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While we’ve spent the past five years obsessed with Russia’s meddling in America, we’ve conveniently forgotten America’s meddling in Russia. “Yanks to the Rescue: The Secret Story of How American Advisors Helped Yeltsin Win” proclaimed the headline. Some countries say they’re strong, some say heroic, some say divine or tragic or misunderstood. I loved the freedom, I loved the suburbs, I loved holidays full of eating and fireworks, I loved the ample personal space, and I loved, deeply loved, Ronald Reagan — the American president who fought for my freedom. Soon enough I realized that while for me, the American flag symbolized hope, for those Salvadorans, the American flag meant death.
Persons: Joe Biden, Vladimir Putin, Biden, Allen Dulles, Mohammed Mossadegh, Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, Salvador, — Augusto Pinochet, Pinochet, Richard Nixon, Henry Kissinger, Augusto Pinochet, We’ve, Suharto, quarterbacked, Patrice Lumumba, we’ve, Boris Yeltsin — who’d, Russia —, Yeltsin Win ”, Yeltsin, he’d, Bill Clinton, , Liev Schreiber, Jeff Goldblum, , Putin, don’t, Viktor Yanukovych, John McCain, State Victoria Nuland, McCain, wouldn’t, callously, Ronald Reagan —, Reagan Organizations: CIA, Former U.S, of Foreign, Yanks, American, White House, International Monetary Fund, Hollywood, State Victoria, Boston College Locations: United States, Iran, Iranian, America, Chile, Salvador Allende, Latin America, Guayana, Indonesian, Italy, Russia, Washington, Sen, U.S, China, Soviet, El Mozote, El, , Indonesia
He’d quit his job in venture capital in 2019 to try to launch his own fund giving early-stage money to tech startups founded by entrepreneurs of color, but investor interest was slim. Mercedes Bent, a partner at Lightspeed Venture Partners, says investors are often more comfortable investing in founders who share their backgrounds. Nearly 80% of investment partners in venture capital are white, according to a 2021 Deloitte study, and around 15% are Asian or Pacific Islander. In many ways, Mr. Norman says, both investors and Black founders are playing catch up. Many investors in Silicon Valley lack exposure to Black founders, he says, and the reverse is true as well.
Persons: Austin Clements, He’d, they’d, , Clements, Long, Morgan Stanley, Clements’s, Ashton Kutcher, Slauson —, , they’ve, Mercedes Bent, Milana Shapira, George Floyd, , Bent, Floyd’s, who’ve, Michael Seibel, Y, “ Covid, Mr, Seibel, Kelli Jones, “ They’ve, Jones, Songe LaRon, Dave Salvant, Squire, “ It’s, James Norman, Norman, Matt Joseph, Jesse Middleton, Middleton, “ I’m, ” Yelitsa Jean, Charles, Lolita Taub, who’s, Yelitsa Jean, Salvant, barbershops, Mark Zuckerberg, Ping Chen Organizations: Black, Slauson, PayPal Holdings Inc, Harlem Capital, Lightspeed Venture Partners, Deloitte, Babson, Lightspeed, Pacific Islander, Kauffman Fellows Research Center, Sixty8, Sixty8 Capital, barbershops, Squire Technologies, Inc, Google, PayPal, CNN, Uber Technologies Inc, Social, Center for Venture Research, University of New, Venture, Flybridge, Mr, Healthy, Dolls, , Investors, Compass Locations: Black, U.S, Clements’s Los Angeles, Harlem, Silicon, Silicon Valley, , Indianapolis, Midwest, Michigan, University of New Hampshire, Denver, Chicago, PitchBook, Bay, Latina, Middleton, Haitian, New York City, Atlanta
An Olympian, a Failed Drug Test and an Accused Burrito
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In the two days since, however, a new fact came to light that muddies her explanation: Houlihan herself isn’t sure she ate the pork burrito in question. Houlihan’s lawyer, Paul J. Greene, confirmed in a Wednesday interview something first reported by the website LetsRun: that Houlihan actually ordered a carne asada burrito, not pork, the day before her drug test. Brenda Martinez, an 800-meter runner also qualified for the Olympic trials, escaped a multi-year ban only after proving her failed drug test came from the legal antidepressant she was taking. Last year, CAS overturned the positive test of American long jumper Jarrion Lawson, who showed that a beef bowl at a restaurant caused his failed test. Whether Houlihan is innocent or not, the failed test has put her in a difficult position.
