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The Genomic Map of Poland's concerns stem from questions over how Polish genomic data may be used that relate to national security, said Marek Figlerowicz, a Professor at the Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry at the Polish Academy of Sciences who steers the project. As the technology to sequence genetic data has advanced and become cheaper, Figlerowicz said, the mapping project plans to bring the remaining sequencing in-house. The project wants to ensure Poland has genomic "independence" so it can ensure data security. The European Union, which provided about 65% of the total funding for the Genomic Map, did not respond to a request for comment. BGI uses the pregnant women's genetic data for research into the traits of populations.
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In his first meeting with the cohort of State Department staffers affected in Cuba and China, Blinken spent more than an hour offering reassurances and fielding questions, with most affected staffers joining remotely by phone. “It's confounding and puzzling to everyone who works on this that we have not been able to determine the cause or attribution,” the senior State Department official said. Diplomats have bristled at the fact the FBI did not directly interview the diplomats affected. On the Sept. 10 call, when Blinken asked how the department could reduce the skepticism, at least one diplomat encouraged the State Department to publicly refute that report. “The FBI study is one I have actually read,” she told the diplomats, according to notes from the call.
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A CIA official reported symptoms consistent with so-called Havana Syndrome, a mysterious affliction that has struck diplomats, spies and other government workers at home and abroad, two sources familiar with the matter said Monday. Havana Syndrome first came into public view in 2017 after U.S. diplomats and other government workers stationed in Cuba reported feeling unusual physical sensations after hearing strange high- and low-pitched sounds. Late last month, at least two U.S. diplomats were medically evacuated from Vietnam after Havana Syndrome incidents were reported in the capital city, Hanoi, ahead of Vice President Kamala Harris' arrival. Many people who have experienced Havana Syndrome report experiencing vertigo, dizziness, fatigue, nausea and intense headaches. A CIA spokeswoman declined to confirm the case in India but said the U.S. government and the agency are taking every incident seriously.
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U.S. President Joe Biden walks to the podium before his remarks on a National Security Initiative virtually with Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, inside the East Room at the White House in Washington, U.S., September 15, 2021. REUTERS/Tom BrennerNEW YORK/LONDON, Sept 21 (Reuters) - British prime minister Boris Johnson once worried that his friendliness with Donald Trump would leave him out in the cold when Democrat Joe Biden took over the White House. A submarine deal the United States and Britain recently announced with Australia came at France's expense, sparking France to withdraw its ambassadors to the United States and Australia and cancel a defense meeting with Britain. "The reality is that Joe has a lot of fish to fry," Johnson told reporters traveling with him to the United States on Monday. Reporting by Trevor Hunnicutt and Elizabeth Piper; Editing by Heather Timmons, Robert BirselOur Standards: The Thomson Reuters Trust Principles.
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"The Room Where It Happened: A White House Memoir" by John Bolton. These are all recent books that have been written about the problematic events that transpired inside the Trump White House. Brave new worldOn June 25, 1973, former White House Counsel to President Nixon John Dean began his televised testimony before the Senate Watergate Committee. Dean was the first Nixon administration official to accuse President Nixon of directly being involved in the Watergate break-in and covering it up in press interviews. Dean did what many in the Trump White House should have done.
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What does this also tell us about crisis management and our nuclear weapons safeguards? Woodward and Costa relate that Milley sought to reassure his counterpart in Beijing that the U.S. would not launch a surprise nuclear attack. After the election, Milley held a secret meeting of the country’s senior military leaders in the Pentagon. During the Cold War, the U.S. established procedures giving the president sole authority to order a nuclear attack. Defense Department directives for those allowed access to nuclear weapons, codes and procedures are extremely restrictive.
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France is furious after Australia canceled a lucrative submarine contract with a French firm. It came after he called the ambassadors to France and Australia back to Paris at the request of French President Emmanuel Macron — one of the most severe diplomatic snubs possible. Australia announced last week that it was terminating a $50 billion contract with French-owned firm Naval Group to build its new fleet of submarines. More importantly, President Macron saw its submarine deal with Australia as a way to bolster France's influence in the Indo-Pacific region, where he sees China as a growing threat. French officials also knew that the submarine contract had been beset by significant problems for years, including budget overruns, cultural differences, and disputes over domestic manufacturing.
