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What Jones didn’t realize at the time was that his son had been identified as a target by the Pasco Sheriff’s Office's “intelligence-led” policing program. Bob Croslin / for NBC NewsThe sheriff’s office disputed the idea that its intelligence-led policing was “predictive policing” in the sense characterized by the science fiction movie "Minority Report," where people are arrested by a police department’s "pre-crime" division before they have the chance to carry out illegal deeds. A spokesman said Bobby had interacted with the sheriff’s office three times before they showed up at the family home in September 2015. It called for the immediate termination of “the student data-sharing arrangement for any collaboration, involvement, or participation in school-based predictive policing” operated by the sheriff’s office. National problemSchool districts and law enforcement officials nationwide are struggling with similar problems.
Persons: Jones, Bobby, ” Jones, , , , ” Robert Jones, Bob Croslin, Jason Nance, Andrew Ferguson, Ari Bargil, Harold Jordan, ” Alberto Betancourt, Linnette Attai, Sheriff Chris Nocco, Overpolicing, Paul, Marika Pfefferkorn, Richmond , Virginia —, John Sherwin, Sherwin, “ Young, Corey Jackson, Robert Jones Organizations: Pasco, Police, Pasco Sheriff’s Office, NBC, Pasco Sheriff’s, Tampa Bay Times, , University of Florida Levin College of Law, American University, , Institute for Justice, U.S . Department of Education, of, Educational, American Civil Liberties Union Pennsylvania, of Education, Pasco County Schools, Department of Education, PASCO Coalition, Southern Poverty Law, Electronic Frontier Foundation, Office, Sheriff's, Coalition, Minnesota Department of Human Rights, St, Twin, Rochester Police Department, IBM, ACLU, Sigma Beta Xi, ” Intelligence Locations: Pasco County, Pasco, United States, St, Paul , Minnesota, Ramsey, Rochester , Minnesota, Rochester, Memphis , Tennessee, Richmond , Virginia, Minnesota, Twin Cities, , Riverside, Pinellas County
Founded in 1998, The Trevor Project provides crisis intervention and suicide prevention services to the LGBTQ community under 25. I never really knew I wanted to go all the way to South America until I got there. After riding 4,400 miles, Andrew reaches Yorktown, VA Source: Andrew MortensenBut it wasn't enough. Andrew reaches the Lone Star State Source: Andrew MortensenMortensen says it was after reaching Texas, he decided to cross into Mexico. Andrew Mortensen Cyclist
Persons: Andrew Mortensen, Trevor, Andrew Mortensen Mortensen, Yorktown , Virginia — Mortensen, Mortensen, Andrew, Mortensen's, Andrew Mortensen's, Andrew Mortensen Miles, Larry Riddle, , Colombia —, Andrew Mortensen In Organizations: CNBC, Mental Health, GPS, Yellowstone, Key, Lone Star, Texas Locations: U.S, South America, America, Neah Bay, Washington, Yorktown , Virginia, Neah, Cannon, Lolo, Cannon Beach, Oregon, Idaho, Carbondale , Illinois, Illinois, Kansas, Virginia, Yorktown, Andrew, Key West , Florida, Florida, South Carolina, Mexico, Atitlan, Guatamala, Central America, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, Ecuador, Andrew Mortensen In Peru, Lima, Peru, Patagonia Region, Chile —, Pategonia
GOP Senators introduced a $928 billion counteroffer to Biden's $2.25 trillion infrastructure plan. Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren said their plan is not a "serious" offer and leaves out women. A group of Republican senators unveiled their $928 billion counterproposal to President Joe Biden's infrastructure plan, increasing the price tag from their first $568 billion counteroffer. "I don't really think this is a serious counteroffer," Warren told MSNBC following the release of the plan. —Stephanie Ruhle Reports (@RuhleOnMSNBC) May 27, 2021The past few weeks in the White House have been filled with Oval Office meetings attempting to get Republicans on board with Biden's $4 trillion infrastructure plan.
