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Live Covid Live Updates: Ahead of Olympics, Tokyo’s State of Emergency to Be Relaxed Japan’s latest outbreak is receding and vaccinations are slowly picking up, but health experts warn that the government must remain vigilant. Tokyo has been under a state of emergency since late April, the third since the start of the pandemic. Credit Credit... Jeremy Woodhouse/Getty ImagesThe U.S. will spend $3 billion on developing antiviral pills to treat Covid-19. Contrary to some social media posts, his condition was not because he had received a coronavirus vaccine. Mr. Cummings said Mr. Raab did a far better job than Mr. Johnson in leading the government’s response to the pandemic.
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Girl Scouts Stuck With Over 15 Million Boxes of Unsold Cookies
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The Girl Scouts are struggling to sell a heaping pile of extra cookies: 15 million boxes of them, to be exact. Troops with armfuls of cookies used to be a fixture outside grocery stores and on people’s doorsteps. But this year, those cookies are stuck in warehouses after Girl Scouts of the U.S.A. was confronted with two major obstacles during the pandemic: membership has declined, and the scouts had to abandon their usual in-person selling methods. Around 12 million of the 15 million surplus cookies never left the bakery warehouses in Kentucky and Indiana, the Girl Scouts said in a statement on Tuesday. “Given that a majority of cookies are sold in person by girls at booths or other face-to-face methods, a decrease in sales was to be expected,” Kelly Parisi, a Girl Scouts spokeswoman, said in the statement.
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“It’s a problem Facebook has known about for many years.”Facebook spokesman Andy Stone said that the company prohibits "content that offers to provide or facilitate human smuggling. He added that Facebook permits content related to seeking asylum and that it had consulted with the United Nations on its content policies around human smuggling. The policies draw on the U.N. definition of human smuggling as “the procurement or facilitation of illegal entry into a state across international borders” that doesn’t necessarily involve coercion or force. Since 2015, researchers and journalists have regularly identified pages dedicated to human smuggling on Facebook. Deported and pennilessAt his computer, Pastor Banda pointed to another Facebook group in which migrants appear to be negotiating with coyotes.
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But many of the surveillance court’s opinions remain secret, and the U.S.A. Freedom Act does not ensure that the court’s future opinions will see the light of day. The surveillance court has made clear it believes the executive branch should have the last word on whether the court’s opinions should be published. challenged this conclusion, both the surveillance court and the appeals court that oversees it held that they lacked authority even to consider the A.C.L.U.’s claim. The surveillance court has exempted itself from this rule on the ground that it deals with national security matters. The petition we and our colleagues filed in the Supreme Court seeks to bring the surveillance court’s practices in line with the Constitution.
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After reading Gowdy’s story, Saunders — a queer Black woman — felt compelled to share her own mental health journey. “I really was just going through the motions.”Now, during Mental Health Awareness Month, Saunders is speaking out again — this time, in a PBS mini-documentary in which she charts her journey to the Olympics and through her mental health struggles. The U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Committee provides Team U.S.A. athletes with year-round access to mental health services, according to spokesperson Jon Mason. The committee has also increased its mental health offerings over the past year, in light of the pandemic, by creating a 13-member mental health task force that meets monthly, hiring three independent mental health officers, and launching an online registry of mental health providers and a round-the-clock support line, Mason added. And in 2019, the committee created its athletes services division to separate professionals supporting athletes’ mental health and wellness from those supporting their athletic performance, he said.
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Disney World changes mask requirements for guests
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New York (CNN Business) In a major moment for Disney parks, and the theme park industry overall, Walt Disney World changed its mask rules for guests following new guidance from the CDC. The resort located in Orlando, Florida announced Friday that masks and face coverings for guests will be "optional in outdoor common areas" at Disney World starting on Saturday. The exception being that guests "must wear face coverings from the entrances at all attractions, theaters or transportation and throughout those experiences," the company said. The adjusted safety requirements could have huge ramifications for Disney's attendance numbers and the theme park industry as a whole since Disney parks are an industry leader. And as goes Disney, so usually go other amusement parks.
