday the need for an oil price cap is urgent as Moscow steps up its efforts in Ukraine. Read more: The US and its allies are getting close to a price cap on Russian oil - which could slash Moscow's revenues yet send crude soaring
The EU is set to unveil mandatory energy use cuts as its standoff with Russia pushes supply lower. The plan also includes an "exceptional and temporary" tax on companies in the oil, gas, coal, and refining sectors based on the firms' extra profits. Yet with energy prices still elevated and Russia slashing exports to Europe even further in recent weeks, the plan's authors argue urgency is paramount. Energy prices have skyrocketed in the UK and the EU as Russia retaliates against sanctions and cuts its exports of oil and natural gas to western Europe. The shift has forced them to quickly adopt measures boosting domestic energy supply and easing demand to avoid rolling blackouts and even more intense inflation.
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