Persons: Shelby Houlihan, Houlihan, , ” Houlihan, she’d, isn’t, Paul J, Greene, carne, Alberto Salazar, Alberto Contador, Cyclist Alberto Contador, joel saget, Armstrong, Brenda Martinez, Jarrion Lawson, ” Greene, “ It’s, Rachel Bachman Organizations: United, United States ’, U.S, Tokyo Games, Sport, Athletics Integrity Unit, Monday, Nike, Nike Oregon Project, Bowerman, Club, France, Cyclist, Agence France, Doping Agency Locations: United States, Beaverton, Ore, U.S, Rachel.Bachman
Ferrari Is Racing Into Fashion
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According to Mr. Boari, the ready-to-wear collection is also a way into new markets, especially those that are younger, female and mostly Chinese. He said that Ferrari’s fashion sights are set on distant dividends, on slow growth that will sprout in seven to 10 years, eventually contributing 10 percent of the brand’s earnings. (Ferrari, one of Italy’s most valuable public companies, had revenue of nearly $4 billion in 2020 despite the pandemic and a seven-week factory shutdown.) “But if our concern were just profits, we’d stick with licensed goods, which are extremely profitable,” Mr. Boari said. “It’s about changing a licensing model into a controlled model,” Mr. Elkann said.
Persons: Boari, Mr, Emanuele Farneti, Ferrari, Farneti, he’d, Luisa, London’s, Enzo Ferrari, India Mahdavi, Massimo Bottura, , Elkann Organizations: Vogue Italia, McKinsey, Luisa Via Roma, Ferrari Locations: India
He’d been treated for two weeks for the syphilis and was still being treated for H.I.V. The virus was undetectable in his blood, he told her, and had been since the year after his diagnosis. By the time he started treatment, his vision was 20/800 in his left eye. He is almost done with the eye injections, and his vision has improved to 20/40. He hopes it will continue to get better, though he suspects his vision will never be quite as sharp as it once was.
Persons: He’d, hadn’t, he’d, Rodriguez, Dean Eliott, Eliott, Raul Davaro, They’d, Treponema, Sir William Osler, Organizations: Harvard Medical School Locations: Europe
“I’m using all the right words, and I’m presenting in the right way,” Bravo recalled. “It’s important to note that it’s the second day,” Bravo told me. A few weeks into the production, that same man walked up and congratulated her on the work they were doing. In 2015, after Bravo finished reading the Twitter thread, she printed out every piece and interview she could find about it. “She tells you how you’re supposed to feel in this moment,” Bravo told me.
Persons: Bravo, Fritz Ertl, , ” Bravo, , ” Ertl, , Gelman, she’d, Katherine Waterston, Michael Cera, Gaby Hoffmann, Megan Mullally, Alison Pill, Jodie Turner, Smith, “ Gregory Go, “ Lemon, It’s, ” “ Zola ”, ” —, “ Zola ”, Zola, Stefani, — Paige, she’s Organizations: Playwrights, Tisch School, Arts, coy, Sundance, Bravo, Hollywood, Confederate Locations: New York, Los Angeles, , Tampa , Fla
My Search for My Father. And for Myself.
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My mother got very quiet when I told her and asked me to point out who he was. A Catholic nun who ran a program at the school saw that things weren’t working. Now the teachers were talking about having me skip another grade, which would put me in high school. My mom, who had retrained in computerized accounting, started using her free time to search for his name in prison databases. I thought only my closest friends knew anything about my father; everyone’s family at this school seemed close to perfect, so I rarely mentioned mine.
