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* China to stop building coal-fired power plants abroad* Xi’s announcement could impact 44 projects in Asia, Africa* China’s domestic coal power programme still expandingSHANGHAI/SINGAPORE, Sept 22 (Reuters) - China’s pledge to stop building coal-fired power plants overseas could cull $50 billion of investment as it slashes future carbon emissions, analysts said, although Beijing’s own domestic coal programme is still propping up the dirty fossil fuel. Beijing is the largest source of financing for coal power plants globally, and Xi’s announcement will have a far-reaching impact on coal power expansion plans in countries like Bangladesh, Indonesia, Vietnam and South Africa. China’s pledge followed similar moves by South Korea and Japan this year, turning off the taps of the last three major public financiers of overseas coal power plants. While Xi has promised to “strictly control” new domestic coal power capacity over the 2021-2025 period, the country will not begin to reduce coal consumption until 2026. “With the new direction set for overseas coal, China needs to work harder now on its domestic coal addiction,” said Li Shuo, senior climate advisor at Greenpeace.
Persons: Xi Jinping, , , Christine Shearer, “ We’ll, Joe Biden, Yan Qin, Xi, Li Shuo Organizations: United Nations General Assembly, United Nations, Global Energy Monitor, GEM, Reuters, Bank of, COP26, United, United Arab Emirates, Boston University Global Development, , Greenpeace Locations: China, Asia, Africa, SHANGHAI, SINGAPORE, Beijing, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Vietnam, South Africa, U.S, Bank of China, South Korea, Japan, Nations, Pakistan, Zimbabwe, Serbia, United Arab
German auto giants place their bets on hydrogen cars
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Jürgen Guldner, the BMW vice president who heads up the hydrogen fuel-cell car programme, told Reuters the carmaker would build a test fleet of close to 100 cars in 2022. The Greens do, however, back the use of hydrogen fuel for ships and planes and want to invest heavily in “green” hydrogen produced solely from renewable sources. Some carmakers view hydrogen technology as an insurance policy as the EU targets an effective ban on fossil-fuel cars from 2035. LMC estimates in 2030 hydrogen fuel-cell models will make up just 0.1% of sales in Europe, and sales will only take off after 2035. “The hydrogen car has proven NOT to be the solution to climate change,” he said in a tweet this year.
Persons: Wolfgang Rattay, Germany’s, Jürgen Guldner, , We’re, we’re, we’ll, Stefan Gelbhaar, Daimler, Jörg Burzer, Joshua Cobb, It’s, BMW’s, Guldner, , ’ Cobb, Sam Adham, Herbert Diess, ” Stephan Herbst, Herbst Organizations: BMW, REUTERS, Audi, Global, Greens, Reuters, Volkswagen, Daimler AG, Daimler, Volvo Trucks, Hyundai, Germany’s Greens, Mercedes, Benz GLC, European Commission, Green, Toyota, Nissan, Honda, EU, Fitch, Hydrogen Locations: MUNICH, Munich, Germany, Europe, China, South
UNITED NATIONS — Chinese leader Xi Jinping said on Tuesday that China would not build new coal-fired power projects abroad, using his address at the United Nations General Assembly to add to pledges to deal with climate change. And I’m absolutely delighted to hear that President Xi has made this important decision," Kerry said in a statement. "It is clear the writing is on the wall for coal power. I welcome President Xi’s commitment to stop building new coal projects abroad — a key topic of my discussions during my visit to China," he said on Twitter. Xi spoke after U.S. President Joe Biden gave his first United Nations address.
Persons: Xi Jinping, Xi, António Guterres, John Kerry, Kerry, We’ve, Alok Sharma, Xi’s, Joe Biden, Biden, China's ascendance, Qilai Shen, Donald Trump, Justin Guay, Guterres Organizations: UNITED, United Nations General Assembly, NBC, United, Twitter, U.S, United Nations, Bloomberg, Getty, Sunrise, Congress Locations: China, Paris, South Korea, Japan, Glasgow, Scotland, Tongling, United States, Beijing
A 5.8-magnitude earthquake struck southeastern Australia on Wednesday morning, causing shaking in Melbourne, officials said. There were no immediate reports of injuries following the earthquake shortly after 9 a.m. local time (7 p.m. A woman in the Melbourne suburb of Carrum Downs told Seven News that she ran out of her house. They are very rare events in Australia, and as a result, I am sure people would have been quite distressed and disturbed," Morrison told reporters. South Australia Police said the earthquake was felt in Adelaide, which is around 450 miles from the area of the epicenter.
