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China's Aperture Spherical Radio Telescope (FAST) is the largest and last remaining giant, single-dish telescope after Arecibo's collapse. As China's moon mission advances, experts say the via its resolution and sensitivity, the FAST telescope will help produce critical research over the next decades. After tragedy struck the Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico on Wednesday, the scientific community mourned the loss of an astronomical landmark. There is now only one last remaining giant, single-dish, radio telescope in the world: China's 500-meter Aperture Spherical Radio Telescope (FAST). Before and after shots of the Arecibo telescope.
Persons: Ricardo Arduengo, Liu Boyang, China's Organizations: FAST, Wednesday, Chinese Academy of Sciences, NSF, International Centre for Radio Astronomy Research, University of Western, South China Morning, Business, NASA Locations: Arecibo, Puerto Rico, Guizhou, China, AFP, University of Western Australia
CARACAS (Reuters) - Venezuela’s government is encouraging private firms to sign import and export deals with companies in Asia and the Middle East as part of an effort to limit the impact of U.S. sanctions, according to four sources with knowledge of the matter. Because operations of private Venezuelan companies are not explicitly targeted by U.S. sanctions, shifting trade away from state-run firms and toward private enterprise makes foreign partners more interested in Venezuela deals, said the sources, who asked not to be identified. “They’re creating a new institutionality to confront sanctions,” said one finance sector source with direct knowledge of the strategy. Agricultural producers shipped 10,700 tonnes of mung beans to Malaysia, India, the Philippines, Turkey and the United Arab Emirates. The government was active in helping negotiate those exports, according to one industry source who asked not to be identified.
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Analysis: Is a post-COVID currency war coming?
  + stars: | 2020-12-04 | by ( Marc Jones | Elizabeth Howcroft | ) + 0.00   time to read: +5 min
In Sweden, whose crown is this year’s best-performing currency, the central bank unexpectedly increased its money-printing programme last week. (Graphic for Emerging market currency rebound: )ROOM TO BOOMIt is not only the expectation that COVID-19 vaccines will normalise trade, travel and commodity prices driving the trend. (Graphic for MSCI EM FX index 2012 and 2020: )IIF chief economist Robin Brooks doubts even that kind of move would trigger a full-blown currency war. Nevertheless, he thinks the euro and the yen will be shoved higher, requiring the European Central Bank and Bank of Japan to respond. “Our concern is the speed of the adjustment,” Thailand’s central bank governor, Sethaput Suthiwart-Narueput, said last week.
Persons: Bernadett Szabo, , , Manik Narain, splurged, Joe Biden’s, Pramol Dhawan, Narain, Brazil’s Guido Mantega, Morgan Stanley, Robin Brooks, ” Brooks, Sethaput Organizations: ., Swiss, REUTERS, Institute of International Finance, UBS, FX, Citi, Federal Reserve, European Central Bank and Bank of Japan Locations: Budapest, Western, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Sweden, Brazilian, Turkish Lira, South, Russian, China, U.S, India
Why are people threatening violence against governors who propose even modestly restrictive public health measures? The short answer is that public health has become politicized, and political conflict makes us stupid. The short answer is that public health has become politicized, and political conflict makes us stupid. But it is a self-congratulatory fiction to attribute the public health compliance of earlier generations to a now-lost commitment to fairness and solidarity. It seems more likely that opposition to a foreign enemy — say, China — could cultivate longer-lasting common political commitments in a diverse America.
Persons: Marjorie Taylor Greene, Dan Kahan, Kahan, Jonas Salk's, Jim Crow Organizations: Yale, Polio Locations: Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia, Washington, Nuremberg, America, recommitment, China
House votes to decriminalize marijuana
  + stars: | 2020-12-04 | by ( Jeremy Berke | Yeji Jesse Lee | ) + 0.00   time to read: +6 min
Happy Friday,History made: The House voted to federally decriminalize marijuana and expunge records of those convicted under previous laws by a margin of 228 to 164. Also, of note, cannabis consumers spent approximately $238 million on marijuana over Thanksgiving weekend, according to data compiled by cannabis tech company Akerna. -Jeremy (@jfberke) & Yeji (@jesse_yeji)Here's what we wrote about this week:US lawmakers just voted for the first time to federally decriminalize cannabis. The analysts projected growth in legal sales and illicit sales to give a picture of what the total market could look like in the US by 2030 if marijuana is federally legalized. Organigram reported $20.4 million in revenue and a net loss of $38.6 million for the three months that ended August 31.
