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Mike Pompeo in an interview said college censorship is scarier to him than the Taliban. None of that scares me as much as what's happening in our universities and on our campuses today," he said. Pompeo said thinking about censorship on college campuses keeps him up at night. Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said he finds censorship on college campuses more disturbing than the Taliban. "I get asked all the time, what keeps you up at night," Pompeo said in an interview that aired Friday.
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Asked by Chris Wallace of "Fox News Sunday" whether Pompeo believed Trump handled Russia well, Pompeo defended the former president. Mike Pompeo on Sunday defended former President Donald Trump and his handling of Russia, saying he's proud of the work the two did during his tenure as secretary of state. In an interview on "Fox News Sunday," host Chris Wallace asked Pompeo about various human-rights violations Russia stands accused of. Russian President Vladimir Putin once posited that Navalny had poisoned himself, an idea Navalny mocked. Trump has previously brushed off allegations characterizing Putin as a killer, and he's also stayed quiet on Navalny's claim that the Russian president poisoned him.
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“It’s a problem Facebook has known about for many years.”Facebook spokesman Andy Stone said that the company prohibits "content that offers to provide or facilitate human smuggling. He added that Facebook permits content related to seeking asylum and that it had consulted with the United Nations on its content policies around human smuggling. The policies draw on the U.N. definition of human smuggling as “the procurement or facilitation of illegal entry into a state across international borders” that doesn’t necessarily involve coercion or force. Since 2015, researchers and journalists have regularly identified pages dedicated to human smuggling on Facebook. Deported and pennilessAt his computer, Pastor Banda pointed to another Facebook group in which migrants appear to be negotiating with coyotes.
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More than half of US states are planning to cut enhanced unemployment benefits in the next few weeks. More than two dozen Republican governors have announced that their states would soon begin to opt out of federal pandemic programs that provide enhanced unemployment benefits. Expanded unemployment benefits for residents in these Republican-led states are now slated to end within the next six weeks or so. These actions put cash directly in the pockets of families who needed it, and the expanded unemployment benefits played a major part in supporting families in need. For these people, cutting their expanded unemployment benefits — and the break from financial anxiety the extra money provides — feels like a painful gut punch, wiping out any sense of hope they may have started to enjoy.
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U.S. drops sanctions on former Iranian officials in routine step
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An Iranian flag flutters in front of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) headquarters in Vienna, Austria, January 15, 2016. REUTERS/Leonhard FoegerThe U.S. government said on Thursday it had removed sanctions on three former Iranian officials and on two companies previously involved in trading Iranian petrochemical products, a move a U.S. official said had nothing to do with Iran nuclear talks. "Today, OFAC and the Department of State are also lifting sanctions on three former Government of Iran officials, and two companies formerly involved in the purchase, acquisition, sale, transport, or marketing of Iranian petrochemical products," the Treasury said in a statement. The Treasury did not name the former Iranian officials or the companies in its statement. OFAC also said it had removed some sanctions on Sea Charming Shipping Company Limited and on Aoxing Ship Management Shanghai Limited.
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Private equity and hedge funds have added to the fund's performance over the past 10 years, he said. The Ohio pension plan's holdings in private equity and hedge funds have stumbled. Private equity firms buy companies, borrowing money to do so, and hope to sell them at a profit later. In his research, Phalippou included rebuttals from private equity firms and a lobbying group that criticized his analysis, noting that investors are "highly satisfied" with private equity performance and disclosures. "The first issue is lack of transparency" in the pension plan's private equity and hedge fund investments, Rayfield said.
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REUTERS/Tony Gentile/File PhotoA financial watchdog urged the Vatican on Wednesday to sharpen up its procedure for prosecuting senior clerics and hire more investigators with financial expertise. Since the first Moneyval report nearly 10 years ago, the Vatican has made numerous changes in financial oversight and has overhauled its bank. read moreHowever, Vatican prosecutors still have to get the pope's permission to go after cardinals and bishops, much as parliamentary consent is needed in some European countries to indict legislators. The report said both the Vatican prosecutor's office and its police needed more experts in financial crimes, but noted that two more prosecutors had been hired after the onsite evaluation on which the report was based. Carmelo Barbagallo, head of Moneyval's Supervisory and Financial Information Authority (ASIF), said he was "very happy with this assessment, especially considering where we were in the past".
