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Trump relented and instead hunkered down at the White House to watch television images of the mob rioting he is accused of triggering. Trump’s last days in the White House have been marked by rage and turmoil, multiple sources said. The White House declined to comment for this story. If convicted by the Senate in a trial that would occur after he has left the White House, Trump could be banned from holding federal office again. “I would be floored if that were to happen,” another White House official said.
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Eastman, 60, who made unsubstantiated claims of election fraud at the rally, would neither confirm nor deny whether he will represent Trump, citing attorney-client privilege. A former clerk to U.S. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, Eastman represented Trump last month in unsuccessful challenges to the election. He does not think Trump has culpability, either. Giuliani’s own pressure on Ukraine helped lead to Trump’s impeachment trial. Jay Sekulow, another personal lawyer for Trump who played a role during the first impeachment, also is not expected to be involved.
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Aides talked President Trump out of showing up in person to defend himself at Wednesday's impeachment vote in the House of Representatives, reported The New York Times. Aides are said to have convinced the president it would be a bad idea to offer a defense during Wednesday's vote. In Wednesday's vote, Trump was impeached by 232-197 on a single charge of "incitement of insurrection" at last Wednesday's riot at the US Capitol. Having been kicked off Twitter after the attack on the Capitol, Trump is without his favored platform to intervene and attempt to shape events. "Violence and vandalism have no place in our country... No true supporter of mine would ever endorse political violence," Trump said.
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Pence made that clear in a Tuesday night letter on White House stationary to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. "They're telling him he can't," one of the GOP sources close to the White House said. And a wave of recent departures also came from top White House staffers citing the attack on the Capitol.. "This is him by himself and it is something that has never happened before," said one former senior Trump administration official. I just think that's a goofy theory," said the former Trump administration official.
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Mark, he is listening to some extent - and to be clear, I don’t think he’s going to testify - but there are so, so few people around him right now. The White House counsel, Pat Cipollone, has endured basically daily abuse since election day but has stayed on anyway. He will not be involved in an impeachment defense.
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President Donald Trump was told by an advisor to "think OJ" over the legal issues he could face over the Capitol riot last week, ABC News reported. President Donald Trump has been warned that he could face massive civil damages over last week's Capitol riot even if he avoids criminal charges, with one advisor telling him to "think OJ," ABC News reported. According to ABC News, the president has been told that he could face civil damages, with one advisor telling him: "Think OJ." ABC News did not specify what civil liability Trump could face over his role in inciting the mob before Capitol riot. Cipollone and former US Attorney General Bill Barr have told Trump in recent weeks that he should not pardon himself, CNN reported Monday.
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Despite speculation, this has not been confirmed by any credible source and the White House told Reuters the video is not a deepfake. U.S President Donald Trump gives an address, a day after his supporters stormed the U.S. Capitol in Washington, U.S., in this still image taken from video provided on social media on January 8, 2021. Donald J. Trump via Twitter/via REUTERS ATTENTION EDITORS - THIS IMAGE HAS BEEN SUPPLIED BY A THIRD PARTY. This is a deep fake.” The caption on the post says, “BREAKING: Donald J. Trump Video CONFIRMED ‘Deep Fake’ – TRUST THE PLAN”. No credible source has confirmed or provided evidence that the video of President Trump criticising Jan. 6 rioting and referring to an orderly transition of power is a deepfake.
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Attorneys for Dominion and Smartmatic, another election technology company, have warned of potential lawsuits against President Donald Trump, Fox News, Newsmax, and One America News. On Friday, Dominion filed a $1.3 billion defamation lawsuit against Sidney Powell, an architect of the conspiracy theories about the 2020 presidential election. Smartmatic, the rival company Powell claims is secretly in cahoots with Dominion, does have ties to Venezuela. Even before the 2020 election, Trump has frequently made false claims about voting being rigged against him. Coomer is suing Trump, Powell, Giuliani, and various other right-wing figures and organizations over those claims.
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(Reuters) - President Donald Trump may turn to Rudy Giuliani to defend him against possible impeachment over his role in last week’s violent siege of the U.S. Capitol, according to two people familiar with the matter. REUTERS/Jim BourgOne of the sources, an outside adviser to the White House, said Giuliani was expected to play a lead role in any impeachment effort. The other source familiar with the situation said Giuliani, a personal attorney of the president, would likely provide the kind of representation Trump wants. Giuliani, 76, led the legal team that tried unsuccessfully to overturn Trump’s election defeat. Alan Dershowitz, the Harvard Law professor emeritus who argued as part of the defense in Trump’s impeachment trial last year, told Reuters on Friday that he would be honored to help defend Trump given the First Amendment issues, if asked.
