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Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Director-General of the World Health Organization (WHO), speaks during a news conference in Geneva, Switzerland, December 20, 2021. REUTERS/Denis Balibouse/File PhotoGENEVA, Jan 24 (Reuters) - A World Health Organization (WHO) official said on Monday that the global body would postpone a decision on Ethiopia's request to investigate its leader for allegedly supporting rebellious forces fighting the Ethiopian government. On Jan. 14, Ethiopia's foreign ministry accused Tedros, who previously served as the Ethiopian health minister and foreign minister, of spreading misinformation about the war in the country's north. Ethiopia's statement came days after Tedros said that aid was being blocked from getting through to Tigray. The WHO said at the time that Ethiopia's foreign affairs ministry had sent a diplomatic communication, called a note verbale.
Persons: Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Denis Balibouse, Jan, Patrick Amoth, Ghebreyesus, Tedros, Emma Farge, Maggie Fick, Nick Macfie Organizations: World Health Organization, WHO, REUTERS, Health Organization, Ethiopian, Thomson Locations: Geneva, Switzerland, Tigray, Ethiopia
ADDIS ABABA, Jan 22 (Reuters) - Ethiopia's military is planning to enter the Tigray regional capital of Mekelle and "eliminate" rebellious forces, a top military official said late on Friday amid diplomatic efforts to end conflict in the country's north. "Tigray is part of Ethiopia and no force will stop us from entering. The TPLF's spokesman, Getachew Reda, could not be reached for a comment on the military official's remarks. TPLF forces control most of Tigray but are surrounded by hostile forces from neighbouring regions of Afar and Amhara which are allied with the federal military. In recent months there have been multiple diplomatic and political efforts to end it, including pressure from the United States.
Persons: ADDIS ABABA, Jan, General Abebaw Tadesse, Getachew Reda, Legesse, Abiy Ahmed's, Billene Seyoum, Abiy, General Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo, Elias Biryabarema, James Macharia, Ros Russell Organizations: Ethiopian Defence Forces, EDF, shouldn't, Thomson Locations: ADDIS, Tigray, Mekelle, Africa, Addis Ababa, Fana, Ethiopia, Afar, Amhara, United States, Ethiopia's, Sudan, Nairobi
ADDIS ABABA, Jan 22 (Reuters) - Ethiopia's military is planning to enter the Tigray regional capital of Mekelle and "eliminate" rebellious forces, a top military official said late on Friday amid diplomatic efforts to end conflict in the country's north. The TPLF's spokesperson, Getachew Reda, could not be reached for a comment on the military official's remarks. "The claims by TPLF that our air force is targeting civilians is a lie," he said on Ethiopian Broadcast Corporation television. TPLF spokesperson Getachew could not be reached to comment on this. TPLF forces control most of Tigray but are surrounded by hostile forces from neighbouring regions of Afar and Amhara which are allied with the federal military.
Persons: ADDIS ABABA, Jan, Abebaw Tadesse, Getachew Reda, Getachew, Legesse, Abiy Ahmed's, Billene Seyoum, Yilma Merdasa, TPLF, Joe Biden, António Guterres, Abiy, James Macharia Chege, Elias Biryabarema, Ros Russell, Frances Kerry Organizations: Ethiopian Defence Forces, EDF, shouldn't, Ethiopian Broadcast Corporation, United Nations, Thomson Locations: ADDIS, Tigray, Mekelle, Africa, Addis Ababa, Fana, Ethiopia, U.S, Afar, Amhara, United States, Nairobi
(CNN) The leader of Ethiopia's northern Tigray region announced a withdrawal of rebel forces from neighboring areas in the country on Sunday, a move that could signal the possibility of a ceasefire after 13 months of war. "We trust that you and the Security Council will redouble your efforts to ensure that the war crime of starvation is stopped, and aid provided," Gebremichael said. The Ethiopian federal government could not be immediately reached for comment. Last week, the United States voiced its concerns regarding reports of mass detentions, killings and forced expulsions of ethnic Tigrayans at the hands of Amhara security forces in western Tigray, urging local leaders to renounce the violence. It also reiterated its call for Eritrea to withdraw its forces entirely from Ethiopia.