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For the United States, Friday's apology for a drone strike that killed 10 innocent civilians in Afghanistan last month was a rare admission of a deadly and damaging mistake. Emal Ahmadi, left, has been mourning in the weeks since an American drone strike targeted and hit a vehicle in his family's Kabul home. Courtesy / Emal AhmadiThat acknowledgment was initially all that the Ahmadi family wanted after their names suddenly became tied to ISIS-K in the wake of the devastating drone strike. Instead Zemari's family and friends were left to defend his character as the U.S. defended what it initially described as a "righteous strike." Sometimes I think that I am asleep," Yousuf said, describing life in the wake of both the drone strike and the Taliban's takeover of Afghanistan.
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And in that spirit, he has been donating art supplies for use by Guantanamo detainees and guards alike. The glacial pace of the military commission proceedings is a matter of deep frustration for Morgan and other relatives of 9/11 victims. He got the idea to donate art supplies in 2018, he said, after talking to his daughter, who is an artist. Art supplies donated by Glenn Morgan for use by Guantanamo detainees and guards. "I was told I had the opportunity to send them on the next trip, and so I scrambled and bought a lot of art supplies," he said.
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"Just like Afghanistan, this new 'America First' opus is poorly conceived and even more poorly executed," a French diplomat said. David Bell, a history professor at Princeton University, said precedent indicated the crisis would blow over, eventually. "Macron is trying to reawaken that Gaullist tradition of French independence" in foreign policy, he said. "China must be laughing all the way to the bank," said Francois Heisbourg, senior advisor for Europe at the International Institute for Strategic Studies. Even so, other analysts believe the compelling need to counter Beijing will help Western countries bridge their differences.
Persons: Joe Biden, Scott Morrison, Boris Johnson, Tom Brenner WASHINGTON, Antony Blinken, Joe Biden's, Donald Trump's, Biden, Emmanuel Macron, Benjamin Haddad, Blinken, Paris, Washington, David Bell, Macron, Francois Heisbourg, Heisbourg, Josep Borrell, Greg Poling, Humeyra Pamuk, David Brunnstrom, Steve Holland, Heather Timmons, Mike Stone, Mary Milliken, Daniel Wallis Organizations: National Security, Australian, British, White, REUTERS, U.S, French, Trump, Australia's, Atlantic Council's, White House and State Department, The State Department, United Nations General Assembly, Princeton University, NATO, Bell, International Institute for Strategic Studies, Beijing, European Union, Washington's Center, Strategic, International Studies, Thomson Locations: Washington , U.S, Paris, Europe, Australia, Washington, France, Britain, U.S, Afghanistan, French, Iraq, China, United States, Germany, EU, Beijing
Australian and Chinese flags are seen at the third China International Import Expo (CIIE) in Shanghai, China November 6, 2020. read moreMorrison will travel to Washington on Monday for the first face-to-face meeting of leaders of the Quad, a grouping of India, Japan, Australia and the United States. The AUKUS partnership and Quad will overlap as central to Australia's security, he said. The United States said on Friday there is no reciprocal requuirement. "There has already been an expectation that Australia would join the United States and others - especially Japan - in discouraging or facing future military adventurism from China, over Taiwan, the South China Sea, the East China Sea," said Medcalf.
Persons: Aly Song SYDNEY, Scott Morrison, Morrison, Rory Medcalf, Ashley Townshend, Kevin Rudd, Kirsty Needham Organizations: China, REUTERS, Pacific, ANU National Security College, United, U.S, Foreign Policy, Defence, United States Studies, Thomson Locations: Shanghai, China, Australia, Washington, U.S, United States, Britain, Taiwan, Indonesia, Japan, India, Canberra, United Kingdom, Western Australia, South China, East China, Guam
Oleksiy Danilov, Secretary of Ukraine's National Security and Defence Council, speaks during an interview with Reuters in Kyiv, Ukraine April 7, 2021. REUTERS/Valentyn OgirenkoKYIV, Sept 17 (Reuters) - Ukraine will impose sanctions against dozens of organisers and participants in Russian parliamentary elections taking place in occupied territories in eastern Ukraine and Crimea, a top Ukrainian security official said on Friday. read more"We are confident that the Russian Federation has no right to hold elections in these territories," Oleksiy Danilov, the secretary of Ukraine's security and defence council, told a televised briefing. Danilov did not specify what kind of sanctions would be applied and did not give names. More than 14,000 people have died in fighting between separatists and Ukrainian forces, with deadly clashes continuing regularly despite a ceasefire that ended large scale combat in 2015.
