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HONG KONG (Reuters) - Prince Wong was still in her mother’s womb when the Chinese government reclaimed control over Hong Kong from the British in the summer of 1997. She was born nearly three months later, on September 27, into what some here call the city’s “cursed generation.”FILE PHOTO: U.S. President Bill Clinton talks with Hong Kong pro-democracy leader Martin Lee during a bilateral meeting in Hong Kong, China, July 3, 1998. His apartment looks over the hills of Hong Kong, forested with a mix of trees and skyscrapers. After the Hong Kong government postponed the elections for a year, the United States imposed unprecedented sanctions on Hong Kong and Chinese officials. “I may not be there to see democracy coming to Hong Kong or coming to China, but it will come one day.
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AUSTRALIAIt has agreed to buy 135 million doses: 34 million from AstraZeneca, 40 million from Novavax Inc, 10 million from Pfizer and 51 million from CSL Ltd. It expects delivery of 3.8 million doses of AstraZeneca’s vaccine in January and February next year. It hopes to lock in 60 million doses in total and also is in talks with Pfizer and Sinovac. BANGLADESHBangladesh signed a deal with India’s Serum to buy 30 million doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine. It also expects to receive 68 million doses from GAVI at a subsidized rate, a senior health ministry official said.
Persons: Dado, Sputnik, Johnson Organizations: Reuters, Pfizer Inc, Moderna Inc, AstraZeneca Plc, REUTERS, AstraZeneca, Novavax Inc, Pfizer, CSL Ltd, Western, Shenzhen Kangtai Biological, Shanghai Fosun Pharmaceutical Group, Tibet Rhodiola Pharmaceutical, Johnson, Shionogi, Co, SOUTH, drugmakers, Serum Institute of India, Sputnik, Sinovac, India’s Locations: AUSTRALIA, CHINA China, China, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Tibet, China . China, JAPAN Japan, Japan, SOUTH KOREA, COVAX, India, TAIWAN Taiwan, PHILIPPINES, Philippines, INDONESIA, Indonesia, VIETNAM, BANGLADESH Bangladesh
President Donald Trump is enacting new rules, regulations, and orders that it hopes will box in President-elect Joe Biden's administration on numerous foreign-policy matters. WASHINGTON (AP) — On its way out the door, the Trump administration is enacting new rules, regulations and orders that it hopes will box in President-elect Joe Biden's administration on numerous foreign policy matters and cement President Donald Trump's "America First" legacy in international affairs. Last week, the State Department's policy planning office released a 70-page China policy strategy document. The Trump administration had said it wasn't interested in extending the New START treaty unless China also joined, something Beijing has rejected. As the transition to the Biden administration approaches, those negotiations remain a work in progress.
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Tibetan political leader visits White House for first time in six decades
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REUTERS/Thomas PeterSHANGHAI (Reuters) - The head of the Tibetan government in exile has visited the U.S. White House for the first time in six decades, a move that could further infuriate Beijing, which has accused the United States of trying to destabilise the region. Lobsan Sangay, President of the Central Tibetan Administration (CTA), was invited to the White House to meet the newly appointed U.S. Special Coordinator for Tibetan Issues, Robert Destro, on Friday, the CTA said in a press release. Tibet has become one of the areas of dispute between the United States and China, with relations between the world’s two biggest economies at their lowest point in decades. U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo accused Beijing in July of violating Tibetan human rights and said Washington supported “meaningful autonomy” for the region. Beijing officials have since accused the United States of using Tibet to try to promote “splittism” in China.
Persons: Thomas Peter SHANGHAI, Sangay, Robert Destro, , Mike Pompeo, Destro, Xi Jinping Organizations: Tibet Autonomous, REUTERS, . White, Central Tibetan Administration, Tibetan, CTA, U.S, Beijing, Washington Locations: Lhasa, Tibet, Tibet Autonomous Region, China, Beijing, United States, India’s Dharamshalah, China . China
Covid-Era Exhibits Promote Art as Therapy
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As the coronavirus pandemic began to rage early this year, the Bass Museum of Art in Miami Beach had a problem. “It was not possible.”But this month, the museum began erecting an installation by Mr. Cruzvillegas that fits perfectly with pandemic times. This impulse stems from years of experience with art therapy, which began growing in popularity long before the pandemic. Along with Bass staff and a Florida environmental consultant, Mr. Cruzvillegas planned the exhibition with drawings, many long, detailed emails and plenty of videoconferences, he said. The healing aspect, Mr. Cruzvillegas implied, is oblique, rather than direct.
