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Russia's annexation of Crimea in 2014 became a pivotal moment for Zaluzhnyi, who commanded several Ukrainian military units there. A serviceman of the Ukrainian Armed Forces takes part in military drills near the border with Russian-annexed Crimea. Press Service of General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine/Handout via ReutersDuring his post in Crimea, Zaluzhnyi started making some tactical changes to the military that moved away from the old Soviet mentality and paved the way for new fighting tactics. Miron told Insider that the war in Donbas was a "huge influence" on his leadership style. "The war in Donbas shaped his idea of basically creating this flexible structure within the Ukrainian Arm Forces, seeing how wars are being conducted in contemporary times," Miron said.
The British Navy launched a probe after finding a " defect" in a nuclear submarine, The Sun reported. Broken bolts on HMS Vanguard's reactor chamber were glued on instead of replaced, the report said. A Royal Navy source told The Sun that the discovery was a "disgrace." Nuclear standards are never compromised." A spokesperson for both the Royal Navy and Babcock did not immediately respond to Insider's request for comment.
Abbas Gallyamov said that military generals are growing frustrated with their losses in Ukraine. He said the frustrations could lay the groundwork for a possible military coup in the country. In an opinion column for the Russian media outlet Mozhem Obyasnit, Abbas Gallyamov wrote that Russian military generals are growing increasingly frustrated as their troops continue to suffer defeats on the Ukrainian front. Since the start of Putin's invasion last year, Gallyamov has regularly commented on the state of the war and Russian politics in general. Last month, the former speechwriter said that Putin likely already has an escape plan in the event he loses the war in Ukraine, citing unnamed sources.
Zaluzhnyi donated the full amount to Ukraine's military earlier this month, the reports said. Stepanets was born in the Ukrainian city of Vinnytsia in 1938, according to the Ukrainian Pravda. He made his fortune after inventing a decoding system and selling it to Microsoft, the Ukrainian Pravda reported. A former soldier himself, Zaluzhnyi reformed Ukraine's military from a Soviet model into a modern fighting force. "His leadership enabled the Ukrainian armed forces to adapt quickly with battlefield initiative against the Russians."
A ground worker at an Alabama airport died last month after they were sucked into a jet engine. The employee was warned multiple times not to go near the engine, federal officials said. The ground crew was told the engines would remain running for two minutes, investigators said. The airport employee, who worked at Montgomery Regional Airport in Alabama, died on December 31 after they ventured too close to the engine of an American Eagle jet that had just arrived from Dallas, Texas. American Eagle and Montgomery Regional Airport Alabama did not immediately respond to Insider's requests for comment.
Pressure is mounting on Germany to send its powerful Leopard 2 tanks to Ukraine. The Kremlin said Monday the infighting showed "anxiety" growing in the West over helping Ukraine. Germany produces the tanks, and as well as declining to send any directly, it has also blocked other European countries from sending theirs, Politico reported. Some countries, including Poland and Finland, have already promised they would send Ukraine the tanks. Poland, which neighbors Ukraine, last week threatened to ignore Germany and send its Leopards without approval, The Guardian reported.
Two Iranian-born Swedish brothers were convicted of spying for Russia for 10 years. Prosecutors said the brothers tried to cover their tracks, including by asking Google. Peyman Kia and Payam Kia, two Iranian-born Swedish brothers, spent a decade secretly working for Russia's GRU military-intelligence agency, the Associated Press reported. His younger brother, who is 35, was sentenced to nine years and 10 months. Between 2014 and 2015, the eldest brother worked for Sweden's Säpo domestic-intelligence agency and the armed forces, the court heard.
Russia fired an anti-ship missile into an apartment complex in Dnipro, Ukraine, last weekend. Its use is an illustration of Russia's "kitchen sink approach," a missile expert told Insider. Yuriy Ihnat, a Ukrainian military spokesman, told local media that the strike used a Kh-22 anti-ship missile. He said the Kh-22 missiles are "basically being used as terror weapons," totally removed from their actual military purpose. The attack in Dnipro was not the first time Russia used a Kh-22 in a civilian attack, and will most likely be the last, Williams said.
