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Former Nicaraguan president Enrique Bolanos dies at 93
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Former Nicaraguan President Enrique Bolanos buys a T-shirt after attending a mass in remembrance of the victims killed in recent protests over reforms that implemented changes in the pension plans of the Nicaraguan Social Security Institute (INSS), in Managua, Nicaragua May 25, 2018. REUTERS/Oswaldo RivasMANAGUA, June 15 (Reuters) - Former Nicaraguan president Enrique Bolanos, a conservative who challenged corruption on the right even as he remained a steadfast adversary of his leftwing successor Daniel Ortega, has died at the age of 93, his family said on Tuesday. The Ortega government announced three days of mourning for Bolanos, who served as president from 2002-2007. "With great sadness the family of engineer Enrique Bolanos Geyer, former president of the Republic of Nicaragua, announces the passing of their beloved father, grandfather and great-grandfather," his relatives said in a statement. Bolanos remained at loggerheads with Ortega's Sandinistas and defeated his old adversary in the 2001 presidential election.
Persons: Enrique Bolanos, Oswaldo Rivas MANAGUA, Daniel Ortega, Ortega, Bolanos, Enrique Bolanos Geyer, Somoza, Arnoldo Aleman, Aleman, Still, Ismael Lopez, Peter Graff Organizations: Nicaraguan, Nicaraguan Social Security Institute, REUTERS, Ortega's, Thomson Locations: Managua, Nicaragua, Republic of Nicaragua, Nicaragua's, Sandinista, loggerheads
Nicaragua stages unprecedented roundup of opposition leaders
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MANAGUA, Nicaragua — Nicaraguan police have arrested another opposition politician, bringing to six the number detained over the weekend. On Sunday, police also arrested prominent ex-Sandinista dissidents Dora María Téllez and Hugo Torres and, another opposition leader, Ana Margarita Vijil. Ortega has already arrested four potential opposition candidates who might have challenged his bid for a fourth consecutive term. Ortega initially led Nicaragua from 1979 to 1990 following the Sandinista revolution that ousted Somoza. Torres said Ortega has now instituted a more suffocating dictatorship than Somoza, who faced opposition from the within the church, intellectual circles and universities.
Persons: Daniel Ortega’s, Victor Hugo Tinoco, Suyen Barahona, Dora María Téllez, Hugo Torres, Ana Margarita Vijil, Tamara Dávila, Unamos, Ortega, “ It’s, , ” Tellez, Anastasio Somoza, Tellez, , Torres, ” Torres, Torres ’, Félix Maradiaga, Sebastián Chamorro, Cristiana Chamorro, Juan Sebastián Chamorro, Arturo Cruz Sequeira, Somoza, outdone Somoza, Julie Chung, U.S . State Department’s Organizations: Nicaragua — Nicaraguan, Sunday, Sandinista, Associated Press, Police, Nicaragua’s National Police, White National Unity, Civic Alliance, Roman Catholic, U.S, U.S . State, Western Hemisphere, Twitter, NBC, Facebook Locations: MANAGUA, Nicaragua, Sandinista, U.S, United States, U.S .
Another Ortega critic arrested for 'inciting foreign interference' in Nicaragua
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Nicaraguan police arrested another opposition leader on Sunday as an increasingly authoritarian President Daniel Ortega seeks to tighten his grip on power ahead of his bid for reelection later this year. Opposition leader Suyen Barahona is the latest Ortega critic to be detained, the eleventh political leader overall caught in a dragnet that includes four possible presidential candidates arrested and disqualified from competing in the November election. The Managua home of Barahona, leader of the leftist opposition Unamos party, was raided on Sunday, after three other party officials were arrested by police over the weekend. The police said Barahona was arrested for seeking to undermine the country's independence and sovereignty, as well as for "inciting foreign interference in internal affairs, requesting military interventions and organizing with foreign financing." Earlier this month, police placed opposition leader Cristiana Chamorro under house arrest shortly after she announced a presidential run, seeking to put an end to Ortega's 14-year rule.
