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Alaska Airlines is acquiring 13 additional Boeing 737 Max 9 aircraft in a deal that will also see the sale of 10 Airbus A320 jets. The FAA ungrounded the Boeing 737 Max on November 18 following a 20-month evaluation that still has flyers saying they won't fly on it. Alaska will grow its 737 Max 9 fleet to 45 aircraft with the new order from Air Lease Corporation. Alaska Airlines announced a leasing deal for more Boeing 737 Max aircraft on Monday just days following the end of a 20-month grounding by the Federal Aviation Administration after two fatal crashes. If there's one thing that Boeing, the 737 Max, and Alaska Airlines all have in common, it's a home in Washington.
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NBA may get creative with scheduling if next season boosts viewership
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The expectation is teams will play around 35-38 games in the first half, leaving the NBA flexibility to schedule any postponed games in the second half. The NBA will get viewership feedback from network partners ESPN and Turner Sports during the first half of its schedule and can create the second half of the season based on highly-rated games and possible postponements. Typically, the NBA makes its bet on matchups for national games around July. The league can release its national games in phases to study what networks and fans want. Should the league see a ratings increase, the NBA will explore the model again for the 2021-22 season.
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But REI employees like Smith say Opt Outside shows only one side of the retailer. At REI, part-time employees have to work at least 24 hours during a holiday week to qualify for six hours of holiday pay. Full-time employees have to work at least 32 hours during a holiday week to qualify for eight hours of holiday pay. A current REI sales lead in the Bay Area who asked to remain anonymous said she had witnessed the practice. "Usually people have their holiday hours — I don't want to say cut, but very carefully adjusted," she said.
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People are turning to rental cars in droves, which is driving up demand and diminishing availability. A recent New York Times story reported that New Yorkers have been flocking to rental cars in droves. The company bills itself as a short-term car rental service. Available cars include the Toyota Prius, Toyota RAV4, Toyota Tacoma, Toyota Camry, Toyota Sienna, Lexus NX, Lexus RX, and Lexus UX 200. You just sign up to create an account, find available cars in your area, and book them.
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The SNKRS app is Nike's channel for high-heat footwear releases and one of the company's biggest digital assets. Here's the inside story of how Nike's SNKRS app came to life. Today, many see the SNKRS app as another channel for disappointment in the world of modern-day sneakers. But according to five former employees who worked on the app, SNKRS was destined for more than hype. To this day, Singh, Hall, and Darian Edwards cannot recall how or when the app got its official name.
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Keene said her son feared an apocalypse, or zombie invasion, and asked to be kept in a room with no windows. “I sort of joke that like, possibly my son was the only person actually having a sane reaction,” Keene said. “I was like, ‘Well, you could call it a mental health crisis or you could call it sane.’”A home bursts into flames from the Shady Fire as it approaches Santa Rosa, Calif., on Sept. 28, 2020. That is a way saying the more bad stuff that happens to you, the greater the odds are that you will develop serious mental health problems,” Taylor said. The wildfire caused the evacuation of 40,000 residents, killing four people and five are still missin.
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Barack Obama's "A Promised Land" sold amost 890,000 copies in 24 hours, leaving indie booksellers scrambling to handle orders. At Parnassus Books in Nashville, Tennessee, boxes full of Barack Obama's "A Promised Land" kept arriving this week. Then they followed up with a wordless image: a mountain of boxes, presumably full of "A Promised Land." At Florida's Books & Books, owner Mitchell Kaplan said his staff had pushed pre-sales of "A Promised Land" hard enough that it was already their 2020 bestseller. Hundreds of boxes full of "A Promised Land" arrived at RJ Julia Bookstore in Madison, Connecticut, over the last few days, said Lori Fazio, chief operating officer.
