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REUTERS/Brendan McDermid/File PhotoBack-to-school sales at U.S. department stores are expected to jump about 25% from last year, as parents splurge on apparel, supplies and electronics for the new academic year when many kids return to classrooms, an industry report showed on Thursday. Sales at department stores this back-to-school season, which runs mid-July through early-September, are forecast to surge 25.3% from a year earlier, and 9.5% over 2019, according to Mastercard Inc SpendingPulse data. Total retail sales, excluding auto and gas, are projected to rise 5.5%. The pandemic pushed department stores, such as Macy's (M.N) and Kohl's (KSS.N), to sell largely online and streamline their businesses at a time they were already facing intense competition and a shift in consumer preference. On Wednesday, The National Retail Federation raised its growth forecast for 2021 U.S. retail sales as the economy reopens faster than predicted.
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We often don't know any better, or don't have the confidence to draw outside the lines until we're older. COVID presents society, and each of us, with the opportunity to design a better life with … less. We need a generation to emerge from this crisis with a commitment to being better fathers and mothers, spouses, and citizens. The fastest path to a better life is regularly assessing what we leave behind. The fastest blue-line path to a better world is more engaged parents, not a better fucking phone.
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Of the world's great powers, only one emerged relatively unscarred, with its innovation, leadership, and manufacturing stronger: the United States. The opportunity is clear — for the United States to demonstrate the might of American capitalism and character. And while President Biden has promised to donate 80 million doses abroad, not one has shipped. The power triangleThe vaccine gap reflects a larger trend: a slow ceding of leadership by the United States. Nations secure their place in the world order — and secure the world order itself — through a triangle of global power: violence, innovation, and investment.
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Nepal appeals for COVID-19 vaccines as cases rise
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REUTERS/Navesh ChitrakarNepal urgently needs at least 1.6 million AstraZeneca's (AZN.L) COVID-19 vaccine doses to administer second shots as the Himalayan country is recording a surge in new coronavirus cases. On Monday, Prime Minister K.P.Sharma Oli urged foreign donors to supply vaccines and critical care medicines to prevent a collapse of the small country's creaky health infrastructure. Nepal, wedged between China and India, has already vaccinated more than two million people with the AstraZeneca vaccine provided by India and China's Sinopharm. Oli, who has been criticised for doing little to contain the pandemic, said vaccines and critical care medicines were "global goods" and that every one should have access. On Monday, Nepal's COVID-19 cases increased by 7,388 and deaths by 37, the highest spike in 24 hours since the pandemic started.
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College graduates lead longer, healthier, and more prosperous lives. The litmus test for success — and for determining your role in our species — is if your daughter graduates from college (and which one). Last year, we predicted the pandemic would be the fist of stone that finally meets higher ed's glass jaw. The leadership and alumni of elite universities continue to register tremendous psychic reward from the Hermes-ification of their institutions, versus any remaining claim of public service. While applications were up at elite schools, they were way down at second-tier schools.
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In it, Galloway lists what he believes to be the most current urgent threats for the United States. One outcome: a radical decline in sexual activity among young men. The reduction of economic pathways for young people is no less serious for women, but it appears to be less dangerous. When young women feel shame and rage, they don't turn to AR-15s. Cryptocurrency, sitting at a $2T market capitalization, is no threat to the dollar today, but the trends are not favorable.
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Immigration policy is decided by several different parts of the federal bureaucracy, including the Justice Department, the State Department and the Department of Homeland Security. Immigration is a legal issue, a labor issue, a security issue and a foreign-policy issue. holders have been held hostage to the idea of comprehensive immigration reform,” said Pablo Alvarado, a founder of the National T.P.S. Democrats sometimes seem less knowledgeable about the intricate details of immigration policy. They deliberately tried to roll back 40 years of immigration policy.
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Europe Plunders Paris for Talent, and P.S.G. Pays the Price
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The owners put their money where their mouth was, investing tens of millions of dollars on the club’s youth system. has found in its pursuit of the Champions League trophy, the formula for success is rarely quite that simple. The club’s academy is regularly assessed as one of the best in France. In many ways, the amount of players it has produced for other teams is proof of its eye for talent and the quality of its coaching. On one level, the loss of all that talent has delivered P.S.G.
