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Oscar Mayer is currently recruiting the next class of drivers for its iconic Wienermobile. The year-long “Hot Dogger” gig is available for a cadre of recent college graduates, according to a news release from Oscar Mayer. There are a total of 12 Wienermobile driver positions available for 2023, according to Oscar Mayer. The job posting says that the full-time role comes with a “competitive salary” and that expenses, benefits, and team apparel will be covered by Oscar Mayer. Aspiring Wienermobile drivers can apply for the position online any time before January 31, says Oscar Mayer.
Ronzoni will discontinue its beloved star-shaped pastina
  + stars: | 2023-01-07 | by ( Zoe Sottile | )   time to read: +2 min
Pasta brand Ronzoni has announced that the company is discontinuing its pastina product, a tiny star-shaped pasta. “We hear you and greatly appreciate your love for Ronzoni Pastina,” wrote the company in the post. “After extensive efforts, we regretfully announce that Ronzoni pastina is being discontinued. One 12-ounce box of Ronzoni pastina retails for $1.69 on Stop and Shop’s website. “I just wanna talk.”Others shared nostalgic stories about eating pastina as a child, or recalled pastina soups lovingly cooked by grandparents.
The best food marketing stunts of the year
  + stars: | 2022-12-23 | by ( Danielle Wiener-Bronner | )   time to read: +10 min
“The Big Cheez-It Tostada and Big Cheez-It Crunchwrap are in such Big demand that our limited offer is no longer available,” the chain said. Diane Bondareff/AP Images for Fancy FeastOver the summer, Fancy Feast invited people to answer the question: What does cat food taste like? The restaurant dishes drew inspiration from Fancy Feast Medleys, cat food that is itself inspired by human food like salmon primavera and turkey florentine. The restaurant’s menu was created by Amanda Hassner, in-house chef for Fancy Feast, as well as restaurateur Cesare Casella, a Michelin star winner, according to a Fancy Feast press release. Papa JohnsAs a permanent addition to the Papa Johns menu, the no-crust, toppings-only Papa Bowls are technically not a stunt.
CNN —Just in time for the holidays, artist collective MSCHF is releasing its newest playful art piece: a giant, 930-calorie, $19.99 fruit loop. The unauthorized massive fruit loop is the group’s latest lighthearted experiment with consumerism. Each one weighs “almost half a pound,” according to MSCHF’s website for the product. In an emailed statement, Kellogg spokesperson Kris Bahner told CNN that the “Big Fruit Loop” constitutes copyright infringement. “Kellogg Company does not have a relationship with MSCHF and we were not involved in the creation of the Big Fruit Loop.
CNN —A new study found evidence at least one species of dinosaur may have been an adept swimmer, diving into the water like a duck to hunt its prey. The study, published in Communications Biology on December 1, describes a newly-discovered species, Natovenator polydontus. Scientists from Seoul National University, the University of Alberta, and the Mongolian Academy of Sciences collaborated on the paper. The Natovenator specimen is very similar to Halszkaraptor, another dinosaur discovered in Mongolia, which scientists believe was likely semiaquatic. “There is a real question of, OK, you’ve got a swimming dinosaur in the desert, what’s it swimming in?” he said.
CNN —If you’ve seen the astonishing trailer for “Cocaine Bear” making the rounds on Twitter, you might have questions about the film’s claim that it is “inspired by true events.” But the story is indeed based on the true story of a bear who overdosed on cocaine in the 1980s. In the film, the bear goes on a cocaine-fueled killing spree after its drug binge. The black bear was found dead near a duffel bag and 40 packages of cocaine, ripped open and scattered over the hillside. It’s unclear from the AP report exactly how much cocaine the bear consumed – but the duffel bag would have originally contained around 88 pounds of the powerful drug. The Kentucky for Kentucky Fun Mall in Lexington claims to have the stuffed remains of the "Cocaine Bear" on display.
Lava: Lava is what scientists call magma that breaks through the Earth’s surface – like during a volcano eruption. Lava flows: Lava flows describe both the moving masses of lava that spew onto the earth’s surface during an eruption and the solidified deposit they leave behind once they cool down. Pele’s hair: This term describes long, thin strands of volcanic glass that form from lava fountains and fast lava flows, the USGS says. Volcanic ash: Volcanic ash isn’t the same as the ash produced after burning a piece of paper. Volcanic ash, a finer form of tephra, consists of tiny, sharp pieces of rock and glass.