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House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., will arrive at the White House having just presided over a vote to purge Rep. Liz Cheney, R-Wyo., from his leadership team for her outspoken criticism of Trump. Joe Manchin of West Virginia and Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona, whose support is essential no matter what path the White House pursues. "What the president brings to this job is there's no one who knows how to do these kinds of conversations and negotiations better than President Biden," she said. While Trump still has outsize influence over the congressional GOP, the White House says it is looking to avoid playing into the internal dynamics. "The focus of this meeting is not the future of the Republican Party, White House press secretary Jen Psaki said Tuesday.
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WASHINGTON — The White House urged Americans not to hoard gas Tuesday as the Colonial Pipeline, a major supplier of fuel to the Southeast, remained largely shut down for a fifth day following a ransomware attack by hackers on Friday. A small but increasing number of gas stations along the East Coast reported fuel shortages Tuesday, with six states estimated to have gas station outages. In metro Atlanta, roughly 40 percent of gas stations were out of fuel; 37 percent in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina; more than 50 percent of metro Raleigh, North Carolina; and more than 60 percent of stations in Wilmington, North Carolina. Colonial Pipeline is expected to make a decision by the end of Wednesday on whether to fully restart the pipeline, Granholm said. The Biden administration has looked for alternate ways to deliver fuel to the impacted areas in order to avoid supply shortages.
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Virginia Republicans selected former private equity executive Glenn Youngkin as their nominee in this year's governor's election, in which he will face whomever Democrats nominate in their own primary next month. "While certainly would have preferred a W, I send my heartfelt congratulations to @glennyoungkin on a tremendous race + deserved win. Virginia's off-year governor's election, which always takes place the year after a presidential election, is often read as a bellwether of the national mood a year into a new presidential term. A TV ad featured video of Trump singling out Youngkin by name for credit in a trade deal with China. In the final days before the convention, Youngkin campaigned with Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, who has become a prominent Trump ally.
Persons: Glenn Youngkin, Pete Snyder, Snyder, Terry McAuliffe, Donald Trump, Snyder —, Mitt Romney's, Virginia —, State Sen, Amanda Chase, Youngkin, Trump, Carlyle, Sen, Ted Cruz, Joe Biden, Organizations: Virginia Republicans, GOP, Carlyle Group, Gov, Youngkin, Trump, State, Virginia Locations: Virginia, China, Texas, Louisiana, Kansas, Vermont, Massachusetts
For the past 17 years, these insects have lived as nymphs deep beneath the soil, drinking sap from tree roots. Cicadas don’t strip fields of every grain of rice or wheat, as swarming locusts do. Cicadas don’t sting, and they don’t bite. Cicadas don’t even hurt the trees. (Not the mature trees, at any rate; saplings should be protected with cheesecloth before the cicadas emerge.)
Persons: Virginia — Organizations: chrysalis Locations: South — Georgia, East Tennessee, North Carolina, Virginia
Can the Biden Agenda Fix Middle America’s Deepest Problem?
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The debate is often framed as between “people” (policies to help individuals affected by economic change) and “places” (policies aimed at communities that are languishing). Federal policy in recent decades has arguably reinforced the disparity. Nearly half of federal research and development spending in 2018 went to five states — California, Maryland, Massachusetts, New York and Virginia — and Washington, D.C., according to analysis of federal data by Brookings. The Biden administration’s American Jobs Plan incorporates ideas from the bipartisan “Endless Frontier Act,” which, among other things, seeks to spend billions to create regional innovation hubs. It is home to the University of Nebraska, which has strong programs in computer science and engineering, and it has a vibrant agribusiness sector.