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Put simply, the best time to start a business is on the heels of a recession . The emergence of new fields and the capital to disrupt traditional industries as immunities kick in and monopoles are broken up. Monster waves birth in the open ocean, but tectonic business waves begin with consumer spending. Similar to ocean swells barreling towards the Portuguese coast, the commercial opportunities powered by consumer spending will be shaped by business dynamics. Some office towers will be remade as residential, while others will be flexed for multiple tenants (coming soon: Airbnb Office).
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Amazon named Adam Selipsky, the current CEO of Tableau Software, as its incoming cloud CEO. Amazon Web Services CEO Andy Jassy will replace Jeff Bezos as Amazon CEO later this year. Amazon named Adam Selipsky, a former executive and the CEO of Tableau Software, as the incoming head of its cloud business. The current Amazon Web Services CEO Andy Jassy will replace Jeff Bezos as Amazon CEO later this year. Read Andy Jassy's email to employees announcing the change:"I want to share that Adam Selipsky will be the next CEO of AWS.
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Amazon hires former executive Adam Selipsky to run AWS
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Amazon has chosen to Adam Selipsky, currently CEO of Salesforce-owned data-visualization software maker Tableau, to run its Amazon Web Services division. Selipsky had held a prominent position inside AWS, as vice president for sales, marketing and support, before leaving to run then-public Tableau in 2016. We "have so many other CEOs in our midst like Adam Selipsky, the CEO of Tableau," Benioff said. Great leadership team, great CEO with Adam Selipsky and the management team." I want to share that Adam Selipsky will be the next CEO of AWS.
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In it, he decries modern-day capitalism: the rich getting richer by borrowing off the backs of future generations. Modern day "capitalism" in America means flattening the risk curve for people who already have money by borrowing from future generations with debt-fueled bailouts for companies. We have consciously decided to reduce the downside for the wealthy, thereby limiting the upside for future generations. CNBC/Trump want to protect current equity holders at the expense of future generations with rescue packages that explode the deficit. With dangerous disregard for future generations, we've decided that hundreds of thousands of people dying is meaningful, but the NASDAQ going down would be worse.
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In it, Galloway calls President Trump the manifestation of the "anti-government creed" that has steadily grown in the US since the 80s. President Trump is the manifestation of that narrative. Put another way, putting the President in a social media timeout is insufficient. President Trump should be stripped of power immediately. If he had just one day left in office, Trump would still be a clear and present danger to the republic.
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New York City changes admissions at many schools to ease racial segregation
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FILE PHOTO: A school safety officer greets students as they return to New York City's public schools for in-person learning, as the global outbreak of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) continues, at P.S. REUTERS/Brendan McDermid/File PhotoNEW YORK (Reuters) - New York City is overhauling how it admits students to some of its most competitive public schools to make them less segregated by race and wealth, Mayor Bill de Blasio said on Friday. The city will also end “screening” practices at hundreds of middle schools that admit students based on a mixture of grades, test results, attendance rates. “We have been doing this work for seven years to more equitably redistribute resources throughout our school system,” de Blasio told reporters. The New York Civil Liberties Union welcomed the changes but said they should have come sooner, and called for the permanent removal of screening at the high-school level.
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A nation of children coping with trauma, illness and disruption will need more than a vaccine to address the fallout, she said. That’s an increase of more than 6 million hungry children compared to before the pandemic. Schools are struggling to teach students remotely or in classrooms in which children wear masks and sit behind plastic shields. Higher rates of depression, addiction, mental illness and physical disability, particularly for young children who are growing and developing right now. She notes that the high rate of youth reporting mental health challenges could reflect that parents are closely monitoring their children’s mental health and acting to help them.
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The internet is such a platform, of course, and it hosts many others: Twitter and Facebook, YouTube, Etsy, eBay, and Airbnb. Amazon's stock has appreciated at 3x the pace of Walmart's since 2017, as Amazon uses its platform dominance to create scale that is… Amazonian. Some of the most popular games on the Roblox platform are about adopting digital pets, building virtual communities, and running a pizza restaurant. The audience skews younger than the traditional video game market as well: 54% of users are under 13. Just as hospitals, doctors offices, headquarters, shopping malls, and campuses are being bypassed and shifting hundreds of billions in stakeholder value, Roblox could disrupt the kid attention economy.