Persons: Jeremy, David Bonnier, Mitch Baruchowitz, Cowen, Henning von Koss, David Attard, Attard, Barry Fishman, Richard Fitzgerald, Tracy McCourt, They've, CannTrust, BNN Organizations: Cannabis, Green, Marijuana, Reinvestment, Merida Capital Partners, Aurora Cannabis, Aurora, Alberta Cannabis Inc, REUTERS, MedMen, Zappos, United Nations, NBA, Initiative, Research, University of Western, Neuroscience, American Medical Association, University of Sydney, Viridian Capital Advisors, Market, BNN Bloomberg, Mental Health Locations: Oregon, Alberta, Canada, Orlando, York, University of Western Ontario, , Illinois , Massachusetts, New York
Egypt to free members of leading rights group - sources, state media
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CAIRO (Reuters) - Prosecutors in Egypt have ordered the release of three members of a leading human rights group who were arrested last month after the group gave a briefing to senior diplomats, judicial and security sources said. The arrests have drawn widespread public criticism from the United Nations, Western governments, and international rights campaigners. State newspaper Akhbar el-Youm also reported the decision to free the three men.
Persons: Youm Organizations: Prosecutors, United Nations, State, Akhbar Locations: CAIRO, Egypt, Western
Egypt frees members of leading rights group
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CAIRO (Reuters) - Egyptian authorities released on Thursday three members of a leading human rights organisation following widespread international criticism, the group said. Security services detained the three staff members of the Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights (EIPR), including director Gasser Abdel Razek, after the group gave a briefing to senior diplomats on Nov. 3. The detentions, on charges including joining a terrorist group and publishing false news, drew public objections from the United Nations and Western governments, and triggered a broad campaign by international rights campaigners. A security source said earlier that the three would be released pending further investigations. Sisi has said there are no political prisoners in Egypt, and that stability and security are paramount.
Persons: Gasser Abdel Razek, Abdel Razek, Karim Ennarah, Mohamed Basheer, EIPR, Antony Blinken, Joe Biden’s, Scarlett Johansson, Critics, Abdel Fattah al, Sisi Organizations: Egyptian, Personal Rights, United Nations Locations: CAIRO, Western, Cairo, Egypt
How American investors are gobbling up booming bitcoin
  + stars: | 2020-12-03 | by ( Tom Wilson | Alun John | ) + 0.00   time to read: +7 min
FILE PHOTO: Representations of virtual currency Bitcoin and U.S. dollar banknotes are seen in this picture illustration taken January 27, 2020. It is North American investors who have been the bigger winners in the 165% rally this year. Weekly net inflows of bitcoin - a proxy for new buyers - to platforms serving mostly North American users have jumped over 7,000 times this year to over 216,000 bitcoin worth $3.4 billion in mid-November, data compiled for Reuters shows. Others also point out that cryptocurrency trading is highly opaque compared to traditional assets and patchily regulated, making comprehensive data on the emerging sector rare. Nonetheless, Chainalysis found North American trading volumes at major exchanges - those with the most blockchain activity - had eclipsed East Asia’s this year.
Persons: Bitcoin, Dado Ruvic Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto, Chainalysis, , Ciara Sun, James Quinn, “ You’re, Curtis Ting, Christopher Matta, 3iQ, Leo Weese, OKEx, Lennix Lai, Yuzo Kano Organizations: Reuters, REUTERS, Q9, North, cryptocurrencies, , New, Blockchain Research, Hong Kong Bitcoin Association Locations: HONG KONG, North America, East Asia, East, China, Japan, South Korea, American, bitcoin, U.S, United States, Europe, Hong Kong, Seychelles, Western Europe, North America’s, New York, Canadian, Asia, Hoh, Korea, Beijing, Malta, Tokyo
A renowned wine touring region that welcomes kids
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Even with this level of sophistication, the estate welcomes kids to play on its rolling lawns. The growing brewery scene in Margaret River is even more casual than the wineries, and just as kid-friendly. Originally a dairy farming region, Margaret River has several well-known cheese producers. Gabriel Chocolate is generous with samples and has a café that sells hot chocolate, chocolate chunk cookies, gelato and coffee. Other things to doLearn to surf at Margaret River Surf School.
