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(CNN) Trinity Rodman, a rising star on US soccer youth national teams, was selected second overall by the Washington Spirit in Wednesday's National Women's Soccer League (NWSL) draft. Rodman was due to play as a forward for Washington State University, yet her freshman collegiate season last fall was postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic . She has familial ties to the university; her brother, DJ, is a sophomore on Washington State's men's basketball team. She said because of the pandemic, the timing worked out for her to turn toward her professional career. She added, "Right now I think it's the perfect time to get in there and learn and become a better player."
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Deaths nationwide were 18 percent higher than normal from March 15, 2020, to Dec. 26, 2020. Excess deaths have peaked three times, so far, as have deaths from Covid-19. There are now excess deaths in every state, with surges in states like California, Colorado, Kansas and Ohio fueling record death tolls in recent weeks. During the period of our analysis, estimated excess deaths were 21 percent higher than the official coronavirus fatality count. Most of the excess deaths in this period are because of the coronavirus itself.
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“He should have immediately denounced the mob when he saw what was unfolding.” “These facts require immediate actions by President Trump,” he continued. A few Republicans defended him, but most others simply argued that a rush to impeach Mr. Trump without a hearing or an investigation raised constitutional questions. With Democrats controlling the House, Mr. Trump is expected to become the first American president to be impeached twice. Mayor Muriel Bowser of Washington sent a letter to Mr. Trump on Sunday asking for an emergency declaration to obtain additional funding for inauguration security. On Tuesday, a federal inspector general questioned an order to deliver the estimates before Mr. Trump leaves office, after whistle-blowers warned that the rush would imperil their accuracy.
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Finally Lands in China to Begin Tracing the Coronavirus A glimmer of hope from one California region emerging from lockdown. On Thursday, China’s National Health Commission reported a coronavirus death in the mainland for the first time since May. A pharmacist administers the Covid-19 vaccine to a health care workers last month in Columbus, Ohio. “It’s just lost.”The death of a Miami doctor who received a coronavirus vaccine is being investigated. Credit... via Facebook Health authorities are investigating the case of a Florida doctor who died from an unusually severe blood disorder 16 days after receiving the Pfizer coronavirus vaccine.
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Police Departments across the US have placed officers on leave while they investigate their attendance at last week's Trump rally in Washington DC that turned into a violent riot. A serving military officer is also under investigation, and a retired Air Force lieutenant colonel has been arrested. Off-duty police officers and members of the military are under investigation for alleged involvement in the chaotic Trump rally that erupted into riots that engulfed the Capitol, according to multiple reports. Police officers and military officials across the US have also come into the frame, with some placed on leave while their departments investigate. Read more: After US Capitol riots, cable giants face criticism for enabling the spread of misinformation
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Members of the Washington State Patrol stand guard outside the Washington State Capitol Building as the 2021 Legislative session begins in Olympia, Washington, January 11, 2021. The senior law enforcement official says the FBI's National Crisis Coordination Center distributed the update to law enforcement agencies as a summary of threat information they've received following last Wednesday's deadly mob attack on the Capitol. While the memo discusses possible threats discussed by online actors for Jan. 16 through the inauguration of President-elect Joe Biden on Jan. 20, it doesn't mean that law enforcement agencies expect violent mass protests or confrontations in every state. The spokesperson added, "As always, we are in constant communication with our law enforcement partners and will share any actionable intelligence." Law enforcement officials point out that Congress can't remove a president via the 25th Amendment.
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Two key House Democrats on Monday urged the Federal Aviation Administration to crack down on unruly travelers and ensure that participants in last week's riot at the U.S. Capitol don't fly. Their comments come ahead of President-elect Joe Biden's inauguration and after reports of disruptions on board Washington, D.C.-bound flights ahead of Wednesday's riot at the U.S. Capitol and other flights out of the area afterward. Alaska Airlines on Friday said it banned 14 travelers from a Washington, D.C.-to-Seattle flight. The travelers were "non-mask compliant, rowdy, argumentative and harassed our crew members," according to spokesman Ray Lane. FAA chief Dickson on Saturday warned travelers that they would face hefty fines and potential jail time if they engaged in unruly behavior.
