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A laid-off Googler said colleagues should 'find perspective' about the recent layoffs. In a LinkedIn post, Mallika Iyer said of the cuts: "No one died. Iyer said there was "always a silver lining," adding: "Now let's quit whining and get to work." A Googler who survived the cuts told Insider that some others who kept their jobs cried during meetings the day the layoffs were announced. Iyer said in the LinkedIn post, published on January 20, that it was a "privilege" to work at Google, adding: "Google rocks, it always will, it's one of my happy places and has the best co-workers."
A Florida OnlyFans model is suing her local school district. She says in a complaint that explicit images of her were shared among staff at her children's school. Victoria Triece, 31, is seeking damages from Orange County Public Schools, citing cyber-harassment and invasion of privacy, a complaint, filed Tuesday, says. According to the complaint, Triece displays sexually explicit images on her OnlyFans site, but "reasonably expected" these images "would not be shared with teachers, principals," and school district staff. Orange County Public Schools didn't respond to a request for comment from Insider.
I spent a night on a superyacht in Croatia that can accommodate up to 30 people. The super-rich love superyachts and the yachting industry is booming – I now know why. Miha Menegalija of charter broker Goolets says owning a superyacht is one way to showcase your wealth. GooletsBefore boarding the Ohana, I had never been on a boat, let alone on a superyacht. It may not come as a great surprise, but I certainly could get used to spending plenty of time on a superyacht.
Passengers were told overnight not to turn up for flights after an airline collapsed. Flybe warned passengers in the early hours of Saturday that the airline was in administration. A notice on Flybe's website told passengers that the airline was no longer trading. The notice said the airline "unfortunately" wouldn't be able to assist passengers who were flying with Flybe directly in finding alternative flights. "We urge passengers planning to fly with this airline not to go to the airport as all Flybe flights are canceled.
Classmates of Tennessee student Sergio Peralta, 15, built him a robotic hand, CBS News reported. The prosthetic that the engineering students created changed his life, Peralta said. Sergio Peralta told CBS News that during his first days at Hendersonville High School in Tennessee, he had felt like hiding his arm in his sleeve. Peralta told the outlet he never expected three of his classmates would come together to help build him the prosthetic. Peralta caught a ball with his right hand for the first time and "everyone was freaking out," he told CBS News.
Tesla has slashed the prices of its Model 3 and Model Y vehicles in recent weeks. One said she was pressured to take delivery of her Model Y the day before prices were slashed. Later in December, Tesla deepened the discount on both models, to $7,500, and two weeks into 2023 it cut prices further. A buyer who didn't want to be named for privacy reasons paid $69,000 for a Model Y and took delivery on October 1 after waiting for a year. Following the recent price cuts, the car now starts at $52,990, down from its previous base price of $65,990.
A Ukrainian intelligence unit has appealed for funds to buy up to 1,000 exploding drones. Both Ukrainian and Russian forces have made extensive use of drones in the conflict. The Kryla, part of Ukraine's military-intelligence service, wants a fleet of 1,000 so-called first-person-view drones to help defend its front line against Russian forces. The defense ministry said such drones could collect intelligence and essentially function as snipers from a distance of about 6 miles. Funds are being raised through the "Starlife-Charity" foundation, which has helped Ukrainian forces since Russia invaded in February.
A Ukraine intelligence unit has appealed for funds to buy up to 1,000 kamikaze drones. Both Ukrainian and Russian forces have made extensive use of suicide drones in the conflict. The "Kryla," part of Ukraine's military intelligence service, wants a fleet of 1,000 so-called first-person-view drones to help defend its front line against Russian forces. Funds are being raised through the "Starlife-Charity" foundation, which has helped Ukrainian forces since Russia invaded last February. The defense ministry didn't immediately respond to a request for comment from Insider.
One buyer of the first 100 pods will be able to move in by the end of 2023, providing everything goes to plan, with production scheduled on a further 1,000 pods in 2024, CNN Travel reported. Ocean Builders
Elon Musk has escalated security for his father in South Africa over kidnapping fears, per The Sun. Errol Musk told the newspaper the upgrade was needed following four break-ins last year. His 76-year-old father, Errol, told The US Sun that his son increased his own security with more armed guards following "recent threats". Errol Musk told The Sun said he feared for his son's safety despite him being protected by "100 security guards." Elon and Errol Musk didn't immediately respond to requests for comment from Insider.
One buyer told Insider he got a $12,000 reduction after asking Tesla to adjust the cost of his order. Other Tesla customers have voiced their disappointment about missing out on big price cuts. After Tesla announced significant price cuts earlier this month, he told Insider he contacted Tesla by online chat to ask for a reduction to his order. Marianne Simmons, who paid more than $77,000 in September for a Model Y, told Bloomberg: "I feel like I got duped. The price cuts contrast Tesla's approach in 2022 when it raised prices several times amid supply chain disruptions despite concerns about the broader economy.
Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai announced layoffs Friday affecting 12,000 positions at the Google owner. Some employees who earned as much as $1 million were also cut, The Information reported. Pichai told staff in a memo that he took "full responsibility for the decisions that led us here." According to The Information, Google told managers to put more employees into low-performing categories during performance reviews. A spokesperson for Alphabet Workers Union told Insider earlier this month that there had not been any complaints from new employees.
Google asked Larry Page and Sergey Brin for help combatting ChatGPT, per The New York Times. The release of OpenAI's writing bot sparked concerns over the future of Google's search engine. The release of ChatGPT on November 30 has sparked internal concerns over the continued dominance of Google's search engine. Vic Gundotra, a former senior vice president at Google, told The Times the cofounders had always been keen on AI. Page was reportedly unimpressed with a new Gmail feature in 2008, saying: "Why can't it automatically write that email for you."
