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The Michigan State Board of Canvassers voted Monday to certify the results of the state's presidential election, in which President-elect Joe Biden prevailed, a major blow to President Donald Trump's withering effort to contest the outcome. NBC News and other major news organizations have projected Biden as the winner in Michigan, where he leads Trump by over 150,000 votes. Trump's allies and lawyers have called for state legislatures, including Michigan's, to name Trump electors in states won by Biden. Trump invited Republican state lawmakers from Michigan — state Senate Majority Leader Mike Shirkey and House Speaker Lee Chatfield — to the White House last week. Pennsylvania is also expected to certify its election results Monday even as the Trump campaign continues its sputtering legal fight there.
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U.S. District Court, Eastern District: In Trump v. Philadelphia County Board of Elections, the Trump campaign argued there was insufficient access by observers. U.S. District Court, Middle District: In Pirkle v. Wolf, four voter plaintiffs generalized allegations of fraud, based on complaints issued by third-parties. Pennsylvania Supreme Court: In response to the Canvass of Absentee and Mail-in Ballots, Republicans claim Philadelphia did not give election observers enough access. Wayne County Circuit Court, Court of Appeals: In Constantino v. Detroit, two Republican poll challengers alleged irregularities in the vote. NEVADAClark County District Court: In Election Integrity Project v. Nevada, the plaintiffs claim that Nevada's vote-by-mail structure is unconstitutional.
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JUDGE TOSSES SUIT TO BLOCK BIDEN’S PENNSYLVANIA WINThe Trump campaign sued on Nov. 9 to prevent Biden, a Democrat, from being certified by election officials as the winner in Pennsylvania. The lawsuit said Republican observers were denied access to the counting of mail-in ballots, a claim election officials dispute, and alleged inconsistent treatment of mail-in ballots by county officials. Mark “Thor” Hearne, the Trump campaign lawyer who submitted the document, told Reuters the sanctions request was frivolous and an attempt to score political points. Trump legal adviser Jenna Ellis said on Saturday in a tweet that the campaign could “refile” the Michigan case if it needs to. Pennsylvania election officials have said there were about 10,000 late-arriving ballots, which were separated.
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What We Know About a Suddenly Important Michigan Elections Board
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The work of the Michigan Board of State Canvassers is not glamorous and rarely draws much attention. Its members handle matters like reviewing petition signatures and helping local clerks find voting machines. But on Monday, the national spotlight will fall on one of the board’s normally mundane tasks: reviewing results from the presidential election that have been certified by Michigan’s 83 counties and giving a stamp of approval. Joseph R. Biden Jr. beat President Trump in the state by over 150,000 votes, according to the Michigan Bureau of Elections. But Mr. Trump and his Republican allies are trying to upend that reality by urging the board to refuse to certify the election results.
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Opinion | Trump’s Legal Farce Is Having Tragic Results
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Most state legislators appropriately defer to the will of their own voters despite pressure from the president. If Congress stalemates, Mr. Trump is out of office on Jan. 20 under the Constitution’s 20th Amendment. By the time President-elect Biden takes the oath of office, millions of people will wrongly believe he stole the election. Mr. Trump’s litigation strategy also will make things worse when it comes to voting rights. Under the so-called “Purcell principle,” courts increasingly allow states to make voting harder.
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Michigan's four-member Board of State Canvassers voted on Monday to formally certify the state's 16 Electoral College votes for President-elect Joe Biden. Michigan's four-member Board of State Canvassers voted on Monday to formally certify the state's 16 Electoral College votes for President-elect Joe Biden, marking President Donald Trump's latest failure overturn election results in key states. With the Trump campaign's legal challenges failing in court, Trump and his allies have attempted to directly compel local and state election officials to draw out the process further by declining to certify election results. Michigan's certification of its statewide election results is a major setback for the Trump campaign. Also on Monday, all 15 counties in Arizona certified their election results, setting the stage for state certification by next week, and Pennsylvania's counties are also in the process of certifying results.
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Republican Sen. Pat Toomey congratulated President-elect Joe Biden on his victory just hours after a federal judge tossed a major Trump campaign lawsuit seeking to challenge the election results. Toomey said in a statement that President Donald Trump "exhausted all plausible legal options" for winning the state's 20 electoral votes. "I congratulate President-elect Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris on their victory," Toomey said. "I congratulate President-elect Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris on their victory," Toomey said. Mitt Romney of Utah, Susan Collins of Maine, and Lisa Murkowski of Alaska have all congratulated Biden on his victory.
