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She’s even angrier at the 10 Republican House members from other states who voted to impeach Trump for allegedly inciting the insurrection. In Texas, 17 of 24 Republican House members opposed the certification of Electoral College results in some states on Jan. 6. Trump has often threatened to “primary” disloyal Republican lawmakers - meaning, to back a Republican challenger in their primary elections. None succeeded in proving election fraud and many provoked harsh condemnations from judges citing their lack of evidence. He warned that outlandish behavior like the pandemonium at the Capitol or continuing to insist there was a massive election fraud could kill Trump’s movement.
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Militiamen showed up proudly bearing the emblems of their groups — American flags with the stars replaced by the Roman numeral III, patches that read “Oath Keepers.” Alt-right types wore Pepe the Frog masks, and QAnon adherents could be seen in T-shirts urging people to “Trust the Plan.” White supremacists brought their variant of the Crusader cross. And then there were thousands of Trump supporters with MAGA gear — flags, hats, T-shirts, thermoses, socks. One flag portrayed President Trump as Rambo; another featured him riding a Tyrannosaurus rex and carrying the kind of rocket-propelled grenade launcher seen on the streets of Mogadishu or Kandahar. The iconography of the American far right was on display on Jan 6. during the violence at the Capitol. The absurdity of many images — the patches that read “Zombie Outbreak Response Team," for instance — only masked a devotion that inspired hundreds from the crowd to mount a deadly attack on Congress.
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ET Capitol Riot Live Updates: Trump Urges No Violence or Vandalism at Planned Demonstrations The fallout from last week’s attack on the Capitol continued as the Army secretary announced that the inauguration would be secured by armed National Guard members. “In lights of reports of more demonstrations, I urge that there must be NO violence, NO lawbreaking and NO vandalism of any kind,” Mr. Trump said. For President Trump, the past week has included a flurry of rebukes from businesses and once-loyal politicians. A majority of House members vote to impeach. Mayor Bill de Blasio said New York City is ending its contracts with the Trump Organization after the deadly riot incited by President Trump at the U.S. Capitol.
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A Year Like No Other
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Camila Falquez for The New York Times New York, Feb. 11 Rogan, an Irish setter, during the 144th Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. Andrew Seng for The New York Times New York, March 13 Shoppers scrambled to load up with supplies at a Costco in Manhattan. Doug Mills/The New York Times Doug Mills has been photographing President Trump for The New York Times for the past four years. Haruka Sakaguchi for The New York Times New York, July 9 New York City painted a Black Lives Matter mural on Fifth Avenue outside Trump Tower. Sarah Blesener for The New York Times New York, July 24 The New York Mets hosted the Atlanta Braves for their season opener.
Persons: Dean Baquet, Jeffrey Henson Scales, David Furst, George Floyd, Henson Scales, Calla Kessler, — Calla Kessler, — Calla Kessler Hong Kong, Lam Yik Fei, The New York Times Des Moines, Joseph R, Biden, ” Brittainy Newman, Brittainy, , he’s, Clara Jones, , Bernat, Nicolás Maduro, Juan Guaidó, Adriana Loureiro Fernandez, Caitlin Ochs, Matthew Abbott, ” — Matthew Abbott Milwaukee, Trump, Doug Mills, Eric Fisher, Chang W, Lee, Ivor Prickett, The New York Times Ivor Prickett, Mr, Prickett, I’ve, Vladimir V, Anton Vaganov, Todd Heisler, Vásquez, Meridith Kohut, The New York Times Meridith Kohut, Kohut, Julie Turkewitz, Ms, ‘ I’m, Hector Retamal, ’ ”, Retamal, ” Mr, , Anna Moneymaker, Anna, Des, Gabriela Bhaskar, Armando Franca, Press Armando Franca, I’m, Maya Gabeira, Franca, Gabeira, Kobe Bryant, Gianna, Bryant, Jenna Schoenefeld, Elizabeth Warren, Ruth Fremson, Nancy Pelosi, Erin Schaff, Bernie Sanders, Hilary Swift, Khadija Farah, Manuel Liñán’s, Camila Falquez, Rogan, Siba, Victor Llorente, ” — Victor, Gabriel Matzneff, Andrea Mantovani, Gilles Sabrié, Mauricio Lima, Cenate Sotto, Claudio Travelli, Fabio Bucciarelli, Bucciarelli, Travelli, Jim Huylebroek, The New York Times Jim Huylebroek, Mujib Mashal, Huylebroek, Narendra Modi, Atul Loke, The New York Times Ponte, The New York Times São, Jair Bolsonaro, Victor Moriyama, The New York Times Victor Moriyama, São Paolo, Moriyama, Brittainy Newman, Erika Kirkland, Newman, Andrew Testa, ” — Andrew Testa Munich, Laetitia Vancon, Ashley Gilbertson, Gilbertson, peered, New York Times  Paterson, Andrew Seng, Alessandro Grassani, The New York Times Andrea Mantovani, Kristen Dirks, Misha Friedman, The New York Times Elizabeth, Shawn’te Harvell, Smith, ” — Todd Heisler, John Moore, Mike DeWine’s, Joshua A . 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(Reuters) - Arizona Governor Doug Ducey said on Tuesday the Republican Party stands for “law and order,” rebuffing the sentiment of a tweet by his state party that asked supporters if they were willing to die to overturn President Donald Trump’s election loss. Andrew Harnik/Pool via REUTERSThe official Arizona Republican Party Twitter account had earlier retweeted a post by right-wing activist Ali Alexander, in which he pledged that he was “willing to give up my life for this fight.”The state party responded in a tweet, saying: “He is. Biden overall won 306 electoral votes - exceeding the necessary 270 - compared with Trump’s 232 in the state-by-state Electoral College that determines the election’s outcome. The Arizona Republican Party has been active on Twitter in recent days. Live for nothing, or die for something.”Asked about the tweets, state party spokesman Zach Henry said: “The Republican Party of Arizona condemns all forms of violence in the strongest terms.”He said the party took down the Rambo post because of concerns about copyright and fair-use law.
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