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Democrats and Republicans alike agree that there’s been a serious spike in violent crime over the last couple of years — the highest in more than a decade. Biden deserves kudos for standing up to his party’s loud progressive wing and insisting on taking action before more Americans needlessly die. The White House’s fact sheet on Biden’s crime-fighting plan talks of “gun violence resulting from the pandemic,” “gun violence exacerbated by the pandemic” and “gun violence associated with the pandemic.” In fact, the homicide spike “actually began in 2019, prior to the pandemic,” noted the National Commission on Covid-19 and Criminal Justice, a bipartisan panel assessing the pandemic’s effect on the justice system. More Americans believe violent crime is a “very big problem” than think the same about the coronavirus, a recent Yahoo News/YouGov poll found. In fact, violent crime was respondents’ top concern, beating the economy and race relations.
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She would like to hear more from pilots who have had similar UFO sightings. "There's a common humanity, I guess, of being a little bit shocked, a little bit delighted, a little bit nervous, confused, all of that. But Dietrich also voiced hope that public interest in UFOs would abate as the subject gains more mainstream attention. "I hope I'm not the UFO, Tic Tac person for the rest of my life. Reporting by Pavithra George in Washington; Editing by Steve Gorman and Stephen CoatesOur Standards: The Thomson Reuters Trust Principles.
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Republicans are itching to conduct investigations of Hunter Biden if they win the majority in 2022. GOP inquiries would force the White House to play whack-a-mole with Hunter Biden accusations. Republicans are gearing up for a hot pursuit of Hunter Biden should they win a majority in Congress in the 2022 midterms. Republicans say they want to know more about Hunter Biden's ties to China and the Ukraine gas company Burisma. Johnson has this year sent at least four letters to federal law enforcement and intelligence agencies demanding answers on different Hunter Biden allegations, including on possible ties to "foreign nationals connected to the communist Chinese government"; unethical links to a Biden administration DOJ appointee; and an incident allegedly involving Hunter Biden and a firearm.
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Live Updates: Rescue Efforts Continue at Condo Collapse Near Miami
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Emergency crews are urgently looking for survivors the day after a residential building crumbled, leaving 99 people unaccounted for. The aftermath of the Champlain Towers South collapse in Surfside, Fla., on Thursday. Emergency workers heard “sounds and bangs” late Thursday afternoon, Chief Jadallah said — but no voices. The stunning collapse of the residential building at 8777 Collins Ave. left few answers and considerable questions about how a 40-year-old condo could have suddenly crumbled as its residents rested in their beds. As the boy cried out, Mr. Balboa used his cellphone flashlight to flag emergency workers.
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Live Covid-19 Live Updates: More U.S. States Try Lotteries to Tackle Vaccine Hesitancy Louisiana, where the inoculation rate has lagged significantly behind the national average, is among the latest to dangle cash prizes and scholarships in return for getting a shot. Six of the bottom eight states are in the South: They include Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia and Tennessee. The Biden administration has made a concerted push to overcome vaccine hesitancy, particularly in the South. In some states, he said, the lotteries coincided with making the vaccine available to teenagers, which could skew the numbers. He suggested comparing the vaccination rates in states with lotteries to those without them.
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When we were dressing the original set for Agent Mulder’s office on “The X-Files,” I came up with the poster with a U.F.O. Now videos from Navy aircraft tracking unidentified aerial phenomena (as they’ve been relabeled) suggest that maybe we have seen them. But as a result of “The X-Files” I’ve met many people who claim they have. I have seen grainy videos of gray aliens on someone’s back patio. The plot of “The X-Files” was built on a conspiracy theory: The government is lying to you about the existence of U.F.O.s and extraterrestrials.
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The insurrection at the Capitol on Jan. 6 failed. But at the state level, the Republican war on elections is posting startling wins. They are trying to do what Trump failed to do: neuter elections as a check on Republican power. [You can listen to this episode of “The Ezra Klein Show” on Apple, Spotify, Google or wherever you get your podcasts.] This is an example of what I’ve sometimes referred to as the “doom loop of democracy”: highly gerrymandered Republican state legislatures in key swing states passing legislation that gives them more power to discourage Democratic-leaning groups from voting, throw out legitimate votes and overturn election results — all of it backed up by Republican-dominated courts.