Persons: Daniel Ortega, Suyen Barahona, Ortega, Barahona, Unamos, Cristiana Chamorro Organizations: Central, Thomson Locations: U.S, United States, Central American, Managua
The road to this particular hell was paved with rosy public forecasts, which the Pentagon Papers catalog even as they document internal doubts that were ignored or suppressed. On the 50th anniversary of their release, the Pentagon Papers invite us to reflect on how little they ended up mattering. The canonical lesson of the Vietnam War was to avoid another Vietnam. It was that dismal reality that prompted Defense Secretary Robert McNamara, in June 1967, to commission the Pentagon Papers in the first place. More such episodes of questionable legality and logic were to follow, even after the South Vietnamese government finally fell.
Persons: Kennedy, Johnson, , Robert McNamara, Reagan, Saddam Hussein, Bill Clinton’s, George W, Bush, Barack Obama’s, , Maj, Qassim Suleimani, Ngo Dinh Diem, Donald Trump, Suleimani Organizations: Pentagon, Defense Department, South, Congress Locations: Vietnam, United States, Laos, Cambodia, Iran, Nicaragua, U.S, Iraq, Somalia, Mogadishu, Gen, South Vietnam
When asked by NBC News' Lester Holt if she was going to visit the border, Harris replied, “This whole thing about the border, we’ve been to the border. Still smarting from the U.S. failure to defeat the Chinese-backed Communist forces in Vietnam, Reagan decided El Salvador was the place to finally stop communism in its tracks. (A popular 1980s sticker reading “El Salvador is Spanish for Vietnam” painted an accurate picture of the U.S. policy in the region.) If Harris went in looking for “root causes,” she missed the elephant in the room by not looking in the mirror. At the end of her three-day visit, reporters asked Harris how she felt about her trip.
Persons: Kamala Harris, brusquely, hadn’t, Harris, Joe Biden’s, Melania Trump, ” Harris, Alejandro Giammattei, , , Biden, Alexandria Ocasio, vADyh5H0bw, ” Ocasio, Cortez, Lester Holt, we’ve, We’ve, Holt, hadn't, Ronald Reagan, Reagan, El Salvador, El, Vietnam ”, Marti, Salvadorans, , Harris —, U.S . Senate —, Donald Trump, Still, Giammattei Organizations: United States, Central, Guatemalan, Northern, Rep, Twitter, NBC News, United Press International’s, Salvadoran, Communist, Marti National Liberation Army, U.S . Senate, USAID Locations: Guatemala, Mexico, United States, United, Europe, Alexandria, Cortez, Latin America, Salvador, U.S, El Salvador —, United Press International’s Salvador, Central America, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Vietnam, Spanish, Salvadoran, Honduras, Washington
“It’s a problem Facebook has known about for many years.”Facebook spokesman Andy Stone said that the company prohibits "content that offers to provide or facilitate human smuggling. He added that Facebook permits content related to seeking asylum and that it had consulted with the United Nations on its content policies around human smuggling. The policies draw on the U.N. definition of human smuggling as “the procurement or facilitation of illegal entry into a state across international borders” that doesn’t necessarily involve coercion or force. Since 2015, researchers and journalists have regularly identified pages dedicated to human smuggling on Facebook. Deported and pennilessAt his computer, Pastor Banda pointed to another Facebook group in which migrants appear to be negotiating with coyotes.
