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She would like to hear more from pilots who have had similar UFO sightings. "There's a common humanity, I guess, of being a little bit shocked, a little bit delighted, a little bit nervous, confused, all of that. But Dietrich also voiced hope that public interest in UFOs would abate as the subject gains more mainstream attention. "I hope I'm not the UFO, Tic Tac person for the rest of my life. Reporting by Pavithra George in Washington; Editing by Steve Gorman and Stephen CoatesOur Standards: The Thomson Reuters Trust Principles.
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Ghani and Abdullah spent Thursday discussing the situation in Afghanistan with lawmakers on Capitol Hill. The crisis has fueled grave concerns that the Taliban could regain power - two decades after the U.S.-led invasion ended their harsh version of Islamist rule – allowing a resurgence of al Qaeda. "The Pentagon and the intelligence community are saying it is very likely that al Qaeda will come roaring back. U.S. officials respond that the United States will be able to detect and thwart any new threats by al Qaeda or other Islamists. The Taliban insist al Qaeda is no longer in Afghanistan.
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Live Updates: Harris Will Visit the U.S. Border with Mexico
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Live Live Updates: Harris Will Visit the U.S. Border with Mexico Vice President Kamala Harris will visit a migrant processing center in El Paso during her first visit to the U.S.-Mexico border since taking office. Vice President Kamala Harris departed Joint Base Andrews for a trip to El Paso on Friday. Along with Ms. Escobar, Ms. Harris is traveling with Senator Dick Durbin, the chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee who has been involved in past attempts at bipartisan immigration reform. Ms. Harris is also traveling with Alejandro N. Mayorkas, the secretary of homeland security. Greg Abbott of Texas days after Ms. Harris visits.
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WASHINGTON — The Biden administration plans to evacuate at least some of the Afghans who worked with the U.S. military and who face the threat of retribution from the Taliban before the U.S. withdrawal's official completion date of Sept. 11, senior administration officials said Thursday. Asked about the fate of Afghans who worked as interpreters or in other jobs, Biden said: "We've already begun the process" of helping the Afghan partners. The administration is identifying Afghans who worked with the U.S. government to be relocated to a third country to allow the Afghans to "safely complete" the remainder of the visa application process, she said. The senior administration official left open the possibility that evacuations might have to be expanded. Advocates have accused the Biden administration of moving far too slowly to protect the tens of thousands of Afghans whose lives are in mortal danger because of their association with the U.S. and Western organizations.
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U.S. Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm speaks about the Colonial Pipeline cyberattack shut down during a press briefing at the White House in Washington, May 11, 2021. WASHINGTON – The Department of Energy is asking Congress for $201 million in its budget request for the fiscal year 2022 to address digital vulnerabilities after a steady uptick in sweeping cyber attacks. The $201 million request, up from $157 million in 2021, will help bolster the federal agency's cybersecurity efforts and address any "gaps" in the supply chain and tech infrastructure. The Biden administration is asking Congress for $9.8 billion for federal civilian cybersecurity in 2022, nearly a 15% increase over 2021. The Pentagon is requesting $10.4 billion in 2022 for its cybersecurity budget request.
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The U.S. intelligence community, in conjunction with the Pentagon, is due in the coming days to submit a report to Congress on the subject. In the lead-up to its forthcoming report, Defense Department officials have made clear they take the issue seriously while sidestepping questions about any potential extraterrestrial origins. The report marks a turning point for the U.S. military after decades of deflecting, debunking and discrediting observations of unidentified flying objects and "flying saucers." The term "unidentified flying objects," or UFOs, long associated with the notion of alien spacecraft, has been replaced in official government parlance by "UAP." COLD WAR FLYING SAUCERSPublic fascination with UFOs generally dates to 1947, when the pilot of a small airplane reported seeing nine "saucer-like" objects flying at supersonic speed near Mount Rainier in Washington state.
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REUTERS/Lucas Jackson/File PhotoWASHINGTON, June 24 (Reuters) - The United States is planning to evacuate a group of vulnerable Afghan interpreters before the U.S. military completes its withdrawal from Afghanistan so they can wrap up their visa applications from safety, U.S. officials said on Thursday. Fighting between U.S.-backed Afghan forces and the Taliban has surged in recent weeks, with the militants gaining control of territory. Political talks between the government and the Taliban have largely stalled and it is unclear how Afghan security forces will perform after U.S. troops depart. The U.S. military has completed more than half of its withdrawal from Afghanistan and is set to finish in the coming weeks. With Honaryar and other former interpreters, he told reporters he welcomed reports of the planned evacuations.
