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Other cities, like Miami, are nearly free of pandemic restrictions and booming with tourists. Homicides in Miami are 30 percent higher this year than the same period in 2020, according to data from the medical examiner’s office. The efforts include additional streetlights and surveillance cameras, prosecutors assigned to “hot spot” areas and a code enforcement crackdown on illegal party venues. But he is worried about the unruly gatherings of younger people downtown that have turned violent. “I’m very concerned that as people return to work, there are going to be confrontations,” he said.
Persons: ” Alfredo Ramirez III, they’ve, Pete Berghoff, I’m, , Organizations: Dade, Miami - Dade Police Department Locations: Miami, Dade County
On TikTok, Jewish creators say speaking about their Judaism comes with a price. Jewish creators said they’re frustrated with the moderation process that has them feeling targeted, though they aren’t exactly sure how or why it’s happening. Others, like Josh Cohen, 19, of London, said they think they’re getting caught in a clumsy algorithm likely designed to protect Jewish creators. Jewish creators said they sometimes run into problems when they reply to antisemitic comments on their pages. Several Jewish TikTok creators told NBC News they, too, have received some version of the "Hitler was right," comment on their page.
Persons: Julia Massey, She’s, Massey, I’m, it's, TikTok, , ” Massey, they’re, Josh Cohen, ’ ” Cohen, Tommer, Yossi, they’ve, ” Yossi, Michael, ” Michael, Hitler, Cohen, ” Cohen, Daniel Kelley, Kelley, ” Kelley Organizations: NBC News, United, TikTok, Defamation League, Jewish Congress, Hamas, Twitter, Extremism, Center for Technology, Society Locations: California, London, United States, Israel, U.K
Eleanor Holmes Norton, a Democrat who has — as she has done every year since taking office in 1991 — introduced a D.C. statehood measure. Many Republicans oppose statehood for Washington, D.C. — and for Puerto Rico — because any congressional representation would almost certainly be Democratic. “They cite various reasons for why they want D.C. statehood, but the truth is that these extra Senate seats would be a rubber stamp for their radical, far-left agenda.”The House in April passed a D.C. statehood bill with a record number of co-sponsors and the endorsement of President Joe Biden, as well. Even without the filibuster, key Democratic senators like Joe Manchin of West Virginia are not on board with making Washington, D.C., the 51st state. “My father, who is now retired, was around in 1959 when Alaska and Hawaii became the 49th and 50th states,” Beard said.
Persons: Carter Beard, ” Beard, Muriel Bowser, Del, Eleanor Holmes Norton, , Thomas McKinless, ” Norton, Norton, ” Emma Vaughn, , Joe Biden, it’s, Joe Manchin, Beard, they’ve, Betsy Ross, George Washington, George Ross, Robert Morris, Thomas Dowler, ” Annin, Lou Lowery, Rosenthal, Abraham Lincoln, Louis R, Lowery, Robert G, Heft, he’d, Dwight D, Eisenhower —, ” Heft, Peter Ansoff, Vexillology, he’s, , — Beard, ” “, ‘ It’s, Organizations: D.C, United, NBC News, Washington , D.C, White House, U.S, Capitol, Democrat, Inc, Getty, White, Puerto Rico —, Democratic, U.S . Senate, Republican National Committee, Guardian, Congress, Marine, Division, Regiment, Marine Corps, U.S . Marine Corps, Walmart, Lowes, Home, Grand Rapids Press, American Vexillological Association Locations: Washington, United States, U.S, Washington ,, Pennsylvania, Del, South Carolina, West Virginia, Puerto Rico, Union, Hawaii, Alaska, Iwo Jima, Suribachi, Japan, Lancaster , Ohio, Michigan
Mr. Biden, on his first international trip as president, was set to meet with the leaders of Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan and the U.K. in the first face-to-face gathering of the G-7 since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic. Leaders from other major democracies—South Korea, South Africa and Australia—will attend while Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi will participate via video link because of the Covid-19 pandemic raging through his country. The summit will also be one of the first major diplomatic outings for Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga and one of the last for German Chancellor Angela Merkel. The leaders can “appear as superheroes to save the world,” says Robert Yates, a project director at think tank Chatham House. The G-7, however, makes up a shrinking share of the world economy: When it emerged in 1975, its members made up 70% of the global economy.
