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HONG KONG (Reuters) -The heads of some of the world’s top banks and asset managers will attend an investment summit in Hong Kong on Nov. 2, the city’s financial regulator said on Thursday, signalling a re-opening of the financial hub after strict pandemic-linked curbs. Goldman Sachs Group Inc CEO David Solomon, Citigroup Inc head Jane Fraser, Morgan Stanley boss James Gorman and BlackRock Inc President Rob Kapito will be among the speakers at the Global Financial Leaders’ Investment Summit, the Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA) said. Hong Kong’s unrelenting COVID curbs have battered its economy and standing as a financial centre. Some banks had warned top bosses would not attend if any restrictions remained in place. HKMA Chief Executive Eddie Yue said on Thursday the final guidelines for those attending the summit were still being finalised.
Ohio GOP candidate J.R. Majewski's military record is again coming into question. According to The AP, Majewski was demoted because he drove under the influence in Japan. His campaign told the AP last week that he had been demoted for a brawl with a fellow servicemember. and I'm sure our parents and grandparents share these sentiments," Majewski told the AP on Wednesday. "The orders and military records that I have been able to obtain from my personal files shows that all of my deployments are listed as classified," Majewski told his supporters.
Meta took down a China-based network which sought to influence the US midterms. It was the first Chinese network Meta shut, which targeted US domestic politics before the midterms. The propaganda operation was largely ineffective, as it mostly posted when Americans were sleeping. Specifically, two clusters under the network "targeted both sides of the political spectrum in the US" in the English language. However, the influence operation was a failure, as the US-focused clusters attracted only "minimal reactions" to their posts.
CIA Director William Burns said Russia's military mobilization won't be enough to help them win the war. Putin ordered a "partial military mobilization" to bring in an extra 300,000 troops as the war persists. His military has a lot of other problems, "manpower is only one of them," Burns told CBS News. "His military has a lot of other problems, manpower is only one of them," Burns said to CBS News' Norah O'Donnell on Tuesday. Putin since ordered a "partial military mobilization," attempting to bring in an additional 300,000 troops to the conflict in Ukraine.
The New York Times published dozens of audio recordings of Russian soldiers in Ukraine. The soldiers largely complained about how the war was going and being misled by state leaders. The Times published on Wednesday several audio recordings of calls made by Russian soldiers that were intercepted by Ukrainian officials. Many of the soldiers captured in the calls complained about how poorly the war was going. One soldier said he was told by his commanders to "kill everyone we see," including civilians, which would be a war crime.
Russian soldiers were frustrated by unsuitable military equipment as early as March. Recordings obtained by The New York Times reveal phone calls made by Russian soldiers in Ukraine. One man told his girlfriend how his comrades stole NATO armor off dead Ukrainian soldiers. The Russian military has resorted to pulling obsolete equipment out of storage, including Soviet-era equipment such as T-62 tanks. Prior to the Ukraine war, the Russian military was widely regarded as one of the most powerful in the world.
Many of the most destructive and potentially deadly impacts of a hurricane — including storm surge, flooding and rainfall — are not accounted for in a storm's category number. "Hurricane Ian is a very large, slow-moving hurricane. "There have been several alternative scales proposed over the years and none have gained enough attention or traction by the National Hurricane Center," Collins said. "It is important to have such evidence before even proposing to the National Hurricane Center that this should be considered as a replacement." Kantha said the National Hurricane Center acts conservatively and carefully with changes, particularly those with legal implications.
Share this -Link copiedFloridians are livestreaming Hurricane Ian on TikTok Floridians are giving TikTok users a front-row seat to Hurricane Ian. Storm surge map, they didn’t have a color for 12 to 15 feet," he said about the historic levels of storm surge expected near where Ian is expected to make landfall. Share this -Link copiedA view of Hurricane Ian from the International Space Station A view of Hurricane Ian from the International Space Station, on Monday. Share this -Link copiedSatellite images show Hurricane Ian approaching Florida Hurricane Ian over the Gulf of Mexico early Wednesday. Share this -Link copiedIan expected to strengthen until making landfall, officials say Hurricane Ian is still forecast to strengthen until the hurricane makes landfall in Florida, the National Hurricane Center said.
Or worse, the Cantonese language and culture won’t survive another generation. Ceci Pang, a former kindergarten teacher, runs classes for children at Rainbow Seeds Cantonese school in London. Some turn to social media for advice and camaraderie — a Facebook group called “Cantonese Parents” has thousands of members sharing tips on everything from Cantonese books to YouTube videos. After more than 20 years, the school opted not to renew her contract, which effectively eliminated the Cantonese language program. Aleyda Poe has been overseeing the Cantonese kindergarten at Merit Chinese School in Plano, Texas, for over a decade.
