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A former Amazon employee's husband was sentenced after pleading guilty to insider trading. Between 2016 and 2018, Viky Bohra illegally traded Amazon stock for a profit of $1.4 million. The husband of a former Amazon employee was sentenced Thursday to 26 months in prison after pleading guilty in November to insider trading, the US Attorney for the Western District of Washington said. "Bohra's conduct was not an isolated incident, limited to trading before one Amazon earning's statement. Rather, Bohra engaged in illegal insider trading in advance of 11 straight earnings announcements," prosecutors wrote to the court.
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Google, Facebook pledged millions for local news. Was it enough?
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Google and Facebook accounted for 54% of U.S. digital advertising revenue in 2020, according to eMarketer, a market research company. Under the Facebook Journalism Project, for instance, Reuters received funding to develop a digital media training course for journalists. Both Facebook and Google have made contributions to the news industry apart from the $600 million. Both Facebook and Google say publishers benefit just from using their platforms, which deliver traffic that helps drive advertising revenue and subscriptions. The Seattle Times publisher said his paper has participated in programs backed by Google and Facebook.
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Jeff Bezos announced that his brother, Mark, will join him on a Blue Origin flight to space. On July 20, Jeff Bezos and his younger brother, Mark, are heading to space. Mark Bezos is the youngest of the Bezos siblingsAccording to a 1999 Wired profile on Jeff Bezos, Mark Bezos is six years younger than his brother, who turned 57 in January. The couple met while working at a local bank, and Mike Bezos became Jeff Bezos' adoptive father. "(He's) Jeff Bezos, the guy who started Amazon, as opposed to Jeff Bezos, the guy who used to make you tickle his feet."
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Amazon also signed on to a recent Human Rights Campaign letter condemning states that pass anti-LGBTQ legislation, including bills that target transgender youth. Trans advocates and physicians who treat trans youth oppose Shrier’s book because they say it poses a danger to youth and spreads misinformation. Rather, international medical guidance recommends that prepubertal youth socially transition and receive mental health therapy. “Research consistently shows that family rejection of a young person’s gender identity is a major predictor of bad mental health outcomes, including suicide attempts,” Turban said. I can’t emphasize enough how dangerous that is from a public mental health perspective.”In November, Target said it would remove Shrier’s book from shelves after backlash from LGBTQ advocates.
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A timeline of Bill and Melinda Gates' relationship
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New York (CNN Business) Bill and Melinda Gates announced the end of their 27-year relationship Monday, shocking the business and philanthropic worlds. "When we first met, she had other boyfriends, and I had Microsoft," Bill said in a 2019 Netflix docuseries "Inside Bill's Brain: Decoding Bill Gates." Bill Gates and Melinda French greet guests during a reception on Jan. 9, 1994 at a private estate in Seattle. Bill and Melinda Gates announced the creation of the Gates Millennium scholarship progam. "Bill and Melinda will remain co-chairs and trustees of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.
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Washington became the first state to ensure evicted tenants receive a right to counsel. Tenants with incomes 200% or below the federal poverty line are eligible to get free legal aid. Biden extended the eviction ban through June 30, but some courts have overruled it, putting renters at risk. Washington just became the first state to ensure that if its residents do get evicted, they will have access to legal aid. Jay Inslee signed a right to counsel guarantee as part of a larger bill aimed at preventing evictions once the moratorium expires.
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SEATTLE — A suburban Seattle woman accused of threatening her Vietnamese American neighbor has been arrested and charged with a hate crime, prosecutors said. The neighbor of Jan Myers in Shoreline said Myers had acted erratically and yelled racial slurs at her for years, The Seattle Times reported. On April 5, “these anti-Asian racial slurs escalated to threatening behavior,” prosecutors said. Myers that day referred to the neighbor as “slant eye,” and yelled “Hey Miss Vietnam … You’re not going to live very long,” according to the charges. Police said the neighbor recorded video that documented the confrontation.
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Seattle is reckoning with the news that at least six SPD officers were in Washington, DC, on January 6. "If any SPD officers were directly involved in the insurrection at the US Capitol, I will immediately terminate them. And there is a tension between the police department, city leadership, and progressive activists in Seattle — friction that often garners national attention. When reached for comment in January, Solan told Insider, "At this time I'm dealing with other union matters." "Cultural reform is really difficult in an institution that is a paramilitary organization," Gonzalez, told Insider.
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"That’s not the priority.”The Department of Homeland Security and the Biden administration did not immediately respond to requests for comment on the criticism. The tech industry is more reliant than any other sector of the economy on raw talent and skilled labor from overseas. In other areas of immigration policy, tech industry lobbying groups are waiting on formal action to back up statements from the Biden administration. The program was started during the Obama administration, but then put on hold during the Trump administration and never fully implemented. Biden has asked officials for a report by late May on whether the rule “has meaningfully improved screening and vetting.”Still, Duggal said she was hopeful the Biden administration would do more.
