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Among them: Chief officers and some Maui Fire Department staff used “WhatsApp” for situational awareness updates, but not everyone in the department used the app. Despite this, the collective actions by MFD and law enforcement saved many lives and property across the island,” the report says. “Battalion Chiefs initiated upstaffing for some resources on the morning of August 8” – the day the four major wildfires ignited. “MFD requested law enforcement to facilitate evacuations over the radio. “That is still under investigation with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives,” Maui Fire Department Chief Brad Ventura said Tuesday.
Persons: ” “, , , Anne Lopez, , upstaffing, Brad Ventura, ” Ventura, Ventura Organizations: CNN, Maui Fire Department, National Weather Service, Western Fire Chiefs Association, Staff, Hawaii’s, Fire Safety Research Institute, BCs, State, “ Battalion Chiefs, ICS, Incident Command, Hawaiian Electric Company, Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, Explosives Locations: Maui, , Lahaina
Waves of intense weather were moving east on Wednesday, bringing flash flooding and tornadoes the New Orleans area and other parts of the central Gulf Coast, the National Weather Service said. The first tornado warnings have been issued for some rural areas, and more were expected through the morning. Forecasters warned that more than seven million people across Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama could experience extreme weather through the day. The Weather Service issued more than a dozen tornado warnings and watches that covered towns from Texas to Mississippi. One of the more significant bulletins was a tornado watch issued for the southeastern portion of Louisiana north to Columbus, Miss., until the early afternoon.
Persons: There’s Organizations: National Weather Service, Weather Service Locations: Orleans, Gulf Coast, New Orleans, Louisiana , Mississippi, Alabama, Texas, Mississippi, Louisiana, Columbus, Miss
Although the heaviest snow has ended, several more inches of snow are expected across large swaths of Maine and New Hampshire, according to the National Weather Service. “Low pressure in the Gulf of Maine will continue to bring accumulating snow through this evening along with gusty northeast winds,” the National Weather Service said. “Winds will also remain gusty and may result in additional downed branches and limbs due to the weight of freshly fallen snow,” the weather service added. Winter storm warnings and advisories have been extended for parts of New England through Friday morning, according to the National Weather Service. “Frost and freeze conditions will kill crops and other sensitive vegetation and possibly damage unprotected outdoor plumbing,” the weather service notes.
Persons: nor’easter, Janet Mills, , Thursday’s, , Ed Warren, “ Frost Organizations: CNN, , National Weather Service, Westbrook School Department, Gorham School, WMUR, East, East Kingston Fire Department, Southern and, Storm Prediction, Colorado ., Storm Prediction Center Locations: Maine, New Hampshire, ” Maine, New England, Moretown , Vermont, Shapleigh , Maine, Gulf, Gulf of Maine, York County, State, Gorham, East Kingston , New Hampshire, East Kingston, East Coast, Vermont, New York, Central Plains , Ohio, Central Plains, Ohio, Missouri, Jefferson City , Columbia, Hannibal, Kansas, Arkansas, Springfield, Branson, Indiana, Kentucky, Indianapolis, Cincinnati, Louisville, Southern, Central, Southern and Central High Plains, Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, Colorado . Cities, Denver, Amarillo, Roswell
Air travel was also disrupted. More than 400 flights within, to or from the United States were canceled on Thursday afternoon, according to FlightAware; many of them were in Boston. More than 8,500 flights were delayed. “It may come as a little bit of a shock to people because we have had a stretch of nice springlike weather and this winter has been anomalously mild,” he said. “People might have gotten a little too comfortable.”But things are looking up in time for the solar eclipse on Monday: It is expected to be in the mid-50s and sunny across northern New England.
Persons: Rodney Chai, Organizations: Weather Service Locations: United States, Boston, New England, Burlington , Vt
People across much of the Ohio Valley were bracing for severe weather, including thunderstorms and tornadoes, through the afternoon and evening on Tuesday, the National Weather Service said. Ohio and Kentucky, and parts of Indiana, West Virginia, Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi and Georgia, were likely to be affected, officials said. More than 3.6 million people were under a tornado watch early Tuesday afternoon, the bulk of them around Nashville, according to weather officials. Parts of Kentucky and Tennessee were under a tornado watch until 3 p.m. local time, according to the Louisville office of the National Weather Service. Parts of western West Virginia were also under a tornado watch on Tuesday, according to weather officials there.
