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The Seawater Cure: How the French Slim Down
  + stars: | 2023-02-02 | by ( Alexander Lobrano | )   time to read: 1 min
AS A food-and-travel writer who lives in France, I face occupational hazards other people might envy: Think white Burgundies, foie gras, butter, cream and the world’s best cheeses. It’s a constant battle to avoid ending up with the silhouette of a pear. That’s why in the years since I moved to Paris in 1986, I’ve become a fan of thalassotherapy, taking dozens of “cures” at some of the 50-odd thalassotherapy centers along the Atlantic and Mediterranean littorals of France. The word derives from the Greek words “thalassa” (sea) and “therapeia” (to nurse or cure) and refers to a series of treatments—heated seawater baths, stimulating jet showers and seaweed wraps—and exercise such as aqua gym (in-water calisthenics).
Dawson shared his tips for authors to get their books in front of readers and make a living. Hire a professional designer to produce your book cover. Writing a 10,000-word novel is a different skill compared to writing a 150-word blurb, Dawson said. By the time the reader is on the first page of an e-book, you've already persuaded them to give you a chance as an author, Dawson said. Once your cover, blurb, and story are ready, you might think advertising is the next logical step.
More U.S. firms are outsourcing remote talent abroad
  + stars: | 2023-02-02 | by ( )   time to read: 1 min
Share Share Article via Facebook Share Article via Twitter Share Article via LinkedIn Share Article via EmailMore U.S. firms are outsourcing remote talent abroadArjun Ramani, writer at The Economist, and Peter H. Diamandis, founder and executive chairman of the XPRIZE Foundation, join 'The Exchange' to discuss an increase in firms outsourcing labor, the implications of offshoring talent, and how Covid disrupted the labor market.
While most modern tanks run on diesel, the Abrams uses a Honeywell 1,500-horsepower gas-turbine engine that functions best when burning JP-8 jet fuel. Challenger tanks were credited with destroying 300 Iraqi tanks. When Turkish Leopard 2s battled ISIS fighters in Syria in 2016, the results were less than impressive. Leopard manufacturer Rheinmetall has 22 Leopard 2s and 88 older Leopard 1s in its inventory, but those can't be made battle-ready until at least 2024. What matters is how many Ukraine will receive — 31 Abrams and 14 Challenger 2s are not a lot — and how Ukraine's military uses them.
New Hope for Russiagate Truths
  + stars: | 2023-02-01 | by ( Holman W. Jenkins | )   time to read: 1 min
Holman W. Jenkins Jr. is a member of the editorial board of The Wall Street Journal. Mr. Jenkins joined the Journal in May 1992 as a writer for the editorial page in New York. In February 1994, he moved to Hong Kong as editor of The Asian Wall Street Journal's editorial page. Mr. Jenkins won a 1997 Gerald Loeb Award for distinguished business and financial coverage. Born in Philadelphia, Mr. Jenkins received a bachelor's degree from Hobart and William Smith Colleges and a master's degree in journalism from Northwestern University.
Feb 1 (Reuters) - An African American studies course for U.S. high school students that was released on Wednesday does not include material that Florida's conservative governor said pushed a liberal agenda, the latest development in a fierce debate about politics, education and censorship. Henry Louis Gates Jr., director of Harvard University's Hutchins Center for African and African American Research, was among scholars who praised the curriculum in the College Board statement. On Tuesday, more than 200 African American studies faculty members from dozens of universities published an open letter defending the course and expressing their "outrage at the efforts of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis to delegitimize the AP's pilot curriculum in African American Studies." "We categorically reject DeSantis's autocratic claim to knowing what college-level material should be available in an AP African American Studies course." DeSantis and other Florida officials accused the lessons of being "indoctrination" for including Black queer studies, Black Lives Matter, reparations, and the abolishment of prisons.
DC Studios announced the first wave of movies and TV shows for the new DC universe. There are also aspects of the old DC movie universe — but it still shows promise. The slate, titled "Chapter 1: Gods and Monsters," is, to put it plainly, bizarre — and even a bit risky. If anything, it's still a bit of the old DC Extended Universe. If Gunn and Safran wanted to keep any aspects of the old DC movie universe, they picked the right ones.
