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“Nomadland,” Chloé Zhao’s latest film, is nominally a quiet portrait of a working-class woman, Fern (played by Frances McDormand), who lives in her van and works piecemeal manual labor jobs along the West Coast. No longer housed inside of four solid walls, with little steady income, Fern is making due where her old life left off — sort of. Then, while working a seasonal gig at Amazon, Fern meets an older woman, Linda May, who befriends Fern almost against her will. “I like work.”What happens when the house in which you’ve lived is taken away, when the Social Security you’ve paid into for 50 years isn’t enough to retire on? It’s clear Fern, like many of the people she meets on the road, has lived through painful things — as have we all.
Persons: , Chloé, Fern, Frances McDormand, it’s, you’ve, Social Security you’ve, Jessica Bruder, McDormand’s Fern, , Linda May, Fern’s, McDormand, David Strathairn —, Swankie, Bob Wells, Zhao, we’ve, golfs Organizations: Social Security, Trump, Marvel Locations: West Coast, America, Empire , Nevada, American
Democrats think of themselves as the "party of science," but a lot of prominent Democratic politicians have acted like they're immune from COVID. We've come to expect COVID-denialism from Trump-sycophantic Republicans, but the brazen hypocrisy of far too many Democrats is a public health threat, because it gives COVID deniers all the motivation they need to ignore social distancing guidelines. That's why I'm not particularly shocked that so many of them have put their own personal enjoyment and political expediency ahead of public health. That's because when a prominent politician — especially one from the self-espoused "party of science" — flouts COVID restrictions, it carries consequences. With some exceptions, social distancing restrictions are the most effective way to mitigate the spread of the coronavirus.
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Do We Need Football in America This Badly?
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Why not play at night, giving players who have barely practiced in recent days more time to prepare, decreasing their risk of injury? The San Francisco 49ers will play their next two home games at the Arizona Cardinals’ Stadium, near Phoenix. The change of venues only makes sense for a league trying to keep a troubled season going, not from the standpoint of public health. Trying to play without the benefit of an N.B.A.-style restricted environment, he said “is an exercise not just in futility, but in danger.”Agreed. It would be better to pause the season now, retool the health protocols and wait out the coming storm.
Persons: , Angela Rasmussen, Eric Topol, Organizations: NBC, Rockefeller Center, San Francisco 49ers, Arizona Cardinals ’, 49ers, Georgetown Center, Global Health, Security, , Scripps Research Locations: West Coast, Phoenix, Santa Clara County, Calif, Maricopa County, Ariz
The two shared their experience helping wealthy parents get their kids into competitive preschools — a time and money investment that's often as cutthroat as getting into college. "Those who think the sparkle of celebrity might help produce letters of recommendation from Bill Clinton," Adams said. "I know a West Coast-based family who was wholly committed to First Presbyterian long before they even had kids," Chanin said. After having kids who were old enough to participate, they signed their kids up for Sunday School for several years." "Those who think the sparkle of celebrity might help produce letters of recommendation from Bill Clinton," Adams added.
Persons: Cindy Chanin, who's, Alina Adams, Bill Clinton, Adams, Melvin Beckman, Rainbow EDU, she's, preschools, Cassidy, unpacked, Chanin, , I've, it's, Jane Goodall, They're, mewing, they're Organizations: Yorker, Rainbow, Rainbow EDU Consulting, High School, Los Angeles Magazine, Sunshine, Bel Air Presbyterian, Beverly Hills Presbyterian, Children, Presbyterian Nursery School, Center, Early Education, Montessori, Ivy League of, Recruiting, Sunday School, United Nations, UN, New York Yankee, Business Locations: LA, Los Angeles, New York City, New York, San Francisco, Los, Beverly, Ivy League of preschools, West Coast, Hamilton, COVID, Manhattan, underfoot
Those not offering discounted flights are offering sale prices or bonuses when purchasing points or miles. Those not offering flight discounts are selling discounted points and miles through their loyalty programs. Keyes expects true international travel deals to return once there's a firm light at the end of the tunnel for the pandemic. Lukas Wunderlich/Shutterstock.comUnited is offering to match mileage purchases through its MileagePlus program instead of offering flight discounts. Markus Mainka / Shutterstock.comHawaiian is running a standard flight sale, offering discounted rates on its routes between Hawaii and the mainland with no promo code required.