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That’s actually what we have right now with the U.S. — I mean, our objectives in Afghanistan are exactly the same today. Bayoumy: Speaking of Afghanistan, Pakistan has played a big role in the intra-Afghan peace talks. How worried are you about a civil war in Afghanistan, and are you using your leverage with the Taliban to try and get these peace talks toward a deal? Khan: Well, firstly, Pakistan has used the maximum leverage it could on the Taliban. Basically, Pakistan was the country that had recognized Taliban, one of three countries after 1996.
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A survey finds support for halting federal unemployment benefits.
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Critics of the enhanced unemployment benefits argue they are discouraging people from looking for jobs and making it hard for businesses to find workers. Credit... Mario Tama/Getty ImagesA slim majority of Americans say it is time for enhanced unemployment benefits to end. The federal government is providing jobless workers with $300 a week in benefits on top of their regular unemployment payments. Of Republicans, 80 percent want the extra benefits to end right away, compared with 27 percent of Democrats. Companies look at my age and pass.”“Car broke down and no money to fix it.” The survey included 65 respondents who said they were currently receiving unemployment benefits.
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David Haber is joining Andreessen Horowitz as general partner on its fintech investing team. Andreessen Horowitz is on a hiring spree, and David Haber is its latest get, joining as a general partner investing in fintech. Before Bond Street, Haber was an associate at Spark Capital, where he worked on investments in players like Plaid, Twitter, and Warby Parker. a16z is bullish on New York fintechHaber will stay in New York, making him the first general partner to join a16z without relocating to San Francisco. Haber will lead the firm's bullish take on the New York fintech scene.
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Live Updates: Harris Will Visit the U.S. Border with Mexico
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Live Live Updates: Harris Will Visit the U.S. Border with Mexico Vice President Kamala Harris will visit a migrant processing center in El Paso during her first visit to the U.S.-Mexico border since taking office. Vice President Kamala Harris departed Joint Base Andrews for a trip to El Paso on Friday. Along with Ms. Escobar, Ms. Harris is traveling with Senator Dick Durbin, the chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee who has been involved in past attempts at bipartisan immigration reform. Ms. Harris is also traveling with Alejandro N. Mayorkas, the secretary of homeland security. Greg Abbott of Texas days after Ms. Harris visits.
Persons: Will, Kamala Harris, Biden, Harris, Base Andrews, Jacquelyn Martin, Veronica Escobar, , We’ve, , Ms, Escobar, Dick Durbin, Alejandro N, Sanders, Lester Holt, Donald J, Trump, Greg Abbott, Trump’s, Mr, Abbott, Rohini Kosoglu, Rachel, Nev, Roger Kisby, Marco Rubio, Chris Impey, Impey, Mick West, West, ’ that’s Organizations: Mexico, Base, ., Associated Press, Customs, Protection, U.S, Democrat, El, Committee, U.S . Customs, El Paso Processing Center, NBC, Gov, Walmart, House Republicans, Mr, ” Intelligence, The New York Times, Navy, Republican, Senate Intelligence Committee, Congress, Pentagon, University of Arizona Locations: U.S, El Paso, Mexico, Mexico City, Guatemala, Europe, Texas, United States, United States of America, Area, Russia, China, Marco Rubio of Florida, U.F.O
But this week the 60-year-old former accountant flew from North Carolina to California to show support for Britney Spears, the pop star who has lived under a legal conservatorship for more than a decade. A person protests in support of Britney Spears on the day of a conservatorship case hearing at Stanley Mosk Courthouse in Los Angeles on June 23, 2021. When they met again at a meet-and-greet in the late 2010s, he perceived that Spears’ demeanor had changed; her interaction with fans felt more restrictive. Spears’ fans were particularly devastated by her revelation that she does not have reproductive autonomy. “I think hearing testimony directly from her is a turning point in how the public perceives her and the story of her career,” she said.
