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Mamdani is one of three South Asian members of the Democratic Socialists of America who won historic down-ballot races earlier this month. Their wins point to the growing prominence of young South Asians on the left, many of whom, in the past half-decade, have transitioned from community activism to electoral politics. This year wasn’t the first time South Asian socialists found success in local elections. Some South Asian Democratic Socialists of America candidates pitched long-shot bids this year, and even in defeat, they’re laying the groundwork for the future. A win would have made the Sri Lankan immigrant the first Muslim and South Asian woman elected to the lower chamber.
Persons: Zohran, , , people’s, they’ve, Mamdani, he’ll, Nikil Saval, Nithya Raman, ” Abdullah Younus, Sangay Mishra, Kamala Harris, we’ve, Saval, who’s, Sen, Bernie Sanders, Kshama, Bhaskar Sunkara, Saikat Chakrabarti, Alexandria Ocasio, Faiz Shakir, Sanders, Ro Khanna, Pramila Jayapal, Khanna, Sanders ’, Fatima Iqbal, Nabilah Islam, Islam Organizations: South, Democratic Socialists of America, Asian, Democratic, Green New, Democratic Socialists, America's, Drew University, South Asian, , Socialist, Young, Jacobin Magazine, Justice Democrats, Rep, Progressive, Congressional Progressive Caucus, South Asian Democratic Socialists of, Assembly, Sri, Metro Atlanta, Democratic Socialists of Locations: New York, Ugandan, Queens, Astoria, Chhaya, Pennsylvania, Los Angeles, Asian, India, New Jersey, Philadelphia, Seattle, Alexandria, Cortez, American, California, South Los Angeles, Sri Lankan, South, Georgia, Democratic Socialists of America, Gwinnett County, Ocasio
Opinion | What the Future Holds for Undocumented Immigrants
  + stars: | 2020-12-01 | by ( Héctor Tobar | ) sentiment -0.90   time to read: +1 min
But in the millions of homes where Latino immigrants live, the questions that have dominated the past four years will not soon go away: Will I ever see my mother again? There are 11 million undocumented immigrants in this country, and millions who are the children, siblings and spouses of the undocumented; they live in the uneasy cultural and legal limbo of the “mixed status” family. This summer I traveled to central Pennsylvania to meet a family friend who is undocumented. Since arriving in Pennsylvania as undocumented immigrants 16 years ago, she and her husband have supported their family with jobs in construction and factories. The couple recently purchased a home, and their first grandchild, a U.S. citizen, was born a few months ago.
Persons: Donald Trump, Will, you’re, who’s, August Wilson Locations: HARRISBURG, Pa, Pennsylvania, Guatemala City, U.S
Opinion | The Line for a Coronavirus Vaccine Is Forming
  + stars: | 2020-12-01 | by ( Spencer Bokat-Lindell | ) + 0.00   time to read: +3 min
But after this population, deciding who’s next in line arguably becomes even more complicated. If the vaccine does block transmission, some epidemiologists have suggested, the middle phase of the vaccination drive should prioritize younger adults because they pose a higher risk of spreading the virus. With the coronavirus, “college students and young adults are significant transmitters and also less likely to suffer complications,” Kim Tingley writes in The Times Magazine. What makes a vaccine rollout ‘optimal’? Much of the discussion around vaccine priority has focused on minimizing the number of Covid-19 deaths and cases, but those will not be the only two factors in play.
Persons: who’s, epidemiologists, ” Kim Tingley, , Dr, Eleanor Riley, Anthony S Organizations: Times Magazine, University of Edinburgh, Reuters, Academies, NPR
Yemen pushes polio immunization in bid to stem outbreak
  + stars: | 2020-11-30 | by ( Reuters Staff | ) sentiment -1.00   time to read: +2 min
SANAA (Reuters) - Yemeni health worker Fairouz Sanad lugs a coolbox of polio vaccines from house to house, dripping the liquid into children’s mouths hoping to stop an outbreak of the paralysing virus largely eradicated globally. But in populations with low vaccination rates - common in remote parts of war-torn countries like Yemen - the weakened polio virus used in vaccines can circulate and mutate, also causing paralysis. This is called a vaccine-derived polio outbreak. Sanad, a volunteer, is taking part in a three-day campaign finishing Monday run by the World Health Organisation and U.N. children’s agency UNICEF to vaccinate children across Houthi-controlled north Yemen. The August outbreak was detected in the country’s remote north-west, in areas not reached by vaccines for a long time, UNICEF said in September.