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The buildup of doses is largely a result of the Food and Drug Administration's order in early April pausing distribution of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine because of safety concerns. Plescia described a growing fear among his members that Johnson & Johnson vaccine doses, which are coveted in the developing world, could go to waste if no national effort emerges. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's vaccine data tracker indicates that 21.4 million doses of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine have been distributed and that a little more than half have been administered, or 11.1 million. The Johnson & Johnson vaccine is safe and effective and only requires one shot," DeWine said in a statement. Racha Yehia, who works in public health for Care2Communities in Cap-Haïtien, said the one-dose Johnson & Johnson vaccine makes the most sense.
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The US State Department revised travel advisories about Canada and Mexico. Now, it asks that people with plans to travel to Canada or Mexico to just "reconsider." The US Department of State on Tuesday relaxed its COVID-19 travel advisories for people planning trips to Canada and Mexico. The State Department now recommends people in the US with plans to travel to either Canada or Mexico "reconsider" their plans due to the risk of COVID-19, a Level 3 advisory from the department. Previously, the State Department had urged Americans against all travel to Canada or Mexico under its most serious Level 4 "Do Not Travel" designation.
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WASHINGTON—With U.S. vaccination rates rising and supply plentiful, the Biden administration faces a new challenge: how to vaccinate the rest of the world. The effort is being led by Jeffrey Zients, the U.S. coronavirus response coordinator, whose team took office in January with a plan to buy so many doses that the vaccination drive could overcome setbacks. President Biden said last month the U.S. would export 80 million vaccine doses from its existing supply by the end of June. Some aid groups have pressed the U.S. to send even more doses to countries where coronavirus cases are surging and to invest in manufacturing facilities overseas. For Mr. Zients, leading the U.S. vaccine rollout globally requires fresh planning for supply chain bottlenecks, overcoming weak domestic distribution systems in some countries and coordinating with international governments.
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Joe Mee, a resident of Leicester, England, was supposed to arrive for his boat-driving gig at Camp Walden at the end of April. The U.S. embassy in London issued just 52 visas to camp workers in April this year — down from 4,094 in April 2019. While Camp Walden is still waiting on word about its international employees, ones at home are dropping off the roster. Berman said Camp Horseshoe is training American returners to fulfill roles such as lifeguarding, which are typically occupied by international staff. She said her camp planned to fill 10 of those with international workers, a pool they’ve been hiring from since the 1980s.
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of State Katie Hobbs is documenting irregularities with the Maricopa County election audit. Hobbs told CNN on Thursday that the GOP-commissioned audit is "prime for cooking the books." Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs has once again slammed the GOP-backed audit of the 2020 election in Maricopa County, suggesting that it was "prime for cooking the books." Jen Fifield, a reporter with The Arizona Republic, noticed blue pens being used back in April, when she raised the issue with Cyber Ninjas. Insider has contacted Cyber Ninjas and the Arizona Senate Republican Party for comment.
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The United States is roughly on track to meet President Biden’s goal of getting at least one Covid-19 shot into the arms of 70 percent of adults by July 4 — if the current vaccination pace holds. “You still have these significant pockets and states where the rates of immunity are much lower,” he added. timeto 70% atcurrent pace United States U.S. 63% 173 1 month Alabama Ala. 46% 45 1 year+ Mississippi Miss. 46% 109 7 months Oklahoma Okla. 54% 86 6 months Tennessee Tenn. 49% 113 6 months North Dakota N.D. 54% 89 6 months Missouri Mo. “You’re also looking at states that relaxed mandates faster,” said Dr. Jodie L. Guest, an epidemiologist at Emory University.
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Op-ed: Biden needs to stick with Huawei maximum pressure campaign
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The United States previously led the world in digital security efforts. Many nations followed suit, and the United States developed a better security posture through aggressive and effective risk assessment regimes, policies, and regulatory measures. The stakes are simply too high for the Biden Administration to abandon this maximum pressure campaign now. Only the Department of Homeland Security now maintains public resources in this way. Rep. John Katko (R-NY) is the lead Republican on the House Committee on Homeland Security.