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Two men in separate cities were charged with hate crimes for anti-Asian incidents. The charges come as rallies pop up across the US to decry the rise in anti-Asian hate. Prosecutors in two major cities brought forth hate crime charges against two men in separate racially driven anti-Asian incidents. The hate crime charges come as people across the country protest the rise in anti-Asian-American attacks. Stop AAPI Hate, a reporting center that has been tracking cases from March to December of last year, said they received "over 2,808 firsthand accounts of anti-Asian hate" crimes.
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Jeff Bezos is more interested in expanding the Post's tech capabilities than acquisitions, sources said. Editor's note: This story originally included a statement that Marty Baron, Jeff Bezos, and The Washington Post had discussed a possible acquisition of the Miami Herald. Jeff Bezos has been a model newspaper owner since he purchased The Washington Post in 2013, growing the paper's technology capabilities and avoiding meddling in editorial matters. The Post has not made one under Bezos, but according to two people familiar with the matter, Post executives have discussed pursuing acquisitions in the past. "I think the Post has given Bezos some of the best public relations he's had in years," said one Post staffer.
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The nation hasn’t deployed National Guard troops at a comparable scale since the civil rights movement of the 1960s. By comparison, on Wednesday, acting Secretary of Defense Christopher Miller approved the deployment of less than 6,200 National Guard troops. That marks the largest deployment of the National Guard in U.S. history, according to Wayne Hall, a National Guard spokesman. When National Guard aerial troops returned from their missions, they shared the footage they collected with local law enforcement agencies that requested support, according to two National Guard spokespeople. The Philadelphia Police Department ordered 11 Pennsylvania National Guard flights over Philadelphia because the June protests were so widespread that law enforcement was stretched thin, said Wood, the Pennsylvania National Guard director.
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The protests turned into riots, leading to the Capitol building being evacuated as insurrectionists stormed the building in an attempted coup. Newspapers from around the world and across the US documented the attempted coup on their front pages. In the following hours, pro-Trump insurrectionists ransacked the Capitol building, leaving a trail of destruction in their path that remained on Thursday morning. The attempted coup resulted in the deaths of four protesters: one woman who was shot inside of the Capitol, and three protesters who died from medical complications. Wednesday's attempted coup was extensively chronicled on the front pages of newspapers around the globe and across the US.
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Amazon Pledges $2B for Affordable Housing in 3 US Cities
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SEATTLE (AP) — Amazon has announced $2 billion in loans and grants to secure affordable housing in three U.S. cities where it has major operations, including a Seattle suburb where the online retail giant employs at least 5,000 workers. Amazon said it would give $185.5 million to the King County Housing Authority to help buy affordable apartments in the region and keep the rents low, The Seattle Times reported Wednesday. Other tech companies have invested large sums recently to boost affordable housing, following years of complaints that they have worsened inequality in cities by pushing housing prices higher. Company officials projected the $2 billion would preserve or create 20,000 affordable housing units over the next five years. Stephen Norman, executive director of the King County Housing Authority, said affordable housing is often renovated and rents are increased, worsening economic and racial segregation.
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Amazon has become Washington state's largest private employer, usurping airplane manufacturer Boeing, according to the Seattle Times. The ecommerce giant added a total of 400,000 new jobs in 2020, with 16,500 of them based in Washington. By comparison, Boeing has 58,800 Washington-based employees, according to the Times, following several rounds of buyouts this year. Amazon has officially surpassed Boeing to become Washington's private employer after a year of growth spurred by the pandemic. Boeing ended 2020 with 58,800 employees, an 18% reduction since the start of 2020.
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Rivera, an advocate for the LGBTQ community, for immigrants and for women's rights, earned three American Latino Media Arts Awards for her acting and singing. Hidalgo, the youngest of five in a Cuban American family, was an entrepreneur and political organizer with degrees from Georgetown, MIT and Harvard. Hailed for its positive portrayal of a working-class Mexican American family, the show tackled issues like immigration, grief, body image and sexual identity. In another first for Puerto Rico, she later successfully petitioned a court to change her name and gender on her birth certificate. Lopez went on to a storied career in the 1960s, rubbing elbows with some of the most famous people of his era.