Russia may deploy its new T-14 Armata tanks in Ukraine, British intelligence said Thursday. But it is "unlikely to trust" the tank in combat given problems in its development, it said. "If Russia deploys T-14, it will likely primarily be for propaganda purposes," it concluded. "Production is probably only in the low tens, while commanders are unlikely to trust the vehicle in combat." The T-14 isn't the only advanced combat vehicle Russia appears to be using mostly for show in Ukraine.
Ukraine said Monday that it was able to use a drone to steal a Russian radio left behind in battle. A video shows the moment the drone picked up the radio, which was lying next to a dead Russian. Ukraine said the radio was still working and that it listened in on its enemy's plans for nine days. The unit told Insider the video was taken on December 28 last year near the village of Verkhnekamianske in the Luhansk Oblast in eastern Ukraine. "We received information from the radio as it was fully intact and working," the unit told Insider in a message.
The Taliban in Afghanistan recently banned women from universities, and working with NGOs. In response, the UN has said it cannot continue to supply the Taliban with humanitarian aid. But the Taliban still asked for support, arguing humanitarian aid shouldn't be "linked" to politics. Then, less than a week later, it banned women from working for non-governmental organizations. UN flights carrying stacks of cash for humanitarian aid into Kabul had already been suspended, he said.
Over the weekend, the UK promised to send Ukraine multiple Challenger 2 tanks. In response, the Kremlin said the tanks "will burn like the rest" in Ukraine, Reuters reported. Kremlin spokesman Dmitri Peskov said the delivery will not change the situation on the ground. But the Kremlin has responded harshly, saying the tanks will "burn" on the battlefield, Reuters reported. Other countries including France and Poland have also pledged to send tanks to Ukraine while Finland has said it is considering following suit.
This is in part because of beavers building dams, with nobody stopping them due to the war. The animals are unwittingly helping Kyiv by building dams that keep the ground marshy and impassable, a military spokesman told the agency. This helps Ukraine by making it less likely that an attack could come via Belarus, which borders Ukraine not far north of the capital Kyiv. Ukrainian officials had warned that Russia may wage an offensive through its ally Belarus into a region of Ukraine called Volyn. Its spokesman, Serhiy Khominskyi, praised the beavers, which he told Reuters were more working unimpeded, unlike in other years.
Since the start of the war, Russia's air force has struggled in combat over Ukraine. Moscow has been afraid to use them because of Ukraine's smart air defense, two experts told Insider. But, per an intelligence update earlier this week from the British ministry of defense, Russia has only used the jets from within its own airspace. Dr. Matthew Ford, a professor at the Swedish Defence University, also credited Ukraine's air defense to deterring Russian incursions. "[Ukraine's] air defense is sufficiently credible to make it open to question for the Russians as to whether they want to commit their air power," he added.
An expert explained why to Insider: Russia fears the consequences of losing one. Per the British update, Russia sends the jets up and has them fire long-range missiles at targets in Ukraine. Bronk is an airpower & technology expert with the Royal United Services Institute (RUSI) think tank in London. Bronk told Insider that Russia is scared of the consequences if a Su-57 was shot down and Ukraine's allies in NATO could study the wreckage. "They're being very cautious with their entire combat aircraft fleet, and despite that, they continue to take a steady trickle of losses," Bronk told Insider.
Russia's Wagner Group has been fighting on the front lines in Bakhmut, Ukraine. Prigozhin is referring to a vast network of caves and salt mines underneath the city. Its founder, Yevgeny Prigozhin, said over the weekend that he wants to seize the location because of its vast tunnel network, which he termed "underground cities." Prigozhin, who has close ties to Russian President Vladimir Putin, is referring to a winding labyrinth of caves and salt mines under Bakhmut. The US has also accused Wagner Group troops of exploiting the natural resources in warzones in the Middle East and Africa where they fought for Russia in other conflict.
The Wall of Remembrance at the Korean War Veterans Memorial was unveiled in Washington last year. But the memorial contains over a thousand spelling mistakes and errors, The New York Times reported. Two historians told NBC it will cost US taxpayers millions of dollars to rectify the mistakes. The Wall of Remembrance at the Korean War Veterans Memorial was first unveiled last summer and is meant to include all of the 36,634 names of American service members who died in battle in the Korean War. The Korean War lasted from 1950 to 1953.