Organizations: National Weather Service Locations: Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, West Virginia , Tennessee , Alabama , Mississippi, Georgia, Nashville, Tennessee, Louisville, West Virginia
Javier Torres | Afp | Getty ImagesA quiet revolution is underway to address a widely underestimated climate challenge: extreme heat. Myrivili said she believes that extreme heat is often overlooked because it lacks the visible drama of roofs being ripped from homes or streets being turned into rivers. Most people wouldn't know that in Australia, extreme heat kills more people than bushfires and floods and storms. Tiffany Crawford Co-chief heat officer of Melbourne, AustraliaThe CDC defines extreme heat as summertime temperatures that are significantly hotter and/or more humid than average. Melbourne, AustraliaTiffany Crawford, co-CHO of Melbourne, told CNBC that extreme heat kills more people in Australia than bushfires, floods and storms.
Persons: Javier Torres, Eleni Myrivili, CHO, Myrivili, Tiffany Crawford Co, Jane Gilbert, We've, Gilbert, Giorgio Viera, Afreen, Dhaka North's CHO, Bushra, Australia Tiffany Crawford, Crawford, Krista Milne, Diego Fedele Organizations: Afp, Getty, CNBC, Centers for Disease Control, CDC, Dade, Dhaka North, Dhaka North's, Nurphoto, Environmental, Station Locations: Quilpue comune, Valparaiso region, Chile, Athens, U.S, Australia, Melbourne, Miami, Miami , Florida, Dhaka, Bangladesh, Australian
A nor’easter is forecast to bring an April onslaught of snow, rain, high winds and coastal flooding to the Northeastern United States this week, the National Weather Service said. Rain will lash areas of New York, Southern Connecticut and Northern New Jersey starting on Tuesday. Heavy, wet snow is expected to blanket mainly parts of inland New England starting on Wednesday before tapering off into a light dusting on Friday, the weather prediction center said. “The biggest impact we are worried about from this storm is the heavy, wet nature of the snowfall” in northern New England, said Donald Dumont, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Gray, Maine. “All of New England is going to get it, but probably more rain in southern New England.”Maine, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Vermont, Massachusetts, New York and New Jersey could all, to varying degrees, feel the brunt of the stormy weather.
Persons: , Donald Dumont Organizations: Northeastern, National Weather Service Locations: Northeastern United States, New York, Southern Connecticut, Northern New Jersey, New England, Gray , Maine, England, ” Maine, New Hampshire , Connecticut , Vermont , Massachusetts, New Jersey
What we know about the Baltimore bridge collapse
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CNN —A massive cargo ship plowed into Baltimore’s Francis Scott Key Bridge early Tuesday, causing the 1.6-mile bridge to crumble like a pile of toothpicks and plunge cars and people into the frigid water below. Here’s what we know about the catastrophe:Why did the bridge collapse? The Patapsco River is about 50 feet deep under the Francis Scott Key Bridge, Wiedefeld said. The water temperature in Baltimore Harbor near the site of the bridge collapse was about 46 to 48 degrees Fahrenheit on Tuesday morning. The Francis Scott Key Bridge lies in shambles after a massive cargo ship crashed into one of its pillars overnight in Baltimore.
Persons: Francis Scott Key, DALI, Dali, Wes Moore, it’s, Paul J, Wiedefeld, , ” Wiedefeld, James Wallace, , It’s, Andrew McCabe, ” McCabe, McCabe, we’ve, Akbarzai, Andy Rose, Derek van Dam, Monica Garrett, AnneClaire Stapleton, Louis Mian Organizations: CNN, Francis Scott Key Bridge, Maritime, Port Authority, Synergy Marine, Ltd, Maryland Gov, Maryland Transportation, Baltimore City Fire, Sonar, Synergy Group, National Weather Service, Reuters, University of Minnesota, FBI Locations: Singapore, Maryland, Patapsco, Baltimore, , Baltimore Harbor, Harford County
CNN —A powerful winter storm is pummeling parts of the Central Plains with blizzard conditions and is set to drop a blanket of snow from Colorado to Minnesota through Tuesday, threatening widespread power outages and treacherous road conditions. Blizzard warnings extend from northern Colorado and Kansas into parts of Minnesota, Nebraska and South Dakota on Monday. Amy Forliti/APLast week, a storm dumped snow from the northern Plains to the Northeast. Many power lines were grounded across Maine after the storm blew through, according to Central Maine Power. The event increased the likilihood of seeing the Aurora Borealis in parts of the Pacific Northwest, Northern Plains, Great Lakes and interior Northeast overnight Sunday.