Persons: , Ross DeVol, Mr, DeVol, Virginia — Organizations: Heartland, D.C, Brookings, The Biden, Jobs, University of Nebraska Locations: Bentonville, Ark, — California, Maryland , Massachusetts, New York, Virginia, Washington, Boston, Lincoln, Neb
Rep. Liz Cheney is in a familiar place: A whole bunch of her fellow Republicans are mad at her. Former VP Dick Cheney watches his daughter Liz Cheney take the oath of office after her election to the House of Representatives in 2017. A decade before she publicly dismissed QAnon and its adherents, Liz Cheney failed to condemn the racist and false "birther" conspiracy theory. But about a decade later, during the 2013 Senate primary, Liz Cheney showed she was willing to go against not only her party but also her family. So far, Liz Cheney appears to have emerged from the tangle with her own caucus intact and stronger.
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Which States Will Gain or Lose Seats in the Next Congress
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Congressional seats awarded to each state from the 2020 census Each box represents a House seat. Gaining seats Losing seats No change N.H. Maine Vt. Mont. The fastest-growing states will add new seats, while those that are shrinking or growing slower than the national average will lose them. The results released on Monday show that seven states will lose seats while six will gain. At the same time, the big states of the Midwest and Northeast that historically have backed Democrats will lose congressional seats and the electoral votes that come with them.
Persons: Md ., Virginia —, Biden, Mr, Trump Organizations: Ohio –, Nev . Utah Ill, Alaska Hawaii, Alaska Hawaii Maine N.H, Conn ., Nev ., ., Northeast, Sun, South West, Electoral, Republican Locations: . Maine, Mich, , Conn . Idaho, S.D ., Wis, R.I, Neb . Penn, Colo, Iowa, Nev . Utah, Ind, Md, Md . Kan, Va, Ariz . Ky, Del, Mo, Okla . Tenn, N.C, S.C . Texas, Ala, La, Fla, Alaska, Alaska Hawaii Maine, Alaska Hawaii Maine N.H . Vt, Minn, N.Y, Conn, Idaho, S.D . Wis, N.M . Calif, Tenn, Alaska Hawaii N.H . Maine, S.D, . Ohio, Nev, Kan, Va . Ky, Ariz . Calif, Alaska Hawaii, America, Midwest, New York, Illinois, Florida, North Carolina, Texas, California, Colorado, Virginia, Montana, Oregon, Northeast, Illinois , Michigan , Ohio, New York , Pennsylvania, West Virginia
Democrats have a limited window of opportunity to pass landmark voting rights legislation before losing their majorities. If HR 1 (the For The People Act) and the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act don't become law, Georgia's anti-voting law will become just one of many. Among other things, the bill would establish automatic voter registration, in which citizens are automatically registered on their state's voter rolls when getting state-issued driver's licenses and ID cards. The John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act, which was introduced in the Senate in the 116th Congress, is the perfect companion to HR 1. Democrats will have to decide relatively soon whether they'd rather keep a Jim Crow relic like the filibuster, or have new federal voting rights legislation.
Persons: Carl Gibson, John Lewis, Brian Kemp, Brad Raffensperger, Geoff Duncan, John Roberts, Shelby, Holder, Scott, Sandford, Dred Scott, Black, Virginia —, Antonin Scalia, Brennan, Joe Biden, Donald Trump, it's, Kamala Harris, Joe Manchin, Biden, Gayle Manchin, Joe Manchin's, Manchin, Sinema, Patrick Leahy, Ed Markey, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Mitch McConnell, they'd, Jim Crow Organizations: Republican, John Lewis Voting, Republicans, New York Times, Georgia, State, Appeals, Circuit, United States Supreme, Black, League of Women Voters, Brennan Center for Justice, 116th, Department, Justice, Senate, CNN, Guardian, Washington Post, The Houston Chronicle, Independent, NPR, Twitter Locations: Kentucky, Georgia, Washington, — Alabama, Alaska , Arizona, Louisiana , Mississippi, South Carolina , Texas, Virginia, Shelby, Texas, Arizona
Opinion | The Fear That Is Shaping American Politics
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One of the things most people don’t appreciate is that white overrepresentation among voters is driven almost entirely by white college voters. The growing educational divide among white voters — with Biden viewed much more favorably by white college voters — potentially blunts some of those midterm dynamics I described. I asked Griffin what the prospects are for Biden to build a stronger and more durable Democratic coalition. He is doubtful:If you had to pick one group that would do the most to solidify the democratic coalition electorally, it would be white non-college voters. Given the long-term trends away from the Democratic Party among these voters, even holding onto his 2020 margins would likely represent an achievement.