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The U.S. attorney in Washington initially refused to rule out investigating Mr. Trump’s role in the riot. The deadly storming of the Capitol by Mr. Trump’s supporters transformed the politics of Washington in ways that were still hard to measure. The December call to the investigator, like the call Mr. Trump made to Mr. Raffensperger, was recorded, the official said. Mr. Trump had pressured Mr. Pence publicly and privately to overturn the certifications and throw them back to the states so that Mr. Trump could try to undo results in states that Mr. Biden won. Parler is one of several upstarts that have courted President Trump’s supporters with promises of “unbiased” and “free speech” social networks.
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ET Live Updates: Joe Biden Is Certified as the 46th President of the United States Congress ratified Mr. Biden’s election victory after a day in which a mob of Trump supporters stormed the Capitol. President Trump issued a statement saying there would be an “orderly transition” on Jan. 20. The whole number of electors appointed to vote for vice president of the United States is 538. By day’s end, some Republicans discussed removing Mr. Trump under the 25th Amendment rather than wait two weeks for the inauguration of President-elect Joseph R. Biden Jr. Trump supporters gathered outside the Texas State Capitol in Austin on Wednesday.
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China is laughing at us because of yesterday: Fmr. ambassador
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Share Share Article via Facebook Share Article via Twitter Share Article via LinkedIn Share Article via EmailChina is laughing at us because of yesterday: Fmr. ambassadorFormer Governor of Washington State and ambassador to China Gary Locke discusses global reaction to yesterday's siege of the Capitol by disgruntled Trump supporters.
Persons: China Gary Locke Organizations: Washington State, Capitol, Trump Locations: China
Find out what your state provides for first-time homebuyers:Programs in the NortheastConnecticutThe Connecticut Housing Finance Authority gives loans for down payment assistance. Programs in the SoutheastAlabamaThe Alabama Housing Finance Association has down payment assistance programs for low-to-moderate income earners, and a tax credit program that can be combined with down payment assistance. If you're buying a home in Louisville, you might qualify for a down payment assistance loan from the local government. WashingtonThe Washington State Housing Finance Commission has several down payment assistance programs that will loan you up to $10,000. The lender is also the one who will approve and process any applications for down payment assistance, closing cost assistance, or tax credits.
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FILE PHOTO: Staff chat at the front desk of the Amazon office in the Manhattan borough of New York, New York, U.S., May 1, 2019. REUTERS/Carlo Allegri(Reuters) - Inc said on Wednesday it would spend $2 billion to create affordable homes in regions where three of its major U.S. employment hubs are located. The company said it intends to create at least 20,000 affordable housing units in Puget Sound area of Washington State, Virginia’s Arlington and Nashville in Tennessee. A large proportion of Amazon’s investment will be through low-cost loans to preserve or build affordable housing for moderate-to-low income families, the company said. Amazon is also in the process of building a second headquarters in Arlington, dubbed HQ2.
Persons: Carlo Allegri Organizations: REUTERS, Puget, Washington State, San, Alphabet Inc, Facebook Inc Locations: Manhattan, New York , New York, U.S, Puget Sound, Washington, Arlington, Nashville, Tennessee, San Francisco Bay
Supporters of outgoing Republican President Donald Trump are protesting at statehouses across the U.S. on Wednesday amid a violent riot on Capitol Hill . Trump posted a video on Twitter telling Capitol Hill rioters to "go home," but did not address protests at state buildings. Georgia's Republican Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger evacuated from the state capitol building Wednesday afternoon, NBC affiliate 11Alive reported. Hundreds of Trump supporters protested outside the Michigan State Capitol on Wednesday, the Detroit Free Press reported. The Utah capitol building has been closed to the public due to the pandemic, not due to protests.