Persons: Oleksiy Danilov, Vladimir Putin, Danilov, Pavel Polityuk, William Maclean Organizations: National Security, Defence Council, Reuters, REUTERS, Russian Federation, Thomson Locations: Kyiv, Ukraine, Valentyn, KYIV, Crimea, Russia, United Russia, Moscow, Ukrainian
According to the indictment, "During the meeting, Sussmann lied about the capacity in which he was providing the allegations to the FBI. Sussmann’s lawyers, Sean Berkowitz and Michael Bosworth of Latham & Watkins, issued a statement in anticipation of the indictment denying any wrongdoing. It also says that Sussmann billed the Clinton campaign for his time when meeting with the tech executive to discuss the alleged links between Russia and the Trump campaign. The Sussmann meeting with Baker has been the subject of sworn testimony by both men before the House Intelligence Committee investigating the Trump-Russia affair. At the time, the Clinton campaign was pushing the Alfa Bank story hard to the news media.
Persons: WASHINGTON, Donald Trump’s, Hillary Clinton, John Durham, Michael Sussman, James Baker, Sussman, Baker, Trump, Sussmann, Joe Biden’s, General Merrick Garland, Sean Berkowitz, Michael Bosworth, Latham, Latham & Watkins, Mr, Clinton, FBI's Baker, cybersecurity, Michael Flynn Organizations: Department, Democratic, FBI, . Technology Industry, U.S . Internet Company, Latham &, Department of Justice, Attorney, CIA, House Intelligence, Trump, Democratic National Committee, Trump Organization, Alfa Bank, Justice Department, New York Times Locations: Russia, Sussmann, U.S, Durham, Connecticut, Trump
HONG KONG — America’s new security alliance with Britain and Australia was always likely to be greeted with fury by China, the unspoken target of Washington’s latest effort to reinforce its influence in the region. But the pact also incensed France, a longtime ally that felt its Indo-Pacific interests had been torpedoed by the submarine-centered agreement. It will allow Australia to build nuclear-powered submarines for the first time, using technology that the U.S. had only previously shared with Britain. It will also make Australia the seventh country in the world to have nuclear-powered submarines, after the U.S., Britain, France, China, India and Russia. France also expressed outrage after the agreement brought its own deal to build submarines for Australia, inked in 2016, to an abrupt end.
Persons: Zhao Lijian, , ” Zhao, , Sam Roggeveen, Malcolm Davis, it’s, Jean, Yves Le Drian, Armed Forces Minister Florence Parly, Le Drian, Trump, Naoya Masuda, Parly, Frédéric, Biden, Charillon, Jacinda Ardern, Scott Morrison, ” Jennifer Jett, Chantal Da Silva Organizations: Foreign Ministry, NBC, Biden, Britain, International Security, Lowy Institute, NBC News, Relations, Australian Strategic Policy Institute, French, Armed Forces Minister, Australia, , Naval Group, Yomiuri Shimbun, France's Clermont Auvergne University, Australian Locations: HONG KONG, Britain, Australia, China, France, U.S, India, Russia, United States, Sydney, Beijing, Canberra, European, ” Australia, France's, Washington, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Toronto
REUTERS/Tom Brenner/File PhotoSYDNEY, Sept 16 (Reuters) - Australia will build eight nuclear-powered submarines under a new Indo-Pacific security partnership with the United States and Britain that analysts say will likely rile China, which will see the pact as an attempt to contain it. Australia will be only the second country after Britain in 1958 to be given access to U.S. nuclear technology to build nuclear-powered submarines. L1N2QH2X7"Our world is becoming more complex, especially here in our region, the Indo-Pacific," said Prime Minister Scott Morrison. New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern welcomed the focus on the Indo-Pacific but said Australia's new nuclear-powered submarines would not be allowed in its territorial waters under a long-standing nuclear free policy. Nuclear-powered submarines can spend longer underwater, allowing for stealth in potential flashpoint areas with China such as the South China Sea, security analysts said.