Persons: Mount Buller, Scott Morrison, Morrison Organizations: Geological Survey, Carrum Downs, Seven News, Washington , D.C, South Australia Police Locations: Australia, Melbourne, U.S, Mount, Carrum, Washington ,, Adelaide, Victoria
Damaged buildings (Betty's Burgers) following an earthquake are seen along Chapel Street on September 22, 2021 in Melbourne, Australia. The epicenter of the quake was near Mansfield, Victoria with tremors felt as far away as Canberra, Sydney and Tasmania. A magnitude 6.0 earthquake struck near Melbourne on Wednesday, Geoscience Australia said, one of the country's biggest quakes on record, causing damage to buildings in the country's second largest city and sending tremors throughout neighboring states. He knew of no serious damage near the quake epicenter, although some residents reported problems with telecommunications. No tsunami threat was issued to the Australian mainland, islands or territories, the country's Bureau of Meteorology said in a statement.
Persons: Scott Morrison, Mark Holcombe, Holcombe Organizations: Geoscience, Geoscience Australia, ABC, country's, Meteorology Locations: Melbourne, Australia, Mansfield, Victoria, Canberra, Sydney, Tasmania, Geoscience Australia, Adelaide, South Australia, New South Wales, Washington, Newcastle
"I'm not going to talk about the tactics we'll deploy today," Patton said at a media briefing in Melbourne, the state capital. read moreSydney and Melbourne, Australia's largest cities, as well as the capital Canberra have been in lockdown for weeks to contain a Delta outbreak. Melbourne is in its sixth lockdown, the most of any Australian city since the pandemic began. Authorities are aiming for a staggered reopening in Sydney and Melbourne, easing some curbs when the adult population reaches 70% fully vaccinated, expected next month. A City of Sydney spokesperson said they want to limit the "mixing of crowds" between the two separate events.
Persons: Sandra Sanders SYDNEY, Shane Patton, I'm, Patton, Rick Nugent, Australia's, Renju Jose, Cynthia Osterman, Richard Pullin Organizations: REUTERS, Victoria State, Protesters, state's Police, Authorities, Thomson Locations: Victoria, Melbourne, Australia, Sydney, Australia's, Canberra, New South Wales
Hong Kong (CNN Business) It's been nearly two years since Norris Fong has seen his family back in his native Singapore. Like many Asian countries , Hong Kong has embraced a "zero Covid" strategy, placing emphasis on social distancing, limiting travel and shutting most non-residents out. No end in sightBut for many in Hong Kong, the grass is still greener on the other side of the South China Sea. Reopening to the mainland has been crucial for businesses who view Hong Kong as a gateway to the vast market there. In some cases, the quarantine restrictions in Hong Kong have sped up the decisions for job-seekers to head to Singapore, said Dass.
Persons: It's, Norris Fong, he's, Fong, Fong isn't, weren't, Frederik Gollob, Gollob, Carrie Lam, Edward Yau, Yau, Let's, Hong, Jaya Dass, Motley, TikTok, Alexander von zur Muehlen, Dass, Carlotta Dotto Organizations: CNN, Versace, of Commerce, CNN Business, Hong, European Chamber of Commerce, Asia Pacific, Hong Kong Commerce, Malaysia, Basel, headhunters, American Chamber of Commerce, New York Times, Facebook, Netflix, Citi, Banks, Singapore . Deutsche Bank DB Locations: Hong Kong, Singapore, Beijing, Sands, South China, Central , Hong Kong, Hong Kong Hong Kong, China, Macao, Macau, Malaysia, Randstad, Asia, Seoul, Southeast Asia
"I'm not going to talk about the tactics we'll deploy today," Patton told media in Melbourne. By early afternoon, television footage showed several hundred protesters had gathered at the Shrine of Remembrance, a memorial near the city centre honouring service in war, under the watch of police. RE-OPENING PLANSAustralia's largest cities of Sydney and Melbourne, as well as its capital, Canberra, have been in lockdown for weeks to contain a Delta outbreak. It is the sixth lockdown for Melbourne, the most of any Australian city since the pandemic began. New South Wales, whose capital is Sydney, had a total of 1,035 new infections, up from 1,022 on Tuesday.