Persons: aren't, Margaret River, Amanda Keady, Keady, Kelly Harwood, Joanne Davies, Silje, Margaret River Brewhouse, Margaret River's, Christopher Kimmel, Marianna Massey, Alana Langworthy, Olio Bello, Gabriel Chocolate, Vasse Felix, GREG, There's, Rosa Brook Bushlands Organizations: Windows, Scottish Highland, Breweries, Getty, Eagle Bay Brewing, Corbis, Yallingup Cheese Company, Yallingup, Cheese, Kangaroos, Surf, Bushtucker Tours Locations: Australia, Rivendell, ., Margaret, Margaret River, Western Australia
Deborah Gonzalez has made history several times over by winning the runoff in her race for district attorney in Georgia. Gonzalez told NBC News her win Tuesday for Western Judicial Circuit district attorney makes her the first Latina to be elected a district attorney in the state, the first woman to serve as a district attorney in the circuit and the first Puerto Rican woman in the country to be elected a district attorney. Gonzalez was able to compete for district attorney after the state’s Supreme Court ruled unanimously in her favor in her lawsuit against Georgia Gov. But Gonzalez won more than double the votes than Chafin in Clarke County, the Georgia secretary of state’s results show. "I have the highest admiration and respect for Deborah Gonzalez and especially for her win as district attorney," said Brenda Lopez Romero, who became the first Latina elected to Georgia's General Assembly when she was elected in 2017.
Persons: Deborah Gonzalez, Gonzalez, Brian Kemp, James Chafin, , ” Gonzalez, Brenda Lopez Romero, Lopez Romero, Joe Biden’s, Bill Clinton Organizations: NBC News, Western Judicial Circuit, Puerto, Georgia Gov, Republican, Democrat, Georgia House District, DA, Chafin, Latina, General Assembly, Democratic, U.S . Senate, NBC, Facebook, Twitter Locations: Georgia, Puerto Rican, Clarke County, Athens, Oconee County, Oconee county, Oconee
With no Lebanese political progress, France pushes aid meeting
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FILE PHOTO: French President Emmanuel Macron speaks during a news conference on the political situation in Lebanon in Paris, France September 27, 2020. Having seen deadlines to form a government pass and political talks stall, Macron opted to go ahead with an aid conference to take stock of the situation. However, officials have made it clear that Lebanon will not be bailed out without reforms and that any aid will only be to help recovery. A fund managed by the World Bank will also be created in the coming weeks to channel humanitarian aid through U.N. agencies and nongovernmental organisations. “When there’s no Plan B, France always organises a conference,” said a Western diplomat, adding that the Lebanon situation was unlikely to evolve before a new U.S. administration was firmly in place.
Persons: Emmanuel Macron, Lewis Joly, , Macron Organizations: PARIS, REUTERS, United Nations, World Bank Locations: Lebanon, Paris, France, United States, French, U.N, Western, U.S
Lebanese political stalemate leaves France pushing aid meeting
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PARIS (Reuters) - President Emmanuel Macron will try to revive a French initiative on Lebanon when he hosts an international aid conference on Wednesday evening, but with the country’s fractious political class bickering, hopes of a breakthrough appear slim. FILE PHOTO: French President Emmanuel Macron speaks during a news conference on the political situation in Lebanon following Lebanon's Prime Minister-designate Moustapha Adib resignation, in Paris, France September 27, 2020. “To borrow or lend money you need trust and trust isn’t there,” a French presidential official told reporters in a briefing. He is due to visit French troops operating as part of a U.N. peacekeeping mission in Lebanon around Dec. 20, diplomats said. Having seen deadlines to form a government pass and political talks stall, Macron opted to go ahead with an aid conference to take stock of the situation.
Persons: Emmanuel Macron, Moustapha Adib, Lewis Joly, , Macron Organizations: PARIS, Lebanon's, REUTERS, United Nations, International Monetary Fund Locations: Lebanon, Paris, France, United States, French, “ Lebanon, Western, U.S
The captain of the California dive boat that caught fire in 2019, killing 34 people on a weekend trip, has been indicted on seaman's manslaughter counts, prosecutors said Tuesday. Thirty-three passengers and one crew member died after the fire erupted on the Conception, a 75-foot diving vessel, early Sept. 2 off the coast of Santa Cruz Island. The indictment alleges misconduct and negligence, including the failure to have a night watch or patrol — something that federal transportation safety officials had also highlighted in October. The National Transportation Safety Board had also faulted the U.S. Coast Guard for not enforcing the requirement to post a roving night watchman. The federal transportation safety board's report concludes that most were awake but could not escape before being overcome.
