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Democratic candidate for New York City Mayor Maya Wiley speaks to voters and media while campaigning at the Co-op City housing complex in the Bronx borough of New York City, New York, U.S., June 7, 2021. REUTERS/Mike Segar/File PhotoFor months, a trio of liberal Democratic candidates in New York City's mayoral race has vied for the mantle of progressive standard-bearer in a crowded field. "New York is not a progressive city," said Christina Greer, a political science professor at Fordham University. "We know there are a lot of Democratic voters who call themselves progressive and support progressive values but think AOC is a little too far left." "She's clearly the progressive candidate that can win in this race," said Gabby Seay, the political director for the union, which represents healthcare workers.
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New York City Mayoral Candidates to Debate Ahead of Early Voting
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The top five Democratic candidates in the race to be the next mayor of New York City will face off Thursday night in a televised debate two days before early voting begins. Ms. Wiley was ranked as the top choice by 17% of the voters, the poll showed. The primary will take place on June 22 but early voting begins at select polling locations on Saturday. The primary will be the first time ranked-choice voting will be used in a citywide race. With Democrats vastly outnumbering Republicans in New York City, the winner of the Democratic primary is considered the favorite to be the next mayor.
Persons: Eric Adams, Maya Wiley, Bill de Blasio, Alexandria Ocasio, Adams, Wiley, Andrew Yang, Kathryn Garcia, Scott Stringer Organizations: Democratic, Brooklyn Borough, U.S . Rep, Emerson College, PIX11, Sanitation, WCBS Locations: New York City, Alexandria, Cortez
New York City will have a new mayor as Bill de Blasio hits his term limit. Controversies and notable items: Since launching his mayoral campaign, Yang has been under much heavier scrutiny than he faced while running for president. Eric AdamsBrooklyn Borough President and Democratic New York City mayoral candidate Eric Adams. Dianne MoralesNonprofit executive and Democratic New York City mayoral candidate Dianne Morales. Shaun DonovanNew York City mayoral candidate Shaun Donovan.
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In a weak field, Kathryn Garcia stands out as the candidate best prepared to run New York City. In a race that was supposed to be a clash between progressive and moderate visions for the city, Garcia has been managing to sidestep that fight with a message about competence. "Garcia gets it done" is her slogan, and she's widely praised for her track record as a manager in unglamorous city agencies including sanitation, environmental protection, and the New York City Housing Authority. Garcia does not have a lot of charisma, nor does she have an especially grand ideological vision. For eight years, New York City has had a mayor who seems bored.
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FILE PHOTO: Maya Wiley, Democratic candidate for New York City Mayor, campaigns in Brooklyn, New York, U.S., June 2, 2021. REUTERS/Brendan McDermid/File Photo(In third paragraph, corrects number of Democratic mayoral candidates)(Reuters) -Democratic Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on Saturday endorsed Maya Wiley for New York City mayor, boosting Wiley’s chances to establish herself as the leading progressive in the crowded race. The packed race has so far been dominated by former presidential candidate Andrew Yang, who was the main target of criticism at a televised debate earlier this week. Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams, another leading contender and a moderate Democrat, slammed Ocasio-Cortez’s endorsement of Wiley. “They are putting slogans and politics in front of public safety and would endanger the lives of New Yorkers,” Adams, a former police officer, said in a statement.
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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has endorsed civil rights attorney Maya Wiley for New York City mayor. In endorsing Wiley, Ocasio-Cortez said that "we need a city by and for working people." The endorsement could give Wiley a major boost over the other progressive candidates in the race. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, one of the most prominent progressive voices in the country, on Saturday endorsed Maya Wiley in the New York City mayoral race, imploring voters to "come together as a movement." "If we don't come together as a movement, we will get a New York City built by and for billionaires, and we need a city by and for working people," Ms. Ocasio-Cortez said.
