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Keene said her son feared an apocalypse, or zombie invasion, and asked to be kept in a room with no windows. “I sort of joke that like, possibly my son was the only person actually having a sane reaction,” Keene said. “I was like, ‘Well, you could call it a mental health crisis or you could call it sane.’”A home bursts into flames from the Shady Fire as it approaches Santa Rosa, Calif., on Sept. 28, 2020. That is a way saying the more bad stuff that happens to you, the greater the odds are that you will develop serious mental health problems,” Taylor said. The wildfire caused the evacuation of 40,000 residents, killing four people and five are still missin.
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Native groups are raising awareness of their tradition of prescribed burns, in which they purposefully set fire to the land to control future wildfires. In fact, these "prescribed burns" are used to strategically cull the land and control the paths of future fires. "Our tribe recognizes that fire is a gift from Creator," Valentin Lopez, chairman of the Amah Mutsun Tribal Band, told Business Insider Today. More and more Californians are considering prescribed burns as a solution to the state's wildfire problem. Professional firefighters use prescribed burns too, but the recent years of back-to-back emergencies have left little time for prevention work.
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From Wall Street to weed, corporate America prepares for life in purple
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Wall Street reprieveThe money business dodged the blue wave, but a purple ripple could change that. Biden's proposed rise in the corporate income tax rate from 21 percent to 28 percent would affect financial institutions as it would most companies. Every Senate vote counts, and many rely on Wall Street employees for votes and contributions. Bringing New Jersey into the fold of states that let adults buy and consume cannabis is a big step. It increases the pressure on neighboring states like New York to do likewise or see potential tax dollars leak away.
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Biden’s proposed rise in the corporate income tax rate to 28% from 21% would affect financial institutions as it would most companies. The big variable is who a Biden administration chooses to lead them – and what level of aggression that produces. Facebook could face even more scrutiny given the clashes the Biden campaign had with the social network over election content. (By Anna Szymanski)ENERGY GOES GREENERWhether America’s government is red, blue or purple, its energy is going to get greener. It increases the pressure on neighboring states like New York to do likewise or see potential tax dollars leak away.
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Legal weed won big in the election
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San Francisco (CNN Business) Plenty of uncertainty remains with the 2020 election, but one thing is clear: Recreational cannabis had a big night at the ballot box . "They passed overwhelmingly; they were not close races," said John Hudak, a cannabis policy expert and deputy director at the Brookings Institution. Curaleaf, which operates cannabis businesses in 23 states, has been investing heavily to increase production and its retail footprint in both states, said Joe Bayern, the company's president. Scotts contributed $800,000 to the effort to legalize recreational cannabis in New Jersey, according to state election finance records. She was referring to a major cannabis producing region in Northern California that has been hit hard by the recent wildfires in the state.
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On its face, Prop 25 sounds like it would appeal to proponents of criminal justice reform. And recent research from UC Berkeley's California Policy Lab and the nonpartisan Public Policy Institute of California forecasts that if Prop 25 passes more people in the state will be released prior to arraignment. As of 2019, 49 of the state's 58 counties may have used pretrial risk assessment tools, according to PPIC . In need of reformProponents of Prop 25 say the measure would provide much-needed reform to the state's criminal justice system. For decades the non-profit supported the use of pretrial risk assessments as an alternative to cash bail.
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“They’re definitely overwhelmed,” said Isabella Garcia-Camargo, an organizer of the Election Integrity Partnership, a new coalition of misinformation researchers. Last week, the Elections Infrastructure Information Sharing and Analysis Center, an information-sharing partnership, warned election officials about a spate of suspicious emails that impersonated state officials or included links to websites that asked them to verify their password information. But it was a sign that local officials should “remain vigilant in identifying and reporting suspicious activity to protect the vote,” he said. Top state officials who oversee elections said they were also constantly communicating with local authorities about the surge of falsehoods. The experience of Deva Marie Proto, the registrar of voters in Sonoma County, Calif., has been typical of local election officials.
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