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President Trump is considering appointing Rudy Giuliani and the high-profile lawyer Alan Dershowitz to his defense team in the event he faces another impeachment trial, CNN reports. Trump's original legal team who defended him during his first impeachment trial has been sidelined. President Trump is considering appointing his personal attorney Rudy Giuliani and the high-profile lawyer Alan Dershowitz to his defense team in case he faces another impeachment trial this week, two sources familiar with the matter told CNN. Meanwhile, Trump's original team of lawyers who defended him during his first impeachment trial in December 2019, are unlikely to be rejoining him, CNN reports. Trump was impeached by the House in December 2019 on articles for abuse of power and obstruction of Congress.
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The video remarks were viewed in the White House as the concession speech that many aides had been hoping he would deliver after his loss became apparent, the source said. Democrats in the House of Representatives plan to introduce articles of impeachment against Trump on Monday, two sources familiar with the matter said. PENCE ARRIVES AT WHITE HOUSEVice President Mike Pence arrived at the White House on Friday. Concerns about ensuring continuity of government and a transition to Biden have prompted some White House aides and top administration officials to remain in place after mulling resignations. Trump’s tweet on Friday that he will not attend Biden’s inauguration on Jan. 20 left open when he would actually depart the White House.
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President Donald Trump only agreed to record a video criticizing the Capitol rioters after he realized he could face legal consequences, The New York Times reported. In a Thursday video, Trump said he was "outraged by the violence" and promised a smooth transition to President-elect Joe Biden's administration. President Donald Trump only agreed to record a video denouncing the rioters that stormed the Capitol after he realized that he may face legal trouble for cheering them on, The New York Times reported. Trump supporters clash with police and security forces as people try to storm the US Capitol Building in Washington, DC, on January 6, 2021. Trump supporters protest as they storm the US Capitol in Washington D.C on January 6, 2021.
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Trump administration officials and allies are comparing President Donald Trump to "Mad King George" in his final days in office, The Washington Post reports. Aides described his conduct as that of "a total monster" and the violent circumstances in Washington that Trump caused as "insane" and "beyond the pale." Trump administration officials and allies are comparing President Donald Trump to "mad King George" in his final days in office as Washington grapples with the aftermath of the violent insurrection on Capitol Hill that Trump helped instigate. Aides described his conduct to The Washington Post as that of "a total monster" and the violent circumstances in Washington that Trump caused as "insane" and "beyond the pale." On Wednesday afternoon, Trump made matters worse by attacking his own Vice President, Mike Pence.
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Dominion Voting Systems on Friday brought a $1.3 billion defamation suit against the conservative lawyer Sidney Powell, alleging that her false and outlandish claims about fraud in the 2020 election "caused unprecedented harm." Dominion, the supplier of voting machines to Georgia and other states and counties, brought the suit in the U.S. District Court in Washington. The suit lists "Defending the Republic, Inc.," a company Powell has used for fundraising purposes, as a defendant alongside Powell. Clare, speaking to reporters on a call after the suit was filed, suggested that Trump himself could be sued. "Sidney Powell and others created and disseminated these lies, assisted and amplified by a range of media platforms," he said.
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US President Donald Trump arrives to speak to supporters from The Ellipse near the White House on January 6, 2021, in Washington, DC. President Donald Trump has told aides in recent weeks that he is considering issuing himself a federal pardon, The New York Times reported on Thursday, citing two sources with knowledge of the matter. Trump has also floated the idea of pardoning family members and close associates, NBC News has reported. Read more: Here’s what 12 experts say about whether President Trump can pardon himselfOnly President Richard Nixon, who resigned in disgrace, has received a pardon. The New York Times reported that the discussions of a pardon occurred before the call, which was between Trump and Brad Raffensperger, Georgia's Republican secretary of state.
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President Donald Trump Jonathan Ernst | ReutersThe top federal prosecutor in Washington, D.C., on Thursday pointedly did not rule out charging President Donald Trump in connection with inciting a riot after his supporters invaded the U.S. Capitol complex a day earlier. A reporter during a press call noted that Trump had called on his supporters at a rally before the riot to fight for him. The Times also reported Thursday that Trump since Election Day has told advisors that he is considering pardoning himself for any crimes, and has asked whether he should do so. For weeks after Election Day, Trump, his lawyers and allies had waged a long-shot effort to overturn Biden's win by filing lawsuits. But judges, some of them appointed by Trump, rejected a number of those suits, while other cases were voluntarily withdrawn.
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Dominion Voting Systems has sent letters to Fox News, Newsmax, and One America News, warning of a defamation lawsuit. The voting firm is at the center of a false right-wing conspiracy theory it manipulated the results of the 2020 presidential election. Dominion has also sent letters to individual hosts and right-wing media figures, including Fox News's Sean Hannity, Lou Dobbs, and Maria Bartiromo, as well as Rush Limbaugh. The letters, dated December 22, warn the recipients to preserve documents and copies of correspondence related to Dominion. Dominion has gone on the offensive in recent weeks, going after Sidney Powell, the former Trump campaign lawyer who filed four failed federal lawsuits propagating the conspiracy theory.