Persons: Abdel Nasser, , Sanad, WHO’s Nasser Organizations: United Nations, World Health, UNICEF, WHO, ” UNICEF Locations: Yemen, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Houthi, Sanaa, immunisations
Companies Bet Big on Working From Home
  + stars: | 2020-11-30 | by ( Andrew Ross Sorkin | Jason Karaian | Michael J. De La Merced | ) sentiment -1.00   time to read: +1 min
The potential deal is a bet on remote working, an area that bankers tell us will be a hot spot for consolidation in the months ahead, as highly valued software companies look to roll up the fragmented market for collaboration tools. Or at least that’s the premise behind moves like the one Salesforce is making, with companies hoping to cash in on the shift by assembling a suite of services to make remote working easier. Slack had a market capitalization of about $17 billion before news of the potential deal broke, and it’s now worth around $23 billion. Many software companies are riding high with surging stock prices, sitting on large cash piles and able to tap more capital easily if they need to. Potential targets include Airtable, Asana, Box, DocuSign, Dropbox and Smartsheet.
Persons: Slack, DealBook, Who’s Organizations: Street, Microsoft, Adobe
Another Bold Strike Against Iran
  + stars: | 2020-11-29 | by ( Reuel Marc Gerecht | ) + 1.00   time to read: 1 min
Any American intelligence operative who’s worked on Iran has to tip his hat to Israel’s Mossad. The assassination Friday of Iran’s pre-eminent atomic-bomb scientist, Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, and, even more impressively, the warehouse heist of the clerical regime’s nuclear archive in January 2018, shows a level of risk-taking and accomplishment that has no U.S. parallel. In June there were large, damaging explosions at the Natanz uranium enrichment site, which probably weren’t caused by shoddy maintenance. The Central Intelligence...
Persons: who’s, Iran’s, Mohsen Fakhrizadeh Organizations: Central Intelligence Locations: Iran
PREVIEWIt’s been a long time since employers around the world abruptly sent their staff home, and workers are feeling it. Before the pandemic, Mr. McEnaney’s team received requests for help from about 10 workers a week. He also implores workers to avoid rounding their spines and pushing their necks out, an injury-prone position he calls the Office Turtle. I myself spent most of election season slumped awkwardly in my office chair, stress-eating various carbohydrates while typing. Watch your posture: Don’t round your back into the dangerous Office Turtle position that Mr. McEnaney warns against.
Persons: Kathryn Benjamin, hunching, ” Ms, Benjamin, dachshund, Ralph, , ” Kathryn Benjamin, , Deborah Read, they’re, Brian McEnaney, McEnaney’s, That’s, McEnaney, Monish Khara, couldn’t, Brian Collins, Collins, who’s, Khara, Ron Wiener, Adam Wolf, Adam Wolf “, he’s, Rodrigo Damati, Rachel Feintzeig Organizations: Leadership, ErgoFit Consulting, Princeton, IKEA, Staff Locations: Seattle, Covid, Sunnyvale, Calif, Manhattan, New York, Bellevue, Wash, N.J
After Joseph R. Biden Jr.’s victory, Arizona settles into life as a ‘magenta’ state. Presidential Transition Live Updates: Who’s Still in the Running for Biden’s CabinetPresident-elect Joseph R. Biden Jr. after speaking in Wilmington, Del., on Thursday. Mr. Biden could instead pick Lisa Monaco, the former homeland security adviser for President Barack Obama. director, could be nominated to that position, or it could go to Thomas E. Donilon, a former national security adviser in the Obama administration. analyst and White House national security aide.
