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"I see no way this gets 10 Republican Senate votes in its current form," a conservative budget expert said in an interview. They include a $1,400 boost to stimulus checks, $400-per-week federal unemployment benefits, a major expansion of the child-tax credit, assistance to state and local governments, and a $15 minimum wage. "I can't imagine Republicans going for a package like this that includes minimum wage." Some experts say the $15 minimum wage would not be allowed under rules governed by Senate parliamentarians. The federal minimum wage has not been increased from $7.25 in over a decade.
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House Democrats are set to vote on an article of impeachment for President Donald Trump for inciting an insurrection on the US Capitol. As House members began to debate on Tuesday evening, Democrats on the House Judiciary Committee released a 50-page report outlining the imminent need for Trump to be impeached and removed from office. Even though Trump is set to leave office on January 20, Democrats contend that he poses an "imminent threat" to the nation's safety. "The timeline of events demonstrates that President Trump encouraged and incited the violent and seditious acts that occurred. Moreover, the lawlessness that resulted from President Trump's conduct was entirely foreseeable by the President," the report says.
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House Democrats are set to vote on an article of impeachment for President Donald Trump for inciting an insurrection on the US Capitol. As House members began to debate on Tuesday evening, Democrats on the House Judiciary Committee released a 50-page report outlining the imminent need for Trump to be impeached and removed from office. Even though Trump is set to leave office on January 20, Democrats contend that he poses an "imminent threat" to the nation's safety. "The timeline of events demonstrates that President Trump encouraged and incited the violent and seditious acts that occurred. Moreover, the lawlessness that resulted from President Trump's conduct was entirely foreseeable by the President," the report says.
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ET Live Updates: House Set to Impeach Trump, After Pence Rejects Call to Strip His Powers Lawmakers said they would move to impeach the president on Wednesday, after formally calling on Vice President Mike Pence to use the 25th Amendment. In a letter to Speaker Nancy Pelosi before the House vote on Tuesday, Vice President Mike Pence rejected the possibility of invoking the 25th Amendment. Credit... Nicole Craine for The New York Times The House on Tuesday night formally called on Vice President Mike Pence to invoke the 25th Amendment and strip President Trump of his powers. With Democrats controlling the House, Mr. Trump is likely to become the first American president to be impeached twice. Other sites such as Snapchat, Reddit and Twitch also curtailed Mr. Trump.
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Seventeen Republicans would most likely be needed to join Democrats in finding him guilty. After that, it would take a simple majority to disqualify Mr. Trump from ever again holding public office. Mr. McCarthy backed the electoral challenges Republicans lodged last week during Congress’s electoral count, voting twice to overturn Mr. Biden’s victory in key swing states even after the siege at the Capitol. Mr. McConnell had broken with Mr. Trump just as the rioters were breaching the building, warning of a descent into a “death spiral” for democracy if the efforts were to prevail. Mr. Trump has shown no trace of contrition.
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Furthermore, Democrats know impeachment won’t stop Trump’s bad behavior as president — because he’ll be out of office before he can be impeached. Many Trump supporters feel that elites have sought to remove Trump from the get-go. Indeed, Democrats and “Never Trump” Republicans have discussed using impeachment or the 25th Amendment to remove Trump from the White House before he was even elected to it. Democrats — and many Republicans — have made it clear they want Trump to disappear from public life forever. Let Trump leave in ignominy, which will happen on Jan. 20 even if Democrats do nothing.
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Capitol Police officers evacuated lawmakers, reporters, and congressional staffers as the violent protesters disrupted the vote tally. Violent Trump supporters stormed the Capitol on Wednesday. The throngs of violent supporters quickly overcame Capitol Police, stormed past the heavy doors and inundated the hallways of Congress. VP Mike Pence presided over the counting of electoral votes before the ceremony was interrupted by a violent pro-Trump mob. Rep. Fred Upton, a Michigan Republican, hunkered down in his office in the Rayburn building as the violent mob invaded the Capitol building nearby.
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President-elect Joe Biden said Monday that Americans would receive $2,000 stimulus checks "immediately" if Georgia votes for Democrats in the Senate run-offs. The Senate has so far rejected $2,000 checks — but a Democratic win in the run-offs would see the Senate split 50-50, with Vice-president elect Kamala Harris holding a tie-breaking vote. More than three million people have voted early in-person or by mail in the Georgia run-offs, according to the US Elections Project. Congress passed a $900 billion stimulus bill on December 22 containing $600 stimulus checks. Trump signed the relief package on December 28, but is urging lawmakers to reach a deal on larger $2,000 checks.
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Biden’s Win for the American System
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It appeared to be the latest, most glaring evidence that the country’s commitment to its constitutional system is in decline. The result of the presidential election showed that beyond repudiating President Trump, Americans are seeking renewal and revitalization. Those who feel vindicated by Mr. Biden’s victory shouldn’t lose sight of how we got here—or how we got President Trump four years ago. Both camps have become ideologically tribal, and Mr. Trump was particularly adept at exploiting the desire to find fellowship in grievance. That’s why Americans should adopt Mr. Biden’s belief that everyone counts, that everyone’s voice matters, and that our collective responsibility is to ensure that the country can “grow together.”
