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One of the most important crossroads on the way to small business success — and one that nearly every entrepreneur will encounter at some point — is incredibly treacherous: deciding whether to take on a partner. "A partnership could mean your business will have access to new products, reach a new market, block a competitor through an exclusive contract, or increase customer loyalty," the National Federation of Independent Business, a small business advocacy group, said in a blog post. But business partnerships can also be disastrous. In one of the most extreme examples, Chris Smith of California ended up dead after a dispute with his business partner, Edward Shin. A limited partnership or a limited liability partnership can, as the names imply, limit that liability.
Persons: , Chris Smith of, Edward Shin, Shin, Smith, Joe Dalu, CNBC's, Andrea Tarshus, Tarshus Organizations: National Federation of Independent Business, Prosecutors, U.S . Bureau of Labor Statistics, Business Administration Locations: Chris Smith of California, Orange County , California, Buffalo , New York
CORONADO, Calif. — A San Diego-area school district voted Tuesday night to fire the head basketball coach after tortillas were hurled at a team from a mostly Latino high school. The Coronado Unified School Board voted 5-0 in a closed session to release JD Laaperi of Coronado High School and also discussed but didn’t take action on student discipline, the San Diego Union-Tribune reported. Video shared on social media then showed at least two Coronado students throwing tortillas into the air toward the other team. Coronado High School does not condone this behavior and is already taking appropriate action,” he tweeted. Both school districts, along with Coronado police and the California Interscholastic Federation, are conducting investigations into the incident.
Persons: JD, Laaperi, expletives, Orange Glen, , Karl Mueller, , Wayne McKinney, ” McKinney, Whitney Antrim, Anne Staffieri Organizations: Coronado Unified School, Coronado High School, San Diego Union, Tribune, Coronado, Orange Glen High School of, Union - Tribune, Coronado Unified School District, Coronado High, Coronado police, California Interscholastic Federation, Coronado basketball, Escondido Union High School District Locations: CORONADO, Calif, , San Diego, Orange Glen High School of Escondido, Orange, ” Coronado
Elisabeth DeLuca inherited half of Subway when her husband, cofounder and long-time CEO Fred DeLuca, died in 2015. Subway franchisees say Elisabeth and Buck have become nearly impossible to reach in recent years. Read more: Subway cofounder Fred DeLuca ruled the company like a demigod and pursued wives of franchisees. Liz DeLuca (left) and Ana DeLuca. Liz, Buck, and their sons are on the board of the parent company: Subway Worldwide.
Persons: Elisabeth DeLuca, Peter Buck, Fred DeLuca's, , Fred DeLuca, Fred, Elisabeth, Buck, Liz DeLuca, Ana DeLuca, Elisabeth DeLuca —, Liz —, Liz, Ana DeLuca Liz, Ana, Subway's, John Haynes, DeLuca, Haynes, James Marshall, Peter, Carmen Lucia Buck, Carmen Lucia, Carmen Lucia Ruby, Alex Wong, Bain, Suzanne Greco, Fred's, Bizuayehu, Greco, Jon DeLuca, Kavita Channe, Alexander Tamargo, sipping, Jonathan DeLuca, Chris Buck, John Chidsey, Ben Wells, Ilene Kobert, Jonathan, Jon, Sofia, Frederick A, Jim Greer, Richard Hutchison, Holland, Knight, Chris Buck —, Jonathan DeLuca —, Chris, Trevor Haynes, Chidsey, Burger Organizations: Subway, Fred, Yale New Haven Hospital, Forbes, Carmen Lucia Buck Foundation, Smithsonian, Smithsonian National Museum of, Insiders, Bain, Co, New York Post, Greco, Wall Street Journal, Lauderdale, University of Michigan, Boca, Media Vue, DeLuca Foundation, Miami, Restaurant Brands, Inspire Brands Locations: Subway, Bucks, Fort Lauderdale , Florida, Florida, Orange , Connecticut, Subway's Milford , Connecticut, Connecticut, Danbury , Connecticut, Boca Raton, Pompano Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Milford, California
U.S. appeals court puts on hold overturning of California assault weapon ban
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A U.S. federal appeals court on Monday put on hold a judge's ruling this month to overturn California's 32-year-old ban on assault weapons. California Attorney General Rob Bonta, who had appealed against the decision to overturn the ban, said the state's assault weapons laws would remain in effect while appellate proceedings continue. In the order, Benitez had said the California ban was in violation of the Second Amendment rights of the state's citizens. California became the first state to ban assault weapons in 1989 after a school shooting that killed five children. Six other states and the District of Columbia have an assault weapons ban in place, according to the gun safety group Giffords.
