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This year’s holiday shopping season is expected to bring in record sales — forcing many retail workers to the front lines of the pandemic, often without hazard pay, despite another surge of coronavirus infections. “Retail workers experience heightened stress and pressure during the holiday season, even in normal times. While this might come as good news for brick-and-mortar stores that have been crushed by the pandemic, retail workers are nervous about the potential onslaught of eager shoppers — many of whom don’t always follow social distancing and mask rules. But among those companies, workers received an average increase in pay of just $1.11 per hour since the pandemic began. “They’re not worried about safety.”Many retail workers say they have no choice but to risk getting sick.
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The Aragonez family feels that they’re just like other families navigating the COVID-19 pandemic. The family recorded a video hoping that their experience with a family get-together would show how easily the coronavirus spreads. “I am quite fortunate that I can say that I didn’t lose 15 members of my family,” Aragonez said. All 12 of the attendees tested positive and three other family members contracted it from those guests. “... We are grateful to the Aragonez family for sharing their story and reminding others to continue to be safe, especially during the holidays.
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“From New York, it’s the Fauci Awards 2020.” [MUSIC PLAYING] Good evening, and welcome to the Faucis. But we won’t let that stop us from celebrating our extraordinary public health officials. So she did what any responsible public health officer would do — she made masks mandatory in public spaces. Our public health officials deserve our trust, our support, our recognition and, who knows, maybe even a real awards ceremony one day. To all the public health officials working hard to keep us safe, thank you.
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What started as a Midwestern surge has grown into coast-to-coast disaster. Over the last two months, rural counties and midsize cities in the Great Plains and Upper Midwest have been the main drivers of the dizzying growth in coronavirus cases in the United States. “Our people are tired,” said Maggie Hansen, the chief nursing executive at Memorial Healthcare System in South Florida. More than 1.2 million cases have been identified in the United States in the last week alone, and the country is on pace to reach 13 million known cases in the coming days. Deaths are also rising fast, with more than 2,200 announced nationwide on Tuesday, the most on a single day since early May.
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"Interior Chinatown," by Charles Yu. Hulu is currently developing “Interior Chinatown” as a series and Yu is adapting his own work. “That didn’t go over super well,” said Yu, the son of an aerospace engineer father and a mother who worked as a school district accountant. Wanting to be responsible and a financially independent member of the family, Yu chose to go to law school instead. Nearly 20 years later, Yu is a permanent part of American literature thanks to the National Book Award.
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Kristen Stewart on 'gray area' of only gay actors playing gay characters
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In Clea DuVall’s “Happiest Season,” Kristen Stewart plays Abby, an art history Ph.D. student whose girlfriend, Harper (Mackenzie Davis), has invited her home for Christmas. And I’ve always loved her — I was kind of shocked that she’s so good at comedy, at writing something funny. Whatever a queer female couple is to the masses, who aren’t necessarily accustomed to that living in their homes for Christmas, I really wanted these people to feel completely lived in and self-realized. Like, I really, really like her. There are a lot of people who feel it’s important that gay actors play gay characters, after so many years of that not being the case.
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All-Black officiating crew makes NFL history
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TAMPA, Fla. — An all-Black officiating crew worked an NFL game for the first time in league history when the Los Angeles Rams faced the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Monday night. Referee Jerome Boger led the crew, which also included umpire Barry Anderson, down judge Julian Mapp, line judge Carl Johnson, side judge Dale Shaw, field judge Anthony Jeffries and back judge Greg Steed. The members of the crew have a combined 89 seasons of NFL experience and have worked six Super Bowls. They’re great officials. The first Black official in any major sport was Burl Toler, hired by the NFL in 1965.
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Who Will Miss the Coins When They’re Gone?
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They sink into fountains and lurk in wells, a fortune in wishes but a nightmare to sort and count. Coins are everywhere until they’re nowhere, and at the moment they’re hard to find. China has plans for a digital currency, and the U.S. Federal Reserve is doing “research and experimentation.” Facebook has a currency in the works, and Bitcoin’s evangelists are still preaching. Millions of Americans are skipping right over coins by paying with their phones — or shopping on them. Governments, banks, credit card companies and online communities are among the factions trying to change how people make payments, he said.