Persons: Liana Corwin, Hopper, Corwin, Scott Keyes, Keyes, there's, Alex Tai, Bruce Bennett, Lukas Wunderlich, Carlos Yudica, Angel, Markus Mainka, Thomas Pallini Organizations: Black, Business, Airlines, Cheap, International, Air, Delta Air Lines, Pfizer, Moderna, American Airlines American Airlines, Sky Harbor International, Getty, Delta Air Lines Airbus, United Airlines, United Airlines Boeing, Southwest Airlines Boeing, United, Alaska, Alaska Airlines An Alaska Airlines Airbus, Alaska Airlines, Alaska Airlines Visa, JetBlue Airways, JetBlue Airways Airbus, JetBlue Airways JetBlue, Hawaiian Airlines, Hawaiian Airlines Airbus, Boston, Corwin . Frontier Airlines, Frontier Airlines Airbus, Spirit Airlines, Spirit Airlines Airbus A320neo, Allegiant, Allegiant Air Airbus, Sun, Sun Country Airlines Boeing Locations: Zealand, Emirates, Atlanta, Santiago, Chile,, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Alaska Airlines, Angel, Angel Alaska, California, West, New York, West Coast, San Francisco, Alaska, Hawaii, East, Honolulu, Hawaiian
Business InsiderThe pandemic has encouraged a spike in demand for virtual learning materials as people are stuck at home and craving cultural stimulation. This is article is part of a series called Small Business Ingenuity, which is focused on helping small businesses digitally transform. When the pandemic forced small businesses across the country to shut their doors, those that could sell their products online through ecommerce began promptly doing so. The business expanded to 14 locations along the East and West Coasts, but when the pandemic struck, the small business pivoted to offering Instagram Live workouts. Rather than simply push their wines online, the Garretts bundled their wines with tasting sessions.
Persons: Serrano, ecommerce, Luke Rosa, Rosa, Livestreaming, Noah Neiman, Neiman, Steve Whipple, Whipple, Sarah, Brice Garrett Organizations: YouTube, Business, Rumble, NPR Locations: New York City, West Coasts, Serrano Wines
Alaska Airlines to lease 13 new Boeing 737-9 MAX aircraft
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FILE PHOTO: An Alaska Airlines Boeing 737-400 plane is shown on final approach to land in San Diego, California April 4, 2016. Alaska Air Group Inc said on Monday that it would buy Virgin America Inc for $2.6 billion to compete more effectively with larger airlines and become the top carrier on the U.S. West Coast. REUTERS/Mike Blake/File Photo(Reuters) - Alaska Air Group Inc said on Monday it would lease 13 new Boeing 737-9 MAX planes from aircraft lessor Air Lease Corp, with deliveries of the jets starting from the fourth quarter of 2021 through 2022. The airline’s move to lease new 737 MAX planes comes after the United States last week lifted a 20-month-old flight ban on the aircraft. As part of the lease agreement, Alaska Air said it would sell 10 Airbus A320s to Air Lease.
Persons: Mike Blake Organizations: Alaska Airlines Boeing, Alaska Air Group Inc, Virgin America Inc, U.S ., REUTERS, Boeing, Air Lease Corp, United, Alaska Air, Air Lease Locations: San Diego , California, U.S . West Coast, United States
Alaska Airlines leases 13 Boeing 737 MAX jets after ungrounding
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Boeing has identified Alaska Air as one of the candidates to buy the 737 MAX jet along with Southwest Airlines, Delta Air Lines and Ryanair, the sources said. In an interview with the Financial Times on Sunday, Delta Air Lines’ Chief Executive Officer Ed Bastian hinted at the possibility of purchasing 737 MAX planes. Alaska Air, which is based in Boeing’s main commercial factory city of Seattle, said it expects deliveries of the 13 737 MAX jets to start from the fourth quarter of 2021 and continue through 2022. The company’s 13 leased 737 MAX aircraft will be in addition to the 32 737 MAX jets it currently has on order with Boeing, Alaska Air said, adding that it expects to be flying five 737 MAX planes by summer of 2021. Reuters in October reported that Boeing was in discussions to sell 737 MAX jets to Alaska Air.
