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From 2001 through April, about 66,000 Afghan military and police members were killed in Afghanistan, alongside 2,448 U.S. service members. The abrupt U.S. exit from Afghanistan likely forced the Afghan military to fight under unfamiliar conditions, ultimately leading to collapse — and the humanitarian catastrophe we are now witnessing. Our military allies in both countries simply do not know how to fight effectively on more conventional battlefields without U.S. support. If we are willing to maintain huge troop numbers to support our allies in Europe and East Asia, then why not even a small footprint in the Middle East? Indeed, if we are willing to maintain huge troop numbers to support our allies in Europe and East Asia, then why not even a small footprint in the Middle East?
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TORONTO — Canadians gave Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Liberal Party a victory in Monday’s parliamentary elections, but his gamble to win a majority of seats failed. Trudeau didn’t win enough seats to avoid having to rely on help from other parties to pass legislation. A Conservative win would have represented a rebuke of Trudeau against a politician with a fraction of his name recognition. O’Toole advertised himself a year ago as a “true-blue Conservative.” He became Conservative Party leader with a pledge to “take back Canada,” but immediately started working to push the party toward the political center. Adrian Archambault, a 53-year-old Vancouver resident, voted Liberal and said he didn’t mind the election was held during a pandemic.
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U.S. President Joe Biden walks to the podium before his remarks on a National Security Initiative virtually with Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, inside the East Room at the White House in Washington, U.S., September 15, 2021. REUTERS/Tom BrennerNEW YORK/LONDON, Sept 21 (Reuters) - British prime minister Boris Johnson once worried that his friendliness with Donald Trump would leave him out in the cold when Democrat Joe Biden took over the White House. A submarine deal the United States and Britain recently announced with Australia came at France's expense, sparking France to withdraw its ambassadors to the United States and Australia and cancel a defense meeting with Britain. "The reality is that Joe has a lot of fish to fry," Johnson told reporters traveling with him to the United States on Monday. Reporting by Trevor Hunnicutt and Elizabeth Piper; Editing by Heather Timmons, Robert BirselOur Standards: The Thomson Reuters Trust Principles.
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Canada's Liberal Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, accompanied by his wife Sophie Gregoire and their children Ella-Grace and Xavier, waves to supporters during the Liberal election night party in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, September 21, 2021. Born on Christmas Day 1971 to a sitting Canadian prime minister, Pierre Trudeau, he worked as a teacher and snowboard instructor before winning a seat in parliament in 2008. Obama endorsed Trudeau last week, as he did in the 2019 election. Relations between Trudeau and current President Joe Biden are more harmonious, despite Biden ignoring Canada's objections and revoking a permit for the Keystone XL oil pipeline on his first day in office. Reporting by Nia Williams; Editing by Steve Scherer, Peter Cooney and Edmund KlamannOur Standards: The Thomson Reuters Trust Principles.
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Legal experts see a lack of evidence — and other problems — with a Trump-era special prosecutor's latest case. But while the indictment marked the first overt sign of activity in months from Durham, several legal experts weren't impressed. In interviews, legal experts described Durham's case against Sussmann as unusually — even remarkably — thin. Prosecutors in Durham's office allege that Sussmann was, in fact, representing a technology-industry executive and the Clinton campaign. "Man, the Michael Sussmann indictment seems thin.
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He has called for Democrats to raise the debt ceiling on their own through a special budget process. Republicans supported raising the debt ceiling three times during the Trump administration. Yes, you've seen this movie before: President Joe Biden and McConnell played major parts in it too. Spurred on by the tea-party movement, Republicans sought to use raising the debt ceiling as a political cudgel against the Obama White House in 2011. Anxiety about congressional action over the debt ceiling didn't help matters either.
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But it has become ensnared in partisan politics, with Republicans refusing to allow a debt ceiling increase at a time when Democrats control Congress and the White House. Mr. Biden will argue that a lot has, and insist he is not spinning toward a Cold War with China. The allies recognize, of course, the differences between Mr. Biden and Mr. Trump. But in conversations over the past two weeks, they say they have new concerns about the United States. Al Sharpton, who said he was nervous that Mr. Biden would not follow up his lofty statements and speeches with action.
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Congress is sparring again over raising the debt ceiling. Here's what the debt ceiling is, and why it's so dangerous for the US economy. If that sounds familiar, you already know a fair deal about the "debt ceiling." The debt ceiling was introduced in 1917 to encourage the government to slow its borrowing. Raising the debt limit is also about dealing with past spending both parties racked up during the Trump administration, they say.