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How to Plan a D.I.Y. Alaska Trip
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If you fly into Anchorage or Fairbanks, you’re in what’s known as the “railbelt” of Alaska, served by the Alaska Railroad, which also runs south of Anchorage to Seward. A Park Connection bus between Denali and Anchorage costs $100 one way in summer. Like other parts of the country, Alaska is experiencing a rental car crunch as demand outpaces supply, resulting in higher rates, nearly double statewide compared to 2019, according to Kayak. Rental cars, however, are hard to find this summer. Clicking around the Avis Alaska site for a rental car recently, I couldn’t find a weeklong rental, a compact for $473, until late August.
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Gymnastics Is a Brutal Sport. Does It Have to Be?
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She swung once around, cleared the bar a second time and released it, flinging her legs up into a V straddle. Many accusations of abusive training practices in gymnastics have previously come from high-profile athletes, a fact that sometimes helped perpetuate the misconception that abusive training was happening only at the highest levels of the sport. It has been 26 years since the publication of Joan Ryan’s “Little Girls in Pretty Boxes,” a groundbreaking investigation of the harm caused by gymnastics. Gymnastics does not share information on reports or investigations,” U.S.A.G. “Each case is unique and is treated by U.S.A. Gymnastics’ Safe Sport department as such.” Haney denied verbally, emotionally or physically abusing any gymnast: “It is astonishing that a few girls, families and agents continue to use the U.S.A.G./Safe Sport for personal and/or financial gain.
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‘Once Aboard, We Noticed Some Groups of People Sticking Together’
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ImageCircle LineDear Diary:Some years ago, my wife and I drove down from Connecticut to take the Circle Line around Manhattan. Once aboard, we noticed some groups of people sticking together. We learned that they were engineers from other countries who had come to the United States to study the traffic patterns in large cities here. Approaching one nattily dressed, well-groomed member of the group, I bent forward slightly at the waist and began to speak to him in a halting tone. Group.”— Jack Lupkas
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Live Live Updates: Biden to Call for Broad Spending, Pressing Congress to Turn ‘Peril Into Possibility’ President Biden is set to deliver his first formal address to a joint session of Congress Wednesday night. And during his years in the Senate, Mr. Scott has often provided guidance for his colleagues on matters of race. Mr. Bryan joined the chase and used his truck to cut off Mr. Arbery, the Justice Department said. The video showed Mr. Arbery jogging, then coming upon a man standing beside a truck and another man in the pickup bed. After Mr. Arbery runs around the truck, shouting is heard and then he reappears, tussling with the man outside of the truck.
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Credit Suisse reports a loss as regulators open an investigation.
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The loss of 252 million Swiss francs, about $275 million, from January through March, came after a loss of 4.4 billion francs from Archegos wiped out a big increase in revenue and forced the departure of some top executives. Credit Suisse also said on Thursday that it had sold bonds to investors to shore up its capital. Swiss regulators are also investigating a spying scandal and Credit Suisse’s sale of $10 billion in funds packaged by Greensill Capital. The funds were based on financing provided to companies, many of which had low credit ratings or were not rated at all. The Swiss regulator, known as Finma, said it would “investigate in particular possible shortcomings in risk management” at Credit Suisse.
Persons: Greensill, David Cameron of, Finma Organizations: Suisse, Archegos Capital Management, Archegos, Credit Suisse, Greensill Capital, U.S.A Locations: Zurich, Swiss
Live Jobless Claims May Show Uptick as Trend Stays Positive: Live Updates RIGHT NOW Credit Suisse reports a loss as regulators open an investigation. Government assistance has enabled more consumer spending, contributing to recent gains in the labor market. Credit Suisse also said on Thursday that it had sold bonds to investors to shore up its capital. The Swiss regulator, known as Finma, said it would “investigate in particular possible shortcomings in risk management” at Credit Suisse. Revenue for the quarter rose 30 percent to 7.6 billion francs as Credit Suisse raked in fees from lively trading on stock and bond markets.