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Mr. Trump has frequently maligned Black leaders and cities. He applauded Black voters who chose not to vote in 2016 even as he has claimed to have done more for Black Americans than any president since Abraham Lincoln. And Michigan’s four-member state canvassing board has its deadline to certify the state’s election results. At least one of its two Republican members has indicated he may not do so because of minor irregularities in Wayne County, which includes Detroit. But the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund, the nation’s oldest civil rights law firm, is not taking any chances with the votes from Detroit, with a population that is 79 percent Black.
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FILE PHOTO: A poll worker supervisor looks on as she handles an envelope of original ballots at the TCF center after Election Day in Detroit, Michigan, U.S., November 4, 2020. Two Republicans on the county’s canvassing board attempted to rescind their votes to certify the county’s results after Trump himself called them. Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson, a Democrat, said the certification could not be reversed. The state board, which includes two Democrats and two Republicans, is due to meet on Monday to certify election results and will have as many as 20 days to do so. The Secretary of State’s office on Friday recommended that the state board certify the results, which showed Biden winning in Michigan by 154,187 votes.
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WASHINGTON (Reuters) - President Donald Trump, battered by back-to-back setbacks in his desperate bid to overturn the U.S. presidential election, persisted with claims of massive voter fraud on Saturday, two weeks after Democrat Joe Biden was declared president-elect. His campaign has not been able to provide any evidence for its claims of widespread and coordinated electoral fraud, however. “To effectuate this strategy, Defendants are openly seeking to disenfranchise Black voters, including voters in Detroit, Michigan,” said the lawsuit. PRESSURE TO START FORMAL TRANSITIONBiden, who has denounced Trump’s attempt to reverse the election results as “totally irresponsible”, was due to spend Saturday meeting with transition advisers. Senior Republicans have remained largely silent about Trump’s unsubstantiated claims of election fraud or have defended his right to seek redress, but pressure was building after several voiced doubts on Friday.
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U.S. President Donald Trump is seen on a screen attending the virtual APEC Economic Leaders Meeting 2020, in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia November 20, 2020. His campaign has not provided evidence for its claims of widespread and coordinated electoral fraud. “Massive voter fraud will be shown!” Trump wrote on Twitter. Senior Republicans have remained largely silent about Trump’s unsubstantiated claims of election fraud or have defended his right to seek redress, but several voiced doubts on Friday. The single-day death toll surpassed 2,000 this week for the first time since late June, according to a Reuters tally.
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Republican Senator Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania said Trump had “exhausted all plausible legal options” to challenge the result in Pennsylvania. He called on Trump to concede the election and congratulated Biden on his victory. UNPRECEDENTED EFFORTTrump is seeking to invalidate or change the election results through recounts and direct pressure on lawmakers in several states. They are asking question after question, telling the tabulators to stop, stop what they’re doing and that is out of line, that’s not acceptable,” Milwaukee County Clerk George Christianson told reporters. Biden, who has denounced Trump’s attempt to reverse the election results as “totally irresponsible”, spent Saturday meeting with transition advisers and attending church.
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Arizona's top election official Katie Hobbs is preparing for Arizona counties to certify their election results by Monday's deadline, despite efforts from the state Republican Party to halt certification. In addition to efforts to undermine the integrity of Arizona's election, Hobbs says she's faced vitriolic attacks and threats on her safety — ones she says she was prepared for after a career in politics. I'm not backing down," Hobbs told Insider. "We've been in communication with all the counties, and the election officials have told us they don't anticipate any delays in certification," Hobbs told Insider in a Friday interview. With Arizona at the center of many high-stakes election disputes, Hobbs herself has faced pressure from Republicans not to certify the state's results.
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A group of Michigan voters are suing President Donald Trump and the Trump presidential campaign, accusing them of "openly seeking to disenfranchise Black voters" through their legal challenges to the presidential election, according to Politico. The lawsuit was filed on Friday in the US District Court for the District of Columbia, alleging that the Trump campaign seeks to suppress hundreds of thousands of votes. A group of Michigan voters and the Michigan Welfare Rights Organization are suing President Donald Trump and the Trump presidential campaign, accusing them of "openly seeking to disenfranchise Black voters" through their legal challenges to the 2020 presidential election, according to Politico. The Trump campaign has targeted Wayne County, which encompasses majority-Black Detroit, in its efforts to investigate any cases of voter fraud. Biden won Michigan and its 16 electoral votes by a 51%-48% margin, leading by 160,000 votes statewide.