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Particularly coming out of World War II, the Soviet Union and the United States were the global leaders in vaccine science. So while the technology was developed in the United States, there just was no way to test this in the United States. And they visited with American scientists and asked for a sample of this new polio vaccine to bring back to the Soviet Union. And the live polio vaccine sample was carried to the Soviet Union by one account in the pocket of Mikhail Chumakov. And they decide that they will provide the live polio vaccine to their own young children on sugar cubes.
Persons: michael barbaro, I’m Michael Barbaro, Sabrina Tavernise, Andrew Kramer, sabrina tavernise Andrew, andrew kramer Sabrina, tavernise Hi, andrew kramer, andrew kramer Russia, that’s, It’s, it’s, sabrina tavernise Tell, andrew kramer Well, sabrina tavernise, andrew kramer That’s, andrew kramer Polio, Eisenhower, virologists, Mikhail Chumakov, Maria Voroshilova, who’s, tavernise, Sabin, albert b, sabin, Andrew, they’re, they’ve, coronavirus, michael barbaro We’ll, Russia’s, there’s, Alexei Navalny, andrew kramer Right, sabrina tavernise Sputnik, vladimir putin, Putin, we’re, Vladimir Putin, Trump, sabrina tavernise What’s, sabrina tavernise That’s, Luis Arce, Covid Organizations: New York Times, Daily, Covid, U.S, Soviets, Soviet, State Department, Defense Department, virology, United, Sputnik, Union, U.S ., U.S . Department of Health, Human Services, European Union Locations: Russia, Russian, U.S, Soviet Union, United States, Soviet, Berlin, powderkeg, Europe, Japan, America, Pacific, Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia, Moscow, Baltic, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, United, Soviet Russia, Ukraine, China, Cuba, Iran, Syria, North Africa, Venezuela, Belarus, Hungary, It’s, Brazil, Latin America, American, Slovakia, Italy, Bavaria, Germany, Argentina, Mexico, Bolivia, Republic, San Marino
Selfridges $6 bln deal would be rich bet on London
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Selfridges’ 4 billion pound price tag is suitably rich for a luxury department store. The group’s owners, the Weston family, bought Selfridges for nearly 600 million pounds in 2003. It’s nearly 5 times the company’s 852 million pounds of annual pre-pandemic sales. The Westons may argue that the value of Selfridges’ property portfolio has gone up since the Harrods deal, as have wider stock-market multiples. - The retailer is owned by the Canadian wing of the Weston family which bought it in 2003 for 598 million pounds.
Persons: Selfridges, Weston, They’ve, Brown Thomas, It’s, John Lewis, London’s Organizations: London Oxford Street, Dior, Liberty, Qatar Investment Authority, Harrods, European Union, Financial Times, Times, Canadian Locations: Oxford, London, Britain, Ireland, Netherlands, Eastern
“It’s a problem Facebook has known about for many years.”Facebook spokesman Andy Stone said that the company prohibits "content that offers to provide or facilitate human smuggling. He added that Facebook permits content related to seeking asylum and that it had consulted with the United Nations on its content policies around human smuggling. The policies draw on the U.N. definition of human smuggling as “the procurement or facilitation of illegal entry into a state across international borders” that doesn’t necessarily involve coercion or force. Since 2015, researchers and journalists have regularly identified pages dedicated to human smuggling on Facebook. Deported and pennilessAt his computer, Pastor Banda pointed to another Facebook group in which migrants appear to be negotiating with coyotes.
