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Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko said he would step down after a new Constitution is adopted, state-owned BelTA news agency cited him as saying on Friday. "I am not going to shape the Constitution to suit my needs," he is quoted as saying. "I am not going to be the president once the new Constitution is in place." Lukashenko has maintained his grasp on power in the former Soviet nation for the last 26 years and met the protests with a violent crackdown. More than three months after an historic protest movement emerged across Belarus, people continue to take to the streets.
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That’s the message President-elect Joe Biden sent the world as he unveiled key Cabinet and national security picks earlier this week. Foreign governments will know Biden’s team from their time in office under President Barack Obama and other previous administrations. We are on the same page on climate, on Iran, on NATO,” one European official said about the picks. Republican Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida dismissed Biden’s new team members over their track record with China during Obama’s presidency. “Biden’s Cabinet picks went to Ivy League schools, have strong resumes, attend all the right conferences and will be polite and orderly caretakers of America’s decline,” Rubio tweeted.
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WASHINGTON — President-elect Joe Biden has promised to rejoin the Iran nuclear agreement if Iran abides by the deal, but both sides will have to race against the clock and navigate a political minefield to reach that goal. Iran and the bombThe 2015 agreement between Iran and world powers lifted punishing economic sanctions on Tehran in return for strict limits on Iran's nuclear activities. If Iran returns to strict compliance with the nuclear deal, the United States would rejoin the agreement as a starting point for follow-on negotiations," Biden wrote. Iran faces shortages of medicine and medical equipment, including insulin, drugs for cancer treatment, influenza vaccine and test kits for the coronavirus, according to Iranian officials. Conservative gainsWithout a deal before Iran's June 2021 elections, Biden may have no willing counterpart to negotiate a deal.
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“The sniper kept on firing,” Mohamed Abyad, the uncle of the child also named Mohamed, told NBC News. Mohamed Faisal,10, was killed in a sniper attack last month in Yemen, his uncle said. Mohamed was only 10 when a suspected Houthi sniper killed him. That was in October — the deadliest month for Yemeni children and their families so far this year, according to Save the Children. And as the Yemeni war continues, the chance for respite for Yemeni children feels remote.
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PSAGOT, West Bank — It would have been out of the question under any other U.S. administration. Israel seized the West Bank from Jordan in its 1967 war with its Arab neighbors. Days after the European ruling however, Pompeo announced that the U.S. was reversing its decadeslong policy that Israeli settlements in the West Bank are illegal. A worker pours wine into a barrel at Psagot winery in the Israeli settlement of Psagot adjacent to the Palestinian West Bank city of Ramallah. “He should know better.”Paul Goldman reported from the Psagot Winery, Lawahez Jabari from Al-Bireh in the West Bank and Saphora from London, England.
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The head of the U.N. watchdog responsible for inspecting Iran’s nuclear program has warned against launching a military strike on Iran. Christian Bruna / ReutersDuring a meeting last Thursday, a range of senior advisers dissuaded the president from moving ahead with a military strike, the newspaper reported. In response, Iran — which has always denied it is seeking a nuclear arsenal — has slowly abandoned the limits set by the deal. The IAEA has reportedly set out ways in which Iran is no longer adhering to the nuclear deal -- officially called the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action. “There have been instances in the past where Iran did not declare things that it should have declared,” he said.
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America’s top diplomat Mike Pompeo made history Thursday becoming the first secretary of state and highest ranking U.S. official to visit an Israeli settlement in the occupied West Bank. He also made a stop at Qasr al-Yahud, the traditional site of the baptism of Jesus in the Jordan Valley, according to a State Department official. A demonstrator holds a Palestinian flag during a protest against Secretary of State Mike Pompeo's visit, near the Israeli settlement of Psagot in the occupied West Bank on Wednesday. Pompeo maintains he was acting in his “personal capacity,” when delivering the speech and he received approval from the State Department legal office, despite having flown to Israel for an official visit as secretary of state. It was the first resolution criticizing Israeli settlements to be passed by the U.N. body in almost 40 years.
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