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FILE PHOTO: Eric Adams, Democratic candidate for New York City Mayor, acknowledges supporters following a campaign appearance in Brooklyn, New York, U.S., June 2, 2021. Under RCV, voters can rank multiple contenders instead of choosing just one. Dozens of cities, including San Francisco, Minneapolis and Salt Lake City, use RCV for local elections. In New York’s mayoral election, voters can list up to five names. Research shows RCV elections feature more candidates of color, according to FairVote, a nonprofit group that favors the system.
Persons: Eric Adams, Brendan McDermid, RCV, , Susan Lerner, Lerner, Christina Greer, “ I’m, I’ve, Bill de Blasio’s Organizations: Reuters, New York, Democratic, New York City Mayor, REUTERS, RCV, Academy of Motion Picture Arts, Sciences, Manhattan, , Fordham University Locations: New York City, Brooklyn , New York, U.S, San Francisco , Minneapolis, Salt Lake City, Alaska, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, New York, York’s
The leading Democratic contenders for New York City mayor, former presidential candidate Andrew Yang and Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams, faced harsh attacks from each other and a half dozen rivals during a televised debate on Wednesday. "We know that you've been investigated for corruption everywhere you've gone," Yang said, calling Adams "unprincipled." 1/3 Andrew Yang, Democratic candidate for mayor of New York City, speaks during a rally against Asian hate crimes following the May 31, 2021 unprovoked attack on a 55 year old Asian woman, in Manhattan's Chinatown district of New York City, U.S., June 2, 2021. Yang responded by defending his experience as a surrogate for national Democrats, including President Joe Biden, during last year's election. The candidates spent much of the two-hour debate clashing over policing and crime, with polls showing public safety is voters’ top concern.
Persons: Andrew Yang, Eric Adams, Yang, Scott Stringer, Maya Wiley, Yang –, , you've, Adams, Shannon Stapleton Read, Joe Biden, Kathryn Garcia, , Stringer, Dianne Morales Organizations: Democratic, New York City, Brooklyn Borough, Republican, MSNBC, Adams, REUTERS, Democrats, Thomson Locations: Brooklyn, New York City, Manhattan's Chinatown, U.S, New York
New York City Mayoral Candidates to Meet in Second Democratic Debate
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The Democratic candidates in New York City’s mayoral race are set to square off in a second debate on Wednesday night, as recent polls show no clear front-runner with less than three weeks before the primary. The debate will feature eight of the 13 candidates on the ballot and will take place in person after a previous debate was held virtually. Polls released after the first debate on May 13 showed a tight race with shifting preferences among voters. But support for her campaign has surged in recent weeks after she won endorsements from the New York Times and the New York Daily News. Another poll released by lobbying firm Fontas Advisors and Core Decision Analytics had Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams leading with 18%.
Persons: Kathryn Garcia, Garcia, Eric Adams, Adams Organizations: Democratic, WABC, Emerson College, PIX11, New York Times, New York Daily News, Fontas Advisors, New York Police Locations: New York, Brooklyn
REUTERS/Brendan McDermid/File PhotoSuperstorm Sandy flooded lower Manhattan in 2012 with nearly 5 feet (1.5 m) of water, swamping the city's subway and destroying homes and businesses. The storm and its aftermath were a wake-up call that New York City was not immune from the more severe storms and rising sea levels caused by climate change. This is a community that was really devastated by Hurricane Sandy," said Jainey Bavishi, the director of the New York City Mayor's Office of Resiliency. With 520 miles of coastline in New York City, protecting the city from storm surge is a monumental task. The Netherlands only has a third of the coastline in the entire country that New York City has in our city... We're doing this in a very constrained geography."