Persons: Sandra Sanders, Shane Patton, I'm, Patton, Rick Nugent, Daniel Andrews, Renju Jose, Richard Pullin Organizations: REUTERS, Melbourne, Police, Protesters, Authorities, Victoria, Thomson Locations: Victoria, Melbourne, Australia, Sydney, SYDNEY, COVID, Canberra, New South Wales
But the boys were left in the backseat of the vehicle while the man was at work, Lott said. The man made the discovery just after 5:30 p.m. after he drove to the day care center to pick up the boys. "The father was under some intense pressure at work that really had his mind somewhere else that day," Lott said at a news conference Tuesday. "And in his mind, he really believed that he had dropped the two boys off at day care. She said the boys' father made a "terrible mistake" that he will be reminded of for the rest of his life.
Persons: Leon Lott, Bryson, Brayden McDaniel, Lott, Naida Rutherford, Rutherford, It's Organizations: Sunshine, Early Learning Academy, Google, NBC Locations: South Carolina, Richland County, Blythewood, Columbia
From 2001 through April, about 66,000 Afghan military and police members were killed in Afghanistan, alongside 2,448 U.S. service members. The abrupt U.S. exit from Afghanistan likely forced the Afghan military to fight under unfamiliar conditions, ultimately leading to collapse — and the humanitarian catastrophe we are now witnessing. Our military allies in both countries simply do not know how to fight effectively on more conventional battlefields without U.S. support. If we are willing to maintain huge troop numbers to support our allies in Europe and East Asia, then why not even a small footprint in the Middle East? Indeed, if we are willing to maintain huge troop numbers to support our allies in Europe and East Asia, then why not even a small footprint in the Middle East?
Persons: Joe Biden, ” Biden, Barack Obama, Donald Trump, Trump, quagmire, , “ Biden, Biden, Bashar al, Assad, Organizations: United Nations General Assembly, Afghan, U.S ., Islamic State, ISIS, Iraqi, Kurdistan Regional Government, Global Coalition, United, Syrian Democratic Forces, Coalition, NATO, East Locations: Afghanistan, , United States, U.S, Germany, Japan, South Korea, Russia, China, Iraq, United, Iraqi, Syria, Kobani, Turkish, Kabul, Europe, East Asia, North Korea, East
FULLERTON, Calif. — Jo Lasorda, the widow of Los Angeles Dodgers manager Tommy Lasorda, has died. The former Joan Miller met Tommy Lasorda at a minor league baseball game in her hometown of Greenville, South Carolina, where he was playing for the Spinners. They wed on April 14, 1950, a union that lasted 70 years until Tommy’s death in January at age 93. Lasorda is survived by daughter Laura and granddaughter Emily, as well as sister Gladys Reeves of Greenville. She was preceded in death by son Tom Jr.
Persons: — Jo Lasorda, Tommy Lasorda, Joan Miller, Lasorda, Laura, Emily, Gladys Reeves, Tom Jr Organizations: FULLERTON, Los Angeles Dodgers, Spinners Locations: Calif, Fullerton, Greenville , South Carolina, Greenville
Murdaugh, 53, has been in the spotlight after the unsolved fatal shootings in June of his wife, Margaret, 52, and their youngest son, Paul, 22. At the time of the slayings, Paul Murdaugh was facing trial in connection with the boat crash in February 2019. Paul Murdaugh had pleaded not guilty to three felony counts of boating under the influence. Last month, state prosecutors officially dropped all charges against Paul Murdaugh as a matter of protocol. According to Cook, who was 19 at the time of the crash, Paul Murdaugh was able to purchase alcohol using Buster Murdaugh's driver's license.
