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Foreign internal defense, as it is known, is one of the most important special-ops mission, a US Green Beret said. Army Green Berets may conduct an unconventional-warfare operation by linking up with local guerrillas to take on Taliban fighters. Teaching others how to fightAn instructor explains patrol procedures to Iraqi special-operations soldiers during foreign internal defense training in central Iraq, August 19, 2019. This is where the cultural and linguist training" that Green Berets receive "really shines," the Green Beret said. If we don't have that end-goal in mind, then we will be there forever," said the National Guard Green Beret.
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When the 2001 AUMF passed, the US State Department counted 32 foreign terrorist groups around the world. After 20 years of war, $6 trillion spent, and nearly a million killed, the number of terrorist groups is 69. To buy an endless war on terror in 2001, however, less than 1% was all you needed. They might, however, be surprised by the dates cited, as it was only invoked to cover military operations in 2013, and then from 2015 to 2019. The State Department had counted 32 foreign terrorist organizations scattered around the world when the 2001 AUMF was passed.
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The end of the war in Afghanistan closes a chapter for US special-operations forces. For the past two decades, US special operators have been at the forefront of the fight against global terrorism. Nepalese soldiers practice medically evacuating casualties with 1st Special Forces Group (Airborne) during a joint exercise in Nepal, February 18, 2020. A US Special Forces soldier briefs Guatemalan Special Forces before an exercise in Guatemala, March 3, 2020. What that means in practical terms is that US special operators may have different curricula for foreign internal defense, depending on the "customer."
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At rally to back military's campaign, Ethiopians denounce the U.S.
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The United States, the U.N. Security Council, the African Union, and Kenya and Uganda have called in recent days for a ceasefire. Some of those gathered in Meskel Square in central Addis Ababa draped themselves in the national flag. "Shame on you USA," read one demonstrator's placard, while another said the United States should stop "sucking Ethiopia's blood". Speaking at the rally, Addis Ababa Mayor Adanech Abiebe invoked Ethiopia's history of resisting colonial power to justify the war. "I can confirm only that they are both here and we are having discussions," TPLF spokesperson Getachew Reda told Reuters.
Persons: Abiy Ahmed Ali, Zinash Tayachew, Abiy, Joe Biden's, al, Adanech Abiebe, Martin Griffiths, Olusegun Obasanjo, Ebba Kalondo, Getachew Reda, Legesse Organizations: Ethiopian, . Security, African Union, Reuters, Humanitarian Affairs, Government Locations: ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia, Tigray, Addis Ababa, United States, Kenya, Uganda, U.S, Mekelle, al Shabaab, Somalia, Afghanistan, of Africa, New York
The US is reportedly talking to Pakistan about supporting US airstrikes in Afghanistan in exchange for helping Islamabad with its counterterrorism operations. Numerous terrorist leaders have been neutralized over the past two decades, including Al Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden and ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. The US has such an extensive array of weapons at its disposal that it is virtually impossible for organizations like Al Qaeda and ISIS to establish safe-havens. Just last month, a US missile fired by a drone killed a senior Al Qaeda official in northwest Syria, hundreds of miles from where US troops are present. US forces are no longer in Afghanistan, having fully withdrawn last August after 20 years of inconclusive war.
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Analysts and residents have expressed fears that the fighting is derailing the former allies from their common effort to defeat the al Qaeda-linked al Shabaab insurgency. Mohamed Ibrahim Moalimu, a spokesman for the federal government and Ahmed Shire Falagle, Galmudug state's information minister did not respond to requests for comment. ASWJ, a group of moderate Sufi Muslims, has been at the forefront in the fight against Al Shabaab. ASWJ says the federal government has failed to end al Shabaab insurgency and that security is worsening in Galmudug state. Galmudug state security minister Ahmed Moalim Fiqi resigned earlier this month, accusing federal officials of refusing his calls not to attack ASWJ.