Persons: Barack Obama's, Karen Hayes, Ann Patchett, George W, Bill Clinton's, Bradley Graham, We've, Waterstones, Kate McHale, Mitchell Kaplan, Emily Brodowicz, RJ Julia, Lori Fazio Organizations: Parnassus Books, Penguin Random, Associated Press, Washington , D.C, Obama, of, RJ Locations: Nashville , Tennessee, Canada, Washington ,, London, Powell's, Portland , Oregon, Madison , Connecticut
Why Charges Against Protesters Are Being Dismissed by the Thousands
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“Even adjusting for the racial makeup of the protests, Black people have been charged out of proportion,” Mr. Shouse in Louisville said. In Portland, Ore., which is predominantly white, white defendants constituted 65 percent of the more than 140 cases moving forward, while 32 percent were from other racial groups. John Bradley, a spokesman for the Louisville Metro Police Department, said that officers made arrests on the basis of Kentucky law, and that it was up to the county attorney whether to prosecute. But not all jurisdictions in Los Angeles County are dismissing cases. In Portland, the Multnomah County District Attorney’s Office boiled its numbers down into a neat chart: District Attorney Mike Schmidt has rejected 721 cases, is pursuing 144 and has 165 under review.
Persons: Mr, John Bradley, Greg Risling, Beverly Hills, Rachel Steinback, Mike Schmidt Organizations: Louisville Courier, Louisville Metro Police Department, National Lawyers Guild, Los, Mass Defense, Office Locations: Shouse, Louisville, Portland, Kentucky, Los Angeles County, Los Angeles, Beverly, Multnomah County
Mike Hayes, 35, is a DoorDash delivery driver in Oregon. During busier times, he can make up to $800 working about 45 hours a week; a slower week means more like $200 to $300. Hayes expects more people will be ordering from DoorDash during lockdown, and says he hopes they understand that delivery drivers truly depend on tips to make a living. While I was job searching on Craigslist, I kept coming across ads to be a delivery driver for DoorDash, so I thought "Why not?" I wish DoorDash would offer its Dashers hazard pay since we are still working during the middle of a pandemic.
Persons: Mike Hayes, DoorDash, Hayes, Meira Gebel, it's, you've, there's, I've, I'm, they've, Read, haven't, Tony Xu, DoorDash didn't Organizations: DoorDash, Facebook, Business Locations: Oregon, Forest Grove , Oregon, Portland, Beaverton, Hillsboro
Opinion | Save America’s Restaurants
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What the public interest requires for now is a suspension of indoor dining in areas where the virus is spreading, combined with federal aid to keep restaurants in business. The RESTAURANTS Act — it is an acronym, but we won’t bore you with the full name — would provide up to $120 billion in grants to independent restaurants, small restaurant chains (with fewer than 20 locations) and catering firms. A pending Senate version, which has bipartisan backing, would provide aid to big chains, too. The money is intended to get restaurants through winter, when outdoor dining is less tenable in many parts of the country. Providing aid to restaurants also could make it easier for cities to suspend indoor dining.
Persons: Earl Blumenauer, he’s Organizations: Oregon Democrat Locations: Portland, New York City
New York (CNN Business) America's climate policy is about to undergo another radical reversal. "It helps a lot," Tom Werner, chairman and CEO of rooftop solar company SunPower, told CNN Business when asked about the fact that the next president isn't a climate denier. After years of trading mostly under the radar, solar and other clean energy stocks have boomed in 2020. Despite the spike in solar stocks, the potential for better policy and increased solar volume "does not appear to be fully priced into stocks," Lee wrote. "Instead of running my company, I was spending time learning trade policy and how to get input on it."
