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The "Great Regret" is the latest workplace trend to sweep the nation, with the majority of professionals who quit their jobs last year wishing they could get a do-over, according to a new survey. Now, 8 out of 10 professionals who left their jobs regret their decision, a new Paychex study finds. Paychex surveyed 825 employees who quit during the "great resignation" and 354 employers to analyze the impact of the quitting spree and gauge employees' job satisfaction. They found that mental health, work-life balance, workplace relationships and the chance to get rehired all suffered as a result. "Despite satisfaction with mental health and work-life balance influencing many resignations, only about half of respondents from our survey said they are satisfied with their mental health (54%) and work-life balance (43%) in their new workplace.
Accountants manage financial processes and financial reporting and ensure regulatory compliance. To combat shortages, those in the accounting industry are working to attract more people to the field. Sandy Torchia, the vice chair of talent and culture at KPMG, said the company hasn't been impacted by the accountant shortage yet. How the accounting industry is addressing the shortageMany firms are shifting to remote-work policies and investing in automation and technology to attract and retain talent. Lisa Simpson says the accounting industry needs automation to allow accountants to focus on "higher-value work."
The White House on Wednesday rejected North Korean accusations that joint military exercises in the region are a provocation and said the United States has no hostile intent toward Pyongyang. "We have made clear we have no hostile intent toward the DPRK (North Korea) and seek serious and sustained diplomacy to address the full range of issues of concern to both countries and the region," said a spokesperson for the White House National Security Council. The White House comment came after North Korea's Foreign Ministry said that drills by the United States and its allies have pushed the situation to an "extreme red-line" and threaten to turn the peninsula into a "huge war arsenal and a more critical war zone." The statement, carried by state news agency KCNA, said Pyongyang was not interested in dialog as long as Washington pursues hostile policies.
Jupiter declines to comment on cancelled Adani share offering
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LONDON, Feb 2 (Reuters) - Jupiter Fund Management (JUP.L), an anchor investor in Adani Enterprises' (ADEL.NS) cancelled $2.5 billion share offering, told Reuters on Thursday it had no immediate comment on the deal being withdrawn. Jupiter was notable as being the sole UK-listed fund manager to back the share offering for the subsidiary of embattled Indian conglomerate Adani Group, which has lost some $100 billion in market capitalisation in recent days following a short seller's report. Adani Enterprises its $2.5 billion stock offering on Wednesday. Reporting by Lawrence White; editing by Jason NeelyOur Standards: The Thomson Reuters Trust Principles.
Ford blamed chip shortages and other supply chain issues and production "instabilities" that raised costs, along with lower-than-expected volumes. Ford shares dropped more than 6% in after-market trading. Lawler said Ford faces $5 billion in higher costs this year, but has kept the mid-range of its profit guidance flat with 2022. Ford expects full-year adjusted pretax earnings of $9 billion to $11 billion. Adjusted pretax earnings were $2.6 billion, compared with $2.0 billion last year.
Nike and Tiffany & Co. are releasing their first sneaker collaboration next month for $400. Accessories are a sterling silver shoe horn, sneaker toothbrush, deubré, and a referee whistle. But the sneaker, dubbed the Nike Air Force 1 Low Tiffany & Co. "1837," is just the beginning. But in classic Tiffany's style, the luxury jeweler is selling a sterling silver shoe horn, sneaker toothbrush, deubré, and a whistle as part of the release. The brand also sells sterling silver photo frames, bowls, and pens, among other items.
Xiaomi demands payout from supplier after car designs leaked
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SHANGHAI, Feb 2 (Reuters) - China's Xiaomi <1810.HK) said on Thursday it had imposed a 1 million yuan ($149,000) penalty on a supplier after it leaked early design drafts of an upcoming car model. Xiaomi did not disclose the name of the company and Reuters could not identify it. As punishment, the smartphone-turned-car maker said it would impose "economic compensation" of 1 million yuan ($148,763) on the supplier. The spokesperson added it had instructed the supplier to strengthen its information security management, and develop plans to upgrade its confidentiality measures. The company has said it hopes to reach mass production of its cars in the first half of 2024.
Trump said if reelected he won't go on a revenge tour even though he's 'entitled' to one. He went on a tirade against the New York Times and Washington Post for their reporting on Russiagate. "I was a victim," he told Hewitt. Trump said he planned to sue to have the outlets return their Pulitzer Prizes, calling the Washington Post the "Washington Compost." "The Pulitzer Prize is supposed to be for great reporting, for accurate reporting, congratulations," Trump told Hewitt.