Persons: Gustavo Banda, they’ve, , , gesturing, ” Katie Paul, Andy Stone, El Coyote Lopez ”, Nilda Garcia, Garcia, cobro de piso, ” Garcia, , Facebook —, TikTok, Facebook’s Stone, Gabriella Sanchez, Biden, Kamala Harris, Jen Psaki, Paul, Stone, ” Sanchez, Pastor Banda, He’s, ” Banda Organizations: Facebook, Tech, Capitol, NBC News, United Nations, NBC, U.S ., FBI’s National Gang Intelligence, Criminal Networks, Twitter, YouTube, Islamic, ISIS, , The, of State, White, Trump, Border Protection, Customs Locations: United States, Tijuana , Mexico, America, Mexican, , McAllen , Texas, Houston, Nicaragua, Agua, Sonora, Sinaloa, Sonora and Arizona, Mexico, Spanish, Los Angeles, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Brazil, U.S, Central America, Salvador, Texas, Honduran, Belize, Banda, California, Baja California, U.S.A
REUTERS/Carlos Herrera/File PhotoThe United States is prepared to review "trade-related activities" with Nicaragua, including Managua's participation in a Central America free trade agreement, if the country's coming elections are not free and fair, a senior State Department official said on Thursday. Asked whether the U.S. government was considering suspending Nicaragua from the CAFTA-DR regional trade agreement that gives preferential treatment to exports to the United States, Chung said: "We know that this is something that really improved the lives of the people of Nicaragua." But she said that given the deterioration of democratic practices in Nicaragua, the United States was already trying to make sure U.S. trade cooperation was not directly benefiting the Nicaraguan government. "If the November elections are not free and fair, we would continue to review the Nicaraguan government's participation in these trade-related activities," she added. Repeating a U.S. call for the immediate release of jailed Nicaraguan opposition and civil society leaders, Chung said the U.S. government does not currently see the conditions for democratic elections.
Persons: Felix Maradiaga, Carlos Herrera, Julie Chung, Daniel Ortega, Ortega, Chung, Joe Biden Organizations: REUTERS, State Department, Western Hemisphere Affairs, Organization of American, U.S, Nicaraguan, Thomson Locations: Nicaragua, Managua, States, Central America, Washington, United States, Nicaraguan, U.S
MANAGUA, Nicaragua — Nicaragua’s National Police arrested two more potential challengers to President Daniel Ortega on Tuesday, the third and fourth opposition pre-candidates for the Nov. 7 elections detained in the past week. Félix Maradiaga was arrested after being called to the Attorney General’s Office to provide a statement. His campaign said in a statement that police stopped him, his driver and his lawyer after they had left the Attorney General’s Office. Tiziano Breda, Central America analyst for Crisis Group, a nongovernmental group aimed at avoiding and resolving deadly conflict, said the arrests serve multiple purposes for Ortega. He said diplomatic outreach from the United States, which Crisis Group recommended in a report last month, would represent an alternative strategy for the administration of President Joe Biden.
Persons: Daniel Ortega, Félix Maradiaga, Juan Sebastián Chamorro, Maradiaga, , Cristiana Chamorro, Arturo Cruz Sequeira, Cruz, Chamorro, Julie Chung, U.S . State Department’s, , Ortega, Rosario Murrillo, ” Ortega, Josué Garay, Tiziano, Breda, “ Ortega, ” Breda, Joe Biden Organizations: Nicaragua’s National Police, Attorney, Civic Alliance, Nicaraguan Foundation for Social Development, Nicaragua, U.S, U.S . State, Western Hemisphere, Twitter, White, Unity . Coalition, National Police, Freedom Foundation, Institute for Strategic Studies, Central America, Crisis, Sandinista, NBC, Facebook Locations: MANAGUA, Nicaragua, United States, U.S ., Nicaraguan, Libertad, Tiziano Breda, Europe
A sobbing Carolina calls her family in Honduras moments after being deported to Reynosa with her 12-year-old daughter, Genesis. Jeny, stranded with her son and daughter in Reynosa, said gangs in Honduras killed her father and brother this year. 'No one wants to die'Felicia Rangel-Samponaro runs Sidewalk School, a nonprofit that offers classroom instruction for asylum-seeking children in six cities across the border. Gang members “come into the plaza,” Rangel-Samponaro said. Odalys, 7, was sitting with three other children at a Reynosa, shelter sharing what her young life has been like.