Persons: Mike Blake, planemaker, Ed Bastian Organizations: Alaska Airlines Boeing, Alaska Air Group Inc, Virgin America Inc, U.S ., REUTERS, Boeing, Air Lease Corp, U.S, Air Lease, Virgin America, Alaska Air, Southwest Airlines, Delta Air Lines, Ryanair, Financial Times, Delta Air Lines ’, Reuters Locations: San Diego , California, U.S . West Coast, Alaska, U.S, Delta, Seattle
Keene said her son feared an apocalypse, or zombie invasion, and asked to be kept in a room with no windows. “I sort of joke that like, possibly my son was the only person actually having a sane reaction,” Keene said. “I was like, ‘Well, you could call it a mental health crisis or you could call it sane.’”A home bursts into flames from the Shady Fire as it approaches Santa Rosa, Calif., on Sept. 28, 2020. That is a way saying the more bad stuff that happens to you, the greater the odds are that you will develop serious mental health problems,” Taylor said. The wildfire caused the evacuation of 40,000 residents, killing four people and five are still missin.
Persons: Meg Keene, ” Keene, Keene, , Samuel Corum, , Steven Taylor, ” Taylor, we've, Amy Scott, Philip Pacheco, Taylor, ’ ” Taylor, Jamie Thrower, Tubbs, Oregon.Thrower, ” Thrower, Thrower, Ron Shumacher, Kate Brown, it's Organizations: Northern California ., Practical Media Inc, NBC News, West Coast, NBC, Oakland, Getty, Research, University of British, Oregon Gov Locations: Northern California, Northern California . Keene, West, Santa Rosa, Calif, AFP, Berkeley, West Coast, University of British Columbia, California, San Francisco, Sonoma County, Oakland, Portland, Gates, Salem, Ore, Oregon
Curaleaf, the largest US cannabis company by market cap, will have a new CEO on January 1 — Joseph Bayern is taking over for Joseph Lusardi. Bayern told Business Insider that he's focused on expanding Curaleaf's presence in Northeastern states like New Jersey, Massachusetts, and New York. Curaleaf, the largest US cannabis company by market value, has a new Joseph taking the reins as CEO. Curaleaf President Joseph Bayern, who joined the company in December of 2019, will be taking over from Joseph Lusardi effective on January 1. Over the past two years, Curaleaf closed an $830 million deal to buy Grassroots Cannabis, and spent $949 million on West Coast cannabis company Cura Partners, building up the biggest cannabis company in the US under the leadership of Lusardi.
Persons: Joseph Bayern, Joseph Lusardi, Bayern, Joseph, he's, Read, Cowen, Vivien Azer, Curaleaf, Mississippians, Biden, Andrew Cuomo, Organizations: Bayern, Business, Cannabis, ., New, Cadbury Schweppes, Snapple Beverage Company, Grassroots Cannabis, West, Cura Partners, Lusardi Locations: New Jersey , Massachusetts, New York . New York, York, New Jersey, Arizona, Massachusetts, Philadelphia, New York City, New York, Pennsylvania, VOSS, Norwegian, West Coast, Curaleaf
Singapore Airlines is growing its US route network with increased flights to the West Coast starting next month. Singapore Airlines has served the US for nearly half a century, growing to six cities and nine routes before the pandemic. In 2018, Singapore Airlines began introducing more non-stop flights to American cities, bringing the two countries closer together by cutting down travel times. That year saw the resumption of the world's longest non-stop flight between Singapore and Newark in October and non-stop flights between Singapore and Los Angeles. Singapore Airlines is awaiting 15 more jets on order from Airbus, including seven of the ULRs.
