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Elena Duque is a guest host on the TV channel QVC and has a side hustle as an Amazon influencer. She earns commission by promoting products on TikTok, Instagram, and her blog. Her tips include talking about one Amazon product per post and including a clear call to action. I make at least $1,000 a month in affiliate commissions by sharing my favorite products on Pinterest, TikTok, and my blog. Here's my advice to anyone trying to start a lucrative side hustle as an Amazon influencer.
EY's Ginnie Carlier gives her advice for how to get a job at an accounting firm. The Big Four accounting firm values lifelong learners and candidates with an "adventure mindset." Today, as the EY Americas vice chair of talent, I lead efforts to create exceptional experiences for over 98,000 people across 31 countries. We're looking for transformative leaders who go beyond a growth mindset to adopt an adventure mindset — just like I did! Candidates should feel empowered to ask questions throughout the processAsk about our firm, culture, business, and teams.
I live in Altamont, Tennessee, a small rural town with a population of around 1,100 people. The closest grocery stores we have near us are The Dollar Store and Piggly Wiggly, which are walking distance from my house. I usually buy a protein like chicken or beef, vegetables like broccoli or Brussels sprouts, and occasional carbs like potatoes. If I buy beef, that will usually put my bill over my $100 weekly limit. The cost of Starbucks ground French roast that I buy from the grocery store has increased by more than 50%, from $6 to $10.99 per 12-ounce bag.
Josh Wood, the CEO of Bloc, tried the 'monk-mode' productivity hack popular on TikTok. Monk mode is where you commit yourself to completing a goal without any distractionsIn monk mode, you take it upon yourself to adopt the isolation and self-discipline practices of monks. For me, monk mode is better because I can go into this "mode" for a lot longer and not be distracted. Monk mode is useful for achieving a state of heightened productivityI would say my productivity in monk mode is five times better than when I'm working normally. But the most important aspect of monk mode for me is that I don't have to work insane 80-hour weeks anymore.
Alisa Cohen has coached tech workers at companies like Google and Amazon. More than 50% of my career-coaching clients work in Big Tech, and another 30% are in B2B SaaS or e-commerce. I'm seeing some large tech companies like Google and Meta offering 10 to 16 weeks of base salary plus one to two weeks for each additional year worked. I coach job seekers to consider if the work environment, leadership, and culture are aligned with their values. I coach clients to connect their actions to their results — and importantly, to communicate the value they've added and impact they've made.
Lisa Sass, 31, took out $50,000 in private student loans to pay for college. At 31 years old, I never thought I'd be nearly $100,000 in debt — and that's just for student loans. Paying half allows me to afford living expenses and other bills, but my student-loan payments only cover the interest. I still owe $95,576 in loans, and it sucks that private loans were left out of President Joe Biden's forgiveness program. I think loans need to get repaid, but I don't think interest rates should be as high as they are.
Investors at JetBlue Ventures, Mighty Capital, and other VC firms shared their favorite podcasts. Another recommendation is "Origins" by partners at the biotech VC firm Notation Capital. Here are 11 great options, recommended by VCs, founders, CEOs, and other industry insiders. "The main thing about the VC world is building relationships, and Harry is an example of a great networker," Gershfeld said. "BTC is the single-most important asset in the world, and that podcast gets to the heart of why that is."
I regularly visit our restaurants for meetings with our chefs and field teams. I want to find out what they're seeing on the ground. By being there, I'm able to send a very strong message that the executive leadership team cares about what they're doing and is highly invested in making their jobs easier and better. Meeting with employees at a P.F. Chang's location.
She read "Atomic Habits" by James Clear to improve her productivity and address distractions. Here are five ways that my life changed for the better after I tried Clear's principles:1. I beat distractions in my spaceAccording to "Atomic Habits," the first law of behavior change is to "make it obvious." After reading "Atomic Habits," I set an alarm for 20 minutes so I'd get it done under pressure and separated everything into three piles: essentials, nice-to-have, and extras. One of my goals last year was to get really good at recording Instagram Reels and posting every day, and "Atomic Habits" gave me a tangible strategy that helped me achieve this.