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Halle Berry 'heartbroken' over death of 'B.A.P.S.' costar
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(CNN) Halle Berry is mourning the death of her former co-star, Natalie Desselle Reid, remembering their friendship as "a connection that was simply unexplainable." Desselle Reid, who starred alongside Berry in the beloved 1997 comedy "B.A.P.S.," died of colon cancer on Monday. Berry posted a clip on her verified Instagram account from the film showing her and Desselle Reid embracing while in character. Desselle Reid appeared in several other projects, including the 2011 Tyler Perry film "Madea's Big Happy Family" and the TV sitcom "Eve." Berry wrote that Desselle Reid "could never dim her light and it was infectious."
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27 Great Holiday Gift Ideas From Truly Chic Hotel Boutiques
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NO LONGER cramped kiosks selling postcards and prophylactics, many hotel gift shops have become expertly curated boutiques. And now some of the world’s great purveyors of hospitality have emerged as a solution for online shoppers who need a holiday gift for the curtailed travelers in their lives. If your loved ones have a favorite hotel, to which they return time and again, but can’t this year, a souvenir from its gift shop can be especially thoughtful. The London landmark is now selling its tea service for the first time via its online store. Aunt Jane will be thrilled and you can feel good about yourself: Online Christmas shopping via hotel boutique helps the hard-hit hospitality industry, too.
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The trend that encapsulates the greatest reshuffling of stakeholder value in recent history is… the Great Dispersion. Read more: COVID-19 threatens to create a 'lockdown generation' in Europe: Here's why young people could be the ones paying for yet another crisisErosion of empathyThe Great Dispersion will create many winners, on several levels. Scott GallowayWhile this dispersion has tangible benefits, it also has the power to erode our weakening ties of community and cooperation. The structural distancing of the Great Dispersion presents an enormous threat to our commonwealth, a further erosion in empathy. This represents a larger trend, the Great Dispersion, and enormous economic opportunities.
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ET Covid-19 Live Updates: School Policies Shift to Bring Back Younger Children In the U.S., more districts have begun to prioritize elementary students for in-person learning, a policy already in place in much of Europe. There is no plan yet to bring middle and high school students back into city school buildings. Italy has kept its primary schools open but kept teaching remote for middle and high schools. All schools in Germany are open, and discussions about possible closures have focused mainly on high schools. There is wide agreement that frontline health care workers should be prioritized, and the C.D.C.
Persons: Mayor de, Juan Arredondo, Bill de Blasio, , , Elliot Haspel, Gina Raimondo, Michael Osterholm, Joseph R, Biden, , ” — Eliza Shapiro, Atlas, Trump’s, Dr, Scott Atlas, Anna Moneymaker, Scott W, Trump, Atlas’s, Anthony S, Deborah L, Fauci, Stephen Speranza, Alex M, Azar II, Marcus Plescia, Moncef Slaoui, Andy Beshearsaid, Beshear, — Bryan Pietsch, Will Wright, Salgu Organizations: Mayor, The New York Times, Washington D.C, Infectious Disease, University of Minnesota, White, ., The New York, Stanford University, Fox News Channel, White House, Fox News, Twitter, Fox, Centers for Disease Control, NBC, Association of State, Territorial Health Officials, Trump, Politico, Moderna, Pfizer, Food and Drug Administration, Gov, Credit, Alameda County Superior Court, Locations: U.S, Europe, P.S, Brooklyn, New York City, New York, America, Chicago, Washington, Philadelphia, Rhode Island, Italy, Germany, Covid, Cheyenne , Wyoming, States, Kentucky, California, Alameda County, Oakland, Los Angeles
A classroom is empty with the lights off on what would otherwise be a blended learning school day on November 19, 2020 at Yung Wing School P.S. City officials plan to reopen public school buildings in a phased approach, starting with 3-K, Pre-K and K-5 students. The city is reopening schools in phases, in part, to make sure enhanced testing resources will be available for returning students. School buildings returning to in-person learning, wherever possible, will transition to classroom instruction five days per week, the mayor said. The city is reopening schools "because we have so much proof now of how safe schools can be," de Blasio said Sunday.