Persons: Gustavo Banda, they’ve, , , gesturing, ” Katie Paul, Andy Stone, El Coyote Lopez ”, Nilda Garcia, Garcia, cobro de piso, ” Garcia, , Facebook —, TikTok, Facebook’s Stone, Gabriella Sanchez, Biden, Kamala Harris, Jen Psaki, Paul, Stone, ” Sanchez, Pastor Banda, He’s, ” Banda Organizations: Facebook, Tech, Capitol, NBC News, United Nations, NBC, U.S ., FBI’s National Gang Intelligence, Criminal Networks, Twitter, YouTube, Islamic, ISIS, , The, of State, White, Trump, Border Protection, Customs Locations: United States, Tijuana , Mexico, America, Mexican, , McAllen , Texas, Houston, Nicaragua, Agua, Sonora, Sinaloa, Sonora and Arizona, Mexico, Spanish, Los Angeles, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Brazil, U.S, Central America, Salvador, Texas, Honduran, Belize, Banda, California, Baja California, U.S.A
Later, State Police issued a one-page statement saying that troopers struggled with Greene during his arrest and that he died on the way to the hospital. John Bel Edwards down rebuffed repeated requests to release the body-camera video of Greene’s arrest. Greene can be heard apologizing to the officers, telling them he is scared and moaning and gasping for air. And like Greene, all the suspects were driving alone, were unarmed and didn’t appear to resist after troopers closed in. The American Civil Liberties Union of Louisiana on Wednesday called for a “top-to-bottom federal investigation” of the State Police.
Persons: Ronald Greene, he’d, , Aaron Bowman, , , Rafael Goyeneche, “ They’ve, It’s, Greene, Greene’s, John Bel Edwards, Kory York, Chris Hollingsworth, Antonio Harris, Harris, yanking, George Harper, Jacob Brown, ” Harper, Troopers, ” Brown, Brown, Harper, DeMoss, Bowman, Monroe, pummeling Bowman, ” Bowman, Morgan Blake, Blake, Randall Dickerson, Blake “, Dickerson Organizations: Louisiana State Police, Associated Press, AP, Dakota, Louisiana State Police Troop, Metropolitan Crime Commission, State Police, The State Police, Democratic Gov, American Civil Liberties Union of Louisiana Locations: BATON ROUGE, La, Louisiana, Monroe, New Orleans, State, Richland Parish, Dakota, Ouachita Parish
Colorado is trying to be more welcoming to those undocumented residents. Jared Polis has signed into law measures aimed at expanding access to housing, jobs and state benefits to undocumented immigrants. “Colorado needs the contributions from everybody in our state with all different talents and skills to have good jobs and work and employ their abilities to make us all better off.”The 180,000 undocumented immigrants who live in Colorado make up about 3 percent of the state’s population. Critics of the law say lawmakers are enabling an open-door policy for undocumented residents to enter Colorado and take jobs and opportunities away from deserving locals. Proponents also point to pandemic casualties like Anyela, an undocumented Colorado resident, who has struggled since the start of the outbreak.
Persons: Jared Polis, Polis, Iman Jodeh, , Mark Krikorian, “ I’ve, Jodeh, Anyela, Colombia —, ” Anyela, Sen, Julie Gonzales, Gonzales, you’re, you’ll, Ira Mehlman, ” Mehlman, Dave Gorak, Dominique Jackson, Jackson, Victor Galvan, ” Galvan, , they’ve Organizations: Gov, , Nationwide, Pew Research Center, New, Center for Immigration Studies, Washington , D.C, Colorado Legal Services, Democratic, Federation for American Immigration Reform, Midwest Coalition, United Locations: America, Colorado, “ Colorado, U.S, Washington ,, Aurora , Colorado, Colombia, Wisconsin
Counting Down to a Big Inflation Number
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Goldman asks bankers if they’ve been vaccinatedGoldman Sachs wants to know how many of its bankers have gotten a Covid shot. The bank sent a memo this week informing employees in the U.S. that they must report their vaccination status by noon today. Disclosing vaccination status has been optional until now. In May, Goldman told employees that they could go maskless in the Manhattan office if they reported their vaccination status. (The E.E.O.C made clear this month that asking employees for their vaccination status is legal, so long as the data is kept confidential.)
