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Kim Jong Un Urges Women to Be Good Comrades—and Give Birth
  + stars: | 2023-12-05 | by ( Dasl Yoon | )   time to read: 1 min
North Korean women face widespread discrimination in the country’s deeply patriarchal society. Photo: kim won jin/Agence France-Presse/Getty ImagesSEOUL— Kim Jong Un has a new mission for North Korean women: Have more babies. Kim acknowledged the impoverished nation’s plunging birthrate for the first time publicly at a rare National Conference of Mothers. Wiping away tears, the 39-year-old dictator, who is a father of three, described mothers as revolutionaries who were on the front lines of rooting out antisocialist behavior and helping the nation prosper.
Persons: kim, Kim Jong, Kim Organizations: Agence France, Getty, North, National Conference of Locations: SEOUL
The situation at the Kamal Adwan hospital in northern Gaza is deteriorating as Israeli troops advance toward the facility, according to journalists in the complex speaking to CNN Tuesday. In an audio message sent from the hospital, journalist Mahmoud Al-Sabbah said the facility was surrounded. Another journalist at the hospital, Anas Al-Sharif, told CNN “the situation is very difficult.”He said there was artillery fire and airstrikes within the immediate vicinity. “The entire medical system has collapsed inside the hospital, and whoever gets injured ends as a martyr inside the hospital,” Al Sharif said. CNN cannot verify the number of casualties at the hospital, where an unknown number of displaced civilians are also taking shelter.
Persons: Kamal, Mahmoud Al, Sabbah, ” Al, Anas Al, Sharif, ” Al Sharif, Yoav Gallant, Kamal Adwan Organizations: CNN, Israeli, Israel Defense Forces Locations: Gaza, Gaza City
UNITED NATIONS (AP) — The United Nations food agency said Tuesday it is stopping food distribution in areas of war-torn Yemen controlled by the Houthi rebels, a move that will impact millions of people. The World Food Program said the “pause” was driven by limited funding and the lack of agreement with the rebel authorities on downscaling the program to match the agency’s resources. The war in Yemen has raged for eight years between the Iran-backed Houthis and pro-government forces, backed by a coalition of Gulf Arab states. At the end of October, WFP and the U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization warned that acute food insecurity is likely to deteriorate further in Yemen through April 2024. It called for urgent and scaled-up assistance to Yemen and 17 other “hunger hotspots” to protect livelihoods and increase access to food.
Persons: U.N, Stephane Dujarric, , Organizations: UNITED NATIONS, United, Food Program, Hamas, Agriculture Organization Locations: United Nations, Yemen, , Iran, Gulf Arab, Sanaa, Saudi Arabia, Red, Rome, Food
A man wearing a thawb walks past flags of nations participating in the UNFCCC COP28 Climate Conference the day before its official opening on November 29, 2023 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. DUBAI, United Arab Emirates — Nearly 2,500 fossil fuel lobbyists are estimated to have been granted access to the COP28 climate conference in the United Arab Emirates, according to an analysis from advocacy groups, reflecting a sharp increase from last year. A report published Tuesday by the Kick Big Polluters Out coalition found that at least 2,456 fossil fuel lobbyists registered to attend the two-week long summit. That's more than almost every other country delegation, except for Brazil (3,081) and COP28 host the United Arab Emirates (4,409), the analysis said. Campaigners say the number of fossil fuel lobbyists attending the talks is "beyond justification" and signals that polluting industries are seeking to advance a fossil fuel agenda at the expense of frontline communities.
Persons: Ernest Moniz, Muhammed Lamin Saidykhan, Big Organizations: United Arab Emirates, International Energy Agency, CNBC, Polluters, Climate Action Network Locations: Dubai, United Arab, DUBAI, Brazil
An unexpected rescue mission could come in the form of a star flying by the solar system. There's a slim chance the star could pull the Earth to a more habitable zone, a study suggested. The researchers ran 12,000 simulations to see what would happen if a star passed within 100 astronomical units (about 9.3 billion miles) from Earth. In 92% of cases, the solar system would remain almost intact even as a star passed by the solar system. In some simulations, Earth remained in the solar system but was pulled to a region beyond Pluto that's about 10% cooler than our current orbit.
