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PHNOM PENH, Cambodia — Kaavan, dubbed the “world’s loneliest elephant” after languishing alone for years in a Pakistani zoo, was greeted on his arrival in Cambodia on Monday by chanting Buddhist monks and was then sent on his way to a wildlife sanctuary. Like other travelers during these times, the elephant needed to be tested for Covid-19 before his flight. Once his large metal crate was safely on board, Kaavan was provided with in-flight snacks — 440 pounds of them — for the seven-hour journey. The flight was uneventful, which is all you can ask for when you transfer an elephant,” Khalil said. Amir Khalil, head of project development at Four Paws, with Kaavan at the Marghazar Zoo in Islamabad, Pakistan in September.
Persons: Kaavan, Amir Khalil, ” Khalil, Saheli, Cher, Eric Margolis, Saiyna Bashir, Martin Bauer, Bauer, Kaaven Organizations: American, Kaavan, NBC Locations: PHNOM PENH, Cambodia, Pakistani, Vienna, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Marghazar, Islamabad
Kaavan, Pakistan's lonesome elephant, starts new life in Cambodia
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PHNOM PENH (Reuters) - Pakistan’s lonely elephant Kaavan arrived in Cambodia by cargo plane on Monday to start a new life with 600 fellow pachyderms at a local sanctuary, the result of years of campaigning for his relocation by American singer Cher. Animal rescue organisation Four Paws said 36-year-old Kaavan, who had spent most of his life at Islamabad Zoo without a companion, would be released from his crate in daylight on Tuesday at a sanctuary. “Kaavan was eating, was not stressed, he was even a little bit sleeping, standing leaning at the crate wall. Cher had written songs pressing for Kaavan’s release from grim, isolated conditions at Islamabad Zoo and she had spent the last few days with him in Pakistan. “Cambodia is pleased to welcome Kaavan.
Persons: Kaavan, Cher, , Amir Khalil, Neth Pheaktra Organizations: Reuters, Islamabad, Islamabad Zoo, State, Environment Ministry Locations: PHNOM PENH, Cambodia, American, Cambodia’s, Siem Reap, Pakistan
Yemen pushes polio immunization in bid to stem outbreak
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SANAA (Reuters) - Yemeni health worker Fairouz Sanad lugs a coolbox of polio vaccines from house to house, dripping the liquid into children’s mouths hoping to stop an outbreak of the paralysing virus largely eradicated globally. But in populations with low vaccination rates - common in remote parts of war-torn countries like Yemen - the weakened polio virus used in vaccines can circulate and mutate, also causing paralysis. This is called a vaccine-derived polio outbreak. Sanad, a volunteer, is taking part in a three-day campaign finishing Monday run by the World Health Organisation and U.N. children’s agency UNICEF to vaccinate children across Houthi-controlled north Yemen. The August outbreak was detected in the country’s remote north-west, in areas not reached by vaccines for a long time, UNICEF said in September.
Persons: Abdel Nasser, , Sanad, WHO’s Nasser Organizations: United Nations, World Health, UNICEF, WHO, ” UNICEF Locations: Yemen, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Houthi, Sanaa, immunisations
‘Trump Is Better’: In Asia, Pro-Democracy Forces Worry About Biden
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But others within the community, particularly in Hong Kong and China, said that backing Mr. Trump is hypocritical at best and dangerous at worst. Mr. Badiucao, who is known by a pseudonym to protect his family in China, has skirmished online with Mr. Wang and other well-known dissidents and has made the scuffle a topic for his art. “These guys are utilitarian, and they believe that if Trump is waging war against the C.C.P. then he’s right for them,” Mr. Badiucao said. Financial sanctions were also placed on individuals in Pakistan and Cambodia, among other countries, where civil liberties are under threat.
