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It comes amid fresh chaos at Twitter, which placed a limit on the number of tweets users can view. Bluesky, a Jack Dorsey-backed Twitter rival, had to temporarily pause new sign-ups over the weekend after it reported a surge of interest. "We will temporarily be pausing Bluesky sign-ups while our team continues to resolve the existing performance issues," Bluesky wrote in a post on the platform. On Friday, Twitter started requiring people to sign in to view tweets on the platform, a move that irritated some users. However, unlike Mastodon, users don't have to choose a server when they sign up – something that appeared to be an issue for Mastodon users who found the process too complicated.
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Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes has reported to prison to begin her 11-year sentence. After several delays, she arrived at a federal prison camp in Bryan, Texas on May 30. Once worth billions on paper, Holmes can expect a drastic change in lifestyle in custody. She reported to a federal prison camp for women in Bryan, Texas, to commence her sentence after losing her most recent appeal. Holmes wouldn't be able to walk freely about the prison camp, and her timetable would be strictly controlled.
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Theranos' founder, Elizabeth Holmes, is finally set to report to prison Tuesday. After several delays, she's expected to report to a federal prison in Texas by 2 p.m.Once worth $4.5 billion, Holmes can expect a drastic change in lifestyle. She's expected to begin her sentence at a federal prison camp for women in Bryan, Texas, after losing her most recent appeal. Before Theranos collapsed, Holmes would usually dine at expensive restaurants and go on shopping sprees, according to emails cited by prosecutors during her trial. Holmes wouldn't be able to walk freely about the prison camp, and her timetable would be strictly controlled.
More workers said paid leave was extremely important to them than those valuing health insurance. Almost half of workers who get paid time off don't usually use up all their allocation, it found. That's higher than the 51% who said employer-funded health insurance was extremely important, with 28% saying it's very important. Just over 90% of upper-income workers surveyed by Pew had employer-funded health insurance, dipping to 82% for middle-income workers and just 60% for those on lower incomes. Only about half of the workers surveyed said they were extremely or very satisfied with their job, with just 34% happy with how much they're paid.
The Theranos founder is expected to do so at Bryan federal prison camp in Texas. Elizabeth Holmes, the convicted founder of Theranos, is expected to start serving her 11-year sentence at a federal prison camp in Texas Tuesday. At the prison camp, the 39-year-old mother of two will have no choice but to don khaki prison garb. A copy of "Bad Blood," John Carreyrou's book about the rise and fall of Holmes and Theranos, has been spotted in the library of the prison camp, per The Journal. The prison camp holds about 650 women convicted of white-collar crimes, according to the Federal Bureau of Prisons.
Passengers faced long delays at British airports Saturday after electronic passport gates failed. Many passports were being checked manually by UK Border Force officers until the problem was resolved. A representative for Heathrow tweeted: "We are aware of a nationwide issue impacting the eGates, which are operated by Border Force. A representative for Gatwick airport said some passengers may experience delays at immigration due to the nationwide issue with the e-gates. A Home Office representative told Insider: "We are aware of a nationwide border system issue affecting arrivals into the UK.
Few workers enjoy the hassle of commuting to the office five days a week. Studies show that commuting is the main reason many don't want to stop working from home. A recent report by Centre for Cities, a UK think tank, suggested that policymakers should "encourage the benefits of office working while reducing the costs to workers of doing so." But Paul Swinney, its policy and research director, told Insider that employers could say commuting costs are covered by salaries, leaving companies "reluctant to set a precedent." ShutterstockBut many workers don't just regard commuting as a waste of money.
Jesse Wig, Adam Colucci, and Dan Spanovich are the investors behind the project. Adam ColucciThe project was on hold for about a year after the trio purchased the school, as they couldn't agree on what to do with the building. "We were talking to some larger tenants — a gymnastic crew, a basketball crew, renting out rooms for a recording studio," Colucci said. It took them about 18 months to complete and cost around $3.3 million, according to Wig. "The beauty of this building was worth what we paid," Colucci said.