Persons: Craig, Richeson, Nour Sami Kteily, Kteily, ” Ryan Enos, Enos, Biden, Nicholas Kristof, , ” Veronica Escobar, ” Gail Collins, Brian Schaffner, Schaffner, Robert Griffin, Griffin, , Hillary Clinton’s, Joe Manchin, West Virginia —, Organizations: Northwestern’s Kellogg School of Management, Black, Republican, Harvard, Democratic, Senate, Democrat, Tufts, Democratic Party, American, Voter, Democrats, electorally, Electoral College Locations: El Paso, West, Virginia, Maine, Vermont
An ideal infrastructure plan would spend $10 trillion, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said. A larger plan could create tens of millions of jobs and vastly improve housing and health care, she said. For Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the administration's $2 trillion infrastructure plan isn't big enough. The president unveiled the American Jobs Plan on Wednesday as a follow-up to the $1.9 trillion stimulus approved in March. To be sure, the American Jobs Plan is only half of Biden's latest spending push.
Persons: Alexandria Ocasio, Cortez, Biden, Rachel Maddow, Joe Biden, Democratic Sen, Joe Manchin, West Virginia — Organizations: American Jobs, Democratic, White, American Families Locations: Alexandria, New York, West Virginia
Biden Administration Announces a Major Offshore Wind Plan
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One of the earliest offshore wind proposals, Cape Wind, famously died after objections from wealthy residents in Cape Cod who considered it an eyesore blighting their coastal views. These Eastern states have set aggressive goals to get more electricity from renewable sources such as wind and solar to help address climate change. But they don’t get nearly as much sunshine as states like California, and it’s often difficult to find space for wind turbines onshore. That makes offshore wind attractive: While the technology is still more expensive, costs have been falling in Europe. Separately, the ocean management bureau said it would prepare an environmental review of a 1,100 megawatt offshore wind farm proposed to be developed about 15 miles off the coast of Atlantic City, N.J., which has a goal of developing 7,500 megawatts of offshore wind energy by 2035.
Persons: ’ ”, Thomas J, Pyle, Virginia —, “ There’s, , Rafael McDonald, Organizations: Institute for Energy Research, American Clean Power Association, IHS, of Ocean Energy Management Locations: Europe, United States, Rhode Island, Virginia, Cape Cod, Northeast, Connecticut , Maryland , Massachusetts , New Jersey , New York, California, East, New Jersey, Long, Atlantic City, N.J
DEA / M. BORCHI | De Agostini | Getty ImagesStates have tried clawing back unemployment benefits from thousands of people during the Covid pandemic. Waiving PUA overpaymentsThe $900 billion federal relief package passed last month gives states the power to waive these overpayments, made through the Pandemic Unemployment Assistance program, in certain cases. But the law doesn't require states to offer this safety valve — leading to concern that some may choose not to. Most states do waive overpayments made through their traditional unemployment insurance programs. The state legislature would need to amend state law to do so, she said.
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The pharmacy chains said they would be ready to give shots at long-term care facilities within 48 hours of receiving Pfizer's COVID-19 vaccine. Cohen said she expects the pharmacies to begin vaccinating long-term care facilities in the second week of the vaccine rollout, once the Moderna vaccine is authorized. Others may opt to vaccinate long-term care settings right away. Those hubs were chosen because of their proximity to the long-term care facilities that CVS will visit. Similarly, Walgreens will have vaccines shipped to certain stores that will then take the vaccine to long-term care facilities.