Persons: Antonio Guterres, Abdou Abarry, Debretsion Gebremichael, Gebremichael, Abiy Ahmed, Abiy, Martin Griffiths, Getachew Reda, Reda, Eritrea's Organizations: CNN, UN, UN Security, Ethiopian, UN Security Council, United Nations, Security, UN Human Rights Locations: Tigray, Eritrea, embargoes, Ethiopia, Afar, United States
All sides in the deepening conflict in northern Ethiopia are committing severe human rights violations and should pull back from their year-old war, the United Nations said Friday. This is tantamount to enforced disappearance, and a matter of very grave concern," she told a special session of the U.N. Human Rights Council. "Ethiopia is being targeted and singled out at the Human Rights Council for defending a democratically elected government, the peace and the future of its people," he said. He added that the state-appointed Ethiopian Human Rights Commission had already worked with the U.N rights office to investigate accusations of abuses, and was ready to do so again. That joint investigation published last month found that all sides in Tigray's conflict had committed violations that may amount to war crimes.
Persons: Nada, Zenebe Kebede, Nashif, Tigrayans, Ethiopia's Zenebe, Legesse Organizations: United Nations, Human Rights, Human Rights Council, European Union, Ethiopian Human Rights Commission, Diplomats, African, Ethiopian Locations: Ethiopia, Geneva, Tigray, Oromiya, United States, Addis Ababa
NAIROBI, Kenya — The Tigrayan rebels fighting Ethiopia’s government carried out dozens of executions against civilians in two towns they controlled in August and September, Human Rights Watch said in a report on Friday, adding to the list of alleged violations committed by the forces since the civil war in Ethiopia began 14 months ago. In Chenna, over the span of five days, Tigrayan rebels killed 26 civilians on 15 separate occasions before leaving the village on Sept. 4, the report found. Those killed included farmers, grandparents and residents who had declined to slaughter livestock for the fighters, it said. Residents also told Human Rights Watch they were forced to stay in their homes alongside the Tigrayan forces, even as the rebels shot at and received return fire from Ethiopian troops posted in nearby hills. The human rights group said such actions could amount to “human shielding,” which is considered a war crime under the Geneva Conventions.
Persons: , , Tigrayan Organizations: Human Rights Watch, Kobo, Human Rights Locations: NAIROBI, Kenya, Ethiopia, Chenna, Amhara, Geneva
(CNN) Tigrayan forces summarily executed dozens of civilians in two towns they controlled in Ethiopia's northern Amhara region between August 31 and September 9, 2021, Human Rights Watch (HRW) said on Thursday. HRW urged the United Nations Human Rights Council to create an international inquiry into the abuses committed by warring parties in the expanded Tigray conflict. HRW said that on August 31, "Tigrayan forces entered the village of Chenna and engaged in sporadic and at times heavy fighting with Ethiopian federal forces and allied Amhara militias. Chenna residents told Human Rights Watch that over the next five days Tigrayan forces summarily executed 26 civilians in 15 separate incidents, before withdrawing on September 4." The rights group also reported that on September 9, according to witnesses, Tigrayan forces summarily executed a total of 23 people in the town of Kobo in four separate incidents, The killings were in apparent retaliation for attacks by farmers on advancing Tigrayan forces earlier that day, it said.