Persons: Trump, hadn’t, Goldman, they’ve, Goldman Sachs, , DealBook Organizations: Biden, Trump, Bankers, Companies Locations: China, Britain, U.S, Manhattan
For some developed economies, a return to pre-pandemic conditions means central bank stimulus withdrawal is already in the works. The Norwegian central bank has already announced plans to raise rates in the third or fourth quarter of 2021. While decisions in such countries would primarily be driven by domestic considerations, the Fed’s eventual withdrawal of support looms large as a global risk for every central bank. Even Japan’s central bank, which has hardly budged from its ultra-accommodative settings through decades of global cycles, may see an opportunity to dial back stimulus. Turkey was ahead of the pack and aggressively tightened last year, a move its central bank governor hopes will serve as a “shield” against any Fed pivot.
Persons: Chris Wattie, , , Takahide Kiuchi, Kiuchi, Nomura’s Kiuchi, it’s, Atago, Perry Warjiyo, they’ve, Fundi Tshazibana Organizations: Federal Reserve, REUTERS, Bank of Japan, Nomura Research Institute, Japan’s Ichiyoshi Securities, Fed, , ” Bank Indonesia, African Reserve Bank, Reuters Locations: TOKYO, JOHANNESBURG, LONDON, Washington , DC, Canada’s, Norwegian, New Zealand, South Korea, India’s, Indonesia, U.S, Brazil, Ghana, Armenia, Turkey, Thailand, Philippines, South Africa, United States
There are now more than 300 comments on the post dated May 3 from service members asking when the tuition assistance program, known as Army IgnitED, will work again. More than 110,000 soldiers used the tuition assistance program in the last fiscal year and more than 81,000 soldiers have enrolled in more than 255,000 courses so far this year. The Army tuition assistance program is authorized by law and pays for soldiers to go to school, covering tuition costs for certifications, as well as associate, bachelor's or master's degrees. Maj. of the Army Michael Grinston has responded to tweets regarding the delayed tuition assistance, but soldiers said they feel the response from Army leadership has been limited and disappointing. “We keep hearing about all these minor or trivial changes that the Army wants to make, but they really haven’t said a single word about our tuition assistance.
Persons: , , “ I’ve, Ashley Bain, Bain, ” Bain, they’re, they’ve, ArmyIgnitED —, , “ I’m, I've, Sen, Kirsten Gillibrand, Charlie Neibergall, Evan Lukaske, ” Lukaske, Army Michael Grinston, ArmyIgnitED, Michael Grinston, Will Hubbard, haven’t, ” Hubbard, Phillip McTaggart Organizations: Facebook, National Guard, Army, Army University, NBC, NBC News, Consulting, Vantage Point Consulting, Deloitte, , Army Service Center, , site’s, New York Democrat, Senate Armed, Twitter, Education, U.S Locations: GoArmyEd
Schumer Finds He Lacks a Political Mandate
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They certainly didn’t emerge with a mandate for massive left-wing policy changes. Yet that’s exactly what they’ve been pushing, and they’ve been smug about it. They seemed to think Americans would welcome whatever expensive, wacky legislation Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and President Biden offered. Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema may not be sincere when they say they oppose killing the filibuster. But it’s quite likely they’re serious when they say they won’t vote to kill it.
Persons: Donald Trump, Joe Biden, they’ve, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Biden, Schumer can’t, Kamala Harris, Schumer, ’ H.R, ’ Jan, doesn’t, Sens, Joe Manchin, Organizations: Democrats, White, Democratic, Democrat
Direct actions are promoted on social media with the phrase “No gods, no masters,” a 19th-century anarchist term that indicates a rejection of all forms of authority. Demetria Hester, a member of Moms United for Black Lives, continues to push for defunding the police but disagrees with the current call for dismantling the entire political system. “Being able to protest every night is a white privilege, being able to yell at a police’s face is a white privilege,” said Gregory McKelvey, a prominent Black organizer who ran the mayoral campaign last year for Mr. Wheeler’s opponent, Sarah Iannarone. “These are people who have felt like they’ve had no agency or power in their life or in the political system,” he said. “They want to feel powerful, and when you can have the mayor talking about you every single day, and hundreds of police officers show up to fight you every day, you feel more powerful than when you’re sitting at home.”