Persons: Joey Seow, Seow Organizations: Singapore Airlines, West Coast, Pfizer, Moderna, Singapore -, US, Business, Cargo, JFK Airport, Airbus Locations: San Francisco, Los Angeles, Singapore, New York, West Coast ., Singapore - Los Angeles, Americas, Newark, Seattle, Modena, Southeast Asia, York, Los
What Goldbelly offersEvery region has its own delicacies — Philly cheesesteaks, New York bagels, Kansas City barbecue — and Goldbelly is on a mission to make these local foods available to everyone, regardless of location. How Goldbelly worksGoldbellyHead over to Goldbelly and you'll be met with a page filled with drool-worthy pictures of delicious eats from all over the country. Choose by category of food, what's popular at the moment, iconic shops, or check out one of Goldbelly's curated gift guides. The lobster meat prices were similar to online grocery store prices, but with the added benefit that the meat was fresh from Maine. We ordered two pounds of lobster meat and that was enough to make six rolls with generous piles of meat.
Persons: cheesesteak, Dad, we'll, Philly, Lou Malnati's, Pat LaFrieda —, you'll, Goldbelly's, it's, Goldbelly We've, Remi Rosmarin, New York bagels, I'd, Jada Wong, I've, you'd, Goldbelly Organizations: Phillies, Kansas City, Subscription, Shipping Locations: Maine, New York, United States, , New York bagels, Kansas, Seattle, West Coast, East Coast, Goldbelly, Chicago
U.S. housing starts blow past expectations; COVID-19 poses risk
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FILE PHOTO: A new apartment building housing construction site is seen in Los Angeles, California, U.S. July 30, 2018. Housing starts rose 4.9% to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 1.530 million units last month. Economists polled by Reuters had forecast starts would rise to a rate of 1.460 million units in October. BIGGER FOOTPRINTThough the housing market accounts for a fraction of gross domestic product, it has a bigger economic footprint. The 30-year fixed mortgage rate is around an average of 2.84%, according to data from mortgage finance agency Freddie Mac.
Persons: Lucy Nicholson, , Chris Rupkey, Mark Vitner, , Freddie Mac, Matthew Pointon Organizations: WASHINGTON, REUTERS, Commerce Department, Reuters, Housing, West, Wells, Wells Fargo Securities, Mortgage, Association, Capital Economics, Realtors Locations: Los Angeles , California, U.S, United States, New York, homebuilding, Midwest, Homebuilding, Northeast, West Coast, Wells Fargo, Charlotte , North Carolina
U.S. Exporters Coming Up Empty in Scramble for Outbound Containers
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Container shipping companies seeking to keep pace with the strong demand for goods from China are rushing to unpack and return to Asia the containers, industry officials say. That leaves fewer boxes available for American exporters to stuff with soybeans, lumber, cotton and other products. U.S. imports from China, for instance, include big volumes of electronics, apparel, toys and other manufactured goods. “Ships from China to the U.S. are full and there is high demand for empty boxes in China. “We have containers stacked six-units high and the dwell time at the terminal has almost doubled to more than four days.
Persons: , Peter Friedmann, Nils Haupt, Gene Seroka, Seroka, We’ve, Steve Ferreira, Costas Paris Organizations: Container, Agriculture Transportation Coalition, Pacific ., U.S . West, Lloyd AG, , Big U.S, National Retail Federation, Hackett Associates, Port of Long Beach, New, Ocean Audit, Locations: China, Asia, Pacific . U.S, U.S, U.S . West Coast, Los Angeles, Shanghai, Big, of Los Angeles, It’s, Port of Long, South Korea, Singapore, New York
Wealthy leisure travelers are returning to the skies in private jets this winter to escape for the holidays. Business Insider polled some of the country's leading private jet firms to see where they're heading. After a summer of unusual flying patterns, private jet firms are reporting a return to the traditional destinations for the winter. Westend61/Getty ImagesLas Vegas is the top getaway spot in Nevada, according to Silver Air Private Jets. Sylvain Cordier / Gamma-Rapho via Getty ImagesBozeman is once again joining the list of popular destinations for Flexjet as the primary point of entry for flyers heading to Montana.