Persons: , , Carolina, Erika Angulo, Fani, Jeny, Felicia Rangel, Samponaro, ” Rangel, Trump, Biden, Joe Biden, Rangel, Victor Cavazos, Pastor Hector de Silva, de Silva, he’s, Odalys, Deysis, ” Deysis, Alicia, Maria, ” Maria, , Cesar Organizations: de, U.S, Hurricanes Eta, Iota, NBC, Rio, Sidewalk School, The U.S . State Department, NBC News, Facebook, Twitter Locations: REYNOSA, Mexico, McAllen , Texas, República, Carolina, U.S, McAllen, Honduras, Honduran, Reynosa, Tamaulipas, The, It’s, Covid, Mexican, El Salvador, Virginia, Texas, New York, Rio Grande, Nicaragua, Roma , Texas
U.S. blacklists four Nicaraguans, including Ortega's daughter
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The United States on Wednesday blacklisted four Nicaraguans, including a daughter of President Daniel Ortega, accusing them of supporting a government that Washington said has undermined democracy, abused human rights and enacted repressive laws. The U.S. Treasury Department said in a statement it had imposed sanctions on Camila Antonia Ortega Murillo, Ortega's daughter and Coordinator of the Creative Economy Commission. "President Ortega’s actions are harming Nicaraguans and driving the country deeper into tyranny," Andrea Gacki, director of the Treasury's Office of Foreign Assets Control, said in the statement. "It's clear the Ortega regime intends to continue its suppression of the Nicaraguan people. The United States will continue to expose those officials who continue to ignore the will of its citizens," she added.
Persons: Daniel Ortega, Washington, Camila Antonia Ortega Murillo, Ortega's, Leonardo Ovidio Reyes Ramirez, Edwin Ramon Castro Rivera, Julio Modesto Rodriguez Balladares, Ortega’s, Andrea Gacki, Ortega Organizations: U.S . Treasury Department, Creative Economy Commission, Treasury, Central Bank of, Nicaraguan National Assembly, Nicaraguan Army, Military Social Welfare Institute, Foreign Assets Control, Thomson Locations: States, U.S, Central Bank of Nicaragua, United States
Supreme Court unanimously rules against immigrants with temporary status
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WASHINGTON — A unanimous Supreme Court ruled Monday that thousands of people living in the U.S. for humanitarian reasons are ineligible to apply to become permanent residents. Justice Elena Kagan wrote for the court that federal immigration law prohibits people who entered the country illegally and now have Temporary Protected Status from seeking “green cards” to remain in the country permanently. So the conferral of TPS does not make an unlawful entrant...eligible" for a green card, she wrote. Monday's decision does not affect immigrants with TPS who initially entered the U.S. legally and then, say, overstayed their visa, Kagan noted. Because those people were legally admitted to the country and later were given humanitarian protections, they can seek to become permanent residents.
Persons: WASHINGTON —, Elena Kagan, , , Kagan Organizations: TPS, Senate, Biden, U.S Locations: U.S, El Salvador, United States, Haiti, Honduras, Myanmar, Nepal, Nicaragua, Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan, Syria, Venezuela, Yemen
U.S. Supreme Court blocks permanent residency for some immigrants
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People walk past the U.S. Supreme Court the day the court is set to release orders and opinions in Washington, U.S., June 1, 2021. REUTERS/ERIN SCOTTCompanies Us Supreme Court See allThe U.S. Supreme Court on Monday refused to let immigrants who have been allowed to stay in the United States on humanitarian grounds apply to become permanent residents if they entered the country illegally, siding with President Joe Biden's administration. The case could affect thousands of immigrants, many of whom have lived in the United States for years. There are about 400,000 people in the United States with protected status, which prevents deportation and lets them work legally. They sued in federal court, saying that those with lawful status, including Temporary Protected Status recipients, are deemed to have been lawfully admitted, and may apply for permanent residency.
