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Swiss prosecutors drop Russian money-laundering inquiry
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ZURICH, July 27 (Reuters) - Swiss federal prosecutors have closed a decade-long investigation into a graft scandal linked to the 2009 death of Russian lawyer Sergei Magnitsky in a Moscow jail, they said. The Office of the Attorney General (OAG) said on Tuesday it was dropping its inquiry into whether Russian officials defrauded tax authorities and laundered the proceeds through Swiss banks, as alleged by businessman Bill Browder's investment fund Hermitage Capital. Funds were alleged to have been laundered in Russia, Switzerland and several other countries. The decision comes amid critical media coverage of the Swiss investigation that have prompted the OAG to defend its record as an independent enforcer of the law. One former Swiss official involved in the investigation has been convicted of accepting gifts from Russian prosecutors.
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Live Live Updates: Haitian Officials Request U.S. Haitian officials say they have asked for U.S. forces to stabilize the country. Police searched the Morne Calvaire district of Petion Ville for suspects who remain at large in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, on Friday. In 1915, President Woodrow Wilson sent the Marines to protect U.S. interests after the assassination of the Haitian president. President Moïse had been dressed in a white shirt and jeans, he said, both of which were torn and covered in blood.
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Here is the full transcript of the NBC News interview with Russian President Vladimir Putin, which took place in Moscow on June 11, 2021. VLADIMIR PUTIN: Well, I don't know. VLADIMIR PUTIN: —it conduc— it conducts—KEIR SIMMONS: Russia is—VLADIMIR PUTIN: It conducts exercises in that battlefield. KEIR SIMMONS: I don't— I don't— I don't think I heard you answer the question, the direct question— Mr. President. I don't think that anybody in the Syrian government is interested in stealing some part of this humanitarian assistance.
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The U.K. enacted a new sanctions regime Monday and used it to blacklist 22 individuals allegedly involved in corruption cases in Russia, South Africa, South Sudan and elsewhere. The new global anticorruption sanctions regime, which follows the establishment of the country’s global human-rights sanctions regime in July, gives the U.K. a powerful device to deter serious corruption around the world, British Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab said Monday. Newsletter Sign-up Risk and Compliance Journal Our Morning Risk Report features insights and news on governance, risk and compliance. Previously, the U.K. followed European Union and United Nations sanctions regimes. The European Union in December launched a human-rights sanctions regime, similar to the U.S. Magnitsky legislation, but the regime doesn’t target corruption.
Persons: Dominic Raab, ” Mr, Raab, Sergei Magnitsky, London didn’t, Ashraf Seed Ahmed Hussein Ali, Al Cardinal, weren’t, Alexei Navalny, Janet Yellen, ” Ms, Yellen, Felipe Alejos Lorenzana, Alejos wasn’t, — Laurence Norman Organizations: British, Commonwealth & Development Office, European Union, Union and United, EU, Treasury, U.S Locations: Russia, South Africa, South Sudan, Myanmar, Belarus, China, Union and United Nations, Russian, Moscow, London, Alexei Navalny . U.S, U.S, Republic of Guatemala, Guatemala, Guatemalan
Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny was sent to a notorious prison named "Matrosskaya Tishina," or "Sailor's Silence," upon his return back to the country. Navalny is being held in a three-person cell for VIPs in Sailor's Silence in Moscow, according to Reuters, where political prisoners have been jailed. After being poisoned, Navalny was transported to a hospital in Germany where he spent the next five months recovering. A Russian prison watchdog group said Navalny had amenities like a refrigerator, an electric kettle, a television, and hot water, according to Reuters. "The motto of this central Kremlin prison is isolation from information," Marina Litvinovich, a member of a prison watchdog group, told Reuters.