Like most kids, I didn't even know résumé writing was a profession. Once you start treating résumé writing seriously, the game changesWhen I first started helping people with their résumés, I saw it as a side business or a hobby. My coaching rates hover around the same hourly rate, depending on whether it's career coaching or executive coaching. Keep your skills and brand sharpWhile résumé writing and its affiliated components comes easy to me now, it wasn't always that way. My long-term goal is to be the best career and executive coach that I can be — and résumé writing will likely always be a part of that mix.
In the past 12 months I've made $974,000 in top-line revenue — collected before expenses and taxes — from my copywriting business, and I have clients in more than 30 countries. I was crushed, but my copywriting business had started to take off. I'd work on my side gig on my lunch break and after I'd get home at 4 p.m. until about 9 or 10 p.m. On Saturdays and Sundays I'd log anywhere from four to eight hours of extra work. When I started copywriting full time, I tried everything to get clientsA lot of people recommended cold-emailing. I wound up giving the same slideshow presentation 24 times in two weeks to entrepreneurs who wanted to learn about email copywriting.
She earns commission by promoting beauty products to online shoppers via livestreams and lists. By encouraging her TikTok followers to buy products from her Amazon lists, she earns $1,000 a month. I make at least $1,000 in affiliate commissions a month by sharing my favorite beauty products on Pinterest, TikTok, and my blog. I've also started doing Amazon Live and it's been quite lucrativeAmazon Live allows you to create branded livestreams featuring any products you like. I like doing Amazon Live because it's a fun way to interact with viewers and showcase products.
All my friends were also into science and math, and we all applied to engineering school and became engineers together. I started my career working in traffic modeling, which in part consists of collecting traffic-count data at critical intersections and projecting existing traffic volumes to the future. Throughout my career, I'd worked with engineers from different firms and engineering disciplines who would often complain they were overworked and needed more people ASAP. It's also thanks to my engineering career — I was making $112,000 by the time I left — that I was able to afford and purchase a property, which I refinanced to access its equity so I can support myself and my new blogging career. Ultimately, I feel at peace with my choice, as I listened to my mind and body and have stayed true to myself.
She spends three to four hours a week on the side hustle and averages $17,700 per month in revenue. I work 40 hours a week at Amazon as a tech-artist manager, a role I've had since January, and on the side, I run a business. For example, if you have a scene with a haunted house, lighting helps create that spooky ambiance by adding shadows and dim lighting. The primary added benefit of the bundle is personal, professional feedback on students' work via the Academy's community channel. Today, when I contract external teachers to create course content, I can keep my time commitment to three to four hours a week.
Laurel McDowell retired in 2019, only to go back to her company two months later. But she didn't go back full-time — she only works 25 hours a week and can still enjoy her free time. Though I was passionate about my job, I wanted to reduce the time I was investing in my career. The company knew that I could understand firsthand how others at my same life stage felt about making a change. With the way Manpower has arranged for me to fit my work into my "retired" schedule, I have no compelling reason to think about a second retirement at all.
He spends an hour working from home each day before heading to the office for in-person meetings. Chang's, about his morning work routine. These early morning meetings are informal in nature and reflect a very comfortable "open-door" ethos that exists within our senior executive team, which I love. I have a rule with my executive assistant not to schedule any meetings before 8 a.m. Starting at 8 a.m., the meetings begin and tend to come fast and furious for the remainder of the day.
She says one way to rank well in Airbnb search results is to provide high-quality photos. My husband, Zev, and I run an Airbnb business together and have taught hundreds of others how to do the same. Fill in your Airbnb profile in full and update it regularlyAirbnb rewards hosts who keep their profile updated with pictures, amenities, and listing descriptions. It's really about filling out every section that Airbnb has available and making sure that you select every amenity you'll be providing. We've created "The 4 C's to Superhost," which we've followed to achieve and keep this status:Comfort: Make sure the guest is comfortable.
