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Social media users are sharing a video that allegedly shows President Donald Trump “celebrating” or “partying” to Laura Branigan’s song “Gloria” during the Capitol siege on Jan. 6. It is also visible on YouTube , with the title “Trump crime family and his Chief of Staff gleefully partying as rioters attack the Nation's Capital”. The video in this claim was published on Donald Trump Jr.’s Facebook page ( here ) and shows the family before Trump’s speech began at midday ( here ). The mob entered the building about an hour later around 2:15 p.m.Reuters footage of the Capitol siege is visible here , here , and here . Footage does show Trump and his family looking happy, but it is not during the siege as alleged.
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Sixth U.S. House Republican backs impeachment of Trump
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WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. Representative Dan Newhouse on Wednesday said he would vote to impeach fellow Republican President Donald Trump after last week’s deadly siege of the U.S. Capitol by pro-Trump supporters, becoming the sixth Republican to line up behind the effort. Trump “did not strongly condemn the attack nor did he call in reinforcement when our officers were overwhelmed. Our country needed a leader, and President Trump failed to fulfill his oath of office,” Newhouse, from Washington state, said in a statement.
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Four other Republican House members, Jaime Herrera Beutler, John Katko, Adam Kinzinger and Fred Upton, also said they supported impeachment. Pelosi on Tuesday named nine impeachment managers, who would present the House’s case for impeachment during a Senate trial. If Trump is impeached by the House, he would have a trial in the Senate to determine his guilt. Democrats could also use an impeachment trial to push through a vote blocking Trump from running for office again. Rather than a two-thirds vote, a simple Senate majority is needed to disqualify Trump from future office.
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National Guard members sleep in the Capitol Vistor's Center on Capitol Hill before Democrats begin debating one article of impeachment against U.S. President Donald Trump at the U.S. Capitol, January 13, 2021. House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer, the No. As the House prepared for the impeachment vote, there were signs Trump’s hold on the Republican Party was beginning to ebb. House Republicans who opposed the impeachment drive argued Democrats were going too far, as Trump was on the verge of leaving office. Democrats could also use an impeachment trial to push through a vote blocking Trump from running for office again.
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If the House approves it, Trump would become the first president impeached twice. House impeachment of Trump would not immediately remove him from office but would set up a trial in the Republican-controlled Senate. It remained unclear whether such a trial would take place in time to expel Trump from office. As the House prepared for the impeachment vote, there were signs Trump’s hold on the Republican Party was beginning to ebb. Democrats could also use an impeachment trial to push through a vote blocking Trump from running for office again.
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ET Live Updates: House Set to Impeach Trump, After Pence Rejects Call to Strip His Powers Lawmakers said they would move to impeach the president on Wednesday, after formally calling on Vice President Mike Pence to use the 25th Amendment. In a letter to Speaker Nancy Pelosi before the House vote on Tuesday, Vice President Mike Pence rejected the possibility of invoking the 25th Amendment. Credit... Nicole Craine for The New York Times The House on Tuesday night formally called on Vice President Mike Pence to invoke the 25th Amendment and strip President Trump of his powers. With Democrats controlling the House, Mr. Trump is likely to become the first American president to be impeached twice. Other sites such as Snapchat, Reddit and Twitch also curtailed Mr. Trump.
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“He should have immediately denounced the mob when he saw what was unfolding.” “These facts require immediate actions by President Trump,” he continued. A few Republicans defended him, but most others simply argued that a rush to impeach Mr. Trump without a hearing or an investigation raised constitutional questions. With Democrats controlling the House, Mr. Trump is expected to become the first American president to be impeached twice. Mayor Muriel Bowser of Washington sent a letter to Mr. Trump on Sunday asking for an emergency declaration to obtain additional funding for inauguration security. On Tuesday, a federal inspector general questioned an order to deliver the estimates before Mr. Trump leaves office, after whistle-blowers warned that the rush would imperil their accuracy.
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U.S. Representative Cheney says will vote to impeach Trump
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FILE PHOTO: House Republican Conference Chair Liz Cheney speaks at a news conference on Capitol Hill in Washington, U.S., May 8, 2019. REUTERS/Aaron P. Bernstein/File PhotoWASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. Representative Liz Cheney, who holds a high-ranking position in Republican leadership in the House of Representatives, on Tuesday said that she will vote to impeach President Donald Trump. In a statement noting that Trump “summoned this mob, assembled the mob, and lit the flame of this attack” on the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, Cheney said, “I will vote to impeach the president.”Cheney is the daughter of former Republican Vice President Dick Cheney.
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McConnell believes the impeachment effort will make it easier to purge Trump from the party, the Times said. Democrats could also use an impeachment trial to push through a vote blocking Trump from running for office again. If Trump is impeached by the House, he would have a trial in the Senate to determine his guilt. But only a simple majority is needed to disqualify Trump from future office. If Trump has not stepped down and Pence has not taken action by Wednesday, Democratic leaders plan to bring impeachment to the House floor.