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The case was initially brought by Shawne Alston, a former West Virginia running back, and other student-athletes. And essentially, the ruling means the NCAA can no longer regulate reimbursable items that student-athletes get. Meanwhile, schools will need to decide what is reimbursable under educational benefits. Attorney Irwin Kishner called the ruling an additional "erosion of the NCAA's monopoly of collegiate and amateur sports." The Supreme Court left that part up to the NCAA and schools to figure out.
Persons: Jalen Suggs, Tyger Campbell, Trevor Brown Jr, Shawne Alston, Irwin Kishner, Kishner, Len Elmore, Elmore, Trevor Lawrence, Travis Etienne, Gregory Fisher Organizations: Gonzaga Bulldogs, UCLA Bruins, Lucas Oil, NCAA, Street, National Basketball Association, Columbia University, Clemson, Clemson Tigers, Syracuse Orange, Carrier Locations: Indianapolis , Indiana, West Virginia, Syracuse , NY
Tortillas thrown in apparent racist taunt at high school basketball game
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Share Share Article via Facebook Share Article via Twitter Share Article via LinkedIn Share Article via EmailTortillas thrown in apparent racist taunt at high school basketball gameCNBC’s Valerie Castro joins ‘The News with Shepard Smith’ to discuss students and parents at the majority-Latino Orange Glen High School demanding accountability after a tortilla-throwing taunt from supporters of opponent Coronado High School following a basketball game.
Persons: CNBC’s Valerie Castro, Shepard Smith Organizations: , Orange Glen High School, Coronado High
Coronado High School had narrowly scored a win over Orange Glen High School on Saturday night when people began throwing tortillas at the losing team. Many of the Orange Glen players are from Latino backgrounds, according to NBC San Diego. Coronado Unified School District also released a statement about the incident, apologizing to Orange Glen High School for what it described as “reprehensible” and “unsportsmanlike” behavior. A parent called the tortilla throwing “racist” and “planned.” One of the players, Christian Martinez, said it was a disappointing end to his last game. “Bottom line: Coronado High School should be sanctioned by CIF or stripped of their championship,” Gonzalez-Fletcher said.
Persons: “ Swift, Orange, Lizardo Reynoso, ” Reynoso, , Christian Martinez, ” Martinez, assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez, Fletcher, ” Gonzalez, Organizations: Coronado High School, Orange Glen High School, Orange Glen, NBC San, California Interscholastic Federation league, Coronado Unified School District, Coronado Police Department, Coronado High, CIF Locations: California, NBC San Diego, Orange, Orange Glen, San Diego
As the popularity of electric vehicles grows, firefighters nationwide are realizing that they are not fully equipped to deal with them. That’s because the way that electric vehicles are powered triggers longer-burning fires when they crash and get into serious accidents. But training to put out these fires can’t come fast enough as more electric vehicles arrive on U.S. roads every day. via AP“With EVs (electric vehicles), especially for the fire service, it’s a new paradigm,” said Andrew Klock, the group’s emerging issues lead manager. In the past, most car fires were put out in well under an hour.