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President Donald Trump could complicate President-elect Joe Biden's job by leaving thousands of political holdovers in office by Inauguration Day. "It just makes things messy," a source close to the Biden transition told Insider. Joe Biden's team is worried that Donald Trump might force him to purge the outgoing president's political appointees who don't voluntarily resign by Inauguration Day. "It just makes things messy," a source close to the Biden transition told Insider this week. The White House declined to comment on whether chief of staff Mark Meadows plans to ask political appointees to submit resignation letters.
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WASHINGTON — It might seem counterintuitive to put an experienced foreign policy expert in charge of infrastructure, education and health care policy, but President-elect Joe Biden is hoping that Susan Rice, his choice to lead the Domestic Policy Council, can elevate the stature of the relatively low-profile White House forum. Biden, in announcing Rice's position, said she will work with his incoming national security adviser, Jake Sullivan, and his chair of the National Economic Council, Brian Deese, to "align domestic policy, economic policy and national security unlike ever before." "Susan will elevate and turbocharge a revitalized Domestic Policy Council to help us build back better on every issue across the board," he said. And she plans to hold principals committee meetings about domestic policy, as the National Security Council does for foreign policy, attended by Cabinet secretaries and other officials across the government. "You've seen over the last four years how influential the domestic policy adviser can be," Jarrett said.
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1" to pass another stimulus package. Congressional leaders have reached a $900 billion deal on a coronavirus aid package, a breakthrough that comes after a weekend of negotiations and just on time for the winter holidays. Thomas Pallini/Business Insider$15 billion airline bailoutThe package includes $15 billion in aid to the airline sector so that workers can continue to get paid. Food and rental assistanceThe stimulus includes $13 billion for food assistance and $25 billion to help people pay their rent. Read more: Mitch McConnell held up a stimulus deal for months over liability protections for businesses.
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President Donald Trump has filed a direct appeal with the US Supreme Court asking it to overturn three Pennsylvania Supreme Court decisions about counting ballots. The Supreme Court has already rejected challenges to the election, and none of the 40 or so election lawsuits Trump and his allies have filed have succeeded. President Donald Trump has launched yet another legal challenge to the election he lost more than a month ago, asking the United States Supreme Court to invalidate three rulings from the Pennsylvania state Supreme Court over election laws. The Supreme Court was divided 4-4 on the issue, letting stand the lower court decision. With Amy Coney Barrett on the Supreme Court, Republicans — now joined by Trump — appealed the case to the Supreme Court again, but it has not yet heard it.
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Live Events at Insider
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Below is a list of our upcoming in-person and virtual events, including exclusive fireside chats, compelling panels, and reporter Q&As. Get ready for the holidays like an Insider on Wednesday, December 16 at 4pm ET with an Insider virtual event, "Inside for the Holidays." Register nowHow to Land a job in Venture CapitalDecember 17, 3pm ESTBusiness Insider is talking to the people who do the hiring for top venture firms, including Kleiner Perkins talent partner Jackie Xu and Accel talent partner Paula Judge. Here are some subscribers exclusive events we've had in the past few months. A conversation with Insider politics reporter Tom LoBianco - watch hereInsider's DC bureau previews the presidential debates and the race to the Nov. 3 finish line - watch here
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Attorney General William Barr announced his resignation on Monday, effective next week, shortly after the Electoral College formally confirmed that Joe Biden would be the next president. Barr’s performance as attorney general should be judged by comparing him to his predecessors, rather than by Trump’s expectation that he should have his own Roy Cohn in the office. By the former metric, Barr is arguably the worst attorney general in American history. That was, of course, far from the only case of Barr acting like Trump’s personal attorney rather than the attorney general of the United States. Barr also dropped the case against Trump’s former national security adviser Michael Flynn, who had pled guilty to federal crimes.
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It would leave out contentious , including money for states and liability protections for businesses. "No matter how long it takes, we'll be here," said Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. "We're not leaving here without a COVID package," McConnell said at the Republican weekly press conference Tuesday. "We all know the new administration will be asking for yet another package," McConnell said. Most Senate Democrats, apart from Joe Manchin of West Virginia, oppose the liability protections that McConnell has proposed.
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The Electoral College, meeting in all 50 states and the District of Columbia, is formally casting votes Monday for president, as the incumbent—with the backing of many Republicans—continues to dispute November’s election results. In most of the states that held gatherings Monday morning the process took less than an hour. Nevada was the first of the top 2020 battlegrounds to have its electors cast votes. Electors there awarded their votes to Mr. Biden, in accordance with the Nov. 3 election results. Added security measures were adopted by some states amid a tense national political climate and Covid-19 restrictions.