Persons: Tigrayan, Read Organizations: CNN, Human Rights Watch, United Nations Human Rights, Ethiopian, Kobo Locations: Ethiopia's, Amhara, Tigray, Chenna, Gondar, Ethiopia, Chenna Teklehaimanot
GENEVA — The United Nations appealed on Thursday for a record $41 billion to provide life-saving assistance next year to 183 million people worldwide caught up in conflict and poverty, led by a tripling of its programme in Afghanistan. Afghanistan, Syria, Yemen, Ethiopia and Sudan are the five major crises requiring the most funding, topped by $4.5 billion sought for Taliban-ruled Afghanistan where "needs are skyrocketing", it said. In Afghanistan, more than 24 million people require life-saving assistance, a dramatic increase driven by political tumult, repeated economic shocks, and severe food insecurity caused by the worst drought in 27 years. "The absence of cash in Afghanistan is a major impediment to any delivery of services," he said. Nearly 26 million Ethiopians require aid, including more than 9 million who depend on food rations, including 5 million in Tigray, amid rising malnutrition rates, it said.
Persons: Martin Griffiths, Griffiths, Tigrayan Organizations: The United Nations, NBC, World Bank, Front, Addis Ababa Locations: GENEVA, Afghanistan, Syria, Yemen, Ethiopia, Sudan, Amhara, Afar, Tigray, Addis
The conflict in Ethiopia, begun a year ago when Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed launched a military assault on the Tigray region, is spiraling out of control. The crisis has been building since June, when Tigrayan fighters took back control of much of the Tigray region and, emboldened, crossed into neighboring regions. But the Tigrayan fighters repulsed the offensive and, in a stunning reversal of fortune, captured strategically important towns on the way to the capital, Addis Ababa. Ethiopia, the continent’s second-most-populous country and bulwark of the strategically important Horn of Africa region, is tearing itself apart. With the help of the African Union and the United States, the two warring sides can pull the country back from catastrophe.
Persons: Abiy Ahmed, Organizations: Tigrayan, United Nations, African Union Locations: Ethiopia, Tigray, Addis Ababa, Africa, United States
(CNN) Fighters from Ethiopia's northern Tigray region have been accused of gang rape and physical assault by 16 women in the neighboring Amhara region, according to a report released by Amnesty International on Wednesday. CNN has not interviewed the women and cannot independently verify the claims. "The testimonies we heard from survivors describe despicable acts by TPLF fighters that amount to war crimes, and potentially crimes against humanity. They defy morality or any iota of humanity," said Agnès Callamard, Amnesty International's secretary general. According to Amnesty's interviews, one woman, a 30-year-old food seller in the town, claimed TPLF fighters raped her in front of her children, slapped and kicked her before taking food items from her house.
Persons: Nifas Mewcha, Agnès Callamard Organizations: CNN, Fighters, Amnesty International, Amnesty Locations: Tigray, Amhara, Nifas
(CNN) Witnesses say Tigrayans are being arrested in Addis Ababa in a wave of alleged ethnic targeting by authorities, after a year-long conflict in Ethiopia's northern Tigray region. Several Tigrayans living in the capital said police would not explain why they had arrested their family members and neighbors, including a young mother and an elderly priest. She added that the arrests of ethnic Tigrayans "had become a common thing," and were no longer a surprise to the community. But he conceded that most of the people being detained were ethnic Tigrayans, while saying people of other ethnicities had also been taken into custody. Amnesty International leveled similar accusations against Ethiopia in July, saying then: "Police in Addis Ababa have arbitrarily arrested and detained dozens of Tigrayans without due process ...
Persons: Abiy Ahmed, Rahel, Gebremeskel, Teklay, Alem, EHRC, Fasika Fenta, Fasika, that's Organizations: CNN, Ethiopian, Nebiyat, Amnesty, Addis, Fighters, Police Locations: Addis Ababa, Ethiopia's, Tigray, Ethiopia
“It’s a Tigrayan house,” said a woman standing in a crowd of onlookers gathered across the street. Other residents confirmed that the family were ethnic Tigrayans and said they had no known ties to Tigrayan politics. Hours later, in the same neighborhood, women gathered at the gate of a local youth center, bringing food and water to male relatives who had been detained in recent days and were being held inside. One woman said her husband, a trader who sells traditional cloth, had been arrested at his store two days earlier. has seized control of several towns on a major highway leading to the capital, and holds patches of the surrounding countryside, Western officials said.