Persons: Palmer Buck, ” Buck, Tesla’s, Scott J, Buck, Tesla, Caspar Huurdeman, , Eric Weiss, Lucia Sanchez, , Cory Wilson, Wilson, Benedikt Griffig, Ashli Bobo, David McAlpine, Ford, Firefighters, Sean Doran, It’s, That’s, Stephen Gollan, Gollan, I've, Andrew Klock, Robert Swaim, Swaim, “ You’re, “ That’s, “ I'm Organizations: Fire Department, Tesla, Firefighters, Colorado firefighters, IHS Insight, National Transportation Safety, NTSB, National, Traffic Safety Administration, Volkswagen, American, Nissan, General Motors, BMW, Fire, Orange County Fire Authority, Fort Lauderdale Fire Rescue, Fort Lauderdale Fire, ., Fire Protection Association, NFPA, Corvallis Police, AP, Boeing, Ford, Fremont Fire, Austin Fire Department Locations: Woodlands, Houston, The Woodlands , Texas, Colorado, U.S, United States, America, Europe, Baarn, Netherlands, Fremont , California, Lake Forest , California, Los Angeles, Orange, Lake Forest, Calif, Orange County, , Fort Lauderdale , Florida, The Woodlands, Oregon, Corvallis, Ore, Boston, Texas
Actually, the pandemic made Americans richer
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Today, a huge swath of Americans are better off financially than they were before the pandemic started. For millions of Americans, it turns out, the pandemic served as a financial wake-up call. Just as the pandemic has spurred a revolution in remote work, it has also reshaped the way Americans think about money. Pandemic aid fueled a savings bonanzaThe first thing the pandemic did to force a financial reckoning was cut off opportunities to spend. Behavioral experts such as Egan, who study how psychology influences financial investing, recommend that most people avoid day trading.
Persons: Paychecks, Amanda Khong, I've, Sheila Walsh, Vered DeLeeuw, it's, Tim Lucas, SaverLife, Samantina Zenon, Zenon, Gen Zers, — Charles Schwab, , Dan Egan, Tesla, Egan, Meaghan Thomas, Thomas, Ted Rossman, Rossman, they've, Joy Liu, Walsh Organizations: Pew Research, Willow, Federal Reserve, Federal, Interactive, GameStop, Consumers, Northwestern Mutual Locations: United States, Orange County , California, San Francisco, Queens , New York, Louisville, American, Louisville , Kentucky
Tens of millions of Americans are under record-setting heat alerts again Friday as a heat wave enters its seventh day across the West, with experts warning against walking on asphalt barefoot or touching car handles barehanded for fear of third-degree burns. This was just 1 degree shy of its hottest recorded temperature of 129 degrees and just 6 degrees shy of the hottest record on Earth. Highs today will again be 10-30 degrees above average across the West, and portions of the Midwest will also be hot. St. Louis and Kansas City, Missouri, are both under a heat advisory where the heat combined with high humidity will lead to heat index values of 105-110 degrees. This has been an exceptional heat wave for the month of June, especially since the official start to summer is not until Sunday.
Persons: Kathy Tran, Alanna Clarke, Will Lester, Gavin Newsom, Lake Mead Organizations: Las Vegas, Denver, City, Bloomberg, Getty, Kansas, Monte Vista Locations: Arizona , Nevada, Colorado, Nebraska , Kansas, Iowa, Tucson , Arizona, Phoenix, Las, Dallas , Texas, Palm Springs , California, United States, Valley , California, St, Louis, Kansas City , Missouri, Monte, Chino , Calif, Orange, California, Oroville, Arizona, Utah, Nevada
He started weightlifting when he was 13, he said in his first YouTube video, posted in 2016. He also claimed that he was in the musical "Dear Evan Hansen," which has a character named Connor Murphy. A recent picture Murphy posted featured a photo of Kinnear's head over the torso of a sex doll and two watermelons. He told Insider that the sex was "consensual," adding, "We always had sex without a condom, so that's completely normal." A series of YouTube videos showing Murphy's living conditions worried fansIn Murphy's latest videos, he appeared to use drugs on camera and addressed the assault allegation.