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Joe Biden Officially Captures Enough Electoral Votes to Win Presidency
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The Electoral College on Monday reaffirmed Joe Biden as president-elect after California’s 55 electoral votes put the former vice president over the 270 needed to win the White House. The voting prompted many congressional Republicans, who had for weeks resisted recognizing Mr. Biden’s win, to acknowledge that the Democrat would be the next president. 2 Republican in the Senate, told reporters Monday evening that there’s no doubt Mr. Biden is president-elect. “It’s time for everybody to move on.”The outcome came as President Trump—with the backing of many Republicans—had continued to protest the unofficial result showing him losing to his challenger, 306 electoral votes to 232 votes. Mr. Trump’s campaign and his allies have filed a string of unsuccessful legal challenges in several closely contested states that Mr. Biden won.
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Electoral College Meets in Formal Step Toward Biden Presidency
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The Electoral College, meeting in all 50 states and the District of Columbia, will formally cast votes Monday for president, as the incumbent—with the backing of many Republicans—continues to dispute November’s election results. Traditionally tranquil affairs, this year’s meetings have taken on added significance, as President Trump has repeatedly questioned an electoral vote outcome that shows him at 232 and President-elect Joe Biden at 306. On Friday, the Supreme Court rejected a long-shot bid filed by Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton to void 20 million votes in four other states. Some of the other Republicans who haven’t publicly acknowledged Mr. Biden’s victory have said the legal process should continue and that any voting problems should be investigated. “There will be a president sworn in on Jan. 20, but let’s let this legal process play itself out,” Rep. Steve Scalise (R., La.)
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While Americans were rightfully preoccupied with these events, the relationship between the US and China has taken a foul turn. Beijing has come to see the US as a declining power, and sees China as a rising power. Recently, the Trump administration has also banned US investment in Chinese companies with ties to the Chinese military. To punish Australia, China slapped an up to 200% tariff on Australian wine and is vowing to do more. The Trump administration was a window of opportunity for China.
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Facebook was slammed with two antitrust lawsuits this week — one from the FTC and one from a group of 48 attorneys general — that take aim at the company's practices of stifling market competition. They also seek to force Facebook's spin-off of WhatsApp and Instagram, but experts told Business Insider that that's unlikely to happen, and the suits will likely stretch out for years. What the lawsuits really represent, experts said, is an indication that the government will no longer look the other way when it comes to how Facebook operates. "Every acquisition they try to make from here on will be met with such a level of inspection and skepticism associated with it," one expert told Business Insider. Zuckerberg and Facebook leadership recognized as much, according to internal emails made public as part of the FTC lawsuit.
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CNN anchor Chris Cuomo ripped into Sen. Lindsey Graham on Tuesday night, bashing the Republican for supporting President Donald Trump's baseless claims of election fraud. Cuomo played a Fox News clip of Graham defending Trump's accusations of voting irregularities in Georgia. "No, you don't mean save the country, you mean save your a--," Cuomo responded. CNN anchor Chris Cuomo took aim at Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham on Tuesday night for refusing to acknowledge President Donald Trump's election loss. "No, you don't mean save the country, you mean save your a--," Cuomo said in response to the clip.
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McKinsey Issues a Rare Apology for Its Role in OxyContin Sales
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Facing mounting pressure about its role in the opioid crisis, McKinsey has taken the unusual step of acknowledging that its work with Purdue Pharma fell short of its standards and vowed a full internal review of its actions, including the possible destruction of documents. Criticism of the world’s most prestigious consulting firm has intensified since The New York Times reported last month that McKinsey had discussed ways for Purdue to “turbocharge” sales of its drug OxyContin, proposing that it pay distributors rebates for overdoses linked to the pills they sold. Lawmakers — both Democrats and Republicans — have called for McKinsey to be investigated, and a prominent physician employed by the firm said executives who knew of this work should resign. Two senior partners at McKinsey discussed whether to purge records related to Purdue, according to documents recently filed in connection with the drugmaker’s bankruptcy proceedings. McKinsey rarely acknowledges mistakes and has never before accepted responsibility for helping Purdue sell more opioids, even as hundreds of thousands of people were abusing the highly addictive painkiller.
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House Passes Defense Bill Overwhelmingly, Defying Trump’s Veto Threat
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Congress has succeeded in passing the military bill each year for 60 years, with lawmakers in both parties relishing the opportunity to project strength on national security issues and support for the military. But Mr. Trump’s objections have threatened to upend that tradition, as he has warned since the summer that he would veto the bill. More recently, Mr. Trump has shifted the focus of his threat, demanding that the bill include an unrelated repeal of a legal shield for social media companies. “I hope House Republicans will vote against the very weak National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), which I will VETO,” Mr. Trump wrote on Twitter on Tuesday in the hours before the vote. Mr. Trump’s late demand to include the sweeping rollback of legal protections for social media companies in the military bill has divided his party.
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It's been a month since major news organizations projected President-elect Joe Biden as the winner of the 2020 election, but 83% of Republicans don't believe this information, according to a new Gallup poll. The vast majority of Republicans — 89% — did not believe the electoral process worked well, while 92% of Democrats said it did. More than 80% of Republicans don't believe President-elect Joe Biden won the 2020 US election, according to a new Gallup poll conducted in partnership with the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation. The 2020 election was unlike any other in US history. The report, as well as responses to Gallup's survey, confirms predictions from experts who said domestic disinformation would be a bigger threat than foreign disinformation in the 2020 election.
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