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President Donald Trump has told Sidney Powell that he will not make her White House special counsel for investigating voter fraud in the 2020 election, The Daily Beast reported. Powell, an attorney and conspiracy theorist, had been seen at the White House in the past fortnight, pitching Trump legal strategies. President Donald Trump personally blocked conspiracy-theorist lawyer Sidney Powell from becoming a White House special counsel, The Daily Beast reported Tuesday. The idea, however, did not sit well with White House counsel Pat Cipollone and Trump's longtime personal attorney, Rudy Giuliani, The Times said. Jacquelyn Martin/AP PhotosSince Biden won the election Trump and his allies have claimed without evidence that the election was fraudulent.
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White House staffers are "worn out" and just "looking forward" to the end of the chaotic final days of President Trump's presidency, The New York Times reported Wedneday. Trump is icing out White House staffers who aren't on board with his continued efforts to subvert and overturn the 2020 election results, turning instead to conspiracy theorists like lawyer Sidney Powell. On Tuesday night, Trump also threatened to blow up the omnibus coronavirus relief and government funding bill the House just passed. White House staffers are "worn out" and "looking forward" to the end of President Donald Trump's presidency in the chaotic waning days of the Trump administration, according to a new report in The New York Times. White House staff had previously said he would sign the deal.
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President Donald Trump's lawyer and former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani talks to journalists outside the White House West Wing July 01, 2020 in Washington, DC. Giuliani also has been warned by Dominion's lawyers that "litigation regarding these issues is imminent," according to a new report by CNN, which was shown a copy of the letter. The letters to Cipollone and Giuliani reportedly demanded that Giuliani stop "making defamatory claims against Dominion," which makes voting machines. Powell last week was sent a similar letter from Dominion's lawyers about her "wild, knowingly baseless, and false accusations" about the company. Giuliani and a White House spokesman had no immediate comment when contacted by CNBC about CNN's report.
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Dominion lawyers sent a similar letter to Pat Cipollone, President Donald Trump's White House counsel, also obtained by Insider. Both letters ask the recipients to preserve copies of documents and communications "referring or relating in any way to Dominion." The conspiracy theory first gained currency through Sidney Powell, an attorney who worked with Giuliani on the Trump campaign's legal team. Earlier this month, Dominion sent a letter to Powell demanding that she retract her claims and threatening to sue her for defamation as well. Legal ethics experts previously told Insider that Giuliani and Powell have been "playing with fire" with their election conspiracy theory lawsuits and were at risk of court sanctions and possibly disbarment.
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They include Vice President Mike Pence, the outlet said. Trump thinks that those who are not fighting in his corner are — in Axios' words — "weak, stupid, or disloyal," and "beneath contempt." President Donald Trump is furious at Vice President Mike Pence and other top White House officials who are not joining his attempts not joining his attempts to overturn the 2020 election result, Axios reported Tuesday, citing multiple top officials. Trump thinks that those who are not fighting in his corner are — in Axios' words — "weak, stupid, or disloyal," and "beneath contempt." The vice president has made few public appearances since Election Day and has yet to take questions from reporters, according to CNN.
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"People out there talk about martial law like it's something that we've never done," Flynn told the conservative news outlet Newsmax last week. "Martial law has been instituted 64 times," said Flynn,a retired Army lieutenant general. Byrne has said he was at a long, sometimes contentious meeting with Trump, Powell, Flynn and Trump advisors on Friday, when they discussed the election-challenge strategy. NBC News has reported that White House chief of staff Mark Meadows and Cipollone ended the meeting because it was headed in an alarming direction. The Times reported Saturday that Trump at the meeting had asked about Flynn's suggestion of imposing martial law.
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WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump held a meeting at the White House on Friday evening in which he discussed the idea of naming appellate attorney Sidney Powell as a special counsel to investigate voter fraud in the election, a person familiar with the meeting confirmed to NBC News. Powell, White House Counsel Pat Cipollone and chief of staff Mark Meadows participated in the meeting, as did retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn. Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani participated by phone. The White House declined to comment. Flynn, who Trump recently pardoned, has been publicly pushing for Trump to declare martial law.
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President Donald Trump in a White House meeting Friday touted the idea of imposing martial law to overturn the election result, reported The New York Times and Axios. President Donald Trump, in a White House meeting, raised the possibility of imposing martial law in a bid to overturn the result of the presidential election, according to reports Saturday. The White House did not immediately respond to a request for comment on the reports. He wrote that under current law, "the president lacks any authority to declare martial law." On Twitter, former White House ethics counsel Richard Painter responded to Trump discussing invoking martial law with a one-word message: "Treason."
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