Persons: , , Tigrayans Organizations: Security, Ethiopian Airlines, Oromo Liberation Army Locations: Bole
The 2024 bond fell by 2.3 cents in the dollar to 78.063 cents, Tradeweb data showed. He has previously denied that Tigrayan forces committed abuses but said some “vigilante” Tigrayan groups may have. Ethiopia's $1 billion Eurobond, its only international issue, has declined more than 20 cents since start of the conflict here a year ago. “Everything is coming together in the wrong way in the last couple of months,” said Simon Quijano-Evans at Gemcorp Capital. However, given the country’s moderate debt-to-GDP ratio, Ethiopia’s debt sustainability challenges originated from elevated short-term external financing obligations, rather than overall solvency concerns, Taiwo added.
Persons: Joe Biden, Biden, Abiy Ahmed, Tigrayan, , Simon Quijano, Evans, Taiwo Organizations: U.S, U.S ., United, Liberation, Gemcorp Locations: United States, Ethiopia, Tigray, United Nations, U.S, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia's, Chad, Zambia
(Addis Ababa) Ethiopia's Attorney General Gedion Timothewos announced a state of emergency starting Tuesday, after forces from the northern Tigray region said they had gained territory. The move comes two days after Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed urged citizens to take up arms to defend themselves against the Tigray People's Liberation Front (TPLF). Earlier on Tuesday, authorities in the capital Addis Ababa told residents to prepare to defend their neighborhoods. The state of emergency was imposed after the TPLF claimed to have taken the key cities of Dessie and Kombolcha, both of which are near a main route into the capital. The TPLF said it was considering marching on Addis Ababa, about 235 miles (380km) south of its forward position.
Persons: Gedion Timothewos, Abiy Ahmed, Read Organizations: Addis Locations: Addis Ababa, Tigray, Dessie
Smoke billows from the scene of an air strike, in Mekelle, the capital of Tigray region, Ethiopia October 20, 2021. REUTERS/StringerADDIS ABABA, Oct 21 (Reuters) - Ethiopia carried out an air strike on the city of Mekelle for the third day this week, a government spokesperson said, in a campaign to weaken rebellious Tigrayan forces they have been fighting for nearly a year. Spokesperson Legesse Tulu told Reuters the strike succeeded in hitting a military training centre being used by the Tigrayan forces. He said the centre was a former base, known as the Northern Command, for the Ethiopian military in the area. War broke out in November 2020 between federal troops and the Tigray People's Liberation Front (TPLF), which ruled Ethiopia for three decades but now controls just the northern region.
Persons: Stringer ADDIS ABABA, Legesse, Getachew Reda, Maggie Fick, Andrew Cawthorne, Jonathan Oatis Organizations: REUTERS, Reuters, Northern Command, Ethiopian, Addis, Thomson Locations: Mekelle, Tigray, Ethiopia, Addis Ababa
REUTERS/StringerNAIROBI, Oct 13 (Reuters) - An air and ground offensive by Ethiopian troops and their allies against rebellious forces from the northern Tigray region is intensifying, a spokesperson for the Tigrayan forces said on Wednesday, claiming "staggering" casualties. Getachew Reda of the Tigray People's Liberation Front (TPLF) told Reuters by phone that the Ethiopian military and allies from the Amhara region were fighting the Tigrayan forces on several fronts, in both the Amhara and Afar regions which neighbour Tigray. A spokesperson for the Ethiopian military did not immediately respond to a request for comment. Tigrayan forces were initially beaten back, but recaptured most of the region in July and pushed into the neighbouring Amhara and Afar regions, displacing hundreds of thousands more people. Another humanitarian worker citing witnesses said Eritrean forces were fighting Tigrayans in Berhale, a town in the Afar region.