Persons: , Demetria Hester, Gregory McKelvey, Sarah Iannarone, McKelvey, they’ve, , you’re Organizations: United, Mr
Live Live Updates: Biden Revokes and Replaces Trump’s Order Seeking TikTok Ban The Trump administration fought to ban TikTok and force its Chinese-owned parent company, ByteDance, to sell the app. Biden revokes and replaces Trump’s executive order that sought to ban TikTok. President Biden is set to revoke a Trump-era executive order that sought to ban TikTok from U.S. app stores. After Google resisted complying, the Justice Department under Mr. Biden kept the effort going until dropping it last Wednesday. President Biden is set to leave for Europe on Air Force One, but the press plane that will accompany him ran into delays.
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Live Live Updates: Biden Travels to Europe on His First Overseas Trip as President On a visit that includes Group of 7 and NATO summits, and meetings with European Union leaders and Vladimir V. Putin, President Biden will aim to restore the United States’ image as a leader of Western allies. President Biden and Dr. Jill Biden, the first lady, at Dover Air Force Base last week. Mr. Biden arrives in Europe with considerable good will simply by not being Mr. Trump, determined to face what he calls an existential collision between democracies and autocracies. But at 78, the oldest United States president in history, he cannot escape lingering doubts about his durability or that of his policies. Toby Melville/Reuters Hugh Hastings/Getty Images Toby Melville/Reuters Toby Melville/Reuters Toby Melville/Reuters Tom Nicholson/Reuters Hugh Hastings/Getty Images Toby Melville/Reuters slide 1 slide 2 slide 3 slide 4 slide 5 slide 6 slide 7 slide 8China and climate change loom large among Biden’s priorities.
Persons: Vladimir V, Putin, Biden, Doug Mills, Trump, Donald J, disdained, Queen Elizabeth II, Jill Biden, , Barry Pavel, They’ve, ” Michael D, Toby Melville, Hugh Hastings, Tom Nicholson, Reuters Hugh Hastings, Greg Baker, Biden’s, Boris Johnson, Peter Betts, Michael D Organizations: NATO, European Union, Biden, Air Force, Joint Base, ., New York Times, White, Mr, Wednesday, Dover Air Force Base, America, United, Trump, Republican Party, Republicans, Capitol . Sitting, Scowcroft Center, Strategy, Atlantic Council, Getty, Reuters, Agence France, , Huawei, U.S ., Washington Post Locations: Europe, States, Md, Russia, China, United States, Russian, Cornwall, England, Windsor, Brussels, Geneva, Washington, Britain, U.S, Japan, Beijing, Paris
Live Live Updates: CNN Says Government Issued Gag Order in Fight Over Reporter’s Email Data The network ultimately turned over “a limited set of email logs,” it said. CNN reveals the government obtained a gag order on its lawyers in a fight over reporter email data. A judge granted an injunction of the Trump order, giving TikTok a lifeline until November. President Biden and the first lady, Jill Biden, on Wednesday shortly before the president’s first trip abroad. After Google resisted complying, the Justice Department under Mr. Biden kept the effort going until dropping it last Wednesday.