Persons: Biden, Tom Werner, isn't, Harris, Werner, SunPower's, runoffs, Brian Lee, Goldman Sachs, Lee, Angelo Zino, SunPower, Trump, Zino, It's Organizations: CNN, Business, CNN Business, Biden, Energy Department, Green, Democratic, federal Energy Investment Tax Credit, ITC, CFRA Research, Technologies Locations: York, Paris, Washington, San Jose , California, Georgia, United States, China, Mexico, Portland, West, California
A group of parents has started a petition calling on the mayor to keep schools open. A recent study out of Britain showed that children had lost basic skills and regressed in school during the pandemic. Around the world, a less fraught decisionPublic schools in many large American cities have remained online-only, even as restaurants have been permitted to operate with capacity restrictions. Now that the virus is resurging, cities such as Portland, Ore., and Seattle are considering restricting restaurants further, rather than banning indoor dining entirely — even as schools remain shut. Cities including Boston, Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington, D.C., have all closed classrooms while allowing restaurants to seat customers.
Persons: Mr, de Blasio Organizations: Research, D.C Locations: , Britain, Portland, Seattle, Cities, Boston, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington
Kate Brown on Friday announced a "two-week freeze" on most activities and nonessential business across the state to curb what she described as an "alarming spike" in coronavirus cases and hospitalizations. "One week ago, I announced a two-week pause on social activities to slow the spread of Covid-19 in several of our counties across the state," Brown said. "Unfortunately, since then, we've seen an alarming spike in both cases and Covid-19 hospitalizations." As the virus resurges this fall, state and city officials have taken more targeted action to address the rise in cases and hospitalizations. Dr. Dean Sidelinger, Oregon state epidemiologist, said Covid-19 hospitalizations are up 50% in the past week and 100% over the past month.
Persons: Kate Brown, Brown, we've, Dr, Dean Sidelinger Organizations: Oregon Gov Locations: Oregon, Covid, California , Oregon, Washington, Chicago, New York , New Jersey, that's, Dean Sidelinger , Oregon, Portland
The travel industry has lost $443 billion since the coronavirus took hold in March, according to the U.S. Travel Association, an industry nonprofit. “I’m more confident, but not quite ready to book,” said Kevin Fansler, a self-described ‘travel fan' based in Seattle. Doing so will be “absolutely critical to get right in order for the travel industry to recover,” said Eben Peck, executive vice president for advocacy at the American Society of Travel Advisors. Travel agencies — and grounded travelers — say there is pent-up demand to get back in the skies. "Students are anticipating future opportunities as soon as travel restrictions are lifted and safety protocols are in place," he said.
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Puppet is bringing on two new board members in anticipation of a public offering as early as 2021, CEO Yvonne Wassenaar told Business Insider in an exclusive interview. Puppet has yearly revenues over $100 million and is "cash flow positive," with "the potential to be profitable" next year, according to Wassenaar. Puppet is bringing on two new board members as the IT automation company prepares for an initial public offering as early as 2021, CEO Yvonne Wassenaar told Business Insider in an exclusive interview. Yvonne Wassenaar is CEO of Puppet. "Despite what people say it is different being a private company versus being a public company," she said.
Persons: Yvonne Wassenaar, Michael Day, Mark Hill, Chef, , Kleiner Perkins, it's, Palantir, Nikola Organizations: Topa Insurance, CSL Behring, Progress, VMware, Cisco, BlackRock —, Tech Locations: Portland, Snowflake
More could be done to make the cannabis industry more inclusive for owners and employees alike, sources told Business Insider. Advocates are fighting to remove financial barriers to business licensing and for policies like allocating cannabis tax revenue to communities most affected by the drug war. The cannabis market continues to struggle in several areas, namely policing and industry access. Several sources raised the importance of business licensing as well. Concerning equitable measures, Dawson believes that progress is coming.