Persons: Stringer, Getachew, Abiy Ahmed, Yemane Gebremeskel, Maggie Fick, Katharine Houreld, Nick Macfie Organizations: Ethiopia's National Defense Force, Tigray Special Forces, REUTERS, Ethiopian, Reuters, Eritrean, U.S . State Department, United Nations, Thomson Locations: Tigray, Humera, Ethiopia, Stringer NAIROBI, Amhara, Weldiya, Afar, of Africa, Eritrea, Western Tigray, Sudan, Berhale
REUTERS/StringerNAIROBI, Oct 11 (Reuters) - Ethiopia's national army launched a ground offensive against forces from the northern region of Tigray on Monday, the region's ruling Tigray People's Liberation Front (TPLF) said. TPLF spokesperson Getachew Reda told Reuters by phone that the army, alongside allied forces from the northern Amhara region, had launched the offensive to push Tigrayan forces out of Amhara on Monday morning. "The government of Ethiopia will continue to counter the TPLF’s destruction, violence and killings in the Amhara region and elsewhere," she added, without elaborating. In June, Tigrayan forces took back control of most of Tigray, forcing the national military to withdraw. Getachew said ground fighting had begun on Monday.
Persons: Stringer, Getachew Reda, Billene Seyoum, Abiy Ahmed, Tigrayan, Getachew, George Obulutsa, Gareth Jones, William Maclean Organizations: Ethiopia's National Defense Force, Tigray Special Forces, REUTERS, Reuters, Ethiopian, Twitter, United Nations, Thomson Locations: Tigray, Humera, Ethiopia, Stringer NAIROBI, Amhara, Western Tigray, Amhara region's Wegeltena, Wurgessa, Haro, Afar
Members of the Ethiopian National Defense Force (ENDF) prepare to head to mission in Sanja, Amhara region, near a border with Tigray, Ethiopia November 9, 2020. REUTERS/Tiksa NegeriNAIROBI, Oct 8 (Reuters) - Airstrikes against Tigrayan forces in Ethiopia's northern region of Amhara have intensified, a spokesman for the Tigrayan forces said on Friday, which he said could presage a ground push against the Tigrayan forces by the Ethiopian military and its allies. The Ethiopian military and its allies have been fighting forces from the northern region of Tigray for 11 months. Tigrayan forces pushed into Amhara region, whose forces have been fighting alongside the government, in July. A diplomatic source confirmed to Reuters that there had been airstrikes near Wurgessa.
Persons: Wegel, Africa's, Gizachew Muluneh, Katharine Houreld, Frances Kerry Organizations: Ethiopian National Defense Force, REUTERS, Ethiopian, Reuters, United Nations, Diplomats, Thomson Locations: Sanja, Amhara, Tigray, Ethiopia, Tiksa Negeri NAIROBI, Ethiopia's, Wurgessa, Afar
(CNN) Ethiopia's government has used the country's flagship commercial airline to shuttle weapons to and from neighboring Eritrea during the civil war in Ethiopia's Tigray region , a CNN investigation has found. Air waybill showing transportation of 'RIFFLE & DFS' -- in reference to rifles and dry foodstuffs per airline sources -- on an Ethiopian Airlines flight on November 12. Air waybill showing 'military refill' being transported on an Ethiopian Airlines flight on November 13. Ethiopian Airlines told CNN in its statement that no employees had been suspended or terminated due to their ethnic background. CNN has confirmed that these Emirates SkyCargo straps have been used on other Ethiopian Airlines flights.