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Democrats moved forward on an impeachment vote after a effort to persuade Vice President Mike Pence to invoke the 25th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution to remove Trump was rejected by Pence on Tuesday evening. Republican leaders in the House did not urge their members to vote against impeaching Trump, saying it was a matter of individual conscience. At a meeting to set the rules for Wednesday’s impeachment vote, Democratic Representative David Cicilline told the House Rules Committee that the impeachment drive had the support of 217 lawmakers - enough to impeach Trump. Democrats could also use an impeachment trial to push through a vote blocking Trump from running for office again. Rather than a two-thirds vote, a simple Senate majority is needed to disqualify Trump from future office.
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If Mr. Pence declines to act, they said Democrats were prepared to impeach Mr. Trump for a second time. And Mick Mulvaney, Mr. Trump’s former acting chief of staff, resigned as special envoy to Northern Ireland on Wednesday night. Facebook Bars Trump Through End of His Term President Trump at a rally in Dalton, Ga., this week. Lawmakers and even employees of the companies said the platforms had waited too long to take serious action against Mr. Trump. Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany said she deeply regretted that Mr. Trump had not accepted his defeat in the election.
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Facebook Bars Trump Through End of His Term
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SAN FRANCISCO — Facebook on Thursday said it will block President Trump on its platforms at least until the end of his term on Jan. 20, as the mainstream online world moved forcefully to limit the president after years of inaction. Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s chief executive, said in a post that the social network decided to cut off Mr. Trump because a rampage by pro-Trump supporters in the nation’s capital a day earlier, which was urged on by the president, showed that Mr. Trump “intends to use his remaining time in office to undermine the peaceful and lawful transition of power to his elected successor, Joe Biden.”“We believe the risks of allowing the president to continue to use our service during this period are simply too great,” Mr. Zuckerberg wrote. As a result, he said, Facebook and its photo-sharing site Instagram would extend blocks, first put in place on Wednesday, on Mr. Trump’s ability to post “until the peaceful transition of power is complete.”The move was part of a widening revolt by social media companies against Mr. Trump, who has used the sites throughout his presidency to rile up his supporters and bully his enemies.
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WASHINGTON (Reuters) -The head of a major U.S. business group that represents 14,000 companies including Exxon Mobil Corp, Pfizer Inc and Toyota Motor Corp urged senior U.S. officials to consider removing President Donald Trump from office after supporters of the outgoing president stormed the U.S. Capitol. FILE PHOTO: Jay Timmons, president and CEO of the National Association of Manufacturers, speaks at 2017 SelectUSA Investment Summit in Oxon Hill, Maryland, U.S., June 19, 2017. Other business groups issued strong statements but did not go as far as the manufacturers’ group. Now is the time to come together to strengthen our exceptional union.”Blackstone Group chief executive Steve Schwarzman, a Trump ally, said in a statement “the insurrection that followed the President’s remarks today is appalling and an affront to the democratic values we hold dear as Americans. I am shocked and horrified by this mob’s attempt to undermine our constitution.”General Motors chief executive Mary Barra said on Twitter “the violence at the U.S. Capitol does not reflect who we are as a nation.
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Trump floated fragments of several baseless conspiracy theories that were primarily pushed by QAnon conspiracy theorists over the last two months, including a widely debunked theory about voting machines from Dominion Voting Systems. 'I’m sure, Mr. President'The president at times did not seem to have a full grasp of the conspiracy theories he brought up. This is Trump Media. It’s not social media,” Trump replied. "The invocation of Trump Media really says it all,” she said.
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ET Covid-19 Latest Updates: France Ends Blockade Over Virus, but Confusion and Scuffles Ensue Dr. Deborah Birx says she will retire. President Trump demands a larger pandemic payout for Americans. Senior administration officials said that she ingratiated herself with President Trump and Mark Meadows, the White House chief of staff, often presenting an optimistic picture of the pandemic. But Mr. Trump portrayed such spending items as “wasteful and unnecessary” additions. But Mr. Trump, who sat out the negotiations, demanded on Tuesday that the government distribute much larger direct payments, despite opposition to such spending from Senate Republicans.
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On Dec. 7, Georgia recertified its election results, confirming Biden’s victory of the state’s 16 electoral votes. Pennsylvania certified its election results on Nov. 24, finalizing Biden as winner of the presidential contest (here). With all election results officially certified, the second step of the scenario outlined by Zakaria on Sept. 27 is near-impossible. Consequently, Congress “must accept electoral results that were certified before the deadline” when electoral votes are counted on Jan. 6, 2020. CNN did not report that Trump would likely get a second term in office.
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In just four years, Trump has outpaced previous presidents and selected more than 1 in every 4 federal judges, including one-third of the Supreme Court. But while the Supreme Court got outsized attention, Trump was reshaping the circuit courts, which have the last word in most federal cases. Trump’s judges have flipped the majority to Republican appointees on numerous circuits. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer before a memorial service for Rep. Elijah Cummings, D-Md., at the U.S. Capitol on Oct. 24, 2019. He said little about his plans in the campaign, other than to promise to put the first Black woman on the Supreme Court.