Persons: Brendan McDermid, Sandy, Hurricane Sandy, Jainey Bavishi, Bavishi Organizations: REUTERS, New, New York City Mayor's Office, Resiliency, Thomson Locations: Hurricane, New York, Manhattan, New York City, Side, Netherlands, Park, East Coast, New York , New Jersey, Connecticut
WASHINGTON — Andrew Giuliani, the son of former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, announced Tuesday that he’s officially running for governor of the state in 2022. [Andrew] Cuomo, whether it's going to be a radical [Attorney General] Letitia James, whether it's going to be a no-name lieutenant governor, I think there's a very, very real chance to win,” he said. But the New York governor could be vulnerable to a challenge after having been besieged by calls to resign in recent months after dual scandals rocked his administration. Giuliani served in Trump’s White House as a special assistant to the president and associate director of the Office of Public Liaison. Several other Republicans have declared their candidacies for New York governor, including former Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino and Rep. Lee Zeldin, R-N.Y. George Pataki was the state's last Republican governor, serving from 1995 to 2006.
Persons: WASHINGTON — Andrew Giuliani, Rudy Giuliani, he’s, Andrew, , Donald Trump, ” Giuliani, Trump, Andrew ] Cuomo, Letitia James, Cuomo, undercounted, Giuliani, Rob Astorino, Lee Zeldin, George Pataki Organizations: New, New York City, Treasury Department and Health, Human Services, Washington Examiner, , Democratic, Public Liaison, New York, Westchester County, Republican Locations: New York
A leading Democratic candidate to become New York City’s next mayor says his path to a career in law enforcement and then public office began 45 years ago in a basement of a Queens police precinct. Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams, a retired Black New York Police Department captain, said he was 15 years old at the time and his brother, Conrad, 16. In the basement of the 103rd precinct, the brothers were beaten by two white officers, then forced to spend the night in a juvenile detention center, according to Mr. Adams. Mr. Adams, now 60, has spoken publicly in the past about the experience and said that the criminal case was sealed. The winner likely will prevail in November’s general election because registered Democrats outnumber Republicans citywide by more than 6 to 1.
Persons: New York City’s, Eric Adams, Conrad, Queens —, Adams, , Bill de Blasio Organizations: Democratic, New York, Black New York Police Department, Queens, 103rd Locations: New, Queens, Brooklyn, Black, South Jamaica
Live Live Updates: First New York City Mayoral Debate Starts The eight candidates vying to succeed Mayor Bill de Blasio are debating each other virtually because of Covid-19 protocols. Blue for The New York TimesMay 13, 2021, 7:04 p.m. Read moreAdvertisement Continue reading the main storyMay 13, 2021, 7:04 p.m. ET May 13, 2021, 7:04 p.m. With the pandemic lingering in New York City, the eight candidates will not gather in-person but will participate virtually.
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Fox News host Tucker Carlson implied Wednesday night that Hunter Biden watches child porn. "By the way, there's kiddie porn on that hard drive," Carlson said. The last time Carlson claimed he had "evidence" on Hunter Biden, it mysteriously disappeared. Carlson defended Giuliani as well as the Capitol rioters, describing them as "dissidents" being persecuted by the Biden administration. "By the way, there's kiddie porn on that hard drive," Carlson said.
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Scott Stringer, one of the top NYC mayoral contenders, was accused of sexual assault late Tuesday. Stringer has denied the allegations, saying they shared "a consensual relationship." Democratic New York City mayoral candidate and City Comptroller Scott Stringer has been accused by a former intern of sexually assaulting her in 2001. Stringer denied the allegations shortly after Kim's press conference on Tuesday night. After Kim came forward at her press conference, several other candidates in the mayoral race called on Stringer to bow out.
Persons: Scott Stringer, Jean Kim, Stringer's, Stringer, Leah Kim, Kim, Katherine Garcia, Garcia, Maya Wiley, Dianne Morales, Shaun Donovan, Andrew Yang, Yang, Jean, Elyse Buxbaum Organizations: Democratic New York, New York Assembly, Urban, New York University Locations: Democratic New York City, New York
Andrew Yang Is Top Pick for New York City Mayor Among Key Voting Group
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New York City mayoral candidate Andrew Yang is the top choice among a crucial group of voters—registered Democrats age 50 and older, according to a poll released Sunday. The poll, by Siena College Research Institute and senior-citizens’ group AARP, showed that 24% of Democrats in the age group say the former presidential candidate and tech entrepreneur is their first choice in the June 22 Democratic primary. This year’s mayoral primary is the first with ranked-choice voting, which allows voters to rank as many as five candidates. Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams and New York City Comptroller Scott Stringer, who are also running for mayor in the Democratic primary, were each the first choice for 13% of Democrats age 50 and up, according to the poll. Democratic candidate Ray McGuire, a former vice chairman at Citigroup, received 9% of first-choice votes from Democrats in this age category, and candidate Maya Wiley, a Democratic candidate and former legal counsel to Mayor Bill de Blasio, had 7%, the poll showed.