Persons: Trump, , Badiucao, Wang, ” Mr, Pompeo Locations: Hong Kong, China, China , Hong Kong, Taiwan, Australia, Asia, U.S, Myanmar, Pakistan, Cambodia
Saudi and Israeli sources say that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman met covertly on November 22, the first such meeting between Israeli and Saudi leaders. Full normalization between Saudi Arabia and Israel remains unlikely in the near term, but defense and intelligence cooperation will continue to advance in the coming months. Saudi Arabia, and in particular its high-profile development projects like Neom, are reliant on advanced technologies such as biotech, agricultural tech and cyber technologies to succeed. However, Saudi Arabia has not yet shown that it's prepared to make the jump to normalization with Israel without the formation of a Palestinian state. Domestic backlash in Saudi Arabia could also cause notable security concerns.
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Cher sings to Kaavan, 'the world's loneliest elephant'
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Kaavan the elephant had languished in a zoo in Pakistan for decades. But thanks to Cher and a social media campaign, he's on his way to a new home in Cambodia.
Persons: Cher, he's Locations: Pakistan, Cambodia
Wise’s client, had she been there, would have been impossible to miss, because she is a 49-year-old Asian elephant named Happy currently living at the Bronx Zoo. Granting Happy a kind of legal personhood is perhaps the most roundabout way of trying to get better living conditions for her and other elephants. Many elephants deserve better living conditions, but granting them any level of personhood would potentially create an enormous legal, philosophical and financial mess that might not even succeed at getting elephants better living conditions. There are, of course, more conventional — albeit less headline grabbing — tactics that have worked around the world to secure better living conditions for elephants. And, if Happy is granted the right to habeas corpus, shouldn’t she have to ask for it or at least indicate a desire for it in some way?
Persons: Steven Wise’s, Happy, that's, Cher, Bob Barker Organizations: Division, New York, Bronx Zoo, , Google, Performing Animal Welfare Society, San Francisco Zoo, San, Pakistan’s, U.S . Air Force, Air Force Locations: U.S, San Francisco County, Alaska, California
Opinion | A Scorched Earth Strategy on Iran
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President Hassan Rouhani has said that Iran will respond in a manner and at a time of its own choosing. With temperatures running so high, the incoming Biden administration now faces a serious challenge. Britain, France and Germany should seek a swift convening of the commission that monitors implementation of the Iran nuclear agreement. The Johnson administration gave Iran its first small nuclear research reactor a decade later. In the more than 60 years since Iran’s nuclear efforts began, Israel, India, Pakistan and North Korea have all developed bombs.
Persons: Hassan Rouhani, Israel, Israel —, Trump, Qassim Suleimani, Biden, Mr, Eisenhower, Johnson, Barbara Slavin Organizations: Iranian, Iran Initiative, Atlantic Council, New York, Facebook, Twitter Locations: Iran, Israel, Britain, France, Germany, India, Pakistan, North Korea
KARACHI, Pakistan (Reuters) - Lawyer Nisha Rao maneuvers among the throng of black-coated attorneys clustered near Karachi’s city courts searching for her client. As Pakistan’s first transgender lawyer, she has carved a path from the streets to the courtroom and her example is inspiring other transgender people in the conservative Islamic Republic. “I am proud to have become Pakistan first transgender lawyer”, Rao told Reuters. Arriving in Karachi, Pakistan’s largest city, the elder transgender people she sought refuge with advised her to beg or become a sex worker to survive. “My goal is to become Pakistan’s first transgender judge,” she said.
Persons: Nisha Rao, Rao, Pakistan’s, , , Jeya Alvi, “ Rao, Nayab Organizations: Reuters, Islamic, Karachi Bar Association, Trans Locations: KARACHI, Pakistan, Karachi’s, Islamic Republic, Lahore, Karachi, Pakistan’s
Pakistan shuts schools to curb new coronavirus infections
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ISLAMABAD (Reuters) - Pakistan shut its schools and postponed exams on Thursday to try to curb new coronavirus infections and a rise in the number of people in hospital with COVID-19. Pakistan reported 3,306 new cases on Wednesday, and 40 deaths from the pandemic, with 2,485 patients currently admitted in hospitals, according to officials. The decision to close schools, officials have said, was based on an increase in the rate of positive test results in the country. The rate of people testing positive in June was as high as 23%, but dropped to a low of 1.7% by September. State television and radio stations were used to broadcast lessons for students at home for students in government schools.