Persons: Connor Murphy, He's, Murphy's, Murphy, Evan Hansen, Jesus, he's, Lauren Kinnear, H.C, He'd, psychedelics, Kinnear, Murphy flexes, Joshua, YouTuber, he'd, livestreamed, she'd, Kenny Boulet, Kenny KO, who's, Boulet, Tiara Maxwell, Maxwell, Kinnear texted Murphy, Kinnear texted, Instagram Kinnear, Connor, Kinnear's, Michael Winkelman, ayahuasca, Micah Putman, Jane Cooper, they'd, Cooper, Putman, " Kinnear Organizations: YouTube, expos, Abercrombie, Fitch, University of Texas, UCLA, UCLA Medical Center, Placentia Police Department, Placentia Police, Arizona State University, Social Locations: Missouri, Arkansas, Austin, Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Joshua Tree, Ayahuasca, Venice, Las Vegas, LA, Dallas, Placentia, Orange County
A wildlife group in the Huntington Beach area of California is sounding the alarm after over 30 brown pelicans were found mutilated along the state's coast, according to the Wetlands and Wildlife Care Center (WWCC). At least 22 pelicans have suffered severe compound fractures to their wings, the center said in a statement. "This isn’t something you can hide,” Debbie Wayns of Wetlands and Wildlife Care Center told The New York Times. In 1970, the brown pelican was federally classified as an endangered species and was listed as an endangered species in the state of California one year later. However, the bird was taken off of the federal endangered species list in 2009, according to the National Park Service.
Persons: Elizabeth Wood, Debbie Wayns Organizations: Wildlife Care, NBC, Wildlife Care Center, New York Times, Department of Fish, Wildlife, National Park Service Locations: Huntington Beach, California, Orange County, Calif, Wetlands
I'm Lydia Ramsey Pflanzer, and today in healthcare news:If you're new to this newsletter, sign up here. Bright Health CEO Mike Mikan Bright HealthBright Health is going public at a $13.4 billion valuation. The health insurance upstart listed its top investors and executives in its S-1 filing. Here's which investors and execs stand to make the most>>The T2R38 gene makes people more sensitive to bitter tastes and also enhances immune function. "Supertasters" with two copies of the gene may be less likely to get COVID-19 and develop severe illness.
Persons: I'm Lydia Ramsey Pflanzer, Let's, Mike Mikan Bright, Celina Monde, Joseph Trejo, Lydia Organizations: Insider Healthcare, Bright, Health, St, Jude Medical Center, MediaNews, Orange, Getty, Johns Hopkins University . Locations: Fullerton , CA, COVID
Southwest Airlines grounded flights on Tuesday due to an issue with its computer systems. The airline experienced a similar computer glitch that delayed flights by hours on Monday. Southwest Airlines was hit with another system-wide computer outage on Tuesday, following similar issues Monday night. "Southwest Airlines is experiencing another multi-airport, system-wide outage currently affecting their phone and check-in systems," according to Orange County's John Wayne Airport. The system outage comes after a similar issue delayed Southwest flights by hours on Monday night.
Persons: Orange County's, Orange County's John Wayne Organizations: Airlines, Southwest Airlines, Federal Aviation Administration, Twitter, Orange County's John, Orange County's John Wayne Airport Locations: Orange
That's especially true for millennials, for which student-loan debt has been one of many balls in a long-time juggling act of financial challenges. Many have been hoping they wouldn't have any student-loan debt at all come fall — or at least, a much lighter load. And the generation has dealt with all of this while shouldering the lion's share of student-loan debt. Student debt has left a stain on millennials' adulthoodForty-three million borrowers currently share the $1.7 trillion of national student-loan debt. Biden has canceled billions of student loans that are only 0.2% of the totalNow, Biden has taken some steps toward student-loan debt assistance.
Persons: Biden, Forbes, doesn't bode, Joe Biden, he's, hasn't, it's, They've, haven't, Daniela Capparelli, Ayelet Sheffey, Alan Collinge, we've, ROBYN BECK, Elizabeth Warren, Chuck Schumer, I'm, Gen Z, homeownership, Andrew Burton, he'd, Alexander Cockerham, Biden's, Ron Klain, Jen Psaki, Miguel Cardona Organizations: Democratic, MediaNews, Orange, Register, Center for Retirement Research, Boston College, Biden, Department of Education, Student Loan Justice, Getty, CNN, Washington Post, millennials, Yahoo Finance, Reuters, Politico, White, White House, Department of Justice, Education Locations: Sens
The ex-La Habra police chief and American Phoenix Project founder was indicted on Jan. 6 conspiracy charges. Hostetter organized "Stop the Steal" rallies in Orange County a prelude to the attack on Jan. 6. Five other Southern California men were charged alongside Hostetter and were identified as members of the group in the court documents. Namely, Hostetter organized a "Stop the Steal" rally in Huntington Beach on December 12. Before the insurrection, one of the indicted men reportedly asked group members if they had police or military background or "special skills relevant to our endeavors."