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In March 2008, after raising $600 million, acquiring 18% of the outstanding stock, and threatening a proxy contest, I was elected to the board of The New York Times Company. Scott GallowayDuring my 24-month tenure on the board, my first son was born, Lehman filed for bankruptcy, "Slumdog Millionaire" won Best Picture... and the Times company stock sank to $3.50. The EBITDA that SVODs are fighting over is a fraction of the profits lamestream cable media expectorates. When I asked Tom what he would do if he were to start a new media business, this is the vision he articulated. If Netflix (or Apple, or Amazon, or a startup yet to be started up) wants to create that business, CNN would be a foundation to build on.
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Many New York City parents are outraged that all in-person instruction was abruptly halted at city schools, with many expressing their frustrations over the decision and having no time to prepare for it. During Wednesday's announcement, de Blasio cited the region's rise in coronavirus infections as to why schools were closing. Her 4-year-old only attends the school for in-person learning a few days a week. I’m feeling really at this point outraged," she said of the decision to close schools. "The city established the 3 percent infection rate threshold to make sure that schools did not become centers to spread the coronavirus.
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Fauci: Speed of vaccines 'did not compromise' safety
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Vice President Mike Pence, who leads the task force, said that injection of the vaccines will begin 24 hours after that. "We could be a matter of a few short weeks away for a vaccine being available," Pence said. Pfizer is expected to apply for the authorization on Friday, according to Alex Azar, Secretary of Health and Human Services. Share this -California announces limited stay-at-home order Amid an alarming increase in Covid-19 cases across California, Gov. We’ve done it before and we must do it again.” He did not say how the order would be enforced.
Persons: Gus Perna, Mike Pence, Pence, Trump, Alex Azar, Anthony Fauci, , , Donald Trump, Bill de Blasio, Leah Truell, John Tyler, Truell, Gavin Newsom's, ” Newsom, Muntu Davis, N.Y.C, Demetric Felton, Daniel Scott, Jayne Kamin, It's, that's Organizations: Pfizer, White, U.S, Army, U.S . Food, Drug Administration, Moderna, coronavirus, Health, Human Services, National Institute of Allergy, Silver, Gov, NBC, of Education, New York City’s Department of Education, DOE, Pacific, UCLA Bruins, California Golden Bears, Rose Bowl, Sports, Reuters Locations: U.S, United States, York City, Staten Island, Preston, P.S, California, Covid, Los Angeles County, Los Angeles, ., New York, , Staten, New York City, Pasadena , Calif
Pfizer is expected to apply for the authorization on Friday, according to Alex Azar, Secretary of Health and Human Services. President Donald Trump, who has said little about a recent surge in coronavirus cases across the United States, did not appear at the briefing and officials did not take questions from reporters. Share this -California announces limited stay-at-home order Amid an alarming increase in Covid-19 cases across California, Gov. It comes as California's largest and most populous county, Los Angeles, reported more than 5,000 new coronavirus cases Thursday, the most the county has seen on any single day since the pandemic started. Statewide, more than 1 million coronavirus cases and 18,469 deaths have been confirmed as of Thursday, according to NBC News counts.
Persons: Gus Perna, Mike Pence, Pence, Trump, Alex Azar, Anthony Fauci, , , Donald Trump, Bill de Blasio, Leah Truell, John Tyler, Truell, Gavin Newsom's, ” Newsom, Muntu Davis, N.Y.C, Demetric Felton, Daniel Scott, Jayne Kamin, It's, that's, Mike DeWine’s, DeWine Organizations: Pfizer, White, U.S, Army, U.S . Food, Drug Administration, Moderna, coronavirus, Health, Human Services, National Institute of Allergy, Silver, Gov, NBC, of Education, New York City’s Department of Education, DOE, Pacific, UCLA Bruins, California Golden Bears, Rose Bowl, Sports, Reuters Locations: U.S, United States, York City, Staten Island, Preston, P.S, California, Covid, Los Angeles County, Los Angeles, ., New York, , Staten, New York City, Pasadena , Calif, Ohio
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