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Duty or Party? For Republicans, a Test of Whether to Enable Trump
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In Pennsylvania, Mr. Trump has less opportunity to try to block certification than he does in Michigan and Wisconsin, where he has requested recounts in two counties. On Friday, the State Bureau of Elections submitted its formal report recommending that the canvassing board affirm Mr. Biden’s win. Errors in some vote tabulations, which Mr. Trump has seized upon, were “attributable to human error,’' and “did not affect the actual tabulation of votes,” the elections bureau said. As Monday’s vote approaches, Mr. Shinkle, the Republican board member, finds himself in a tight spot. Mr. Shinkle said he is his own counsel, and that his primary goal is to be able to look in the mirror and feel good about his decisions.
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(Reuters) - Lawyers for the city of Detroit have asked a judge to reprimand President Donald Trump’s campaign for spreading “disinformation” in a court filing about the certification of a Michigan county’s election results. Detroit’s lawyers said on Thursday that the campaign included “impertinent and false language” in the filing and asked a federal judge to strike the disputed document from the case record. Mark “Thor” Hearne, the Trump campaign lawyer who submitted the document, did not immediately respond to a request for comment. Trump has refused to concede since President-elect Joe Biden captured the more than 270 electoral votes needed to win the Nov. 3 presidential election. On Tuesday, the four-member Wayne County board certified the election results in the county.
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Republican state lawmakers from Michigan meeting with President Donald Trump on Friday were greeted at the Washington, D.C. airport by protesters yelling "certify the vote" and holding signs that said "Shame." The White House meeting comes as Trump's lawyers call for state legislatures to name Trump electors in states won by Joe Biden. “Why, exactly, does President Trump want to see these two men in person, in his office?" But there is simply no indication of massive fraud, wrongdoing or gross error in Michigan’s election results," the state's Congress members wrote. "The continued refusal to acknowledge the election results risks corroding our democracy by literally hollowing it out."
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A senior Trump campaign official said the idea is to sow doubt about the results in certain states while pressing Republican lawmakers to intervene by appointing their own Trump-supporting electors. WHITE HOUSE MEETINGMichigan’s state legislative leaders, Senate Majority Leader Mike Shirkey and House Speaker Lee Chatfield, both Republicans, will visit the White House at Trump’s request, according to a source in Michigan. Shirkey told a Michigan news outlet earlier this week that the legislature would not appoint a second slate of electors. Trump separately reached out to a local election official in Wayne County, where Detroit is located, after she questioned whether to certify the results there. Despite the setbacks, the Trump campaign has not abandoned its legal efforts to overturn the election results.
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Details of the meeting with Mike Shirkey, the leader of the State Senate, and Lee Chatfield, the speaker of the state House, are still murky, but it appears to be a part of the president’s campaign to interfere with the state’s certification process that is expected to be finalized on Monday. At least two other Michigan Republicans, Tom Barrett, a state senator, and Representative Jason Wentworth, who will take over as speaker of the state House in January, will join Mr. Shirkey and Mr. Chatfield at the White House. He has been a vocal supporter of the president and attended one of his rallies in Michigan the week before the election. Mr. Trump has already intervened in the process at least once this week, calling a Republican elections official in Wayne County, home to Detroit, after she voted to certify Mr. Biden’s victory there. Following the call, both she and another Republican official asked to rescind their votes, though there is no mechanism for them to do so.
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Opinion | Donald Trump Is Leaving Behind Blueprints to End Democracy
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But then Trump unleashed his flying monkeys to try to take back the office he lost by nearly six million in the popular vote. Two white Republican canvassers refused to certify the results of the state’s most populous Democratic county, which contains Black-majority Detroit. The fig leaf was the routine clerical and counting errors found throughout Michigan — and certainly not enough votes to overturn the result. Michigan Republican leaders applauded this, and Trump tweeted, “Flip Michigan back to TRUMP.” Among the national Republican leaders, those with a conscience, a group that could fit in a broom closet, have been quiet. “American democracy cracked last night, but it didn’t break,” said Mayor Mike Duggan of Detroit, on the morning after the certification back-and-forth.