Persons: Joseph R, Biden, Trump doesn’t, Anna Moneymaker, Mr, Trump, Sally Q, Yates, Obama, Lisa Monaco, Barack Obama, Deval Patrick, Xavier Becerra, Bill Clinton, Elizabeth Sherwood, Randall, Lloyd J, Austin III, Johnson, Michael J, Morell, Thomas E, Sue Gordon, Vincent R, Stewart, Elissa Slotkin, Roger W, Ferguson Jr, Bruce Reed, Austan, Gene Sperling, Clinton, Brian Deese, Jeffrey D, Zients, Biden’s “, Vivek H, Murthy Organizations: Biden’s, ., The New York Times, Department of Homeland Security, Pentagon, National Security Council, Army, U.S . Central Command, Defense Intelligence Agency, White House, Federal Reserve, National Economic Council, Obama’s, Economic Advisers, National Economic, Mr Locations: Arizona, Wilmington, Del, Massachusetts, Clinton, California, Michigan
The Ultimate Guide to the Best (Yet Boring) Home Office Gadget Gifts
  + stars: | 2020-11-27 | by ( Joanna Stern | ) sentiment -1.00   time to read: +1 min
The best gadget I bought this year was a $50 piece of metal whose sole job is to prop up another piece of metal (my laptop). If you had told me a year ago that the must-have gadgets of 2020 were actually the most boring office gadgets of 2002, I’d have told you to slow down on the wine coolers. In March, when many of us received work-from-home orders, my duty to my country was clear: provide personal tech tips until no one could take it anymore. Before the spread of Covid-19, my work life centered around my office at WSJ headquarters. Yet if my work office was a gadget-filled Bat Cave, my home office was a more spare Fortress of Solitude.
Persons: I’d, who’s Locations: Covid
Biden and Kerry Must Address the Climate Emergency - The New York Times
  + stars: | 2020-11-25 | by ( Lydia Millet | ) sentiment -0.98   time to read: +1 min
Who’s made John Kerry, a serious diplomat, his climate czar — and put him on the National Security Council, recognizing, as our military has for years, that an unstable climate is a matter of war and peace. In this life-support emergency, muddy, transactional compromise has failed us so far, over decades of destructive policy that propped up the good-ol’-boy bastion of fossil fuels. And it will fail us with a radical finality if Mr. Biden’s version of climate action turns out to be baby steps. He has told us that he’s committed to curbing climate change — that, unlike his White House predecessor, he recognizes its importance. Hedging for swing-state voters, however, he’s also shrunk away from the Green New Deal and banning fracking.
Persons: Who’s, John Kerry, , Joe Biden’s, he’s Organizations: National Security Council, Green New Deal
Kristen Stewart on 'gray area' of only gay actors playing gay characters
  + stars: | 2020-11-24 | by ( ) + 0.00   time to read: +12 min
In Clea DuVall’s “Happiest Season,” Kristen Stewart plays Abby, an art history Ph.D. student whose girlfriend, Harper (Mackenzie Davis), has invited her home for Christmas. And I’ve always loved her — I was kind of shocked that she’s so good at comedy, at writing something funny. Whatever a queer female couple is to the masses, who aren’t necessarily accustomed to that living in their homes for Christmas, I really wanted these people to feel completely lived in and self-realized. Like, I really, really like her. There are a lot of people who feel it’s important that gay actors play gay characters, after so many years of that not being the case.
Persons: Clea DuVall’s “, ” Kristen Stewart, Abby, Harper, Mackenzie Davis, she’s, she’ll, Stewart, Maria ”, DuVall, , ” DuVall, , Sony’s, Hulu —, Davis, Daniel Levy, Clea, she’d, I’ve, Mackenzie, She’s, they’d, Dan Levy, it’s, who’s, they’re, you’re Organizations: Variety, Sony’s Tri, Star Pictures, Sony, NBC, Twitter, Facebook Locations: Germany, Hulu
All-Black officiating crew makes NFL history
  + stars: | 2020-11-24 | by ( The Associated Press | ) + 1.00   time to read: +1 min
TAMPA, Fla. — An all-Black officiating crew worked an NFL game for the first time in league history when the Los Angeles Rams faced the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Monday night. Referee Jerome Boger led the crew, which also included umpire Barry Anderson, down judge Julian Mapp, line judge Carl Johnson, side judge Dale Shaw, field judge Anthony Jeffries and back judge Greg Steed. The members of the crew have a combined 89 seasons of NFL experience and have worked six Super Bowls. They’re great officials. The first Black official in any major sport was Burl Toler, hired by the NFL in 1965.