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In late-pandemic America, Britney Spears’ conservatorship has become the lens through which we can see so many of our society's failings — or, at least, we're supposed to. Everywhere Britney Spears turned in 2007 there was a massive obstacle to her receiving quality, nonjudgmental care and avoiding abuse. Britney Spears fans like me, though, knew the score: we circled June 23, 2021, in our calendars and turned to her ample discography for emotional support. That's not to say that Spears — at that time and, as she acknowledged in court on Wednesday — didn't and doesn't need mental health care. Still, there’s a broader reason that so many people right now identify with what Britney Spears is going through, despite her vast wealth and privilege and the frivolity the average person ascribes to celebrity.
Persons: Britney Spears, conservatorship, we're, We’re, Justin Timberlake, Spears, Kevin Federline, ” Spears, Brenda Penny’s, gaslighting, we’re, , It’s, Conservatorships Organizations: The New York Times Locations: Missouri
Live Covid-19 Live Updates: Sydney Outbreak Prompts Travel Ban and Mask-Wearing Travel restrictions were put in place after a cluster of cases grew to 49. Both Pfizer and Moderna, the makers of the two most widely used Covid shots in the United States, have applied for full F.D.A. Elsewhere in the United States, vaccine mandates have been met with opposition. The official added that “scientific teams and legal and regulatory authorities” from the United States and Brazil had worked to secure the arrangement. A little more than half the Johnson & Johnson doses delivered to states so far have been administered, according to C.D.C.
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The stories we tell about our experiences can have consequences for our well-being. Two people can have the same experience — like losing a job during the pandemic — but tell two different stories about it. One person might say that his life was great before the pandemic but the pandemic ruined everything, while another might acknowledge what has been lost but focus on how he has grown. When Dr. Pennebaker analyzed the narratives, he found that over the course of their writing, the participants were working to make sense of what happened to them. Expressive writing helped them to come to a new understanding of the event and how it affected their lives — to tell a story about their suffering.
Persons: Dr, McAdams, James W, Pennebaker Organizations: University of Texas Locations: Austin
Live Live Updates: Senators to Brief Biden on Infrastructure ‘Breakthrough’ A bipartisan group of senators and White House negotiators have agreed on a framework for an infrastructure agreement. Senator Jeanne Shaheen, Democrat of New Hampshire, and other senators met with White House officials on Tuesday to discuss infrastructure proposals. Allegations of forced labor in the solar panel supply chain have created a dilemma for President Biden and his aides. The Biden administration had faced pressure to take action regarding products containing polysilicon produced in the region. Rodney S. Scott, the chief of the United States Border Patrol, near a border wall construction site outside McAllen, Texas, in October.
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Andy Haldane, who is stepping down as the central bank’s chief economist after a three-decade career, has been concerned about rising prices. He recently compared the British economy to “a coiled spring,” and inflation as a sleeping tiger. Even while Britain was enduring a strict lockdown through a cold and dark winter, Mr. Haldane kept up his confidence in the economy. But he just as eagerly addressed what he believed was a crisis in economics that left his profession blindsided, and has warned against groupthink in central banks. Although he has said economics needs to be more easily accessible, Mr. Haldane has also insisted that economists need to better understand the public.
Persons: Andy Haldane, Toby Melville, pare, , Haldane, Haldane’s, Mr, blindsided, Read Organizations: Bank of, U.S ., Royal Society of Arts, New Statesman, Bank of England, groupthink, Occupy, Pro Bono Economics Locations: Britain, British
BuzzFeed announced a SPAC deal on Thursday at a $1.5 billion valuation. Here are the most interesting slides from BuzzFeed's investor deck. Alongside announcing the deal, BuzzFeed published an investor deck that looks under the hood of the private company for the first time. According to its investor deck, BuzzFeed is on the hunt for "influential, iconic brands." BuzzFeedOnce known as the champion of "branded content," the makeup of BuzzFeed's revenue has changed significantly as it has sought to diversify in a challenging ad market.
Persons: BuzzFeed, Recode, Jonah Peretti, Peretti, BuzzFeed It's, NBCUniversal Organizations: Complex Networks, Service, Avenue Partners, Networks, Commerce, Zynga, IAC, The New York Times, Verizon, BuzzFeed News Locations: Taboola, BuzzFeed
In the most significant legal decision involving education in decades, the Supreme Court on Wednesday declared that public school students typically retain broader free-speech protections when they are away from campus, rather than in school settings. The primary reason for celebrating stems from the simple fact that the Supreme Court declared victory for a high school student in a free-speech case at all. Since then, the court has issued three major decisions involving student speech. This trend of hostility to student speech proved so alarming that some perceptive commentators have asserted that the protection established in Tinker has, in effect, been eroded altogether. The opinion’s protection for off-campus speech is heavily qualified and studiously avoids articulating anything like a clear rule.