Persons: Megan Wolf, Jet Linx, Walter Bibikow, Pola Damonte, Sylvain Cordier Organizations: Business, Silver Air Private Jets, Getty, Jet, Sunshine State, Lucas, Southern, Sweet, Magellan Jets, FDA, Hawaiian Tourism Authority, Turks, Embassy, Zion, California Santa, Getty Images Bozeman, Yellowstone National Locations: Caribbean, London, Paris, Venice, Colorado Aspen , Colorado, Colorado, Aspen, Eagle, Colorado, East, Florida Palm Beach , Florida, Florida, FXAIR, Palm Beach, Naples, New York, Palm, United States, Mexico Cancun, Mexico, Los Cabos, Cabo San Lucas, Cancun, Puerto Vallarta, Cabo, West Coast, Mexico . Hawaii Maui, Hawaii, Coast, Honolulu, Kona, Caribbean Nassau, Bahamas, Pola, Nassau, Dominican Republic, Turks, Caicos, The Bahamas, Nevada Las Vegas , Nevada, Nevada, Los Angeles, Sin City, Las Vegas, Utah, Arizona, Death, California, California Santa Monica , California, Southern California, San Diego, , Georgia, Georgia, Savannah, Jacksonville , Florida, St, Montana Bozeman , Montana, Flexjet, Montana, Bozeman, Big Sky
The Pleasure of Phasing Into Retirement
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But before I explain how I haven’t lived up to the ideal of a phased retirement, let me first answer a more-basic question: What exactly is phased retirement, anyway? Phased retirement (sometimes called partial or gradual retirement) means you dip much more than one toe into the retirement waters, but not quite dive in headfirst. I didn’t want to take another full-time job, but I still needed modest income, so phased retirement seemed like the best option. I knew, though, that I had to prepare for phased retirement as if it was full retirement. My biggest mistake, according to Ms. D’Agostini, was taking Social Security at age 66—my “normal” retirement age.
Persons: I’ve, , Jody D’Agostini, Scott Reed, Hardy Reed, Evelyne, , Kia Sorento, D’Agostini, Reed, Horovitz Organizations: Equitable Advisors, USA, Social, Security, Cleveland Indians Locations: , Morristown, N.J, Tupelo , Miss, West Coast, Venice, San Francisco, San Diego, Falls Church, Va
A health care professional walks past an ambulance during the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic in the Manhattan borough of New York City, New York, U.S., November 13, 2020. Oregon Governor Kate Brown took the additional step of ordering social gatherings limited to no more than six people, effective immediately, a restriction she said she was prepared to enforce. “I am not asking you, I am telling you, to stop your social gatherings ... and your house parties and to limit your social interactions to six and under, not more than one household,” Brown said. “This is the fastest rate of rise we have seen in California,” said Dr. Erica Pan, the state’s acting health officer and chief epidemiologist. “Public health principles don’t change from one month to another or from one administration to another,” he said in an interview.
Persons: Joe Biden’s, Carlo Allegri, Kate Brown, ” Brown, Billy Jiminez, Andrew Cuomo, Biden, Donald Trump, “ We’re, ” Dr, Vivek Murthy, ABC’s, , Trump’s, Khalilah Gates, , Mark Ghaly, Erica Pan, epidemiologist, Robert Kim, Farley, Dr, Anthony Fauci Organizations: WASHINGTON, . West, REUTERS, Republican, America, Northwestern Memorial Hospital, Reuters, California, Human Services, University of California, ., Detroit, Locations: . West Coast, Manhattan, New York City , New York, U.S, COVID, United States, California , Oregon, Washington, . Oregon, New York, Chicago, California, Texas, , epidemiologist . Illinois, Florida, Los Angeles, . New York City
Timeline: Norwegian Air's rise and battle for survival
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FILE PHOTO: Passengers board a Norwegian Air plane in Kirkenes, Norway October 26, 2019. May 18: Norwegian Air completes a cut-price share sale and wins bondholders’ backing for a refinancing, allowing it to continue operating with a slimmed-down schedule. March 12: Norwegian grounds its Boeing 737 MAX 8 jets after a fatal crash of an Ethiopian Airlines 737 MAX. In total, the planes are worth 127 billion Norwegian crowns. 2002Sept. 1: Norwegian Air Shuttle (NAS) rebrands as Norwegian and starts operating with Boeing 737-300 planes.