Persons: Andrew Yang, Eric Adams, Scott Stringer, Ray McGuire, Maya Wiley, Bill de Blasio Organizations: Siena College Research Institute, AARP, Democratic, Brooklyn, New York, Citigroup, Republican Locations: York City, New
New York City Mayoral Candidates Seek Face Time With Undecided Voters
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As a June 22 primary nears and Covid-19 restrictions ease, New York City mayoral candidates have ratcheted up in-person campaigning to win over undecided voters. Many of the more than three dozen candidates entered the race in the middle of the pandemic, while the city was under lockdown. The restrictions pushed them to participate in candidate forums on Zoom, host online fundraisers and find creative ways to engage voters they couldn’t greet face to face. But with more than 4.8 million doses of the Covid-19 vaccine administered in New York City and the arrival of spring, candidates are coming out from behind their computer screens to meet voters. Late last year and at the start of 2021, the mayoral race was dominated by online forums, with candidates sometimes participating in more than one each day.
Persons: Dianne Morales, Herbert Von King Organizations: Democratic Locations: New York City, Brooklyn
FILE PHOTO: Andrew Yang, Democratic candidate for mayor of New York City, speaks to the press about attacks on Asian Americans following a campaign appearance at a pop-up food pantry at St. Ann and the Holy Trinity Church in Brooklyn, New York, U.S., March 30, 2021. REUTERS/Brendan McDermid/File Photo(Reuters) - Andrew Yang, a candidate for New York City mayor, has been hospitalized due to what appears to be a kidney stone, his campaign manager said on Friday. Yang went to an emergency room after experiencing abdominal pain and is now at the hospital with his wife, Evelyn, co-campaign manager Chris Coffey said on Twitter. “His events for the day are cancelled, but he looks forward to getting back out on the trail soon,” Coffey wrote. A native New Yorker and an Ivy League-educated son of Taiwanese immigrants, entrepreneur Yang would be the city’s first Asian-American mayor.
Persons: Andrew Yang, Ann, Brendan McDermid, Yang, Evelyn, Chris Coffey, ” Coffey, Eric Adams, Scott Stringer, Maya Wiley, Bill de Blasio Organizations: Democratic, Holy Trinity Church, REUTERS, New York City, Twitter, Brooklyn Borough, Ivy League Locations: New York City, St, Brooklyn , New York, U.S, New York, Brooklyn, Eric Adams , New York, Yorker
Why Kamala Harris Is a Star of the New York City Mayor’s Race
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Mr. Yang is trying to address the latter concern with a broad suite of policies as he seeks to emerge as the anti-poverty candidate. But Mr. Yang, a former presidential contender and political surrogate, is also emphasizing national relationships — even as he faces scrutiny over his connections to the city in which he has never voted for mayor. Calling Mr. Biden, Ms. Harris and Pete Buttigieg, the transportation secretary nominee, “friends of mine,” Mr. Yang added, “These relationships will pay dividends for our city when we want to get things done.”He also posted pictures of himself with Mr. Biden, Ms. Harris and Senators Bernie Sanders of Vermont and Cory Booker of New Jersey. (Mr. Booker, declining to name the mayoral candidates he knew best, said he did not expect to endorse in the race because “I have so many friends that are running.”)The candidate with the deepest federal management experience is Shaun Donovan, who was a housing secretary under former President Barack Obama, and Mr. Donovan makes no secret of it. Mr. Donovan said in an interview that his Washington relationships positioned him to see fresh opportunities for collaboration.