Persons: , Sean Raymond, there's, Raymond, that's Organizations: Service, University of Bordeaux, Planetary Science Institute, New, Royal Astronomical Society Locations: France, Tucson , Arizona
Israel has been intensifying its aerial bombardment of southern Gaza in pursuit of Palestinian militant group Hamas and said over the weekend that it will expand ground operations to the whole of the territory. United Nations Secretary General Antonio Guterres on Monday appealed to the IDF to spare civilians from more suffering. Scores of wounded people could be seen being taken from rubble and to hospitals in southern Gaza throughout Monday in footage. “They told us to leave Gaza, there’s a war in Gaza, so we left (the north) and came here to the south just like they asked. The Hamas-controlled Ministry of Health in Gaza also accused the Israeli military of targeting Kamal Adwan hospital in a statement late Monday.
Persons: , Martin Griffiths, , General Antonio Guterres, Jonathan Conricus, Khan Younis, we’ve, ” Ibrahim Esbeitan, Salah Al, Mohammed Salem, Philippe Lazzarini, Lazzarini, Nasser Hospital, James Elder, ” Elder, Kamal Adwan, Anas Al, Sharif, CNN’s Tamar Michaelis, Lauren Kent, Lina El Wardani, Abeer Salman, Kareem Khadder Organizations: CNN, United, , Hamas, . United Nations, UN, Israel Defense Forces, Reuters, Nasser Hospital, United Nations Relief, Works Agency for Palestine Refugees, US Administration, Health, World Health Organization, WHO, Nasser, UNICEF, of Health, IDF Locations: United Nations, Gaza, Israel, , Khan, there’s, Rafah, Egypt, Territories, Kamal
“Each decade since the 1990s has been warmer than the previous one and we see no immediate sign of this trend reversing,” its secretary-general, Petteri Taalas, said. Experts are divided about one of the most important metrics: The rate of warming. University of Pennsylvania climate scientist Michael Mann has argued warming has been steadily increasing since 1990, but isn't speeding up. He warned that such warming is fueling increasingly dangerous extreme weather events, coastal flooding and many other “disastrous” impacts. Glaciers in Papua, Indonesia are likely to disappear altogether within the next decade,” WMO said.
Persons: Petteri Taalas, James Hansen, Michael Mann, ” Mann, Organizations: United Arab Emirates, United Nations, World Meteorological Organization, WMO, NASA, Warming, University of Pennsylvania, ” WMO, AP Locations: DUBAI, United Arab, Dubai, Papua, Indonesia, , Africa, Kenya, Kilimanjaro, Greenland, Antarctica
CNN —The Republican presidential debates have so far produced two big winners – one who will be center stage Wednesday in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, for the fourth GOP matchup, and another who won’t be there at all. The good news for Haley is that she is now running neck-and-neck for second place with the formerly formidable Florida Gov. In skipping the debates, Trump wagered that without his oversized presence, his opponents would primarily train their fire on each other. With Trump absent, Haley, who thus far has mostly eluded frontal attacks, is more likely to get frontrunner treatment from her rivals on Wednesday night. Chris Christie, the most outspoken critic of Trump in the Republican field, also hopes to make New Hampshire a breakthrough moment.
Persons: David Axelrod, , Barack Obama, Obama, Nikki Haley, Donald Trump, Haley, Ron DeSantis, Trump, DeSantis, Sen, Tim Scott of, Charles Koch, Chris Christie, Christie, Vivek Ramaswamy, parry, Mike Pence, Doug Burgum, Ronna McDaniel, McDaniel, Joe Biden Organizations: CNN, GOP, UN, South, Republican, Florida Gov, Trump, University of Alabama, Hawkeye State, New, New Jersey Gov, North Dakota Gov, Republican Party Locations: Tuscaloosa , Alabama, South Carolina, Iowa, Hawkeye, New Hampshire, DeSantis, Tim Scott of South Carolina, New Jersey
Jerusalem and Abu Dhabi CNN —One man carries six jars of cooking oil as he struggles to walk across the rubble. Since October 9, Israel has blocked access to water, food and electricity in the Strip that is home to more than 2 million Palestinians. “It’s chaos,” one resident told CNN Monday, standing behind a crowd of people scavenging for supplies under the damage. Displaced Palestinians queue for food donations in the southern Gaza Strip city of Rafah on November 30. A day after the IDF said it was expanding its ground operation, it said it struck about 200 Hamas targets in the Gaza Strip.