Persons: Shafqat Mahmood, Imran Khan, , doesn’t Organizations: , World Locations: ISLAMABAD, Pakistan, COVID
(CNN) Six Pakistani cricket players are in isolation in New Zealand after testing positive for Covid-19, according to New Zealand's national cricket body on Thursday, and the whole squad has been issued with a "final warning" after several members were seen breaching rules on isolation. New Zealand Cricket (NZC) said it " was made aware today that six members of the Pakistan touring squad, currently in managed isolation in Christchurch, have tested positive for COVID-19." Four of the cases were new and two of the cases were "historical," the news release added. NZC said all players had tested negative for the virus before departing from Lahore on four separate occasions. "As a consequence, the Pakistan team's exemption to train while in managed isolation has been put on hold until investigations have been completed," NZC said.
Persons: NZC Organizations: CNN, Six Pakistani, New Zealand's, New Zealand Cricket, John Hopkins University of Medicine, Read Locations: New Zealand, Pakistan, Christchurch, Lahore
Photos: The novel coronavirus outbreak Dr. Deborah Birx, the White House coronavirus response coordinator, speaks during a news conference on Thursday, November 19. Hide Caption 10 of 427Photos: The novel coronavirus outbreak People shop at an outside market in Berlin on October 27. Hide Caption 62 of 427Photos: The novel coronavirus outbreak A worker disinfects a public school in Brasilia, Brazil, on August 5. Hide Caption 65 of 427Photos: The novel coronavirus outbreak Elementary school students walk to class in Godley, Texas, on August 5. The shelter, which hosts 470 asylum seekers, was placed in isolation after a pregnant resident tested positive for the novel coronavirus.
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Afghan migrant: I thought France was humane until police beat me
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We thought they were humane people,” he said on Tuesday night near a railway station in Paris where charities were distributing food. Khademi, 27, said he was inside his tent when the police arrived and beat him with batons. From Mazar-i-Sharif in northern Afghanistan, he said he travelled through Pakistan, Iran, and the Balkans to reach France. He previously stayed at a migrant camp on the edge of Paris, but that was dispersed last week. “We have no way back; we have to stay here and endure the situation because we have no other choice.”
Persons: Murtaza Khademi, Gonzalo Fuentes, , ” Khademi, Gerard Darmanin Organizations: PARIS, la Republique, REUTERS, Police Locations: Afghanistan, France, Europe, la, Paris, Mazar, Pakistan, Iran, Balkans
UAE halts new visas to citizens of 13 mostly Muslim states - document
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DUBAI (Reuters) - The United Arab Emirates has stopped issuing new visas to citizens of 13 mostly Muslim-majority countries, including Iran, Syria, Afghanistan and Pakistan, according to a document issued by a state-owned business park. FILE PHOTO: The skyline including the Burj Khalifa tower is seen as ships dock at Port Rashid in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, May 26, 2013. The document said applications for new employment and visit visas had been suspended for nationals - those outside the UAE - of 13 countries that also included Somalia, Libya and Yemen until further notice. A diplomat commented that the UAE had strained relations with some of the states listed, such as Turkey. Last week, Pakistan’s foreign ministry said the UAE had stopped processing new visas for its citizens and those of some other countries, but that those already holding valid visas were not affected and could still enter the UAE.
Persons: Ahmed Jadallah Organizations: Reuters, United Arab, United Arab Emirates, REUTERS, Federal Authority, Identity, Embassy, Islamic State Locations: DUBAI, United Arab Emirates, Iran, Syria, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Burj Khalifa, Port Rashid, Dubai, United Arab, UAE, Somalia, Libya, Yemen, Algeria, Kenya, Iraq, Lebanon, Tunisia, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Jeddah, Israel
NEW YORK (Reuters) - The dollar rebounded from a three-month low against a basket of currencies on Wednesday as a risk-on rally in global financial markets appeared to stall after U.S. data showed a less-than-rosy economic picture. FILE PHOTO: A trader shows U.S. dollar notes at a currency exchange booth in Peshawar, Pakistan December 3, 2018. The U.S. dollar index was 0.05% lower at 92.086, having fallen as low as 91.941 earlier in the session, its weakest since Sept 1. Later today, investors will be focused on the minutes from the Federal Reserve’s latest meeting. “We don’t expect much surprise and see limited room for the minutes to tame the dollar decline.
