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Before the event, a local drag racer had warned via Facebook Live that Black Lives Matter was coming “to bring hate to our town,” according to BuzzFeed. Black Lives Matter protesters, encircled by police, from right, and counter protesters, from left, meet along East Plane Street in Bethel, Ohio on June 15, 2020. The actions of the Minneapolis police reminded them of the corrupt, brutal authorities back in India, Kaur recalled. The group’s youth summer program, which usually visits Pismo Beach for a week, instead held discussions via Zoom on Black Lives Matter. “I see Kevin on the side of the road — what’s he doing?” he recalled one of them saying.
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The unholy union of weddings receptions and coronavirus has public health officers pleading with Americans to say "I don't" to pandemic nuptials. "Weddings are very dangerous at this time especially as the infection rate is higher and weddings now are happening indoors and not outdoors," Mokdad told NBC News. You're laughing, you're joking and yes, you're spreading the virus more than ever." The threat posed by pandemic weddings is only made possible by basic human psychology — believing that contact with loved ones can't possibly be harmful. "Especially in a rural area, people think, ‘Who’s going to know?’ And they’re not going to get caught.
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Mr. MacIntyre’s running group surprised him at the finish of his 100th half marathon with a banner listing all 13.1-mile races he’s completed over the years. He ran his first marathon at age 70 and, after completing more than a half-dozen 26.2-mile races in the span of two years, turned his attention to the half marathon. When the coronavirus forced races to go virtual, he convinced six original Seasoned Soles members to join him for virtual 5Ks and 10Ks. He recently completed his 102nd half marathon virtually in 2:50:14, his fastest time since he ran his 86th half in April 2019. After the run, he meets the Seasoned Soles for socially distanced workouts.
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Opinion | You Don’t Have to Fake It Through Thanksgiving
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It’s always been 100 percent optional, and in 2020 you don’t even need to make up an excuse. Looking back on the Thanksgiving after Aaron died, I don’t regret spending that time with my family, but I do regret how we spent it. Our performance hadn’t brought us closer together; it made us feel even lonelier than we already did. Our Thanksgiving dinner hadn’t eased our grief but amplified it. We all wish we’d spent that Thanksgiving creating a new version of the holidays that matched our emotional landscape.
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The tools of diagnosis do not always double as the tools to fix the problem. Things hadn’t worked out and he found himself in the one industry that would take a 54-year-old who didn’t speak any English. He had watched the video of George Floyd’s death and recognized that the killing had been unjust, but he could find no real reason to hoist up a picket sign. Mr. Floyd was not Chinese. Mr. Zhou had his own run-ins with the police, but he did not feel like the problems of delivery workers had anything to do with what had happened to George Floyd.
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Opinion | Mnuchin’s Inglorious Endgame
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Perhaps most important, Mr. Mnuchin is foreclosing any expansion of the Fed programs. In creating the programs, the Fed insisted that the Treasury absorb any losses, and Congress provided $454 billion for that purpose. The programs were initially set up to run through the end of the year, and Mr. Mnuchin on Thursday said he would not extend that deadline. He also said that he wanted the Fed to return any money it hadn’t used. By requesting the return of the money, Mr. Mnuchin is preventing the next Treasury secretary from easily reversing his decision.
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michael barbaro From The New York Times, I’m Michael Barbaro. michael barbaro And what are the general features of these lockdowns that occurred, as you said, pretty much at the same time? michael barbaro Matina, from what you’re describing, this sounds like a continent that is largely accepting this second wave of lockdowns. michael barbaro Right, which means that people are likely to keep following them, because there’s an immediate reward for abiding by these rules. michael barbaro Mitch, is there a version where this patchwork approach can somehow work, that it can flatten the curve?
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Coronavirus Live Updates: U.S. Hospitalizations Again Reach a Record, as Cases Also Rise
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The country reported more than 166,000 new cases for Monday, according to data compiled by Johns Hopkins University, up from more than 133,000 a day earlier. The U.S. has now reported more than 11.2 million confirmed infections, Johns Hopkins data show. Monday’s figure is not only an increase from a day earlier, but a week-over-week increase, from 119,944 on Nov. 9. The U.S. reported 995 Covid-19-related deaths for Monday, according to Johns Hopkins data, which puts the overall death toll at 247,220. World-wide, more than 55 million people have been infected and more than 1.3 million have died, according to Johns Hopkins data.
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It wasn’t just women who carried Biden: Trump lost ground among male voters in 2020 compared to 2016. Trump’s difficulties in appealing to women voters long predate this election and the pandemic. Still, Trump held strong with one female demographic across both elections: white women without college degrees, including some of Vadala’s relatives in Pennsylvania. Slideshow ( 16 images )Black women, who overwhelmingly vote Democratic and at higher rates than Black men, were never big Trump supporters. According to the Edison data, 91% of Black women supported Biden, 11 percentage points more than Black men.
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When the caller complained of not being able to get through to her earlier by phone, Ms. Kuznik said: “Yeah, I apologize, it’s been very, very busy here. “Hold on for a minute,” Ms. Kuznik told a phone caller while helping Ms. Nason. “Well, that isn’t the whole thing,” Ms. Kuznik told her, explaining that Ms. Wallace, 48, had the inner “secrecy” envelope with her ballot inside but hadn’t brought the outer envelope that she was required to sign. “You absolutely have to have it in that, or it will not count,” Ms. Kuznik told her. “I can’t fix this today,” Ms. Kuznik told her, “but for right now, I’ll cancel that ballot that was sent out and I’ll get you another one.”“God bless you, honey,” Ms. Kerr said.
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“I represent suburban women because I am one,” Ms. McDaniel said. Mr. Trump has been hovering around that mark in some of the most-watched battleground states. Mr. Trump barely knew Ms. McDaniel when he backed her to become party chairwoman in 2017. “We know some suburban women who were with Donald Trump in 2016 may have faded away,” Ms. McDaniel said. Ms. McDaniel had enhanced her standing with Mr. Trump by raising $1 billion for the RNC during the past four years.
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ET Covid-19 Live Updates: European Hospitals Are Filling at an Alarming Pace The virus threatens to bring Europe’s ailing health care systems to the brink of collapse. President Trump hailed the big gain as evidence that the economy had roared back to life after the spring’s pandemic-induced shutdowns. Mr. Trump has attacked Democratic governors and other local officials for keeping public-health restrictions in place, denouncing them as needless restraints on the economy. “Do you ever notice, they don’t use the word ‘death,’ they use the word ‘cases’?” Mr. Trump said. Officials say the hackers targeting American hospitals are affiliated with the same group that targeted a health network in a ransomware attack last month.
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Modern Love Podcast: Devoted but Doomed
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“You have cow eyes,” he wrote. “I know that sounds like a bad thing but have you ever looked into a cow’s eyes? But he knew he had to tell this “charismatic acquaintance,” for what they had was flirtatious and unstoppable; it was, as Malcolm put it, physics. She was originally from India, and her parents forbade her from dating anyone who was not Indian. They dated anyway — quietly, both knowing that each day of sweetness together was drawing them closer toward the last.
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Courtesy of Claudel TilongIn total, 349 women, about a quarter of the prison’s inmates, asked for compassionate release during the first three months of the pandemic. Wardens are the first line of review; ultimately, compassionate release petitions must be approved by a judge. Of the 10,940 federal prisoners who applied for compassionate release from March through May, wardens approved 156. But the warden only approved five of the 256 compassionate release requests filed by that time. But more people won compassionate release in recent months than at the start of the pandemic.
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