Persons: Alan Hostetter, Donald Trump's, Russell Taylor, Erik Scott Warner, Felipe Antonio, Tony, Martinez, Derek Kinnison, Ronald Mele, Warner, Taylor, Hostetter Organizations: American Phoenix Project, Capitol, California police, AP, Phoenix Project, Prosecutors, Trump, California Patriots, DC Brigade Locations: Orange County, California, , California, Southern California, Huntington Beach, Washington, America
Congress votes to make Pulse nightclub a national memorial
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Three days before the fifth anniversary of the attack on Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Florida, the U.S. Senate unanimously passed legislation designating the site of the gay club a national memorial. The monument incorporates a reflecting pool and a garden with 49 trees ringing the remains of the nightclub, where an interim memorial currently stands. Initially set for 2022, completion of the museum and memorial has been delayed by the Covid-19 pandemic, according to the Sentinel. In February, singer Ricky Martin signed on as national spokesperson for the foundation’s efforts to raise $49 million for the project. In addition to the National Pulse Memorial and Museum, the money would be used for community outreach, educational programs and to establish 49 legacy scholarships.
Persons: Joe Biden, Sen, Rick Scott, Scott, Omar Mateen, , ” Scott, Florida Sen, Marco Rubio, California Sen, Alex Padilla, Rubio, Orlando’s, Brandon Wolf, Ron DeSantis, Wolf, DeSantis, ” Wolf, Ricky Martin Organizations: U.S, Orlando Sentinel, Republican, Twitter, Pulse, Republican Gov, LGBTQ Community Center, Equality, U.S . National, onePulse Foundation, Orlando, Architects, Orlando Regional Medical, Sentinel, National, Memorial, Museum, NBC, Facebook Locations: Orlando , Florida, Florida, California, Equality Florida, Orlando, South Orange
An Old Schoolhouse Full of Chickens Irks a Fading Kansas Town
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Like most early settlers in Angelus, Mr. Bixenman’s grandfather was a German Catholic immigrant. Photo: Christopher Smith for The Wall Street JournalIt was a life of hard work. “That’s what my dad did,” said Ms. Nielsen, 70, eldest of the six Ewers children. Mr. Ewers stored light fixtures, windows and other construction material on the first floor. Photo: Christopher Smith for The Wall Street JournalIt became too much for the aging couple to handle.
Persons: ANGELUS, Kans, Angelus, , Bill Bixenman, Josh Rumback, There’s, Michael M, Phillips, Bodaville, Mary Kohn, Bixenman’s, Bill Bixenman’s, Christopher Smith, Bixenman, Fred Bixenman, Paul, William Kirch, Paul Church Don Schroeder, He’d, Schroeder’s, Don, Schroeder, , Stephanie Ostmeyer, Doug Bixenman, Paul Church, ” Deacon Dennis Engel, Dorothy Schroeder’s, Mr, Ralph Ostmeyer, Virgin Mary, , Ostmeyer, Ostmeyers, Ostmeyer’s, ” Mr, Ralph, Rolo Ewers, Cynthia Nielsen, Ewers, Patricia Ewers, Nielsen, ” Patricia Ewers, Ms, Travis Ryburn, Ryburn, Colby, Rumback, Lynette Wolf, Judy Hart, Kan, Jeff Ostmeyer, Jonathan Organizations: Chapman Center for Rural Studies, Kansas State University, Street, Chapman Center, The Wall, St, Paul Catholic Church, Navy, Angelus Area Heritage Center Locations: Angelus, Kansas, Germans, Orange, Sheridan County, German, Illinois, Nebraska, Wichita, St, Sheridan, Utah, Tasco, , Grinnell, Gove County, michael.phillips
Now, as Nebraska officials buck the national trend of closing prisons and seek to erect a new mixed-security facility, they're finding few takers. Security forces in riot gear surround a courtyard at Tecumseh State Correctional Institution in Tecumseh, Neb., on March 2, 2017. Nati Harnik / AP“The last time we had a new prison ... multiple towns put in bids for it,” said Doug Koebernick, the inspector general whose office provides accountability and independent oversight of Nebraska prisons. “Prisons did very little for the local economy, because unlike with other kinds of employment, where there are linkages with other businesses in the area, prisons didn’t buy things locally,” Thomas Johnson, a retired University of Missouri professor who studied prison towns, told me. Prisoners crowd a courtyard at Tecumseh State Correctional Institution on March 2, 2017.