Persons: Biden, Jeff Zucker, John Lamparski, , Trump, General Merrick B, Garland, Biden revokes, Narinder Nanu, Donald J, TikTok, , , Brian J, Fleming, James Lewis, ” Mr, Lewis, Biden’s, ByteDance, Katie Rogers, Josh Gottheimer, Jacquelyn Martin, Shelley Moore Capito, Brian Fitzpatrick, Rob Portman, Kyrsten Sinema, can’t, Pramila Jayapal, Jill Biden, Tom Brenner, I’ll, Albert Bourla, Jeffrey D, Zients, Mr, ” Edwin Ikhouria, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Sharon LaFraniere, Sheryl Gay Stolberg, Noah Weiland, Doug Mills, Vladimir V, Putin, Barry Pavel, “ They’ve, Michael D, Val Demings, Rubio, Greg Nash, Marco Rubio, Stater, Demings, Trump’s, Bill Nelson, Democrat ”, Stephanie Murphy, Alan Grayson, Ron DeSantis, DeSantis, Charlie Crist, Nikki Fried, Rick Scott, Patrick Murphy, Marco ”, Mary Barra, Obama, Rebecca Cook, , Barra, Michael S, Regan, G.M, Nick Conger, Charlie Riedel, Barack Obama’s, Zack DeZon, CNN —, Dean Baquet, Kevin C, Cox Organizations: CNN, Trump, TikTok, Justice Department, The New York Times, The Justice, Times, The Washington Post, Monday, Credit, Getty, Tencent, Oracle, Walmart, Center for Strategic, International Studies, United, Foreign Investment, ., Associated Press, Republican, Republicans, Democrats, House Progressive Caucus, Pfizer, White, BioNTech, Air Force, Covid, Health, West Bank, Trade Organization’s Council for Trade, ONE, World Health Organization, New York Times, NATO, European Union, Republican Party, Scowcroft Center, Strategy, The Atlantic Council, Democratic, Florida Democrat, Democrat, Florida Democrats, Gov, General Motors, Reuters, Motors, Wednesday, Environmental Protection Agency, Honda, Ford, Volkswagen, BMW, Volvo, North Dakota . Credit, Associated, Midtown Manhattan ., The New York, The Times, Washington Post, Biden Justice Department, Post, Google, Trump Justice Department, Department, Mr, N.C.A.A, Senate Locations: AFP, China, TikTok, U.S, United States, New Jersey, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Arizona, Washington, Cornwall, England, States, America, Caribbean, Latin America, South, Southeast Asia, Africa, Gaza, India, Europe, American, Russia, Britain, Geneva, NATO, Democratic Florida, Florida, Orlando, Jacksonville, North Korea, Michigan, California, North Dakota, Midtown Manhattan, , , Alabama, Georgia
Why the Hybrid Workplace Is a Cybersecurity Nightmare
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But for those teams working to protect their offices from hackers, the new hybrid workplaces aren’t nearly as welcome. In a typical hybrid workplace, some employees will be in the office, some will be working from home—or spaces like coffee shops and client headquarters—and some will be cycling back and forth. So, security chiefs are faced with the task of supporting a constantly changing mix of office workers and remote workers, and company and home devices. “It’s hard to maintain a security staff that looks one way in the data center or one way in an office, and then one way for remote employees,” he says. Making things even worse: Security teams have been stretched thin by the demands of the pandemic.
Persons: Rick McElroy, , they’ve Organizations: Devices, VMware Inc, Business Unit, Security
The coronavirus will likely still be circulating at low levels this fall, so schools cannot simply operate as they did before the pandemic. Schools can also stop taking the temperatures of students when they arrive, as this has not proved to be a reliable screening tool for Covid-19. Schools should continue to require tests for people who have been exposed to Covid-19 or show symptoms. Research has repeatedly shown that the risk of coronavirus transmission outside is very low. As long as transmission rates remain low, children should be able to skip the masks while playing outside.
Persons: Michael Barbaro, they’ve Organizations: . School, Daily, Odessa High School, Schools, World Health Organization, Research Locations: United States
Growing up in Sacramento, California, Alexandra Huỳnh began writing at the tender age of 7 after her singing teacher’s songbook left her uninspired. alexandra HuỳnhHuỳnh’s vulnerability is part of what led her to be named the 2021 National Youth Poet Laureate in a virtual ceremony broadcast May 20. An alumna of Sacramento Area Youth Speaks, or SAYS, she is the country’s fifth National Youth Poet Laureate, which is presented by Urban Word, a New York-based youth literary arts and youth development organization. In her role, Huỳnh will perform around the U.S. and speak about issues she’s passionate about, ranging from climate justice to Asian American visibility. Huỳnh, who enters Stanford this fall, said she’s most looking forward to teaching kids that poetry is meant for everyone.