Persons: Dasheeda Dawson, Harris, Jerry Nadler, Aiden Rafii, Rafii, Eunice Kim, Kim, Dawson, Read, Cannabis, Larry Sanders, Rachel Knox, Toi Hutchinson, Chaney Turner, Cat Packer, We've Organizations: Business, Oregon's, Community, Biden, Marijuana, Reinvestment, Civil Liberties Union, ACLU, Daily, City Council, National Organization, National Cannabis Industry Association, NBA, Oregon Cannabis Commission, Cannabis Regulators of Color Coalition Locations: Portland, Oregon, New York, Minnesota, Oklahoma, Massachusetts, Illinois, Oakland, Los Angeles
No president in modern US history has exhibited more disdain for the democratic process or disseminated more disinformation during an election cycle than Donald Trump. On Saturday, after multiple news outlets declared president-elect Joe Biden the winner of the 2020 presidential election, Trump refused to concede. With his path to victory in the 2020 election dwindling on Thursday, Trump called for vote counting to stop. Trump is a danger to America's democracyTrump's efforts to undermine the legitimacy of the 2020 election began long before November 3. Before Election Day, top experts on authoritarianism said Trump was behaving much like the fascist Italian leader Benito Mussolini.
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Constant explains that the dichotomy of voting for Trump and progressive economic policies boils down to trust: Voters trust Republican candidates on economic matters more because they're better at talking about them positively. If Democrat candidates can more successfully articulate progressive economic policies, Constant believes voters will naturally gravitate toward them. If you look at the results of ballot measures across the country from election night, you can see that Americans are clamoring for progressive economic policies. But given the bipartisan success of progressive economic policies on election night, it's clear that the need for meaningful solutions which match the scale of our biggest problems will only increase. We already know that progressive economic policies are popular in deep-red states.
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By early Thursday, Biden had 3.6 million more votes than Trump nationwide, but margins were razor-thin in several states. In Wisconsin, Biden led Trump by roughly 21,000 votes out of 3.3 million cast. Biden, 77, predicted victory on Wednesday and launched a website to begin the transition to a Democratic-controlled White House. “They are finding Biden votes all over the place - in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Michigan. Trump defeated Democrat Hillary Clinton in 2016 after winning crucial battleground states even though she drew about 3 million more votes nationwide.
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Police arrest 11 in Portland, 50 in New York at protests after U.S. vote
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In New York, police said they had made about 50 arrests in protests that spread in the city late on Wednesday. Demonstrations, mostly small and peaceful, were held in cities across the United States by supporters of Democratic nominee Joe Biden. Activists also staged rallies in Atlanta, Detroit and Oakland demanding that vote counts proceed unimpeded. Slideshow ( 6 images )“All of the gatherings that were declared riots were downtown,” a Portland Police spokesman told Reuters in an emailed statement. Portland has seen months of demonstrations since Floyd’s death, particularly in the city’s downtown area, with protests occasionally turning into clashes between demonstrators and police as well as between right- and left-wing groups.
Persons: Kate Brown, Joe Biden, Donald Trump, Biden, George Floyd Organizations: Reuters, Police, National Guard, U.S, Democratic, Denver Police Department, Portland Police, Locations: Portland, Oregon, New York, United States, Denver, Minneapolis, Atlanta , Detroit, Oakland, , Detroit, Michigan
ET Election Highlights: Undecided States Prepare to Release New Vote Counts After Tense Night Joe Biden gained ground on President Trump in Georgia and Pennsylvania, but his lead diminished in Arizona. Some in the crowd chanted “Down With Fox,” a criticism of the television network’s decision to call Arizona for Mr. Biden. As of early Thursday, Mr. Biden led Mr. Trump in Arizona by 68,400 votes, or less than three percentage points. Separately, the Trump campaign said it would seek a recount of the vote in Wisconsin, even before the race was called. And while polling had presaged a swing away from Mr. Trump among white voters 65 and over, that never fully took shape.
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Election personnel continue to count absentee ballots through the lunch hour at State Farm Arena in Atlanta on Wednesday. As of Thursday morning, Mr. Trump had 49.57 percent of the total votes counted, and Mr. Biden had 49.2 percent, according to figures from the secretary of state’s office. Results are expected later on Thursday in two states that could determine the outcome of the election, Nevada and Arizona. As of early Thursday, Mr. Biden led Mr. Trump in Maricopa County by 74,514 votes, almost 11,000 fewer than the previous update on Wednesday night. Statewide, Mr. Biden leads Mr. Trump by less than three percentage points.