Persons: Keri Blakinger, Nati, , Doug Koebernick, Richard Grauerholz, “ There’s, they’d, It’s, lockups, Jeanie Thies, ” Thomas Johnson, , Ted Evans, Scott Frakes, Tecumseh, John Stinner, Stinner’s Organizations: NBC News, The Marshall, Orange, Herald, Security, Correctional Institution, , Omaha -, of Correctional Services, Lindenwood University, “ Prisons, University of Missouri, of Correctional, Nebraska Department of Correctional Services, Republican, Penitentiary Locations: Tecumseh, Omaha, Nebraska, Neb, Ashland, Lincoln, Waverly, Wahoo, Omaha - Lincoln, New York, America, Illinois, Johnson County, Texas, Florida , California , New York, Connecticut
LONDON/PARIS (Reuters) -Billionaire Patrick Drahi’s Altice Group has bought a 12.1% stake worth about 2.2 billion pounds ($3.1 billion) in Britain’s BT Group, becoming its largest shareholder. “Altice holds the board and management team of BT in high regard and is supportive of their strategy,” Altice UK, a company formed for the purpose of holding the BT stake, said. The stake puts Altice ahead of Deutsche Telekom, which owned 12.06% of BT based on recent filings, Refinitiv data shows. “Altice UK has informed the BT board that it does not intend to make a takeover offer for BT,” it added. We are making good progress in delivering our strategy and plan,” BT said in a statement following Altice UK’s announcement.
Persons: Patrick Drahi’s, Altice, “ Altice, , , Drahi Organizations: Britain’s BT Group, SFR, BT, Deutsche Telekom, “ Altice, Britain’s, ” BT, Vivendi Locations: PARIS, France, Orange, Switzerland, United States, Israel, U.S
REUTERS/Rafael Marchante/File PhotoDrahi’s newly-created vehicle Altice UK announced the holding in a statement on Thursday which drove BT’s shares to a 17-month high. Altice UK is owned by Next Alt, dealmaker Drahi’s private holding, which also controls SFR, the second largest telecoms operator in France behind Orange. “Altice holds the board and management team of BT in high regard and is supportive of their strategy,” Altice UK, a company formed for the purpose of holding the BT stake, said. “Altice UK has informed the BT board that it does not intend to make a takeover offer for BT,” it added. Altice UK has ruled itself out of making a full takeover offer for six months by virtue of its statement.
Persons: Patrick Drahi, Rafael Marchante, “ Altice, , , Jefferies, Altice, Drahi, Morgan Stanley Organizations: BT Group, REUTERS, SFR, Orange, BT, “ Altice, Britain’s, Deutsche Telekom, Vivendi Locations: PARIS, Lisbon, Portugal, France, British, Spain, Switzerland, United States, Israel, Europe, Dominican Republic, U.S
Altice takes 12% stake in BT, no takeover offer plans
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(Reuters) - Patrick Drahi’s Altice Group said on Thursday that it had taken a 12.1% stake in Britain’s BT Group becoming its largest shareholder. Slideshow ( 2 images )“Altice holds the Board and Management team of BT in high regard and is supportive of their strategy,” Altice UK, a company formed for the purpose of holding the BT stake, said in a statement. “Altice UK has informed the BT Board that it does not intend to make a takeover offer for BT.”The stake was worth about 2.2 billion pounds based on BT’s closing price on Wednesday. BT said it noted Altice’s announcement and its statement of support for its management and strategy. “We welcome all investors who recognise the long-term value of our business and the important role it plays in the UK,” BT said.