Persons: Amy Forliti, King Salmon, CNN’s, Samantha Beech, Nic F, Anderson Organizations: CNN, National Weather Service, Dakotas, Central Maine Power, Geological Survey, Geophysical Institute of Alaska, Prediction Locations: Plains, Colorado, Minnesota, Midwest, Great Lakes, Colorado and Kansas, Minnesota , Nebraska, South Dakota, Upper Midwest, Nebraska, North Platte, New Mexico, Wisconsin, Como, St, Paul , Minnesota, Maine , New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine, New Hampshire, New York, Aurora, Pacific Northwest, Northern Plains, Seattle, Chicago , Minneapolis, Detroit, Milwaukee, Buffalo, Portland, Alaska, Utqiaġvik, Kodiak, King
A storm system on Saturday brought heavy rain to the Northeast and heavy snow to parts of New England and Northern New York, leaving more than 300,000 households in several states without electricity. More than 194,000 electricity customers in Maine, more than 71,000 customers in New Hampshire and more than 78,000 in New York State had lost power as of early Sunday morning, according to, a website that tracks power failures. In New York City, the heavy rain and snow cleared overnight, according to the National Weather Service. But a flood advisory for parts of New Jersey and New York City was in effect until 5 a.m.A flood warning had also been issued for Warren County, N.J., until 8:30 a.m. Such a warning, a higher level than an advisory, means that flooding is imminent or occurring.
Organizations: New York State, National Weather Service Locations: New England, Northern New York, Maine, New Hampshire, New York, New York City, New Jersey, Warren County, N.J
Spring equinox: First day of spring arrives
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The spring equinox will arrive exactly at 3:06 UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) on Wednesday, March 20, according to EarthSky. Click here to look up the exact moment of the spring equinox where you’re located. Spring equinox has another nameIf you ever hear anyone say “vernal equinox,” it means the same thing. Zhang Xiaoyu/Xinhua News Agency/Getty ImagesIn Japan, Vernal Equinox Day is a public holiday (on Wednesday, March 20, this year). In China, trying to stand an egg upright is a popular game during the spring equinox, according to
Persons: Tuesday •, , • Chiang Mai, David Silverman, Alex Pena, It’s, you’ve, it’s, Hugo Borges, Itzá, El Castillo, Zhang Xiaoyu, Organizations: CNN, Tuesday, United, Southern, Anadolu Agency, Getty, NASA, Northern Hemisphere, Northern, Southern Hemisphere, National Weather Service, Heritage, Xinhua News Agency Locations: • Anchorage, Alaska, Vegas ( Nevada, Tuesday • Guadalajara, Mexico, Chicago, Illinois, Toronto, Canada, Jacksonville, Florida, Halifax, • Dublin, Ireland, Accra, Ghana, • Berlin, Germany, • Alexandria, Egypt, • Ankara, Turkey, • Dubai, United Arab Emirates, • Mumbai, India, Thailand, • Hong Kong, • Tokyo, Japan, Stellenbosch , South Africa, Northern, South, Quito, Ecuador, Singapore, San Andrés, Zapotitán, El Salvador, Pole, Scandinavia, Itzá, Yucatan State, AFP, England, Malta, Yoyogi, Tokyo, Vernal, Persian, China
As of Thursday night, two tornado reports had been made in Indiana and five in Ohio, according to the Storm Prediction Center. More than 10,000 homes and businesses in Indiana and nearly 37,000 in Ohio were without power late Thursday night, according to In Winchester, Indiana, state police were helping with search and rescue efforts after a tornado likely struck the area, and temporary shelters have been set up for residents, agency spokesperson Sgt. State police Superintendent Doug Carter described the storm in Winchester as a “terrible, terrible event” with many reports of significant injuries. The tornado reports in Indiana and Ohio came as a system of strong thunderstorms swept across parts of the central and eastern US on Thursday.