Persons: Hassan Yare, ASWJ, Mohamed Ibrahim Moalimu, Ahmed Shire Falagle, Al, Ahmed Moalim Fiqi, Giulia Paravicini, Katharine Houreld, Angus MacSwan Organizations: Somali, Wal, Reuters, United Nations, Thomson Locations: MOGADISHU, Somalia's Galmudug, Guriceel, Al Shabaab, Galmudug
This round of fighting broke out early Saturday and continued into Sunday, residents told Reuters. ASWJ is a group of moderate Sufi Muslims which has played a key role in the fight against the al Qaeda-linked al Shabaab insurgency. ASWJ accuses the government of not doing enough to fight Al Shabaab, while the government accuses ASWJ of acting without its permission. "Many parts of Galmudug and the entire country is under al Shabaab. Later on Saturday, Al Shabaab militants hit a Galmudug airport with mortars, airport workers said, compounding fears that the group would take advantage of the chaotic infighting.
Persons: Al, Farah Abdullahi, ASWJ, Al Shabaab, Guriceel, Abdi Ladiif Fayfle, Ahmed Moalim Fiqi, massacring ASWJ, Al Shaabab, Omar Mahmood, Abdi Sheikh, Ayenat Mersie, Maggie Fick, Raissa Organizations: Somali National Army, Reuters, Fayo Care, Istarlin, Hanano, SNA, Al, Thomson Locations: MOGADISHU, Somali, Galmudug, Guriceel, Al Shabaab, U.S, al Shabaab, Al, ASWJ, Somalia
IS claims responsibility for bomb attack in Uganda
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Ugandan police members secure the scene of an explosion in Komamboga, a suburb on the northern outskirts of Kampala, Uganda October 24, 2021. REUTERS/Abubaker LubowaCAIRO, Oct 25 (Reuters) - Islamic state claimed responsibility for a bomb attack that killed at least one person in Uganda's capital Kampala on Saturday night, the militant group said in a statement posted in an affiliated Telegram channel late on Sunday. The bomb, packed with nails and shrapnel, targeted a pork restaurant on the outskirts of the capital, police said on Sunday. The explosion killed a 20-year-old waitress and injured three people, two of whom were in critical condition, police said, adding all indications suggest an act of domestic terror. In 2010, the Somali Islamist militant group al Shabaab killed dozens of people in Kampala in a bomb attack, saying it was punishing Uganda for deploying troops in Somalia.
Persons: Yoweri Museveni, al, Mahmoud Mourad, Christopher Cushing, Michael Perry Organizations: REUTERS, Telegram, Crusader Ugandan, Somali Islamist, Thomson Locations: Kampala, Uganda, Abubaker, CAIRO, Uganda's, Somali, al Shabaab, Somalia
At least two killed by bomb blast in Ugandan capital -police
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Oct 23 (Reuters) - At least two people were dead after a bomb blast in the Ugandan capital of Kampala, Uganda Police chief political commissar Asan Kasingye Tweeted on Saturday. The cause of the blast was not immediately apparent and there was no immediate claim of responsibility. Ugandan officials did not immediately respond to requests for details or comment. At least seven people were injured in the blast which occurred in Komamboga, a suburb in the northern outskirts of the capital Kampala, local station NTV reported. Reporting by Elias Biryabarema; Writing by Ayenat Mersie; Editing by David GregorioOur Standards: The Thomson Reuters Trust Principles.
Persons: Asan Kasingye, Somalia's al, Elias Biryabarema, Ayenat Mersie, David Gregorio Our Organizations: Uganda Police, NTV, Thomson Locations: Kampala, Uganda, Komamboga, East, Somalia's al Shabaab, Somalia
Ugandan explosives experts secure the scene of an explosion in Komamboga, a suburb on the northern outskirts of Kampala, Uganda October 24, 2021. REUTERS/Abubaker LubowaOct 24 (Reuters) - A deadly blast in Kampala late on Saturday appeared to be an act of terrorism, Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni said on Sunday. He said the explosion in the capital killed one person, although the Uganda Police chief political commissar Asan Kasingye said late on Saturday that two people were killed. "It seems to be a terrorist act," Museveni Tweeted on Sunday. Reporting by Elias Biryabarema; Writing by Ayenat Mersie; Editing by David Gregorio and Giles ElgoodOur Standards: The Thomson Reuters Trust Principles.