Persons: Rudolfo Anaya, Ulf Andersen, RUDOLFO ANAYA, Anaya, Rigoberto González, González, Barack Obama, Naya Rivera, Gabriel Olsen, NAYA RIVERA, Rivera, Rep, Alexandria Ocasio, Naya, Jack Rico, Rico, Santana Lopez, Vida, Vanessa Guillén, Army VANESSA GUILLÉN, Guillén, Guillén's, Domingo Garcia, Patrick Hidalgo, PATRICK HIDALGO, Obama, Patrick, Ana Sofia Pelaez, Pelaez, Silvio Horta, David Livingston, SILVIO HORTA, Betty, Betty Suarez, Horta, Justin, Betty's, Tony Plana, Suarez, JUAN GÓMEZ QUIÑONES, Quiñones, Gavin Newsom, Alvaro Huerta, Huerta, Miriam Jiménez Román, Austin MIRIAM JIMÉNEZ ROMÁN, George Floyd, Jiménez Román, Josué Perea, Román, Perea, Brown, Miriam, Soraya Santiago, Puerto Rico SORAYA SANTIAGO, Santiago's, Santiago, Pedro Julio Serrano, Serrano, Trini Lopez, Harry Benson, TRINI LOPEZ, Lopez, Buddy Holly, Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley, David Ebersole, Mark Guerrero, Guerrero Organizations: National, Getty, Latino Media, Vanessa Guillén . U.S, Army, U.S . Army, League of United Latin, Fort Hood, White House, MIT, Harvard, Miami Freedom, Cuban, Dade, UCLA, UCLA's Chicano Studies Research Center, Mexican American Legal Defense, Educational Fund, Chicano Studies, California State Polytechnic University, Pomona, Columbia, Corp, Puerto Rico, University of Puerto, U.S, Associated Press, Seattle Times, Facebook, Twitter Locations: Hollywood, Washington, New Mexico, bookshelves, American, Alexandria, Cortez, Vanessa Guillén ., Houston, Fort Hood , Texas, Hidalgo, Cuban American, Georgetown, Florida, Cuba, Miami, Covid, Horta, Colombian, America, Dade County, Mexico, Los Angeles, Boyle, California, Mexican, Minneapolis, U.S, Puerto Rico, New York, Spanish Harlem, New York City, Puerto, University of Puerto Rico, Texas, Paris
Amazon closes New Jersey warehouse after COVID-19 outbreak
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Amazon is closing one of its warehouses in New Jersey due to an uptick in COVID-19 cases, the company said Sunday. As of October, nearly 20,000 Amazon employees had confirmed cases of COVID-19. Amazon is suspending operations at a warehouse in New Jersey after detecting an uptick in positive test results for COVID-19, the company said Sunday. A spokesperson for the online giant told CNBC that the company had identified an outbreak among workers who were not showing any signs of infection. Amazon said it would continue paying the workers who have been ordered to remain home.
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SEATTLE — MacKenzie Scott, philanthropist and author, has announced that she has given away $4.1 billion in the past four months to hundreds of organizations as part of a giving pledge she announced last year. Then-MacKenzie Bezos arrives at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party in Beverly Hills, Calif. on March 4, 2018. Evan Agostini / Invision/AP fileScott announced her pandemic-era philanthropy in a Medium post Tuesday, The Seattle Times reported. Community Development Financial Institutions are the front line of inclusive, equitable finance in the United States,” Adam Zimmerman, president and CEO of Craft3, said in a statement. Scott noted that she was “far from completing” her giving pledge, and urged others to follow her lead in whatever way they could: time, a voice or money.
Persons: SEATTLE — MacKenzie Scott, MacKenzie Bezos, Evan Agostini, Scott, ” Scott, Jeff Bezos, , ” Adam Zimmerman Organizations: SEATTLE, Seattle Times, D.C, Development Financial, Scott, Community, Financial Locations: Beverly Hills, Calif, Puerto Rico, Washington, United States
MacKenzie Scott gives away $4.1B in pandemic charity spree
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SEE NEW POSTSMacKenzie Scott gives away $4.1B in pandemic charity spree SEATTLE — MacKenzie Scott, philanthropist and author, has announced that she has given away $4.1 billion in the past four months to hundreds of organizations as part of a giving pledge she announced last year. "And that means we're going through perhaps the most intense and urgent moment since the beginning of this pandemic." Share this -Kansas mayor resigns over mask mandate threats A western Kansas mayor announced Tuesday that she is resigning, effective immediately, because of threats she has received after she publicly supported a mask mandate. The commission voted 4-1 on Nov. 16 to impose a mask mandate, with several exceptions. Ford County, where Dodge City is located, has recorded 4,914 cases of Covid-19 since the pandemic began, according to the state health department.
Persons: MacKenzie Scott, SEATTLE — MacKenzie Scott, Scott, ” Scott, Jeff Bezos, Gavin Newsom, we're, Newsom, Joyce Warshaw, , ” Warshaw, they’d, Larry Hogan, we’ve, Hogan Organizations: SEATTLE, Seattle Times, Gov, Dodge City, Dodge City Globe, Central, Health, National Guard Locations: California, Covid, Kansas, Ford County, Dodge, Boise, BOISE , Idaho, Elmore, Valley, Ada County, Maryland
A new app launched by the Washington State Department of Health and developed in conjunction with the University of Washington seeks to notify users if they have been exposed to COVID-19. In Washington state, an app could anonymously tell you if you've been exposed to COVID-19, the disease caused by the novel coronavirus. Jay Inslee announced Washington Exposure Notifications, also known as WA Notify, an app that will notify users of possible COVID-19 exposures. "When you enable WA Notify, your phone exchanges random, anonymous codes with the phones of people you are near who have also enabled WA Notify," the Washington Department of Health shared on their website. I plan to add WA Notify to my phone and I will encourage my friends and family to use it as well."
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