Persons: CNN —, Injuries, wouldn’t, Scott Keegan, Doug Carter, Carter, , , Mary Rutan, David Crissman, Crissman, Alena Roberts, Mike Robbins, Robbins, CNN’s Taylor Ward, Raja Razek, Andy Rose, Jamiel Lynch, Jason Hanna Organizations: CNN, Storm Prediction, Authorities, Emergency Management Agency, Storm Prediction Center, National Weather Service, Mary Locations: Indiana, Ohio, Texas, Pennsylvania, Winchester , Indiana, Winchester, Selma , Indiana, Delaware, Ohio’s Auglaize, Logan, Wilmington , Ohio, Ohio’s Logan County, Indian Lake, Lakeview, Logan County, Bellefontaine, Parts, Mercer, Celina, Indiana and Ohio, Oklahoma , Arkansas, Missouri
Each trip above and below freezing adds another layer of ice until the hail becomes heavy enough to fall down to Earth. The size of hail varies and can be as small as a penny or larger than apples due to varying updraft strengths said Mark Fuchs, senior service hydrologist at the National Weather Service in St. Louis, Missouri. “The stronger the updraft, the larger the hail can be ... anything bigger than two inches is really big,” said Fuchs. A hailstorm that hit Kansas City on April 10, 2001, was the costliest ever in the U.S., causing about $2 billion damage. Find AP’s standards for working with philanthropies, a list of supporters and funded coverage areas at
Persons: Fort Riley, Strong, Mark Fuchs, hydrologist, , Fuchs, Ping Organizations: National Weather Service, U.S, Kansas City, Associated Press Locations: Kansas, Missouri, ” In Kansas, Wabaunsee, Geary County, Junction City, Fort, St, Louis , Missouri, U.S, Vivian , South Dakota,
Hof attributes his success to his training method, which focuses on a commitment to practicing cold water therapy with a specific form of breathing. We have no idea if any benefits arising from the Wim Hof method could not be obtained more safely by other means,” Tifton said. “I do not agree that anyone can do things like cold water immersion.”Submerging the body in cold water is not advised for a range of medical conditions, Tipton said. “When your body hits cold water, ‘cold shock’ can cause dramatic changes in breathing, heart rate and blood pressure,” the service’s website says. Anyone who wants to try cold water therapy at home should do so carefully, and only after a thorough medical checkup.
Persons: Wim Hof, Wim, , Mike Tipton, Kin Cheung, , Tipton, ” Tifton, , “ Wim Hof, ” Tipton, Ivan Rodriguez Alba Organizations: CNN’s, CNN, Wim, University of Portsmouth, ” Hof, Guinness, Records, of Fame, Hof, National Weather Service Locations: Dutch, Hof, United Kingdom, Wim
March 2024 may be the best month in the best year to see the Northern Lights, aka aurora borealis. Here's everything you need to know to spot the northern lights. AdvertisementThis could be the best month, of the best year for two decades, to see the Northern Lights, in part, thanks to openings in Earth's magnetic field. The northern lights dance in the skies above Riverton, Wyoming. If you're lucky and you plan right, you might be able to see the Northern Lights this month.
Persons: , Matt Owens, SANKA VIDANAGAMA, Rune Stoltz Bertinussen, we've, It's Organizations: Service, NASA, International Space Station, University of Reading, Getty, National Oceanic, Atmospheric Administration, Reuters, Weather, NWS, Royal Photographic Society Locations: Riverton , Wyoming, Riverton, Arizona, Florida, Australia, New Zealand, Phoenix , Arizona, Christchurch , New Zealand, AFP, Alaska, Norway, Tromso, Gaylor , Missouri
Across much of America and especially in the normally chilly north, the country went through the winter months without, well, winter. The Lower 48 states averaged 37.6 degrees (3.1 degrees Celsius), which is 5.4 degrees (3 degrees Celsius) above average. But Iowa blew past its warmest February by 2 degrees, while parts of Minnesota were 20 degrees warmer than average for all of February, Gleason said. A strong ridge of high pressure kept the eastern United States warm and dry, while California kept getting hit with atmospheric rivers, she said. Winter weather expert Cohen, who is based outside of Boston, joked that the U.S. no longer has four seasons: "We have two seasons.