Persons: Jerome Boger, Barry Anderson, Julian Mapp, Carl Johnson, Dale Shaw, Anthony Jeffries, Greg Steed, Troy Vincent, Johnson, Steed, Bruce Arians, who’s, , They’re, Burl Toler Organizations: Los Angeles Rams, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, NFL, Bowls, Bucs Locations: TAMPA, Fla
CARAMANICA The truth is that there is a whole level of success for a musician that has little to do with radio play, streaming success, album sales or touring scale. It is about being seen as the sort of musician that other musicians respect. And D Smoke might seem like a total outlier, but in this context, he’s not: His brother is SiR, a singer who’s signed to Top Dawg Entertainment, known as the home of Kendrick Lamar. In a(nother) year with no Kendrick album, D Smoke is a familiar alternative, and a reminder of the sorts of music — hip-hop included — that Grammy voters tend to favor: earnest, technique-driven, either shopworn or fine-tuned depending on your lens. That’s made manifest in the best rap album category (D Smoke, Nas, Freddie Gibbs, Jay Electronica and Royce Da 5’9”).
Persons: Collier, who’s, Kendrick Lamar, Kendrick, , That’s, Freddie Gibbs, Jay Electronica, Royce Da, Jack Harlow’s, Boldy James, Conway, Bronson, COSCARELLI, Juice WRLD, “ Dior, ” Lil Baby’s, Roddy Ricch’s, , Lil Baby’s, Swift Organizations: Black Pumas, Dawg Entertainment, Alchemist, Machine
As the pandemic rages, Hungary ramps up anti-LGBTQ legislation
  + stars: | 2020-11-23 | by ( Dan Avery | ) + 0.00   time to read: +11 min
A constitutional amendment before the Hungarian Parliament would effectively ban LGBTQ people from adopting, drawing the ire of human rights activists. Senior party officials even called for a boycott of Coca-Cola when it launched an LGBTQ-inclusive ad campaign that summer. These measures come as Hungary, like the rest of the world, is battling a deadly pandemic. Tamás Dombos, a board member for the Hatter Society, Hungary’s oldest and largest gay rights group, said the timing is strategic. Just days after Hungary announced the latest proposed amendments, the European Union's executive commission announced its first formal strategy to protect the rights of LGBTQ citizens.
Persons: Judit Varga, , Family Affairs Katalin, , Viktor Orban, John Thys, Viktor Orbán’s, ” Orbán, László, Kövér, Orbán, Ákos, who’s, ” Dombos, Dombos, Dorottya, Boldizsár Nagy, Redai, hasn’t, Novák, Gergely Karácsony, can’t, it’s, Vera Jourova, Francois Lenoir, Varga, they’ve Organizations: Family Affairs, Fidesz, Hungarian National Assembly, Coca, Human Rights Watch, Hatter Society, NBC News, Rights Watch, ” Budapest, Aryan Greens, E.U, Hungary's, EU General Affairs Council, Jan, Twitter, European Union, ” Fidesz, Facebook Locations: Hungarian, Brussels, Europe, Hungary, Budapest, Eastern Europe, Germany, Poland, European, Roma
Yo-Yo Ma and the Meaning of Life
  + stars: | 2020-11-23 | by ( David Marchese | ) + 0.00   time to read: +20 min
“People need each other for support beyond the immediate staples of life,” Ma says. “They need music.”Do you think music is fundamentally good? Think about language, think about agriculture, think about navigation, think about engineering. I’m using culture.” It doesn’t need to be defined as “I’m going to play for you this piece of music.” It’s not that. I’m going to figure out what I can do with the cello.” He says, “I’m going to learn everything about the instrument.” He writes the first suite, second, third suites.