Persons: Jerry Nehl Boylan, Boylan, Jennifer Homendy, Captain Boylan, Nick Hanna Organizations: National Transportation Safety, U.S . Coast Guard, Labor, NTSB, Aquatics, Inc, Coast Guard Locations: California, Santa Cruz, U.S, Los Angeles, Santa Barbara
SINGAPORE (Reuters) - Singapore has given U.S. start-up Eat Just the greenlight to sell its lab-grown chicken meat, in what the firm says is the world’s first regulatory approval for so-called clean meat that does not come from slaughtered animals. Demand for alternatives to regular meat is surging due to concerns about health, animal welfare and the environment. Plant-based substitutes, popularised by the likes of Beyond Meat, Impossible Foods and Quorn, increasingly feature on supermarket shelves and restaurant menus. The Singapore Food Agency said it had reviewed data relating to process, manufacturing control and safety testing before granting approval. Founded in 2011, Eat Just counts Hong Kong tycoon Li Ka-shing and Singapore state investor Temasek among its backers.
Persons: Josh Tetrick, , , Li Ka, Tetrick, Japan’s, Bill Gates, Richard Branson, Henry Soesanto Organizations: Foods, Singapore Food Agency, Temasek, Barclays, U.S, Japan’s SoftBank, Nissin Corp Locations: SINGAPORE, Singapore, Singapore “, Quorn, San Francisco, U.S, United States, Western Europe, Hong Kong, shing, Memphis, Philippines
Denmark went so far as to cull 17 million minks in November in response to outbreaks at more than 200 mink farms. The northern region of the country, where most fur farms lie, was placed under strict lockdowns. And across the Atlantic, mink farms in the U.S. are seeing Covid-19 spread and deaths of their own. At fur farms, minks are densely packed in conditions ripe for close contact with one another. Culling is often the answer when data on animal spread is inconclusive.
Persons: Jeppe Kofod, Here’s what’s, Mink, Henrik Nordgaard Hansen, Ann, Mona Kulsoe Larsen, Mads Claus Rasmussen, Ritzau Scanpix, Jonathan Runstadler, ” Runstadler, hasn’t, Runstadler, Scott Weese, ” Weese, it’s, Kevin Hoffman, Hoffman, “ we’re, ” Hoffman, there’s, , Zombie, that’s, you’ve, , Morten Stricker, Scanpix, Martin, Mette Frederiksen, ” Ashley Byrne, ” Byrne, Marc Kaufman, ” Kaufman Organizations: Tufts University Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine, Ontario Veterinary, Wisconsin’s Division, Animal Health, AFP, Getty, BBC, PETA Locations: Denmark, Danish, Western Denmark, U.S, Naestved, minks, Wisconsin, Taylor County, Holstebro, New York City, Copenhagen, Russia, China
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The United States’ anti-drug policy in Latin America needs to change if Washington is to effectively combat a problem worsened by the COVID-19 pandemic, a U.S. congressional commission will say in a bipartisan report coming out this week. The 117-page report urges “smarter” interagency policies led by the U.S. State Department to reduce the supply of dangerous drugs. “An increasingly complex threat requires a more agile, adaptive long-term strategy,” the Western Hemisphere Drug Policy Commission said in the report, seen by Reuters ahead of its release. For example, some efforts to eradicate production of coca have moved production, and associated violence, to new communities. And law enforcement efforts targeting drug-gang leaders, or kingpins, have at times fractured drug cartels, leading to more violence as gang members fight for control.