Persons: Jacob Schram, Schram, Bjoern Kjos, IAG Organizations: Reuters, Norwegian, Norwegian Air, REUTERS, McKinsey, Norwegian Finans, Airbus, Boeing, Ethiopian Airlines, International Consolidated Airlines Group, British Airways, IAG Group, MAX, Oslo Stock Exchange, Norwegian Air Shuttle, rebrands, Braathens, NAS, Fokker Locations: Oslo, Norwegian, Kirkenes, Norway, Edinburgh, New York, Scandinavia, West Coast
(Reuters) - Uber Technologies Inc said on Thursday demand for its food-delivery service exploded in the latest quarter, but recovery in its global rides business is being held back by its most important market, the United States. The company now heavily relies on cost reductions and growth at its food-delivery business, Eats, which is gradually reducing losses but remains a drag to Uber’s bottom line. Gross bookings at Uber’s rides mobility unit recovered from their massive drop in April, but remained down 50% from last year on a constant currency basis. Overall, Uber posted a net loss of $1.1 billion in the months from July to September, including stock-based compensation expenses. A German company in September acquired Uber’s European freight business and Uber has reportedly been seeking options for its Uber Elevate business.
Persons: Gross, Luisa Gonzalez, Uber, Dara Khosrowshahi Organizations: Reuters, Technologies, U.S ., Refinitiv, REUTERS, Uber’s, Uber, Lyft Inc Locations: United States, U.S . West Coast, Europe, Bogota, Colombia, Refinitiv, California, Khosrowshahi
That means it's a great time to negotiate a lower monthly payment or snag a deal on a new apartment. In October, the national rent index fell 0.4%, according to real estate data site Apartment List's monthly report. In addition, before you make any offers, make sure you understand unit specifics, said Becki Danchik, a licensed associate real estate broker at Warburg Realty. Renters shouldn't be afraid to take the first step and ask about lower rent, according to real estate experts. Be nice If you're interested in a specific property, don't just send the broker, landlord or property manager an email with a low-ball offer, said Brown.
Persons: it's, There's, Igor Popov, Popov, Eric Brown, Becki Danchik, shouldn't, Brown, isn't, Brian Carberry Organizations: Getty, East, Workers, Warburg Realty Locations: San Francisco, Invest, West Coasts, San Francisco and New York, U.S
But at least one thing has already been made clear: The women’s vote will be critical to the outcome. This past August marked the centennial celebration of the 19th Amendment, which granted women the right to vote. One such case: From April 6 to Sept. 30, 1916, Alice Snitzer Burke and Nell Richardson drove 10,000 miles, to make the case for women’s suffrage. The two women, sponsored by the National American Woman Suffrage Association, drove a donated yellow Saxon Roadster from New York City down the Eastern Seaboard, through the South, up the West Coast, and back east again. They met with Americans from every side of the issue, giving speeches in town squares, and debating suffrage skeptics on the sides of dusty roads.
Persons: Alice Snitzer Burke, Nell Richardson Organizations: National American Woman Suffrage Association, Eastern Seaboard Locations: New York City, West Coast
Some of the largest banks in the U.S. have cut back on lending to the coal sector in recent years, but they need to do much more to lower the climate risk in their loan portfolios, a new report argues. The financial world is beginning to reckon with a hard truth: Climate change poses a clear threat to the entire U.S. financial system. This summer, some of the country's largest investors sent public letters to the heads of financial regulatory agencies, asking them to take up the mantle on climate change as a systemic financial risk. Now, a new look under the hood at U.S. banks puts the extent of that risk in stark relief. The U.S. banking sector is far more vulnerable to the impacts of climate change than banks are letting on, according to new research.