Persons: Karsten Moran, , Gregory Daco, , Heidi Shierholz, Thomas Gottstein, Ennio Leanza, Greensill, David Cameron of, Finma Organizations: Credit Suisse, Shoppers, The New York, Bloomberg, Oxford Economics, Survey, Institute, , Suisse, Associated Press Credit Suisse, Archegos Capital Management, Archegos, Greensill Capital, U.S.A, Revenue Locations: Bronx, California, Archegos, Zurich, Swiss
We also suspect that some readers ascribed too much political meaning to pickup trucks and American flags. Some sample flags from Renton, Wash.:Imagery source: GooglePhiladelphia:Imagery source: GooglePlainfield, Vt.:Imagery source: GoogleOverland Park, Kan.:Imagery source: GoogleSeneca, S.C.:Imagery source: GoogleTrucksPickup trucks were even less useful as a political signal of a Trump area. :Imagery source: GoogleAlbuquerque:Imagery source: GoogleManhattan:Imagery source: GoogleBakersfield, Calif:Imagery source: GoogleLos Angeles:Imagery source: GoogleSidewalksSidewalks were much more common in these scenes than flags or trucks. Among the sidewalk scenes we found, about 70 percent were in places that Mr. Biden carried. Nearly 75 percent of precincts denser than that backed Mr. Biden, and nearly 75 percent of precincts less dense than that backed Mr. Trump.
Persons: Joe Biden, Donald J, Trump, Biden, haven’t, Douglass, Kan, Anna, Snyder, Stanley, Waelder, Rolfe, Saint Paul, 11376 Kenyon, Conway, Dewey, Granton, Mathis, Hartwell, Hollandale, Tracy, Hemingway, Hill, Bowman, Osyka, Whiting, Byram, it’s, Chase, Vernon, Brandon, Des, Terrell, El Organizations: Google, Trump, America, Mr, Biden, Rush, Kan, Farmer, Greenwood, Dallas, Menlo, Trucks, Google Sonoma, Democratic, Republican, Angeles, Keller, Houston, Fort Locations: United States, Brooklyn, Effingham, Ill, Las Vegas, Spokane, Valparaiso, Ind, New York, N.Y, Bronx, York, Astoria, Corona, Boston, Francisco 11752 Brooklyn, Philadelphia, Sunnyside, Francisco 16454 Brooklyn, Augusta, Kan, Anna , Ohio, Cuero , Texas, Wis, Okla, N.C, Lexington, Neb, White, Fredonia, Royston, Ga, Waelder , Texas, Baltimore , Ohio, Oakwood, Cleburne , Texas, Roanoke, Walla Walla, Wash, Rolfe , Iowa, Wiggins, Colo, Snyder , Texas, 11376, Minn, Tremont, Miss, S.C, Madras, Ore, , Iowa, Mathis , Texas, Shelby , Ohio, Oakwood , Ohio, Ellensburg, Mich, America, Biden, Santa Rosa, Calif, Dudley, Gunnison, Orangeburg, Moscow, Tenn, N.J, Houston, Santa Fe, Centreville, Norwood, Broomfield, Huntsville , Texas, Waterloo , Iowa, Puyallup, MacOn, Peru, Granville , Ohio, Vernon, Westminster, Canton, Fayetteville, Ark, , Texas, Georgetown , Texas, Spartanburg, Vt, Trump, Woodhaven, Hills, Ridgewood, Staten, Park, Charleston, Yonkers, Miami, Brighton Beach, Del Mar, Plano , Texas, Paradise, Ariz, Alamo, Woodside, Altos Hills, Md, Potomac, Atherton, Fla, Piedmont, Redwood City, Fairfield, Conn, Kenilworth, Rye, Villanova, Pa, Scarsdale, Yardley, Gaithersburg, Medina, Palisades, Chatham, Danville, San Francisco 13044 Rye, Winnetka, Los Angeles, Manhattan, Vicksburg, Huntington, W.Va, Renton, Plainfield, Jonesboro, Albuquerque, Bakersfield, Angeles, Tucson, Toledo , Ohio, Lewisville , Texas, Hendersonville, N.M, Avondale, Weymouth, Mass, Avon, Dayton , Ohio, Rochester, Sumter, Summerville, Des Moines, Alton, Keller , Texas, Poughkeepsie, Foster City, Terrell , Texas, Camarillo, Russellville, John, Littleton, Marion, Genoa , Ohio, Hudson, Baltimore, Harrisburg, Shawnee, Allentown, Mesquite , Texas, Pittsburgh, Hamilton , Ohio, Liberty , Ohio, Fort Wayne, Columbus , Ohio, Madison, U.S.A, Minnesota, El Segundo
Google may be calling people back into the office, but many other companies — not to mention entrepreneurs — are still committed to remote work. From Croatia to Barbados, destinations provide vastly different experiences for foreigners who wish to work from new shores. Agoro gave two examples of monthly expenditures remote workers can expect: 1. When his employer moved to remote work for all of 2021, Esposito decided to apply to live in Barbados despite having never been before. Courtesy of David EspositoThat said, island life in Barbados isn't cheap, said Esposito.
