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Keene said her son feared an apocalypse, or zombie invasion, and asked to be kept in a room with no windows. “I sort of joke that like, possibly my son was the only person actually having a sane reaction,” Keene said. “I was like, ‘Well, you could call it a mental health crisis or you could call it sane.’”A home bursts into flames from the Shady Fire as it approaches Santa Rosa, Calif., on Sept. 28, 2020. That is a way saying the more bad stuff that happens to you, the greater the odds are that you will develop serious mental health problems,” Taylor said. The wildfire caused the evacuation of 40,000 residents, killing four people and five are still missin.
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"Halloween is always a surreal holiday for me, because on Halloween 2006, we sold Reddit to Conde Nast," Ohanian tweeted Sunday, the day after Halloween. For one thing, Ohanian confirmed the amount for which publishing company Conde Nast paid for Reddit in 2006: $10 million. But Ohanian tweeted that, at the time, it was his mom's illness that "weighed on me the most." "They did diligence on a potential acquisition of Reddit but didn't want to compete with Conde Nast's offer, so they passed," Ohanian tweeted. After Reddit sold to Conde Nast, Ohanian, then 23 years old, stayed on for three years.
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