Persons: Alexei Navalny, Vladimir Putin, Navalny, Sergei Magnitsky, Magnitsky, Marina Litvinovich, Putin Organizations: Reuters Locations: Moscow, Russian, Germany
REUTERS/Maxim ShemetovHere are some of the measures which the EU might consider taking, based on proposals mooted in previous cases when the West considered sanctions against Russia. TARGETED TRAVEL BANS/ASSET FREEZESWestern countries may consider targeted sanctions on Russian individuals deemed to have been involved in Navalny’s arrest and any decision to jail him. While some, such as Poland, are open critics of Moscow, others, such as Hungary, might be less willing to back tougher economic sanctions against Russia. Some EU countries say the pipeline will undermine the traditional gas transit state, Ukraine, and increase EU reliance on Russia for energy. Russia started gas exports via TurkStream to Turkey last year and supplied the first gas via Bulgaria to Serbia in early 2021.
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LONDON (Reuters) - Britain will introduce new rules for companies to try to prevent goods linked to China’s Xinjiang region entering the supply chain, foreign minister Dominic Raab said on Tuesday, toughening London’s response to allegations of forced labour. FILE PHOTO: Britain's Foreign Affairs Secretary Dominic Raab arrives at BBC Broadcasting House in London, Britain December 13, 2020. Since then, Britain has criticised China over Hong Kong and ordered the removal of Huawei equipment from its 5G network. Raab said Britain would check sourcing more thoroughly and toughen the Modern Slavery Act to include fines. Raab said Britain still wanted a positive and constructive relationship with China “but we won’t sacrifice our values or our security”.
Persons: Dominic Raab, toughening, Simon Dawson, Raab, , , it’s, Xi Jinping, Queen Elizabeth, Boris Johnson, Sergei Magnitsky Organizations: Foreign, BBC Broadcasting House, REUTERS, United Nations, London, Huawei, Britain, European Union, Conservative Party Locations: Britain, Xinjiang, London, Uighurs, Beijing, China, Hong Kong, Russian, Moscow
WASHINGTON—The Trump administration on Thursday sanctioned dozens of current and former foreign officials accused of political repression through killings, torture, rape and other human rights abuses in Russia, China, Yemen and other nations. The actions by the U.S. Treasury and State departments—which also include sanctions against current and former officials in El Salvador, Jamaica and Haiti—coincided with the observance of international Human Rights Day. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said the sanctions are meant to draw attention to the gross human rights abuses and provide accountability for perpetrators. Since the Trump administration was granted new powers under laws meant to punish corruption and human rights abuses, the U.S. has blacklisted nearly 300 people and companies over the past several years. Among other targets, Treasury also sanctioned several Houthi intelligence and security officials in Yemen who it said were responsible for rape, torture and other human rights abuses.
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The U.S. imposed sanctions on a militia and its leader, alleging the group was responsible for torturing and murdering civilians in Libya, the U.S. Treasury Department said. The sanctions levied Wednesday under the Global Magnitsky Human Rights Accountability Act come as the U.S. increasingly uses sanctions as a tool to target corruption and alleged human rights abusers—a trend policy observers expect to continue under President-elect Joe Biden’s administration. It was signed into law in 2012 and was intended to only target human rights abusers in Russia. Under the Global Magnitsky sanctions program, alleged human-rights abusers face visa restrictions in entering the U.S. and their U.S. assets are blocked. “As more countries have their own Global Magnitsky sanctions programs, we expect more coalition-style sanctions for human rights violators.”Write to Mengqi Sun at
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FILE PHOTO: A flag flies outside the consular section of Russia's Embassy in London, Britain, March 20, 2018. REUTERS/Toby MelvilleMOSCOW (Reuters) - Russia has banned entry to 25 British citizens in retaliation for similar measures by Britain, Russia’s foreign ministry said on Saturday, without providing their names. Britain brought sanctions against 25 Russians and 20 Saudis in July as part of post-Brexit measures foreign minister Dominic Raab said were aimed at stopping the laundering of “blood money”. The British list includes Russian nationals Britain has said were involved in the mistreatment and death of lawyer Sergei Magnitsky. Magnitsky was arrested in 2008 after alleging that Russian officials were involved in large-scale tax fraud.
Persons: Toby Melville MOSCOW, Dominic Raab, Sergei Magnitsky, Magnitsky, ” Maria Zakharova Organizations: Russia's Embassy, REUTERS Locations: London, Britain, Russia, Moscow, Russian
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