Persons: Betty Yee Organizations: House Democrats, Futures Trading Locations: North Dakota, U.S, West Coast, West, California
The United States government, using a confidential process, has blocked a Chinese entity from purchasing a fertility clinic in San Diego, CNBC has learned. He also said the United States has two concerns when it comes to Chinese ownership of U.S. fertility clinics. While Demers declined to confirm the blocked acquisition, former deputy national security advisor Mira Ricardel told CNBC that CFIUS has taken action. A lucrative business modelChinese investors have plenty of legitimate business reasons to be interested in American fertility clinics. Dr. Samuel Wood is the director of Fertility Services and President at Gen5 Fertility, a fertility clinic in San Diego.
Persons: CFIUS, Trump, John Demers, " Demers, I'd, Demers, I'm, we've, Mira Ricardel, Ricardel, Samuel Wood, Wood, CFIUS, John Demers, Dr. Samuel Wood Organizations: United, CNBC, Foreign Investment, Treasury Department, of Justice, Defense, Homeland Security, National Security Division, Department of Justice, DOJ's National Security Division, National Security Council, National, Marine Corps Air, Miramar, Fighter, Naval Base San, U.S . Pacific Fleet, Fertility Services, Gen5, Gen, U.S ., China Economic, Security, Commission, Embassy, Washington Post, People's Liberation Army, U.S . Navy, U.S, Justice Department, HRC, Chinese Communist Party, . Marine Corps, CNBC, CA. Source: CNBC Locations: United States, San Diego, U.S, China, Naval Base San Diego, Beijing, Washington, California, Oceanside , California, Camp Pendleton, West Coast, Oceanside , CA, San Diego, U, California
The ultimate guide to legalization
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To put together this ballot tracker, we tapped a variety of sources to explain the nuances of each state's ballot measures and where polling stands. Cannabis stocks soared after Sen. Kamala Harris said a Biden administration would decriminalize marijuana at the federal level. Phil Scott said on Wednesday that the state will finally allow recreational marijuana sales, by allowing a bill passed by Vermont's legislature to take effect without his signature. In other Northeast cannabis news, recreational cannabis sales officially began on Friday morning in Maine after the state legalized marijuana in 2016. Chart of the weekIn the second quarter of 2020, cannabis prices on Ontario's Cannabis Store (OCS) beat out flower prices on the illicit market for the first time.
Persons: Sen, Kamala Harris, Harris, It's, Joe Biden, Cowen, Biden, J.B, Pritzker, Phil Scott Organizations: Cannabis, Democratic, Columbia Care, Care, Harvest Health, Recreation, Research, American Society of Anesthesiologists, CNN, Associated Press, New York Times, Marijuana Locations: — New Jersey , Arizona, South Dakota, Montana, Vermont, Maine, West Coast
Thorin Thacker, owner of Canyon Cannabis, sings and picks at a banjo on April 11, 2018, at the Gates, Oregon, dispensary. Canyon Cannabis is one of thousands of pioneers that got in on a fast-growing, multibillion-dollar industry on the West Coast. The remains of Canyon Cannabis, a Gates, Oregon, dispensary that was destroyed Sept. 8 by the Beachie Creek Fire. Melted clumps of what were locally made glass pipes and bongs sold at Canyon Cannabis dispensary in Gates, Oregon. Canyon Cannabis' Thacker said he's hopeful for legislation of that nature, but "I'm certainly not going to hold my breath."
Persons: Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Wonder, Thorin, Thacker, Cole, tinker, Thorin Thacker, I've, Nathan Howard, Howard, Tina Gordon, Gordon, Slater, Jill Ellsworth, Ellsworth, Mark Pettinger, Adam Koh, bongs, Ron Wyden, I'm, it's, Nathan Howard, Sept, Jill Ellsworth Organizations: Cannabis, Insurance, Willow Industries, Oregon Liquor Control Commission, CNN Business, Oregon Congress, Republican, Oregon, Jimi Hendrix, The Gates, Phoenix, Talent, Ashland, Detroit, Takilma, OLCC, CNN Business Locations: Gates , Oregon, Fairbanks, Swiss, West Coast, Takilma, Oregon, Howard, Phoenix, Talent, Ashland, Detroit, Northern California, Humboldt County , California, Takilma , Oregon, California, Gates, Mill City, Humboldt County, California
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