Persons: she’d, Georgi, Nicholas Wimberley, Ortega, Nico, mijo, , Shakespeare, Pablo Neruda, Jordan, I’d, everyone’s Organizations: Menlo, Black . Menlo School, United Locations: California, Puerto Rico, United States, Cuba, Spanish
My Father Vanished When I Was 7. The Mystery Made Me Who I Am.
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My mother got very quiet when I told her and asked me to point out who he was. A Catholic nun who ran a program at the school saw that things weren’t working. Now the teachers were talking about having me skip another grade, which would put me in high school. Sister Georgi had a different solution: a private school named Menlo, where she thought I would be able to get a scholarship. I thought only my closest friends knew anything about my father; everyone’s family at this school seemed close to perfect, so I rarely mentioned mine.
Persons: she’d, Georgi, Nicholas Wimberley, Ortega, Nico, mijo, , Shakespeare, Pablo Neruda, Jordan, I’d, everyone’s Organizations: Menlo, Black . Menlo School, United Locations: California, Puerto Rico, United States, Cuba, Spanish
Opinion | Contested Elections Are a Danger to Our Military
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The first presidential election I witnessed as a member of the military was George W. Bush vs. Al Gore in 2000. In much the same way one might say “I don’t smoke” when offered a cigarette, he said, “Oh, I don’t vote.” His answer confused me at the time. He then explained that as a military officer he felt it was his obligation to remain apolitical. That interaction served as an early lesson on the lengths some in the military would go to steer clear of politics. In 2016, Democrats contested Donald Trump’s legitimacy based on collusion between his campaign and Russia.
Persons: George W, Al Gore, he’d, , , Gore, Bush, Donald Trump’s Locations: Florida, Russia
Eleanor Holmes Norton, a Democrat who has — as she has done every year since taking office in 1991 — introduced a D.C. statehood measure. Many Republicans oppose statehood for Washington, D.C. — and for Puerto Rico — because any congressional representation would almost certainly be Democratic. “They cite various reasons for why they want D.C. statehood, but the truth is that these extra Senate seats would be a rubber stamp for their radical, far-left agenda.”The House in April passed a D.C. statehood bill with a record number of co-sponsors and the endorsement of President Joe Biden, as well. Even without the filibuster, key Democratic senators like Joe Manchin of West Virginia are not on board with making Washington, D.C., the 51st state. “My father, who is now retired, was around in 1959 when Alaska and Hawaii became the 49th and 50th states,” Beard said.
Persons: Carter Beard, ” Beard, Muriel Bowser, Del, Eleanor Holmes Norton, , Thomas McKinless, ” Norton, Norton, ” Emma Vaughn, , Joe Biden, it’s, Joe Manchin, Beard, they’ve, Betsy Ross, George Washington, George Ross, Robert Morris, Thomas Dowler, ” Annin, Lou Lowery, Rosenthal, Abraham Lincoln, Louis R, Lowery, Robert G, Heft, he’d, Dwight D, Eisenhower —, ” Heft, Peter Ansoff, Vexillology, he’s, , — Beard, ” “, ‘ It’s, Organizations: D.C, United, NBC News, Washington , D.C, White House, U.S, Capitol, Democrat, Inc, Getty, White, Puerto Rico —, Democratic, U.S . Senate, Republican National Committee, Guardian, Congress, Marine, Division, Regiment, Marine Corps, U.S . Marine Corps, Walmart, Lowes, Home, Grand Rapids Press, American Vexillological Association Locations: Washington, United States, U.S, Washington ,, Pennsylvania, Del, South Carolina, West Virginia, Puerto Rico, Union, Hawaii, Alaska, Iwo Jima, Suribachi, Japan, Lancaster , Ohio, Michigan
Whatever the group is doing is then interrupted by Allison (Annie Murphy), the classically attractive wife, who pauses their fun with her desire for a little more stereotypical domesticity. When “KCFH” was initially announced back in 2018, multiple outlets immediately connected it to the then-recently canceled sitcom “Kevin Can Wait,” starring Kevin James. Kevin isn’t just an overgrown man-child: He’s a domestic abuser who spent 10 years first grooming and then isolating Allison. It’s hard to know if “KCFH” will be AMC’s first nonzombie show to hit big since “Breaking Bad” ended. And, as the show goes on, the ironic “sitcom” sequences do get harder to sit through.