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Scientists are seen working at Cobra Biologics, they are working on a potential vaccine for COVID-19, following the outbreak of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19), in Keele, Britain, April 30, 2020. After AstraZeneca on Monday became the latest drugmaker to say its vaccine offers high levels of protection from Covid-19, elderly citizens have high hopes of getting their jabs soon. In the United Kingdom alone, there are 3.2 million people over 80, who will be among the first in line for a vaccine. Only 40% of Americans say they will sign up for a first-generation vaccine, according to an index compiled by Axios and Ipsos. Even if they’re willing, young and able-bodied people may have to wait until 2022 to be vaccinated, according to the WHO.
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In Malaysia's Sabah, pandemic rages as migrants flee testing
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Sabah accounts for nearly half of Malaysia’s 54,775 recorded COVID-19 infections and over half its 335 deaths despite having barely a tenth of the Southeast Asian country’s population. But health officials fear the real picture could be much worse as people evade screenings in fear of detention or deportation. As of Nov. 17, nearly a fifth of the state’s infections involved foreigners, according to government data obtained by Reuters. The data included both documented and undocumented migrants. But the response has been lukewarm to say the least.”Malaysia’s crackdown on undocumented migrants since the start of the pandemic has also worsened fears among vulnerable communities, rights groups say.
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To Wear Their Masks, the Beards (and a Tradition) Had to Go
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They were losing their beards. Cammarata, who oversees the ski patrol for an area in the Rocky Mountains west of Denver, had to clamp down on the facial hair so that the patrol could properly wear their N95 respirator masks for protection in the coronavirus pandemic. But he knew this would be a tough measure to accept for the men on his crew (47 of the resort’s 56 patrollers). For the vast majority of them, beards and the ski patrol go together like snow and the mountains. “You could tell people they’re not getting a merit increase, that you’re cutting their skiing privileges,” said Cammarata, the Arapahoe Basin Ski Area operations director.
Persons: Tony Cammarata, they’re, , Cammarata, “ It’s Locations: Rocky, Denver, Arapahoe
Less than 24 hours later, the bureau issued a statewide Amber Alert citing "new information and growing concern" about his well-being. An Amber Alert was not issued for Quawan, because Baldwin police said his disappearance did not meet the criteria. Griffin said he has looked at more than 2,000 media reports of Amber Alert cases in the past 15 years. The problem isn't the Amber Alert, he said, but how people think about it. via Ronald Haley Jr."We think it’s some kind of silver bullet -- if you issue an Amber Alert, you get the kid back safe.
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Love and Money—and How They’re Connected
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What is your relationship style? Are you indulgent? Chances are you have the same approach when it comes to money. Psychological, behavioral and neuroscience research indicates that how stable and secure you feel in your interpersonal relationships tends to mirror how stable and secure you feel about your finances. So it’s worth examining your close ties, both past and present, to understand how they may influence your spending, saving and investing habits—for good or...
Opinion | Who Will We Be Without Donald Trump?
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In a column published in The Times on Monday evening, my colleague Michelle Goldberg implored Democrats to tone it down and keep it together. Up until Nov. 3, Never Trump Republicans were heroes to many Democrats — ultimate proof that the ruler was rotten. The test for the mainstream media is our ability to turn away from Trump even if he remains a potent audience draw. It’s not certain that he will be: When Trump and Biden appeared at rival town halls on the same night in October, Biden drew more television viewers. And the much-discussed “Trump bump” that cable news channels and newspapers experienced in and right after 2016 faded over time.
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President-elect Joe Biden is facing mounting pressure to extend student loan debt relief or forgive thousands of indebted dollars for the millions of people who had their loan payments suspended throughout the pandemic. Student loan debt hit a record $1.6 trillion among 45 million borrowers in February, and has only increased during the pandemic. She said her mother still owes about $50,000 in student loan debt and another $30,000 in medical bills. My mom is still paying off her student loans.” Crawford said she is concerned she’ll end up in a similar position. Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif., encouraged Biden to “cancel student debt on day 1.