Persons: Abubaker Lubowa, Yoweri Museveni, Asan Kasingye, Museveni, Somalia's al, Elias Biryabarema, Ayenat Mersie, David Gregorio, Giles Elgood Organizations: REUTERS, Uganda Police, NTV, Thomson Locations: Kampala, Uganda, East, Somalia's al Shabaab, Somalia
Last month, al Shabaab captured the strategic Galmudug town of Amara from federal forces. read moreThe group has said it wants to take control of towns and regions to better protect them from and fight al Shabaab. Residents of the captured towns said the fighters captured troops and equipment from the national army and were greeted with celebrations by some. "We do not want the so-called Somali government that does not fight al Shabaab," said Halima Osman from Mataban. read moreExperts warn that political instability could benefit al Shabaab.
Persons: Shabaab, ASWJ, Captain Nur Abdullahi, Sheikh Ismail Farah, Al Shabaab, al Shabaab, al, Farah, Abdullahi, Osman Mohmaud, Halima Osman, Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed, Abdi Sheikh, Ayenat, Raissa Organizations: Somali National Army, Reuters, SNA, Residents, Thomson Locations: MOGADISHU, Somali, Somalia, Galmudug, Mataban, al Shabaab, Al, Amara, Shabaab
Suicide car bomb in Somali capital kills at least 7 -official
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MOGADISHU, Sept 25 (Reuters) - A suicide car bomb killed at least seven people in the Somali capital on Saturday at a street junction near the president's residence, an official said. "A suicide car bomb that exploded at Ceelgaab junction killed seven people and injured eight others," Muawiye Mudeey, district commissioner of Mogadishu's Hamarjajab district told Reuters. It was not immediately clear who was responsible for the attack, but al Shabaab, which wants to overthrow the government and impose its interpretation of Islamic law, frequently carries out such bombings. A Reuters witness at the scene of the blast reported seeing seven cars and three rickshaws destroyed by the blast, and the whole junction covered in blood. Reporting by Abdi Sheikh; writing by George Obulutsa; editing by Jason NeelyOur Standards: The Thomson Reuters Trust Principles.
Persons: al, Abdi Sheikh, George Obulutsa, Jason Neely Organizations: Reuters, Thomson Locations: MOGADISHU, Somali, Mogadishu's Hamarjajab, al Shabaab
Civilians and Somalian security officers gather at the scene of a suicide car bomb at a street junction near the president's residence, in Mogadishu, Somalia, September 25, 2021. "Al Shabaab is behind the blast. Al Shabaab massacres civilians," he said. Al Shabaab confirmed it was behind the attack. "A Mujahid driving a suicide car bomb targeted a convoy of cars going into the (presidential) palace," Abdiasis Abu Musab, al Shabaab military operation spokesperson, told Reuters by phone.
Persons: Omar, Abdifatah Aden Hassan, Al Shabaab, Mohamed Ibrahim Moalimuu, Hibaq, Mohammed Hussein Roble's, Abukar, Abu Musab, Abdi Sheikh, Feisal Omar, George Obulutsa, Clelia Organizations: REUTERS, Police, Reuters, Thomson Locations: Mogadishu, Somalia, Omar MOGADISHU, Somali, al Qaeda, Shabaab, Al, Al Shabaab, al Shabaab
US Special Operations Command has been leading the way, often providing real-world testing for various weapon systems and technology. A US Army Special Forces soldier reloads his M4 carbine during a live-fire range at Panzer Kaserne, Germany, April 16, 2021. Any data collected would be quickly processed and analyzed, informing both the special operators' mission in the country and the Pentagon's planning back in the US. Getting the right gear on timeMC-130J Commando IIs with 1st Special Operations Squadron off the coast of Okinawa, January 6, 2021. There doesn't need to be an open conflict for special operators to deploy overseas, and they often encounter competitors or their proxies in third countries.