Alexandra Fasulo is a freelance writer who made made $271,000 in revenue on Fiverr in 2021 by 'drop-servicing' her work. They aren't necessarily going to know the lingo, the general workflow process, or how to properly work with freelancers. In order to support its current freelancers, Fiverr should consider reevaluating their flat 20% fee applied to all orders completed on the site. But it's possible a recession could shift Fiverr out of the top spot if they continue to apply unfair fees. With more readily available digital tools and software that can automate a big chunk of any freelancing business, freelancers are poised to emerge from the recession at the top of the global economy.
Alina Habba is withdrawing from representing Donald Trump in E. Jean Carroll's rape claim. Habba told Insider she continues to be dedicated to Trump. The move comes two weeks after a federal judge in Florida sanctioned Habba and Trump in a separate case and fined them $1 million. In a statement provided to Insider, Habba told Insider she was dedicated to representing Trump in court. "While I appreciate the left-wing media's attempt to fabricate any story to fit their narrative, I am so happy to have Joe step in and assist," Habba told Insider.
Former President Donald Trump sued journalist and author Bob Woodward , alleging the writer used recordings of interviews in an audiobook without permission. Mr. Trump’s lawsuit, filed Monday in federal court in Florida, takes issue with an audiobook released in October by Mr. Woodward and his book publisher Simon & Schuster, titled “The Trump Tapes: Bob Woodward’s Twenty Interviews with President Donald Trump.”
Donald Trump on Monday compared his legal predicament to that of mobster Al Capone's. Trump wrote on Truth Social that he has "more lawyers" working for him than Capone did. Trump appeared to laud the mob boss, calling him the "late great gangster, Alphonse Capone." In a Truth Social post, Trump wrote that he has "more lawyers" working for him "than any human being in the history of our Country, including even the late great gangster, Alphonse Capone!" "Like the Al Capone effect, you're not going to get him on murder, extortion, racketeering.
Despite a rich stable of characters from Batman to Wonder Woman, the DC film and television studio has failed to match the success of Walt Disney Co's (DIS.N) Marvel hit factory. Also in 2025, DC Studios will release "Batman - Part II," a sequel starring Robert Pattison, a darker, more adult tale that is not part of Gunn's newly envisioned "DC Universe." While Marvel has become the highest-grossing film franchise in history, DC Studios has had mixed results. Four DC film projects that were completed before Gunn and Safran took over the studio will be released to theaters this year, "Shazam! Zaslav cut some costs by scrapping a third "Wonder Woman" film and a "Batgirl" movie that was headed to streaming.
Crypto markets are slipping as the two-day meeting of the Federal Reserve kicks off. A blockchain exec broke down how crypto markets are thinking about this week's expected rate hike. Ethereum is flat ahead of the central bank meeting, trading at $1,585. Recent economic data points indicate that high inflation is easing, giving the central bank room to pull back on monetary tightening. "Any movement ahead of the Fed meeting is mere correlation," Jeremy Epstein, CMO of smart contract platform Radix, told Insider.
Photo illustration by Bráulio Amado Talk You Don’t Have to Be Complicit in Our Culture of Destruction“People feel a kind of longing for a belonging to the natural world,” says the author and scientist Robin Wall Kimmerer. I am deeply aware of the fact that my view of the natural world is colored by my home place. But I don’t think that’s the same as romanticizing nature. Of course the natural world is full of forces that are so-called destructive. The story that we have to illuminate is that we don’t have to be complicit with destruction.
Some BuzzFeed writers told Insider that they are disappointed by the company's move to use AI for content. But one BuzzFeed staffer said that its an exciting development and that it won't replace jobs. But she worries that the quality of BuzzFeed content will suffer as a result. But a second BuzzFeed staffer told Insider that she isn't worried that AI will replace writers at the company. "I think the actual applications of how this will apply to new quiz formats is exciting," the second BuzzFeed staffer said.
Kanye West paid nearly $15,000 to white nationalist Nick Fuentes, per campaign finance records. Fuentes traveled with West to meet with former President Donald Trump at Mar-a-Lago. A new filing from the occasional rapper's presidential campaign shows those relationships have not come cheap. West's campaign also made payments to another far-right provocateur, Milo Yiannopoulous. According to campaign records, Yiannopoulous pocketed nearly $50,000 from the West campaign: $9,955 for a "Domain Transfer," dated the same day as the meeting with Trump, and $40,000 in mid-December for "Campaign Wrap Up Services."