Persons: Richard Feifer, Pfizer's, West Virginia —, Feifer, state's, Dr, James Hoyer, Hoyer, West, Rebecca Snead, Snead, Read, Craig F, Walker, Gustave Perna, Mandy Cohen, Cohen, Chris Cox, Rina Shah, they'll, we'll, Shah, Cox, it's Organizations: CVS Health, Walgreens, Genesis HealthCare, West, West Virginia National Guard, CVS, Business, Kennett, Pfizer, Pharmacy, HealthCare, US Centers for Disease Control, West Virginians, National Alliance of State Pharmacy, Boston Globe, Getty Images, FDA, Army, NC Department of Health, Human Services, Healthcare, Signature HealthCare, Kaiser Family Foundation, CDC, Moderna Locations: COVID, West Virginia, , Pennsylvania, HealthCare West Virginia, St, Massachusetts, North Carolina, Moderna
Terry McAuliffe, the former governor of Virginia, on Wednesday entered the contest for his old job, simultaneously offering himself as both a trusted steward during an economic and public health crisis and someone prepared to fight against “the old way of doing things.”“I am running for governor again to think big and to be bold and to take the Commonwealth of Virginia to the next level and to lift up all Virginians,” Mr. McAuliffe said in a brief speech outside a public school in Richmond, the state capital. Mr. McAuliffe, 63, formally began his campaign surrounded by four senior elected officials, all of whom are Black. The setup was a nod both to the relationships he nurtured during his governorship from 2014 to 2018 and the complex nature of the state’s 2021 primary, in which three Black candidates have already announced their candidacies for the Democratic nomination. Mr. McAuliffe’s 2021 campaign has for months been an open secret in Virginia — at a March campaign rally, Joseph R. Biden Jr. called him “the once and future governor” — and Mr. McAuliffe’s allies have made the case that his coalition would look a lot like Mr. Biden’s, with core support from Black voters and suburbanites who sent Mr. Biden to the White House.
Persons: Terry McAuliffe, , ” Mr, McAuliffe, McAuliffe’s, Virginia —, Joseph R, Biden, ” —, Biden’s, suburbanites Organizations: Wednesday, Democratic, Black Locations: Virginia, Commonwealth, Richmond
Transition Highlights: Trump Asks Ted Cruz to Argue Texas Election Suit if It Reaches Supreme Court Hunter Biden said he was the focus of a federal tax inquiry. Trump asked Ted Cruz to argue a case seeking to overturn the election if the Supreme Court agreed to hear it. General Austin, who retired from the military four years ago, would need a congressional waiver to serve as Pentagon chief. General Austin, who retired from the military four years ago, would need a congressional waiver to serve as Pentagon chief. Feared by our adversaries, known and respected by our allies,” Mr. Biden said at an event in Wilmington, Del.
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The Arecibo Observatory's iconic radio telescope collapsed Tuesday morning. The Arecibo telescope was damaged beyond repair after two cables broke in August and November. The second-largest radio telescope in the world collapsed on Tuesday morning. Technician Luis Heredia uses flat shoes to walk on the 20-acre dish of the Arecibo Radio Telescope without damaging the instrument's precise spherical shape. That's because Arecibo and China's Five-hundred-meter Aperture Spherical Radio Telescope (FAST) were Earth's "two big eyes" in radio astronomy.
Persons: Jonathan Friedman, Ashley Zauderer, Ricardo Arduengo, Luis Heredia, Roger Ressmeyer, Abel Mendez, Mendez, West Virginia —, they're, Dave Mosher Organizations: National Science Foundation, NSF, Arecibo Observatory, Arecibo, Getty, Arecibo Radio, University of Puerto, Science Foundation, National Radio Astronomy, Green Bank Locations: Arecibo, AFP, Puerto Rican, University of Puerto Rico, Virginia, West Virginia
The Arecibo Observatory's iconic radio telescope collapsed Tuesday morning. The second largest radio telescope in the world is no more. "Friends, it is with deep regret to inform you that the Arecibo Observatory platform has just collapsed," Deborah Martorell, a meteorologist in Puerto Rico, tweeted Tuesday morning. A hole in the 1,000-foot-wide reflector dish of the Arecibo Observatory, torn when a cable fell on August 10, 2020. The Arecibo Observatory, 2012.