Banning vaccine and mask mandatesDeSantis wants the Florida legislature to permanently ban COVID vaccine and mask mandates. It's not clear how much of a difference a new, permanent Florida law would make. DeSantis will ask the Florida legislature to permanently lift the state's 6% sales tax on baby necessities including on cribs, strollers, clothing, shoes, wipes, and diapers. But some analysts, such as Howard Gleckman at the Tax Policy Center, have warned that tax breaks could actually worsen inflation because people will spend and consume more at a time when supplies are limited. Currently, state law requires a vote be unanimous.
Feb 2 (Reuters) - Arkansas Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders, who served as White House press secretary under Donald Trump, will deliver the Republican response to President Joe Biden's State of the Union address next week, party leaders announced on Thursday. Huckabee Sanders, who describes herself as a conservative reformer, will speak from the state capital Little Rock after Biden's remarks on Tuesday before a joint session of Congress. It will be Biden's first State of the Union since Republicans won control of the House of Representatives in November's election. "Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders is the youngest governor in the nation and a powerful advocate for the popular, commonsense conservative principles that will put our country back on a better course," McConnell said in the statement. Huckabee Sanders, 40, served as then-President Trump's second press secretary from mid-2017 to mid-2019.
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The law is a product of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, and an earlier version of it provided relief to federal student loan borrowers impacted by the attacks. However, the states counter that the Heroes Act allows the Education secretary only to modify the federal student loan system to keep certain borrowers from being in a worse-off position with their loans because of a national emergency. In other words, higher education expert Mark Kantrowitz said, the states are asserting that Biden is using Covid as an excuse to pass his plan. The states also argue that Biden's plan would cause financial harm to their states, including a loss of profits for the companies that service federal student loans. The attorneys also denied the claim that the Biden administration was overstepping its authority, laying out the White House's argument that it is acting within the law under the Heroes Act of 2003.
Debt ceiling drama: What we need to know
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Share Share Article via Facebook Share Article via Twitter Share Article via LinkedIn Share Article via EmailDebt ceiling drama: What we need to knowJoe Scarborough, MSNBC’s ‘Morning Joe’ host, joins 'Squawk Box' to discuss what's happening between Kevin McCarthy and the White House, the debt ceiling drama and more.
CREATION OF THE DEBT CEILINGCongress has always placed restrictions on federal debt as part of its U.S. Congress paired a debt-ceiling hike with broader bipartisan spending packages in 2018 and 2019, for example. The recession-fighting stimulus package of 2009 also included a debt-ceiling hike. Republicans unsuccessfully tried to pair a debt-ceiling hike with spending cuts in 1995 and 1996, leading to two partial government shutdowns. That deal also reversed the usual calculus by allowing the president to raise the debt ceiling unless a majority of Congress voted against it, which they conveniently failed to do.
The morning search by FBI agents appeared to represent an expansion of the probe into Biden's handling of classified documents. The White House counsel's office did not have representatives present at the search, White House spokesperson Ian Sams told reporters. Classified documents have also been found in the home of Trump's former vice president, Mike Pence, giving some political cover to Biden. Trump resisted efforts to return materials in his possession, prompting a FBI search of his Florida home and resort last year. It is unlawful to knowingly or willfully remove or retain classified material, although no current or former president or vice president has been charged with wrongdoing.
REUTERS/Kevin LamarqueWASHINGTON, Feb 1 (Reuters) - U.S. President Joe Biden is still weighing candidates for new top economic advisers, officials familiar with the process said, and no final decisions are expected before next week's State of the Union speech. Biden is focused on Tuesday's address to Congress and had not made a decision on the top jobs at the National Economic Council (NEC) and the Council of Economic Advisers (CEA), officials said. Other candidates for the NEC job include Deputy Treasury Secretary Wally Adeyemo and Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo, Reuters reported last week. Only the CEA job requires Senate confirmation. Brainard was widely floated as the frontrunner for Treasury secretary when Biden came to office, only for him to pick Yellen instead.
Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra hands-on and how to preorder
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The S23 Ultra seems like a conservative upgrade on the surface, cramming a faster processor and some quality-of-life updates into a familiar design. Here’s what we think about the Galaxy S23 Ultra after getting our hands on one for a few hours. Galaxy S23 Ultra price and preordersThe Galaxy S23 Ultra is available for preorder now starting at $1,200 with 256GB of storage and in your choice of Phantom Black, Cream, Green or Lavender, with units set to ship on Feb. 17. Same slick design with a wild new cameraMike Andronico/CNNWe wouldn’t blame you for mistaking the Galaxy S23 Ultra for last year’s model at a quick glance. Just like its predecessor, the S23 Ultra feels great to hold, with flat edges that give it some extra grip over the curvier S23 and S23+.