Persons: Joe Biden's, Trump, Donald Trump, Brad Raffensperger, Raffensperger, Brian Kemp, Don Hughes Organizations: Trump, Electoral College, Democratic, Capitol, Twitter, Republican, NBC, 11Alive, Georgia GOP Gov, KHQ, Washington State Police, Protesters, Kansas statehouse, KSNT, Kansas Highway Patrol, CNBC, Ohio Statehouse, Columbus Dispatch, Michigan State Capitol, Detroit Free Press, Michigan State Police Locations: statehouses, Washington , Georgia , Kansas , Ohio, Michigan, California , Colorado , Utah, New Mexico , Wyoming , Texas, Georgia, Washington, Kansas, Topeka, Ohio, Utah's, Utah
Covering Pro-Trump Mobs, the News Media Became a Target
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The MSNBC anchor Yasmin Vossoughian said on air outside the Capitol that she and her team had worn clothing unmarked by MSNBC or NBC insignia. Journalists who were covering the counting of the electoral votes inside the Capitol building sought shelter from the violent protesters who had smashed their way in. Haley Talbot, an NBC producer, took refuge in a congressional representative’s office with five other reporters. The Canadian outlet CTV News reported that a Canadian Broadcasting Corporation photographer had been punched in the face while covering a small rally of Trump supporters in Vancouver, British Columbia. He added that he had pepper-sprayed other reporters earlier and said he would kill her and other journalists “in the next year.”
Persons: Yasmin Vossoughian, , , profanities, Trump, Sarah Palin, ” Joel Simon, Zoeann Murphy, Haley Talbot, Sara Gentzler Organizations: Capitol, MSNBC, NBC, Fox News, Protect Journalists, , The Washington Post, Twitter, Journalists, CTV News, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, Trump Locations: , Washington, Canadian, Vancouver , British Columbia, Washington State, Olympia, Wash
Trump supporters also mobilized at state capitols.
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As supporters of President Trump breached the nation’s Capitol on Wednesday, hundreds of other Trump supporters across the country gathered at state capitols, in some cases prompting evacuations and law enforcement mobilizations. In Washington State, a crowd of Trump supporters, some of them armed, breached the fence surrounding the governor’s residence and approached the building before state troopers mobilized to keep them away. Jay Inslee said in a video statement that political leaders would not be swayed by the protests. “Those acts of intimidation will not succeed,” said Mr. Inslee, a Democrat. In Georgia, law enforcement officers escorted Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger out of the State Capitol on Wednesday afternoon as a few dozen Trump supporters outside the building rallied to protest the recent election results.
Persons: President Trump, Trump, Jay Inslee, , Inslee, Brad Raffensperger, Chris Hill, , Hill Organizations: Trump, Washington State, Democrat, State Capitol, statehouse Locations: Washington, Georgia
Users on social media are sharing a TikTok video showing a caravan of President Donald Trump supporters. Some posts claim the video depicts demonstrators heading to Washington D.C. to protest on Jan. 6 against the outcome of the presidential election. A search of the handle @Kilawhale58 on the video platform TikTok shows that the clip in this claim was posted on Nov. 14, 2020 ( ). A different video of the Nov. 1 caravan in Olympia, Washington State, was shared on Twitter by a local reporter here . The video was first shared in November 2020, to show a pro-Trump caravan in Washington State heading to a meet-up at Olympia ahead of the presidential election, not protesters heading to Washington D.C. in January 2021.
Persons: Donald Trump, , Trump’s, Democrat Joe Biden, Read Organizations: Washington D.C, Reuters, D.C, , Trump, Democrat, Twitter, YouTube, Olympia Locations: Washington, Washington State, Olympia, Olympia , Washington State
One of the first Korean Americans elected to Congress paid homage to her heritage during her swearing-in ceremony Sunday. Did I just see Marilyn Strickland @RepStricklandWA, the first Korean-American, Black-American from Washington State elected to the U.S. House of Representatives wearing hanbok, the traditional Korean dress? — ᴮᴱJacob Kim 🗳 (@fullofhype) January 3, 2021I cannot express to you how much it means to me to see a Hanbok in Congress. Strickland is one of 20 Asian American members of Congress, a record, but the group still remains underrepresented in the political sphere. "Part of my base at home includes people who are Samoan, who are Japanese American, Chinese American, Filipino, I mean, you name it.
Persons: Marilyn Strickland, , Washington —, Ted S, Warren, Strickland, Inmin Kim, she'd, Republicans Young Kim, Michelle Steel, Kim 🗳, hank y ou. —, i, ike, mericans, sian, ake Organizations: Korean, Washington, Republicans, Washington State, U.S . House, ust Locations: Tacoma, South Korea, California, American, iran
Amazon has become Washington state's largest private employer, usurping airplane manufacturer Boeing, according to the Seattle Times. The ecommerce giant added a total of 400,000 new jobs in 2020, with 16,500 of them based in Washington. By comparison, Boeing has 58,800 Washington-based employees, according to the Times, following several rounds of buyouts this year. Amazon has officially surpassed Boeing to become Washington's private employer after a year of growth spurred by the pandemic. Boeing ended 2020 with 58,800 employees, an 18% reduction since the start of 2020.