Persons: refills, Abiy Ahmed, Ethiopia's, Benno Baksteen, DEGAS, Abiy, Flightradar24, Dan Kaszeta, Emirates SkyCargo, AmSafe Bridport, Pablo Mendes de Leon, Mendes de Leon, Katherine Tai, Tai Organizations: CNN, Ethiopian Airlines, Star Alliance, National, International, Government, DFS, Ethiopian, Dutch, Group Aviation Safety, Eritrean, Boeing, Toyota, Ethiopian Airlines aircraft, Employees, Freighter, Royal United Services Institute, Bulgarian, Emirates, TSO, Convention, International Civil Aviation, Chicago Convention, The Hague, US, Emirates SkyCargo Locations: Eritrea, Ethiopia's Tigray, Addis, Asmara, Massawa, Tigray, United States, Ethiopia, Addis Ababa, Eritrea's, Tigrayans, Axum, Dengelat, Bole, Belgium, Brussels, Shanghai, Flightradar24, London, Russia, Bulgaria, Bulgarian, Emirates, Bahir Dar, The, American, Ethiopian
His party scored a landslide victory in June's election, cementing his power domestically despite international concern over his government's handling of the conflict. After parliament confirmed his appointment, between 30,000 and 40,000 people attended a public ceremony - unusual in Ethiopia - in the capital Addis Ababa. Abiy's speech offered little hint as to whether he would pursue an offensive to claw back territory taken by Tigrayan forces. Abiy also repeated warnings that Ethiopia would not accept foreign interference in its internal affairs. Conflict broke out in Tigray 11 months ago between federal troops and forces loyal to the Tigrayan People's Liberation Front (TPLF), the political party that controls Tigray.
Persons: Abiy Ahmed, Abiy, Nationshas, Dawit Endeshaw, Giulia Paravicini, Katharine Houreld, Alex Richardson, Mark Heinrich Our Organizations: Ethiopian, United Nations, Tigrayan, Thomson Locations: ADDIS ABABA, Tigray, June's, Ethiopia, Addis Ababa, United, United States
(CNN) The United Nations has rebuffed Ethiopia's decision to expel seven senior UN officials as the country's war-torn northern Tigray region descends into famine, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said on Friday. "If the current trajectory continues, I fear for the future of many Ethiopian lives, and indeed for the stability of the country and the region. The UN denounced Ethiopia's decision to eject its officials from the country on Friday, and vowed to continue its humanitarian work. If the Ethiopian order goes ahead, it would mark one of the most significant expulsions of senior UN humanitarian officials from any country. Earlier this month, UNOCHA said there was a "de facto humanitarian aid blockade" into Tigray, where at least 400,000 people are facing famine conditions, according to the agency's latest figures.
Persons: Antonio Guterres, Guterres, UNOCHA, Martin Griffiths, Abiy, Griffiths, William Davison, Ethiopia's, Jens Laerke, Joe Biden, Jen Psaki, Psaki, We're, Michelle Bachelet, Bachelet, David Beasley Organizations: CNN, United Nations, UN, UN Security, Security, UN's, Fund, UNICEF, Humanitarian Affairs, Ethiopian, Reuters, International Crisis, Ethiopia's Ministry of Foreign Affairs, White, Ethiopian Human Rights, UN Human Rights, Food Programme, WFP Locations: Tigray, Ethiopia, Mekele, Geneva, Tigrayan, Wukro, UN, Axum, Eritrea
REUTERS/Baz RatnerSummary Thousands of Eritrean refugees caught in north Ethiopian warRefugees distrusted and abused by both sides' fighters'Clear war crimes' committed, says rights groupNAIROBI, Sept 16 (Reuters) - Eritrean soldiers and Tigrayan militias raped, detained and killed Eritrean refugees in Ethiopia’s northern region of Tigray, an international rights watchdog said on Thursday. Tens of thousands of Eritrean refugees live in Tigray, a mountainous and poor province of about 5 million people. Tigrayan forces marched fleeing refugees back to Hitsats, shooting some stragglers, refugees reported to HRW. In the northernmost camp, Shimelba, Eritrean forces killed at least one refugee, raped at least four others and killed local residents, HRW said. Tigrayan forces took over those camps in June and refugees have reported killings and looting.