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Andrew Yang is officially in for the New York City mayoral race. Andrew Yang formally announced his candidacy for New York City mayor in a video posted online Wednesday night. In his campaign video, Yang sings the praises of New York, walking through the boroughs as he recounts the connections he and his wife, Evelyn, a Queens native, share in the city. Yang recounts his desire to go to the city as much as possible growing up in the introduction of the video. "New York City always felt like the center of the universe," Yang says.
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Ikea’s newest product line is small in stature but giant in implications: tiny houses, or trailers around 200 square feet bearing the company’s trademark airy and minimalist style and retailing for $47,550. The wildly successful Swedish company is seeking to move ecologically optimized tiny houses from the fringes to the mainstream. But the wildly successful Swedish company is seeking to move ecologically optimized tiny houses from the fringes to the mainstream, aiming at a large customer base that’s already enamored of the brand. Most of this infrastructure becomes obsolete long before the cast concrete used to build it wears out. So perhaps the lesson from tiny houses is truly fundamental: Small is beautiful, as well as sustainable.
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Andrew Yang files paperwork for New York City mayoral bid
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SEE NEW POSTSAndrew Yang files paperwork for New York City mayoral bid WASHINGTON — Former Democratic presidential hopeful Andrew Yang has filed paperwork with New York City to run for mayor, marking the next political chapter for the entrepreneur who mounted an underdog bid for president in 2020. Yang, who had been reportedly eyeing a bid for New York City mayor, filed on Wednesday with the city's Campaign Finance Board. An affiliated committee, Yang For New York, which is associated with a top Yang aide, also registered with the city board. Before that, he led the South Carolina Democratic Party. It’s that the Democratic Party needs to assess how we can more effectively communicate our answers to misinformation,” Baretto said.
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Andrew Yang Files Paperwork to Explore New York City Mayoral Run
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Former Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang has filed paperwork with New York City’s campaign finance board to explore a run for mayor. Mr. Yang filed with the board on Wednesday. It allows him to enroll in a city program that matches campaign donations, a board spokesman said. Mr. Yang, a Manhattan resident, would join a crowded field of candidates vying to be the next mayor of the nation’s largest city. The Democratic primary will be held June 22, and the victor is likely to win the general election in the largely blue city.
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Former Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang opened a bank account and filed paperwork for a possible New York City mayoral run, a source with direct knowledge of the decision confirmed to Insider. Andrew Yang, the tech entrepreneur and former Democratic presidential candidate, is taking a "next step" toward a possible New York City mayoral run. Yang filed paperwork with the New York City Board of Elections and opened a campaign bank account, a source with direct knowledge of the decision confirmed to Insider on Wednesday. Yang was recently named in a New York City mayoral poll, both as a Democrat and as a third party candidate. The 2021 New York City mayoral race will be the first to feature ranked choice voting.
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Rep. Max Rose Moves Toward Entering New York City Mayor’s Race
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In a nod to the district’s conservative tilt, Mr. Rose, who won election in 2018 by a margin similar to the one he lost by this year, effectively ran his centrist campaign against two opponents: Ms. Malliotakis and Mayor Bill de Blasio. Ms. Malliotakis made his participation in the event a focal point in the campaign as she sought to cast him as supporting calls to “defund the police” in a district that is home to many law enforcement officers. Mr. Rose, 34, is among several well-known Democrats who have been rumored to be considering joining a field that already includes more than a dozen candidates, with nearly half viewed as potentially serious contenders. It is unclear how Mr. Rose’s political persona would play in the mayoral campaign. His positions were on the liberal side for his district but might not be liberal enough to win over a plurality of mainstream Democrats in a citywide primary.
Persons: Rose, Malliotakis, Bill de Blasio, de, Mr, George Floyd, Ms, , Andrew Yang, Christine Quinn Organizations: Democratic, City Council Locations: New York City, Staten Island
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