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Early and absentee voting among Asian America and Pacific Islanders in swing states increased significantly this year thanks to in-person, online and text message efforts. The roughly 1 million early ballots cast surpassed the group’s total 2016 turnout by 21 percent, a separate report from the data firm TargetSmart says. In states like Georgia, Arizona and Pennsylvania, the surge in AAPI early voting surpassed President-elect Joe Biden’s razor-thin margins of victory. “For the last four to five years, there’s been a concerted effort from AAPI groups to develop state-specific mobilization strategies,” Christine Chen, executive director at Asian Pacific Islander American Vote (APIAVote), told NBC Asian America. Also like in 2016, Asian Americans reported more contact from Republicans than Democrats.
Persons: TargetSmart, Joe Biden’s, there’s, ” Christine Chen, “ We’ve, Chen, Richard Mui, Stephanie Cho, Cho, Z, Kamala Harris, Chavi Koneru, , Harris, Koneru, “ Anecdotally, APIAVote, they’re, Chanda Parbhoo, that’s Organizations: Asian America, Pacific Islanders, Asian Pacific Islander American, NBC Asian, American Advancing Justice, Atlanta, Gen, North Carolina, Americans, Voter Locations: Georgia, Arizona, Pennsylvania, NBC Asian America, Michigan, APIAVote, , North Carolina, South, Texas
None of the cases contain allegations - much less evidence - that are likely to invalidate enough votes to overturn the election, election experts say. In Reuters interviews with 50 Trump voters, all said they believed the election was rigged or in some way illegitimate. Charlie Black, a veteran Republican strategist, does not believe Republican lawmakers will continue backing Trump’s fraud claims after Biden is inaugurated. (For a graphic explaining the electoral college, see: )Many Republican voters scoff at those results, convinced Trump was cheated. But the 26-year-old son of Brett Fryar, the chiropractor, said he hoped Trump’s fraud allegations would instead spark a massive mobilization of Republican voters in future elections.
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Man who kidnapped, raped, buried Texas teen alive is executed
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ET after being given a lethal injection at the federal prison complex in Terre Haute, Indiana. Hall was among five men convicted in the abduction and death of Lisa Rene in 1994. Lisa Rene was home, alone. A September report by the Washington, D.C.-based Death Penalty Information Center said Black people remain overrepresented on death rows, including federal death row. The organization’s database shows that 25 of 55 federal death row inmates (46%) are Black, while Blacks make up only about 13% of the U.S. population
Persons: Hall, wince, mumble, Trump, Joe Biden, Lisa Rene, , John Stanton Sr, Pearl Rene, Lisa, Orlando, “ They’re, , Stanton, Rene ., Rene, ” Stanton, Bruce Webster, weren’t, Donna Keogh, Keogh, ” Keogh, Marcy Widder, Christopher Vialva, Critics Organizations: Orlando Hall, Arlington, Rene . Police, Byrd Lake Natural, the Texas -, Terre, Washington, D.C, Blacks Locations: TERRE HAUTE, Ind, Texas, Terre Haute , Indiana, Pine Bluff , Arkansas, Dallas, Arlington , Texas, Pine Bluff, Byrd Lake, the Texas, the Texas - Arkansas, Terre Haute, Navajo, Iowa
How to Succeed on Your First Day of Work
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Now comes the exciting and possibly anxiety-inducing task of preparing to make your first day of work a success. “You might be that boost of energy that the team needed or you might be filling a subject-matter expertise gap,” says Mrs. Brownlee. “You just have to be very prescriptive and very deliberate with it,” says Mrs. Brownlee. Mrs. Brownlee compares this tactic to going to the doctor during flu season. Mrs. Brownlee compares this tactic to going to the doctor during flu season.