Persons: SOCOM, Robert Kunzig, Hasken, Richard Clarke, Garret Smith, Clarke, Al Shabaab, Renee Douglas, Patrik Orcutt, cryptologist, Stavros Atlamazoglou Organizations: Pentagon, Command, Service, US Special Operations Command, Tactical, Special Warfare, Puma, US, MarkPoint Technologies, US Army Special Forces, Kaserne, US Navy, Senate Armed Services Committee, US Special Force, Royal, US Army, Special Forces, Al, 130J, Special Operations Squadron, US Air Force, Technology, National Security Agency, Force, Hellenic Army, 575th Marine Battalion, Army, Johns Hopkins University Locations: Afghanistan, Iraq, China, Russia, ., Koror, Palau, Germany, Pacific Region, Russian, Eastern Europe, Pacific, Kenya, Okinawa, Ukraine
Al Shabaab fighters last month attacked a military base in the Galmudug town of Amara and took control of it after battling with government special force units, known as Danab and Darawish. Amara is a strategic town that lies on the route to the coastal town of Harardheere, another al Shabaab stronghold. The governor of Puntland's Mudug region, Abdilatif Muse Nuru San Yare, told Reuters they had sent troops with experience in fighting al Shabaab to Galmudug. "We have sent troops to Galmudug who know how to fight al Shabaab and it is an alliance to eradicate al Shabaab," Yare said. "Since Puntland....has experience in fighting al Shabaab, we have asked them to help us expel al Shabaab," Galmudug's Deputy Security Minister, Abdulahi Abdisalan, told Reuters.
Persons: Al Shabaab, Darawish, Amara, Yare, Galmudug, al, Abdulahi Abdisalan, Abdiqani Hassan, Elias Biryabarema, Alex Richardson Organizations: Reuters, Thomson Locations: GAROWE, Somalia, Puntland, Galmudug, Shabaab, Al, Amara, Harardheere, al, Puntland's Mudug, al Shabaab
America's global war on terror has a pricetag of $8 trillion, according to a new Costs of War report. Costs of War also puts the number of people directly killed by the war at up to 929,000, including at least 387,072 civilians. The report attributes $2.3 trillion to the Afghanistan and Pakistan war zone, $2.1 trillion to the Iraq and Syria war zone, and $355 billion to other war zones. In a report released last year, Costs of War estimated that the war on terror has displaced at least 37 million people on top of the hundreds of thousands of people killed in direct war violence. Dr. Stephanie Savell, co-director of the Costs of War Project, said in a statement on the new report.
Persons: Brown, Neta, Crawford, Biden, Al, Stephanie Savell Organizations: Service, US, Al Locations: Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Syria, Al Shabaab, Al Qaeda, Somalia
KAMPALA, Aug 27 (Reuters) - The Ugandan military said on Friday they had arrested a man who was planning a suicide bombing at the funeral of a top police official and had seized materials including a suicide vest and bombs during his arrest. The man was detained at a hotel in Pader town, about 400 km (60 miles) north of the capital Kampala, said military spokesperson Brigadier Flavia Byekwaso. The military said in a separate statement that the man had accomplices who were on the run and efforts were underway to arrest them. He was a former senior military officer who had previously commanded Uganda's troops in Somalia. ADF is a Ugandan Islamist insurgent group based in the jungles of eastern Congo, across the Ugandan border.
Persons: Flavia Byekwaso, Paul Lokech, Al Shabaab, Somalia's, Elias Biryabarema, Ayenat Mersie, Frances Kerry Organizations: Allied Democratic Forces, ADF, African Union peacekeeping, Thomson Locations: KAMPALA, Pader, Kampala, Somalia, al Shabaab, Ugandan, Congo, Al, Uganda
Al Shabaab attacks Somali military base, captures central town
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BOSASO, Somalia, Aug 24 (Reuters) - Al Shabaab fighters stormed a military base in the centre of Somalia on Tuesday and took over a nearby town, residents said. Amara is a strategic town which lies on the way to the coastal town of Harardheere, another al Shabaab stronghold. Earlier this month, government and Galmudug regional forces took control of Amara, which has been under al Shabaab control for the last 10 years. Their joint operations also liberated several towns from al Shabaab, including Baadweyn, and other villages in the region. The al Qaeda-linked al Shabaab group often carries out attacks in its war on Somalia's central government.