Persons: Baz Ratner, Tigrayans, Laetitia Bader, Horn, Getachew Reda, PEOPLE, HRW, Tigrayan, Ziban, Adi Harush, Mai Aini, Andrew Cawthorne Organizations: REUTERS, Refugees, Ethiopian, Eritrean, Human Rights Watch, Reuters, International, UNHCR, United Nations, HRW, Thomson Locations: Tigray, Sudan, NAIROBI, Ethiopia’s, of Africa, Africa, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Hitsats, Hitsats camp’s, Zelasle, Shimelba, Mai
ADDIS ABABA, Sept 9 (Reuters) - Ethiopia said on Thursday that rebellious forces from the Tigray region had been defeated in the adjacent Afar region and had withdrawn, but the Tigrayan forces said they had merely shifted troops to neighbouring Amhara for an offensive there. Foreign affairs ministry spokesperson Dina Mutfi cited "military information" when referring to what he called the defeat, at a news conference in Addis Ababa. Tigrayan spokesperson Getachew Reda spoke to Reuters by satellite phone from an undisclosed location. Spokespeople for the Ethiopian military and the Prime Minister's office were not immediately reachable for comment. Reporting by Addis Ababa newsroom; Additional reporting and writing by Maggie Fick; Editing by Kevin LiffeyOur Standards: The Thomson Reuters Trust Principles.
Persons: Dina Mutfi, Getachew Reda, Maggie Fick, Kevin Liffey Organizations: Reuters, Ethiopian, Addis, Thomson Locations: ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia, Tigray, Amhara, Addis Ababa, Tigrayan
In 2018, Kidanemariam was serving as Ethiopia's consul general in Los Angeles and said he helped organize Abiy's visit. He expected Abiy, who preached a political philosophy of inclusion, to chide the crowd, but he said nothing. Later, over lunch, when Kidanemariam asked why, he said Abiy told him: "There was nothing to correct." Abiy receives the Nobel Peace Prize during a ceremony in Oslo, Norway, in December 2019. "I am of the strongest opinion that the Nobel Prize Committee is responsible for what is happening in Ethiopia, at least partially.
Persons: , Abiy Ahmed, Africa's, Kidanemariam, Abiy, he'd, heckles, Abiy's, Billene Seyoum, Hailemariam, backsliding, Ahmed Soliman, William Davidson, Rashid Abdi, Abdi, Isaias Afwerki, Mehari, Isaias, Goitom Gebreluel Organizations: CNN, University of Southern, Ethiopian, Ethiopia's Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Abiy's, Addis Standard, Addis, Prosperity Party, Chatham House, International Crisis, United, West, European University Institute Locations: University of Southern California, Los Angeles, United States, Africa, Eritrea, Ethiopia's, Tigray, Washington , DC, Oslo, Norway, Abiy, West, Ethiopia, Oromia, of Africa, Bahir Dar, Addis Ababa, Tigrayan, Wukro, Kenya, Horn of Africa, Amhara, Taddele Maru, South
Wad El Hilou, Sudan (CNN) The ghostly outlines of limbs emerge through the mist along the Setit River in eastern Sudan. A body is draped in plastic sheeting after being recovered from the river bank by Wad El Hilou, Sudan. Wad El Hilou is a natural pinch-point in the river's path -- and so, when the bodies arrived, they floated towards the banks. Ethnic profilingTigrayans still inside Humera told CNN that they live in constant fear of being detained or killed. A body recovered from the Setit River bank by Wad El Hilou, Sudan, is carried on plastic sheeting.
Persons: Abiy Ahmed's, Tigrayan, Tigrayans, We're, Gebretensae Gebrekristos, Gerri, Natay, Enda Yitbarek, Temesgen, Yonas, Humera, Alem, it's, Sudan who've Organizations: CNN, Ethiopian, Michael's, Mercury Locations: Sudan, Ethiopia, Humera, Ethiopia's Tigray, Tigray, Mekelle, Eritrea, St, Mary's, Amhara, People
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