Persons: Brandi Levy, John, Mary Beth Tinker, Christopher Eckhardt, Brandi Levy’s, Levy Organizations: Supreme Court, Des, Des Moines Independent Community School District, Tinker Locations: Pennsylvania, Des Moines, Vietnam
For the first time since 1993 (aside from a brief period in 2010), Conan O'Brien will not have a late-night television show. The last edition of "Conan" rolls out on TBS Thursday night. He does have something new planned for TV — a series on WarnerMedia's HBO Max that is being labeled a variety-style show. On one occasion, I had seen an especially enthused guy wearing a T-shirt that read: "I took Conan for my Confirmation name!" And then I saw many of those same fans swarm the concession stands to buy "Team Coco" merchandise — hats, T-shirts, posters.
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Lisandro Sabanés, a spokesman for Argentina’s foreign ministry, said that at least nine Argentines who were believed to have been in the building were unaccounted for. A Chilean man, Claudio Bonnefoy, is also among those missing, according to his daughter, Pascale Bonnefoy. Ms. Bonnefoy, a Chilean journalist who writes for The New York Times, said her father, who is 85, lives in an apartment on the side of the building that collapsed. “Their apartment is in the rubble,” Ms. Bonnefoy said. Mike Baker , Nicholas Bogel-Burroughs , Jenny Gross , Christine Hauser , Sophie Kasakove and Alexandra E. Petri also contributed reporting.
Persons: Paraguay’s, Euclides Acevedo, Mario Abdo, Luis Pettengill, Sophia López Moreira —, Silvana López Moreira, Lisandro, Claudio Bonnefoy, Pascale Bonnefoy, Bonnefoy, María, Ms, Raysa Rodriguez, ’ ”, Rodriguez, Mr, Cohen, ” Patricia Mazzei, Richard Fausset, Joseph B, Treaster, William P, Davis, Johnny Diaz, Giulia Heyward, Michael Majchrowicz, Neil Reisner, Amanda Rosa, Ernesto Londoño, Daniel Politi, Santi Carneri, Mike Baker, Nicholas Bogel, Burroughs, Jenny Gross, Christine Hauser, Sophie Kasakove, Alexandra E, Petri, Susan C, Beachy, Kitty Bennett Organizations: South, The New York Times Locations: Argentine, Chilean, Surfside, Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires, Asunción, Paraguay
Scenes From the Tragic Condo Collapse
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A desperate search for survivors extended into the evening hours on Thursday after a condominium collapsed in Surfside, Fla., killing at least one person with more fatalities expected. Ninety-nine people were unaccounted for at the end of the day Thursday as family members awaited news at a reunification center nearby. “This process is slow and methodical,” Ray Jadallah, assistant fire chief of Miami-Dade Fire Rescue, said at a Thursday afternoon news conference. “Anytime we started breaching parts of the structure, we get rubble falling on us.”“Everything was just decimated,” said Barry Cohen, a building resident and a former vice mayor of Surfside. “It looked like it had been hit by a missile.”
Persons: Ray Jadallah, , Barry Cohen Organizations: Dade Locations: Surfside, Fla, Miami
Rescuers Hear Banging Sounds in Rubble of Collapsed Condo Near Miami At least one person was killed and authorities said 99 people remained unaccounted for. “They are not going to be able to find those people.” Champlain Towers South Surfside Beach Atlantic Ocean Champlain Towers South Collins Ave. Collapsed section Champlain Towers South Surfside Beach Atlantic Ocean Champlain Towers South Collins Ave. Collapsed section Champlain Towers South Surfside Beach Champlain Towers South This portion collapsed first. Managers of the Champlain Towers South building, which opened 40 years ago, had been preparing over the past year for possible repairs.