Persons: Alex Murdaugh, Connor Cook, Murdaugh, Cook, Margaret, Paul, Paul Murdaugh, Mallory Beach, , Richard Alexander, Buster, Buster Murdaugh's Organizations: Facebook, South Carolina Department of Natural Resources Locations: South Carolina, Hampton County, Parris, Beaufort County
JOHANNESBURG, Sept 21 (Reuters) - Takatso Consortium said on Wednesday it was still in discussions with South Africa’s Treasury over its purchase of a 51% stake in the country’s struggling national airline but said both parties were committed to an agreement. The transaction was large and complex and so might take time to finalise, it said in an emailed statement, although it said a due diligence process was largely complete and had identified no material issues.
Organizations: Takatso, Africa’s Treasury Locations: JOHANNESBURG
South African rand slips to 3-week lows, stocks rise
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Illustration photo shows a two-rand coin above a South African flag April 12, 2017. At 1500 GMT, the rand was trading at 14.8730 against the dollar, 0.6% weaker than its previous close. The currency has been hit this week by the fallout especially on emerging markets from Chinese property firm Evergrande's (3333.HK) debt debacle, a rout in commodity prices and a stronger dollar. The South African Reserve Bank's monetary policy meeting on Sept. 23 will also be a key event for the local currency. Stocks rose, rebounding alongside commodity prices after the previous day's heavy selling.
Persons: Thomas White, Fitch, AngloGold, Promit Mukherjee, Olivia Kumwenda, Emelia Sithole Organizations: REUTERS, HK, U.S . Federal, South, Johannesburg Stock, Thomson Locations: JOHANNESBURG, Johannesburg
Dozens of rare penguins have been killed by a swarm of bees in South Africa, in what conservation experts have described as a freak accident. More than 60 African penguins were found dead on Boulders Beach near Cape Town, many with bee stings around their eyes, an occurrence researchers said was unprecedented. The Southern African Foundation for the Conservation of Coastal Birds said in a statement that it suspects a bees' nest was disturbed in the area. There are 10,300 breeding pairs of African penguins left in South Africa and the foundation says some 40,000 breeding pairs have been lost in the last 20 years. The foundation is calling for the restriction of fishing around important African penguin breeding colonies.
Persons: postmortems, Dr, David Roberts, Ludynia Organizations: Southern African Foundation for, Conservation, NBC Locations: South Africa, Cape Town
Investors pointed to the broadly positive market backdrop with central bank money-printing and the recovery in the world economy post-pandemic as reasons to stay bullish. MSCI’s index of world stocks edged up 0.14%, having plunged 1.6% on Monday. Evergrande shares fell 0.4% as focus now shifts to Thursday when the company is due to make bond interest payments. The OECD said it was too early for governments and central banks to withdraw exceptional support for their economies. Central banks will likely be watching gas price moves, with sharp price increases possibly exacerbating inflation risks and hurting the economic recovery.
Persons: , , Angelo Meda, Hong, Evergrande, Hui Ka Yuan, Stephen Miller Organizations: Wall, Nasdaq, SIM, Japan’s Nikkei, BHP, Rio Tinto, Fed, Treasury, OECD, Brent Locations: Britain, Japan, U.S, Milan, China’s, Beijing, United States, Norway, South Africa, Sweden, Switzerland
Detective Inspector Will O'Reilly (L) and John Azah of the Independent Advisory Group place a wreath in the River Thames at the place where the torso of a boy, who police have called 'Adam', was found a year ago, September 21, 2002. A minutes silence was observed at a memorial service held in City Hall before the wreath laying. "It is incredibly sad and frustrating that Adam's murder remains unsolved," said Kate Kieran, a homicide detective at the Metropolitan Police. "We implore them to be bold and come forward if they know something so that we can finally deliver justice," said Kieran. The case has been the subject of numerous high-profile appeals over the years, including by Nelson Mandela who asked all African communities to help the police.