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In hand-to-hand combat around May, Indian and Chinese troops beat each other with sticks and stones — before better-armed soldiers arrived in June. India's leaders have also resisted China's efforts to pull India into other sorts of networks that China leads or dominates. 'Our sovereign territory'Chinese and Indian border guards at the Nathu La mountain pass between Tibet and the northeastern Indian state of Sikkim, July 6, 2006. ReutersThe area where Chinese and Indian troops are now at loggerheads is the Ladakh area in the greater Kashmir region. Chinese troops seized territory there in the 1962 war and in the more recent summer skirmish.
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Opinion | The Loneliness of the Red State Democrat
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This law also permanently and fully finances the Land and Water Conservation Fund, founded during Lyndon Johnson’s administration in 1964, at $900 million per year. The Conservation Fund has supported 40,000 projects assisting parks, coastlines, monuments, deserts, forests, wetlands and wildlife in every county in the United States. It is subsidized not by taxpayers but primarily by fossil fuel companies engaged in offshore oil and gas drilling. But before the Outdoors Act, it rarely received what it was owed, partly because senators like Mr. Daines voted against it. I should just spend a week hanging around exotic Richland County, where Mr. Daines beat Mr. Bullock by 62 points.
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The rivalry between China and the United States will give rise to threats to Beijing's political stability, a top Communist Party security official warned. "[We] must firmly safeguard the state's political safety, regime safety and ideological safety," the document said. Guo's statement made a rare explicit reference to the United States. In May, Chinese Defence Minister Wei Fenghe also singled out the United States, warning that US-China strategic confrontation had entered a high-risk period. "Certain countries try to divert domestic problems and hype up ideological confrontations, and suppress others in the name of religious freedom and human rights," wrote Yang, without naming the United States.
Persons: Guo Shengkun, Xi Jinping, Sun, Lintao Zhang, Guo, Wei Fenghe, Yang Jiechi, Yang Organizations: Communist Party, People's Publishing House, CCP, Economic, Social, Nationalist, Legal Affairs Commission, Taiwan, Chinese Defence Locations: China, United States, Beijing, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Washington, Xinjiang, Tibet
A man holding a phone walks past a sign of Chinese company ByteDance's app TikTok, known locally as Douyin, at the International Artificial Products Expo in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province, China October 18, 2019. ReutersLONDON — TikTok has invited British lawmakers into its offices to review its algorithm after a parliamentary committee questioned the social media app's links to China's ruling Communist Party. "We do not censor content," Kanter told the committee Thursday on a video call that was broadcast online. "I would encourage you to open the app and search for Tiananmen Square, search for Tibet, you will find that content on TikTok." There's plenty of content that's critical of China," Kanter added.
Persons: TikTok, Elizabeth Kanter, Kanter, Nusrat Ghani Organizations: Products, Reuters LONDON, Communist Party, TikTok's, Conservative, Tiananmen, Guardian Locations: Hangzhou, Zhejiang province, China, Xinjiang, Tibet, TikTok, Beijing
"When we say Gross National Happiness, it is not the celebrative 'Ha ha -- Ho ho' kind of happiness that we look for in life," Lotay explained. "Our king rightly calls Gross National Happiness as development with values," Lotay continues. Gross National HappinessThe Centre for Bhutan and GNH Studies is responsible for administering Bhutan's Gross National Happiness surveys. Despite the need for economic growth, the Prime Minister is confident those priorities will not change for the Bhutanese people. "So, these are the values of Gross National Happiness that we practice.
Persons: Druk Yul, Lotay Tshering, Lotay, Bhutan's, Tshoki Zangmo, Dr, Sanjay Gupta, It's, it's, Bhutan Organizations: CNN, Bhutan, GNH, CNN Health, Television, Bank, country's, World Wildlife Fund, Bhutan Locations: India, Tibet, Bhutan, Paro, Thimphu, Bhutan's, Wangdue
Meet the CEO who turned a tiny shack into her $35 million dream home
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And you don't take no for an answer," the villa's owner, Liz Edlich, tells me. And we were thinking wouldn't it be amazing if we could actually buy that or live there,'" Edlich tells me. Il Pelicano begins to take shape, and you can already see how it's being designed to frame the incredible views. "I always said, we will make this the most special property on the coast of California," Radical Skincare CEO Liz Edlich tells CNBC. CNBC"One of the things that I was personally passionate about were antique doors," Edlich tells me.
Persons: Liz Edlich, Il Pelicano Douglas Elliman Edlich, Douglas Elliman, Malibu . Douglas Elliman, it'd, Douglas Elliman Edlich, we've, Dale Kinsella, Il Pelicano, Edlich, Liz Edlich Edlich, Pelicano, Douglas, Italy Douglas Elliman, I've, Douglas Elliman X, Liz, Douglas Elliman X She's, Il, suite's, you've, There's, Shirley Sherman, CNBC's Ray Parisi Organizations: CNBC, California Coastal, Malibu Locations: Malibu, Malibu ., California, Italy, France, Morocco, India, Tibet, Egypt, Italian, Sri Lanka, England
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