Persons: ERIN SCOTT, Joe Biden's, Biden, Donald Trump's, Elena Kagan, Jose Sanchez, Sonia Gonzalez, Kamala Harris Organizations: U.S, Supreme, REUTERS, ERIN SCOTT Companies, Republican, TPS, United, Circuit, El Locations: Washington , U.S, United States, El Salvador, New Jersey, Philadelphia, Haiti, Honduras, Myanmar, Nepal, Nicaragua, Somalia, Sudan, South Sudan, Syria, Venezuela, Yemen, Guatemala
Nicaragua Detains Second Opposition Presidential Candidate
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Nicaraguan police detained another opposition presidential hopeful Saturday, the second such arrest in four days, and charged him with “conspiring against Nicaraguan society,” ratcheting up the government’s repression against potential opponents of President Daniel Ortega in coming elections. On Wednesday, police broke into the home of Cristiana Chamorro, who leads the opposition to Mr. Ortega in the polls, and placed her under house arrest for alleged money laundering. Ms. Chamorro, 67, is the daughter of Violeta Chamorro, who beat Mr. Ortega in Nicaragua’s 1990 presidential elections. “This is an intensification of the attacks of the dictatorship against possible opposition candidates,” said Kitty Monterrey, the president of Citizens Alliance for Liberty, Mr. Cruz’s political party. “Ortega wants to dishearten citizens so they lose hope and drop out of the political process.”Ms. Monterrey said the accusations against Mr. Cruz were a sham.
Persons: , , Daniel Ortega, Arturo Cruz, Nicaraguan Attorney General’s, Cruz, Mr, Cristiana Chamorro, Ortega, Chamorro, Violeta Chamorro, Kitty Monterrey, “ Ortega, Ms, Monterrey Organizations: Nicaraguan Attorney, Nicaraguan, Citizens Alliance for Liberty Locations: U.S, Managua, Washington, Nicaragua’s
U.S. baseball team clinches slot in Tokyo with aid of MLB veterans
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Mandatory Credit: Sam Navarro-USA TODAY SportsThe United States baseball team won a spot in the Tokyo Olympics after defeating Venezuela 4-2 on Saturday and securing the best record in the Americas qualifier tournament. Team USA will join reigning champion South Korea, Japan and underdogs Israel and Mexico in the Olympics. Instead of MLB stars, several countries including the United States rely on inexperienced prospects and cast-off veterans. Former Pittsburgh Pirates infielder Todd Frazier notched four hits for the United States on Saturday, scoring two runs and driving in two. Former major leaguers Edwin Jackson Jr and David Robertson closed out the game for the United States.
Persons: Jarren Duran, Sam Navarro, Todd Frazier, Eric Filia, Anibal Sanchez, Frazier, Matthew Liberatore, Nick Allen, Edwin Jackson Jr, David Robertson Organizations: Canada, Baseball, USA, United States, Venezuela, Americas, Team USA, South, Olympics, U.S, Major League Baseball, MLB, Former Pittsburgh Pirates, Washington Nationals, Pirates, Dominican, Louis Cardinals, Cuba, United, Thomson Locations: Palm Beach , Florida, USA, United States, Tokyo, South Korea, Japan, Israel, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Australia, Netherlands, Puebla, U.S, Florida, Canada, Puerto Rico, Nicaragua, Colombia
Founded in 1998, The Trevor Project provides crisis intervention and suicide prevention services to the LGBTQ community under 25. I never really knew I wanted to go all the way to South America until I got there. After riding 4,400 miles, Andrew reaches Yorktown, VA Source: Andrew MortensenBut it wasn't enough. Andrew reaches the Lone Star State Source: Andrew MortensenMortensen says it was after reaching Texas, he decided to cross into Mexico. Andrew Mortensen Cyclist