Persons: Bráulio Amado, Ma, , Kathryn Stott, ” Ma, I’ve, You’re, don’t, you’ve, David, Newton, you’re, It’s, ” It’s, , who’s, Tell, I’m, Teddy, Oliver, It’ll, Ted Thai, we’ve, Bach, “ I’m, Clive Barda, Seiji Ozawa, ” — Anthony McGill, He’s, Manny Ax, Jeff Vespa Organizations: YouTube, Carnegie Hall, Getty, English, Orchestra, Boston Symphony Locations: London, United States, United States of America, Europe
The unholy union of weddings receptions and coronavirus has public health officers pleading with Americans to say "I don't" to pandemic nuptials. "Weddings are very dangerous at this time especially as the infection rate is higher and weddings now are happening indoors and not outdoors," Mokdad told NBC News. You're laughing, you're joking and yes, you're spreading the virus more than ever." The threat posed by pandemic weddings is only made possible by basic human psychology — believing that contact with loved ones can't possibly be harmful. "Especially in a rural area, people think, ‘Who’s going to know?’ And they’re not going to get caught.
Persons: coronavirus, Ali H, Mokdad, Karen Potts, Potts, ‘ Who’s, hadn’t, Lucas, Kathryn Young, Michael Masi, Jessica Masi, lovebirds, Mary Hughgill, Timothy Kenlan, It's, Hughgill, Kenlan Organizations: Population Health, University of Washington, Health Department, NBC, Masi, for Disease, Living Locations: Northwest, Maine, Adams, Washington, America, Ritzville, Spokane, Adams County, Grant County, Mercer , Pennsylvania, Miami, Madison
“Between the World & Me,” is something altogether different, both old and new, a combination of film and theater that could only work on TV. Coates may not have known these specific events would happen, but the world continues to live down to his expectations. “Between the World and Me” has tapped into something that falls in between the two genres, a work all its own, a pandemic-influenced theatrical TV performance that is neither movie nor limited series nor show. It is, as HBO terms it, a special, in every sense of the word. Special enough that HBO is working to make sure it reaches as wide an audience as possible, available to stream on HBO’s website.
Persons: “ Hamilton, Diana ”, Spike Lee, , Nehisi Coates, . Coates, Kamilah Forbes, Coates, Ferguson, Forbes, Malcom X, Chadwick Boseman, Howard, Mahershala Ali, Phylicia Rashad, Rashad, who’s, Amy Cooper, Breonna Taylor’s, Trump, what’s, Organizations: Disney, Netflix, HBO, Broadway, . Coates ’ New York Times, Apollo, Apollo Theater, Howard University Locations: . Coates ’, Minneapolis, Baltimore
‘The Crown’ Reignites Princess Diana Style—Even That Haircut
  + stars: | 2020-11-21 | by ( Rory Satran | ) + 0.00   time to read: +2 min
AFTER WATCHING Season 4 of “The Crown” this week, Kirsten Morry copied Princess Diana’s ’80-era haircut. The People’s Princess has finally arrived on Netflix ’s series about the royal family, and the People are excited. But some viewers, like Ms. Morry, are drawing inspiration from a source that hasn’t been mined for decades: Diana’s hairstyle. In the last four weeks, queries on visual search engine Pinterest for “princess diana hair” were up 44% from the previous month. Could the renewed interest in the late Princess Diana finally revive this anachronistic, challenging hairstyle?