Persons: Baraka, Dier, Gazans, ” Thomas White, Kamil Al, , Mohammed Abed, Ibrahim Dabbour, ” Dabbour, Israel, Israel’s, Khan Younis, Bani Suheila, Abed Zagout, Critics, ” Sari Bashi, ” Bashi, Khalil Abu Marahil, “ It’s, “ We’ve, Sally Essam, Deir Organizations: Abu Dhabi CNN, CNN, Israeli Defense Forces, IDF, of Health, United Nations, UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees, Food Programme, Getty, UN, Hamas, Human Rights Locations: Jerusalem, Abu Dhabi, Gazan, Deir, Israel, Gaza, Dier, East, Rafah, AFP, Beit Hanoun, United States, Khan, Southern Gaza, Khuza'a, Maan, Anadolu, Gaza City, , Palestinian, Deir al
CNN —As someone who’s been reporting on the climate crisis for more than a decade, I can say that the most insidious threat to climate action isn’t denial or apathy. That’s tragic, especially in light of the long and frustrating history of fossil fuel interests injecting doubt into policy conversations about the climate crisis. The broad strokes of climate science have been well understood for several decades now. The fallout of that doubt still haunts political conversations about the climate crisis today. In the United States, only 35% of adults talk about the climate crisis at least occasionally, according to a 2021 survey from the Yale Program on Climate Change Communication.
Persons: John D, Sutter, Ted Turner, Read, who’s, Sutter Beth Mickalonis, Sultan Al Jaber, Al Jaber, Mary Robinson, , Al Jaber’s, It’s Organizations: Environmental Media, George Washington University, CNN, COP28, United, Abu, Abu Dhabi National Oil Company, , The Guardian, UN, Programme, Sutter, Yale Locations: Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi, UN, Paris, United States
[1/2] Buildings lie in ruin in Gaza, amid the ongoing conflict between Israel and the Palestinian Islamist group Hamas, as seen from southern Israel, December 4, 2023. Qatar, where several political leaders of Hamas are based, has been leading negotiations between the Palestinian militant group and Israel. Those talks led to a truce that ultimately lasted for seven days before hostilities resumed on Friday. During the truce, Hamas released dozens of hostages held in Gaza in exchange for hundreds of Palestinian prisoners, and Israel allowed humanitarian aid to flow into the coastal strip. Sheikh Tamim said Qatar was working with both sides to repair the deal.
Persons: Athit, Israel, Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad, Thani, Sheikh Tamim, Aziz El Yaakoubi, Nayera Abdallah, Andrew Mills, Alex Richardson, Miral Organizations: Hamas, REUTERS, Rights DOHA, . Security Council, Qatari, Doha, UN, Thomson Locations: Gaza, Israel, Palestinian, Qatar
Israel largely captured the northern half of Gaza in November, and since a week-long truce collapsed on Friday they have swiftly pushed deep into the southern half. The Israeli military said the central road out of Khan Younis to the north "constitutes a battlefield" and was now shut. Desperate Gazans in Khan Younis packed their belongings and headed towards Rafah. U.S. National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan said Washington expected Israel to avoid attacking areas identified as "no-strike" zones in Gaza. Israel accuses Hamas of putting civilians in danger by operating from civilian areas, including in tunnels which can only be destroyed by large bombs.
Persons: Amir Cohen, Stephane Dujarric, Khan Younis, Antonio Guterres, Philippe Lazzarini, Lazzarini, Israel, Gazans, Jake Sullivan, Mohammed Salem, Maayan Lubell, Ari Rabinovich, Emily Rose, Maggie Fick, Andrew Mills, Humeyra Pamuk, Stephen Coates, Rosalba O'Brien, Lincoln Organizations: Hamas, REUTERS, United Nations, Islamic, State Department, U.S . National, Street, U.S, Thomson Locations: Israeli, Israel, Palestinian, Israel's, Gaza, Khan, Khan Younis GAZA, United States, Gaza's, Rafah, Washington, U.S, Jerusalem, Beirut, Doha
Israeli troops and tanks gather near the border with the Gaza Strip on December 3, 2023, after battles resumed between Israel and Hamas militants, as clashes continue between Israel and Hamas militants on December 3, 2023. The Israeli military is expanding its offensive in southern Gaza, where for much of the last two months it has told Palestinian civilians to flee for their safety. At least 50 people were killed Tuesday in Israeli strikes on Khan Younis in the south and the Nuseirat refugee camp in the central Gaza Strip, according to Palestinian news agency Wafa. The outlet and other journalists on the ground reported streams of ambulances rushing people to local hospitals. U.S. national security advisor Jake Sullivan, speaking to press, said that Israel has "indicated there are areas where there will be no strike zones, and in those zones we do expect Israel to follow through on not striking."