Persons: Alexandra Huỳnh, ” Huỳnh, , she’d, , they’ve, alexandra Huỳnh, Huỳnh, I’ve, , Amanda Gorman, Joe Biden’s, I’d, Brianna, ALEXANDRA HUỲNH “, haven’t, they’re, I’m Organizations: NBC Asian, Poet, Urban, Stanford Locations: Sacramento , California, NBC Asian America, , Sacramento, New York, Las Vegas
Medline’s money machine
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The $34 billion deal’s outline suggests the family could get a big windfall, without giving up their empire. In the proposed transaction they’ll refinance a bit less than half of that with debt, and sell three-quarters of what’s left to the buyout firms. Medline’s founders were well placed to get a sweet deal because other buyout firms were also circling. They’ll retain significant influence through their stake and through the company’s top managers being family members. In short, it looks like they’ve managed to have their cake and eat it – something more often true of buyout firms themselves.
Persons: Lucas Jackson, Carlyle, Hellman, Friedman, what’s, they’ve, John Foley Organizations: REUTERS, Industries, Blackstone, Amazon, Primavera Locations: New York, Asia
Readings from the thermometers will be sent to the accompanying app, which also asks users to log any other symptoms they may be experiencing. School administrators and families can view information about grade-level trends at their own schools — that there are four ailing fourth-graders, for instance. “The reason that we’re targeting elementary schools is because we know parents of elementary-age children are power users of thermometers,” said Nita Nehru, vice president of communications at Kinsa. Thermometers, of course, will not catch ailments that are not accompanied by fevers, and many cases of Covid, especially in children, are asymptomatic. Moreover, schools and families that opt into the program may not be representative of the city’s population at large.
Persons: Dr, Varma, Lysol —, we’ve, they’ve, Kinsa, , Nita Nehru Organizations: Locations: Kinsa
Kamala Harris and a High-Risk, High-Reward Presidential Résumé
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But there are some indications that behind the scenes, Ms. Harris pushed for leadership roles on these charged policy issues. Yet in the Senate, Ms. Harris was not known for her close relationships with moderates like Mr. Manchin. It’s unclear if she will be able to broker the kind of compromises within her party that will be necessary to pass a voting rights bill. While the Justice Department can bring litigation against voter-suppression measures, Ms. Harris can’t been seen as pressuring the agency to do so. Still, there may be political upside for Ms. Harris in taking on voting rights.
Persons: They’ve, Harris, Harris’s, Ronald Reagan, Mr, Biden, Manchin, Harris can’t Organizations: Republicans, Republicans ’, Justice Department Locations: Biden’s, Central America, California
That offers a rare opportunity to retailers, who are trying to anticipate what their customers will now want to wear to work. As sales of work clothes surged at Banana Republic in recent weeks, the retailer didn’t promote the same pre-pandemic standard of blazers, skirts and suits. Betabrand Inc. added more styles of its Dress Pant Yoga Pants, which look like dress pants with a faux button and buttonhole but feel like leggings, according to merchandising manager Megan Quirolo. Roughly two-thirds of U.S. office workers are expected to return to an office, according to market research firm NPD Group. Then the pandemic hit and sent people home, where their office clothes have been gathering dust.
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Sylvain Kast, a freelance D-Day beaches tour guide, poses for Reuters at Omaha Beach in Colleville-sur-Mer ahead of the 77th anniversary of D-Day in Normandy, France, June 1, 2021. REUTERS/Lucien LibertCanadian-born Eric Leboeuf would usually spend the anniversary of the D-Day beach landings guiding North American tourists in a vintage military jeep to the sites where allied forces invaded France to drive out Nazi Germany in World War Two. For the second year running however, the COVID-19 crisis will be keeping away the tourists who drive the local economy along this 80-km (50-mile) stretch of the northern French coast. For many in the industry, it is the big-spending North American tourists who offer the biggest prize. Leboeuf's company, the Gold Beach Company, has depended on government aid for its survival after tough COVID-19 border restrictions wiped out 80% of its business.
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