Persons: Kevin, , It’s, Eric Petersen, Pete, Brian Howe, Neil, Alex Bonifer, Patty, Mary Hollis Inboden, Allison, Annie Murphy, Allison gets, , Kevin James, James ’, Queens, Murphy, she’d, Allison —, Kevin isn’t, He’s, Sabrina ”, Wanda, he’s, , it’s, doesn’t, Allison isn’t, “ KCFM, Lyz Lenz Organizations: AMC Locations: Paris, Hell,
Unseeded Barbora Krejcikova Wins French Open
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PARIS—Barbora Krejcikova always expected to be playing in the final weekend of the French Open. A tricky doubles specialist from the Czech Republic, Krejcikova had already won two Grand Slam finals with a partner. 32 in the world, Krejcikova arrived in Paris unseeded and facing long odds of surviving the first week. She’ll leave Paris a French Open champion. Unseeded players have won the women’s singles tournament twice in the past four years: Jelena Ostapenko in 2017 and Iga Swiatek last fall.
Persons: Barbora Krejcikova, Krejcikova, she’d, She’ll, Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova of, Jelena Ostapenko, Iga, Elena Svitolina, Sloane Stephens, Coco Gauff, Maria Sakkari Organizations: PARIS, Garros Locations: Czech Republic, Paris, French, Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova of Russia, Greece
Ahead of the holiday, the retailer launched its Father’s Day gift hub, which breaks down gifts into popular categories like gaming, fashion, grooming and personal care, tech on the go, sports and plenty more. To give you an idea of what the retailer has in store for Father's gifts, here are some of the best gifts Amazon has to offer for Father’s Day — whether they’re tech savvy, avid gamers or home chefs. Best Father’s Day gifts on AmazonTo help save you time from scrolling through the thousands of gift ideas on Amazon, we narrowed in on 15 highly rated Father’s Day gift options worth considering for your favorite father figures. Give the father figure in your life the power to choose his own gift with an Amazon gift card. This Father’s Day gift set includes a pair of heat-resistant silicone gloves and a thermometer with an LCD screen that alerts you the temperature has been reached within 10 minutes.
Persons: Father’s, Max —, Whitson Gordon, Echo Dot, Kirsten Akens, she’d, , , eero, ” Gordon, Dre, Thinh Phan, “ Weber, ” Phan Organizations: Amazon Prime, Father’s, Foods, Southwest Airlines, Smart, NBC, Hulu, Echo, Amazon Certified, Apple TV, Disney, Netflix, Weber Locations: cologne
The son of legendary University of Michigan football coach Bo Schembechler said Thursday that his father betrayed him after he told him he’d been sexually abused by the team doctor during a physical. When he came home and told his father that Anderson had fondled his genitals and “conducted an invasive rectal exam with his finger,” Matt Schembechler said his father reacted with fury — at him. Head coach Bo Schembechler of Michigan at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, Calif., in 1987. Another of Schembechler’s sons, Shemy Schembechler, expressed skepticism last month that his father had ignored complaints about Anderson. Canham fired Anderson, but "Bo went to him and said, 'I need him, he is our team doctor, reinstate him,'" Matt Schembechler said.
Persons: Bo Schembechler, he’d, Matt Schembechler, Robert Anderson, Anderson, , , ” Schembechler, “ I’m, ” Matt Schembechler, Rick Stewart, Allsport, Daniel Kwiatkowski, Gilvanni Johnson, Mark Schlissel, Schembechler, Shemy Schembechler, Matt, Jim Harbaugh, Don Canham, ” Canham, Canham, Bo, groped, , Tad DeLuca, Richard Strauss Organizations: University of Michigan, “ Junior Wolverines ”, Rose Bowl, Michigan, Wolverines, Big Ten, Regents, University, Detroit News, Ohio State University Locations: Michigan, Pasadena , Calif, Ann Arbor, Western Michigan, Washtenaw County , Michigan
“In international relations, all politics is personal,” Biden said during a visit to South Korea in 2013. Just after touching down in the U.K. Wednesday, Biden told service members at a Royal Air Force station in Mildenhall that he’d visited “well over 100 countries” as a senator and vice president. Biden offered: “Possibilities.”“Personal relationships are the only vehicle by which you build trust,” Biden told Xi two years later when he returned for more meetings in Beijing. There’s a risk, though, of focusing on the personal at the expense of the substance. But Biden has often told the story of his last-known face-to-face meeting with Putin, telling him bluntly that he “has no soul.”“We understand each other,” Biden says Putin replied.