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ET Live Updates: Obamacare Draws 200,000 New Enrollments as Deed-Red States Eye Medicaid Expansion There is new momentum in Congress for Washington, D.C., to be granted statehood, and President Biden endorsed the idea last week. “Full democracy requires much more.” President Biden breathed new life into hopes for the bill last week. Mr. Biden has promised the economy will return to “full employment,” which is likely a rate lower than 4 percent. Mr. Trump has been critical of Mr. Raffensperger since he refused to overturn the state’s presidential election results. Mr. Raffensperger, a Republican, is among the top targets for Mr. Trump, along with the state’s governor, Brian Kemp.
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But as the coronavirus pandemic continues to force most big-ticket national events to scale down, President Joe Biden's inaugural committee decided to take the festivities to TV screens. Bruce Springsteen sings during the "Celebrating America" special. Biden Inaugural Committee via Getty ImagesSpringsteen, who publicly supported Biden's presidential bid, narrated and provided the soundtrack for a 60-second campaign advertisement titled "Hometown," which spotlighted Biden's native Scranton, Pennsylvania. Tom Hanks speaks to intense national divisionsOscar-winning actor Tom Hanks hosted the special, introducing guests and segments in a no-frills style. Oscar-winning actor Tom Hanks hosted the "Celebrating America" special.
Persons: Joe Biden's, Justin Timberlake, John Legend, Demi Lovato —, Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Dave Grohl, Jon Bon Jovi, Hamilton, Lin, Manuel Miranda, Seamus Heaney, Springsteen, Lincoln, Lincoln Memorial Bruce Springsteen, Bruce Springsteen, John Kerry, Barack Obama, Tom Hanks, we've, Hanks, Trump, Rita Wilson, Brayden Harrington, Biden, John F, Brayden, Biden —, Obama, Bill Clinton, George W, Bush, Donald Trump's, Clinton, Joe, I'm Organizations: Foo, Broadway, Lincoln Memorial, Biden, Getty, Oscar, U.S . Capitol, Teen, DNC, Democratic National Convention, Kennedy's, Twitter, Capitol Locations: Washington, Troy, Here's, Scranton , Pennsylvania, U.S.A, U.S, United States of America, JFK, New Hampshire
Supporters of President Trump had descended on Washington to protest Congress’ ceremonial certification of the Electoral College after weeks of his baseless claims of election irregularities. warned local law enforcement partners that armed protests were being planned in all 50 state houses and the U.S. Capitol. Lawmakers were left rattled; several confided afterward that they were fearful of re-entering the Capitol this week. At the Aztek Barber Shop in Alamo, Alejandro Silva, 27, said he held nothing against Mr. Trump and did not have an opinion about the border wall. Mr. Trump was expected to take his megaphone to the platforms, and tens of thousands joined those sites expecting him to land there.
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ET Covid-19 Live Updates: Arizona Cases Swell to Levels Worse Than the Summer In the past week, the state has averaged more than 8,000 cases a day, more than double the peak in mid-2020. Over the last week, the state has averaged more than 8,000 cases a day, more than double the summer peak. Nurses are being quickly trained in new skills and hundreds of health care workers are being flown in from other states. Sandra Lindsay received her second dose of the Covid-19 Pfizer-BioNTech coronavirus vaccine on Monday, three weeks after the first dose. There are 21 million health care workers nationwide, and three million residents of nursing homes and other long-term care facilities.