Persons: Dana Brownlee, , Brownlee, don’t, , you’re, Jacqueline Twillie, they’re, Twillie, Twillie’s, Stephen Covey’s, can’t, it’s Organizations: Social Security, Atlanta,
Opinion | Your Bubble Is Bigger Than You Think It Is
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What right did I have to ask my son’s friend’s dad how many people he came into contact with last week? The supervisor at my kids’ distance-learning pod is in a relationship. “The reality is that if someone has been exposed and they have contact with your kid, it becomes a personal issue for you. The kids wear masks at all times, and there are temperature checks and a daily questionnaire about recent exposures. The map of my bubble makes this plain — if not for our children, my wife and I would be an island unto ourselves.
Persons: I’m, , ” Gurley, I’d, they’re, Gurley Organizations: for Disease Control Locations: Northern California
Opinion | I Traced My Covid-19 Bubble and It’s Enormous
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The map of my bubble makes this plain — if not for our children, my wife and I would be an island unto ourselves. Green’s younger son, the first grader’s brother, attends a preschool with 10 other children and two teachers. Green told me that she thinks about this level of exposure often, and she outlined several mitigating factors. As I was analyzing the far-flung corners of my bubble, I was often reminded of the double-dipping bit from “Seinfeld.” The dip looks untouched, pristine. After discovering how huge my bubble is, shouldn’t I just go with that advice?
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Many New York City parents are outraged that all in-person instruction was abruptly halted at city schools, with many expressing their frustrations over the decision and having no time to prepare for it. During Wednesday's announcement, de Blasio cited the region's rise in coronavirus infections as to why schools were closing. Her 4-year-old only attends the school for in-person learning a few days a week. I’m feeling really at this point outraged," she said of the decision to close schools. "The city established the 3 percent infection rate threshold to make sure that schools did not become centers to spread the coronavirus.
Persons: Bill de Blasio, Leah Truell, John Tyler, Truell, Michael Melcher, Sarah Anderson, Melcher, they’re, de Blasio, shutdowns, Angela G, Richard Carranza, Angela, that’s, it's, , Danielle Filson, Filson, Michael Mulgrew Organizations: New, Silver, Sarah Anderson School, Department of Health, Mental Hygiene, York City Schools, Wednesday, Audubon, Forest Hills West School, Department of Education, of Education, The United Federation of Teachers Locations: New York City, Staten Island, Preston, P.S, Manhattan, Queens, , York, Forest, New Yorkers
The authors of the study connect this increase to the end of programs such as the weekly $600 Federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation (FPUC) payments and one-time stimulus checks. As with unemployment, poverty has also affected some Americans more than others. Over the past few months, the poverty rate has increased by 5.4 percent among Blacks, compared to 1.4 percent among whites. Although the poverty rate has increased by almost the same amount for both women and men in recent months, women still suffer at a higher rate. In October, the poverty rate for women was 12.1 percent, as compared to 10.8 percent among men, the study showed.
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Future Roots has been functioning as a care farm since 2006. She said the care farm had helped her to process her trauma. “The cow can’t tell my secrets.”‘THEY CAN’T TAKE IT’Julie Plumley, a Dorset farmer’s daughter and professional social worker who founded the care farm, said Future Roots has helped young people for whom social distancing was devastating. At another care farm, Pathways in the eastern county of Suffolk, founder Geoff Stevens was on a mission against loneliness. Susan Payne said the care farm was a bulwark against loneliness for her too.
Persons: Harvey Fay, Smurphy Murphy, Dylan Martinez, Liam Holt, “ It’s, , , Abi Edmed, Edmed, Julie Plumley, Emily Trice, Geoff Stevens, They’re, they’ve, Sally Payne, Susan, Payne, Susan Payne Organizations: REUTERS Locations: Sherborne, Britain, Dorset, Suffolk
What if Instead of Calling People Out, We Called Them In?
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“I think we overuse that word ‘trigger’ when really we mean discomfort,” she said. “What I’m really impatient with is calling people out for something they said when they were a teenager when they’re now 55. “I think this is also related to something I just discovered called doom scrolling,” Professor Ross told the students. And I have to honestly ask: Why are you making choices to make the world crueler than it needs to be and calling that being ‘woke’?”The antidote to that outrage cycle, Professor Ross believes, is “calling in.” Calling in is like calling out, but done privately and with respect. That may mean simply sending someone a private message, or even ringing them on the telephone (!)
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