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How Often Do Women Think About … ?
  + stars: | 2023-09-20 | by ( Sopan Deb | More About Sopan Deb | )   time to read: +2 min
And because the internet is an endless expanse of Content, this has spurred a reverse trend, where women and nonbinary people have wanted to weigh in with their own Roman Empires, loosely defined as the topics one privately contemplates more than anyone realizes. forward: “I think about just so many different things all at once. Vaynblat has multiple Roman Empires, too — the alien one and then a more serious one: motherhood. A friend who will stay.”Min Jin Lee, author of the novel “Pachinko,” described her equivalent of the Roman Empire as “Colonial America,” a subject of her college thesis. In particular, Lee said she often sees “obsequiousness” to France and England as common throughout American institutions.
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CNN —Opposites are said to attract, but the poles between Hailey and Justin Bieber couldn’t be further apart — at least sartorially. Was Hailey off to a sophisticated dinner and drinks, while Justin had just nipped out for a packet of M&Ms and some laundry detergent? Hailey, on the other hand, has worked to market herself as a modern-day It Girl, a title which unsurprisingly demands a captivating wardrobe. Justin and Hailey’s clashing ensembles sparked a thorny discussion on the semiotics of dressing as a pair. Had Justin committed to a pair of slacks or a button-down, his partner could have had her moment with no distractions.
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“She knows how much I love this game,” Curry told reporters. Al Messerschmidt / Getty Images Michael Jordan: Any sports fan who has watched "The Last Dance" will know MJ's passion for golf is well-documented. Isaac Brekken / Getty Images Justin Timberlake: The singer and actor has been bringing "SexyBack" to golf for decades. Xaume Olleros / AFP via Getty Images Niall Horan: There's only One Direction the ball is going when the Irish singer-songwriter is at the tee. Ross Kinnaird / Getty Images Tom Holland: Part-time web-slinger, full-time golf swinger -- the "Spider-Man" lead is a self-confessed golf addict.
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The bare-bones Maverick XL hybrid lacks creature comforts like cruise control and power mirrors. The first time I hopped into the new Ford Maverick pickup, I did what any driver would do in an unfamiliar vehicle. The base Maverick XL, which Ford loaned me for a weekend in December, costs $20,000 before fees, which makes it the cheapest model in Ford's lineup. Ford Maverick XLT ($22,360) : adds cruise control, a nicer interior, power mirrors, an in-bed storage cubby, and other features. During my time with the Maverick XL, I debated whether the stripped-down truck would be worth the sacrifices I'd have to make.
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Tom Holland Photo: Apple TV+In addition to its subtleties, subversions and some very red herrings, “The Crowded Room” presents a paradox: If you are aware of “The Minds of Billy Milligan ,” and know that the Daniel Keyes book was the basis of this 10-part Apple series, you will be aware how deliciously roundabout this very loose adaptation is—without, sadly, becoming a blissfully ignorant “victim” of creator Akiva Goldsman ’s devious storytelling strategy. If you don’t know the book, you won’t appreciate in real time how deftly you’re being navigated from point A to Z, though you will want to get there. Call it a win-win, with trade-offs.
Persons: Tom Holland, Billy Milligan, , Daniel Keyes, Akiva Goldsman ’ Organizations: Apple
And, for once, the success of a Marvel film could bode well for the future of its longtime adversary. On the theatrical side, DC Studios has announced five new projects that will roll out starting in 2025 with Gunn's own "Superman: Legacy." "And I think Marvel Studios, sooner rather than later, needs to tell us what's going on with Spider-Man." He sees this as the result of predictable plotlines within the genre that are repeated across both studios' films. Marvel Studios
Tom Holland is Spider-Man in the Sony-Marvel film "Spider-Man: No Way Home." LAS VEGAS — CinemaCon kicked off Monday with a major announcement from Sony Pictures — its upcoming "Kraven the Hunter" would mark the first R-rated Marvel film produced by the studio. "F--- yes, it's rated R," said Kraven himself Aaron Taylor-Johnson in a pretaped teaser for the film before Sony showed the first trailer for the profane and bloody action flick. Sony showed 14 minutes of the film — due out June 2 — to CinemaCon audiences, who laughed and cheered for the uniquely animated feature. Sony also showcased a clip from Jennifer Lawrence's upcoming R-rated drama "No Hard Feelings" to raucous applause.
A new study found the actors who are most likely to draw audiences to theaters are getting older. Most of the top 100 actors — with 13 exceptions — were age 40 or older, according to the study. 10 among Gen Z), Zendaya (No. 14 among Gen Z), Michael B. Jordan (No. But older actors also ranked highly with younger cohorts, including Hart and Sandler, who were the third and fifth biggest box-office draws respectively for Gen Z.