Persons: , El Nino, , Jeff Masters, Masters, Karin Gleason, Gleason, Copernicus, Judah Cohen, Cohen, ” Cohen, Theresa Crimmins, weren’t, Crimmins, ” Crimmins, Patrick Whittle, ___ Read, Seth Borenstein Organizations: National Phenology Network, El, Climate, National Oceanic, Atmospheric Administration, National Centers for Environmental, Iowa, El Nino, Associated Press, Atmospheric Environmental Research, National Weather Service, Rutgers Snow Lab Locations: America, Colorado, New Jersey, Texas, Carolinas, U.S, Michigan, United States, Minnesota, Great, California, El, That's, Boston, Europe, Asia, Fort Kent, Maine, Portland , Maine,
A Boeing 777 was struck by lightning while taking off from Vancouver International Airport. download the app Email address Sign up By clicking “Sign Up”, you accept our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy . AdvertisementMost airliners are struck by lightning at least once a year, according to the National Weather Service. Ethan West told CBC News he was planespotting at Vancouver International Airport on Sunday when he saw one of his favorite aircraft: a Boeing 777-300ER. Shortly after he started filming the Air Canada jet taking off, it was struck by lightning.
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CNN —Blizzard conditions continued to slam Northern California over the weekend with damaging winds and heavy snow dumping on mountain ridges down to the valleys. The most extreme conditions are unfolding at the highest elevations in the mountains, with whiteout conditions and hurricane-force winds. The weather service has warned of “high to extreme” avalanche danger through Sunday afternoon in the Central Sierra and Greater Lake Tahoe area. “Expect snowy conditions throughout the park,” park officials said. A blizzard warning remains in effect for the park area until 7 p.m. on Sunday, according to the National Weather Service in Hanford, California.
Persons: , Whiteouts, Brooke Hess, Mario Tama Organizations: CNN, Blizzard, Prediction, Central Sierra, Intermountain, Weather, West, National Weather Service, California Department of Transportation, Donner Summit, California Highway Patrol, Facebook, Officials Locations: Northern California, Sierra Nevada, Nevada, Greater Lake Tahoe, Sierra, California, Tahoe, Twin, Truckee, Truckee , California, Colfax, Yosemite, Hanford , California
CNN —The biggest inferno in Texas history is being fueled by winds and high temperatures as it rages Sunday, threatening to incinerate more buildings, cattle and livelihoods across the Texas Panhandle while residents sift through ashes of what used to be homes. The fire, which is just one of five blazes currently scorching the Texas Panhandle, has already killed two people and destroyed over 500 structures, state officials said Saturday. Texas A&M Forest Service spokesperson Jason Nedlo told CNN Saturday that the blaze could grow over the weekend due to the weather conditions. Because the Texas Panhandle had higher-than-average rainfall this winter, there is more grass – fuel – to burn. A “red flag” warning, which indicates critical fire weather conditions, remains in effect for Oklahoma and the Texas Panhandle through midnight Sunday.
Persons: Jason Nedlo, Crews, Nedlo, Cindy Owen, Jennifer Mitchell, Owen’s, Joyce Blankenship, , , Nathan Blankenship, could’ve, GoFundMe, Lokman Vural, Susan, Ronnie Johnson’s, ” Ronnie, “ We’ve, ” Susan, Greg Abbott, ” Abbott, it’s, Scott Olson, Sid Miller, It’s, ” Miller, CNN’s Omar Jimenez, We’ve, ” “, Miller Organizations: CNN, Texas Panhandle, National Weather Service, M Forest, Texas, M, Service, Texans, Connect, Services, Getty, Texas Gov, Agriculture Locations: Texas, Oklahoma, Moore County, Gray County, Oldham County, Hutchinson County, Pampa , Texas, Hemphill County, Fritch, Stinnett , Texas, Anadolu, Fritch , Texas
Wildfires continued to burn out of control in northern Texas on Friday morning, and officials warned that warm, windy and dry weather was expected to return over the weekend that could fan the flames. The National Weather Service forecast “critical fire weather conditions” in the region on Saturday and Sunday, and urged residents to refrain from outdoor activities that might generate sparks or flames over the weekend, which includes Texas Independence Day on Saturday. A fire weather watch was posted for Saturday afternoon through Sunday evening, covering the Texas Panhandle and nearby parts of Oklahoma. Five fires were still active in the Panhandle on Friday morning, according to the Texas A&M Forest Service. The Smokehouse Creek fire has charred at least 1,075,000 acres of land, making it the largest wildfire on record in Texas history.