Of all the changes at Twitter Inc. under Elon Musk so far, this might be the most unexpected: A California-based menswear writer, who weighs in on incorporating western-style wear into your wardrobe, and on his favorite Italian tailors, suddenly seems to be all over the platform. The Twitter account @dieworkwear, run by Derek Guy, is popping up left and right in users’ timelines—even for those who don’t follow him. The phenomenon has befuddled users—and Mr. Guy himself.
Of all the changes at Twitter Inc. under Elon Musk so far, this might be the most unexpected: A California-based menswear writer, who weighs in on incorporating western-style wear into your wardrobe, and on his favorite Italian tailors, suddenly seems to be all over the platform. The Twitter account @dieworkwear, run by Derek Guy, is popping up left and right in users’ timelines—even for those who don’t follow him. The phenomenon has befuddled users—and Mr. Guy himself.
Jean-Pierre, who’s from Morristown, New Jersey, has attracted 215,500 followers on the video app where most days he posts from his mail truck during his lunch break. As of last month, all federal workers are banned from having TikTok on their work phones. In some places, using a personal device isn’t enough to get around TikTok restrictions. There’s no telling precisely how many federal workers use TikTok, but certain hashtags show the breadth of its popularity. The public relations staff at some federal agencies said they had no plans to interfere with what federal workers did on their own.
To help close the racial wealth gap, the U.S. government should pay $14 trillion in reparations to Black Americans, according to William A. Darity and A. Kirsten Mullen, authors of "From Here to Equality: Reparations for Black Americans in the Twenty-First Century." Mullen said "the federal government was party" to both the suppression of the Black vote and in some cases the destruction of Black people's property. She added that "the federal government is also the only entity that has the capacity to pay the debt." Darity and Mullen told CNBC that the cost of reparations would not need to be passed on to taxpayers. Watch the video to learn more about how reparations to Black Americans could help close the racial wealth gap.
Val Emmich felt powerless when his elder daughter was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. My daughters, 11-year-old Harper and 7-year-old Lennon, have Ttype 1 diabetes, a chronic condition in which the pancreas makes little or no insulin. That next day, Jill took Harper straight to the doctor. After examining Harper and running tests, the pediatrician took Jill aside and told her to bring Harper to the ER immediately. Raising two young children with type 1 diabetes is overwhelming.
Mark Zuckerberg reportedly said managers should not be rewarded for creating larger teams. Zuckerberg reportedly said he doesn't think a structure of "just managers managing managers" is ideal. Meta's chief product officer Chris Cox has discussed the need to "flatten" the management structure, Command Line said. download the app Email address By clicking ‘Sign up’, you agree to receive marketing emails from Insider as well as other partner offers and accept our Terms of Service and Privacy PolicyManagers managing managers managing managers managing managers…There's a corporate tongue-twister if there ever was one. "I don't think you want a management structure that's just managers managing managers, managing managers, managing managers, managing the people who are doing the work," Zuckerberg reportedly said during an internal Q&A session in late January, according to Command Line.
The world googled "how to be a pilot" more than any other job between Oct. 2021 and Oct. 2022, data shows. In China, dietitian is the dream job for most citizens, according to the study. Other top dream jobs include writer, dancer, entrepreneur, and YouTuber. The findings were ranked and broken down by the top dream job in each country. Despite Remitly's report, some professionals have sounded off about doing away with the term "dream job," Insider's Shana Lebowitz reported.
But remote work has benefited many people with disabilities, many Black workers, and others. But Dimon appears more bearish when it comes to another measure that's been shown to promote diversity: remote work. Citadel CEO Ken Griffin slammed remote work at a conference last year, saying innovation and creativity declines because of it. The shift to remote work has been especially helpful for people with physical difficulties and mobility limitations. MoMo Productions/Getty ImagesSome Black workers report facing less discrimination and fewer microaggressions working from home than when they're at the office.
So I was super excited that my teammate Paayal Zaveri wrote about how this model could actually change soon. The market crash could finally break Big Tech's addiction to subscriptions. Paying for things with a subscription has become the norm, in our personal and work lives, Paayal Zaveri writes. That's why industry experts told me usage-based pricing, or paying for only what you use, has gained ground. Today's team: Diamond Naga Siu in San Diego, Paayal Zaveri in San Francisco, Lisa Ryan in New York, and Hallam Bullock in London.
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