Persons: Deborah Martorell, Ramon Lugo, Tropical Storm Isaias, Lugo, that's, Abel Mendez, Mendez, — it's, Don Davis, West Virginia —, Biden, Saavik Ford Organizations: Arecibo, National Science Foundation, Florida Space Institute, University of Central, Tropical Storm, Engineers, Arecibo Observatory, Universal, Getty, University of Puerto, US, NASA, NSF, National Radio Astronomy, Green Bank, United, FAST, City University of New, American Museum of Locations: Arecibo, Puerto Rico, University of Central Florida, University of Puerto Rico, Puerto Rican, Virginia, West Virginia, China, Guizhou province, United States, City University of New York
While some chains including Panera and Red Robin are adding pizza to the menu during the pandemic, McDonald's seems unlikely to follow suit. For some reason, McDonald's Twitter account also recently decided to reminisce about its lost pizza, tweeting: "remember when we sold McPizza." Will McDonald's serve pizza again? A McDonald's pizza ad. In the drive-thru-centric world of fast-food in 2020, adding pizza would be even more difficult.
Persons: McDonald's, Robin, Gen, David E, , Spencer , West Virginia —, Papa John's, Panera, Red Robin, Burger King, brian Organizations: Twitter, Rivals, Associated Press, YouTube Locations: dinnertime, pita, America, Pomeroy , Ohio, Spencer , West Virginia, Orlando , Florida, Orlando, Belgian, Burger
The Navy got some bad press recently when a sailor shared images of disgusting food from aboard the carrier USS Nimitz. But aboard the newest carrier, USS Gerald R. Ford, which entered service more than 40 years after Nimitz, the Navy has taken a number of measures to ensure sailors' mess is better than it's ever been. While a Navy official came to the Nimitz's defense, pointing out it had been recognized for the best carrier food service in the fleet this year, an array of measures are being taken on the next class of carrier to ensure sailors' mess is better than it's ever been. While the ships have the same footprint, space all over the Ford has been reimagined to make carrier life and work better and more efficient. US Navy/MCS3 Brett WalkerBelow the galley, a fluorescent-lit refrigeration unit held pallet upon pallet of pineapples, tomatoes and melons.
Persons: Gerald R, Nimitz, Virginia —, Ford,, Marilyn Mejiasanchez, MCS3 Zachary Melvin, Trevorn McKnight, Carl Koch, Seaman Bryce Jamison, MCS3 Brett Walker, Koch, J.J . Cummings, he'd, Hope Hodge Organizations: Navy, Nimitz, Ford, US Navy, Twitter Locations: NORFOLK, Virginia, defrost
The Arecibo Observatory's iconic 1,000-foot radio telescope has been damaged beyond repair after two destructive cable breaks. Now engineers are racing to figure out how to safely deconstruct one of the world's largest radio telescopes before it collapses on itself. By moving quickly, the NSF hopes to salvage a set of buildings that lay directly below one of the telescope's towers. 'We're working against the clock'It will likely take about five or six weeks to figure out how to safely deconstruct the Arecibo telescope. If engineers can take apart the telescope before it destroys itself, the Arecibo Observatory will still be able to conduct some scientific research.
Persons: catastrophically, Ralph Gaume, Tropical Storm Isaias, Gaume, Sean Jones, Abel Mendez, — it's, Mendez, Don Davis, who'd, West Virginia — Organizations: Engineers, Arecibo, National Science Foundation, Astronomical Sciences, Tropical Storm, Arecibo Observatory, Getty, NSF, Physical Sciences, University of Puerto, US, NASA, National Radio Astronomy, Green Bank, United, FAST Locations: Arecibo, Puerto Rico, NSF's, University of Puerto Rico, Virginia, West Virginia, China, Guizhou province, United States, Culebra
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