Persons: Jeff Bezos Organizations: Boeing, Seattle Times, Amazon Locations: Washington
New research confirms what many travel buffs have been missing out on during Covid: frequent travel makes people happier. And although traveling is not safe or advised amid the pandemic, even talking about past travel or planning future trips can boost your well-being, other studies have shown. Travel restrictions amid Covid vary from state to state. Luckily, previous studies have shown that researching, planning and anticipating a future trip can increase your happiness too. As people get vaccinated for Covid, travel will gradually start to open up.
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That's why researchers are working to develop the "perfect" Christmas tree that can capture the familiar pine scent without shedding needles so fast. This, though, is no ordinary Balsam, but rather forestry's answer to an ubermensch: the "SMART" tree, or "Senescent Modulated Accession Regulated Technologies." "It isn't a Christmas tree anymore, but a family holiday tree," Rakjasekaran Lada told Business Insider. He's the founding director of the Christmas Tree Centre, a research and development facility based at Dalhousie University in Nova Scotia, Canada. Per the National Christmas Tree Association, the trade association representing the Christmas tree industry, the value of American tree buying, both fake and real, hovers around $4 billion per year — a market size that's been reasonably consistent.
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ET Covid-19 Latest Updates: No Evidence Vaccine Won’t Work on Variant, BioNTech Chief Says Officials are looking for a way to end France’s blockade of British ports. What we know about the British variant. BioNTech’s co-founder says there is no evidence its vaccine would not work on the new virus variant. The governors were taking action as Americans are traveling for the holiday season, despite repeated pleas from scientists and public health officials. Federal health officials did not provide a response to requests for comment.
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[MUSIC PLAYING] Leviticus — an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth I will repay, an often-quoted scripture that people use to justify the death penalty. Jerry Givens — a loving husband, father, a devout Christian, and former executioner for the State of Virginia. I met Jerry late in his life, after he came around to being a death- penalty abolitionist. And, of course, in 1972, the Supreme Court struck down all the death- penalty laws in the country. We’ve abolished the death penalty in a number of states — New Jersey, New Mexico, Illinois, Connecticut, Maryland, New Hampshire, Colorado.
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WASHINGTON/SEATTLE (Reuters) - U.S. lawmakers are considering providing payroll assistance for aerospace manufacturers and suppliers as part of a massive $900 billion COVID-19 relief bill, congressional aides told Reuters. Of $45 billion designated for transportation in the bill, $16 billion has now been reserved for aviation. Some congressional aides think the final bill could designate $1 billion for aerospace workers and $1 billion for airport contractors, but negotiations continue. It is not clear what any final aerospace assistance program adopted by Congress might look like. U.S. airlines will be required to offer more than 32,000 workers furloughed in October their jobs back and keep them on payrolls through March 31 as a condition of assistance.
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Opinion | The Virus Rages In Jails. America Shrugs.
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Detainees who test positive for Covid-19 in Chicago’s Cook County Jail are held in an isolation and quarantine facility. Averaging all county jails where data was available, inmate populations fell to 75 percent of their pre-pandemic levels by mid-May. Within a few months, Cook County Jail’s population returned to normal. Cook County Jail inmates wearing masks in a common area. Sheriff Tom Dart, who oversees Cook County Jail, warned in November that staff members exposed in the community would bring the virus in.
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The Washington State Reformatory, which is a prison that houses almost 800 people, is about to receive federal stimulus checks. Christopher Blackwell is a writer who is incarcerated at the Washington State Reformatory in Monroe, Washington. This leaves prisoners' loved ones to bear the burden of paying the debt if they chose to send their incarcerated loved ones money. The majority of the money prisoners receive will be infused right where it belongs and is most needed: impoverished communities. Christopher Blackwell, 39, is incarcerated at the Washington State Reformatory in Monroe, Washington, and is working toward publishing a book on solitary confinement.
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