Persons: Al Shabaab, al, Darawish, Amara, Harardheere, Al, al Shabaab, Farah Osman, Ismail Nur, Abdiqani Hassan, Feisal Omar, George Obulutsa, Angus MacSwan Organizations: Reuters, Al, Somali, Thomson Locations: BOSASO, Somalia, Amara, Galmudug, al Shabaab, Harardheere, al, Al Shabaab, Al Shabaab's, Andalus, Shabaab, Mogadishu
Renewed competition with Russia and China means Africa is growing as an arena for geopolitical maneuvering. But the US is doing "very little" to counter those near-peer competitors in Africa, according to John Black, a retired Special Forces warrant officer with extensive experience in Africa. Nigerian Navy Special Boat Service troops train under the supervision of British special forces during a US military-led counterterrorism exercise in Senegal, February 18, 2020. US Army Special Forces teams went in to train and advise their Mozambican counterparts. Stavros Atlamazoglou is a defense journalist specializing in special operations, a Hellenic Army veteran (national service with the 575th Marine Battalion and Army HQ), and a Johns Hopkins University graduate.
Persons: Vladimir Putin, Sergei Chirikov, Khalifa Haftar, MAHMUD TURKIA, John Black, Black, Dominic Pitrone, you've, Chris Hibben, we've, , Stavros Atlamazoglou Organizations: US, Service, American, Africa, Pentagon, Government, National Accord, Getty, US Defense Department, Special Forces, US Marine, Djibouti's National Gendarmerie, Marine Corps, State Department, Green Beret, Nigerian Navy, Boat Service, Associated, Special Operations Command, French Foreign Legion, US Air Force, Tech, Army Special Forces, Mozambican, Navy SEAL, Hellenic Army, 575th Marine Battalion, Army, Johns Hopkins University Locations: Russia, China, Africa, North, East Africa, Sochi, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Tripoli, AFP, Geneva, Senegal, Haram, Al Shabaab, Al Qaeda, France, Sahel, Burkina Faso, Chad, Mali, Mauritania, Niger, Mozambique, Maputo
U.S. military carries out second strike in Somalia this week
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WASHINGTON, July 23 (Reuters) - The U.S. military said it carried out an airstrike on Friday against al Shabaab militants in Somalia, in the second such action this week. The Pentagon said the strike took place in the vicinity of Galmudug, Somalia, and emphasized that no U.S. forces were accompanying Somali troops during the operation. Al Shabaab has targeted Somali military bases and civilian infrastructure including hotels, bars and schools in both Somalia and neighboring countries. The strikes came as some of President Joe Biden's fellow Democrats try to rein in war powers authorizing such military actions overseas. Reporting by Idrees Ali and Phil Stewart; writing by Phil Stewart; editing by Giles ElgoodOur Standards: The Thomson Reuters Trust Principles.
Persons: Al Shabaab, Joe Biden's, Chris Murphy, Murphy, Idrees Ali, Phil Stewart, Giles Elgood Organizations: U.S, al, Pentagon, Somali, Democratic, Thomson Locations: al Shabaab, Somalia, Galmudug, U.S
WASHINGTON, July 20 (Reuters) - The United States on Tuesday carried out an air strike against al Shabaab militants in Somalia, the first strike in the country since President Joe Biden came into office. Al Qaeda-linked insurgent group al Shabaab is seeking to topple the government and establish its own rule in Somalia based on its own strict interpretation of Islamic sharia law. In a statement, the Pentagon said the strike took place near Galkayo, Somalia. While the United States has frequently carried out air strikes in Somalia against al Shaabab, this was the first since Jan. 20 when Biden took office. The group's campaign of bombings and gun attacks has targeted Somali military bases and civilian infrastructure including hotels, bars and schools in both Somalia and other regional countries.