CNN —Death metal fans might just have a new animal mascot. Some bats use the same vocal structures as death metal singers to make their unique vocalizations, a new study has found. This allowed the scientists to directly observe the vocal membranes and ventricular folds, also called “false vocal folds,” vibrating at different frequencies. These are “the first direct observations” of these vocal structures in Daubenton’s bats, the researchers said. Ventricular folds, or false vocal folds, are located on top of the true vocal cords.
CNN —The label on a cup of Velveeta’s microwaveable mac and cheese says the meal only takes three and a half minutes to prepare. Amanda Ramirez, of Hialeah, has filed a proposed $5 million class action lawsuit against Kraft Heinz Foods Company alleging the food producer’s Velveeta Shells & Cheese takes longer than advertised to prepare, court documents show. The additional steps mean it’s impossible for the mac and cheese to be ready in just three and a half minutes, according to the complaint. Kraft Heinz Foods Company dismissed the lawsuit as “frivolous” in a statement. “We are aware of this frivolous lawsuit and will strongly defend against the allegations in the complaint,” a Kraft Heinz Foods Company spokesperson told CNN Monday.
CNN —Bob Dylan’s teenage love letters sold for a whopping $669,875 on Friday. The “unprecedented archive” was sold by RR Auction, a Boston-based auction house specializing in unique memorabilia. He wrote about preparing for the local talent show, shared short pieces of poetry, and continually professed his affections for Hewitt, according to RR Auction. Hewitt, born in 1941, settled with her family in Hibbing, Minnesota, during her early teenage years, according to RR Auction. The couple’s first date was on New Year’s Eve in 1957, according to RR Auction.
CNN —Nickelback’s dream to be “big rockstars” might just be coming true with the band’s induction to the Canadian Music Hall of Fame. The much-memed Canadian band will be officially added to the Hall of Fame in March 2023, according to a news release. The band follows singer-songwriter Deborah Cox, who was inducted in 2022, and Jann Arden, inducted in 2021. Many of their most iconic songs – like “Rockstar” and “Photograph” – come from their fifth studio album, “All the Right Reasons,” released in 2005. The Canadian Music Hall of Fame, launched in 1978 to recognize the success of Canadian artists, is located in Calgary, Alberta.
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CNN —A bird thought to be extinct for 140 years has been rediscovered in the forests of Papua New Guinea. Rediscovering the bird required an expedition team to spend a grueling month on Fergusson, a rugged island in the D’Entrecasteaux Archipelago off eastern Papua New Guinea where the bird was originally documented. The team consisted of local staff at the Papua New Guinea National Museum as well as international scientists from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology and the American Bird Conservancy. Many members of the community told the team that they hadn’t seen the black-naped pheasant-pigeon in decades, says the news release. So the expedition team placed a camera on a 3,200-foot high ridge near the Kwama River above Duda Ununa, according to the release.
CNN —A traveler at New York City’s John F. Kennedy International Airport was arrested after $450,000 worth of cocaine was discovered hidden in the wheels of her wheelchair. The traveler arrived in New York City from the Dominican Republic on November 10, according to a news release from US Customs and Border Protection. Officers noticed the wheels on her wheelchair were not turning and X-rayed the wheelchair. They discovered a white powder, which later tested positive for cocaine in all four wheels, the news release stated. It amounted to a total of 28 pounds of cocaine with an estimated street value of around $450,000.
CNN —A mindfulness meditation course may be as effective at reducing anxiety as a common medication, according to a new study. And starting meditation could also be a first step for people who have untreated anxiety and are wary of medication. Arpaia says that he has worked to find less time-intensive mindfulness methods to help patients manage their anxiety. How mindfulness worksThe patients assigned to the meditation group participated in a specific program called mindfulness-based stress reduction, first developed by Jon Kabat-Zinn in the 1970s. Patients shouldn’t expect meditation – or medication – to completely eliminate their anxiety, according to Hoge.
CNN —Comedian and actress Amy Schumer has revealed that her young son, Gene, was admitted to the emergency room this week with RSV. “This was the hardest week of my life,” wrote Schumer in an Instagram post published on Sunday. Gene, Schumer’s 3-year-old son, is now home and doing better, according to her post. Respiratory syncytial virus, or RSV, has been spreading rapidly in the Unites States this respiratory virus season. The disease typically causes mild, cold-like symptoms, but it can also cause serious illness, especially in older adults and infants.
CNN —If you’re running in the New York City Marathon Sunday, watch out – you might just be running alongside actor Ashton Kutcher. Kutcher, 44, is using the marathon as an opportunity to raise funds for Thorn, the organization he founded alongside Demi Moore in 2012 to combat child sex trafficking, according to his Instagram. Kutcher is part of a team of 100 marathon runners who have pledged to raise funds for Thorn, the website says. Kutcher, alongside around 50,000 runners, will trot through all five of New York City’s boroughs, starting on Staten Island and finishing in Central Park. Actress Ellie Kemper, “Bachelor” star Matt James and former New York Giants running back Tiki Barber have also reported on their social media that they’re participating in the race.