Persons: Joe Biden, Justin Trudeau, Angela Merkel, Biden, China’s Xi, Naomi, ” Biden, Donald Trump’s, warily, Jen Psaki, “ He's, , , he’d, Xi, Vladmir Putin, Vladimir Putin, Jake Sullivan, There’s, Putin, Ted Kaufman, Biden’s, ” Kaufman, MSNBC’s Ayman Mohyeldin, … He’s, Trump, “ He’s, Matthew Goodman Organizations: IVES, White, Foreign Relations, Wednesday, Royal Air Force, , U.S, Center for Strategic & International Studies Locations: England, Canadian, Berlin, China, Cornwall, South Korea, Europe, Mildenhall, Beijing, Delaware, United States, U.S
Later, State Police issued a one-page statement saying that troopers struggled with Greene during his arrest and that he died on the way to the hospital. John Bel Edwards down rebuffed repeated requests to release the body-camera video of Greene’s arrest. Greene can be heard apologizing to the officers, telling them he is scared and moaning and gasping for air. And like Greene, all the suspects were driving alone, were unarmed and didn’t appear to resist after troopers closed in. The American Civil Liberties Union of Louisiana on Wednesday called for a “top-to-bottom federal investigation” of the State Police.
Persons: Ronald Greene, he’d, , Aaron Bowman, , , Rafael Goyeneche, “ They’ve, It’s, Greene, Greene’s, John Bel Edwards, Kory York, Chris Hollingsworth, Antonio Harris, Harris, yanking, George Harper, Jacob Brown, ” Harper, Troopers, ” Brown, Brown, Harper, DeMoss, Bowman, Monroe, pummeling Bowman, ” Bowman, Morgan Blake, Blake, Randall Dickerson, Blake “, Dickerson Organizations: Louisiana State Police, Associated Press, AP, Dakota, Louisiana State Police Troop, Metropolitan Crime Commission, State Police, The State Police, Democratic Gov, American Civil Liberties Union of Louisiana Locations: BATON ROUGE, La, Louisiana, Monroe, New Orleans, State, Richland Parish, Dakota, Ouachita Parish
An Old Schoolhouse Full of Chickens Irks a Fading Kansas Town
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Like most early settlers in Angelus, Mr. Bixenman’s grandfather was a German Catholic immigrant. Photo: Christopher Smith for The Wall Street JournalIt was a life of hard work. “That’s what my dad did,” said Ms. Nielsen, 70, eldest of the six Ewers children. Mr. Ewers stored light fixtures, windows and other construction material on the first floor. Photo: Christopher Smith for The Wall Street JournalIt became too much for the aging couple to handle.