Persons: Adriana Zehbrauskas, , Kristin Urquiza, don’t, Marjorie Bessel, Bessel, Campbell Robertson, Sandra Lindsay, Shannon Stapleton, N.H, Lindsay, , Finley, Mark P, Jarrett, Dr, Ms, I’ve, Greg Baker, Adhanom Ghebreyesus, , Tedros, Michael Ryan, Hua Chunying, Andrew Testa, ” Joe Wicks, “ It’s, Fabrizio Topi Organizations: Banner Health, Pfizer, BioNTech, Arizona State Fairgrounds, ., The New York Times, Sun, Hospitals, Democratic, Convention, Staff, Jewish Medical Center, New York City Department of Health, Mental Hygiene, Northwell Health, Agence France, Health Organization, China, China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Horse Guards, The New York Times ROME Locations: United States, Arizona, Phoenix, California, Rhode Island , Tennessee, Oklahoma, Southern California, Los Angeles, Angeles, Lee, U.S.A, Long, Queens, New York, China, Beijing, Wuhan, Netherlands, Japan, Hebei Province, Hebei, Shijiazhuang, London, England, Britain, British, South Korea, Tokyo, Rome
John Lennon remembered 40 years after his murder
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NEW YORK (Reuters) - John Lennon’s wife, son, former Beatles band-mates and fans paid tribute to one of the world’s most revered singer-songwriters on Tuesday, 40 years to the day after his assassination in New York. Mark David Chapman, a borderline psychotic from Hawaii, shot Lennon four times at close range on Dec. 8, 1980 for what he called “self-glory.” The musician was returning home to the Dakota Apartments by Central Park with his wife, Yoko Ono. Peace and love.”The Beatles released Lennon’s composition “Strawberry Fields Forever” in 1966. At a Central Park section named after the hit song and landscaped by Ono in his honor, fans gathered on Tuesday to lay flowers and photos. “After 40 years, Sean, Julian and I still miss him.
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Some McDonald’s Franchisees Plan Higher Happy Meal Prices
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Some McDonald’s Corp. franchisees said they would raise prices on Happy Meals after the company revokes a longstanding rebate, escalating tensions between the fast-food giant and U.S. restaurant operators. Some McDonald’s franchisees said they would raise prices on Happy Meals as a result. Franchisees could raise prices 20 cents or more to offset the cost. McDonald’s executives said in a meeting with U.S. franchisees about the fees on Monday that owners are free to raise prices. Franchisees at hotels, restaurants and other consumer companies have fought with corporate offices recently over fees, promotions and supply costs.
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WASHINGTON — Inside the wrought-iron fences that surround the 18-acre White House complex, the 2020 election rages on, with President Trump angrily refusing to concede. But the rest of the world — and President-elect Joseph R. Biden Jr. — is moving on. The leaders of Western Europe have called Mr. Biden, as has the president of the world’s rising superpower, Xi Jinping of China. Mr. Trump, by far the dominant world figure for the past four years, is increasingly treated as irrelevant. Corporate executives, who are usually allergic to political statements, are saying out loud what most of Mr. Trump’s supporters have so far refused to acknowledge.
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A Canadian Town Is a Festive Anywhere, U.S.A., Onscreen
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“Fatman,” the recently released action-comedy featuring Mel Gibson as Santa Claus, plays out in the rural backwoods of Alaska. “The Christmas Setup” (Dec. 12 on Lifetime) focuses on a budding same-sex romance between high school buddies reunited in Milwaukee. The story of a mysterious key left on a doorstep in “Unlocking Christmas” (Dec. 13 on Hallmark) is set somewhere in the United States. But all three movies were shot outside Ottawa in Almonte, Ontario — a picturesque former mill town of about 6,000 residents situated along the Mississippi River (the Canadian version) and best known as the birthplace of James Naismith, inventor of the game of basketball. “It’s the quintessential American small town,” explained Ainslie S. Wiggs, who, as an Ottawa location manager, had a hand in putting Almonte on Hollywood’s radar by helping to bring the shoot for the 2007 Lifetime movie “The House Sitter,” starring Tori Spelling, to the town.
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Miley Cyrus' 'Party in the U.S.A.' back on top after Biden win
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(CNN) "Party in the U.S.A." is back on the charts after Joe Biden's victory and no one's happier about it than Miley Cyrus. Biden voters across the United States have purchased Cyrus' hit, released in 2009. The single re-entered the Top 200 in the days following President-elect Biden's triumph over President Donald Trump. Chart Data released the news on Twitter, writing the song had "re-entered the top 200 on US iTunes." @MileyCyrus' "Party in the U.S.A." has re-entered the top 200 on US iTunes.
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The new coronavirus was found in —” Yes, the American media hadn’t quite grasped the importance of that mysterious pneumonia yet. She’s one of the top virus scientists in Thailand. What South Korea learned from the game was they were totally unprepared for mass testing in the event of a coronavirus pandemic. Back in 2014, he was part of a team of American scientists and military leaders who introduced their Korean counterparts to a really cool way to simulate potential disasters. “Coronavirus taught us why we need to work together with other countries.” “Countries have increasingly grown to mistrust U.S. leadership.
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