Elon Musk disputed a tweet and said Twitter now has 2,300 "active, working employees". Some staff from other Musk companies such as Tesla and SpaceX were brought in when he took over. "There are ~2300 active, working employees at Twitter," he wrote. "There are still hundreds of employees working on trust & safety, along with several thousand contractors." Musk also took issue with that figure, tweeting that "less than 10 people from my other companies are working at Twitter."
A cruise passenger was charged with abusive sexual contact after an incident with a crew member. Daniel Farias is accused of sexually assaulting a crew member in August 2022, per court documents. According to the crew member, Farias began rubbing the staff member's forearm after the staff member had handed him a towel. The crew member asked the passenger what he was doing before Farias allegedly tried to grab his crotch and made a lewd comment. After Farias left the restroom, the crew member notified his supervisor, who then alerted security, according to the court documents.
VALL-E can clone someone's voice from a 3-second audio clip and use it to synthesize other words. It came as the tech giant plans to invest $10 billion in OpenAI's writing tool ChatGPT. VALL-E uses text-to-speech technology to convert written words into spoken words in "high-quality personalized" speeches, according to the 16-page paper. The tech giant released samples of how VALL-E would work, showcasing how the voice of a speaker is cloned. The AI tool is not currently available for public use and Microsoft hasn't made it clear what its intended purpose is.
Davis Tranbarger, 20, is a student at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville. Last summer he converted his van and started living in it full-time soon after. Since moving into the van Tranbarger says he's reduced his outgoings by almost $1,500 a month. "Let me move into the van for two weeks while I figure out a different house, a different living situation," Tranbarger told his father. Moving into the van was the best decision he could have made, he told Insider.
Twitter staff have spotted cockroaches in changing rooms and showers, sources told Insider. A representative for the company that owns the office building declined to comment. Staff at the office in Chelsea have seen cockroaches in the showers and a changing room at the facility, sources said. Twitter is the only direct leasee at the office building which is listed as a "Class B" building on CoStar, a commercial real estate database. Some staff at Twitter's headquarters in San Francisco have been sleeping in the office after Musk issued an ultimatum for staff to work "extremely hardcore."
The Orient Express brand is taking to the high seas with a 720-foot superyacht. The Orient Express Silenseas will have 54 suites as well as a huge presidential suite. The Accor Group, the hotel giant that also owns Sofitel, Mercure and Novotel, said the Orient Express Silenseas will be able to accommodate up to 120 guests. A rendering of the Orient Express Silenseas. Martin DarzacqThe superyacht, set to sail in 2026, is a partnership between Accor and Chantiers de l'Atlantique, a French shipbuilder.
A woman sued Tesla for $2 million after she was struck by a car driven by a worker at a dealership. Rakshinda Parvez was waiting while her family test-drove a Tesla, according to the lawsuit. The lawsuit claimed she suffered multiple injuries, but Tesla disputed her account of the incident. She walked behind a Tesla driven by an employee that had stopped at the parking lot exit, an amended complaint filed in November stated. The car then reversed "suddenly and without warning," resulting in concussion as well as neurological, disc, and other orthopedic injuries to Parvez, the lawsuit alleged.
A Seattle software engineer is accused of stealing more than $300,000 from his former employer. Court documents stated Ermenildo Valdez Castro was inspired by the cult 1999 movie "Office Space." Castro is a former software engineer for the e-commerce site Zulily that's based in Seattle, Washington. Court documents stated he was directly involved in writing code for the customer checkout process. A document called "OfficeSpace project" was found on Castro's work laptop, according to a report by the Seattle Police Department that was attached to the court documents.
He again insisted that he did not "steal funds" from FTX and hadn't "stashed billions away." The co-founder of collapsed cryptocurrency exchange FTX wrote in Substack post that "I didn't steal funds, and I certainly didn't stash billions away." "Alameda's contagion spread to FTX," Bankman-Fried continued. Near the end of his post, Bankman-Fried added: "All of which is to say: no funds were stolen. Bankman-Fried didn't immediately respond to a request for comment from Insider.
Elon Musk's private jet made 134 flights in 2022, according to figures compiled by @ElonJet. Musk was likely to have used his private jet to fly to Qatar to attend the soccer World Cup final in December, the data showed. The jet's shortest flight lasted for about six minutes, and the data shows it remained at Long Beach Airport. Sweeney uses bots to scrape and post public flight data that could otherwise be found via aircraft tracking site ADS-B Exchange. The 134 flights produced 1,895 tonnes of CO2, with the operating cost including fuel expenses of just over $1.1 million.
Ex-SpaceX engineer who left to start a pizza robot company says he wants to solve problems on Earth. Benson Tsai told Bloomberg what's important for him is to "solve problems here" – not Mars. Benson Tsai left Elon Musk's rocket company and cofounded Stellar Pizza in May 2019 alongside two former colleagues, Brian Langone and James Wahawisan. But unlike his former boss who's often spoken about colonizing Mars, Tsai said he was more interested in matters closer to home. "Solving problems here on Earth is really important to me," he told Bloomberg.
Richard Branson told The Sunday Times that Elon Musk made a surprise visit to his New Mexico home. A barefoot Musk wanted to wish Branson luck on the flight and brought his 2-year-old son along too. "I think it was about 2:30 a.m.," Branson told The Sunday Times, recalling the morning of July 11, 2022, ahead of his flight to space. "Elon had decided to surprise us" to wish his friend luck on his debut flight, Branson told the newspaper. The SpaceX CEO also went to the launch site to watch the flight and later told Branson: "Congratulations, beautiful flight."
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