Persons: ANGELUS, Kans, Angelus, , Bill Bixenman, Josh Rumback, There’s, Michael M, Phillips, Bodaville, Mary Kohn, Bixenman’s, Bill Bixenman’s, Christopher Smith, Bixenman, Fred Bixenman, Paul, William Kirch, Paul Church Don Schroeder, He’d, Schroeder’s, Don, Schroeder, , Stephanie Ostmeyer, Doug Bixenman, Paul Church, ” Deacon Dennis Engel, Dorothy Schroeder’s, Mr, Ralph Ostmeyer, Virgin Mary, , Ostmeyer, Ostmeyers, Ostmeyer’s, ” Mr, Ralph, Rolo Ewers, Cynthia Nielsen, Ewers, Patricia Ewers, Nielsen, ” Patricia Ewers, Ms, Travis Ryburn, Ryburn, Colby, Rumback, Lynette Wolf, Judy Hart, Kan, Jeff Ostmeyer, Jonathan Organizations: Chapman Center for Rural Studies, Kansas State University, Street, Chapman Center, The Wall, St, Paul Catholic Church, Navy, Angelus Area Heritage Center Locations: Angelus, Kansas, Germans, Orange, Sheridan County, German, Illinois, Nebraska, Wichita, St, Sheridan, Utah, Tasco, , Grinnell, Gove County, michael.phillips
— I could see the pain on the patient’s face as soon as she walked through the door of the abortion clinic where I work. She had just driven almost 200 miles to reach us because there are so few abortion clinics in the South. Like most of the patients who come through my clinic, she thought she’d be able to get an abortion that day. I had to tell her that under Mississippi law, patients like her cannot get an abortion on their first visit to a clinic. She made it back to get her abortion the next week, but not all patients do.
Persons: JACKSON, , she’d, , we’re, I’d Organizations: Miss Locations: Mississippi
Growing up in Sacramento, California, Alexandra Huỳnh began writing at the tender age of 7 after her singing teacher’s songbook left her uninspired. alexandra HuỳnhHuỳnh’s vulnerability is part of what led her to be named the 2021 National Youth Poet Laureate in a virtual ceremony broadcast May 20. An alumna of Sacramento Area Youth Speaks, or SAYS, she is the country’s fifth National Youth Poet Laureate, which is presented by Urban Word, a New York-based youth literary arts and youth development organization. In her role, Huỳnh will perform around the U.S. and speak about issues she’s passionate about, ranging from climate justice to Asian American visibility. Huỳnh, who enters Stanford this fall, said she’s most looking forward to teaching kids that poetry is meant for everyone.
Persons: Alexandra Huỳnh, ” Huỳnh, , she’d, , they’ve, alexandra Huỳnh, Huỳnh, I’ve, , Amanda Gorman, Joe Biden’s, I’d, Brianna, ALEXANDRA HUỲNH “, haven’t, they’re, I’m Organizations: NBC Asian, Poet, Urban, Stanford Locations: Sacramento , California, NBC Asian America, , Sacramento, New York, Las Vegas
How Did a Gay Scientist of Jewish Descent Thrive Under the Nazis?
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And why was his groundbreaking research on cancer metabolism all but forgotten by the end of the 20th century? It’s not because he fell into line: Warburg banned the Nazi flag and Nazi salute from his institute and had no Nazis on its staff. In the end, Warburg’s biggest sin seems to have been that he not only remained in Germany but survived. Apple ends the first chapter detailing Warburg’s life after the war with an anecdote about a dinner party in America during a 1949 trip that he hoped would result in employment. ‘What could I have done?’ The woman had an idea: ‘You could have committed suicide!’ Warburg and the other dinner guests sat stunned.
Persons: Kaiser Wilhelm, Warburg, , Warburg’s, Warburg “, Otto Warburg, Reich, It’s, Apple, , it’s, , Warburg ”, he’d, , ’ Warburg, Dahlem Organizations: Apple, Nazi Locations: Germany, America
"He shot me," Megan Montgomery told doctors, according to an investigative report obtained exclusively by NBC News. Nine months later, the state’s top law enforcement agency gave it back, despite pending domestic violence charges and an active protective order. Allison Dearing is the executive director of One Place Metro Alabama Family Justice Center in Birmingham, which provides services to domestic violence victims. The letter was from the county court, and said Megan was due at the courthouse on Dec. 4 to testify in McIntosh’s domestic violence case. She and her family have started a fund committed to preventing domestic violence by educating women in high school and college about the signs of abusive relationships.
