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A dozen Palestinian families face expulsions from the occupied East Jerusalem area of Sheikh Jarrah. Rasha Budeiri and her mother often reminisce on the intergenerational, cheerful memories that define their family's history in Sheikh Jarrah, a close-knit Palestinian neighborhood in East Jerusalem. May 15 marks the 73rd anniversary of the Nakba, during a week in which Palestinians have mobilized globally to save Sheikh Jarrah. In a statement addressing the current expulsions in Sheikh Jarrah, the UN said Israel's actions, "may amount to war crimes." By 2002, 43 families had been evicted from the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood, the Middle East Eye reported.
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Indeed, Israel’s Supreme Court was slated to rule Monday on whether the Palestinians could be expelled but delayed the decision because of the violence. Palestinians argue that it is unfair that Jews can reclaim land or homes they owned in East Jerusalem before 1948 but Palestinians have no legal means to reclaim land they owned in West Jerusalem or anywhere else in Israel before 1948. Clashes over these sacred dates and sacred spaces would be incendiary enough, but they were also fueled, as I said, by scenes on TikTok. In April, some Palestinian youths uploaded a short video of themselves assaulting an Orthodox Jew on public transportation, as a way of inspiring copycat attacks. By the way, the Biden administration has no interest right now in being forced to react to those headlines.
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REUTERS/Ammar AwadA putrid stench hangs over Sheikh Jarrah, a tiny neighbourhood of East Jerusalem where protesters are trying to prevent Israel evicting eight Palestinian families and letting Jews move in. read moreIt has also made Sheikh Jarrah an emblem of what Palestinians see as an Israeli campaign to force them out of East Jerusalem. A tree-lined area of sandstone homes, foreign consulates and luxury hotels, Sheikh Jarrah lies about 500 metres (550 yards) from the Old City's Damascus Gate. It's happening all over again," said Sheikh Jarrah resident Khaled Hamad, 30. Salem Barahmeh, a member of the Palestinian youth movement Generation for Democratic Renewal, said Sheikh Jarrah was "mobilising young Palestinians in Palestine and all over the world."
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An Israeli border policeman scuffles with a Palestinian protester during clashes amid ongoing tension ahead of an upcoming court hearing in an Israeli-Palestinian land-ownership dispute in the Sheikh Jarrah neighbourhood of East Jerusalem May 3, 2021. Sheikh Jarrah sits just outside Jerusalem's walled Old City, near the famous Damascus Gate. The area includes many Palestinian homes and apartment buildings as well as hotels, restaurants and consulates. Damascus Gate saw nightly clashes between Palestinians and Israeli police in April over a dispute over access to the gate's ampitheatre-style square. Palestinians want East Jerusalem as the capital of a future state and most countries regard settlements that Israel has built there as illegal.
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