Persons: Will O'Reilly, John Azah, Adam, Peter Macdiarmid, Kate Kieran, Kieran, Nelson Mandela, Estelle Shirbon, Peter Graff Organizations: Independent, Police, Metropolitan Police, British, Thomson Locations: City Hall, London, Bridge, Nigeria, Britain, Germany, South Africa, Holland
LOS ANGELES — George Holliday, the Los Angeles plumber who shot grainy video of four white police officers beating Black motorist Rodney King in 1991, has died of complications of Covid-19, a friend said Monday. Holliday, 61, died Sunday at a Los Angeles hospital, where he had been for more than a month, according to Robert Wollenweber, a longtime friend and former coworker. Holliday was awakened by a traffic stop outside his San Fernando Valley home on the night of March 3, 1991. He went outside to film it with his new video camera, catching the Los Angeles officers punching, kicking and using a stun gun on King, even after he was on the ground. More than 60 people died by shootings or other violence, mostly in South Los Angeles.
Persons: George Holliday, Rodney King, Holliday, Robert Wollenweber, Wollenweber, , King, ” King, , ” Holliday Organizations: ANGELES, Los, Associated Press,, Sony, New York Times, Times Locations: Angeles, Los Angeles, San Fernando Valley, South Los Angeles, South LA
The logo of Universal Music Group (UMG) is seen at a building in Zurich, Switzerland July 20, 2021. REUTERS/Arnd Wiegmann/File PhotoAMSTERDAM, Sept 21 (Reuters) - Universal Music Group's (UMG.AS) shares leapt more than a third in their stock market debut on Tuesday as investors bet a boom in music streaming still has a long way to run. read moreHere are facts about Universal and its flotation:FROM THE BEATLES TO BILLIE EILISHBy revenue, Universal Music Group or UMG is the largest of the "big three" record labels. Major competitors include Sony Music, part of Sony (6758.T), and Warner Music Group (WMG.O). REVENUES AND COVID-19 IMPACTUniversal reported earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization (EBITDA) of 1.49 billion euros on sales of 7.43 billion euros in 2020.
Persons: Arnd, Billie Eilish, Bob Dylan, EMI's, Pink Floyd, Vincent Bollore, China's Tencent, William Ackman's, Tencent, Universal, Toby Sterling, Sarah White, Keith Weir, Mark Potter Organizations: Universal Music, REUTERS, Universal, Sony Music, Sony, Warner Music Group, Decca Records, Spotify, YouTube, Vivendi, HK, William Ackman's Pershing Square Holdings, Thomson Locations: Zurich, Switzerland, British, U.S, South Korea, Brazil, India, Russia, Amsterdam, Europe's
Other equities in the region rebounded from steep losses seen in the previous session, even as worries about the impact of debt troubles at China Evergrande loomed. Jakarta's benchmark index trimmed losses to trade 0.3% lower by 0730 GMT and the rupiah was about flat. Indonesia has been on a tentative path to recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic in recent weeks. "We believe that BI will keep rates untouched for the balance of 2021 given the current inflation and growth situation." ** Top loser on the Jakarta stock index is Capitol Nusantara Indonesia, down 7%.
Persons: Awasthi, China Evergrande, Perry Warjiyo, Warjiyo, Nicholas Mapa, ines, Shashwat Organizations: Indonesia, U.S . Federal Reserve, Bank Indonesia, U.S, BI, ING, Capitol Nusantara, AQ Estate, JK Locations: China, Indonesia, Java, Bali, Philippines, Thailand, Singapore recouped, Taiwan, South Korea, Jakarta, Capitol Nusantara Indonesia, Asia, Japan, India
But fears of a meltdown at China Evergrande, which has $305 billion in debt, kept appetite for riskier assets in check. Heavyweight Hong Kong technology stocks fell, keeping an index of EM equities flat. With mainland markets closed for a holiday, the offshore Chinese yuan traded marginally higher after three days of losses. The onshore yuan is up almost 1% for the year versus a 0.4% rise in the broader EM currencies index . For GRAPHIC on emerging market FX performance in 2021, see For GRAPHIC on MSCI emerging index performance in 2021, see TOP NEWS across emerging marketsFor CENTRAL EUROPE market report, seeFor TURKISH market report, seeFor RUSSIAN market report, see
Persons: Sinic, Jim Barrineau, , Barrineau, Jerome, Powell Organizations: HK, Schroder Investment Management, Sinic Holdings, U.S, CENTRAL Locations: Hong, Turkey, Russia, South Africa, Poland, China, Hong Kong, Asia, U.S . Federal, Lebanon
The STOXX index of Europe’s biggest shares rose 0.6% while Wall Street futures rebounded 1% after the S&P 500 and Nasdaq suffered their biggest daily percentage drops since May on Monday. German and U.S. government bonds, in heavy demand amid the stock market selloff of Monday, saw yields slip 2-3 basis points respectively. MSCI’s index of world stocks was flat, having plunged 1.6% on Monday. Evergrande shares fell 4% as focus now shifts to Thursday when the company is due to make bond interest payments. Australian stocks rose 0.35% as miners BHP and Rio Tinto attempted to bounce back from nine-month troughs hit on Monday amid demand fears.