Organizations: National Weather Service, Texas Independence, Texas Panhandle, Oklahoma ., Texas, M, Service Locations: Texas, Oklahoma, Panhandle
A major snowstorm bore down Friday on the Sierra Nevada, including the Lake Tahoe area, with as much as 10 feet of snow expected at higher elevations. Forecasters issued dire warnings about trying to drive through blustering winds and whiteout conditions, and Yosemite National Park was closed. “Your safe travel window is over in the Sierra,” the National Weather Service in Reno, Nev., posted on social media. One resort, Palisades Tahoe, posted on social media that it had seen “intense” snowfall and winds of 100 miles an hour. In videos posted by the resort, ski lifts were faintly visible through a blanket of white, and the sky and the ground were indistinguishable from each other.
Organizations: Yosemite National, National Weather Service, National Park Service Locations: Sierra Nevada, Reno, Nev, Yosemite
CNN —An extremely-dangerous winter storm has arrived in California and will unload feet of snow, powerful winds and rare blizzard conditions in the mountains through the weekend. As snow continues to spread across California, so will strong winds and blizzard conditions. Snowfall rates are expected to reach extreme levels of 3 to 5 inches an hour from Friday through Saturday – especially along the Sierra Nevada. Heavy snow and roaring winds are expected to combine to produce rare and long-lasting blizzard conditions for much of the Sierra and parts of the northern ranges. Storm will provide much-needed boost to critical snowpackCalifornia’s Sierra Nevada snowpack got off to a slow start this winter.
Persons: ” Snow, We’ve, Edan, Lindaman Organizations: CNN, National Weather Service, Pacific Northwest, Sierra, Yosemite, National Park Service, Rockies, Storm, Sierra Nevada snowpack, California’s Department of Water Resources, US Environmental Protection Agency Locations: California, Reno , Nevada, Pacific, Klamath, Sierra Nevada, Northern California, Sierra, Reno
Climate change is increasing the risk of wildfires in Texas, a danger made real this week as the Smokehouse Creek fire, the largest in state history, burns out of control across the Panhandle region. And that growing fire risk is beginning to affect the insurance market in Texas, raising premiums for homeowners and causing some insurers to withdraw from parts of the state. For the Smokehouse Creek fire to grow so big so quickly, three weather conditions had to align: high temperatures, low relative humidity and strong winds, said John Nielsen-Gammon, the Texas state climatologist and a professor of atmospheric science at Texas A&M University. On Monday, as the Smokehouse Creek fire began to spread, it was 82 degrees Fahrenheit in Amarillo. The city’s average daytime high temperature in February is 54 degrees, according to the National Weather Service.
Persons: John Nielsen, Gammon Organizations: Texas, M University, National Weather Service Locations: Texas, Panhandle, Amarillo .
Warnings in Ohio Wednesday morning after dramatic weather in Chicago on TuesdayAn early picture of the storms’ impact began to emerge as officials worked to assess damage and confirm tornadoes in several communities west of Chicago on Tuesday night. As the threat of severe weather moved east on Wednesday morning, more than 3 million people across Ohio and Kentucky were under a tornado watch. The Weather Service office in Wilmington, Ohio, issued a brief tornado warning for several counties in west central Ohio, advising that debris may fly in strong winds and that mobile homes could be damaged or destroyed. Tornado watches were also issued for Indiana until 6 a.m.
Organizations: Weather Service, Indiana Locations: Ohio, Chicago, Kentucky, Wilmington , Ohio
The speeds — Virgin's plane reached 802 mph and United at 838 mph — are some of the fastest speeds recorded in recent years. According to the National Weather Service in the DC area, winds reached speeds of 265 mph. AdvertisementThe challenges come when the plane needs to leave the jet stream, Bangs said. On turbulent flights, passengers might notice the plane's wings bending and flexing, and that's on purpose, Bangs told BI. Ultimately, Bangs said, "if that 260 mph jet stream is acting as a tailwind on your flight, it's a lot of fun."
Persons: , Kathleen Bangs, Domenic, Bangs, LaFauci Organizations: Service, Boeing, Virgin Airlines, United Airlines, National Weather Service, NPR, Business, Getty, Southern New Hampshire University, Airline
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