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Circuit Court of Appeals said that the lawsuit must be dismissed after the government invoked the "state secrets privilege", which meant that a full exploration of the issue in a court would damage national security. "Although the district court erred in granting summary judgment to the government as to Wikimedia's standing, we agree that the state secrets privilege requires the termination of this suit," Judge Albert Diaz wrote in a majority opinion by the court. Upstream's existence was revealed in leaks by former NSA contractor Edward Snowden in 2013 and the lawsuit was filed in the aftermath of those revelations. The lawsuit was first dismissed in 2015 after a U.S. District judge found lack of evidence that the NSA was conducting surveillance "at full throttle." Circuit Court of Appeals revived the case in 2017 and sent it back to the lower court, which again dismissed it in 2019.
Persons: Dado, Albert Diaz, Diana Gribbon Motz, Edward Snowden, James Buatti, Kanishka Singh, Sam Holmes Organizations: U.S . National Security Agency, REUTERS, U.S, Wikimedia Foundation, National Security, Circuit, Appeals, NSA, District, Thomson Locations: Sarajevo, Bengaluru
Apple fired Gjøvik after her complaints of harassment and work safety issues and her public criticism of how Apple handled them. When I raised this issue with employee relations, I also mentioned sexist comments my manager made towards me. Instead of looking into my workplace safety complaint, they launched an investigation into sexism by my manager. I complained of Apple's disappointing response to my safety concerns and the years of sexism and bullying I faced while at the company. A member of Apple's "Employee Relations Threat Assessment & Workplace Violence" team emailed me about some vague security concern.
Persons: I've, me, Apple, We're, I'm, Sen, Connie Leyva, Ifeoma, they've, Ozoma, they'd, Tekendra Parmar Organizations: Apple, Gjøvik, National Labor Relations Board, Opportunity Commission, California Department of Fair, Housing, FBI, National Security Agency, Labor Relations Board, University of Oxford, The Securities, Exchange Commission, Nia Impact Locations: Gjøvik, California, tparmar
Both shows have a style and a prevailing mood that incorporate true-crime documentary conventions, podcast fussiness and generational perspective. A decade later, in “Fiasco,” we see a transitional period, as the minimal fallout for Reagan from Iran-contra begins to normalize the White House’s trampling of the Constitution. Among the principal chroniclers are the reporter Doyle McManus; the refreshingly casual Howard Teicher, a National Security Council staff member at the time; and the former national security adviser Robert McFarlane, who is heard but not seen, a ghostly logistical hitch that actually seems appropriate given his mournful, repentant testimony. But the resonance of “Slow Burn” and “Fiasco,” both made during the term of Donald Trump, with current American rancor is inescapable. McManus gets something like the last word in “Fiasco,” saying that the lesson of Iran-contra lies in the immense difficulty of putting limits on a modern president.
Persons: Richard Nixon’s comeuppance, “ Fiasco, Reagan, , Doyle McManus, Howard Teicher, Robert McFarlane, Neyfakh, , Donald Trump, McManus, Fiasco Organizations: Central America, National Security Council Locations: , Iran, Central
Mr. Blinken faced questions about the Taliban’s fast takeover of the region. “I don’t know, because we’re reviewing it,” Mr. Blinken replied. Mr. Blinken said that the administration’s worst-case planning began “in the spring and summer,” with interagency meetings coordinated by the White House. Mr. Romney asked Mr. Blinken why U.S. troops could not have stayed past Aug. 31, if the Biden administration had been willing to extend the May 1 deadline. In his opening remarks, Mr. Blinken urged the Senate to move faster toward confirming Biden officials, including 80 State Department nominees.
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Japan's Suga condemned the missile launch as "simply outrageous" and said it was a "threat to the peace and security" of the region. It's not a coincidence that North Korea has launched something today, basically to get the attention of all these other countries. South Korea will be holding an emergency meeting over the ballistic missile launch on Wednesday afternoon, NBC reported. U.S.-North Korea's volatile relationsThe latest missile launch by Pyongyang is a "strong signal" to the U.S. that recent conciliatory messages have not been enough, Ryu added. The U.S. should send the message that denuclearization will lead to economic development and prosperity for North Korea, he said.