Persons: , Joe Biden, Donald Trump’s Organizations: WASHINGTON, United, U.S . State Department, Western Hemisphere Drug Policy Commission, Reuters, Democratic, Republican, Representatives, Venezuela Locations: United States, Latin America, Washington, U.S, Colombia, Mexico, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Cuba
HOUSTON/NEW YORK (Reuters) - Higher natural gas futures prices for 2021 and a continued glut of crude oil are prodding U.S. shale firms to boost gas drilling and production. REUTERS/Shannon Stapleton/File PhotoShale producers are increasing spending on natural gas, a change from the past, amid forecasts for a 45% jump in gas prices next year compared to a 15% gain for Brent prices. The number of U.S. rigs drilling for natural gas, an indicator of future output, has climbed 13% to 77 since July. Natural gas “has not been hit as hard as crude,” by the COVID-19 pandemic, said Bernadette Johnson, a vice president at data provider Enverus. GAS SHARES CLIMBGas prices are benefiting in part from oil drilling cutbacks that reduced associated gas, or gas produced as a byproduct of oil output.
Persons: Shannon Stapleton, Brent, , Christopher Kalnin, Banpu Kalnin, Baker Hughes, Marcellus, Raymond James, Bernadette Johnson, Ken Boedeker, Eugene Kim, Wood Mackenzie Organizations: HOUSTON, REUTERS, Organization of, Petroleum, Continental Resources, Oklahoma . Apache Corp, Denver, Kalnin Ventures, Devon Energy, Bank of America, U.S . Energy, Administration, Wood, Resources, Southwestern Energy Co, P Oil & Gas Exploration Locations: Western Pennsylvania, Union City , Pennsylvania, U.S, OPEC, Oklahoma, Texas, Louisiana, Raymond James .
U.S. dollar drops to lowest in more than two years
  + stars: | 2020-11-30 | by ( Gertrude Chavez-Dreyfuss | ) + 0.00   time to read: +3 min
Continued month-end dollar selling has also undermined the dollar on Monday, as global fund managers rebalanced their portfolios amid sharp gains in U.S. stocks, analysts said. Hopes for further stimulus and a series of positive COVID-19 vaccine announcements has seen global market sentiment rally this month, prompting the dollar to fall and riskier currencies to strengthen. On the last day of the month, the dollar index was down 0.2% at 91.558The euro rose to three-month highs versus the dollar of $1.20. The dollar was flat to slightly lower against the Chinese yuan in the offshore market, at 6.5727. Meanwhile the New Zealand dollar was poised for its biggest monthly gain since late 2013, helped by a perception that the improving global economic outlook lessens the risk of negative rates.
Persons: Joe Biden’s, Rick Wilking, bitcoin, Joe Manimbo, Biden, Joe Biden, Janet Yellen, , Marc Chandler Organizations: YORK, REUTERS, Western Union Business Solutions, Reserve, , Treasury, European Central Bank, U.S, ECB, Bannockburn Global Forex, New Zealand, European Union Locations: Westminster , Colorado, Washington, Bannockburn, Britain
John Fetterman, Pennsylvania's lieutenant governor, spoke to Business Insider about President Donald Trump, voter fraud, criminal justice reform, and his state's East vs. West rivalry. In 2024, however, he fully expects Donald Trump to be a candidate for US president. And I think that's one of the main missing links and criminal justice conversation in America today. If Donald Trump tweeted one plus one equals three, they would put a thing saying "this is in dispute." Like, if that doesn't help my Philadelphia cred, oh my god, I don't know what I got for you.
Persons: John Fetterman, Donald Trump, Fetterman, he's, It's, I'm, Matt Rourke, — they've, there's, they've, Trump, That's, Wolf, Hillary Clinton, He's, Republicans —, Barack Obama, Gisele Fetterman, Keith Srakocic, Tom Wolf, Gov, Marc Levy, I've, you've, , Braddock, Donald Trump's, they'll, They're, we're, Hugo Chavez, Dan Patrick, hasn't, Joe Biden, You've, that's, it's, Bill O'Leary, Sheetz, McBeam, Gritty, Steely McBeam, Matt Rourke Real, Biden Organizations: Business, AP, White, Republicans, Gov, Pennsylvania, CNN, Trump, Biden, Democratic Senate, Twitter, American, Steelers, Eagles, Washington, Philadelphia, West, Pittsburgh, Penguins, Philadelphia Eagles, Pittsburgh Steelers, Philadelphia Flyers, Gritty, Farm, Republican, GSA, The New York Times, Republican Party, Fox News Locations: Pennsylvania, Harrisburg, Pa, Luzerne County, Braddock , PA, America, Braddock, Philadelphia, United States, Texas, Philly, Wawa, Western Pennsylvania, Southeastern Pennsylvania, Turkey, Sheetz, Western
This is part of Iran's longstanding campaign to amass foreign — particularly US and European — hostages so they can be used as pawns in future diplomatic deals with their countries, US and European officials told Insider. "Iran thinks it will always be treated like a pariah state by the West," the official added. A funeral ceremony of Iranian Top nuclear scientist, Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, in Tehran, Iran on November 30, 2020. Moore-Gilbert familyIran's playbook — according to the US official, and seconded by the European intelligence official — for dual citizens were obvious:They would be interrogated for information about Western activities in Iran. Journalists have also been arrested, said the European intelligence official, pointing to dual-national Americans who have arrested and imprisoned in Tehran.