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The Philippines is looking for a new multi-role fighter jet and is evaluating the F-16 and the SAAB Abs (SAABb.ST) Gripen. The announcement comes as the United States seeks to renew an agreement with the Philippines governing the U.S. troop presence in the country, which is critical to Washington’s strategy to counter ever-expanding Chinese activity in Asia. The Pentagon also notified Congress on Thursday of the possible sale of two missile packages to the Philippines. One was for 12 Harpoon Air Launched Block II Missiles, two training missiles, spares and equipment made by Boeing (BA.N) and valued at up to $120 million. Another was for 24 AIM-9X Sidewinder Block II tactical missiles, 24 training missiles and spare parts made by Raytheon Technologies (RTX.N) and valued at up to $42.4 million.
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Military leaders excoriated Rep. Matt Gaetz during a House hearing on Wednesday after the Florida Republican raised questions about critical race theory being taught to the nation’s soldiers. "We do not teach critical race theory, we don't embrace critical theory and I think that is a spurious conversation," Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin told Gaetz during a House Armed Services Committee hearing. “I’ve read Mao Tse-tung. I’ve read Karl Marx. I’ve read Lenin.
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It comes after officials confirmed leaked footage of UFOs encountered by US pilots. The New York Times reported that there's no evidence the objects came from space. A highly anticipated Pentagon report on UFOs is due to be released to Congress by the end of this month. The New York Times reported that the report details more than 120 incidents, most of which can't be explained by current US technology. The Pentagon has previously confirmed leaked footage of UFOs is real, including footage of UFOs accelerating in ways that baffled US pilots.
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Their bill is named for Army Specialist Vanessa Guillen, who was murdered after reporting sexual harassment. They argue, supported by some members of Congress, that preserving commanders' authority over prosecutions is vital to maintaining discipline. Backers of the legislation argue that the military has failed to improve the system despite years of promises. A 2018 Pentagon survey estimated that 20,500 male and female service members experienced some kind of sexual assault that year. read more"When we have a system that fails victims, everyone is failed," Republican Representative Mike Turner told the news conference.
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Live Live Updates: Harris to Visit Southern Border Amid Republican Criticism Vice President Kamala Harris will travel to El Paso on Friday with Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro N. Mayorkas. President Biden is set to deliver remarks on gun violence as homicides rise in some cities, raising concerns about efforts to overhaul policing. The visit will come just days before former President Donald J. Trump is set to visit the border with a group of House Republicans and Gov. While she said no one likes the conservatorship, she does not expect any push by the Biden administration to end it anytime soon. Mr. Biden dispatched aides to Capitol Hill on Tuesday for discussions that his press secretary, Jen Psaki, said yielded progress.
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Senior military officials, including the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Army General Mark Milley, have stopped short of endorsing the move, despite acknowledging failings in addressing sexual assault in the ranks. Backers of the legislation argue that the military has failed to improve the system despite years of promises. AUSTIN BREAKS FROM PREDECESSORSU.S. Army soldiers stand by at a military field hospital in Seattle, Washington, U.S., April 1, 2020. A 2018 Pentagon survey estimated that 20,500 male and female service members experienced some kind of sexual assault that year. read more"When we have a system that fails victims, everyone is failed," Republican Representative Mike Turner told the news conference.
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White House says no increased violence against U.S. troops in Afghanistan
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1/2 White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki holds the daily press briefing at the White House in Washington, U.S. June 23, 2021. REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst Read MoreWASHINGTON, June 23 (Reuters) - The Pentagon is overseeing an orderly withdrawal of U.S. forces from Afghanistan and the United States has not seen an increase in violence directed against its troops in the country in the past year, White House press secretary Jen Psaki said on Wednesday. Psaki told a news briefing that while there had been increased attacks on Afghan forces and the government compared with a year ago "we have not seen an increase in attacks on our military or presence since February 2020." Reporting by Nandita Bose, Steve Holland, Lisa Lambert, Doina Chiacu and David Brunnstrom Editing by Chris ReeseOur Standards: The Thomson Reuters Trust Principles.