Persons: Gary Peters, Audra Melton, Trump’s, Brad Raffensperger, Mr, Raffensperger, Joseph R, Biden, Trump, Gabriel Sterling, Hillary Clinton, Eugene Hoshiko, DAX, Read, Bryan Denton, , Mike Baker, Jim Rutenberg, Adriana Zehbrauskas Organizations: Democrat, U.S . Senate, Farm Arena, ., The New York Times ATLANTA, Democratic, Republican, Global, Nikkei, U.S, Wall, CAC, White House, Protesters, State Capitol, The New York Times, Minneapolis —, , National Guard, Trump, The New York Times PHOENIX, Maricopa County’s Locations: Michigan, Georgia, Atlanta, Chatham County, Savannah, Fulton County, Gwinnett, U.S, Japan, Europe, Germany, France, Hong Kong, Lansing . Credit, Nevada, Arizona, Midwest , Michigan, Wisconsin, Seattle, Chicago, Phoenix, Philadelphia, Minneapolis, Portland, Detroit, Guadalupe, Ariz ., Trump, Maricopa County
PORTLAND, Ore. — Calling on election officials to “count every vote,” protesters marched through the streets of several American cities on Wednesday in response to President Trump’s aggressive effort to challenge the vote count in Tuesday’s presidential election. In Minneapolis, protesters blocked a freeway, prompting arrests. In Portland, hundreds gathered on the waterfront to protest the president’s attempted interventions in the vote count as a separate group protesting the police and urging racial justice surged through downtown, smashing shop windows and confronting police officers and National Guard troops. In Phoenix, about 150 pro-Trump protesters, some of them armed, gathered outside the county recorder’s office where a closely watched count of votes that could help determine the outcome of the election was being conducted. At several points, protesters contended that Adrian Fontes, the county official who oversees elections in Maricopa County, was improperly failing to count some ballots and costing Mr. Trump votes in Arizona’s most populous county — although there was no evidence that any ballots had been improperly tossed.
Persons: , Trump’s, Adrian Fontes, Trump Organizations: National Guard, Trump Locations: PORTLAND, Minneapolis, Portland, Phoenix, Maricopa County, Arizona’s
San Francisco voters pass 'Overpaid Executive Tax'
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Trying to address the growing wage gap between chief executives and workers, San Francisco voters overwhelmingly approved what is believed to be the nation's first tax aimed at combatting pay inequity. The "Overpaid Executive Tax," formally known as Proposition L, will charge any company that does business in San Francisco and has a top executive earning over 100 times more than their "typical local worker," according to the tax's author, Matt Haney, a member of the city's Board of Supervisors. So top earners making 200 times more than the average worker pay a 0.2 percent tax and so on. San Francisco voters embraced this tax at a time when CEO compensation is surging. "Such a tax would most likely prevent the attraction of new businesses to relocate to San Francisco, at such a time as we are seeing unprecedented economic downturn due to the pandemic."
Persons: Matt Haney, Morgan, Haney, Richie Greenberg Organizations: San, city's, Supervisors, Companies, NBC, Trump, Facebook, San Francisco, Economic Policy Institute, Visa, Twitter Locations: San Francisco, California, Florida, San, Portland , Oregon
Washington, DC (CNN) Waymo, the self-driving company of Google's parent company Alphabet , has suspended its self-driving operations in San Francisco as businesses and cities brace for potential unrest following the presidential election . Waymo moved its San Francisco vehicles to neighboring Mountain View Monday night out of an abundance of caution and with the safety of its team in mind, according to a spokeswoman. The company says it will continue its operations in suburban Chandler, Arizona, where it operates a ride-hailing service. A Waymo self-driving car drives in San Francisco in 2018. Lime, the world's biggest scooter-sharing company, said that it's planning to operate as normal this week unless instructed by cities.
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