[1/2] Paul Mescal arrives at the Vanity Fair Oscar party after the 95th Academy Awards, known as the Oscars, in Beverly Hills, California, U.S., March 12, 2023. The London theatre community will gather at the Royal Albert Hall for the annual ceremony, named after the famed British actor Laurence Olivier and which celebrates the best productions in the capital. These include nods for best entertainment or comedy play, choreography, directing, costume design and music, as well as a best actress nomination for Mei Mac, who plays younger sibling, four-year-old Mei. Paul Mescal, who was nominated at this year's Oscars, has been recognised in the best actor category for playing Stanley Kowalski in a revival of Tennessee Williams' “A Streetcar Named Desire”. "Killing Eve" star Comer is up for best actress in one-woman play "Prima Facie", in which she portrays a barrister who defends men accused of sexual assault before herself being assaulted.
Universal Pictures Worldwide box office: $264.7 million Total domestic box office: $134.8 million Domestic opening weekend: $55.4 million Budget: $150 million 29. Disney/Marvel Worldwide box office: $370.6 million Total domestic box office: $176.7 million Domestic opening weekend: $65 million Budget: $140 million 28. "Ant-Man" (2015) Marvel Worldwide box office: $519.3 million Total domestic box office: $180.2 million Domestic opening weekend: $57.2 million Budget: $130 million 23. Marvel Studios Worldwide box office: $644.8 million Total domestic box office: $206.4 million Domestic opening weekend: $85.7 million Budget: $170 million 19. Marvel/Sony Worldwide box office: $880.2 million Total domestic box office: $334.2 million Domestic opening weekend: $117 million Budget: $175 million 11.
At many movie theaters, popcorn and soda appear alongside flatbreads, lobster grilled cheese and elaborate cocktails. "It is things like concessions and how that fits into a broader movie theater experience that really are things that movie theaters need to focus on and hammer in," Gallinari said. AMC Entertainment , the world's largest movie theater chain, exited its third quarter with more than $5.3 billion in debt. According to data from research firm EntTelligence, the average medium popcorn at domestic movie theaters is $8.14, while a medium drink runs for $6.20. "With movie theaters and concessions already having a reputation for being overpriced, being subject to the wills of the market in that way can really work against the movie theater's favor," Gallinari said.
Once considered taboo in film and television, gay entertainers and characters will be hard to miss at the 80th Golden Globe Awards. Some of the evenings most nominated films — including sci-fi dramedy “Everything Everywhere All at Once” and psychological thriller “Tár,” — and TV series that include “The White Lotus” and “Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story” — star LGBTQ actors or feature fictional queer characters. And to top off the evening, the Golden Globes will honor gay television writer and producer Ryan Murphy, perhaps best known for co-creating “Glee,” “Pose” and the “American Horror Story” franchise, with a lifetime achievement award. While this year’s pool of Golden Globe nominees ups the awards ceremony’s queer factor, many of the most anticipated wins involve seemingly straight actors playing queer characters. The Golden Globes airs on Jan. 10 at 8 p.m. ET/5 p.m. PT on NBC and Peacock.
It also represents a significant bridging of the divides between Sony Pictures Entertainment, Sony PlayStation and Sony Music, according to a dozen current and former senior executives interviewed by Reuters. “I defined our identity as a creative entertainment company with a solid foundation on technology,” Sony chief executive Kenichiro Yoshida said. Sony’s “creative entertainment” company approach extends beyond content. A Sony-Honda electric vehicle, scheduled to reach consumers by 2026, is being framed as a rolling showcase of Sony’s entertainment, gaming and camera sensor prowess. This August will bring another test of Sony’s strategy when “Gran Turismo” hits theaters after languishing for 12 years.
Editor’s Note: The following contains spoilers about “The White Lotus” season finale, “Arrivederci.”CNN —It started with floating bodies, and finally brought home its various threads with a sly nod to the fact that the sex in this visit to “The White Lotus” tended to be transactional. In between, the second installment proved almost as engrossing, uncomfortable and meme-worthy as its Emmy-winning predecessor, which is no small accomplishment for writer-director Mike White. Tanya, however, wasn’t the only character being manipulated for money or advantage, which is what connected the show’s various threads. Discovery), but thanks to “The White Lotus,” it’s home to one of the best things on television, and as anthology-style concepts go, potentially one of the most durable. So now that everyone obsessed with the show has said “Arrivederci” to Sicily, the only real question is, “Where are we going next?”
'The White Lotus': The show's most cringeworthy moments
  + stars: | 2022-12-10 | by ( Dan Heching | )   time to read: +8 min
(“White Lotus” and “Enlightened” are from HBO, which like CNN is part of the same parent company, Warner Bros. Tanya usurps a boat ride to NOT spread her mother’s ashesJennifer Coolidge (center) in 'The White Lotus' Season 1. Valentina gives Isabella a lavish (and hideous) brooch as a giftSabrina Impacciatore (L) and Eleonora Romandini in 'The White Lotus' Season 2. With White Lotus Sicily manager Valentina (Sabrina Impacciatore), White has beautifully constructed a driven and capable employer who nonetheless has quite a huge blindspot. Kai gets caught stealingKekoa Scott Kekumano in 'The White Lotus' Season 1.