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Factbox: When key U.S. states have to finalize election tallies
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FILE PHOTO: Poll workers tabulate ballots at the Allegheny County Election Warehouse after the election in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, U.S. November 6, 2020. During a manual recount ordered by the state ahead of certification, Biden was ahead of Trump in the state by more than 12,000 votes, a state election official said on Nov. 18. PENNSYLVANIAPennsylvania’s counties have until Nov. 23 to file returns with state election officials. ARIZONAArizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs, a Democrat, is due to review county vote tallies on Nov. 30 to certify results. WISCONSINThe state’s election commission has until Dec. 1 to certify the election results.
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Trump’s lawyers are seeking to take the power of appointing electors away from the governors and secretaries of state and give it to friendly state lawmakers from his party, saying the U.S. Constitution gives legislatures the ultimate authority. A senior Trump campaign official told Reuters its plan is to cast enough doubt on vote-counting in big, Democratic cities that Republican lawmakers will have little choice but to intercede. A Reuters/Ipsos opinion poll published this week suggested the Trump campaign had succeeded in stirring doubt — however unfounded — about the presidential election. The survey found about half of Republicans think Trump “rightfully won” the election he lost. Trump’s campaign dropped a federal lawsuit on Thursday challenging the election results in Michigan, citing the Wayne County officials’ affidavits.
Persons: Donald Trump’s, Joe Biden, Rudy Giuliani, Donald Trump, Jonathan Ernst, Lee Chatfield, Chatfield, Mike Shirkey, Trump, Biden, , of Canvassers, Monica Palmer, Wayne County “, Palmer, Tracy Wimmer, , Giuliani, Rick Hasen, delegitimize Organizations: DETROIT, U.S, New York City, REUTERS, Trump, Biden, Republican, District of, Electoral, Constitution, Reuters, of, Republicans, Wayne, University of California, School of Law Locations: Washington , U.S, Michigan, Pennsylvania, United States, District of Columbia, U.S, Detroit , Michigan, Wayne County, Irvine
President Donald Trump called two Michigan canvassing board Republicans the day before they announced they wanted to rescind their certification of votes in the county that includes Detroit, one of the board members told NBC News. Trump “called to make sure I was okay, that I was safe and to check on me. I appreciated that knowing how busy he is,” Palmer told NBC News. “My work on the canvass is not attached to my support for the president,” Palmer told NBC News. Aneta Kiersnowski, press secretary for Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson, told NBC News, "There is no legal mechanism for them to rescind their vote.
Persons: Donald Trump, Monica Palmer, William Hartmann, Trump, ” Palmer, Joe Biden, Palmer, Hartmann, ” Trump, Aneta Kiersnowski, Jocelyn Benson, Rudy Giuliani Organizations: NBC News, of Canvassers, Republican, Democratic, Detroit Free Press, Michigan, NBC, Board, State Locations: Michigan, Detroit, Wayne County
Trump campaign drops Michigan lawsuit: statement
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FILE PHOTO: Votes continue to be counted at the TCF Center the day after the 2020 U.S. presidential election, in Detroit, Michigan, U.S., November 4, 2020. REUTERS/Shannon StapletonWASHINGTON (Reuters) - President Donald Trump’s re-election campaign said on Thursday it was withdrawing its lawsuit disputing vote results in Michigan, in another faltering legal attempt to challenge the Nov. 3 victory of U.S. President-elect Joe Biden. “This morning we are withdrawing our lawsuit in Michigan as a direct result of achieving the relief we sought: to stop the election in Wayne County from being prematurely certified before residents can be assured that every legal vote has been counted and every illegal vote has not been counted,” Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani said in a statement.
Persons: Shannon Stapleton WASHINGTON, Donald Trump’s, Joe Biden, ” Trump, Rudy Giuliani Organizations: TCF Center, REUTERS Locations: Detroit , Michigan, U.S, Michigan, Wayne County
Biden, a Democrat, has captured 306 electoral votes to the Republican Trump’s 232 in the state-by-state Electoral College that determines the winner of the election, well above the 270 needed for victory. The Trump campaign has already asked a judge in Pennsylvania, where Biden won by 82,000 votes, to declare Trump the winner, allowing the Republican-controlled legislature to choose the state’s 20 Electoral College voters. Giuliani said accounts of suspicious activity would ultimately overturn the election, which Biden won nationwide by 5.9 million votes. Part of the new Trump campaign effort involves trying to delay certification, the normally routine process by which election results are finalized, a senior campaign official said. Trump’s campaign dropped a federal lawsuit on Thursday challenging the election results in Michigan, citing the Wayne County officials’ affidavits.
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