Persons: Andrew Mortensen, Trevor, Andrew Mortensen Mortensen, Yorktown , Virginia — Mortensen, Mortensen, Andrew, Mortensen's, Andrew Mortensen's, Andrew Mortensen Miles, Larry Riddle, , Colombia —, Andrew Mortensen In Organizations: CNBC, Mental Health, GPS, Yellowstone, Key, Lone Star, Texas Locations: U.S, South America, America, Neah Bay, Washington, Yorktown , Virginia, Neah, Cannon, Lolo, Cannon Beach, Oregon, Idaho, Carbondale , Illinois, Illinois, Kansas, Virginia, Yorktown, Andrew, Key West , Florida, Florida, South Carolina, Mexico, Atitlan, Guatamala, Central America, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, Ecuador, Andrew Mortensen In Peru, Lima, Peru, Patagonia Region, Chile —, Pategonia
Liquefied natural gas (LNG) storage tanks are seen at the Sinopec Tianjin LNG receiving terminal in Tianjin, China October 22, 2018. REUTERS/StringerGlobal liquefied natural gas (LNG) trade volumes rose to a record last year led by Asia, though growth was marginal as demand was slammed by coronavirus-induced restrictions, according to a report by the International Gas Union (IGU). This was smaller than the growth of 40.9 million tonnes, or 11.5%, in 2019, the IGU said. But, LNG was one of the few commodities that had an increase in trade in 2020, it said. In 2020, the U.S. exported 11 million tonnes, or about 33%, more than in 2019 due to new production from Freeport LNG, Cameron LNG and Elba Island.
Persons: lockdowns, IGU, prioritising Organizations: Tianjin, REUTERS, Stringer, International Gas Union, Qatar, Cameron, Thomson Locations: Tianjin, China, Asia, United States, Australia, U.S, Russia, Freeport LNG, Elba, Trinidad and Tobago, Malaysia, Egypt, Algeria, Norway, India, Taiwan, South Korea, Myanmar, Europe, Mexico, Ghana, El Salvador, Cyprus, Nicaragua
Nicaraguan Police Place Leading Ortega Opponent Under House Arrest
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Nicaraguan police placed Cristiana Chamorro, President Daniel Ortega most prominent opponent, under house arrest after searching her home for at least five hours in what her family said was the latest attempt to keep her from challenging Mr. Ortega in November presidential elections. Ms. Chamorro, recently accused by prosecutors of money laundering, has emerged as the favorite among at least eight would-be candidates seeking to challenge Mr. Ortega. “She is all right, but she can’t leave her house,” said Juan Sebastian Chamorro, a cousin and family spokesman. Polls show Ms. Chamorro leads the field by a wide margin. Orietta Benavides, Ms. Chamorro’s lawyer, said police stormed the home minutes before a press conference Ms. Chamorro had called to claim irregularities in the case that Nicaraguan authorities are pressing against her.
Persons: Cristiana Chamorro, Daniel Ortega, Ortega, Chamorro, Mr, Nicaragua’s, can’t, , Juan Sebastian Chamorro, , Orietta Benavides
Nicaragua prosecutor office seeks disqualification of opposition candidate
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REUTERS/Carlos HerreraThe Nicaraguan Prosecutor's Office on Tuesday accused presidential opposition candidate Cristiana Chamorro of abusive management and ideological falsehood, and requested her disqualification. Chamorro is the daughter of former President Violeta Barrios de Chamorro, who defeated President Daniel Ortega in the 1990 elections. The prosecutors offices said in a statement that it seeks the "disqualification from holding public office for not being in full enjoyment of her civil and political rights". But former Nicaraguan criminal prosecutor Cesar Guevara said that the prosecutor's office cannot disqualify her because she has not been found guilty. International organizations,including the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights and the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, have accused the government is of fabricating false accusations against opponents.