Persons: Kylie Moore, Gilbert, , Israel, Moore, Iran's, Trump, Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, Fakhrizadeh, They've, Joe, Biden, Hassan Rouhani, wasn't Organizations: Top, Iranian Defense Ministry, Anadolu Agency, Getty, Trump, Reuters, University of Melbourne, Journalists, Intelligence, US Locations: Iran, Thailand, European, Tehran, British, Bangkok, Australia, Britain, Europe, Israel
Field narrows for global miner Rio Tinto's top job
  + stars: | 2020-11-29 | by ( Melanie Burton | Helen Reid | ) + 0.00   time to read: +3 min
FILE PHOTO: The Rio Tinto logo is displayed on a visitor's helmet at a borates mine in Boron, California, U.S., November 15, 2019. Some leading mining chief executives such as Newmont Corp’s Tom Palmer and Anglo American’s Mark Cutifani have publicly ruled themselves out, while Newcrest Mining’s Sandeep Biswas has said he is very happy where he is. Given community relations issues across the sector, some favour a new CEO from outside mining. Some investors believe a candidate out of left field is also a possibility, and point to precedents. Iron ore miner Fortescue’s Elizabeth Gaines came from the travel industry, although she had spent time on the board, while the former CEO of Denmark’s oil and gas giant Orsted came from Lego and the financial industry.
Persons: Patrick T, Brian Gilvary, Stephen Pearce, Andrew Cole, Nev Power, , George Cheveley, Jean, Sébastien Jacques, Tom Palmer, Mark Cutifani, Newcrest Mining’s Sandeep Biswas, Doug McMurdo, Simon Thomson’s, Elizabeth Gaines Organizations: MELBOURNE, Rio Tinto, REUTERS, BP, OZ Minerals, Fortescue Metals, Local Authority, Fund Locations: JOHANNESBERG, Rio, Boron , California, U.S, American, London, China, Mongolia, Guinea, Bougainville, Western Australia
"This program is an absolute game changer for New Mexico," Lujan Grisham said at the time. Students like Emily Jaramillo, 18, who was a high school senior when the free college plan was announced, suddenly felt like they were out of options. Juarez-Alonzo, who is involved in local climate activism, described the free college plan as a "hostage situation," in which his future was being funded by the very thing he thought would kill it. "I wasn't trying to bank on the fact that our governor had promised free college, because I didn't think the money was always going to be there," he said. Lujan Grisham's office said it was too busy handling the Covid-19 crisis to comment on whether she still plans to pursue the free college plan.
Persons: Michelle Lujan Grisham, Lujan Grisham, Grisham, Emily Jaramillo, Jaramillo, Sen, Antoinette Sedillo Lopez, I'm, Sedillo Lopez, Kyle Tisdel, Jonathon Juarez, he's, Alonzo, Lujan Grisham's, Ryan Flynn, she's Organizations: New York Times, Gov, Republican, New, National Public, fracking, Oil & Gas Association, Western Environmental Law, University of New, Democrat, Department of Higher Education Locations: Mexico, New Mexico, New Mexican, Pueblo, tanked, Texas, Taos, University of New Mexico, Juarez, Isleta
Canceling Student Debt Would Be a ‘Brahmin Bailout’
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Mr. Piketty refers to this new base as the “Brahmin left,” as in the Indian upper caste. Strong performance in the educated suburbs allowed the Democrats to capture new territory, including Arizona and Georgia. Canceling student debt would play well with the Democrats’ growing base of educated elites. Matt Bruenig, founder of the left-wing People’s Policy Project, writes that forgiving student debt is “possibly the least effective stimulus imaginable on a dollar-for-dollar basis,” because “normal stimulus measures try to put money in people’s pockets so that they can spend it. But student debt forgiveness does not do this.