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WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Israel and Morocco agreed on Thursday to normalize relations in a deal brokered with the help of the United States, making Morocco the fourth Arab country to set aside hostilities with Israel in the past four months. Morocco is the fourth country since August to strike a deal aimed at normalizing relations with Israel. Under the agreement, Morocco will establish full diplomatic relations and resume official contacts with Israel, grant overflights and also direct flights to and from Israel for all Israelis. President Trump has brokered a peace agreement between Morocco and Israel – the fourth such agreement between Israel and an Arab/Muslim nation in four months. Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Egypt have maintained a diplomatic, trade and travel embargo on Qatar since mid-2017.
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Opinion | Trump Lost. Bolsonaro Can’t Get Over It.
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In wreaking such environmental and human havoc, Mr. Bolsonaro could act with impunity; after all, he had Mr. Trump’s blessing. With the United States no longer led by someone who thinks climate change is a hoax, Mr. Bolsonaro can expect to encounter much more pressure. But underneath the bravado is the recognition that the situation is changing for Mr. Bolsonaro, and not for the better. Mr. Trump’s victory in 2016 seemed to foretell the rise of the country’s own maverick, right-wing populist to power; perhaps Mr. Trump’s exit will prove to be similarly prescient. After all, Mr. Trump “was not the most important person in the world,” as he said last month.
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Transition Highlights: Biden Discusses ‘Stalling’ Economy Amid New Hopes on Stimulus President-elect Joe Biden is urging Congress to quickly pass another virus relief plan as leaders of both parties work toward a compromise. Mr. Biden also said it will be important for lawmakers to pass more sweeping legislation to address longstanding needs in the economy, like rebuilding infrastructure. “To truly end this crisis, Congress is going to need to fund more testing as well as a more equitable and free distribution of the vaccine,” Mr. Biden said. “It will be available either virtually or in-person for many, and my guess is, there will still be a platform ceremony,” Mr. Biden said of the festivities. Mr. Biden has not said if he intends to extend the student loan moratorium, but he has called for limited student-debt cancellation and other relief efforts.
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ET Presidential Transition Live Updates: Trump Suffers Another Legal Loss, This Time in Pennsylvania Business leaders called for an orderly transition. A federal judge on Saturday dismissed a lawsuit by the Trump campaign that argued there were widespread improprieties with mail-in ballots. Mr. Trump said in a series of tweets late Saturday that he would continue his effort to overturn the results, including asking state legislatures to intervene on his behalf. That, according to the Trump campaign, violated the equal protections clause of the United States Constitution. With Mr. Trump poised to decisively withdraw troops from Afghanistan, two of the president’s former national security advisers — John R. Bolton and the retired Lt. Gen. H.R.
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None of the cases contain allegations - much less evidence - that are likely to invalidate enough votes to overturn the election, election experts say. In Reuters interviews with 50 Trump voters, all said they believed the election was rigged or in some way illegitimate. Charlie Black, a veteran Republican strategist, does not believe Republican lawmakers will continue backing Trump’s fraud claims after Biden is inaugurated. (For a graphic explaining the electoral college, see: )Many Republican voters scoff at those results, convinced Trump was cheated. But the 26-year-old son of Brett Fryar, the chiropractor, said he hoped Trump’s fraud allegations would instead spark a massive mobilization of Republican voters in future elections.
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Altogether, 73% of those polled agreed that Biden won the election while 5% thought Trump won. But when asked specifically whether Biden had “rightfully won,” Republicans showed they were suspicious about how Biden’s victory was obtained. Fifty-two percent of Republicans said that Trump “rightfully won,” while only 29% said that Biden had rightfully won. Even before winning the 2016 election, Trump kept up a drumbeat of complaints about the process, claiming without evidence that it was unfair to him. The poll showed that more Americans appear to be more suspicious about the U.S. election process than they were four years ago.
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Biden Implores Trump to Confront a Surging Pandemic
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But by the time broader distribution of a vaccine is underway next spring, Mr. Trump’s presidency will have long ended. A spokesman for Mr. Cuomo, Rich Azzopardi, responded on Twitter, saying that Mr. Trump “has failed with his pandemic response, lied to Americans about how bad it was when he knew otherwise & was fired by voters for his incompetence. @NYGovCuomo is fighting to ensure the communities hit hardest by Covid get the vaccine. Feds providing 0 resources.”Federal resources were very much on the minds of state officials as they grappled with infection numbers shooting skyward and hospitals on the verge of being overrun. While the outgoing administration could still help, Gov.
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(Reuters) - More Republican lawmakers said on Thursday the Trump administration should allow Joe Biden to receive intelligence briefings, in a tacit acknowledgement the Democrat will soon occupy the White House despite the president’s refusal to concede. Biden has been moving ahead with the work of preparing to govern and spoke with Pope Francis as his fellow Democrats in Congress blasted Republican election “shenanigans” and urged action on the coronavirus pandemic. A growing number of Republican senators, including John Cornyn, Ron Johnson, James Lankford, Chuck Grassley and Lindsey Graham, urged Trump’s administration to allow Biden access to presidential daily intelligence briefings. The president-elect traditionally receives such briefings from the intelligence community to learn of threats facing the United States before taking office. A group of 150 former U.S. officials - including some from the Trump administration - said intelligence briefings were essential to ensuring the continuity of government.
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