Persons: Cristiana Chamorro, Violeta Barrios, Carlos Herrera, Chamorro, Violeta Barrios de Chamorro, Daniel Ortega, Cid, Ortega, Cesar Guevara Organizations: Interior Ministry, Chamorro Foundation, REUTERS, Nicaraguan, Office, Gallup, International, Inter, American, Human Rights, United Nations, Thomson Locations: Managua, Nicaragua
Nicaragua orders arrest of opposition leader, police enter home
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REUTERS/Carlos HerreraNicaraguan police entered the home of opposition leader Cristiana Chamorro on Wednesday after prosecutors sought her arrest for money laundering and other crimes, according to judicial authorities and television footage. A judge in the capital Managua put out the arrest order, acceding to the prosecutors' request, the statement said. Chamorro is the daughter of Violeta Chamorro, who became president of Nicaragua in a 1990 election, ousting current President Daniel Ortega after his first stint in power. Chamorro is competing with other opposition figures to run as a candidate in presidential elections in November. In opinion polls, Chamorro has stood out as one of the most popular opposition figures and touted as a possible unity candidate for the divided opposition.
Persons: Cristiana Chamorro, Daniel Ortega, Carlos Herrera, Chamorro, Violeta Chamorro Organizations: REUTERS, Carlos Herrera Nicaraguan, Social, Thomson Locations: Nicaragua, Managua, State of Nicaragua, Nicaraguan
Nicaragua opens probe into presidential hopeful Chamorro
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Cristiana Chamorro talks to the media while leaving the Interior Ministry, where she was notified of an investigation against her due to inconsistencies in the financial reports of the Violeta Barrios de Chamorro Foundation, in Managua, Nicaragua May 20, 2021. REUTERS/Carlos HerreraNicaragua announced on Thursday a money laundering investigation against presidential hopeful Cristiana Chamorro, who seeks to challenge longtime President Daniel Ortega in the national elections in November. The Interior Ministry said in a statement that "clear evidence of money laundering was obtained" from a review of the 2015-2019 financial statements of a foundation Chamorro headed until February. Chamorro is the daughter of former President Violeta Barrios de Chamorro, whose election in 1990 ended Ortega's first 11-year run as president. The foundation, founded by Violeta Barrios de Chamorro, was dissolved in February, after two laws took effect restricting the operations of non-governmental organizations.
Persons: Cristiana Chamorro, Violeta Barrios, Carlos Herrera Nicaragua, Daniel Ortega, Chamorro, Ortega, Violeta Barrios de Chamorro, Ortega's, Carlos Fernando Chamorro Organizations: Interior Ministry, Chamorro Foundation, REUTERS, Government, Nicaragua's, La Prensa, Thomson Locations: Managua, Nicaragua
Review: Lessons from Wall Street’s forgotten bank
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Brown Brothers Harriman is Wall Street’s forgotten bank. When U.S. President Woodrow Wilson travelled to the Versailles peace talks in 1919, he carried a $10,000 note from Brown Brothers. Brown Brothers Harriman chose the former, spinning off an investment bank which, following a series of mergers, became part of Drexel Burnham Lambert. While Goldman and Morgan Stanley went public, Brown Brothers Harriman remained a private partnership. If it does, though, Brown Brothers Harriman will be ready.
Persons: Brown, Harriman, Zachary Karabell, Alexander Brown, decamped, Woodrow Wilson, ” Karabell, Brown Brothers, Goldman Sachs, Montagu Norman, Brown Shipley, Averell Harriman, Robert Lovett, Prescott Bush, Karabell, Brown Brothers Harriman, Drexel Burnham Lambert, Michael Milken, Goldman, Morgan Stanley, bailouts Organizations: New York Stock Exchange, U.S, Brown Brothers, Bank of England, Brown, U.S . Senate, Wall, Harriman & Co, Yale, BlackRock, Blackstone, Penguin Press Locations: New York, Irish, Baltimore, Liverpool, United States, Great Britain, Versailles, America, Latin America, Nicaragua, U.S ., Connecticut, British, Vietnam, New Haven, Washington
Members of Cuba's baseball team told Reuters on Wednesday the U.S. embassy in Havana had started processing their applications for visas to attend the Americas Olympic qualifying tournament in Florida despite its restrictions on consular services, in a triumph of baseball diplomacy. Cuban baseball fans have been worried their team might not receive the visas they need to compete in the qualifying tournament for the Tokyo Olympics. But a Reuters witness saw a group of players and officials from the baseball team outside the embassy on Wednesday. Cuba's baseball team won the gold medal at the Olympics in Barcelona in 1992, Atlanta in 1996 and Athens in 2004. In the Florida tournament, Cuba will face off in Group B against fellow baseball powers Venezuela, Canada and Colombia.