Persons: Fayaz Aziz, Shaun Osborne, ” Osborne, Janet Yellen, Rishi Sunak Organizations: YORK, REUTERS, U.S, Scotiabank, Federal, Treasury, ING, Sterling Locations: Peshawar, Pakistan
The resulting agreement was signed by Representative Zoe Lofgren of California, the chairwoman of the Administration Committee, in January and paid out this summer. It resolved claims brought by Mr. Awan and the other four staffers under the Federal Tort Claims Act that House officials behaved negligently in their second inquiry after the Justice Department found no evidence of illegal conduct. Mr. Awan declined to comment on the settlement. Mr. Awan was born in Pakistan in 1980 and moved to Northern Virginia in 1997. As the workload grew, Mr. Awan brought on two of his brothers, his wife and a friend to assist him, and they became shared employees as well.
Persons: Zoe Lofgren, Mr, Awan, Ms, Lofgren, , Peter Romer, Friedman, , Robert Wexler of, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Cedric Richmond of, Joseph R, Biden, Wasserman Schultz, Trump Organizations: Administration, Federal, Justice Department, Florida, White, Democratic National Committee, Mr Locations: Zoe Lofgren of California, Pakistan, Northern Virginia, Robert Wexler of Florida, Cedric Richmond of Louisiana
LAWRENCEVILLE, Ga. — Four years ago, Maliha Javed, an immigrant from Pakistan, was not paying attention to politics. A community college student in suburban Atlanta, she was busy paying for books and studying for classes. Ms. Javed is part of a small but powerful new force in Georgia politics: Asian-American voters. She lives in Gwinnett County, Georgia’s second-most populous county and the one with the largest Asian-American population. Mr. Biden, who narrowly defeated President Trump in Georgia, won Gwinnett County by 18 percentage points, a substantial increase over Hillary Clinton’s performance four years ago and only the second time the county went blue since the 1970s.
Persons: Maliha Javed, Joseph R, Biden, , , Javed, Georgia’s, Trump, Hillary Clinton’s Organizations: Trump, Amazing Grace Lutheran Church, Gwinnett County Locations: LAWRENCEVILLE, Ga, Pakistan, Atlanta, United States, Georgia, Gwinnett County, Gwinnett
Pakistan gives U.N. a dossier on India after India submits one on Pakistan
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NEW YORK (Reuters) - Pakistan gave U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres a dossier on Tuesday accusing India of stoking terrorism in Pakistan, a day after India provided a dossier to some U.N. Security Council members accusing militants from Pakistan of attempting an attack in the disputed Indian territory Kashmir. REUTERS/Mohsin RazaThe tit-for-tat moves come ahead of India joining the 15-member council for a two-year term starting Jan. 1, 2021. Ambassador Munir Akram accused India of violating international law, the U.N. Charter and Security Council resolutions by sponsoring terrorism. U.N. peacekeepers have been deployed since 1949 to observe a ceasefire between India and Pakistan in Jammu and Kashmir. The U.N. Security Council blacklisted the head of the Pakistan-based militant group Jaish-e-Mohammed in May last year after China dropped its objection to the move, ending a decade-long diplomatic impasse.
Persons: Antonio Guterres, Mohsin Raza, Pakistan’s U.N, Munir Akram, , , Mohammed Organizations: YORK, U.N, Security, Pakistani Rangers, Indian Border Security Force, REUTERS, United Nations, . Security Locations: Pakistan, India, Kashmir, Wagah, Lahore, New York, Jammu, U.N, Indian Kashmir, L4N2I92VF, China
SINGAPORE — Investments in China's massive infrastructure project in 2020 could fall "well short" of last year's level as the coronavirus pandemic caused financial strains in participating countries, according to Moody's Investors Service. So certainly, this year, we've seen a rise in credit stress that we don't expect to go away in 2021. The Moody's report said some BRI participating countries have sought financing support from the International Monetary Fund or debt relief from G-20 lenders, including China. Moody's named China Development Bank and Export-Import Bank of China as having "significant exposure" to projects under the initiative. Moody's estimated that fresh Chinese-led investment flows into participating countries may not return to levels seen in 2014-2019 in the next two years.