We know what we should eat. Trouble is, most of us have a hard time sticking to it. Researchers are racing to understand what pushes people to make healthier food choices. They are finding that broad resolutions to “eat better” are less effective than setting a couple of smaller rules, that eating with other people is helpful and that grocery shopping online can be better than going to the store.
PINAR DEL RÍO, Cuba — Brigades of electrical workers were focused Wednesday on restoring electricity to the western region of Cuba, where Hurricane Ian made landfall the day before, leaving the entire country without power. Crews were working to bring power back to the Pinar del Río Province, where the eye of the then-Category 3 storm entered Cuba, and the municipality of Artemisa, where Ian's gusty winds knocked power out. In Pinar del Río, a region known for its agriculture and a source of produce for much of Cuba, crops such as rice, yucca and beans were lost. Yamil Lage / AFP - Getty ImagesCuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel said damages in Pinar del Río "are great, although it has not yet been possible to account for it." Hurricane winds bent countless pieces of metals used as roofs all over Cuba, particularly in Pinar del Río.
Brent crude futures settled up $3.05, or 3.5%, at $89.32 per barrel. U.S. West Texas Intermediate (WTI) crude futures ended up $3.65, or 4.7%, to $82.15 a barrel. The dollar hit a fresh two-decade peak against a basket of currencies on Wednesday before pulling back. A strong dollar reduces demand for oil by making it more expensive for buyers using other currencies. "All raw material dominated currencies are up - crude is not just moving in isolation here."
The College Board’s Racial Pandering
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He is also a senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute and provides television commentary for various news outlets. Mr. Riley joined the paper in 1994 as a copy reader on the national news desk in New York. He moved to the editorial page in 1995, was named a senior editorial page writer in 2000, and became a member of the Editorial Board in 2005. He joined the Manhattan Institute in 2015. Born in Buffalo, New York, Mr. Riley earned a bachelor's degree in English from the State University of New York at Buffalo.
While Amazon's second Prime Day-esque sale in 2022 — the Prime Early Access Sale — doesn't start until Oct. 11, the retailer is already rolling out early deals exclusive to Prime members. SKIP AHEAD Best early Prime deals | Exclusive promotions for Prime membersWhile you’re browsing early Prime deals, keep in mind that Amazon is not the only retailer hosting a mega sale in the next few weeks. Below, we rounded up a handful of early Prime Early Access Sale deals we think you’ll want to know about leading up to the official sale on Oct. 11-12. Best early Prime dealsAs you're sifting through Amazon’s wide variety of early Prime Early Access Sale deals, you’ll notice that some are available for a limited time period, meaning once it sells out, the deal is over. Early Prime Early Access Sale Day promotions for Prime membersBeyond deals on products across categories, Amazon is also offering a few promotions Prime members can take advantage of leading up to its October sale.
Tameka Cage Conley, an assistant professor of English and creative writing, always had a love and an appreciation for Tyler Perry. Tameka Cage Conley, an assistant professor teaching of English and creative writing who created the "In the Language of Folk and Kin: the Legacy of Folklore, the Griot and Community in the Artistic Praxis of Tyler Perry" course. Since starting the class, Conley said she’s had engaging discussions with students from diverse backgrounds. Additionally, his Tyler Perry Studios helps to employ over 200 staff members, who are predominantly Black. And so I thought that Tyler Perry is the person who enables me to be a conduit for them to feel safe.”
Food stamps restrict shoppers to nonalcoholic beverages, cold food items, seeds and plants. Expanding payment options for low-income shoppers could help the delivery platforms lure low-income grocery shoppers away from WMT.N and , which also have food stamp payment options. Shipt shoppers will also be able to pay for orders with SNAP EBT in 2023. customers can make grocery purchases online with SNAP EBT and their deliveries are powered by Shipt. Shipt does not currently offer any WIC or TANF payment options.
And for consumers who want to cut down on corporate monitoring, hitting “decline cookies” might not make much of a difference. Ulta Beauty’s Brent Rosso, vice president of the cosmetics seller’s ad business, called retail media networks “the hottest thing in the media world.”The Home Depot app encourages users to allow tracking. Home DepotNew ways to track and targetBefore the rise of retail media networks, retailers regularly sold ad space like sponsored products or banner ads on their own digital properties. But many retail media networks combine first-party data with existing third-party information, such as demographic data, to build more detailed profiles on consumers. About $40 billion will be spent this year across retail media networks alone, the analytics firm projects.