Persons: HOOVER, Megan Montgomery, Jason McIntosh, Megan’s, Megan Montgomery's, Susann Montgomery, Clark, Kate Snow, Tommy Spina, Spina, criminologist James Alan Fox, Allison Dearing, Montgomery, McIntosh, 6’4, they’d, Vince Cunningham, Cunningham, he’d, Mcintosh, Hoover, ALEA, , she’s, Jason Bragg McIntosh, Megan Louise Montgomery, Jason Bragg Mcintosh, Megan, Jason, Lindsay Nichols, Nichols, Said Nichols, Courtney Cross Organizations: NBC News, Police, NBC, U.S . Department of Justice, Northeastern University, Place Metro Alabama Family Justice Center, Hoover, Enforcement Agency, Hoover Police Department, Alabama, Facebook, Brook Athletic Center, Mountain Brook Police, Giffords Law Center, Clinic, University of Alabama School of Law Locations: Alabama, Birmingham , Alabama, Place, Birmingham, Montgomery, Jefferson County, Hoover , Alabama, New York, Hoover, McIntosh’s, Mountain Brook, Nichols , Alabama, Louisiana
Opinion | What the Covid Rookies Saw
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It was about earning someone’s trust, fostering a certain kind of openness while you ran through your set of tasks. But all she could do on that first day in the Covid wards was move quickly among her patients, willing herself not to linger. In the mid-1900s, that dynamic began to change, as it became clear that patients needed to have some rights, too. In the decades that followed, other physicians began to take the idea further. “Caring is supplanted by managing.” Instead of tending to full humans, doctors were treating distinct organs like a car mechanic examining malfunctioning parts.
Persons: Ulloa, She’d, Jay Katz, , Bernard Lown, You’d Organizations: Yale, Medical Locations: Millis, Mass, Nuremberg
The trial was investigating a new, potentially groundbreaking type of treatment for prostate cancer, a therapy that specifically targets a protein on the cancer cells. The treatment, part of a new class of liquid radiation drugs, obliterates most prostate cancer cells without hurting the surrounding tissue. Michael Rosenblum, who lives in New York City, had severe back pain before being diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer. Prostate cancer is the second-leading cause of cancer deaths in men in the U.S., after lung cancer, according to the American Cancer Society. “They had metastatic prostate cancer and basically had progressed through most of the life-prolonging therapies for it.”The medication, LU-PSMA-617, works by targeting a protein, prostate-specific membrane antigen (PSMA) that is found on most prostate cancer cells, no matter where they occur, Morris explained.
Persons: Michael, He’d, Rosenblum, , Michael Rosenblum, Michael Morris, ” Morris, , Morris, Amar Kishan, Kishan, Ash Tewari, Milton Organizations: Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, NBC, American Society of Clinical Oncology, American Cancer Society, Sloan Kettering, LU, University of California, Icahn School of Medicine, Carroll Petrie, Urology, Novartis, Food and Drug Administration Locations: New York, New York City, U.S, Los Angeles, Mount Sinai, Mount
A Young Mother Found Herself Cripplingly Weak. Did Her Operation Cause This?
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The next morning the patient’s potassium was normal; so were her kidneys. But she was still too weak to get out of bed. And when he asked her to smile — a way of testing facial-muscle strength — it was a pale whisper of a smile. Tapping these locations causes a jerk because of a rapid-transit nerve circuit between the tapped tendon and the spinal cord. All the tests they sent out once her potassium and fluids were replaced came back normal.
Persons: Dr, James Butler, wasn’t, she’d, ,
She also did not intend to come out, and she certainly didn’t plan to make history with her election as student body president. Calvin University is a private Christian college in Grand Rapids, Michigan, with about 3,800 students. She said she had always thought about running for student body president. While in the student senate, she’d worked as a student senator, vice president and graphic designer. The university president, Michael Le Roy, sent an email out to the Calvin community.
Persons: Claire Murashima, Calvin University, Betsy DeVos, Trump, Calvin, , Murashima, shouldn’t, ’ ”, interning, “ I’ve, , she’d, Calvin University’s, , doesn’t, I’d, ” Murashima, I’ve, Michael Le Roy, that’s Organizations: Calvin, Christian Reformed Church, Washington , D.C, American Enterprise Institute, , Twitter, Facebook Locations: Grand Rapids , Michigan, Chapel Hill , North Carolina, Calvin, Chicago, Washington ,, of, Local
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