Yachting has long been a favorite pursuit of the rich and famous. Take a look inside the Princess Yachts S62, one of the vessels that was on display. From top business leaders and royals, to sports stars and Hollywood celebrities, yachting has long been a favorite pastime of the rich and famous. Whether it's Amazon founder Jeff Bezos' $500 million megayacht or Walmart heiress Nancy Walton Laurie's $300 million aquarium-equipped superyacht, the boats are bigger and flashier than ever. Take a look inside one of the yachts that was on display.
I downgraded to a cheaper iPhone 12 after my 14 Pro Max was stolen in March by a thief on a bike. I knew when my iPhone 14 Pro Max was stolen by a thief on a bike, I wouldn't be able to afford another $1,199 to replace it (and no, I didn't have insurance). I decided to downgrade to a used iPhone 12 Pro Max that cost just under £500, or about $620. Even directors are using them to make films after all: Vishal Bhardwaj shot "Fursat" on an iPhone 14 Pro. But speaking as someone who's always had to have the latest iPhone, I realized that last year's model can be more than just fine.
Ben Francis is a university dropout and former Pizza Hut delivery driver who founded Gymshark. The 30-year-old is up seven places to 184th on this year's Sunday Times Rich List. He's now worth £900 million, or $1.1 billion, putting him up seven places to 184th on this year's Sunday Times Rich List. After leaving Aston University in Birmingham, England, Francis cofounded the sportswear company Gymshark. The pair were turning over about £300 a day at that time, Francis wrote.
Frontier said a "belligerent" passenger was asked to deplane a flight to Tampa, Florida on Sunday. A woman grabbed an intercom and struck a flight attendant when asked to deplane, the airline said. She was arrested by Denver law enforcement, Frontier told Insider. An unruly Frontier Airlines passenger assaulted a flight attendant after she was asked to deplane a Sunday flight to Tampa, Florida, the airline told Insider. "As she was deplaning, she picked up an intercom phone and struck a flight attendant with it," the airline said.
San Francisco's Department of Building Inspection said it was investigating the lawsuit's claims. San Francisco has opened a new investigation into Elon Musk's plans to alter Twitter headquarters following claims made in a lawsuit by six former employees. The former staff also described the billionaire's plans to create a "Twitter hotel" amid Musk's "hardcore" vision. After Musk took over the company in October, he converted some office space into bedrooms, prompting an investigation by San Francisco's Department of Building Inspection. Killian was asked by the "transition team" not to reveal the details of the future plans during that inspection.
A Louisiana man was jailed for forcing minors to work long hours baking and selling brownies. The Department of Justice said Friday that Darnell Fulton was sentenced to 35 years in prison. A DoJ official said forced labor was "heinous conduct" and would not be tolerated. He was jailed Friday for 35 years for crimes including conspiracy to commit forced labor. "This sentence demonstrates the Justice Department's commitment to standing up for the survivors of forced labor schemes.
Ratcliffe was knighted in 2018, making him Sir Jim, but reportedly moved to Monaco in 2020, which does not levy personal or capital gains tax. He declined to confirm the move but told the BBC he tried to "give back to the UK" and had invested billions in the country. John Greim/LightRocket/Getty ImagesSource: BBC
The student who tracks Elon Musk's private jet is now doing the same for Ron DeSantis's plane. Jack Sweeney created a new Twitter account that he said will track the governor's state-owned jet. The college student who tracks Elon Musk's private jet on Twitter has decided to give Florida governor Ron DeSantis the same treatment. Jack Sweeney, a student at the University of Central Florida, has set up a new Twitter account, @DeSantisJet, to track the government-owned jet the politician uses. Sweeney made headlines when Musk offered him $5,000 to take down the Twitter account that tracked his private jet.