Persons: Kirsten Morry, Diana’s, Diana Spencer’s, Emma Corrin, Morry, diana, , Diana ”, It’s, Diana, Ken Barlow, Princess Diana, Kristen Stewart, who’s, Wales, Diana ’, Miley Cyrus, Zendaya, Cara Delevingne, Tory Burch, Sam McKnight, there’s Organizations: Netflix Locations: St . Johns, Newfoundland
The Duo That Defeated the ‘Diversity Industry’
  + stars: | 2020-11-20 | by ( Tunku Varadarajan | ) sentiment -0.99   time to read: +2 min
Ward Connerly, 81, is a black Louisiana native who’s spent the past quarter-century campaigning against racial preferences. Wenyuan Wu, 33, is a Chinese immigrant who has recently become an activist opposed to anti-Asian discrimination in higher education. Wu speaking from rural Georgia, where she lives because “the cost of living is low”; Mr. Connerly from an office near California’s capital, Sacramento. “I’m the enforcer.”The result should be “chastening for the left and the race activists,” Mr. Connerly says. Biden’s vote share exceeded Mr. Clinton’s by more than 12 points—the rejection of racial preferences appears to have been even more resounding this time.
Persons: Ward Connerly, who’s, Wenyuan Wu, Connerly, Wu, California’s, Mr, , , ” Mr, Joe Biden, Trump, Biden’s, Sen, Kamala Harris, It’s, Bill Clinton Organizations: , Equal Rights, Biden, Democratic, California Civil Rights Initiative Locations: Louisiana, Georgia, California’s, Sacramento, California
'Saved by the Bell': Josie Totah on playing Bayside's new 'it girl'
  + stars: | 2020-11-18 | by ( ) + 0.00   time to read: +9 min
What made you want to take on a behind-the-scenes position, in addition to acting, on “Saved by the Bell”? I didn’t feel it was right, I didn’t feel like the story would be told authentically, and I would have had to have stakes in my character’s story in order to do it. So on aspects like that it was super, super humbling and just a privilege to be a part of. The main characters on the original “Saved by the Bell” fit into the archetypes of the jock, the nerd, the popular girl, etc. If you had to compare Lexi to one of the original characters, who would you say she is the most like?
Persons: Josie Totah, Jessie, , Totah, Lexi, Bell, Tracey Wigfield, Tracey, Alycia Pascual, Peña, she’s, , They’re, Kelly Kapowski, wilder, it’s, Dexter, Darden, Matthew Cherry, who’s, Max, Lisa Turtle, , Marsha P, Johnson Organizations: Bell, NBC, Twitter, Facebook Locations: Sacramento, California
Opinion | Barr the Bad or Rudy the Ridiculous?
  + stars: | 2020-11-18 | by ( Gail Collins | ) sentiment -0.99   time to read: +2 min
Second Worst place went to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, who got particular mention for his response to a question about whether State is preparing to work with the Biden transition team. “There will be a smooth transition to a second Trump administration,” Pompeo said, grinning, during a briefing last week. We’re ready.”“Ordinarily I would go with Barr,” wrote Carole from Lake Worth, Fla. “But I am switching my vote to Pompeo this time. Without her cooperation, the incoming administration can’t get funds for transition or access to federal agencies where it will work. It would be a welcome irony to have the only woman in the list show some courage and integrity.”The Trump team does not do irony.
Persons: Mike Pompeo, Trump, ” Pompeo, Barr, , Carole, Pompeo, Emily Murphy, Joe Biden, can’t, Murphy, who’s, Michael McAllister, , rocketing, mused Dan, , Mitch McConnell, I’d, McConnell, Biden Organizations: Biden, General Services Administration, Trump, Republicans Locations: Lake Worth, Fla, New York, Madison
Salda Dress, $199, fanmmon.comPhoto: F. Martin Ramin/The Wall Street JournalA Colorful Coat You Design YourselfKids hate wearing jackets. Men’s Washburn Shoe Tree, $33, onecedarlane.comPhoto: F. Martin Ramin/The Wall Street JournalA Standout Collar Made for ZoomWho knew spending so much time at home would be so extra? Ramie Collar, $125, sea-ny.comPhoto: F. Martin Ramin/The Wall Street JournalAn Eco-Minded Patchwork CoatThis cobbled-together coat is a striking toss-it-on layer that will enliven daily dog walks or socially distanced drinks with the neighbors. Unlike that flimsy dress shirt, it’s actually designed to be worn for days on end. $295, mateonewyork.comThe Wall Street Journal is not compensated by retailers listed in its articles as outlets for products.