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Healthcare workers across the globe are struggling with their mental health, an expert said. Vaccine equality could help relieve mental health burdens and keep workers in the health industry. Vaccine inequality across the globe is impacting the mental health of healthcare workers, which could further contribute to worker shortages across the globe, a former CDC director said. The World Health Organization estimated that globally there could be a shortfall of 18 million health workers by 2030, mostly in low- and lower-middle-income countries. Kenyon said that trend could be seen worldwide making it critical to take the load off current healthcare workers so as not add to the potential shortfall.
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U.S. deputy secretary of state visits Cambodia amid worsening rights record
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U.S. Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman speaks during a press briefing with Indonesian Deputy Foreign Minister Mahendra Siregar following their meeting in Jakarta, Indonesia, May 31, 2021. Courtesy of Okta/Indonesia's Ministry of Foreign Affairs/Handout via REUTERSU.S. Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman arrived in Cambodia on Tuesday for the second leg of a regional tour, making her the most senior U.S. official to visit China's closest ally in Southeast Asia in almost a decade. The deputy secretary of state's trip comes amid an ongoing crackdown on opposition figures and against rights activists for speaking up about issues such as illegal logging. Government spokesman Phay Siphan called for dialogue between Cambodia and the United States. "There are some issues that the United States doesn't understand clearly about Cambodia and that Cambodia does not understand the intentions of the United States," Phay Siphan told Reuters.
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State laws mean Texas-made Teslas must be shipped to other states before residents can buy them. Tesla will have to ship its electric vehicles made in Texas to other states before selling them to Texans due to state laws, The Drive first reported. But the firm won't be able to directly sell to residents in the state. Texas state laws ban car companies from directly selling to customers. Other car companies, including Toyota and General Motors, are also banned from selling state residents their cars.
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"However, we are watching closely how the White House responds with specific actions and policies." That includes the immediate filling of key roles, including a Department of State special envoy focused on monitoring antisemitism, as well as a White House liaison to the Jewish community, a position that was vacant under the Trump administration. The horrific rise in anti-Semitic attacks against the Jewish community is reprehensible. "A Biden-Harris administration will stand strong against antisemitism, period," he said in August at the Jewish Floridians Summit hosted by Florida Democrats. Someone like Emhoff "can be a face of the White House," he said, "but that's different than the day-to-day relationship building that's needed."
Persons: Biden, Doug Emhoff, Kamala Harris, Emhoff, Nathan Diament, White, Karen Paikin Barall, Trump, Joe Biden's, — Douglas Emhoff, it's, Harris, Beth Jacowitz Chottiner, Temple, Joe, Kamala, Jill Biden, Michelle Obama, Karen Pence, David Letterman, he's, Aaron Jacoby, I'm, Hitler, Noam Neusner, George W, Bush, Neusner, Ron Klain, General Merrick Garland, Matt Nosanchuk, Obama, Nosanchuk Organizations: White House, National Security Council, Justice, Education, Orthodox Union Advocacy Center, Jewish, Democratic, Hadassah, Zionist Organization of America, Department of State, White, NBC, Biden, Washington , D.C, Los Angeles ., Jewish Floridians, Florida Democrats, Politico, Defamation League, Department of Homeland Security, FBI, New York Jewish Locations: Gaza, San Francisco, Chicago, Tucson , Arizona, Los Angeles , New York, South Florida, New York, Temple Shalom, Louisville , Kentucky, Washington ,, Los Angeles, Brooklyn , New York, New Jersey
Idaho's lieutenant governor issued a mask-mandate ban Thursday while the governor was out of state. Upon his return Friday, the governor rescinded the ban and blasted the lieutenant governor. Idaho's lieutenant governor took advantage of her boss's short trip away by issuing an executive order banning mask mandates. Janice McGeachin issued the order on Thursday while serving as acting governor in Little's absence. Little repealed the executive order on Friday and issued an announcement saying: "Gov.
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U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken (R) and Indian External Affairs Minister Subrahmanyam Jaishankar arrive to speak to the media prior to a meeting at the State Department in Washington on May 28, 2021. Secretary of State Antony Blinken said on Friday the United States and India are united in trying to tackle the Covid-19 pandemic together and Washington is determined to help India with its coronavirus crisis. "In the earlier days of Covid, India was there for the United States — something we will never forget," Blinken said. Blinken said the partnership between the two countries is "vital," "strong" and "increasingly productive." "We're united in confronting Covid-19 together," Blinken said.