Persons: Khan Younis, enclave's, Antonio Guterres, Stephane Dujarric, Jake Sullivan, Israel Organizations: Hamas, Israeli Defense Forces, United Nations Locations: Gaza, Israel, U.S
CNN —The decade between 2011 and 2020 was the hottest on record for the planet’s land and oceans as the rate of climate change “surged alarmingly,” according to a new report from the World Meteorological Organization. This year is also expected to be the hottest year, after six straight months of record global temperatures. Scientists have said this year’s exceptional warmth is the result of the combined effects of El Niño and human-caused climate change, which is driven by planet-warming fossil fuel pollution. A separate analysis released Monday by the Global Carbon Project found that carbon pollution from fossil fuels is on track to set a new record in 2023 – 1.1% higher than 2022 levels. The WMO report comes partway through the UN-backed COP28 climate summit, on the day focused on energy and industry.
Persons: El, Petteri Taalas, ” Elena Manaenkova, Anupam Nath, , ” Taalas, , Pierre Friedlingstein, Amy Cassidy Organizations: CNN, World Meteorological Organization, Global, Project, WMO, UN, EU, Copernicus, DG DEFIS, Reuters, El Niño, University of Exeter’s Global Systems Institute Locations: Dubai, India, China, US, EU, Mayong, Gauhati, Assam, Greater London, Antarctica, Paris, El, COP28
Sheryl Sandberg condemned the violence perpetrated against women during Hamas' terrorist attack on October 7 and called on the world to do the same. Sandberg was joined by a host of luminaries, including Hillary Clinton and Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, for a UN summit on gender-based violence. Gilad Erdan and Debra Messing attend the summit on sexual violence against women in wartime at the United Nations on Dec. 4, 2023. UN Women issued a statement in December condemning the attacks and expressing alarm at the "numerous accounts of gender-based atrocities and sexual violence during those attacks." Israel's Ambassador to the UN Gilad Erdan addresses the UN Summit on the gender-based violence in the Oct. 7 terrorist attack.
Persons: Sheryl Sandberg, Sandberg, Hillary Clinton, Sen, Kirsten Gillibrand, , Debra Messing, Julianna Margulies, Tom Berthal, Amb, Gilad Erdan, Shazar, " Sandberg, Hillary Rodham Clinton, Liel Hetzroni, Ila, Hetzroni, Revivim, Alexi J, Rosenfeld, Simcha Greiniman, Greiniman, York Sen, Gillibrand, Sima Bahous, Erdan Organizations: Hamas, UN, Service, United Nations, Gaza Health Ministry, Be'eri Locations: Gaza, New York City, Israel, Dubai, Revivim, York, Hamas
[1/4] A solid-fuel space rocket is launched during a test flight over the sea near Jeju Island, South Korea, December 4, 2023. The Defense Ministry/Handout via REUTERS Acquire Licensing RightsSEOUL, Dec 4 (Reuters) - South Korea on Monday successfully conducted a flight of a solid-fuel rocket carrying a satellite over the sea near Jeju Island, the defence ministry said, amid a growing space race with neighbouring North Korea. A SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket carried South Korea's first spy satellite into orbit on Friday from California's Vandenberg Space Force Base. North Korea on Monday denounced what it called Washington's "double standard" over the two Koreas' satellite launches and said such "brigandish" American standards would never be tolerated. A functioning reconnaissance satellite could allow North Korea to remotely monitor U.S., South Korean, and Japanese troops.
Persons: California's, Kim Jong, Hyunsu Yim, hyang Choi, Ed Davies, Gerry Doyle Organizations: The Defense Ministry, REUTERS Acquire, Rights, Agency for Defense Development, Korea's Hanwha, Hanwha Systems, SpaceX, California's Vandenberg Space Force, White House, Pentagon, U.S, Thomson Locations: Jeju, South Korea, Rights SEOUL, North Korea, Pyongyang, United States, Korea, Norfolk , Virginia, South
CNN —For weeks, CNN producer Ibrahim Dahman reported from Gaza as Israeli airstrikes brought devastation and despair to the besieged strip in the wake of the Hamas terror attacks of October 7. His childhood home in Gaza City was obliterated in a separate strike on an adjacent building the same day. At least two other relatives are in critical condition, and still others are still buried under the rubble. Menahem Kahana/AFP/Getty ImagesVideo posted on social media shows the aftermath of the blast that killed Dahman’s relatives. Dahman had previously detailed his desperate flight south to Khan Younis with his wife and two young sons, from their home in Gaza City in October.