Persons: Jen Psaki, Jonathan Ernst Read More, Psaki, Nandita Bose, Steve Holland, Lisa Lambert, Doina Chiacu, David Brunnstrom, Chris Reese Organizations: White House Press, White, REUTERS, Pentagon, Thomson Locations: Washington , U.S, Jonathan Ernst Read More WASHINGTON, U.S, Afghanistan, United States
Fighting around Imam Sahib district began late Sunday and by midday Monday the Taliban had overrun the district headquarters and were in control of police headquarters, said Inamuddin Rahmani, provincial police spokesman said. Like Imam Sahib district in northern Kunduz, their significance often lies in their proximity to roads and major cities. Afghan security force members stand at a security checkpoint after armed clashes on the outskirts of Kunduz city. Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahed confirmed Imam Sahib district was in Taliban hands. In recent days, the Taliban have taken several districts across the three northern provinces of Kunduz, Baghlan and Balkh, said Mousavi.
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Google CEO Sundar Pichai is facing criticism from senior employees frustrated by his 'risk-averse' leadership. The New York Times found that more than 30 Google VPs have quit the company in the past year. Google chief executive Sundar Pichai reportedly faces a fresh management challenge as a portion of his senior leadership grows restive. After more than 2,000 employees signed a petition rebuking Gebru's firing, Pichai promised to restore trust within the company. Yes," Caesar Sengupta, a former Google VP of 15 years, told the Times.
Persons: Sundar Pichai, Pichai, David Baker, Larry Page, Gebru, VPs, Caesar Sengupta, Aparna Chennapragada, Pichai's Organizations: The New York Times, Google, New York Times, The, Times, EU, Pentagon
The US is preparing to pull some of its forces and defenses from the Middle East this summer. Amanda StanfordThe US military is in the midst of a major shift in its focus, after two decades fighting terrorist and other violent extremist groups in the Middle East. McNulty said that the military's redeployment will not leave it vulnerable in the Middle East. "We also retain the flexibility to rapidly flow forces back into the Middle East as conditions warrant." "We have been a close partner for many of these countries for decades, and there is no other country that provides the support and commitment to Middle East security and stability that the United States does.
Persons: Jessica McNulty, Lloyd Austin, Kenneth McKenzie, McNulty, Amanda Stanford, — Stephen Losey Organizations: Pentagon, US Central Command, Street Journal, Area Defense, US Air Force, Prince Sultan Air Base, Air Force, Staff, National Defense, Twitter Locations: Iraq, Kuwait, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, United States, Russia, China, North Korea
U.S. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin testifies on the defense department's budget request during a Senate Appropriations Committee hearing on Capitol Hill in Washington, U.S., June 17, 2021. Sexual assault and harassment in the U.S. military is largely underreported and the Pentagon's handling of it has come under renewed scrutiny. Austin said he also backed removing other related crimes, such as domestic violence, from the military chain of command. He said he would brief President Joe Biden on the recommendation from an independent commission on sexual assault established by the Pentagon. Reporting by Phil Stewart and Idrees Ali; Additional reporting by Patricia Zengerle; Editing by Peter CooneyOur Standards: The Thomson Reuters Trust Principles.
Persons: Lloyd Austin, Evelyn Hockstein, Austin, Joe Biden, Phil Stewart, Idrees Ali, Patricia Zengerle, Peter Cooney Organizations: Defense, Capitol, REUTERS, Pool WASHINGTON, . Defense, Military, Pentagon, Thomson Locations: Washington , U.S, Pool, U.S
Four Saudis involved in the death of journalist Jamal Khashoggi received training in the US prior to his killing, NYT reported. The contract for the paramilitary training was approved by the State Department, according to the NYT. Four Saudis who were involved in the death of the Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi in 2018 received paramilitary training in the US the year prior, The New York Times reported Tuesday. Arkansas-based security company Tier 1 Group provided the paramilitary training. Khashoggi was killed in the Saudi Consulate in Istanbul in October 2018; he was dismembered by Saudi agents.
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Sexual assault and harassment in the U.S. military is largely underreported and the Pentagon's handling of it has come under renewed scrutiny. Austin said he also backed removing other related crimes, such as domestic violence, from the military chain of command. He said he would brief President Joe Biden on the recommendation from an independent commission on sexual assault established by the Pentagon. A 2018 Pentagon survey estimated that 20,500 male and female service members experienced some kind of sexual assault that year. Senior military officials, including the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Army General Mark Milley, have acknowledged failings in addressing sexual assault in the ranks.
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REUTERS/Sarah Silbiger/File PhotoWASHINGTON, June 22 (Reuters) - Four Saudis who participated in the 2018 killing of the Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi received paramilitary training in the United States the previous year under a contract approved by the State Department, the New York Times reported on Tuesday. In response to the Times report, State Department spokesman Ned Price said under the law the department cannot comment "on any of the licensed defense export licensing activity alleged in media reporting." Price also said U.S. policy towards Saudi Arabia "will prioritize the rule of law and respect for human rights." A U.S. intelligence report in February said the crown prince had approved an operation to capture or kill the journalist. Bremer said the U.S. State Department and other government agencies are responsible for vetting foreign forces trained on U.S. soil, the Times reported.