Amber Grewal is a managing director, partner, and head of global talent at Boston Consulting Group. This as-told-to essay is based on a conversation with Amber Grewal, a managing director, partner, and the head of global talent at Boston Consulting Group in San Francisco, California. Before BCG, I was the chief talent officer at Intel, supporting their talent strategy and management, and before that, I was the corporate VP of global talent acquisition at IBM. The easiest and most effective way to show curiosity is to ask questions. When I ask questions like this, which may seem random and throw the candidate off, I'm looking forward to the approach the interviewee will take.
Melissa Forrest is an Airbnb host who makes $35,000 a month in revenue. So we have in our rules that if the house is left excessively dirty, we charge an extra cleaning fee on top of our standard cleaning fee. We've only once charged an extra cleaning fee because of the amount of trash and unusually hard stains the guests left. An Airbnb home will have a full kitchen but charge a one-time cleaning fee. A hotel will have just a bed and not charge a cleaning fee, but may charge a daily resort fee.
The private preschool landscape in New York City is arguably the most competitive in the nation. Education consultants Wendy Levey and Cindy Chanin selected the 12 most prestigious in the city. New York City has arguably one of the most competitive landscapes for private preschools in the nation. Why parents fight for a spot knowing the odds often comes down to reputation — maybe celebrities or well-known business leaders bring their kids there, or, possibly more importantly, the preschool's notorious for landing its graduates spots at the most prestigious private schools in the city. Levey and Chanin selected 12 preschools in Manhattan and Brooklyn that, in their experience, are the most prestigious programs around.
As many people in the LGBTQ community know, coming out doesn't just happen onceIt's an ongoing process that takes time, depending on the communities you're part of. I didn't know where to start my journey, so I went into Concierge and started typing "gender transition." I only got as far as typing the word "gender," and Concierge suggested an article titled "Gender Transition Guidelines." Based on my experience, here's what every employer can do to encourage employees — especially those in the LGBTQ community — to be their authentic selves at work:1. At Salesforce, we have Outforce, our LGBTQ employee-resource group, which meets regularly with leadership to share LGBTQ community needs, issues, and accolades.
Creativity, the cultivation of curiosity, and learning through play are central to most of the best preschools' missions and philosophies. "Your student won't stand out if they are a get-in-line and 'keep your head down' kind of child," Chanin said. Every school has its own particular way of filling their classes, she said, and many admissions directors are seeking diversity and a range of personalities. "Admissions directors have indicated that it's 'insane' this year." To find the best option for your family, Chanin selected 11 elite preschools throughout the LA area that, in her experience, offer the best programs around.
She says that on an average day she receives and deletes 1,000 emails. I'll often delete 1,000 emails a day, mostly from sales representatives, vendors, and lenders. I'm on all client and internal aliases, which tend to contribute to a majority of my daily emails. I know that my team is able to handle anything urgent or bring the issue directly to me if necessary. It's rarely the case that I would need to be the one to address team or client emails because of the way we structure teams at Constellation.
When interviewing as a young computer scientist, she was asked a question that had a lasting impact. One of my favorite aspects of leading the Google Assistant team is meeting with prospective candidates during the interview process. After 16 years at Google, I've had the opportunity to find my personal interview style. It was a question that had a lasting impact on me, and one that's become my favorite to ask now. In all my years of conducting interviews, I've never heard a "canned" response to this question — it elicits genuine, honest reactions.
He fosters this with an internal "shout-out" chat room, where anyone can share and celebrate wins. I'm the senior vice president and general manager of the hybrid-workplace-solutions group (HSG) at Canon. During the pandemic, I helped to set up a 'shout-out room'This is an internal chat for employees to celebrate big and small wins. All of my team participates in the internal chat, as well as members of different business units and administrative departments. It's important we work together to achieve our business goals, but it's also important to be there for one another on a personal level.
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