How to Play ‘Debt-Ceiling Chicken’
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The fight over the debt ceiling is usually described as a game of chicken. In the current version, congressional Republicans and the Biden administration each want the other to blink first and avoid a convulsive default on federal government debt. Actually, it is two separate games of chicken with very different dynamics. In this game, Republicans have the upper hand. The second game begins after the X-date, and then the advantage switches decisively to the White House.
There were 1.9 job openings for every unemployed person in December, the Labor Department's monthly Job Openings and Labor Turnover Survey, or JOLTS report, showed on Wednesday. Job openings, a measure of labor demand, increased by 572,000 to a five-month high of 11.0 million on the last day of December. Others speculated that job openings had been overstated because of difficulties adjusting the data for seasonal fluctuations. "A jump in job openings in the retail sector is also at odds with a lower pace of seasonal hiring around the holidays." The job openings rate up shot to 6.7% from 6.4% in November.
BRUSSELS, Feb 1 (Reuters) - The European Commission presented its Green Deal Industrial Plan on Wednesday in response to the U.S. Inflation Reduction Act (IRA), with increased levels of state aid to help Europe compete as a manufacturing hub for clean tech products. The Treasury is set to provide guidelines in March for electric vehicles bought by consumers, but there appears less room for manoeuvre. The European Commission and the White House have set up a high-level task force to discuss the issue. France has led calls for Europe to respond with state support of its own for European companies, including through a "buy European act" and large-scale subsidies. Longer term, the European Commission says it will propose a European Sovereignty Fund, but it is unclear how it will operate and how it will be funded.
[1/3] U.S. House Speaker Kevin McCarthy meets with Jordan's King Abdullah II at the U.S. Capitol building in Washington, U.S., January 31, 2023. REUTERS/Leah MillisWASHINGTON, Feb 1 (Reuters) - President Joe Biden and Republican House Speaker Kevin McCarthy meet on Wednesday to discuss the $31.4 trillion U.S. debt ceiling, a first test of how the two leaders will work together, or not, in a divided Washington. House Republicans want to use the debt ceiling as leverage to exact cuts in spending by the federal government, though they have yet to unite around any specific plan. The White House says it will discuss future federal spending cuts with Republicans, but only after the debt ceiling is lifted. The 2011 crisis was resolved with a bipartisan deal that cut spending and raised the debt limit but left Obama administration officials smarting.
WASHINGTON—President Biden is set to meet with House Speaker Kevin McCarthy as the debt-ceiling deadline approaches and the two remain far from an agreement to avoid the first-ever default on the nation’s debt. The meeting Wednesday afternoon at the White House comes as Republicans in their new House majority have said they want an agreement to cut government spending in exchange for voting to increase the nations borrowing limit, but haven’t agreed among themselves on what cuts they want. The White House has insisted that there will be no negotiating over the debt limit and called on Congress to raise it without conditions, even though past presidents of both parties have negotiated on the topic.
REUTERS/Evelyn HocksteinWASHINGTON, Feb 1 (Reuters) - The U.S. Justice Department is conducting a planned search of Joe Biden's Delaware beach house with the president's cooperation, his lawyer said on Wednesday. "We agreed to cooperate," Biden's personal lawyer, Bob Bauer, said in a statement, saying more information would be released after the search was concluded. Classified documents have also been found in the homes of former Republican President Donald Trump and his former vice president, Mike Pence. Biden has vowed to cooperate with the searches and Pence had said he takes responsibility for the found documents. It is unlawful to knowingly or willfully remove or retain classified material, although no current or former president or vice president has been charged with wrongdoing.
An edited video of U.S. President Joe Biden making a speech alongside Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelenskyy is being shared online. An example with more than 181,000 likes at the time of publishing can be seen (here). They’ve stood alone, you know, and you’ve have but you haven’t stood alone.”The video, however, has been edited. The original video shared by the White House on its YouTube channel can be seen (here) and an official White House transcript can be seen (here). The video has been altered to compile instances where U.S. President Joe Biden stuttered or stumbled during a speech.
A meme shared by social media users shows a screenshot of a fabricated CNN report with altered photographs of the Memphis police officers charged with the murder of Tyre Nichols. The photographs have been altered to dramatically increase the brightness, making the officers’ skin look lighter. A representative for CNN told Reuters via email that the image is fabricated. The screenshot was created using a meme template used for a variety of other satirical news reports, as seen (here ). The screenshot purporting to show a CNN segment was created as a meme.
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