Persons: Brad Pitt, Nikki Kule, Pitt, , , Pierre, Sophia Demirtas, Martin Ramin, Lauren, Mondrian, We’re, , Wales Bonner —, Wythe, Peter Middleton, Marten, who’s, Rocco, Rouge ”, Des Garçons, Kandinsky, Mateo, Matthew Harris Organizations: Zoom, Wales, New York Locations: New York, Brooklyn, Patagonia, California, Solovair, lounging, Rouge, Mateo New York
Who’s Coming to Thanksgiving? N.Y. Sheriffs Say It’s Not Their Business
  + stars: | 2020-11-17 | by ( Michael Gold | ) sentiment -1.00   time to read: +1 min
Hours before New York State’s order limiting private gatherings took effect on Friday, effectively barring large holiday parties, an upstate sheriff said that he would not enforce it. His office, he said, would never interfere with “the great tradition of Thanksgiving dinner.”Days later, a sheriff in the Southern Tier region vowed that his deputies would not go “peeking in your window” to count the faces around a table. Much of the opposition has come from conservative regions outside New York City, but the reluctance to police Thanksgiving feasts has not been limited to upstate areas or to Republicans. In New York City, officials said they did not anticipate strict enforcement, citing other priorities. And at least one Democratic sheriff upstate said he would not have the resources necessary to do the job.
Persons: Organizations: New Locations: New York, Southern, Turkey, New York City
Savannah Guthrie Is Feeling Lucky
  + stars: | 2020-11-14 | by ( Sridhar Pappu | ) + 1.00   time to read: +1 min
“Believe it or not, I don’t like confrontation,” Ms. Guthrie said. I believe that the viewers expect us to ask the questions.”That sense of obligation to others has long been with Ms. Guthrie. In 1988, at 16, Ms. Guthrie returned from being out with friends to a house that, at a late hour, was fully lit inside. “And whenever you meet someone else who also has lost a parent, you know, and they know. “It’s probably one of the most exciting things to me,” said Ms. Guthrie, who attends a nondenominational church in Manhattan, while raising her children in both her Christian faith and in the Jewish traditions of her husband.
Persons: ” Ms, Guthrie, , who’s, , “ It’s Organizations: Baptist, University of Arizona, Georgetown Locations: Melbourne, Australia, Tucson, Ariz, Missouri, Manhattan
People can be afraid of me, or they think I’m going to mug them. kara swisherWhat do they think, you’re a bouncer? You have gone viral, no matter how you — you have become — you don’t think you’re the face of Pennsylvania Democrats right now? john fettermanAgain —kara swisherOh, you don’t think about sensation. john fettermanFor the electoral college, I think that’s the way it was inherently designed.
Persons: kara swisher I’m Kara Swisher, Sway, John Fetterman, kara swisher, Fetterman, Trump, he’s, I’ve, john, You’ve, kara swisher You’re, they’re, — kara swisher, it’s, I’m, Donald Trump, what’s, that’s, It’s, they’ve, Trump’s, you’re, That’s, They’d, kara swisher That’s, fetterman, didn’t, powerlessness, kara swisher We’ll, You’ll, you’ve, Hillary Clinton, Ron DeSantis, Conor Lamb, Ocasio, Lamb’s, John, Joe Biden, there’s, we’re, Barack Obama, John F, Kennedy, Donald Trump’s, Al Gore, , kara swisher Lincoln, — kara swisher Biden, Biden Organizations: Democratic, Twitter, Harvard, Rust Belt, Republicans, Democrats, Biden, CNN, Subaru, Bank, Republican, Fox News, Trump, Senate, fracking, Pennsylvania, Google, Center City Philadelphia, Democrat, Electoral, Locations: Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Braddock , Pennsylvania, Rust, New Jersey, Western Pennsylvania, America, Pennsylvania’s, it’s, kara swisher In Pennsylvania, Braddock, Monesson, Monongahela, Florida, who’s, Everyone’s, fracking, Pittsburgh, Duolingo, I’m, Center, Cameron County, California
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