Hoda Muthana left America at the age of 20 to join the terrorist group ISIS in Syria. She told TNM that she felt "broken" after she was told that her citizenship had been revoked. The appeals court supported that decision, describing Hoda as "a prominent spokeswoman for ISIS on social media, advocating the killing of Americans and encouraging American women to join ISIS." During her time with ISIS Muthana married three jihadi fighters, was widowed twice, and gave birth to a baby boy. In her interview, Muthana claimed those tweets were sent by someone else in ISIS after they took her phone.
Russia will continue to develop its nuclear triad, Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said on Tuesday. The triad consists of ICBMs, nuclear submarines, and strategic bombers. Shoigu said that Russia will push ahead with the development and maintenance of ballistic missiles, submarines, and strategic bombers, a combination known as a nuclear triad, Reuters reported. Russia's nuclear triad delivery systems are currently in the process of modernization, the non-partisan think tank said. Those modernization efforts include the construction of Borei-class nuclear submarines, the development of a new ICBM, and equipping its air fleet with nuclear cruise missiles.
Russia is using its most advanced combat jets against Ukraine, British intelligence said Monday. But the jets are only firing missiles into Ukraine from Russian territory, the brief added. Russia is keeping them back over worries about "reputational damage" if they're shot down, it said. In its latest intelligence update, the UK's Ministry of Defence said Moscow has "almost certainly" used Su-57 Felon fighter jets to conduct missions against Ukraine since at least June 2022. "These missions have likely been limited to flying over Russian territory, launching long-range air-to-surface or air-to-air missiles into Ukraine," the brief said.
Tides of people pushed to evacuate as Russian forces blasted the smaller cities surrounding Kyiv, prompting scenes like this in Irpin. Ukrainians crowd under a destroyed bridge as they try to flee crossing the Irpin river in the outskirts of Kyiv, Ukraine, on March 5, 2022. AP Photo/Emilio MorenattiSince the start of the war, around 7.8 million Ukrainians have left the country, 4.8 million of which have sought refuge in Europe, according to the UNHCR.
The chief rabbi of Moscow left Russia earlier this year in protest over its invasion of Ukraine. Pinchas Goldschmidt told The Guardian that Jews should leave Russia while they can. "This is why I believe the best option for Russian Jews is to leave," he said. Goldschmidt resigned from his post as Moscow's chief rabbi earlier this year, after refusing to support Russia's invasion of Ukraine. After leaving the country, Goldschmidt said in a statement that he was leaving the Russian Jewish community "in distress," according to The Times of Israel.
Putin continues to be isolated and has no plan for the war in Ukraine, The Washington Post reported. Putin's inner circle is getting increasingly frustrated with him, sources told The Post. As Russia continues to struggle in Ukraine, Putin has retreated from the public eye. Sources told The Post that Putin postponing the address was another sign that he has no plan for the war in Ukraine. "But," the official told The Post, Putin is willing to talk "only on his terms."
Ukraine says Russia fired more than 120 missiles across the country on Thursday morning. Cities that were targeted include Kyiv, Odesa, Lviv, and Zhytomyr, the BBC reported. The Ukrainian Air Force said Russia was attacking multiple cities from "various directions with air and sea-based cruise missiles," the BBC reported. Alongside Kyiv, explosions were also reported in the cities of Kharkiv, Odesa, Lviv, and Zhytomyr, the BBC said. Most of the western city of Lviv is also without power, and citizens were warned of water disruptions, Mayor Andrii Sadovyi said.
Trump shared an opinion article that complimented his wife's White House Christmas decor on Tuesday. It is titled "Flashback to When Things Were Better: Melania Trump's WH Christmas Decorations Throughout the Years" and compares the Christmas decorations of the former first lady and Jill Biden. Melania Trump's non-traditional Christmas decorations during their time in the White House were frequently mocked on social media. Melania Trump herself has privately expressed exasperation with the process of decorating the White House. The theme of 2022's White House Christmas decorations was "We the People."
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