Persons: Greg Baker, Michael Taylor, we've, Taylor, CNBC's, Moody's Organizations: SINGAPORE — Investments, Moody's Investors Service, Initiative, Workers, AFP, Getty, , International Monetary Fund, China Development Bank, Export, Import Bank of China Locations: SINGAPORE, China, Asia, Europe, Africa, Beijing, Moody's, Pakistan, Zambia, Tanzania, Angola
Pakistan sees 'light at the end of the tunnel,' but virus risks remain, says state bank governorWhile some of Pakistan's sectors are showing good recovery momentum, there has been an increase of domestic and global coronavirus cases, says Reza Baqir, governor at the State Bank of Pakistan.
Persons: Reza Baqir Organizations: State Bank of Pakistan Locations: Pakistan
Other countries have handled the coronavirus pandemic better than the US, and Americans are scared to return home. I've watched the coronavirus pandemic wreak havoc across the country and been thankful I wasn't home. In March, my fiance and I hunkered down in our apartment in Dubai for one of the world's strictest lockdowns. Like more than half the country, I cried in relief when the election was finally called for Joe Biden. Others are wondering why I moved home just in time for winter during a pandemic that is somehow still getting worse.
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Sales kickoffs can be an incredible tool or they can fall incredibly flat when it comes to engaging sales teams— especially when teams are working from home. On December 10, 2020, Salesforce will host a free digital event to discuss how to plan an inspiring sales kickoff. Registration for "5 Must-Haves for the Ultimate Sales Kickoff" is now open — register below. Register now to hear how to plan the ultimate virtual sales kickoff event. But not all sales kickoffs are effective and it can be even more challenging to inspire sales teams remotely.
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Human rights groups and progressives have expressed concern about President-elect Joe Biden's pick for director of national intelligence, Avril Haines. But human rights groups and progressives have expressed concern about his choice for director of national intelligence (DNI), Avril Haines. Haines, a former deputy CIA director who would be the first woman to serve as the top US spy chief if confirmed, played a central role in crafting the legal framework surrounding the Obama administration's controversial, secretive drone war. The Obama administration faced heavy criticism from human rights groups and progressives over civilian casualties linked to the drone strikes. She recommended Gina Haspel for CIA director, though Haspel has been implicated in the agency's use of torture.
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India seeks to implicate Pakistan in dossier to U.N. Security Council members
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NEW DELHI (Reuters) - India on Monday handed a dossier to the five permanent members of the U.N. Security Council about a major attack that it said militants from Pakistan had attempted in the Indian part of Kashmir last week, government officials said. The four militants, belonging to the Pakistan-based Jaish-e-Mohammad, infiltrated into Indian Kashmir through a tunnel in the Samba area, the government said. The heavily armed men carried radio sets, a mobile phone, medicines and foods all made in Pakistan, it said. India says Pakistan gives material support to the militants fighting its rule in Muslim majority Kashmir, a charge that Islamabad denies. Last week’s incident was part of Pakistan’s ongoing terror campaign in Kashmir, Shringla told the envoys.
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The dollar index was last up 0.05% at 92.366, after earlier dropping to 92.013, the lowest since Sept. 1. It is hovering just above technical support around 92, a conclusive break below which could usher in new weakness, analysts said. Analysts at Brown Brothers Harriman said that if the index breaks its September low, there is little support until its low from February 2018. The Reuters dollar index showed the greenback falling to a more than two-year low of 91.737 on Sept. 1. Based on the Reuters dollar index, the next target for the euro is likely its September high near $1.2010, followed by the February 2018 high of $1.2555, Brown Brothers Harriman said.
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