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Savers can choose which state's 529 plan ( or plans ) they want to take advantage of and many states offer several plans to choose from. Robb says the first variable families should consider when picking the right plan for them is if their local plan includes a state income tax benefit for residents. "Everyone's situation is different, but 529 plans for most people are an excellent choice," says Cliff Robb, associate professor of personal finance at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. First created in 1996 , 529 plans are state-sponsored investment accounts that savers can contribute to for a beneficiary's education expenses including tuition, fees, books, housing and technology. "For example, ScholarShare 529 offers 19 investment options that are designed to help families with different savings goals and different management styles."
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He said many of the buyers were not conservative and most had never handled a gun. He said many of these apparent first-time buyers purchased more expensive guns, in the range of $400 or more. The purpose, he said, was not to carry the gun around in public, but to keep it at home. We want to keep safe.’”The Northeastern and Harvard data come from a survey of 19,000 people conducted in April. While about a fifth of gun buyers last year were first-time buyers, the share was about the same in 2019, he said, suggesting that the trend did not start with the pandemic.
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Brad Little was out of state Thursday, the lieutenant governor issued an executive order banning mask requirements. Governor's executive order will be made available after a more thorough review of this executive action." She tweeted that the executive order was "to protect the rights and liberties of individuals and businesses." The executive order signed by McGeachin does not apply to federal buildings, hospitals or health care facilities. Little, who was also lieutenant governor and elected governor in 2018, has not made clear if he will seek another term.
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Idaho's Lt. Gov. issued an executive order banning mask mandates while the governor was out of state. Brad Little said he wasn't aware of Lt. Gov. Idaho's Lt. Gov. issued an executive order that banned mask mandates while the state's governor was away.
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The nine Guatemalans were kidnapped and murdered 2,200 kilometers away, in Tamaulipas, Mexico. The coyote told them that the journey was safe. He told her that the group was near the border with the United States, in Reynosa, in the state of Tamaulipas, Mexico. The San Pedro Pinula Cemetery where the nine Guatemalan migrants killed in Tamaulipas, Mexico, are buried. The migrants' relatives said their country's government didn't help.
Persons: PEDRO, Guadalupe, Juan Francisco Salguero, Salguero, San Pedro Pinula, Emiliano Nájera, Gustavo Nájera, José Ronaldo Morales, Maximinio Gómez, Melvin Mateo, Edgar Amilcar Arias Segura, Pedro Gómez, Silvestre Pérez, Benjamín, Gustavo, He'd, ” Benjamín, San Luis Jilotepeque, Marcos, Lorena Morales, José Ronaldo, , , Lorena, Marta, ” Morales, Carolina Nájera, Juan Francisco, Juan Francisco's, Weeks, Gustavo Nájera's, Morales, Lagos de, Pedro Pinula, Santos Cruz Gómez Castro, Carlos Roberto Mejía Sánchez, Iris Teresa Reyes Rubí, Ramón Edgardo Vásquez Díaz, , Benjamín Nájera, hadn't, FJDRL's Organizations: Virgin, Telemundo Investiga, Noticias Telemundo Investiga, U.S, Mexican, Mexican Federation of Public Human Rights, U.S . Department of State, Tamaulipas Public Ministry, Forensic Medical Service, Foundation for Justice, Democratic State of Law, Forensics, Pedro Pinula, Telemundo, Democratic, of Law, Noticias Telemundo, Guatemalan Embassy, United, Zetas, NBC, Facebook, Twitter Locations: Guatemala, Carolina, San Pedro, Jalapa, Tamaulipas, Mexico, Güemez, United States, San Luis, U.S, Reynosa, San Fernando, Rio Grande, San, Guanajuato, Lagos, Lagos de Moreno, Jalisco, Guatemalan, Mexican, Syria, Iraq, Pedro, El, Ciudad Victoria, Argentine, Ayotzinapa, Iguala, Mexico City, Gulf, Veracruz, Tabasco, Fernando, Central, South America, Cadereyta, Nuevo León, Honduran
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