Some have resorted to placing food delivery orders to eat, Rest of World reported. One woman told Rest of World she paid $100 for a whole chicken because the Uber Eats driver didn't have change. Jesús Vargas, a delivery driver based in Tijuana, told Rest of World he's delivered Taiwanese food to some migrants. Immigration advocates previously told Insider that migrants who failed to use the app were being penalized. Border patrol agents were stopping volunteers on the US side of the border from providing charging stations, per the outlet.
Linda Yaccarino made her first comments about becoming Twitter CEO Saturday. She said she was "inspired" by Elon Musk's vision and was "excited" to bring it to Twitter. Linda Yaccarino made her first comments about her new role as Twitter's new CEO Saturday – a day after Elon Musk announced her appointment. Yaccarino quote-tweeted Musk, thanking him and saying: "I've long been inspired by your vision to create a brighter future. But she's "long been inspired" by the billionaire and interviewed him last month at an advertising conference.
Josh and Arran Stewart quit their jobs in March to focus full-time on their side hustle. They started clothing brand Illicit Bloc with about $2,500 after being furloughed in the pandemic. After being furloughed, the brothers decided to launch their clothing brand, Illicit Bloc, as a side hustle in April 2020. After the brand started gaining some traction last year, the brothers from Buckinghamshire in England realized it might be time to focus on their side hustle full-time. Arran and Josh Stewart work together on the design and sampling.
Twitter has removed the autocomplete function in its search bar following complaints. Users highlighted that it had started to suggest graphic videos of animal abuse and mass shootings. An expert told the BBC that Twitter's content moderation issues come down to job cuts. Twitter has removed the autocomplete function in its search bar after users flagged that it had started to recommend horrifying videos of animal abuse and mass shootings. Amarasingam suggested that the company no longer had the required staff to remove content or warn users about graphic content.
Yaccarino already has a parody Twitter account – and it's "suspended" Musk. More than four months after vowing to step down as Twitter's CEO, Elon Musk has finally found someone to replace him. While she won't start until June, someone's already created a parody account under the username @lindayaccarina – and one of its first actions was to "suspend" Musk's Twitter account. The account, which states in its bio that it's an "official parody account of the Twitter ceo," already has 13,000 followers. Twitter responded to Insider's request for comment with an automated message that didn't address the inquiry.
A retired Georgia couple is battling a railroad company that wants their land. The couple is part of a group fighting Sandersville Railroad's plan to use the eminent domain process. The Institute for Justice has accused the railroad company of abusing eminent-domain power. Blaine and Marvin Smith own separate parcels of land, both of which Sandersville's push for eminent domain would impact. Institute for JusticeBen Tarbutton III, a representative for Sandersville Railroad, said the company disagreed "with the assertions made by the Institute for Justice."
Elon Musk made a surprise announcement that he'd found Twitter's next CEO. Twitter employees think they may know who Elon Musk has picked to replace himself as CEO of the social media company. Chatter from the media industry points to Linda Yaccarino, head of global advertising and partnerships at NBCUniversal. Yaccarino has told friends in the past that she wanted to be CEO of Twitter, one person familiar with the situation said. The Wall Street Journal reported that Yaccarino is in talks to be Twitter CEO.
Elizabeth Holmes gave a series of pre-prison interviews to the New York Times in an attempt to rehabilitate herself. She said she spent six months in 2019 sleeping in an RV with her partner while building her defense. Holmes and Billy Evans, who was a fixture during her trial, welcomed their second child earlier this year. Disgraced Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes gave a series of bizarre pre-prison interviews to the New York Times in an attempt to salvage her public image. Holmes' several interviews with The Times as an attempt for rehabilitation, however, are likely to be stymied by her conviction.
A California man said he was lucky to be alive after his Tesla car caught fire while driving. Bishal Malla was on his way home and about to enter Highway 99 when his car started shaking. A California man said he was lucky to be alive after his Tesla started shaking and caught fire while he was driving. "I am so lucky to be alive at the moment," Malla told KCRA 3, "and I'm sure glad that my family was not there." It isn't clear why Malla's Tesla caught fire.
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