Drake released “Her Loss,” a 16-track collaboration with 21 Savage, on Friday. On one song, “Circo Loco,” he seems to imply that Megan Thee Stallion’s allegations that she was shot by Tory Lanez were false. “This b—- lie ‘bout getting shots but she still a stallion,” Drake raps on the cut. On Twitter, Megan asked other artists to “stop using my shooting for clout” shortly after the album was released. Megan Thee Stallion has been vocal about critiquing the societal acceptance of violence against Black women, penning a New York Times op-ed in 2020 that reflected on her shooting and the intersection of sexism and racism.
'Stranger Things:' Vecna's house listed for $1.5 million
  + stars: | 2022-11-05 | by ( Zoe Sottile | )   time to read: +1 min
CNN —“Stranger Things” superfans can now live in the very same house where season 4 villain Vecna first developed his supernatural powers – if they dare. Vecna, the antagonist of season 4 of Netflix’s hit series “Stranger Things,” started off as a regular boy named Henry Creel. The real-life house that acted as the Creel home in the show is a 140-year-old mansion located in Rome, Georgia. The home is officially for sale for $1.5 million through brokerage Toles, Temple, and Wright, according to the listing. There’s also a guest house behind the main house.
CNN —Michael Imperioli sat down with CNN’s Chris Wallace to discuss the iconic actors he met working on the sets of “Goodfellas” and “The Sopranos” – and the scene that sent him to the emergency room. Imperioli, 56, got his big break after being cast in Martin Scorsese’s classic mob film “Goodfellas” at the age of 23. Working with Scorsese was a dream come true for the young actor, he said. “I like being under a lot of pressure, in terms of work.”He credits Scorsese with his comfort on set. They think I’m about to die,” he said.
Madonna says Cardi and Kim K can thank her
  + stars: | 2022-10-23 | by ( Zoe Sottile | )   time to read: +1 min
CNN —Three decades after the release of her “Erotica” album and her lurid coffee table book “Sex,” Madonna reflected on the changing standards on how women are allowed to talk about sex in an Instagram story. On her Instagram story, Madonna wrote that she “also wrote about my sexual fantasies and shared my point of view about sexuality in an ironic way.”She received immediate backlash for the publication. “I was called a whore, a witch a heretic and the devil.”Despite the controversy, the book sold millions of copies, reaching No. Madonna, 64, linked her experiences to younger musicians and public figures who are able to be more open about their sexuality in public. Kim Kardashian can grace the cover of any magazine with her naked ass and Miley Cyrus can come in like a wrecking ball,” she wrote.
Sophia Grace is expecting her first child
  + stars: | 2022-10-23 | by ( Zoe Sottile | )   time to read: +1 min
CNN —If you don’t feel old yet, just wait: Sophia Grace, the adorable dancing toddler from “Ellen,” is going to be a mom. Sophia Grace Brownlee, who became famous as a child for her exuberant music covers and frequent appearances on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” alongside her cousin, is expecting her first child, she announced in a YouTube video on Saturday. Now 19, the content creator is 21 weeks pregnant, she said in her YouTube video. “I’m sure a lot of you are going to be very shocked, because it probably was quite unexpected,” she continued. I’ve gotten used to it now and I’m super, super, happy about it.”She added that she knows the gender of the baby and will reveal it to her followers at a later date.
Meghan Trainor reveals inspiration behind 'Remind Me'
  + stars: | 2022-10-22 | by ( Zoe Sottile | )   time to read: +2 min
CNN —Meghan Trainor sat down with CNN to discuss life after “All About That Bass,” her new album and the importance of self-love. The album is full of upbeat pop songs like “Made You Look.” But throughout the album, Trainor also touches on difficult topics, like her shifting relationship with her body and self-esteem after becoming a mother. Why am I sad?”“Remind Me,” the 15th track on the album, started as a meditation on how “it’s really hard being covered in scars,” said Trainor. Meghan Trainor is seen at the "Today" show on October 21, 2022 in New York City. “It’s the hardest thing, and that’s why I write all these self love songs because I’m like, believe in yourself,” she said.
Netflix's 'The Midnight Club' breaks jump scare record
  + stars: | 2022-10-16 | by ( Zoe Sottile | )   time to read: 1 min
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Busch debuts non-alcoholic ‘Turkey Brew’ for dogs
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