CNN —In the age of reboots, revivals and prequels, Antonio Banderas is sharing thoughts on who would make a great choice to follow in his masked footsteps as the legendary Zorro. The actor, who played the swashbuckling hero in 1998’s “The Mask of Zorro” and sequel “The Legend of Zorro” in 2005, said his “Uncharted” costar Tom Holland would be a perfect fit for the role, in a video interview published Saturday with “He’s so energetic and fun,” Banderas said of Holland. “He’s got this spark, too.”The “Zorro” films, which were directed by Martin Campbell, costarred Catherine Zeta-Jones. While the “Zorro” franchise currently has no solid projects in development, Banderas is currently doing press for another sequel, the upcoming DreamWorks animated movie “Puss in Boots: The Last Wish.”In that film, Banderas again voices the debonair feline character he originated in the “Shrek” movies, following 2011’s feature-length “Puss in Boots.”
Herschel Walker delved into an ancient, mythic debate during a Wednesday stump speech in Georgia. The Senate candidate came out as pro-werewolf as he described the plot of a vampire movie. "I don't know if you know, but vampires are some cool people, are they not?" Perhaps it was the "Underworld" film series that Walker was referencing, which detail a mythical war between vampires and werewolves. But neither Walker nor Warnock won 50% of the required vote outright in the election last week, meaning Walker supporters and Georgia voters alike could be in for three more weeks of vampires vs. werewolves.
Scotland recognized as world’s best golf destination
  + stars: | 2022-11-16 | by ( Jack Bantock | )   time to read: +10 min
Having hosted the game for almost six centuries, “the home of golf” – as Scotland is known – was recognized as the World’s Best Golf Destination for the very first time at the ninth edition of the annual World Golf Awards in Abu Dhabi this week. Despite the dominance of its legendary St. Andrews Old Course in the World’s Best Golf Course category – with five successive wins after the award’s inception – Scotland had never been recognized as the sport’s best destination. Ross Kinnaird / Getty Images Tom Holland: Part-time web-slinger, full-time golf swinger -- the "Spider-Man" lead is a self-confessed golf addict. Richard Heathcote/R&A/Getty Images“Scottish golf tourism is thriving, and Scotland is a bucket list destination for most golfers around the World,” added Dermot Synnott, Director of Global Partnership for the World Golf Awards. Meanwhile, JA The Resort Golf Course in Dubai won Best Nine Hole Golf Course and Costa Navarino in Greece was recognized as the World’s Best Emerging Golf Destination.
There are a lot of Snyder-esque moments in "Black Adam," particularly when it comes to slo-mo action sequences and an overall somber tone. Johnson's Black Adam is a serious-faced anti-hero who isn't afraid to kill a lot of people. "Black Adam" is the perfect encapsulation of both the last nearly decade of DC movies and what the franchise wants to be in the future. For all of its troubles, the DC movie universe had at least seemed to be course correcting. The director, Jaume Collet-Serra, doesn't so much as put his personal touch on it as borrow familiar touches from past Snyder-directed DC movies.
On "Ted Lasso" Jason Sudeikis' titular character, an American football coach who manages a British soccer team, leads with optimism, camaraderie and the occasional homemade biscuit to butter up his boss. Off-screen, however, the Emmy-winning actor has relied on different strategies to build a successful career. Sudeikis explained to Indeed CMO Jessica Jensen that while he was growing up in Overland Park, Kansas, the goal was to take improv classes and learn about comedy writing. Then, when he moved to Chicago, that goal became finding work at Second City, a comedy club with famous alumni like Steve Carell and Tina Fey. That experience taught Sudeikis another important career lesson that would stick with him: "Pay attention to the people who have carved a path slightly ahead of you."
Reynolds credits his accomplishments to one important skill: conflict resolution. Conflict resolution is a skill Reynolds picked up in his 20s during a skills-building workshop he signed up for on a whim. "I wanted to get better … and I didn't expect it to, but it really changed my life." Mastering the art of conflict resolution has also helped Reynolds be a more effective communicator and build healthier, more productive relationships, both at work and in his personal life. "It's quite literally changed every relationship in my life, and it's changed the trajectory of my career and businesses," he said.
Starting this year, Sony movies stream on Netflix after their theatrical and home-entertainment runs. The streamer also is licensing select older movies from Sony's library, such as its past Spider-Man movies. As part of the agreement, Netflix has a first-look option for movies Sony is making directly for streaming or planning to license for streaming. Sony movies have dominated consumer engagement on Netflix. 9)The chart below illustrates the top 10 most in-demand movies on Netflix over the last 90 days:
Total: 22