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U.S. Plans to Spend Big on Critical Minerals; Choosing Where Isn’t Easy
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As the U.S. and its allies chase China in procuring critical minerals essential for modern technologies, they face a major hurdle: a lack of companies and projects with an established record. The U.S. has pumped millions of dollars into researching how to extract rare-earth minerals from abandoned coal fields, an approach some say won’t work. The Pentagon has invested in a U.S.-based rare-earth magnets manufacturer that sources many of its products from China. “There were many ventures we had questions about in terms of their claims and what they were doing,” said Drew Horn, a former senior official at the Department of Energy, the White House and the Office of the Director of National Intelligence who specialized in critical minerals during the Trump administration. The Senate this month approved a bipartisan, $250 billion bill to boost government spending on technology research and development to catch up with China, including funds for digging up and processing critical minerals at home and with allied nations.
Persons: , Drew Horn, Trump Organizations: Pentagon, Department of Energy, White, National Intelligence, Senate Locations: U.S, China, Canada
Fight Over Covid’s Origins Renews Debate on Risks of Lab Work
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Grants from the National Science Foundation, the Pentagon or other agencies could include dangerous research and also need oversight, he said. Then there is the even thornier question of private research, not funded by the government. Dr. Relman has also criticized the government’s process for screening and approving gain-of-function research. At a January 2020 meeting of the advisory board, he objected to the lack of information released about how two research proposals were approved. “It’s not clear how they decide what’s acceptable gain of function and what’s not,” she said.
Persons: David Relman, Relman, Rozanne, weren’t, , Angela Rasmussen, , Richard Ebright, Fauci Organizations: U.S . National Science Advisory, Biosecurity, Stanford University, National Science Foundation, Pentagon, Virology, University of Saskatchewan’s, Infectious Disease Organization, Rutgers, National Institute of Allergy, Nuclear Locations: H.H.S, United States
These issues, fundamental to the survival of the Afghan national security forces once the U.S. military withdraws, are still being hashed out. How to deal with the contractors is just one of a number of pressing problems created by the rapid withdrawal of American troops. is struggling to ensure that it can gather intelligence about potential threats from Afghanistan once the U.S. military presence ends. For instance, Mr. Sopko spoke of the challenges the Afghans were facing with maintenance work during a virtual forum this year. The Afghan National Police carried out only 12 percent of its own maintenance work against a target of 35 percent.
Persons: Al, John F, Sopko Organizations: Afghan, Pentagon, Defense Department, United States, Afghan National Army, Afghan National Police, Afghan Air Force Locations: U.S, Afghanistan, Al Qaeda, United
WASHINGTON — The U.S.-led military mission in Afghanistan planned to hold a flag-lowering ceremony on Friday in Kabul with NATO allies but the event was cancelled at the last moment amid questions over what the ceremony was meant to signify, according to three U.S. Defense officials. The flag-lowering ceremony at the Kabul headquarters for NATO’s “Resolute Support” mission, which trains and advises Afghan security forces, was called off only hours before it was due to begin, the Defense officials said. The ceremony likely would be held at another date, two Defense officials said, and would only include officers and officials already working at the headquarters due to concerns over Covid-19. U.S. troops already have handed over several bases and airfields to Afghan security forces and C-17 cargo planes are continuously flying out equipment. The Defense Department “continues to pursue, analyze and refine the best options available and will announce corresponding decisions and implementation plans as they become available and appropriate,” Lodewick said.
Persons: WASHINGTON, Joe Biden, Donald Trump’s, Biden, , , Stephanie Kostro, ” Kostro, Rob Lodewick, ” Lodewick, Defense Department “, Biden’s, Ronald Neumann, Jake Sullivan, Tayyip Erdogan, Sullivan, Hamid, Erdogan Organizations: NATO, U.S . Defense, U.S, Pentagon, , Defense, United, Taliban, U.S ., Lawmakers, State Department, U.S . Agency for International Development, Professional Services Council, Professional Services, NBC, DoD, Department of Defense, State, Department, Defense Department, The State Department, Washington Post, International Airport, Monday, American Foreign Service Association, Afghan, Coalition Locations: The U.S, Afghanistan, Kabul, Washington, Resolute, Covid, U.S, United States, , Turkey, Brussels, American
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