Persons: Jung Yeon, Yoshihide Suga, Japan's Suga, It's, Shawn Ho, Moon Jae, Wang Yi's, Leif, Eric Easley, Ryu Yongwook, Lee, Ryu Organizations: North, Getty, NBC News, UN, U.S, Rajaratnam, of International, NBC, National Security, of International Studies, CNBC, Ewha University, Lee Kuan Yew, of Public Locations: North Korea, Pyongyang, Seoul, Korea, Japan, South Korea, U.S, Tokyo, Singapore, China, Beijing
World · 4:02 PM UTCCanada's Trudeau slammed over rising inflation as election race tightensThe leader of Canada's main opposition party on Wednesday said a surge in inflation last month highlighted the failure of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's economic policies, and urged Canadians to vote out the government in an election on Monday.
Persons: Canada's Trudeau, Canada's, Justin Trudeau's
President Joe Biden is set to deliver remarks about a new national security initiative. The U.S. president will be accompanied virtually by Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison and Prime Minister Boris Johnson of the United Kingdom. China, which has been fiercely defensive about its role in Covid's spread, has since taken measures restricting Australian imports. U.S.-China relations have also been strained in recent years by the pandemic and disputes over human rights, trade and other issues. In July, the Biden administration rejected the bulk of China's maritime claims in the South China Sea, the contested waters of the Western Pacific Ocean.
Persons: Joe Biden, Scott Morrison, Boris Johnson, Biden Organizations: U.S, Australian, Trump, CNBC, YouTube Locations: United Kingdom, China, Australia, South China
Morrison said the submarines would be built in Adelaide in close cooperation with the United States and Britain. Johnson called it a momentous decision for Australia to acquire the technology. U.S. officials said nuclear propulsion would allow the Australian navy to operate more quietly, for longer periods, and provide deterrence across the Indo-Pacific. They said that since Australia does not have any nuclear infrastructure, it would require a sustained effort over years. The U.S. official said the United States had shared nuclear propulsion technology only once before - with Britain in 1958 - and added: "This technology is extremely sensitive.
Persons: Joe Biden, Boris Johnson, Scott Morrison, Biden, Morrison, Johnson, Tom Brenner, Xi Jinping, Washington, Kamala Harris, Steve Holland, Nandita Bose, David Brunnstrom, Mike Stone, Trevor Hunnicutt, John Irish, Alistair Bell, Richard Pullin Organizations: British, Australian, U.S, Naval Group, Collins, National Security, White, REUTERS, Dynamics, Huntington Ingalls Industries, General Dynamics ', BWX Technologies, Australia, The U.S, Thomson Locations: United States, Britain, Australia, Adelaide, CHINA, Washington, Taiwan, China, Beijing, U.S, Washington , U.S, Great Britain, Asia, The, Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Philippines, India, Vietnam, Pacific, Paris
The comments by Mr. Tang, Hong Kong’s top security official, came after the city’s corrections department announced this month that it had conducted a surprise search at a women’s prison. Prison officials had “received intelligence in recent days” that some people there had “attempted to build up forces and incited others to participate,” according to a department news release. Mr. Tang later mentioned the hair clips and chocolates. At an unrelated news conference, he said those items were part of the tactics some prisoners and their allies were using to undermine national security. Woo said guards had been given the task of producing daily reports on certain “influential figures” within the prison system.
Persons: . Tang, Hong, Woo Ying, , Tang, , Woo, ” Mr Organizations: Local, South China Morning
WASHINGTON, DC - Three former U.S. intelligence operatives, who went to work as mercenary hackers for the United Arab Emirates, will pay over $1.68 million dollars to resolve federal charges of conspiring to violate hacking laws, the Justice Department announced on Tuesday. Reuters previously reported that Baier was a program manager for Project Raven. The Justice Department said in a statement the men will pay over $1.68 million and have been issued a lifetime ban on future U.S. security clearances. Their victims allegedly included U.S. citizens, which Reuters previously reported based on information provided by Stroud. Former program operatives previously told Reuters they believed they were following the law because superiors promised them the U.S. government had approved the work.
Persons: Marc Baier, Ryan Adams, Daniel Gericke, Raven, Baier, Adams, Prosecutors, They've, Mark J, Lesko, Gericke, Lori Stroud, Organizations: United Arab, Justice Department, Reuters, Justice Department’s National Security Division, NSA, Stroud Locations: WASHINGTON, United Arab Emirates, United States, UAE, U.S
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