Persons: Rescuers, , , Maria Alejandra Cardona, Ray Jadallah, midafternoon, Daniella Levine Cava, Erika Benitez, , Ron DeSantis, Sally Heyman, Raysa Rodriguez, Rodriguez, Cava, Charles W, Burkett, NBC’s, haven’t, that’s, there’s, they’ve, Jenny Gross, Patricia Mazzei, William P, Davis, Daniel Politi, Ernesto Londoño, Giulia Heyward, Reuters Raysa Rodriguez, ” Ms, Barry Cohen, Cohen, Pipes, Ivanka Trump, Jared Kushner, Alexandra E, Petri, Scott McIntyre, Rachel Johnson, Kenneth S, Direktor, ” Mr, Mr, Charlie Danger, Hurricane Andrew, Danger, Daniel Wagner, Kobi Karp, , Karp, Daniel Ciraldo, Mike Baker, Amy Beth Bennett, Chandan Khanna, Reuters David Santiago, Associated Press Scott McIntyre, Sergio Barth, Luis Barth, Sergio Barth of Miami, Barth, Aaron Miles, Abigail Crosby, Miles, Paraguay’s, David Santiago, Euclides Acevedo, Mario Abdo, Luis Pettengill, Sophia López Moreira —, Silvana López Moreira, Acevedo, Lisandro, Andrés Galfrascoli, Fabián Núñez, Sofía, La Nación, Galfrascoli, Nuñez, Claudio Bonnefoy, Pascale Bonnefoy, Bonnefoy, María, Ms, Judy Spiegel, Rachel Spiegel, Scarlett, Spiegel, Kevin, Surfside, Nicholas Balboa, Balboa, Fiorella, Terenzi, Lizie Brito, Brito, Allen Rosenbach Organizations: Condo, Credit, The New York Times, Miami - Dade Fire Rescue, Miami, Dade, Miami - Dade Police, intel, Reuters, Champlain Towers, Residents, Street, Hurricane, Florida International University, Miami Beach, Miami Herald, Miami Design Preservation, South Florida Sun, Associated, Agence France, Getty, Associated Press, The New York, Surfside, South, The Argentine, Police, Mr, Community Center, The New York Times People, Miami - Dade, Rescue, , Cross Locations: Miami, Miami Beach, oceanfront, Surfside, Fla, Dade County, Florida, Collins, Champlain, , South America, ” Miami, Argentine, Venezuelan, Cuban, Sunny, Bal, . Miami, , South Florida, Luis Barth . Credit, Champlain Towers, Colombia, Charlottesville, Va, Argentina, Chilean, California, Orlando, North Carolina, Phoenix,
Jewish college students have been attacked and threatened on online forums for expressing their values. Jewish students have been made to feel excluded in their own communities. None of this is acceptable, though online hate — often protected by freedom of speech rules — may seem the least pernicious of these manifestations of anti-Semitism. In recent weeks, the spread of hate online has become an epidemic of its own that must be confronted immediately by university leaders. An identifiably Jewish student at Princeton was reportedly subject to verbal harassment over commencement weekend.
Persons: Hitler, Organizations: Defamation League, Jewish, College, Princeton, University of New, University of Michigan Locations: TEL AVIV, East, Israel, University of New Mexico, America
A California man has been arrested for allegedly stealing 42,000 pounds of pistachios from a local grower, the Tulare County Sheriff's Department said this week. When employees at Touchstone Pistachio Company in Terra Bella, California, conducted a routine audit of their inventory earlier this month, they noticed several thousand pounds of their product, nearly enough to fill a tractor-trailer, was missing. Montemayor had been working for Montemayor Trucking, a family business that Touchstone Pistachio Company hired as a contractor this year, according to The New York Times. The agricultural unit was able to recover 40,000 pounds of the stolen pistachios, which Montemayor allegedly stored inside a tractor-trailer. Montemayor, who could not be reached for comment, could be charged with possession of stolen property and grand theft of agricultural commodities, the sheriff's department.
Persons: Alberto Montemayor, John England, Montemayor Organizations: Tulare County Sheriff's Department, Touchstone Pistachio, Touchstone, Montemayor, Touchstone Pistachio Company, The New York Times, American Pistachio Growers Locations: California, Tulare County, Terra Bella , California, pistachios, England, U.S, California , Arizona, New Mexico
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