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An August 29 drone strike in Kabul killed 10 Afghan civilians, including seven children. Drone strikes conducted by the US, in Afghanistan and beyond, have often resulted in civilian casualties. Such concerns underscore the need for greater transparency from the government when it comes to drone strikes, Brooks said. Drone strikes, which the US has conducted everywhere from Somalia to Yemen, tend to occur in remote areas and far from reporters or watchdogs. The use of drone strikes in counterterrorism operations began under the Bush administration.
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CNN this week published a two-page memo he wrote for Trump's legal team. A longer version, obtained by Insider, claims Mike Pence could have handed the election to Trump. "We knew this theory was out there, but it's alarming to see that it was written up and presented to Trump's legal team and presumably taken seriously by them," he said. Even if there were dual slates of electors — there were not — "it's a fringe view to say that the vice president gets to decide which is valid." He has never argued the vice president alone can determine the legitimacy of a state's electors.
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The article was cited by Trump attorney John Eastman in a two-page memo. Per Eastman, Pence could decide to reject those certificates in favor of competing, unofficial slates put forward by pro-Trump contingents in each state. Or Pence could decide not to accept any battleground slate, giving Trump a majority of the electors counted. "This reading of the 12th Amendment has also been advanced by Harvard Law Professor Laurence Tribe," Eastman claimed, citing a September 2020 article co-written by the former Obama administration official. The former vice president ultimately rejected Eastman's advice — "No wonder it couldn't fool even Mike Pence," Tribe wrote.
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'The View' premieresMeredith Vieira, Star Jones, Joy Behar and Barbara Walters on the set of "The View." Joy Behar and Whoopi Goldberg walk offIn 2010, Bill O'Reilly appeared on the show and discussed the aftermath of 9/11. Whoopi Goldberg proves she's humanEveryone got a laugh after Goldberg's hot mic picked up the sound of her passing gas. JUST WATCHED Joe Biden consoles tearful Meghan McCain Replay More Videos ... MUST WATCH Joe Biden consoles tearful Meghan McCain 01:5819. JUST WATCHED Meghan McCain announces her departure from 'The View' Replay More Videos ... MUST WATCH Meghan McCain announces her departure from 'The View' 01:2625.
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Let’s go to the videotape and recall what the Obama team — not Trump, not the G.O.P. — O-B-A-M-A — built into the original TPP, which also included Australia, Brunei, Canada, Chile, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore and Vietnam. It banned trafficking in endangered wildlife parts, a practice still common in China that may have played a role in the pandemic. It required signatories to permit their workers to form independent trade unions to collectively bargain and to eliminate all child labor practices. … Respecting workers’ rights leads to positive long-term economic outcomes, better jobs with higher wages and safer working conditions.”
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New York (CNN) In a rare address to the UN General Assembly, Chinese President Xi Jinping on Tuesday made a major new climate commitment on behalf of the world's largest emitter of greenhouse gases. China will also increase financial support for green and low-carbon energy projects in other developing countries, he said. UN Secretary-General António Guterres, who had appealed to world leaders earlier in the day to show solidarity and act on the climate crisis , hailed China's announcement alongside a US commitment to increase climate financing for developing countries. Under the Obama administration, the US paid $1 billion of a $3 billion commitment it originally made in 2014. While reducing involvement in coal abroad, Beijing also has significant climate work to do domestically, where coal remains the primary energy source by a long shot.
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President Joe Biden on Monday recognized the 10-year anniversary of the end of "don't ask, don't tell," a policy that forced gay and lesbian military service members to hide their sexuality. Though an estimated 13,000 service members were discharged under "don't ask, don't tell," the total number of service members discharged due to their sexual orientation or gender identity is estimated to be much higher: More than 100,000 are thought to have been forced out between World War II, when the U.S. first explicitly banned gay service members, and 2011, when "don't ask, don't tell" officially ended. Senator, I supported allowing servicemembers to serve openly, and as Vice President, I was proud to champion the repeal of this policy and to stand beside President Obama as he signed the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell Repeal Act into law," the president said in Monday's statement. Biden added that he is honored to be commander in chief of the "most inclusive military in our nation's history," which he said welcomes LGBTQ service members. Biden appointed Pete Buttigieg — who served as a Navy Reserve lieutenant in Afghanistan under "don't ask, don't tell" — as transportation secretary, making him the first openly gay Cabinet member confirmed by the Senate.
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Throughout her adult life, Miquelle West has hesitated to date. Her mother, Michelle, now 60, has been incarcerated for almost three decades now. Miquelle West and her mother, Michelle West, at Walt Disney World. Marcel Mays’ mother died of a heart attack seven days after he was released in 2010. Michelle West.
