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But on Tuesday, Tigrayan forces categorically ruled out a truce, with a spokesman for the region's ruling party saying their forces would not rest until the Ethiopian military and its allied forces had left the entire region. Witnesses in Mekelle told CNN Ethiopian soldiers were seen entering banks, media bureaus and the offices of humanitarian agencies before leaving the city on Monday. A UN official told CNN that the offices of the UNICEF and the World Food Program were raided by Ethiopian forces. Following the strike, Tigray's military spokesperson Gebre Gebretsadkan said that the TDF had downed an Ethiopian air force plane, as part of a renewed offensive against the Ethiopian military. Ethiopia's military spokesman denied that the plane had been shot down, blaming the crash on technical issues.
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A plane flies next to Tigray Martyrs' monument during the funeral ceremony of Ethiopia's Army Chief of Staff Seare Mekonnen in Mekele, Tigray Region, Ethiopia June 26, 2019. REUTERS/Tiksa NegeriJune 28 (Reuters) - The former governing party in Ethiopia's Tigray region said on Monday it was back in control of the regional capital Mekelle, and three residents reported seeing troops in Tigray regional uniforms in the city for the first time since November. "The capital of Tigray, Mekelle, is under our control," Getachew Reda, spokesperson for the Tigray People's Liberation Front (TPLF), told Reuters by satellite phone. The Ethiopian prime minister's spokesperson, the head of the government's emergency task force on Tigray and the military's spokesperson did not immediately respond to phone calls and messages seeking comment. Last week, residents reported that TPLF forces had entered several towns north of Mekelle, although in at least one case they withdrew within hours.
Persons: Staff Seare Mekonnen, Reda, Getnet Adane, Maggie Fick, Alexandra Zavis, Mike Collett Organizations: Ethiopia's Army, Staff, REUTERS, Tiksa, Reuters, White, Thomson Locations: Tigray, Mekele, Tigray Region, Ethiopia, Ethiopia's Tigray, Mekelle, Togoga
(CNN) In a stunning about-turn in the devastating eight-month civil war in Ethiopia's northern Tigray region, the Ethiopian government declared an immediate and unilateral ceasefire after Tigrayan troops retook the regional capital Mekelle on Monday evening. Less than a week into the offensive by Tigrayan forces, the Ethiopian military had withdrawn from the capital, a UN official told CNN on Monday. Earlier on Monday, witnesses told CNN that Ethiopian soldiers were seen entering banks, media bureaus and the offices of humanitarian agencies. "This act violates UN privileges and immunities and the rules of International Humanitarian Law regarding respect for humanitarian relief objects." UN spokesman Stephane Dujarric joined in on the criticism of Ethiopian forces when asked by journalists at the United Nations in New York.
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A woman is taken to Ayder Referral Hospital, in Mekelle, after an airstrike in Togoga, Ethiopia's Tigray region June 22, 2021. Tedros, who is an ethnic Tigrayan and former Ethiopian Cabinet minister, referred in his opening remarks at a WHO briefing to the air strike this week which hit a crowded market in his native region. "Ambulances were blocked for more than a day from attending the scene and evacuating the wounded for medical care," Tedros said. "WHO is currently providing life-saving trauma and surgical supplies to a hospital that is treating survivors who were able to reach care," Tedros said. Ethiopia's military has denied that any civilians were among those killed in the air strike on the town of Togoga near the regional capital Mekelle.
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ADDIS ABABA, June 24 (Reuters) - Only combatants, not civilians, were struck in an air strike this week in Ethiopia's Tigray region, the country's military spokesman told Reuters on Thursday. Ethiopian military spokesman Colonel Getnet Adane told Reuters in an interview in Addis Ababa that the combatants in the town of Togoga were dressed in civilian clothes. An air strike killed at least 43 people in the town on Tuesday, a medical official told Reuters, after residents said new fighting had flared in recent days north of the regional capital Mekelle. read moreReporting by Ayenat Mersie; Writing by Maggie Fick; Editing by Alex RichardsonOur Standards: The Thomson Reuters Trust Principles.
Persons: Getnet Adane, Ayenat Mersie, Maggie Fick, Alex Richardson Organizations: Ethiopian, Reuters, Mekelle, Thomson Locations: ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia's Tigray, Addis Ababa, Togoga
People gather as victims arrive at Ayder Referral Hospital, in Mekelle, after an airstrike in Togoga, Ethiopia's Tigray region June 22, 2021. Tigray Guardians 24 via REUTERSADDIS ABABA, June 24 (Reuters) - The number of civilians killed in an air strike in Ethiopia's Tigray region has risen to 51 with 33 people still unaccounted for, a health official involved in the response said, disputing the army's account that the victims were combatants. He said at least 68 patients had reached hospitals in Mekelle but the total number injured was likely more than 100. The military has been battling forces loyal to the Tigray People's Liberation Front (TPLF), the region's former ruling party, since November. No voting was held in Tigray, and security concerns and problems with ballot papers also delayed voting in two other regions.
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He said air strikes were a common military tactic and that government forces do not target civilians. The bomb hit a market at around 1:00 p.m., according to a woman who said her husband and two-year-old daughter had been injured. The woman said the market had been full of families, and she did not see any armed forces in the area. The medical official confirmed at least 43 fatalities, citing witnesses and first responders. [No voting was held in Tigray, where the military has been battling forces loyal to the Tigray People's Liberation Front (TPLF), the region's former ruling party, since November.
Persons: Getnet Adane, Abiy Ahmed, Togoga, Getnet, Katharine Houreld, Toby Chopra Organizations: REUTERS, Reuters, Ethiopian, Residents, Thomson Locations: Tagogon, Ethiopia's Tigray, Mekelle, Ethiopia, REUTERS ADDIS ABABA, Togoga, Tigray
(CNN) An airstrike in Ethiopia's war-torn northern region of Tigray killed as many as 30 people when it hit a market on Tuesday, eyewitnesses have told CNN. Medical sources told CNN that ambulances were initially able to travel to the scene from Mekelle and brought back five patients on Tuesday afternoon. Red Cross ambulances waited on stand-by after being denied authorisation to travel to the village of Togoga. However, around ten ambulances were later blocked from leaving to assist the injured as they reached the outskirts of Mekelle, with the military accusing them of going to help the Tigray Defense Forces, the sources said. A team of doctors that tried to reach the scene in the evening were shot at by the military, eyewitnesses added.
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