Persons: Ibrahim Dahman, CNN “, , ” Dahman, , Menahem Kahana, Dahman’s, Sheik Zayed, CNN Dahman, , Dahman, Khan Younis, I’ve Organizations: CNN, Getty, UN, Palestinian Ministry of Health, of Health, Sunday Locations: Gaza, Egypt, Gaza City, Beit Lahia, Israel, AFP, Sheikh Radwan, Ramallah, Cairo
Britain's Labour Party Leader Keir Starmer attends television interviews on the final day of the party's annual conference in Liverpool, Britain, October 11, 2023. It is not unusual for opposition leaders to receive summit invitations, but COP28 is particularly resonant. Ireland's climate minister, Eamon Ryan, hailed Britain's climate leadership, but also said Sunak's reset of some measures had not gone down well when the news was reported while he was in New York for the U.N. General Assembly. Britain's development minister Andrew Mitchell, at COP28, told Reuters what Sunak did "was very good government". But the Conservatives' former finance minister George Osborne questioned whether Sunak had been angered that Kitsotakis had met Starmer before him.
Persons: Keir Starmer, Phil Noble, Starmer, King, Jordan, John Kerry, General Antonio Guterres, Rishi Sunak, COP28, Sunak, Espen Barth Eide, Eamon Ryan, Andrew Mitchell, we're, Kyriakos, Sunak's, George Osborne, Kitsotakis, Elizabeth Piper, Kate Abnett, Barbara Lewis Organizations: Britain's Labour, REUTERS, Labour Party, UN, Labour, General, Reuters, Greek, Elgin, British, Conservatives, Thomson Locations: Liverpool, Britain, DUBAI, Dubai, Israel, Gaza, Qatar, Brazil, London, COP28, Norwegian, New York
Imagine a better climate pact than COP
  + stars: | 2023-12-04 | by ( Hugo Dixon | )   time to read: +7 min
It’s possible to imagine an alternative, better way to fight climate change. The snag is that China or the United States – which were responsible for 25% and 11% of greenhouse gases, respectively, in 2021 – would have to take the lead. All countries agreed to limit global warming to 2 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial times and to aim for 1.5 degrees. That’s the thinking behind the Just Energy Transition Partnerships that the United States and its allies have cut with Indonesia, Vietnam and South Africa. For example, Donald Trump, who as president pulled the United States out of the Paris Agreement, may return to the White House after next year’s elections.
Persons: Vladimir Putin, Xi Jinping, Donald Trump, Peter Thal Larsen, Thomas Shum Organizations: Reuters, of, UN, United, Rio Earth Summit, European, Reuters Graphics Reuters, China, African, Initiative, World Bank, Thomson Locations: Nations, Dubai, China, United States, Paris, U.S, Washington, Beijing, European Union, Japan, Canada, South Korea, United Kingdom, Russia, Russian, Xi Jinping . Washington, India, Brazil, Indonesia, African Union, Vietnam, South Africa
A Spanish man faces 20 years in prison for teaching North Korea cryptocurrency, according to police. Alejandro Cao de Benós is wanted by the FBI for helping North Korea evade US sanctions. He was arrested at a Madrid train station last week, Spanish police said. AdvertisementA Spanish man is facing 20 years in prison in the US for teaching North Koreans how to evade US sanctions using cryptocurrencies, according to Spain's National Police . And hackers with ties to North Korea stole $630 million in crypto last year, their biggest haul ever, Reuters reported in February, citing a confidential UN report.
Persons: Alejandro Cao de Benós, , National Police didn't, Cao de Benós, Virgil Griffiths, Griffith, Cao de, Virgil Griffin Organizations: North Korea cryptocurrency, FBI, Service, North, Spain's National Police, Interpol, National Police, Korean Friendship Association, Trump -, Economic, Public Affairs, Street, Reuters, UN Locations: North Korea, Madrid, Barcelona, Spanish, blockchain, Pyongyang, United States, Korea, North
Russia has likely seen up to 350,000 casualties since its invasion of Ukraine, the UK MOD said. But that figure is an estimate, and Russia probably doesn't even know the real figure, it said. Russia has "a long-established culture of dishonest reporting within the military," the MOD said. The UK MOD said in an intelligence update on Monday that Russia has likely seen up to 350,000 casualties since it launched its invasion of Ukraine in February 2022. Russia likely doesn't have an accurate count itself, the MOD said.