Persons: Trump, Port St Lucie, Ivan Prieto, Prieto, Donald Trump, Guillermo Aviles, Joe Biden, Biden, Barack Obama, Raul Castro, Castro, Carlos Marti Organizations: Reuters, Wednesday, U.S, Americas Olympic, Tokyo Olympics, Port St, U.S . State Department, Baseball, Cuban Communist, Democrat, Republican Trump, Cuban, Cuban national, Tampa Bay Rays, Facebook, Twitter Locations: Havana, Florida, U.S, United States, Cuban, Florida's, Palm Beach, Port, Cuba, Barcelona, Atlanta, Athens, Latin America, Venezuela, Canada, Colombia, Dominican Republic , Puerto Rico, Nicaragua
Baseball diplomacy re-emerges in tense U.S.-Cuban relations
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Players of the Cuba's national baseball team wait to enter the U.S. Embassy (not pictured) in Havana, Cuba, May 19, 2021. Cuban baseball fans have been worried their team might not receive the visas they need to compete in the qualifying tournament for the Tokyo Olympics. But a Reuters witness saw a group of players and officials from the baseball team outside the embassy on Wednesday. Cuba's baseball team won the gold medal at the Olympics in Barcelona in 1992, Atlanta in 1996 and Athens in 2004. read moreIn the Florida tournament, Cuba will face off in Group B against fellow baseball powers Venezuela, Canada and Colombia.
Persons: Alexandre Meneghini, Trump, Port St Lucie, Ivan Prieto, Prieto, Donald Trump, Guillermo Aviles, Joe Biden, Biden, Barack Obama, Raul Castro, Castro, Carlos Marti Organizations: U.S . Embassy, REUTERS, Reuters, Wednesday, U.S, Americas Olympic, Tokyo Olympics, Port St, U.S . State Department, Baseball, Cuban Communist, Democrat, Republican Trump, Cuban, Cuban national, Tampa Bay Rays, Thomson Locations: Havana, Cuba, Florida, U.S, United States, Cuban, Florida's, Palm Beach, Port, Barcelona, Atlanta, Athens, Latin America, Venezuela, Canada, Colombia, Dominican Republic , Puerto Rico, Nicaragua
Nicaraguan opposition fails to strike deal to unite ahead of elections
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Nicaragua's opposition Citizen Alliance grouping on Wednesday registered to contest November's presidential elections on its own, reducing the likelihood the wider opposition would join forces to topple leftist leader Daniel Ortega. Analaysts say Ortega is likely to be re-elected if the opposition is divided. The Supreme Electoral Council had given the opposition a hard deadline of May 12 to register as a single alliance. The opposition's attempts at unity stem from the nationwide upheaval that followed protests against Ortega, which flared in April 2018. Some 326 people died during months of protests that were put down by Ortega's security forces with an iron first.
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Mars missions, astronauts coming and going at the International Space Station, China’s increasingly ambitious space program. On Feb. 17, the congress in Nicaragua, one of the region’s poorest, most conflict-prone nations, approved a law creating a space agency. "The truth is, the type of eyebrow raised regarding the announcement of a Nicaragua space program is similar to whenever an African country announces a space program. The African Union also plans a space agency, to be based in Egypt. The European Space Agency, which uses a rocket launch site in French Guiana on South America’s northeast coast, was established in 1975.
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