What Science Says About How to Eat Better
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We know what we should eat. Trouble is, most of us have a hard time sticking to it. Researchers are racing to understand what pushes people to make healthier food choices. They are finding that broad resolutions to “eat better” are less effective than setting a couple of smaller rules, that eating with other people is helpful and that grocery shopping online can be better than going to the store.
Canadian actor Robert Cormier, who appeared in the drama "Heartland" has died at the age of 33. The actor died Friday in Etobicoke, Ontario, according to his obituary. Cormier died in the hospital of injuries he sustained in a fall, his sister told his talent agent’s office. Thank you.”The show "Heartland" shared a tribute to Cormier on social media, calling him "a beloved member of the Heartland cast the last two seasons." “We are deeply saddened to learn of the passing of Robert Cormier,” the statement said.
Sabotage was behind underwater explosions that sent gas spewing from two major pipelines connecting Europe and Russia, Western leaders concurred Wednesday. NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said he discussed the “sabotage” of the pipelines at a meeting with Denmark’s defense minister in Brussels. The incident has put the region on edge, months after fears of a Russian military threat to the Baltics dissipated in the wake of its military’s struggles in Ukraine. A new Baltic pipeline allowing gas to be delivered from Norway through Denmark to Poland was inaugurated Tuesday. In recent weeks, Moscow has increasingly framed the war as not just with Ukraine but its Western backers, too.
Kris Brown, Liliana Bakhtiari , and Sarah Al-Khayyal cast their vote in the 2021 Atlanta elections. Kris Brown, Liliana Bakhtiari, and Sarah Al-Khayyal hike through Arches National Park in Grand County, Utah. “There are many more ways to be nonmonogamous than there are ways to be polyamorous, and we invite and enjoy the fluidity of the term nonmonogamy,” Brown said. Liliana Bakhtiari, Sarah Al-Khayyal, and Kris Brown celebrate Christmas with Brown's family. Bakhtiari and Brown had three cats and one dog, and when Al-Khayyal joined the family she brought her two cats.
Israel-based robotics startup Get Fabric Ltd., which has placed so-called microfulfillment centers in New York City and Dallas, is focusing on selling its warehouse automation platform rather than building more specialized small distribution sites. Some companies leased vacant retail spaces for use as “dark stores” for fulfillment and delivery, while others opened smaller warehouses near population centers. The shift makes the niche logistics business the latest to see a business strategy that gained traction during the Covid-19 pandemic lose its momentum as consumers have resumed prepandemic buying habits. That has some retailers rethinking their heavy investments in online fulfillment. Takeoff Technologies Inc., a microfulfillment system provider, expanded its business in the past year, said co-founder and Chief Executive Max Pedró.
‘Blonde’ Review: More Marilyn Mythologizing
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The public’s endless fascination with Marilyn Monroe might not be exhausted, finally, by “Blonde,” but the viewer will be. At two hours and 47 minutes, Andrew Dominik ’s pseudo-biography is one long slog into sadness and more-than-predictable tragedy, despite a touching portrayal by Ana de Armas and the deliberately artful and often startling filmmaking of Mr. Dominik. If you’re wondering if men are swine, they are, at least according to his adaptation of the Joyce Carol Oates novel. In some ways, Monroe was the human exemplar of the observer effect in physics: When we look at a thing, the thing changes. No one in the history of Hollywood has been looked at more intensely than Monroe.
Hurricane Ian in the Gulf of Mexico on Sept. 27, 2022. Share this -Link copiedHurricane Ian over Cuba on Tuesday morning Hurricane Ian over Cuba, on Tuesday. Share this -Link copiedIan expected to strengthen later Tuesday morning Hurricane Ian is expected to strengthen later Tuesday morning, officials said. Share this -Link copiedStorm clouds over St. Petersburg, Florida Storm clouds are seen as Hurricane Ian approaches in St. Petersburg, Florida on Monday. Ricardo Arduengo / AFP - Getty Images Share this -Link copiedHurricane Ian as it barrelled towards Cuba Hurricane Ian growing stronger as it barrelled toward Cuba on Monday.
But the fact that she did not speak out points to an added layer of hesitation many women of color face when confronted with such harassment, experts say. She had been hoping for a “fresh start.”Advocates and scholars say Wu’s comments reflect a familiar issue that women of color regularly contend with: the pressure to uphold racial solidarity, regardless of the harm they face. In her upcoming book “Making a Scene,” which will be released on Oct. 4, Wu detailed the alleged harassment. The expectation women face to place race before any gender-based misconduct or abuse means that they often do not get to define what being Asian American means, she said. Bringing issues of harassment into the public domain oftentimes forces people to contend with long-ignored problems, she said.
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