Persons: Organizations: MOD, Service, UK Ministry of Defence, UK, Wagner, NATO, UN Locations: Russia, Ukraine
One witness — and documenter — of this trend is Los Angeles-based multimedia artist Kevin Cooley, who has spent the last decade capturing images of fire — both wild and controlled. The photographs are a visual statement about “our desire to control nature.”But lately, Cooley finds himself drawn to a different element, with lower risks. At the same time, California was in the middle of an extreme drought, which sparked his interesting in photographing water. Using flashlights, strobe lights and even drones, Cooley takes long exposure photos of the ocean that illuminate the tides, and ebb and flow of the current, he said. Kevin Cooley looks off into the sunset at Thousand Steps Beach in California, assessing the lighting for his evening photography session of the ocean.
Persons: , Kevin Cooley, , Cooley, He’s, we’re, Kevin Cooley's, Kevin Cooley Cooley, ” Cooley, Kevin Myers, CNN “, Organizations: Los Angeles CNN —, UN, CNN Locations: Los Angeles, California, Colorado, Arizona
MEXICO CITY (Reuters) - Latin America and the Caribbean need to rapidly boost spending to up to 4.9% of gross domestic product (GDP) annually by 2030 to meet their climate targets, a United Nations agency said in a report on Monday. The Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC) report presented at Dubai's COP28 summit said the region must spend between 3.7% to 4.9% of GDP annually, up from just 0.5% in 2020, amounting to total investments of $2.1 trillion to $2.8 trillion by 2030. This implies the "availability of substantial but not unattainable amounts - and the time to act is now," ECLAC Executive Secretary Jose Manuel Salazar-Xirinachs said. Climate mitigation - mostly projects around transportation as well as energy, infrastructure and deforestation - would take up the lion's share of spending, ECLAC said, while a remaining third would need to go toward adaptation methods. Climate change - excluding the impacts of extreme phenomena - could strip 10% off labor productivity in some countries, it added, cutting potential for economic growth.
Persons: Jose Manuel Salazar, Xirinachs, ECLAC, Salazar, Marion Giraldo, Sarah Morland, Sandra Maler Organizations: MEXICO CITY, United, Economic Commission, Latin Locations: MEXICO, America, Caribbean, United Nations, Latin America, Uruguay, Brazil, Argentina, South America's Parana, La Plata, Chile
DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (AP) — With Planet Earth running a fever, U.N. climate talks focused Sunday on the contagious effects on human health. “Climate change doesn’t need to be on a death certificate for us to be confident that climate change is causing deaths,” Diarmid Campbell-Lendrum, WHO’s head of climate and health, said. Dubai, the largest city in oil-rich United Arab Emirates, often faces higher levels of air pollution than other places on Earth due to its location — and haze is common. The Dubai government, on its web site devoted to the environment, listed its Air Quality Index level mostly at “good” on Sunday. Switzerland-based IQAir, a technology company that sells air-quality monitoring products, listed Dubai as the city with the 18th-worst air quality in the world with “moderate” air quality levels as of noon local time on Sunday.
Persons: Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, , , Antonio Guterres, Guterres, John Kerry, ” Kerry, Vanessa, Tedros, Diarmid Campbell, ” Diarmid Campbell, Jon Gambrell, Peter Prengaman Organizations: United Arab Emirates, Health Organization, Conference, WHO, United, Associated Press, AP Locations: DUBAI, United Arab, Dubai, U.N, , U.S, United Arab Emirates, Persian, Switzerland
And scientists say the steady climb of global sea level will continue for many decades as temperatures crank higher. A photo illustration of the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, if we sharply cut carbon pollution (1.5°C global warming). Climate Central A photo illustration of the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, if we keep our current carbon path (3°C global warming). Climate Central Photo illustrations from Climate Central What sea-level rise could look like at the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. A photograph of the Fortaleza del Real Felipe in Lima, Peru, if we sharply cut carbon pollution (1.5°C global warming).
Persons: Sabelle, , Benjamin Strauss, ” Strauss, Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu, Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Organizations: CNN, Climate Central, UN, United Arab Emirates, Fortaleza del Real Felipe, Climate, Durban City Hall, U.S . Navy, NGA, World Meteorological Organization Locations: Dubai, Burj Khalifa, United Arab Emirates, United Arab, Fortaleza, Lima , Peru, Earth’s, Climate Central, COP21, Paris, Durban, South Africa, Mumbai, India, Chhatrapati, Antarctica, Copenhagen, Denmark, Christiansborg, COP28
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