Persons: Thomas Piketty, , Piketty, Chuck Schumer, Schumer, Joe Biden, Democratic Party ? Sen, Elizabeth Warren, Jason Furman, Obama, , Matt Bruenig Organizations: Democratic Party, Republicans, Democrats, Democratic Party ?, of Economic Advisers Locations: France, U.S, Western Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Ohio, Illinois, Wisconsin, Arizona, Georgia
Previously, Alexander worked as Press Secretary for the United Nations Foundation, Press Secretary to Democratic National Committee Chairman Terry McAuliffe, Communications Director for Congressman Adam Schiff, and Deputy Press Secretary for Senator Chuck Schumer. Kate Bedingfield, White House Communications DirectorKate Bedingfield served as Deputy Campaign Manager and Communications Director for the Biden-Harris Campaign. She served as Communications Director for Vice President Biden and as Associate Communications Director, Deputy Director of Media Affairs, and the Director of Response in the Obama-Biden White House. Jen Psaki, White House Press SecretaryJen Psaki currently oversees the confirmations team for the Biden-Harris Transition. During the Obama-Biden administration, Psaki held several senior roles, including White House Communications Director, State Department Spokesperson under then-Secretary of State John Kerry, Deputy White House Communications Director and Deputy White House Press Secretary during the financial crisis.
Persons: Kate Bedingfield, Symone Sanders, Kamala Harris, , Harris, Trump, Elizabeth E, Lady Elizabeth E, Alexander, Obama, Biden, Terry McAuliffe, Adam Schiff, Chuck Schumer, Bedingfield, Jeanne Shaheen, John Edwards, Ashley Etienne, Etienne, Nancy Pelosi, Obama's, Pelosi, Karine Jean Pierre, Karine Jean, Pierre, Joe Biden, Jean, Martin O'Malley, Jen Psaki, Psaki, John Kerry, John Kerry's, Joe Crowley, Mary, Sanders, Bernie Sanders's, Pili Tobar, Tobar, Charles E, Schumer, Ruben Gallego Organizations: Biden, Trump White House, Alexander, Communications, Press, Biden's, Capitol, U.S, Attorneys, Attorney, Eastern, of, United Nations Foundation, Democratic National, Harris Campaign, FTI Consulting, Texas, M University, Georgetown University Law Center, White House Communications, Media Affairs, Obama, Biden White, Senate, National Press, Regional Press, Democratic Congressional, Democrats, Corporate Communications, Motion, Association of America, Monumental Sports, Entertainment, University of Virginia, Democratic, House Democrats, Committee, Corporation for National and Community Service, Dewey Square Group, Etienne & Associates, Sam Houston State University, Johns Hopkins University, Staff, Public, NBC, MSNBC, White, Political Affairs, Battleground, Regional, Initiative, Legislative, Budget Affairs, New, New York City Council, Center for Community, Corporate, Columbia University, White House Press, Carnegie Endowment, International Peace, CNN, College of William, Coalition of Juvenile, Federal, Juvenile, Creighton University, America's, Hispanic Media, National, Western Regional Press, Democratic National Committee, Latino, University of Miami Locations: Washington , DC, Alexandria, Virginia, of Virginia, Texas, Bethesda , Maryland, Georgia, Washington ,, New York, Martinique, U.S, Nebraska, Washington, Florida, Guatemala, Tobar
Montenegro declares Serbia's ambassador persona non grata
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BELGRADE (Reuters) - Montenegro on Saturday declared Serbia’s ambassador persona non grata for interfering with the country’s internal affairs, the ministry of interior said in a statement. Following the announcement, Serbia declared persona non grata the Montenegrin ambassador to Serbia and gave him 72 hours to leave the country. It stayed in a union with Serbia after Yugoslavia fell apart in the early 1990’s, and declared independence in 2006. The outgoing government that expelled Vladimir Bozovic will be succeeded by a new pro-Serb cabinet of the parties that won elections in August. It will not be able to form a government for the first time since 1990, when a multi-party system was introduced.
Persons: Montenegro’s, Vladimir Bozovic, Milo Djukanovic Organizations: BELGRADE, Reuters, Saturday, Yugoslavia, Western Democratic Party of Socialists Locations: Montenegro, Serbia, Montenegrin, Serbian, Yugoslavia
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