Persons: al, Joe Biden, Biden, Idrees Ali, Sandra Maler Organizations: Pentagon, Somali, Thomson Locations: United States, al Shabaab, Somalia, Al Qaeda, Shabaab, Galkayo
MOGADISHU, June 28 (Reuters) - An estimated 30 people died on Sunday when Somalia's Islamist al Shabaab group launched an attack in a town in the country's semi-autonomous state of Galmudug, a security official said. "The car bombs damaged the military vehicles...residents were well armed and reinforced the base and chased the al Shabaab." The al Qaeda-allied al Shabaab has been fighting in Somalia for more than a decade to try to topple the country's central government and establish its own rule based on its strict interpretation of Islamic sharia law. Those injured in the attack, the statement said, had been airlifted to the capital Mogadishu for treatment. Al Shabaab claimed responsibility for the attack via a statement on its Radio Al Andalus and said its fighters had killed over 30 soldiers and injured over 40 others.
Persons: Major Mohamed Awale, Galmudug, al, Awale, Abdullahi Mohamed, Al Shabaab, Abdi Sheikh, Elias Biryabarema, Raju Gopalakrishnan Organizations: Reuters, Fighters, SONNA, Al, Thomson Locations: MOGADISHU, Shabaab, Galmudug, Galmudug's Wisil, Somalia, al Shabaab, Qaeda, Wisil, Mogadishu, Al Andalus
An ambulance carrying wounded from a suicide bombing attack at a military base arrives at the Madina Hospital in Mogadishu, Somalia June 15, 2021. REUTERS/Feisal OmarAt least 15 people were killed on Tuesday in a suicide bombing at an army camp in the Somali capital Mogadishu, a Reuters witness who counted the bodies at Madina Hospital said. Officials at the hospital confirmed the dead were killed in an attack earlier in the day at an army camp. Islamist group al Shabaab frequently carries out bombings in the Horn of Africa country. A Somali military officer, Odawaa Yusuf Rage, told state media earlier on Tuesday that 10 new recruits had been killed, and 20 others wounded, when a suicide bomber detonated explosives at a checkpoint outside of General Degaban military training camp in the capital.
Persons: Feisal Omar, al, Odawaa Yusuf Rage Organizations: REUTERS, Thomson Locations: Madina, Mogadishu, Somalia, Somali, al Shabaab, Horn of Africa
Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed, president of Somalia, attends the London Somalia Conference' at Lancaster House, May 11, 2017. REUTERS/Jack Hill/Pool/File PhotoSomalia's President Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed said on Wednesday he would drop an attempt to extend his term by two years, bowing to domestic and international pressure after clashes in the capital Mogadishu split security forces along clan lines. Hours earlier, Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble had denounced the proposed term extension and called for preparations for a new presidential election. The unrest is the second bout of violence in Mogadishu over the proposed extension to Mohamed's term. Continued clashes could further splinter Somali security forces along ethnic lines, said the International Crisis Group, a think-tank.
Persons: Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed, Jack Hill, Mohamed Hussein Roble, al, Mohamed Organizations: London Somalia, Lancaster House, REUTERS, Forces, Crisis, Somali, Thomson Locations: Somalia, Mogadishu, al Qaeda, al Shabaab
MOGADISHU (Reuters) - Somalia’s president has signed a disputed law extending his mandate for two years, the state news agency reported, setting the Horn of Africa nation on a collision course with donors who strongly oppose the move. Somalia's President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo addresses lawmakers after winning the vote at the airport in Somalia's capital Mogadishu, February 8, 2017. President Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed’s four-year term expired in February and his successor was meant to be chosen by a new crop of legislators. “(This) resolution undermines peace, security, and stability in Somalia and beyond,” international partners including the United Nations said in a joint statement. Other major backers including the United States also bemoaned the decision.
Persons: Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo, Feisal Omar, Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed’s, Osman Dubbe, Mohamed, al, al Shabaab, Hussein Nur, Antony Blinken, Africa James Duddridge, Organizations: Reuters, REUTERS, United Nations, Federal Government, Britain’s Locations: MOGADISHU, of Africa, Somalia's, Mogadishu, Somalia, al Shabaab, Gololey, United States, U.S, Africa
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