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But the 9-year-old wasn’t allowed in that school — because she was Mexican American. Instead, each day she walked past her dream school and trudged over to the “Mexican school,” a rundown building next to a cow pasture. It also paved the way for the Brown v. Board of Education decision at the U.S. Supreme Court, which found segregation in public schools unconstitutional. Earl Warren signed legislation to officially end desegregation in public schools. By then, the chief justice was Earl Warren, who sided with Marshall and wrote the majority opinion ending segregation in public schools.
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Sept. 18 Was No Jan. 6. - The New York Times
  + stars: | 2021-09-20 | by ( Gail Collins | Bret Stephens | )   time to read: +3 min
Bret: The field deserves more attention, because maybe the most important event of the last 20 years wasn’t how we changed the world, for better or worse. Bret: Where I’m not sure I agree with you is on whether the social fabric has mostly remained the same. Where it seemed like you almost never saw Black or Hispanic people in the media except for the occasional bad-news story. Bret: Social progress seems to advance or retreat according to some mysterious immutable force. All of the racial progress made since the 1960s crested with Barack Obama’s election in 2008.
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Democrats to pair stopgap spending with debt ceiling increase, testing Republican opposition. That, in turn, could trigger a financial crisis, or at the least, a crisis of confidence in the creditworthiness and governance of the United States. They will need to test negative for the coronavirus one day before traveling to the United States and show proof that they have bought a test to take after arriving in the United States, Mr. Zients said. Britain and several European Union countries allow fully vaccinated people from the United States to travel without quarantining, and officials there were annoyed when the United States did not reciprocate. The right has accused Mr. Gableman of not doing enough to push lies about the 2020 election propagated by former President Donald J. Trump.
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The memories of surviving Hurricane Maria still haunt people in Puerto Rico, four years after the storm wreaked havoc on the U.S. territory on Sept. 20, 2017. Hurricane Maria left $90 billion in damages and Congress allocated at least $63 billion for disaster relief and recovery operations. Blue tarps given out by FEMA cover several roofs two years after Hurricane Maria affected the island in San Juan, Puerto Rico, on Sept. 18, 2019. It's resulted in tough austerity measures as Puerto Rico is trying to jumpstart its economic growth. So far, Puerto Rico has made up for about two-thirds of the loss in economic activity that resulted from the Covid-19 pandemic.
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This overlap between judicial ideology and the policy preferences of partisan political actors has long been a feature of our constitutional politics. The Supreme Court possesses nearly complete discretion over its docket, and most of its decisions lack clear partisan implications — many are even unanimous. Politically contentious cases are likely to drive perceptions that the court is divided by political rather than legal disagreement. But it comes at a potential cost of undermining the authority and perceived legitimacy of the court as an institution. Justices who take these steps to disentangle themselves from partisanship may have to pay some price for doing so.
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“When it comes to progressive credibility, of course, I have more progressive credibility than any person running,” Barnes, who would be the state's first Black senator, told NBC News in a recent interview. Wisconsin voters have a history of splitting their tickets and gravitating toward candidates they simply like — often, in recent years, at the exact same time. Midterm elections hinge on turnout and Barnes’ progressive reputation could end up being another advantage as the party seeks to motivate voters, strategists said. As lieutenant governor, Barnes has unabashedly aligned himself with the progressive wing of the Democratic Party. Barnes, as well as experts watching his campaign, said that Wisconsin voters have a particular knack for supporting candidates they simply like, regardless of ideology.
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“The accounting firms have a desire to get in favorable rules for their clients,” said Michael Hamersley, a former tax lawyer at EY and KPMG. But the ability of the world’s largest accounting firms to embed their top lawyers inside the government’s most important tax-policy jobs has largely escaped public scrutiny. Two years later, she returned to her old firm, which promoted her to partner. In at least 16 of those cases, the officials were promoted to partner when they rejoined their old accounting firms. It’s the American public,” said Stephen Shay, a retired tax partner at Ropes & Gray who served in the Treasury during the Reagan and Obama administrations.
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The GOP is standing firm on its resolution not to help Democrats raise the debt ceiling before a crucial October deadline. The Treasury Department technically has the ability to issue platinum coins of any denomination. Janet Yellen could order up a $1 trillion platinum coin, mint it, and deposit it at the Federal Reserve. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell has firmly dug in on refusing GOP help to renew the US's ability to pay off its bills, known as the debt ceiling. In the Obama era, several economists and commenters noted a potential workaround to the debt limit.
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The reputation of the Supreme Court is sinking. Partisan justiceEven as recently as a few years ago, the Supreme Court wasn't as partisan as it is now. In a 7-2 opinion, the Supreme Court kept the Affordable Care Act intact. First, the Supreme Court threw out the eviction moratorium they had so recently upheld, throwing millions of struggling Americans into uncertainty. Both of those justices are right to worry about the legitimacy of the Supreme Court.
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