Persons: , , Angelo Meda, Hong, Evergrande, Hui Ka Yuan, Stephen Miller Organizations: Nikkei, SINGAPORE, Wall, Nasdaq, SIM, Japan’s Nikkei, BHP, Rio Tinto, Fed, Treasury, Brent Locations: LONDON, U.S, Milan, China’s, United States, Britain, Japan, Norway, South Africa, Sweden, Switzerland
The Czech National Bank is seen in central Prague, Czech Republic, August 3, 2017. REUTERS/David W Cerny/FilesPRAGUE, Sept 21 (Reuters) - Czech central banker Tomas Holub said that he would likely support a 50 basis point rate increase at the next policy meeting on Sept. 30, adding to signals that the central bank could deliver its biggest hike since 1997 next week. The central bank last raised its main rate by more than 25 basis points in December 1997. MAJORITY FORMINGOne board member had voted for a 50 basis point hike at the last two meetings and at least two others signalled their openness for a 50 basis point move. A Reuters poll showed Norway's central bank would likely join that camp with a rate hike on Sept. 23.
Persons: David W Cerny, Tomas Holub, Holub, Robert Muller, Ana Nicolaci da Organizations: Czech National Bank, REUTERS, Reuters, Central, Thomson Locations: Prague, Czech Republic, PRAGUE, Czech, Central Europe, Hungary, Iceland, South Korea, Ana Nicolaci da Costa
South African rand firms in uncertain trade
  + stars: | 2021-09-21 | by ( Reuters Staff | )   time to read: +1 min
JOHANNESBURG, Sept 21 (Reuters) - The South African rand gained ground in early Tuesday trade amid hopes the fallout from Chinese property firm Evergrande’s debt debacle might be contained. AT 0650 GMT, the rand was trading at 14.6800 against the dollar, 0.58% stronger than its previous close. Evergrande’s debt payment obligation on Thursday will also be an important indicator for emerging market currencies, including the rand. The rand has moved from being the best performing emerging market currency to the second-worst behind the Turkish lira, Cilliers said. The South African Reserve Bank’s monetary policy meeting on Sept. 23 will also be a key event for the local currency.
Persons: , Andre Cilliers, Cilliers, Promit Mukherjee, Mark Potter Organizations: U.S, Federal, South Locations: JOHANNESBURG
Hong Kong’s Hang Seng set the tone, wobbling between losses and flat, leaving it down 0.1% by late afternoon. Japan’s Nikkei returned from a market holiday with a drop of 2%. “The Chinese property market was yet another thing for already twitchy markets to contend with,” he said. Evergrande shares fell 4% as focus now shifts to Thursday when the company is due to make bond interest payments. Wobbling cryptocurrencies found a floor, with bitcoin bouncing from a 1 1/2-month low of $40,193 to trade just shy of $43,000.
Persons: Seng, , hasn’t, , Kerry Craig, Evergrande, Dave Wang, Hui Ka Yuan, Stephen Miller, Wobbling cryptocurrencies Organizations: Nikkei, Japan’s Nikkei, Wednesday’s, Morgan Asset Management, Nuvest Capital, BHP, Rio Tinto, Fed, Treasury, , , Brent Locations: SINGAPORE, SYDNEY, China, Melbourne, China’s, Singapore, Britain, Japan, Norway, South Africa, Sweden, Switzerland, U.S, Asia
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