Persons: Patrick Drahi’s Altice, “ Altice, , Organizations: Reuters, BT Group, Management, BT, “ Altice, BT Board, Britain’s, ” BT, Orange Locations: SFR, France
A former Subway employee who started at the company in the 1980s said DeLuca was obsessed with opening stores. That included the wives of Subway franchisees, this person and others said. Shortly after DeLuca died, Subway's board, led by Buck and Elisabeth DeLuca, hired Bain and Co. to assist in a turnaround. Buck, Elisabeth, and their sons restructured the company in 2018 and continue to steer the sinking ship, but mostly behind the scenes. Elisabeth moved to Florida after DeLuca died, and quietly started The Elisabeth C. DeLuca Foundation last year.
Persons: Fred DeLuca, , Benzes, Eager, DeLuca, DeLuca seething would've, Frugality didn't, Mark Peterson, Getty, floundering, who'd, Roger Lipton, Elisabeth, Peter Buck, Buck, he'd, Fred's, Carmela, McDonald's, — DeLuca, DeLuca's, Suzanne, Jonathan, Ana DeLuca, Don Fertman, Dick Pilchen, Ana DeLuca's, Ana, Liz, Cindy Mattson, Luca, Mattson, Luca —, Fred, John Haynes, Haynes, Fran Saavedra, Saavedra —, Saavedra, Diddy, DeLuca's stinginess, Keith Kanouse, Fortune, I've, Diane Bondareff, shivers, Jared Fogle, Fogle, Fogle's, Tony Pace, Jared, Matt Sayles, Kathleen McLaughlin, Cindy Mills, Mills, Fogle —, Suzanne Greco, Greco, Bizuayehu, Miley Cyrus, Subway's, Elisabeth DeLuca, Bain, Nancy Luna, Trevor Haynes, John Chidsey, Burger, Chidsey, Frederick A, Elisabeth C, John Gordon, Burger King, Shannon Stapleton, James Marshall Organizations: Eden Roc Hotel, Miami Beach ., Subway, Foods, Pete's, University of Bridgeport, KFC, Starbucks, Boca, Forbes, Indiana University, New York Daily News, Fogle, Wall Street Journal, Greco's, New York Times, DeLuca Foundation, Restaurant Brands, Inspire Brands, Sonic, Reuters, 3G Capital, Bucks Locations: Miami Beach, Bentleys, Lincoln, Bronx , New York, Connecticut, Subway, Boca Raton, , Connecticut, Fort Lauderdale , Florida, Orange , Connecticut, Florida, Canada, Toronto, Australia, Invision, Fogle, Indiana, Milford, Burger King, Miami
FILE PHOTO: An advertising board is seen during the first demonstration of the technology 5G in Lisbon, Portugal June 4, 2018. Altice, which pioneered 5G in Portugal, owns MEO, the largest landline operator in the country. A spokesperson for Altice said the company was not planning any sales process “now or in the near future” in Portugal. Altice, which has the bulk of its operations in France, aims to sell its Portuguese unit for about 6 billion euros ($7.3 billion), representing a multiple of 7 to 8 times its core earnings (EBITDA) of 833.6 million euros, the sources said. In 2020, Altice Portugal’s revenues increased 0.5% to 2.1 billion euros, while its core earnings grew 0.2% to 833.6 million euros.
Persons: Spain’s, Rafael Marchante, Franco, Patrick Drahi, Lazard, cautioning, MEO, Altice, MasMovil, Euskaltel Organizations: REUTERS, Major, Telefonica, Orange, Nowo, KKR, Morgan Stanley Infrastructure Partners, Horizon Equity Partners Locations: Europe, Portugal, Lisbon, Orange, , Providence, Iberia, France
WASHINGTON — Rep. Val Demings, D-Fla., made her Senate bid official Wednesday, announcing that she plans to challenge Republican Marco Rubio for his seat next year. “When you grow up in the South poor, Black and female, you have to have faith in progress and opportunity. She said, ‘Never tire of doing good, never tire,'” Demings said in the clip. Demings has served in the House since 2017, and her husband is the mayor of Orange County, Florida. From 2007 to 2011, Demings worked as chief of Orlando’s police department.
Persons: Val Demings, Republican Marco Rubio, Demings, “ I’ve, Rubio bashed Demings, , Nancy Pelosi, ” Rubio, Donald Trump, Joe Biden, Hunter Organizations: WASHINGTON —, Republican, United States, Florida, NBC Locations: Congress, Washington, “ Florida, Florida, Orange County , Florida, Ukraine
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